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(1965/Security/Paramount) 96mins. US.
Credits: Dir: Andrew Marton; Prod: Philip Yordan, Bernarde Glasser & Lester A. Sansom; Sc: John Manchip White & Julian Halevy; Ph: Manuel Berenguer; Art: Eugene Louri‚; Sfx. & Mus: John Douglas.
Cast: Dana Andrews, Janette Scott, Kieron Moore, Alexander Knox, Peter Damon, Gary Lusdun.
"Thank God it's only a motion picture!"
In an attempt to harness the unlimited sources of gas beneath the earth's crust, Dr. Sorenson, (Andrews), fires a nuclear missile to penetrate the layer of rock only to cause a crack to appear around the world.
A wordy script and the padded storyline is only redeemed by the stunning effects scenes.
One scene shows the scientists protecting themselves from a nuclear blast by wearing only orange goggles.

THE CRATER LAKE MONSTER (1977/Crown International) 74mins.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: William R. Stromberg; Sc: William R. Stromberg & Richard Cardella; Sfx: David Allen; Animation: David Allen.
Cast: Glenn Roberts, Mark Siegel, Richard Cardella, Kacey Cobb.
"A beast more frightening than your most terrifying nightmare!"
A meteor landing in Crater Lake, California generates enough heat to reactivate a dormant pleseosaurus egg that hatches into a dinosaur that attacks the local populace. While the creature heads for a ski lodge, sheriff Steve Hanson climbs into a snow plough to attack the monster.
The briefly seen, but well made monster is only revealed towards the end of the film and up until that point the amateur action secnes only invoke tedium.

THE CRAWLING EYE (1958) see The Trollenberg Terror

THE CRAWLING HAND (1963/Hansen Enterprises) 89mins. BW.
Credits: Dir. & Ed: Herbert L. Strock; Prod: Joseph F. Robertson; A.Prod: Donald J. Hansen & Edward Finch Abrams; Sc: William Idelson & Herbert L. Strock; Ph: Willard Van Der Veer; Sfx: Charlie Duncan; Mu: Don Cash.
From a story by Joseph Cranston, Malcolm Young & William Idelson.
Cast: Peter Breck, Kent Taylor, Rod Lauren, Alan Hale Jr., Allison Hayes, Sirry Steffen, Arline Judge, Richard Arlen, Tristram Coffin, Ross Elliot, G. Stanley Jones, Jock Putnam, Andy Andrews, Syd Saylor, Ed Wermer, Les Hoyle, Beverly Lunsford.
When an astronaut radios to Earth that an alien lifeforce is keeping him alive even though he is dead, he pleads for NASA. control to blow up his spacecraft. NASA. complies, but the astronaut's arm is recovered by Paul, (Lauren), a young medical student who takes the arm home with him not knowing it is still infused with the alien force which causes it to come to life and infect Paul who now has black rings around his eyes and a desire to kill. The police initially try to track the dead astronaut from a tell tale fingerprint, but they find the young man and the arm which has been partially eaten by cats. The arm is shipped off to Washington while Paul suffers from a fever during the night and wakes up cured.
Although cheap rate the film manages to maintain interest with a well thought out story and a good cast.
Herbert L. Strock also directed I Was a Teenage Frankenstein.

THE CRAWLING MONSTER (1964) see The Creeping Terror

THE CRAWLING TERROR (1957) see The Strange World of Planet X


















































































(1962/Emerson Films) 75mins.
Credits: Dir: Wesley E. Barry; Prod: Wesley E. Barry & Edward J. Kay; Sc: Jay Simms; Mu: Jack Pierce.
Cast: Don Megowan, Dudley Manlove, Erica Elliott, Frances McCann, Don Doolittle.
In the future androids known as Clickers out number humans as everyone uses them to perform their menial tasks, but one man, (Megowan), learns to distrust them when his daughter falls in love with one. It becomes apparent that a psychotic scientist is injecting the skinhead androids with human blood and now they are stealing our women and replacing humans.
Low grade nonsense that was reportedly a favourite of pop artist Andy Warhol.
Don Megowan previously portrayed the "Creature" in The Creature Walks Among Us.

CREATURE FROM ANOTHER WORLD (1958) see The Trollenberg Terror

THE CREATURE FROM BLOOD ISLAND (1959) see Terror is a Man

THE CREATURE FROM GALAXY 27 (1958) see Night of the Blood Beast

THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON (1954/Universal) 79mins. BW. 3-D. US.
Credits: Dir: Jack Arnold; Prod: William Alland; Sc: Harry Essex & Arthur Ross; Ph: William E. Snyder; Underwater Ph: James C. Havens; Ed: Ted J. Kent; Art: Bernard Herzbrun & Hillyard Brown; Sfx: Charles S. Welbourne; Creature Des: Bud Westmore & Jack Kevan; Clay Sculptures: Chris Meuller Jr.;Preliminary Sketches: Milicent Patrick; Costume Des: Bud Westmore, Jack Kevan, Bob Hickman & Chris Nueller; Mus: Joseph Gershenson, Herman Stein & Hans Salter. Based on the novel by Maurice Zimm.
Cast: Richard Carlson, Julie Adams, Richard Denning, Ricou Browning, Whit Bissell, Nestor Paiva, Henry Escalante, Antonio Moreno, Ben Chapman (the creature on land).
"Not since the beginning of time has the world beheld terror like this!"
A scientific river expedition on the boat "Rita" searches for the origins of a strange fossil they have discovered and find themselves on the Black Lagoon in the Amazon jungle. Lurking in the depths of the lake is an amphibious creature that the expedition attempts to capture. When the "gill-man", (Browning), sinks to the bottom of the lagoon after being rendered unconcious by the scientists, the creature is brought aboard the "Rita", but the webbed footed monster wakes, escapes from its captors and embarks on a campaign of revenge by blocking the boat's exit from the lagoon. The creature captures the only woman in the expedition, Kay Lawrence, (Adams), causing her surviving colleagues to attempt a rescue.
A typical fifties monster film heightened by the superb 3-D effects, the excellent underwater photography and a creature that captures the imagination. The film practically saved Universal Studios from bankruptcy.
Ricou Browning who portrayed the creature underwater was discovered at Florida University and cast for his ability to stay underwater for approximately 5 minutes. Universal's first choice for the part was actor Glenn Strange.
The production was filmed at a lake in Silver Springs, Florida.
The Creature was initially designed from a suggestion by Arnold who thought if gills and a fish head were added to the Film Academy’s "Oscar" it would become an interesting monster. The creature outfit cost the studio $12,000.
Castle films produced a condensed 8mm. version called "Creature from the Lagoon".
The producers of JAWS based their infamous opening sequence on the ballet-like scene in which the Creature shadows Julie Adams while she is swimming. Even the musical accompaniment is similar.
Two sequels followed: Revenge of the Creature (1955), and The Creature Walks Among Us (1956).

CREATURE FROM THE HAUNTED SEA (1961/Filmgroup/AIP.) 63mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Roger Corman; Sc: Charles B. Griffith & Roger Corman; Ph: Jacques Marquette; Ed: Angela Seltars; Mus: Fred Katz.
Cast: Anthony Carbone, Betsy Jones-Moreland, Edward Wain (Robert Towne), Robert Bean, Edmundo Rivera Alverez, Sonya Noemi, Beach Dickerson, Roger Corman.
Gangster Renzo Capeto, (Carbone), hires a boat and its crew to transport Cuban Batista supporters in a plot to rob them of their valuables and blame their deaths on the legend of a sea monster. After two of his passengers are killed, Capeto realises that a real monster is on board which devours its way through the passengers and crew. Only a woman and an American agent, (Wain), survive long enough to witness the monster picking it's teeth with human bones.
A cheap satire on the gangster films of the '30's made over six days in Puerto Rico after filming BATTLE OF BLOOD ISLAND.
Originally double billed with The Devil's Partner (1958).

CREATURE OF DESTRUCTION (1967/Azalea) 66mins. US.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Larry Buchanan; Sc: Enrique Touceda.
Cast: Les Tremayne, Aron Kincaid, Pat Delaney, Scotty McKay.
To fulfill his predictions of murder, a hypnotist, (Tremayne), puts his beautiful assistant into a trance and calls forth the woman’s ancient incarnation, a rampant prehistoric monster, to go on a killing spree.
This is an attempt to re-create the feel of the '50's monster films, however, a man in a wet suit with a fishman's mask and fangs doesn't quite live up to expectations. AIP. produced this cheap remake of the She Creature, but it never reached the theatres and premiered on afternoon television.
The same creature appeared in It's Alive (1968).

CREATURE OF THE WALKING DEAD (1960) see La Marca del Muerto

THE CREATURE WALKS AMONG US (1956/Universal) 78mins. BW. US.
Sequel to: Revenge of the Creature.
Credits: Dir: John Sherwood; Prod: William Alland; Sc: Arthur Ross Gregg Palmer; Ph: Mary Gertsman; Ed: Edward Curtiss; Art: Alexander Golitzen & Robert Smith; Sfx: Clifford Stine; Mus: Joseph Gershenson.
Cast: Jeff Morrow, Ricou Browning, Rex Reason, Leigh Snowdon, Don Megowan (the creature on land), Maurice Manson, James Rawley, Gregg Palmer.
When the Gill-Man is captured, the creature is accidentally dowsed in petrol and set alight forcing the captors to take their captive to San Francisco where scientists William Barton, (Morrow), and Thomas Morgan, (Reason), experiment on the creature to save it's life. The scientists also adapt the creature's lungs to breathe air in an experiment to supposedly help man in space, but the now damaged creature, (Megowan), escapes from it's electrified compound to wreak havoc in the city. After several attempts to catch him, the creature makes his way back to the sea only to drown because of it's altered lungs.
The poorest and the last of the "Gill-man" series.

THE CREATURE WITH THE ATOM BRAIN (1955/Columbia/Clover) 69mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Edward L. Cahn; Prod: Sam Katzman; Sc: Curt Siodmak; Ph: Fred Jackman Jnr.; Ed: Aaron Stell; Art: Paul Palmentola; Mus: Mischa Bakeleinikoff.
Cast: Richard Denning, Angela Stevens, Harry Lauter, Tristram Coffin, S. John Launer, Gregory Gaye, Michael Granger, Linda Bennett.
Robot-like zombies have been created by a Nazi scientist, (Gaye), who swaps men's brains with atom powered units, making them seven times stronger. A gangster, (Granger), uses the zombies to kill his enemies and to rob banks. A police doctor, (Denning), tracks the zombies to their lair and informs the police.
Comic strip styled, low budget fun with the zombie makeup consisting only of ragged stitches across the actors’ foreheads.

THE CREATURE WITH THE BLUE HAND (1967/New World) 74mins. Germany.
Credits: Dir: Alfred Vohrer; Prod: Horst Wendlandt & Preben Philipsen; Sc: Alex Berg.
Cast: Klaus Kinski, Harold Leipnitz, Carl Lang, Diana Korner, Ilse Page.
One of a pair of twins, (Kinski), resident in an asylum is suspected of being a diabolical killer, but the real culprit turns out to be some sort of creature inhabiting a spooky castle.
Another German venture based on the stories by Edgar Wallace with well staged murders and plenty of atmosphere. Unfortunately the complex plot and the stilted dialogue works against the overall entertainment value.

Credits: Dir: Gerardo de Leon; Sc: Ben Feleo & Pierre L. Salas.
Cast: Amelia Fuentes, Eddie Garcia, Amalia Muhlach, Romeo Vasquez, Johnny Monteiro, Rosario del Pilar, Mary Walter.
Siblings discover that their father has their vampire mother chained up in the cellar. The mother bites her son and soon everyone in the community is either dead or a vampire. Finally God steps in and cures the mother.
A soap opera styled vampire saga with overused religious symbolism.

see The Horror of the Blood Monsters

CREATURES OF THE RED PLANET (1970) see The Horror of the Blood Monsters

THE CREEPERS (1966) see Island of Terror

THE CREEPERS (1970) see Assault

THE CREEPING FLESH (1972/Tigon/World Film Services) 91mins. UK.
Columbia. Aka: CRAZE.
Credits: Dir: Freddie Francis; Prod: Michael Redbourn; Ex.Prod: Norman Priggen & Tony Tenser; Sc: Peter Spenceley &Jonathan Rumbold; Ph: Norman Warwick; Ed: Oswald Hafenrichter; Art: George Provis; Mu: Roy Ashton; Mus: Paul Ferris.
Cast: Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Lorna Heilbron, George Benson, Kenneth J. Warren, Duncan Lamont, Harry Locke, Hedger Wallace, Michael Ripper, Robert Swann, Catherine Finn, David Bailie, Maurice Bush, Tony Wright, Jenny Runacre.
Professor Emmanuel Hildern, (Cushing), returns from
New Guinea to Victorian London with a giant human skeleton, which he believes may be a clue to the distant past of man and the previous existence of a race of giants. What Hildern actually possesses is the skeleton of Shish Kang, "the evil one", who is destined to be resurrected "when the gods shall weep". Hildern has made a secret pact with his half brother, James, (Lee), to keep his insane wife Marguerite incarcerated in his asylum and worries that his daughter Penelope, (Heilbron), might suffer the same mental malady. The professor uses a serum made from the skeleton's blood which happens to be pure evil to try and cure her, but this transforms Penelope into a promiscuous maniac. Curious to know of his brother's intent, James steals Hildern's skeleton which comes to life when it is rained on. With his daughter in the asylum and Hildern in a cell nearby, the half brother denies all knowlege of the event and they are deemed to be permanently insane while the evil Shish Kang
still roams the earth to infect everyone with insanity and evil.
The promising premise and the well made result is only spoilt by a clumsily put together collection of sub-plots held together with flashbacks.

THE CREEPING TERROR (1964/Crown International) 75mins. BW.
Credits: Dir., Prod. & Ed: Art J. Nelson; Sc: Robert & Alan Silliphant; Des: John Lackey; Sfx: Clifford Stine & John Lackey; Mus: Frederick Kopp.
Cast: Vic Savage (Art J. Nelson), Shannon O'Neil, William Thourlby, Louise Lawson, Robin James, Ken Savage, Norman Boone, Jack King, Narrated: Larry Burrel.
"Despite Brett’s enquiries about what Martin had seen in the spacecraft he avoided specific details for fear of disturbing her more than she was. If the truth be known, Martin was more than a little disturbed himself."- Narrator.
A small American community is plagued by a creeping alien monster that emerges from it's spaceship in an attempt to discover man's chemical composition, and devours a few specimens to find out. After destroying the creature with a bazooka, scientists are alarmed to discover that the creature has been sending all it's collected data back to it's home planet. The townsfolk destroy the spaceship in the hope that other creatures don't invade earth to make humans part of their diet.
Probably the worst film ever made. Eight men manouvered the 600lbs of polyurethane foam about Lake Tahoe, Nevada, but the monster ends up looking like a large patchwork carpet. Often we see the feet of the men moving the monster in the frame and the "victims" are obviously pushing themselves into the alien mass.
The original soundtrack went missing, so Nelson hired a narrator, but that didn't help the film either. The film never received a national release.
Art Nelson convinced several investors that he was making a big budget horror film and appeased them by offering them small parts and a share in the profits. This explains why so many people are eaten by the creature to allow the investors their moment of glory. Nelson went on to become a co-editor on THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD (1965) and appeared on television episodes of "The High Chaparral" and films during the '70's as Argyle Nelson.

THE CREEPING UNKNOWN (1955) see The Quatermass Experiment

CRESCENDO (1970/Warner-Seven Arts/Hammer) 95mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Alan Gibson; Prod: Michael Carreras; Sc: Jimmy Sangster & Alfred Shaughnessy; Ph: Paul Beeson; Ed: Chris Barnes; Art: Scott MacGregor; Mus: Malcolm Williamson.
Cast: Stephanie Powers, James Olsen, Margaretta Scott, Jane Lapotaire, Joss Ackland, Kirsten Betts.
"The night the loving ended and the killing began!"
A music student, (Powers), is writing a thesis on a dead composer and goes to live with the composer's family in the South of France where there is a lunatic brother locked up in the attic, and a crippled composer haunted by mystifying nightmares.
The poorest of Hammer’s psychological horror films that follows on from Taste of Fear, Maniac, and Nightmare, but although the ending is predictable, there is an appropriate amount of blood, drug addiction and sex.
























(1970) see Nightmare in Wax

CRIMES OF THE FUTURE (1970/Emergent) 63mins. Canada.
Credits: Dir., Prod., Sc., Ph. & Ed: David Cronenberg.
Cast: Ronald Mlodzik, Tania Zolty, Jon Lidolt, Jack Messinger, Paul Mulholland, Iain Ewing.
Adrian Tripod, (Mlodzik), an agent from the Institute of Skin investigates the fatal Rouge's disease spread by the additives found in cosmetics that attacks women when they reach puberty causing a chocolate-syrup like substance to ooze from their every orfice. The substance is incredibly tasty which entices the living to lick it of the bodies from the dying. Although sexually arousing, the substance is deadly and wipes out the population of women on the planet. Peodophiles soon recognise that their perversion is the only way to ensure the survival of the spieces.
Bizarre images for early Cronenberg purists in which the director again proves his affinity with operations and disease. This underground art film contains long static shots that only adds to the tedium. Made for $20 thousand, Cronenberg's second feature film is similar to the plot of his first production Stereo.

THE CRIMINAL LIFE OF ARCHIBALDO DE LA CRUZ (1962/Alianza Cinematografica) 91mins. BW.
Credits: Dir: Luis Buñuel; Sc: Luis Buñuel & Eduardo Ugarte Pages.
Cast: Ernesto Alonso, Miroslava, Rita Macedo.
As a child, Archibaldo wishes death on his governess using a music box he believes can perform magic. When the woman is killed by a stray bullet she dies with her skirt pulled in front of the boy. Archibaldo grows to associate sexual desire with death. Years later, when he stumbles upon his old music box in a junk shop, he uses it to wish death on several young women. All his targets meet with accidental deaths causing Archibaldo to be wracked with guilt, but when he tries to confess his crimes to the police, they take no notice.
A haunting and surreal masterpiece filled with strange and compelling images, all beautifully photographed.

I CRIMINALI DELLA GALASSIA (1965/Ram/Mercury/MGM.) 93mins. Italy.
Credits: Dir: Anthony Dawson (Antonio Margheriti); Prod: Joseph Fryd & Antonio Margheriti; Sc: Ivan Reiner & Renato Moretti; Ph: Richard Pallottini; Ed: Angel Coly (Otello Colangeli); Art: Piero Arrigo Poletto; Mus: Francesco Lavagnino.
Cast: Tony Russell, Franco Nero, Lisa Gastoni, Massimo Serato, Charles Justin (Carlo Gustini), Enzo Fiermonte, Umberto Raho. An insane scientist from another planet sends female robot agents to earth to shrink the leaders of United Democracies and take them to a futuristic city inhabited by mutants, dwarfs and four armed androids.
The imaginative ending sadly fails to make up for the tedium of the other ninety minutes.

THE CRIMSON ALTER (1968) see The Curse of the Crimson Alter

THE CRIMSON CULT (1968) see The Curse of the Crimson Alter

THE CRIMSON EXECUTIONER (1965) see Il Castello di Artena

LA CRIPTA E L'INCUBO (1962) see La Maldicion de los Karlstein



























(1952/Bruton/Eros) 69mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: Michael McCarthy; Prod: W.H. Williams; Sc: Vivian Milroy; Ph: Bob Lapresle.
Cast: Nora Nicholson, Donald Houston, Natasha Parry, Melissa Stribling, Esma Cannon, Susan Richmond, Patricia Owens, R. Meadows White.
At spooky Crow Hollow Mansion a young bride named Ann, (Parry), feels threatened by her new husband’s, (Houston), three eccentric aunts. When a maid is mysteriously stabbed to death Ann decides to investigate and discovers that scheming woman, (Nicholson), is attempting to gain a large inheritance by poisoning her.
An occasionally atmospheric melodrama with some effective plot twists, but on the whole it is poorly acted and badly made.

CROWHAVEN FARM (1970/Spelling/Paramount) 72mins. TVM.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Walter Grauman; Ex.Prod: Norman Henry; A.Prod. & Sc: John McGreevey; Ph: Fleet Southcott; Ed: Aaron Stell; Art: Tracy Bousman; Mus: Robert Drasnin.
Cast: Hope Lange, Paul Burke, Lloyd Bochner, Patricia Barry, Cyril Delevanti, William Smith, John Carradine, Milton Selzer, Virginia Gregg, Cindy Eilbacher, Woodrow Parfrey, June Dayton, Louise Troy.
A childless couple, (Lange & Burke), inherit a New England farmhouse with a legacy of witchcraft, while the woman believes she has been there before and starts to experience horrifying visions. They take in a ten year old girl when her adopted mother commits suicide, but the girl is really a reincarnated witch in league with a townful of Satanists. The woman finds she is reliving a past life when she becomes pregnant and completes a pact with the Devil that she refused to accept hundreds of years ago for which the reincarnated witches are persecuting her. This time around she promises them her husband and is allowed to live.
A superior piece of television viewing with an imaginative twist ending.

THE CRUCIBLE (1957) see Les Sorcieres de Salem

CRUCIBLE OF HORROR (1969) see The Corpse

CRY OF THE BANSHEE (1970/AIP.) 87mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Gordon Hessler; Prod: Louis M. Heywood & Gordon Hessler; Ex.Prod: James H. Nicholson & Samuel Z. Arkoff; A.Prod: Clifford Parks; Sc: Tim Kelly & Christopher Wicking; Ph: John Coquillon; Ed: Oswald Hafenrichter; Mus: Wilfred Josephs. From a story by Edgar Allan Poe.
Cast: Vincent Price, Essy Persson, Hugh Griffith, Patrick Mower, Hilary Dwyer, Carl Rigg, Stephen Crane, Marshall Jones, Elizabeth Bergner, Sally Geeson, Quinn O'Hara, Robert Hutton, Pamela Farbrother, Jan Rossini, Michael Elphick, Andrew McCullough, Peter Benson.
"In the startled ear of night, how they screamed of their affright! Too much horrified to speak, They can only shriek, shriek, out of tune..." - Edgar Allan Poe.
During the 16th. century, Oona, (Bergner), the high priestess of a heathen cult vows revenge against witchunter and magistrate Lord Whitman, (Price), cursing him for all eternity after he causes the death of her two children. She sends a demon in the form of a young man named Raymond, (Mower), to destroy him and members of his family when Oona's spirit transforms the young man into a slavering beast at will.
A disappointing low budget witchcraft tale void of any atmosphere or imagination. Despite Price's good performance, the acting is below par and the film invokes nothing but tedium.
This is Price's last period horror film.

CRY OF THE BEWITCHED (1956) see Yambao

CRYPT OF HORROR (1962) see La Maldicion de los Karnstein











(1955/Universal) 82mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Francis D. Lyon; Prod: Howard Pine; Sc: Jerry Davis, Cecil Maiden & Richard Collins; Ph: Russell Metty; Ed: Milton Carruth; Art: Alexander Golitzen & John Meehan; Mus: Joseph Gershensen.
Cast: Faith Domergue, Richard Long, Marshall Thompson, Kathleen Hughes, Jack Kelly, David Janssen, William Reynolds, Myrna Hansen, James Dobson, Leonard Strong, Walter Coy, David Janssen.
Six American GI.'s stationed in India photograph some forbidden cities, but when they are de-mobbed some of them are killed by what appears to be a snake. Moya, (Domergue), the high priestess of an Indian snake cult has the ability to turn into a snake, and she has gone to America to avenge the sacrilege committed by the American soldiers. However, Moya falls in love with one of her intended victims, (Thompson)..
An unexciting melodrama with glossy production values and a cast that tries hard, but fail to generate much interest.

CULT OF THE DEAD (1968) see La Isla de los Muertos

THE CURIOS DR. HUMPP (1967/Productors Argentinos) 85mins. BW. Argentina.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Emillio Vieyra.
Cast: Ricardo Bauleo, Gloria Prat, Susan Beltran, Aldo Barbero.
A voyeuristic mad scientist, (Bauleo), kidnaps young women with his robots and administers them with aphrodisiacs.
A bizarre mixture of horror, sex and science fiction in which the story takes a backseat to the bizarre imagery.

A CURIOUS WAY TO LOVE (1967) see Morte Ha Fatto l'Uovo















THE CURSE OF DRACULA (1958) see The Return of Dracula

THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1957/Hammer) 82mins. UK. Released by Warner Bros.
Credits: Dir: Terence Fisher; Prod: Anthony Hinds; Ex.Prod: Michael Carreras; A.Prod: Anthony Nelson Keys; Sc: Jimmy Sangster; Ph: Jack Asher; Ed: James Needs; Art: Terence Marshall; Des: Bernard Robinson; Mu: Phil Leaky & Roy Ashton; Mus: James Bernard.
Cast: Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Hazel Court, Robert Urquhart, Valerie Gaunt, Noel Hood, Melvyn Hayes, Paul Hardtmuth, Fred Johnson, Sally Walsh, Claude Kingston, Marjorie Hume, Henry Caine, Michael Mulcaster, Patrick Troughton, Joseph Behrman, Anne Blake, Raymond Rollett, Alex Gallier, Ernest Jay, J. Trevor Davis, Bartlett Mullins, Eugene Leaky.
"The creature created by man is forgotten by nature!"
Victor Frankenstein, (Cushing), collects the dead body parts he needs to try and create a man, but he becomes a homicidal maniac to achieve his ends in the pursuit of forbidden knowlege. The monster comes to life, but his brain is damaged and it terrorizes the community. Frankenstein faces the guillotine for the monster's murders.
This film sparked a huge success for a small production studio called Hammer that continued to re-make many of the old Universal horror films adding a touch of sex, sadism and gore which became their trademark, and grew to be the largest production company in British film history. The monster is completely different in appearence to the original as Universal still held the copyright on Karloff's make up. Lee and Cushing were teamed together in many of Hammer's future productions.
Made for a mere $250,000 but grossing much more worldwide.
Sequel: The Revenge of Frankenstein (1958).














































































(1960) see La Maldicion de Nostradamus

CURSE OF SIMBA (1965) see Curse of the Voodoo

THE CURSE OF THE AZTEC MUMMY (1961) see La Maldicion de la Momia Azteca

CURSE OF THE BLOOD GHOULS (1962) see La Strage dei Vampiri

CURSE OF THE CRIMSON ALTER (1968/Tigon) 89mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Vernon Sewell; Prod: Louis M. "Deke" Hayward; Ex.Prod: Tony Tenser; A.Prod: Gerry Levy; Sc: Mervyn Haisman & Henry Lincoln; Ph: John Coquillon; Ed: Howard Lanning; Des: Michael Southgate; Art: Derek Barrington; Mus: Peter Knight.
From a story by Jerry Stohl and "Dreams In The Witch-House" by H.P. Lovecraft.
Cast: Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee, Mark Eden, Barbara Steele, Michael Gough, Virginia Wetherell, Rupert Davies, Rosemarie Reede, Michael Warren, Denys Peek, Nita Lorraine, Jenny Shaw, Roger Avon, Derek Tansley, Ron Pember, Nicholas Head, Carol Anne, Vivienne Carlton, Paul McNeil.
"Boris Karloff's going to pop up at any moment." -- Manning.
Antique dealer Bob Manning, (Eden), goes in search of his missing brother who was last seen at Craxton Lodge where Mr. Morely, (Lee), denies ever seeing him. As a guest at the house, Manning experiences some terrifying nightmares where he is being forced to sign away his soul to the Devil by a strange cult led by an ornately garbed witch named Lavinia, (Steele). Deciding that this might be a link to his brother's disappearance Manning learns from occult expert Professor Marshe, (Karloff), that the Mannings were the accusers of sixteenth century witch Lavinia at her execution. Together they discover that Morely believes that he is a warlock destined to avenge Lavinia's death by sacrificing the Mannings in a special chamber.
A confusing and unoriginal plot that even Karloff and Lee cannot save.
During the film, eighty one year old Karloff caught a chest cold that ultimately led to his death. It was not, however, Karloff's last film as some of the posters stated.

CURSE OF THE CRYING WOMAN (1961) see Maldicion de la Llorona

CURSE OF THE DEAD (1966) see Operazione Paura

CURSE OF THE DEMON (1957) see Night of the Demon

CURSE OF THE DOLL PEOPLE (1960) see Munecas Infernales

CURSE OF THE FACELESS MAN (1958/Vogue Pictures/UA.) 66mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Edward L. Cahn; Prod: Robert E. Kent; Sc: Jerome Bixby; Ph: Kenneth Peach; Ed: Grant Whytock; Art: Herman Schoenbrun.
Cast: Bob Bryant, Richard Anderson, Elaine Edwards, Adele Mara, Luis Van Rooten, Jan Arvon, Gar Moore, Felix Locher, Charles Gemora.
"Entombed for eons...turned to stone...seeking women, women, women!!"
A slave named Quintillus, (Bryant), buried in the ruins of Pompeii when he cursed Mt. Vesuvias to errupt on his enemies, is accidentally reanimated by scientists using X-rays. Believing that the volcano is still errupting, Quintillus searches for his sweetheart who was trying to get to safety, and finds her reincarnated in scientist Paul Mallon's, (Anderson), fiancee Tina, (Edwards), who he carries away to the sea. Eventually Quintillus dissolves in the corrosive sea water, under the impression that he is saving her from the volcano.
A film that never takes itself too seriously and is all the better for that, and is saved by Bixby's excellent script.
Originally double-billed with It! The Terror From Beyond Space.

CURSE OF THE FLY (1965/TCF./Lippert) 86mins. BW. UK.
Sequel to: Return of the Fly.
Credits: Dir: Don Sharp; Prod: Robert Lippert & Jack Parsons; Sc: Harry Spalding; Ph: Basil Emmott; Ed: Robert White; Sfx: Harold Fletcher; Art: Harry White; Mu: Eleanor Jones; Mus: Bert Shefter.
Cast: Brian Donlevy, George Baker, Carole Gray, Michael Graham, Jeremy Wilkins, Charles Carson, Burt Kwouk,Yvette Rees, Rachael Kempson, Stan Simmons, Mary Manson, Arnold Bell.
A young woman, (Gray), recently escaped from an asylum encounters a scientist, (Donlevy), and his son, (Baker), experimenting in matter transmission who manage to create several mutants from their human subjects. The mutations are kept in their cellar, but when the creatures escape they are determined to have revenge. One scientist tries to teleport himself to safety, but ends up in the fourth dimension.
Although none of the mutations were flies, Lippert still owned the rights to the "Fly" title, even though he was replaced on the original film by Neumann. The poor makeup effects and weak script is bolstored by the atmospheric direction. In one scene two people are teleported at the same time causing them to merge into a single mound of pulsating flesh.

THE CURSE OF THE LIVING CORPSE (1964/TCF./Dead Films) 84mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir., Prod. & Sc: Del Tenney; Ph: Richard L. Hillard; Ed: Gary Youngman & Jack Hirschfield; Art: Robert Verberkmoss; Mus: Bill Holmes.
Cast: Roy Scheider, Candace Hilligoss, Helen Warren, Margot Hartman, Robert Milli, Hugh Franklin.
A tyrannical millionare is terrified of being buried alive and vows to kill his family if he is prematurely interred. He is buried alive after a catalyptic seizure and apparantly returns from the dead to set about murdering his relatives.
Although silly in places, there are several creepy moments. An early entry into the gore sub-genre and also Roy Scheider's debut film. Made in Stanford, Connecticut.

CURSE OF THE LIVING DEAD (1966) see Operazione Paura

CURSE OF THE MUMMY'S TOMB (1964/Hammer/Swallow) 80mins. UK.
Released by Columbia.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Michael Carreras; A.Prod: Bill Hill; Sc: Henry Younger (Michael Carreras); Ph: Otto Heller; Ed: James Needs & Eric Boyd Perkins; Art: Bernard Robinson; Mus: Carlo Martelli.
Cast: Ronald Howard, Dickie Owen, Terence Morgan, Jeanne Roland, Andre Morell, Fred Clark, Jack Gwillan,George Pastell, John Paul, Jill Mai Meredith, Michael Ripper, Harold Goodwin.
"Half bone, half bandage...all bloodcurdling terror!"
The mummy of Pharoh Ra-Antef is discovered and taken to London to be put on display by impressario Alexander King, (Clark), but at the opening of the sarcophagus the mummy, (Owen), has disappeared and is on the streets killing those responsible for the desecration of his tomb. A strange man, (Morgan), starts to take an interest in the plight of the mummy and it soon becomes apparant that he is immortal and had murdered his brother, Ra-Antef, 5000 years ago in ancient Egypt.
This takes much too long to develop it's plot and makes little use of the monster.
Originally double-billed with The Gorgon.

CURSE OF THE MUSHROOM PEOPLE (1963) see Matango, Fungus of Terror

CURSE OF THE OILY MAN (1958) see Sumpah Orang Minyak

CURSE OF THE PHARAOH (1956) see The Pharaoh's Curse

CURSE OF THE STONE HAND (1964/Medallion/ADP.) 72mins. BW. Mexico/Chile.
Credits: Dir: Carlos Hugo Christensen; (US. version: Dir. & Prod: Jerry Warren); Prod: Carl Gallart & Andrew Edwards; Sc: Amos Powell & Marie Laurent; Ph: Richard Younis; Art: George Jantus; Sets: John Bartovic; Mus: George Andreani.
Cast: Ernest Walch, John Carradine, Sheila Bon, Charles Cores, Katherine Victor, Lloyd Nelson, Horace Peterson, Judith Sullivan, Ernest Vilche, Alex Lore, William Russell, Marion Lewis. Narrated: Bruno Ve Sota.
A curse on a Kent country estate is represented by several stone hands placed in the grounds. Owner, Robert Brown is driven to financial ruin and forced to join a secret society who will pay his debts, but every time a new member joins, one member is chosen by drawing cards to be executed. Brown unfortunately picks the dreaded card and is surprised when his friend shoots him not knowing he was chosen to be the executioner. The new owners of the house have a young boy who grows up to be a sadistic tyrant after his parents die and possesses a morbid fascination for the stone hands. He marries his brother's girlfriend while his sibling is away at university even though he is carrying on with a tavern wench, and shoots his brother when he returns from college. In a secret room in the cellar are several portraits of the tyrant brother, each more hideous than the other, reflecting the boy's descent into debauchery.
Originally an unidentified 1946 Chilean film that was condensed for the Mexican market into THE SUICIDE CLUB in 1959 and makes up the majority of the first part of CURSE OF THE... New footage and dubbing was added by Warren to make up the second half in 1965 to create the confusing final version. Even the "helpful" narration cannot hold the plot together.

Credits: Dir. & Prod: Larry Buchanan; Sc: Tony Huston.
Cast: John Agar, Francine York, Shirley McLine, Jeff Alexander, Bill Thurman, Cal Duggan.
A geological expedition encounters an insane scientist living next to a swamp in the Everglades who is trying to create a reptile man. Another swamp creature arrives that used to be the scientist's wife, but she falls into a pit of alligators.
A low budget time filler that offers very little.

CURSE OF THE UNDEAD (1959/Universal) 79mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Edward Dien; Prod: Joseph Gershensen; Sc: Edward Dien & Mildred Dien; Ph: Ellis W. Carter; Ed: George Gittens; Art: Alexander Golitzen & Robert Clatworthy; Mu: Bud Westmore; Mus: Irving Gertz.
Cast: Michael Pate, Eric Fleming, Kathleen Crowley, John Hoyt, Bruce Gordon, Edward Binns, Jimmy Murphy, Helen Kleeb, Eddie Parker.
A woman rancher hires a strange gunslinger named Drake Robey, (Pate), who is dressed completely in black and always wins the gunfights even though he lets his opponents shoot first! He is actually a vampiric Spanish nobleman named Don Drago Robles who operates from the nearby funeral home. Preacher Dan, (Fleming), finally vanquishes the bloodsucker with a bullet that contains a piece of a crucifix.
A curios vampire tale that tries to transfer the myth to the Old West of Wyoming with little success.

THE CURSE OF THE VAMPIRE (1960) see L'Ultima Preda del Vampiro

CURSE OF THE VAMPIRES (1971) see Creatures of Evil

CURSE OF THE VOODOO (1965/Gala Film/Allied Artists) 79mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: Lindsay Shonteff; Prod: Kenneth Rice; Ex.Prod: Richard Gordon; Sc: Tony O'Grady & Leigh Vance.
Cast: Bryant Halliday, Dennis Price, Ronald Lee Hunt, Lisa Daniely, Mary Kerridge, Jean Lodge, Dennis Alba Peters, Tony Thawnton, Andy Myers, Beryl Cunningham, Bobby Breen Quintet.
A game hunter, (Halliday), is cursed by the leader of a lion worshipping cult after he runs over a sacred lion in South Africa. Back in England he becomes ill, but manages to return to South Africa and run over a voodoo chief with a jeep and end the curse.
Although this contains some interesting moments and a whole host of stock footage of lions, the budget fails to allow the filmakers to do justice to the script.
The same team are responsible for Devil Doll.

CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF (1961/Hammer/Hotspur) 88mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Terence Fisher; Prod: Anthony Hinds; A.Prod: Anthony Nelson Keys; Ex.Prod: Michael Carreras; Sc: John Elder (Anthony Hinds); Ph: Arthur Grant; Ed: Alfred Cox & James Needs; Sfx: Les Bowie; Mu: Roy Ashton; Art: Bernard Robinson & Thomas Goswell; Mus: Benjamin Frankel.
From "The Werewolf Of Paris" (1935) by Guy Endore.
Cast: Oliver Reed, Catherine Feller, Clifford Evans, Yvonne Romain, Warren Mitchell, Hira Talfrey, Josephine Llewellyn, Justin Walters, Anne Blake, Michael Ripper, George Woodbridge, Richard Wordsworth, Anthony Dawson, Peter Sallis, John Gabriel.
"He had but one body...yet lived with two souls!"
In eighteenth century Spain, a peasant woman, (Romain), is thrown into prison for offending the Marquis, (Dawson), and is raped by a fanged beast in the cell. She escapes from prison while giving birth to Leon who now carries a lycanthropic curse and is taken in when his mother dies by the kindly Don Alfredo Carido, (Evans). As Leon, (Reed), grows he learns to cope with the problem by having someone who loves him nearby to stop the horrendous transformation, but eventually Leon loses the struggle and starts rampaging under the full moon only to be put to rest by Don Alfredo who shoots him with a silver bullet.
A wonderful insight into the suffering of a lycanthrope using make up that is innovative and refreshing. An imaginative change from the usual rampaging monster plots that we have become used to with the true villain of the piece being the aristocrat who caused it all.
The film was originally to be titled "The Werewolf Of Paris", and was also announced as "The Wolfman", but the title was changed when the plot moved to 18th. century Spain.

CURSE OF THE YELLOW SNAKE (1963) 98mins. Germany.
Credits: Dir: Franz Gottlieb. From a story by Edgar Wallace.
Cast: Joachim Fuchsberger, Eddi Arent, Brigitte Grothum, Charles Regnier, Werner Peters, Claus Holm.
An anti-Western uprising is engineered by a fanatical Oriental cult.
An eerie and atmospheric entry to the spate of Wallace adaptations made in Germany during the '60's.

CURUCU, BEAST OF THE AMAZON (1956/Universal/Rank) 76mins. Released Sept. 21st. '58.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Curt Siodmak; Prod: R. Kay & H. Rybrick.
Cast: Beverley Garland, Tom Payne, John Bromfield, Sergio De Oliveira, Lorri Thomas, Harvey Chalk, Wilson Viana.
Two young Amazon explorers searching for a cure for cancer stumble upon a creature of local legend. A plantation owner, (Bromfield), scoffs at the local superstition and hunts the creature down when some of his workers are killed. The monster is eventually revealed to be a native in disguise.
A jungle adventure filmed in Brazil for authenticity, but the final revalation is a disappointment for monster fans.
Originally shown with The Mole People (1956).








(1966/Feature Film Corporation) 86mins.
Credits: Dir: Franklin Adreon; Prod: Earle Lyon; Sc: Arthur C. Pierce.
Cast: Michael Rennie, Karen Steele, Wendell Corey, Warren Stevens, Eduard Carey Jnr., Adam Roarke, Chubby Johnson, Tyler MacDuff, Dale Van Sickel, Troy Melton, Jimmy Hibbard, Sherry Alberoni, Betty Jane Royale, John Beck.
A cyborg named Garth, (Rennie), is sent back in time to the 60's to try and convince a scientist, (Franz), to not create any more cyborgs in the hope that it can prevent the sterile, cruel, controlled world of 2087.
An imaginative anti-communist premise is spoilt by a weak script and television styled production values.

THE CYCLOPS (1956/B+H/Allied Artists) 66mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir., Prod., Sc. & Sfx: Bert I. Gordon; Ph: Ira Morgan; Mu.Fx: Jack H. Young; Mus: Albert Glasser.
Cast: Gloria Talbot, James Craig, Lon Chaney Jnr., Tom Drake, Dean Parkin.
Susan Winter, (Talbot), hires pilot Martin Melville, (Craig), and mounts an expedition to search for her missing fiancée, (Parkin), in the Mexican jungle only to discover he is now a 50 foot tall giant due to a dose of radiation. One expedition member pokes out the giant's eye with a fiery stick while the others discover that the snakes and rats in the jungle have also turned into monsters. Securing the creatures in a cave with a boulder, the group sneak away when a giant snake coils itself around the cyclops.
An effective and entertaining low budget monster film.
Parkin also portrayed the giant in War of the Colossal Beast.


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