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(1961/Rialto) 95mins. BW. Germany.
From the "The Testament of Gordon Stuart" by Edgar Wallace.
Credits: Dir: Alfred Vohrer.
Cast: Klaus Kinski, Andy Berber, Joachim Fuchsberger, Karin Baal (Blaunmel), Dieter Borsche.
A Scotland Yard Inspector, (Fuchsberger), investigates the deaths of heavily insured men. An evil reverend and his gang of blind men are responsible.
An atmospheric remake of Dark Eyes of London (1939) with a plot much more faithful to Wallace's story.

DEAD IMAGE (1964) see Dead Ringer

DEAD OF LAUGHTER (1957) see Muertos de Risa

THE DEAD ONE (1961/Mardi Gras/Favorite) 79mins. Aka: BLOOD OF THE ZOMBIE.
Credits: Dir., Prod. & Sc: Barry Mahon; Ex.Prod: Brandon Chase; Ph: Mark Dennes.
Cast: John MacKay, Linda Ormond, Monica Davis, Clyde Kelley, Darlene Myrick.
"See the voodoo princess to call on the dead ones to kill! kill! kill!"
Afraid of losing the inheritance of a New Orleans family plantation to her cousin, (MacKay), a woman, (Davis), uses voodoo to resurrect her brother, (Kelley), as a zombie and send him to kill her cousin's new bride, (Ormond), but he accidentally kills a belly dancer, (Myrick), who was staying with them instead.
A badly acted and unexciting voodoo thriller filmed in New Orleans during the Mardi Gras.

DEAD RINGER (1964/Warner) 115mins. BW. US. Aka: DEAD IMAGE (UK).
Credits: Dir: Paul Henreid; Prod: William H. Wright; Sc: Albert Beich & Oscar Millard; Ph: Ernest Haller; Mus: Andre Previn.
Cast: Bette Davis, Karl Malden, Peter Lawford, Jean Hagen, Philip Carey, George Macready, Estelle Winwood, George Chandler, Cyril Delevanti.
Twin sisters, (Davis), bear a lasting grudge when the poorer, more sinister twin discovers that her sister tricked the man they both loved into marrying her. When the man dies, the poorer twin murders the wealthy one and takes her place only to find that her boyfriend, (Lawford), dies in the jaws of a great dane.
An enjoyable Bette Davis vehicle with a plot that at times takes some believing.

THE DEAD THAT WALK (1957) see The Zombies of Mora-Tau

THE DEADLY BEES (1967/Amicus) 123mins. (Cut to 83mins. for re-release). UK.
Credits: Dir: Freddie Francis; Prod: Milton Subotsky & Max J. Rosenberg; Sc: Robert Bloch & Anthony Marriott; Ph: John Wilcox; Ed: Oswald Hafenrichter; Sfx: Michael Collins & John Mackie; Mus: Wilfred Josephs. From "A Taste Of Honey" by H.F. Heard. Cast: Suzanna Leigh, Guy Doleman, John Harvey, Catherine Finn, Frank Finlay, Michael Ripper, Katy Wilde, Michael Gwynn.
A pretty rock singer, (Leigh), leaves the limelight to spend some time at a remote farmhouse on a Scottish island. One of the few inhabitants is an insane bee-keeper who is breeding a strain of killer-bees that attack people when they escape.
A tepid and badly scripted monster film with no monster, just bees, lots of them.

THE DEADLY DIAPHANOIDS (1965) see Diafanoidi Portano La Mort

THE DEADLY MANTIS (1957/Universal) 79mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Nathan Juran; Prod: William Alland; Sc: Martin Berkeley; Ph: Ellis W. Carter; Ed: Chester Schaeffer, Art: Alexander Golitzen & Robert Clatworthy; Sfx: Clifford Stine; Mus: Joseph Gershenson. From a story by William Alland.
Cast: Craig Stevens, Alix Talton, William Hopper, Florenz Ames, Floyd Simmons, Paul Campbell, Donald Randolph, Pat Conway, Paul Smith, Helen Jay, Phil Harvey.
"This was the day that engulfed the world in terror!"
"See a 1000-ton insect monster hungering for human prey!"
A giant prehistoric preying mantis escapes from the Arctic ice and runs amok in Washington settling on the Washington Monument and swiping at the attacking airplanes. The creature is finally gassed by cyanide bombs in New York's Holland tunnel by Col. Joe Parker, (Stevens), paleantologist Ned Jackson, (Hopper), and his assistant Marge, (Talton).
A 50's sci-fi romp with an obvious debt to King Kong. With a bigger budget and without the obligatory love interest to interrupt the effects, it could have been much better.

DEADLY SANCTUARY (1969) see Justine: le Disadventure Della Virtu

DEATH COMES FROM THE DARK (1968) see Cauldron of Blood

DEATH CURSE OF TARTU (1967/Thunderbird International/Falcon) 87mins.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: William Grefe; Prod: Joseph Fink & Juan Hidalgo-Gato; Ph: Julio Chavez.
Cast: Fred Pinero, Babette Sherrill, Mayra Christine, Sherman Hayes, Maurice Stewart, Doug Hobart, Gary Holtz, William Marcos. A group of archaeology students in the Florida Everglades disturb the grave of a Seminole witch doctor that takes the form of several animals to kill them. The survivors realise that they must destroy the undead Tartu to stop the killings, but Tartu eventually drowns in quick sand as foretold by prophecy.
This is so bad it is funny. The female cast do nothing but scream while the males tend to nonchalantlyaccept all the bizarre goings on as everyday events. Priceless schlock.

DEATH ON THE FOUR POSTER (1963) Italy/France.
Credits: Dir: Paul Bartel, Sc: Jean Josipouici.
Cast: John Drew Barrymore, Gloria Milland, Antonella Lualdi, Jose Greci.
Teens gather at an eerie mansion for an experiment in the occult even though a psychic predicts it will end in their deaths. What begins as fun turns into a nightmare of horrific proportions.

THE DEATHMASTER (1972/AIP./RF Prod./World Entertainment) 88mins. US.
Credits: Dir: Ray Danton; Prod: Fred Sadoff; A.Prod: Robert Quarry; Sc: R.L. Grove; Ph: William C. Butler; Ed: Harold Lime; Sfx: John L. Oliver; Mu: Mark Bussan; Mus: Bill Marx.
Cast: Robert Quarry, Bill Ewing, Brenda Dickson, John Fielder, Betty Ann Rees, William Jordan, Le Sesne Hilton, John Lassell, Bob Picket.
A coffin containing Khorda, (Quarry), a long haired vampire is washed ashore the California coast where he rises and becomes the leader of a large hippy surfing cult so he can feed on the members. Soon only two remain to resist him.
An average vampire yarn made to try and cash in on Quarry's success as COUNT YORGA.

THE DEATH RAY OF DOCTOR MABUSE (1964) see Die Totesstrahlen der Dr. Mabuse

DEATH, THE GREEN SLIME (1968) see The Green Slime

THE DEATH WOMAN (1968) see La Senora Muerte

DEATHSHEAD VAMPIRE (1967) see The Blood Beast Terror

LA DECIMA VITTIMA (1965/Champion/Concordia) 92mins. Italy/France.
Credits: Dir: Elio Petri; Prod: Carlo Ponti; Sc: Elio Petri, Ennio Flaiano, Tonino Guerra & Giorgio Salvione; Ph: Gianni Di Venanzo; Ed: Ruggero Mastroianni; Art: Giulio Coltelacci; Mus: Piero Piccioni.
Based on the short story "The Seventh Victim" by Robert Sheckley.
Cast: Marcello Mastroianni, Ursula Andress, Elsa Martinelli, Massimo Serato, Evi Rigano, Salvo Randone.
In the 21st. Century, a couple, (Mastroianni & Andress), become entrants in the "Big Hunt", in which contestants take turns at being the hunter and the victim. The man is chosen at random to become the woman’s tenth and final victim.

DECOY FOR TERROR (1965) see Playgirl Killer

DELIRIUM (1967) see Histories Extraordinaires










































DEMENTIA (1955) see Daughter of Horror

DEMENTIA 13 (1963/Filmgroup/AIP.) 81mins. BW. US/Eire.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Francis Ford Coppola; Prod: Roger Corman; Ph: Charles Hannawalt; Ed: Stuart O'Brien; Art: Albert Locatelli; Mus: Ronald Stein.
Cast: William Campbell, Luana Anders, Eithne Dunn, Peter Read, Bart Patton, Mary Mitchell, Patrick Magee, Karl Schanzer, Derry O'Donovan, Ron Perry, Barbara Dowling.
A scheming young woman, (Anders), conceals her husband's body and travels to her husband's family estate in Ireland with the intention of driving her mother-in-law insane and claiming the family fortune. After following clues that seem to be centered around the memories of a dead girl, she uncovers a family secret and unwittingly releases an axe murderer.
Coppola asked his employer Roger Corman if he could make this film with the $20,000 left over after shooting THE YOUNG RACERS. What results is a well acted, nastily effective affair filmed in Ireland, and opening with some shocking axe murders.
Before seeing the film, a silly prologue, still available on some prints, prompted theatre patrons had to fill out Dr. William J.Bryan's "D-13 Test" to ensure you were mentally fit to view the film.
Coppola later became a household name with THE GODFATHER trilogy, and didn't return to the horror genre until 1992 with BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA.

THE DEMON DOCTOR (1961) see Gritos en la Noche

THE DEMON FROM DEVIL'S LAKE (1964/Phillips-Marker) 81mins. BW.
Credits: Dir., Prod. & Sc: Russ Marker.
Cast: Dave Heath.
A spaceship that was part of "Operation Noah's Ark" that intended to put animals into space, crashlands in Lake Texoma, but the radiation that leaks from the vessel transforms all the animals on board to become one horrible beast.
Filmed on an extremely low budget in Sherman, Texas.
Remade in 1968 as Night Fright.

THE DEMON PLANET (1965) see Terrore Nella Spazio

EL DEMONIO AZUL (1963) Mexico.
Mexico's heroic wrestler, The Blue Demon, enters the ring with an opponent turned into a werewolf by a mad scientist.
The first in a series of Mexican, Blue Demon wrestling films.

THE DEMON'S MASK (1960) see Maschera del Demonio

DEMONS OF THE SWAMP (1959) see Attack of the Giant Leeches

DENDAM PONTIANAK (1957/Keris) BW. Malaya. Sequel to: Pontianak (1957).
Credits: Dir: Bin Rao.
Cast: Maria Menado, Puteh Lawak, S.M. Wahid, Mustapha Maarof, Salmah Ahmad, Rahimah Alias.
Pontianak, (Menado), returns for revenge.
Sequel: Sumpah Pontianak (1958).

DENSO NINGEN (1960/Toho) 85mins. Japan.
Credits: Dir: Jun Fukuda; Prod: Tomoyuki Tanaka; Sc Shinichi Sekizawa; Ph: Kazuo Yamada; Sfx: Eiji Tsuburaya.
Cast: Koji Tsuruta, Akihiko Hirata, Yumi Shirakawa, Tadao Nakamura, Seizaburo Kawazu.
A scientist electrically changes a Japanese soldier's bloodstream enabling him to transport himself back in time to murder the wartime comrades who betrayed him.
A diversion for the Toho film studios whose usual cinematic outings are vehicles for actors in rubber monster suits.

DESTINATION INNER SPACE (1966/United Pictures/Magna) 81mins.
Credits: Dir: Francis D. Lyon; Prod: Earle Lyon; Sc: Arthur C. Pierce; Sfx: Roger George; Mu: Bob Dawn.
Cast: Scott Brady, Sheree North, Gary Merrill, Mike Road, Roy Barcroft, Ron Burke, John Howard, James Hong.
Commander Wayne, (Brady), arrives at an undersea laboratory to investigate the discovery of a UFO. found at the bottom of the sea. When he returns to the lab with Dr. Lesatier, (Merrill), and an egg removed from the strange craft, they inadvertantly release an alien life form that grows into a blue, thickly scaled monster, (Burke). The creature attacks the laboratory and cuts of their air and electrical supplies.
A midly enjoyable homage to Creature From the Black Lagoon, but the film lacks thrills and a sense of adventure. The monster redeems the film somewhat by being unintentionally amusing.

DESTINATION MARS (1968) see Mission Mars

Credits: Dir: Paul Landers.
Cast: Myron Healy, Whit Bissell, Tod Andrews, Patrick McNee.
Hosted: Boris Karloff.
Episodes "Mme. Vernov", "Girl on the Road" and "Destination Nightmare" from the television series "Thriller" were re-edited together to form this feature.
Other features made from episodes of the same series are The Veil and Jack the Ripper.

DESTROY ALL MONSTERS (1968) see Kaiju Soshingeki

DESTROY ALL PLANETS (1967) see Gamera Tai Viras

see Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde





































































(1960) see Matka, Joanna Od Aniolow

THE DEVIL CAME FROM AKASAWA (1970) see Teufel Kam Aus Akasawa

DEVIL DOLL (1964/Galaworld/Associated Film Distribute) 80mins. UK/US.
Credits: Dir: Lindsay Shonteff; Prod: Kenneth Rive & Lindsay Shonteff; Ex.Prod: Richard Gordon; Sc: George Barclay & Lance Z. Hargreaves; Ph: Gerald Gibbs; Ed: Ernest Bullingham; Des: Stan Shields.
Cast: Bryant Halliday, William Sylvester, Yvonne Romain, Karel Stepanek, Sandra Dorne, Nora Nicholson, Francis De Wolff, Philip Ray, Alan Gifford, Heidi Erich, Anthony Baird.
Famous ventriloquist, The Great Vorelli, (Halliday), possesses the Indian knowledge of soul transference and attempts to transfer the soul of a newspaper reporter's, (Sylvester), fiancee, (Romain), into his ventriloquist dummy named Hugo that he keeps in a cage every night. He previously succeeded in transferring the soul of his assistant into the dummy years before. However, the dummy named Hugo takes matters into his own hands.
Although cheaply made and over-reliant on Halliday's resonant voice and "hypnotic" stare, there are some creepy moments. The film is heightened by the good editing, good direction and superb twist ending.

DEVIL GIRL FROM MARS (1953/British Lion/L. Danziger) 76mins. BW. UK.
Released by London Films.
Credits: Dir: David MacDonald; Prod: Edward J. Danziger & Harry Lee Danziger; Sc: John C. Mather & James Eastwood; Ph: Jack Cox; Sfx: Jack Whitehead; Mus: Edwin Astley.
Cast: Patricia Laffan, Hazel Court, Hugh McDermott, Joseph Tomelty, Adrienne Corri, John Laurie, Peter Reynolds, James Edmond, Anthony Richmond, Sophie Stewart, Stuart Hibberd.
"The fantastic night of terror that menaced the fate of the world!"
A leather-clad woman from Mars named Nyah is sent to Earth to capture men for breeding purposes to repopulate her distant planet. Despite her self proclaimed ultimate power, she ventures off course and lands in a remote part of Scotland where, at an inn, she demonstrates her abilities and makes clear her intention to rule the world. An escaped murderer, (Reynolds), manages to blow-up her spaceship and himself when she attempts to leave.
A cheap, yet entertaining slice of British science fiction.

THE DEVIL MEN FROM SPACE (1965) see I Diavoli Dello Sapzio

THE DEVIL RIDES OUT (1968/Hammer) 95mins. UK. Aka: THE DEVIL'S BRIDE (US).
Credits: Dir: Terence Fisher; Prod: Anthony Nelson Keys; Sc: Richard Matheson; Ph: Arthur Grant; Ed: James Needs & Spencer Reeves; Sfx: Michael Strainer-Hutchins; Art: Bernard Robinson; Mus: James Bernard. From the novel by Dennis Wheatly.
Cast: Christopher Lee, Charles Gray, Nike Arrighi, Rosalyn Landir, Patrick Mower, Russell Waters, Sarah Lawson, Paul Eddington, Leon Greene, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies.
When the Duc De Richleau, (Lee), and his friend Rex visit Simon Aaron, (Mower), they discover that he is entertaining a Satanic society led by the powerful Mocata, (Gray), who plans to initiate Simon and a girl, (Arrighi), into their circle. Richleau and Rex, (Greene), manage to take Simon away from the Satanists and succeed in capturing the girl from a hideous ritual that brings forth the Devil himself. Mocata tries to recover the girl, but the Duc and his companions form a sacred circle to protect themselves. Meanwhile Mocata causes a giant tarantula to appear and other sickening images to try and frighten them out of the sacred circle, but when he summons the Angel of Death to claim them, the apparition cannot enter the circle, and as Death cannot return empty handed Mocata is taken instead. Time is reversed and everything is returned to normal.
An entertaining and effectively suspenseful adaptation of the book heightened by Lee's sincere portrayal.

THE DEVIL WOLF OF SHADOW MOUNTAIN (1964/Prin Prod.) 80mins. BW. Mexico.
Credits: Dir: Gary Kent.
Cast: John Cardoz, Gene Pollock.
When cowboy Auen Hunter, (Cardoz), in the Old West drinks from the paw print of a werewolf he has slain he becomes a slavering beast at night and uses his new found curse to rid himself of rival ranchers.His brother David eventually realises that Auen is suffering from lycanthropy so he burns him out of the barn and shoots him with a silver bullet.
A mixture of the Western and horror genres with a few good moments, but the plot generally makes no sense at all.

Credits: Dir: Paolo Bianchini.
Cast: Guy Madison, Luisa Baratto, Luciano Piacozzi, Diana Lorys.
Devilman wants a superior brain put inside his head, so he forces a scientist to help him find one.

DEVIL'S BEDROOM (1964) 78mins.
Credits: Prod: Alvy Moore & L.Q. Jones (Justice McQueen).
Cast: Alvy Moore, L.Q. Jones, John Lupton, Valerie Allen.
A couple set out to drive a man insane and gain his oil rich land.
From the same team who made A BOY AND HIS DOG. The grim finale depicts one perpetrator being burnt to death by a lynch mob.

THE DEVIL'S BRIDE (1968) see The Devil Rides Out

THE DEVIL'S COMMANDMENT (1957) see I Vampiri

THE DEVIL'S FROM SPACE (1965) see I Diavoli Dello Spazio

THE DEVIL'S HAND (1959/Crown International) 70mins. BW.
Credits: Dir: William J. Hole Jnr.; Prod: Alvis K. Bubis; Sc: Jo Helms; Ph: Meredith Nicholson; Mu: Jack Pierce.
Cast: Robert Alda, Linda Christian, Neil Hamilton, Jennie Carmen, Ariadne Welter, Gene Craft, Julie Scott, Diana Spears.
Rick, (Alda), dreams of a beautiful woman named Bianca, (Christian), who works as an assistant in a curio shop. The woman takes control of his life and lures him into a modern day voodoo cult to the devil-god Gamba led by the shop owner, (Hamilton), who practises human sacrifice using a torture device made from a spinning wheel edged with knives that slowly descends from the ceiling onto a table where the intended victims sit.
Low budget nonsense. Hamilton is better remembered as Commissioner Gordon in the '60's"Batman" television series.
Broadway star Alda left America for Rome after this film for fifteen years of European movies.

THE DEVIL'S MESSENGER (1962/Herts-Lion) 72mins. BW. US/Sweden.
Credits: Dir. & Ed: Herbert L. Strock & Curt Siodmak; Prod: Kenneth Herts; Sc: Leo Guild; Ph: William Troiano; Art: Robert J. Herts; Mus: Alfred Gwynn.
Cast: Lon Chaney Jnr., Karen Kadler, Michael Hinn, Ralph Brown, John Crawford, Bert Johnson, Chalmers Goodlin, Gunnel Bronstrom, Tammy Newmara, Ingrid Bedoya, Eve Hossner, Jan Blomsberg.
"Not since Eve gave the apple to Adam has the world seen such sin!"
Satan, (Chaney), sends a woman, (Kadler), as his messenger on Earth to help three people onto the road to Hell. One man falls in love with a frozen corpse after she gives him a pick axe to dig the body out. An artist rapes a girl who returns from the dead to haunt him, and a palm reader tells reluctant clients their futures. Upon accomplishing her deeds, the messenanger is reunited with her lover for whom she had originally killed her self over and is sent back to Earth with the formula for the atomic bomb. Before long the population of the Earth is destroyed and they all join Satan in Hell.
Three Swedish television episodes from the series "13 Demon Street" written by Curt Siodmak are edited together to create this dreary feature in which Chaney appears to be drunk.

THE DEVIL'S MISTRESS (1966/Emerson/Holiday/WGW) 66mins.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Orville Wanzer; Prod: Forrest Westmoreland.
Cast: Joan Stapleton, Forrest Westmoreland, Robert Gregory, Arthur Resley, Douglas Warren, Oren Williams.
Two outlaws, (Gregory and Westmoreland), in the 1870's Wild West decide to rape and pillage their way through Indian territory, but when they slaughter a warrior and his squaw they are cursed and followed by a seductive Indian vampire woman who drives the outlaws to their deaths with her passionate, but fatal kisses.
A mediocre mix of genres saved by the short running time.

DEVIL'S OF DARKNESS (1965/Planet/Blakeley) 90mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Lance Comfort; Prod: Tom Blakeley; Sc: Lynn Fairhurst; Ph: Reg Wyer; Ed: John Trumper; Art: John St. John Earl; Mu: George Blackler; Mus: Bernie Fenton. From a story by Lyn Fairhurst.
Cast: Hubert Noel, William Sylvester, Tracy Reed, Diana Decker, Carole Gray, Rona Anderson, Avril Angers, Peter Illing, Gerard Heinz, Victor Brooks, Brian Oulton, Marie Burke, Eddie Byrne, Geoffrey Kenion, Rod McLennan, Julie Mendes, Walter Brown, Marianne Stone, John Taylor, Frank Forsythe, Murray Kash.
400 years after he was put to death for witchcraft, Count Sinistre, (Noel), returns to life on All Souls Eve in contemporary Brittany as a vampire and leads a Devil cult that sacrifices a young female tourist and infects her brother with vampirism. When the Count loses his medallion that sustains his undead existence, he has to retrieve it from the woman's boyfriend Paul Baxter, (Sylvester), who has travelled back to England. The British police try to find the cult who are hiding near a local cemetery where they plan to sacrifice another young woman.
An entertaining film that tries to emmulate that unique Hammer feel, but lacks atmosphere and is in dire need of more creepiness. The abrupt ending shows the vampire being staked and transforming into a ridiculous looking plastic skeleton.

THE DEVIL'S OWN (1966) see The Witches

THE DEVIL'S PARTNER (1958/Filmgroup/Huron) 75mins. BW.
Credits: Dir: Charles R. Rondeau; Prod: Hugh M. Hooker; Sc: Stanley Clements & Laura J. Matthews.
Cast: Ed Nelson, Jean Allison, Richard Crane, Edgar Buchanan, Byron Foulger.
An elderly farmer, (Nelson), possessed by the Devil, dies and returns to life as a younger man named Nick who has designs on a local girl, (Allison). Using a series of spells and sacrificing goats he secures the love of the girl when her former boyfriend, (Crane), is mysteriously attacked by his own dog. When a local man, (Buchanen), and the police get too close to revealing the young man's true identity, he turns into a snake and a horse to try and protect himself.
A short, but solid low budget film with some eerie scenes.
Originally double-billed with The Creature From the Haunted Sea.

THE DEVIL'S RAIN (1976/Sandy Howard Prod./Bryanston) 86mins. US.
Credits: Dir: Robert Fuest & Rafael Portillo; Prod: James V. Cullen & Michael S. Glick; Ex.Prod: Sandy Howard; A.Prod: Gerald Hopman; Sc: Gabe Essoe, James Ashton & Gerald Hopman; Ph: Alex Phillips Jnr.; Ed: Michael Kahn; Mus: Al de Lory.
Cast: Ernest Borgnine, Keenan Wynn, Ida Lupino, Tom Skerritt, Eddie Albert, William Shatner, Joan Prather, John Travolta, Woodrow Charmbliss, George Sawaya, Anton Levy, Claudio Brock, Lisa Todd.
A dead Satanist, (Borgnine), comes back to life to claim a book of spells from a family whose ancestor stole it 300 years ago. The Satanist manages to gain control of almost all the Preston family with witchcraft, but one son, (Shatner), confronts the evil coven and releases all the souls captured in a mysterious urn. The heavens open, and the rain causes all the satanists to melt.
Although confusing in parts, there are some good moments heightened by Borgnine's wonderful Devil make up.
Filmed in Mexico.

THE DEVIL'S SKIN (1970/Cathay) Singapore.
Cast: Ingrid Hu, Meng Li, Sun Tao.
A fairy battles with a vampire.

THE DEVOURING ROCK (1959) see Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup


























































(1970) see Teufel Kam Aus Akasawa

THE DIABOLICAL DR. MABUSE (1960) see Die Tausend Augen des Dr. Mabuse

THE DIABOLICAL DR. Z (1965/ Hesperia-Speva-Cine-Alliance) 83mins. BW. Spain/France.
Sequel to: El Secreto del Doctor Orloff.
Credits: Dir: Jesus Franco; Prod: Serge Silberman & Michael Safra; Sc: Jesus Franco & Jean-Claude Carriere; Mus: Daniel White.
Cast: Mabel Karr, Jesus Franco, Fernando Montes, Estella Blain, Howard Vernon, Antonio J. Escribano, Guy Mairesse.
Doctor Von Zimmer, (Vernon), has discovered "Z" rays, which can control the good and evil natures of people's personalities, but his colleagues scoff at his ideas and he dies in shame. His daughter Irma, (Karr), utilises the rays and a seductive stripper with long finger nails to avenge her father's untimely death and humiliation.
Refreshingly competent for a Franco film without the dizzying zooms that have plagued his other works and accompanied by a good music score.
Sequel: Solo un Ataud.

DIABOLICAL PACT (1968) see Pacto Diabolica

Credits: Dir: Mario Bava.
Cast: John Phillip Law, Terry Thomas, Michael Piccoli.
A politician, (Thomas), allows other desperados escape from deathrow to trap super villain Diabolik, (Law), but his scheme is sabotaged by a cloud of laughing gas. Diabolik plots to steal the largest ever shipment of gold and blows up the tax records of Italy to cause economic chaos. Inspector Ginko, (Piccoli), investigates, but Diabolik is transformed into a gold statue when the furnace in his secret cave explodes.

DIABOLIQUE (1954) see Les Diaboliques

LES DIABOLIQUES (1954/Filmsonor/Vera) 114mins. BW. France.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Henri-Georges Clouzot; A.Prod: Louis de Masure; Sc: Henri-Georges Clouzot, Jerome Geronimi, René Masson & Frederic Grendel; Ph: Armand Thirard; Ed: Madaleine Gug; Des: Léon Barsacq; Mus: Georges Van Parys.
Based on "Celle Qui N'Etait Plus" by Pierre Boileau & Thomas Narcejac.
Cast: Simone Signoret, Vera Clouzot, Paul Meuirisse, Charles Vanel, Jean Brochard, Thérèse Dorny, Michel Serrault, Georges Chamarat, Robert Dalban, Camille Guerini, Jacques Hilling, Jean Lefebvre, Aminda Monserrat, Jean Temerson, Jacques Varennes, Georges Poujouly, Yves-Marie Maurin, Noël Roquevert, Pierre Larquey.
The wife and mistress of a cruel headmaster conspire to kill him, but after they murder him by drowning him in a bathtub and dumping his body in the school swimming pool, the man's corpse strangely disappears. The women are driven insane by a series of unsettling events that seem to imply that his spirit is haunting them. The women suffer a waking nightmare, certain that their murder will be discovered.
A moody, atmospheric and perfectly cast classic of the cinema that delivers the chills in plentiful supply. The scene of the corpse in the bathtub is claimed to have inspired Alfred Hitchcock to create the classic shower scene in Psycho.
Vera Clouzot is Henri-Georges wife.

I DIAFANOIDI PORTANO LA MORT (1965/Mercury & Southern Cross) 99mins. Italy.
Credits: Dir: Anthony Dawson (Antonio Margheriti); Prod: Joseph Fryd, Antonio Margheriti, & Walter Manley; Sc: Ivan Reiner & Renato Moretti; Ph: Riccardo Pallottini; Mus: Francesco Lavagnino.
Cast: Tony Russell, Lisa Gastoni, Carlo Guistini, Franco Nero, Massimo Sierato, Michel Lemoine.
In the 21st. century, Martians composing of light attack the earth and inhabit human bodies.
A cheap exercise in tedium from the same team who created Missione Pianeta Errante and I Diavoli Dello Spazio.

DIARY OF A MADMAN (1963/Admiral/UA.) 96mins. US.
Credits: Dir: Reginald Le Borg; Prod. & Sc: Robert E. Kent; Ph: Ellis W. Carter; Ed: Grant Whytock; Art: Daniel Haller; Sfx: Norman Breedlove; Mus: Richard La Salle. Based on the "Horla" by Guy de Maupassant.
Cast: Vincent Price, Chris Warfield, Nancy Kovack, Elaine Devry, Stephen Roberts, Lewis Martin, Ian Wolfe, Edward Colemans, Mary Adams, Harvey Stephens, Nelson Olmstead, Dick Wilson, Wayne Collier, Gloria Clark, Don Brodie, George Sawaya.
Voice of: Joseph Ruskin.
A kindly magistrate, (Price), accidentally kills a convict, (Stephens), in self defense who was possessed by an evil spirit called a Horla. The spirit, that feeds on man's evil, torments the magistrate by using his guilt over his wife's suicide twelve years ago. The Horla forces the magistrate to commit murder and steal another man's wife, (Devry), while his friends begin to believe that he has become insane. In his diary, the magistrate explains the reasons for his actions and how he destroyed the creature with a fire that led to his own death.
A great performance by Price helps the ridiculous script and moves the film along at a brisk pace.

I DIAVOLI DELLO SPAZIO (1965/Mercury/MGM.) 92mins. Italy.
Credits: Dir: Anthony Dawson (Antonio Margerhiti); Prod: Antonio Margerhiti & Joseph Fryd; A.Prod: Walter Manley & Ivan Reiner; Sc: Charles Sinclair, William Finger, Ivan Reiner & Moretti; Ph: Riccardo Pallotini (Richard Pallton); Ed: Otello Colangeli (Angel Coli); Art: R. Perron; Sfx: Victor Sontolda; Mus: A. Francesco Lavagnino. From a story by Aubrey Wisberg.
Cast: Jack Stuart (Giacomo Rossi-Stuart), Amber Collins (Ombretta Colli), Renato Baldini (Gene Baldwin), Archie Savage, Wilbert Bradley, Peter Martell, Furio Meniconi, Enzo Fiermonti, Freddy Hagar, Iscaro Ravaioli, Halina Zalewska.
Alien survivors from the planet Aytia who resemble blue skinned abominable snowmen intend to conquer the earth, but their plans are thwarted after they encounter a group of explorers.
An incredibly tedious science fiction adventure.

DIE! DIE! MY DARLING (1965) see Fanatic

DIE MONSTER DIE (1964) see The Evil of Frankenstein

DIE MONSTER DIE (1965) see The Monster of Terror


DIMENSION 5 (1966/Goldman/United Pictures) 88mins. US.
Credits: Dir: Franklin Adreon; Sc: Arthur C. Pierce.
Cast: Jeffrey Hunter, France Nuyen, Harold Sukata, Donald Woods, Linda Ho.
Secret agent Justin Power, (Hunter), discovers a way to go backward or forward through time to stop a Chinese gang called The Dragon from bombing Los Angeles with a nuclear device. Using a Time Belt, Power and his partner, (Nuyen), go back in time and vanquish a gangster named Big Buddah, (Sukata).
A dull action film with Sukata who is better remembered as Oddjob in the James Bond film GOLDFINGER.

DINOSAUR ISLAND (1966) see Le Isla de los Dinosaurus

DINOSAURUS (1960/Fairview Prod./Universal) 85mins. US.
Credits: Dir: Irwin S. Yeaworth Jnr.; Prod: Jack H. Harris & Irwin S. Yeaworth Jnr.; Sc: Dan E. Weisburd & Jean Yeaworth; Ph: Stanley Cortez; Ed: John A. Bushelman; Art: Jack Senter; Ph.Fx: Tim Barr, Wah Chung & Gene Warren; Underwater Dir: Paul Stader; Dino Animation: Marcel Delgado; Mus: Ronald Stein.
Cast: Ward Ramsay, Paul Lukather, Kristina Hanson, Alan Roberts, Fred Engelberg, Wayne Tredway, Luci Blain, Gregg Martell, Howard Dayton, Jack Younger, James Logan, Wilhelm Samuel.
Near a small island in the Caribbean, underwater explosive operations reveal a tyrannosaur and a brontosaurus that have been frozen for millions of years. After the workmen bring the creatures ashore, a lightening storm brings them to life. A neanderthal man, (Martell), uncovered near the same spot is also brought to life and he befriends a small boy while the islanders try to stop the marauding tyrannosaur. The friendly brontosaurus sinks into a swamp, the caveman dies in a mineshaft fall when he tries to save the boy, and the tyrannosaur is forced over a cliff with a bulldozer.
A minor junvenile fantasy from Yeaworth who previously directed The Blob (1958). Unfortunately the poor effects and uninteresting characters reduce this dinosaur romp to inept low budget boredom.

IL DIO CHIAMTO DORIAN (1970/Sargon/Terra/Towers of London/ Commonwealth United) 98mins. Italy/Germany/Liechenstein/US.
Credits: Dir: Massimo Dallamano; Prod: Harry Alan Towers; Sc: Marcello Coascia & Massimo Dallamano; Ph: Otello Spila; Ed: Nicholas Wentworth; Art: Maria Ambrosino; Mus: Peppino de Luca & Carlos Pes. Based on the story by Oscar Wilde.
Cast: Helmut Berger, Herbert Lom, Richard Todd, Marie Liljedahl, Margaret Lee, Maria Rohm, Beryl Cunningham, Isa Miranda, Eleonora Rossi Drago.
A young man in possession of the secret of immortality uses his prolonged life to carry out debaucheries and murder to satisfy his homosexual tendencies. Despite his vices and crimes the young man shows no signs of aging, but a hidden painted portrait of himself reflects the true darkness of his soul.
A remake of the famous tale and the classic 1945 film The Picture of Dorian Gray without any of the magical subtlety of the original and clumsily portraying the darker side of Dorian's nature.
In 1980, Harry Alan Towers was charged with running a sex-for-sale ring to politicians and U.N. diplomats. He was released on probation.



IL DISCO VOLANTE (1964/Avco Embassy) Spain.
Credits: Dir: Tinto Brass; Prod: Dino De Laurentis; Sc: Rudolpho Sanego.
Cast: Alberto Sordi, Monica Vitti.
A Martian lands on Earth and kidnaps Italians.
A comedy in which Sordi plays four parts.

THE DISEMBODIED (1957/Allied Artists) 73mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Walter Grauman; Prod: Ben Schwalb; Sc: Jack Townley.
Cast: Allison Hayes, Johnny E. Wengraf, Paul Burke, Eugenia Paul, Josel Martson, Robert Christopher, Norman Frederic, A.E. Ukomu, Paul Thompson, Ottis Greene.
A white woman, (Hayes), in the jungle with her scientist husband discovers that she is able to cast magic spells and becomes Tonda the Voodoo Queen. She seduces several men with her spells, murders one of them, falls in love with another and gets her just desserts during a voodoo ritual.
A bland and tiresome voodoo tale with fake sets and trite dialogue. Bad movie fans will enjoy the film as a vintage curiosity.

LA DIXIEME VICTIME (1965) see La Decima Vittima


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