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(1961) 84mins. Czechoslovakia.
Credits: Dir: Karel Zemen.
Cast: Milos Kopecky, Jana Brejchova, Rudolph Jelinek, Jan Werich.
An uninvolving version of the tales of the mythical hero despite the striking visuals that take Munchausen from the belly of a whale to the moon.

THE FACE (1958) see Ansiktet

THE FACE OF ANOTHER (1966) see Tamin No Kao

THE FACE OF FEAR (1959) see Peeping Tom

FACE OF FIRE (1959/Allied Artists) 83mins. BW. US/Sweden.
Credits: Dir: Albert Band; Prod: Albert Band & Louis Garfinkle; Sc: Louis Garfinkle.
From "The Monster" a short story by Stephen Crane.
Cast: James Whitmore, Cameron Mitchell, Bettye Ackerman, Royal Dano, Lois Maxwell, Robert Simon, Richard Erdman.
A man's face is horribly burned while rescuing a boy from a fire. Unfortunately the heroic deed is forgotten as the townsfolk do little to hide their fear of him. Slowly, he loses his mind.
A sympathetic and tragic tale of a man's personal horror.

THE FACE OF FU MANCHU (1965/Anglo Amalgamated/EMI./7 Arts/Hallam) 96mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Don Sharp; Prod: Harry Alan Towers; Sc: Peter Welbeck (Harry Alan Towers); Ph: Ernest Steward; Art: Frank White; Mus: Chris Whelan. From the character created by Sax Rohmer.
Cast: Christopher Lee, Nigel Green, Tsai Chin, James Robertson Justice, Howard Marion-Crawford, Joachim Fuchsberger, Karin Dor, Walter Rilla, Harry Brogan, Poulet Tu, Peter Mossbacher, Edwin Richfield.
Fu Manchu, (Lee), plans to dominate the world from his secret headquaters underneath the river Thames, where he keeps a German scientist and his daughter captive to work on a poisonous gas developed from a rare Tibeten flower that will further his evil plans. Sir Nayland Smith, (Green), stops Fu Manchu's horrendous plot and the Chinese criminal mastermind seemingly dies in an explosion, however, "the world shall hear of me again." echoes over the final credits.
The first of the Lee, Fu Manchu series in which he superbly portrays the character's malevolence in an entertaining arch criminal parody made with the necessary light touch.
Sequel: The Brides of Fu Manchu.

THE FACE OF TERROR (1959) see Peeping Tom

FACE OF TERROR (1962) see Cara del Terrore

FACE OF THE SCREAMING WEREWOLF (1959) see Casa del Terror

THE FACELESS MONSTER (1965) see Amanti d'Oltre Tomba















































(1960) see The House of Usher

DER FALL X701 (1964) see Frozen Alive

FANATIC (1965/Hammer/7 Arts) 96mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Silvio Narrizano; Prod: Anthony Hinds; Ex.Prod: Michael Carreras; Sc: Richard Matheson; Ph: Arthur Ibbetson; Ed: James Needs & John Dunsford; Mu: Roy Ashton & Richard Mills; Des: Peter Proud; Mus: Wilfred Josephs. From "Nightmare" by Anne Blaisdell.
Cast: Stephanie Powers, Tallulah Bankhead, Peter Vaughan, Donald Sutherland, Maurice Kaufman, Yootha Joyce, Gwendolyn Watts, Robert Dorning, Philip Gilbert.
A young woman, (Powers), visits the mother, (Bankhead), of her dead fiancee only to find that she is insanely religious, and wants to "purify" the woman, force her to participate in a mock wedding ceremoney and join her son in paradise. Others in the family prevent the woman from escaping.
Inspired by Psycho, this is a tense, graphic and slightly camp thriller. The running time of 105 minutes was cut by the BBFC.
Tallulah Bankhead's last film, and her first for twelve years in which she displays her acting virtuosity.

FANGS OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968) see Malenka, la Vampira

EL FANTASMA DE LA CASA ROJA (1954/Chapultepec) Mexico.
Credits: Dir: Miguel M. Delgado; Sc: R.P. Pelaez; Ph: Raul Martinez Solares; Mus: Jose de la Vega. From a story by C. Lesser.
Cast: Alma Rosa Aguirre, Raul Martinez, Anthony Espino, Che Reyes, Victor Alcocer, Mercedes Benz.
Heirs to a fortune gather at a gloomy mansion, but murder is afoot as the dead millionares spirit watches on. The heiress inherits the gloomy mansion and a cabaret act called "El Inferno" perform some musical numbers.
An extremely cheap haunted house thriller that was brought to the United States by producer K. Gordon Murray.
The title translates as "Phantom of the Red House".

EL FANTASMA DE LA OPERETA (1955/Gral. Belgrano) BW. Argentina.
Credits: Dir: Enrique Carreras.
Cast: Amelita Vargas, Alfredo Barberi, Tono Andreu, Gogo Andreu, Inez Fernandez.
A South American parody that features the Phantom of the Opera, Frankenstein's monster and Dracula.

EL FANTASMA DE LA OPERETA (1959/Brooks & Enrique) Mexico.
Credits: Dir: Fernando Ruanova.
Cast: Tin Tan.
Comedian Tin Tan encounters a horde of masked Phantoms in this parody of The Phantom of the Opera.

FANTASMAGORIE (1962) France.
Credits: Dir: Patrice Molinard.
Cast: Edith Scob, Venantino Venantini, John Henry.
A short film featuring vampires.

THE FANTASTIC DISAPPEARING MAN (1958) see The Return of Dracula


THE FANTASTIC PUPPET PEOPLE (1958) see Attack of the Puppet People

FANTASTIC VOYAGE (1966/TCF.) 100mins. US.
Credits: Dir: Richard Fleischer; Prod: Saul David; Sc: Harry Kleiner; Ph: Ernest Lazlo; Ed: William B. Murphy; Sfx: L.B. Abbott, Art Cruickshank & Emil Kosa Jr.; Art: Dale Hennesy & Jack Martin Smith; Mus: Leonard Rosenman. From a story by Joy Lewis Bixby & Otto Klement.
Cast: Raquel Welch, Donald Pleasence, Stephen Boyd, Edmond O'Brien, Arthur Kennedy, William Redfield, Arthur O'Connell, James Brolin.
In 1995 a defecting Czechloslovakian scientist is injured in a car crash and needs an urgent operation. Using a new experimental technique a team of scientists are put into a submarine, reduced to microscopic size and injected into the scientist's bloodstream. The team only have a few hours to complete the operation and return to the tear duct before they return to normal size. Also on board is an enemy agent whose mission is to sabotage the project, but he is ultimately attacked by white blood corpuscles.
An exciting film filled with an interesting array of special effects that tends to outshine the acting and dialogue. Approximately half of the $6.5 million budget was spent on the effects.
Art and design, and the visual effects received Academy Awards.

FANTOMAS (1964/PAC/SNEG/Gaumont/PCM) 104mins. BW. France/Italy.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: André Hunebelle; Sc: Jean Halain & Pierre Foucaud; Ph: Marcel Grignon; Mus: Michel Magne.
Cast: Jean Marais, Louis de Funes, Marie-Hélène Arnaud, Mylene Demongeot, Jacques Dynam, Henri Serre.
Fantomas, (Marais), the criminal with a metal face and a slew of special disguises, becomes enraged when a newspaper reports that he doesn't really exist.
The first of three comical adventures featuring Fantomas in an affectionate homage to the original silent serial.


LE FATICHE DI ERCOLE (1957/Oscar/Galatea) 105mins. Italy.
Credits: Dir: Pietro Francisci; Prod: Frederico Teti; Sc: Pietro Francisci, Ennio de Concini & Gaio Frattini; Ph: Mario Bava; Mus: Enzo Masetti.
Cast: Steve Reeves, Sylva Koscina, Fabrizio Mioni, Ivo Garrani, Gina Rovere, Gianna Maria Canale, Arturo Dominici, Lucianna Paoluzzi.
Banished by King Pelias when a young prince dies while in his charge, Hercules faces a Tyrannosaurus Rex and other enemies in his quest to find the Golden Fleece, save his ladylove, (Koscina), and bring about the destruction of the "Age of Orgys", a palace where lustful pleasures are fulfilled.
This is one of the first films that began the muscleman, sword and sandal genre, and the first to make money for its creators. This also launched Reeves' career despite the overacting and the ludicrous plot.
Sequel: Ercole E La Regina Lidia.










(1968) see Camara del Terror

FEAR NO EVIL (1969/Universal/NBC.) 98mins. TVM.
Credits: Dir: Paul Wendkos; Prod. & Sc: Richard Alan Simmons. Based on a story by Guy Endore.
Cast: Louis Jourdan, Wilfred Hyde White, Bradford Dillman, Lynda Day George, Carroll O'Connor, Marsha Hunt.
A young scientist, (Dillman), becomes obsessed with an antique mirror, but when he dies in a car crash he returns to life in the mirror. His fiancee asks two occult investigators, (Jourdan and Hyde-White), to help.
An effective and inventive pilot film for a never released television series titled "Bedevilled".
Sequel: Ritual of Evil.

FEARLESS FRANK (1967/AIP.) 83mins.
Credits: Dir., Prod. & Sc: Philip Kaufman.
Cast: Jon Voight, Monique Van Vooren, Joan Darling, Severn Darden, David Steinberg, Anthony Holland, Lou Gilbert, Nelson Algren.
When Frank, (Voight), an innocent country boy who goes to the city he is killed by gangsters, but brought back to life by a skilled doctor who also clones him. The doctor endows Frank with superhuman powers, but when he becomes too over-confident of his new strengths, Frank's clone replaces him.
This pretentious satire filmed in Chicago serves as Voight's film debut.


LA FÉE SANGUINAIRE (1968) Belgium.
Credits: Dir: Roland Lethem.

THE FEMALE TRAP (1968) see The Name of the Game is Kill




















































(1969) see The Fiend With the Electronic Brain

THE FIEND WITH THE ELECTRONIC BRAIN (1969/Hemisphere) Released in 1971.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Al Adamson; Sc: Dick Poston & Chris Martino; Ph: Vilmos Szigmund; Mus: The Vendells.
Cast: John Carradine, Kent Taylor, Tommy Kirk, Regina Carrol, Roy Morton, Rich Smedley, Tracy Robbins, Arne Warde, Kirk Duncan, Tanya Maree, John Armond, Lyle Felice, Barney Gelfen, John Talbert, Joey Benson.
Jewel thieves use a Vietnam veteran who has had a control device planted in his brain as their personal hit-man.
A confusing mess that is partly to be blamed on its extremely confused history. This film was created out of Blood of Ghastly Horror and some new footage, but Blood of Ghastly Horror was in turn made from the 1965 film PSYCHO A GO-GO. However, any version screened will contain the same chaotic nonsense.

FIEND WITHOUT A FACE (1958/Producers Associates/Eros) 74mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: Arthur Crabtree; Prod: John Croydon; Ex.Prod: Richard Gordon; Sc: Herbert J. Leder; Ph: Lionel Banes; Sfx: Ruppel & Nordhoff, & Peter Neilson; Mu: Jim Hydes; Mus: Buxton Orr. From the story "The Thought-Monster" by Amelia Reynolds.
Cast: Marshall Thompson, Kim Parker, Terence Kilburn, Kynaston Reeves, Robert MacKenzie, Gilbert Winfield, Stanley Maxted, James Dyrenforth, Peter Madden, Michael Balfour, Launce Maraschal, R. Meadows White, Sheldon Allan, Alex Archdale, Shane Cordell, Lala Lloyd, Tom Watson, Kerrigan Prescott, Sandra Glen.
"New horrors! Mad science spawns evil fiends!...Taking form before your horrified eyes!"
An atomic research centre is blamed for the strange local murders, but it is actually a scientist's experiments with thought materialization that produces the strange brain-like creatures that kill by sucking out the brain and the spinal cord from their victims. Major Cummings, (Thompson), destroys the creatures by turning off the atomic power source on which their creator has managed to feed his mind.
A slow moving B-movie until the last fifteen minutes when the brain-creatures appear and it becomes exceedingly gooey.

THE FIENDISH GHOULS (1960) see Flesh and the Fiends

THE FIENDS (1955) see Les Diaboliques

50,000 BC. (BEFORE CLOTHING) (1963/Biolane/Waldorf) 75mins.
Credits: Dir: Warner Rose.
Cast: Charlie Robinson, Heidi Leonore, Mila Milo, The Cavegirls, Paul Lavert and his Swinging Cavemen.
A former comedian, (Robinson), accidentally travels back to 50,000 BC. in his neighbours time machine where he is sentenced to death by cavemen. The queen saves him, but he finds himself in trouble again when he tries to seduce a maiden.
A tedious and limp sex comedy.

FILMLAND MONSTERS (1962/Golden Eagle Films)
A commercially sold film by Paul Blaisdell that includes new and trailer footage from It Conquered the World, Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow, The Day the World Ended and Invasion of the Saucermen.

This is the script that was about to go into production starring Bela Lugosi just before his death in 1956.

FIRE MAIDENS OF OUTER SPACE (1955/Eros Films Ltd./Criterion/Topaz) 80mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Cy Roth; Prod: George Fowler; Ph: Ian Struthers; Ed: A.C.T. Clair; Art: Scott MacGregor; Mu: Roy Ashton; Mus: Borodin, Monica Liter & Trevor Duncan.
Cast: Anthony Dexter, Paul Carpenter, Susan Shaw, Harry Fowler, Sydney Tafler, Jacqueline Curtis, Rodney Diak, Maya Koumani, Owen Berry, Richard Walter, Jan Holden, Kim Parker.
"Maidens without men on a mystery planet!"
A combined American and British operation sends a space ship to Jupiter's thirteenth moon where the crew discover a host of beautiful women descended from the lost continent of Atlantis and led by the only male who desires one day to return to earth. The crew kill a monster that terrorises them, relieves the women of their leader who turns out to be rather nasty, and return to earth with their new leader Hestia, (Shaw), promising another spaceship will be sent soon to bring the others back to earth.
A silly plot makes for a piece of hokum that is too lengthy to sustain much interest and is another contender for the worst film ever made. The planet's landscape looks suspiciously like the Somerset countryside, and the monster is a man with lots of hair stuck all over his body.
Watch for the "maiden's" laughable ritual dance to "Stranger in Paradise" and listen for the needle on the record of Borodin's classical refrains.

Credits: Dir. & Sc: Guido Malatesta.
Cast: Reg Lewis, Margaret Lee, Myra Kent, Luciano Marin.
Hercules' son encounters a three headed monster during the Ice Age.

FIRST MAN INTO SPACE (1958/Amalgamated/Prod. Ass./MGM.) 78mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: Robert Day; Prod: John Croyden & Charles F. Vetter Jr.; Ex.Prod: Richard Gordon; Sc: John C. Cooper & Lance Z. Hargreaves; Ph: Geoffrey Faithfull; Ed: Peter Mayhew; Mus: Buxton Orr. From a story by Wyott Ordung.
Cast: Marshall Thompson, Marla Landi, Robert Ayres, Bill Nagy, Carl Jaffe, Bill Edwards, Roger Delgado, John McLaren, Helen Forrest, Michael Bell, William R. Nick, Richard Shaw, John Fabian, Barry Shawzin, Mark Sheldon, Sheree Winton, Spencer Teakle, Chuck Keyser, Rowland Brand, Franklyn Fox, Laurence Taylor.
"Did the deadly Gamma Rays turn him into a viscious monster ?"
A test-pilot, (Edwards), encounters a cloud of meteor dust when he flies too far from the earth's atmosphere and is changed into a monster that needs blood to survive. At the airbase he is convinced by his brother, (Thompson), to enter a high altitude chamber to try and cure him, but when the air is sucked out, the man returns to normal, apoligises for the murders he caused and dies anyway.
A low budget "Quatermass" copy from the same team responsible for Fiend Without a Face. The script manages to evoke sympathy for the unfortunate astronaut and sustains mild excitement to the end.

THE FIRST MEN IN THE MOON (1964/Columbia/Ameran) 103mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Nathan Juran; Prod: Charles H. Schneer; Ass.Prod. & Sfx: Ray Harryhausen; Sc: Nigel Kneale & Jan Read; Ph: Wilke Cooper; Art: John Blezard; Mus: Laurie Johnson. From the story by H.G. Wells.
Cast: Lionel Jeffries, Edward Judd, Martha Hyer, Erik Chitty, Betty McDowall, Hugh McDermott, Miles Malleson, Marne Maitland, Lawrence Herder, Peter Finch (uncredited), Gladys Henson, Gordon Robinson, Sean Kelly, John Murray Scott, Paul Carpenter. Voice of Valentine Dyall.
A United Nations space mission lands on the moon and discovers a crumpled Union Jack and a piece of paper dated 1899, claiming the moon for Her Majesty Queen Victoria. Back on earth an elderly man, (Judd), a survivor of the British mission, relates the tale of Professor Cavor, (Jeffries), who developed an anti-gravity paint he called Cavorite. The paint was used to build a space-craft to send himself, Cavor, and his sweetheart, (Hyer), to the moon where they find a lost civilisation of Selenites beneath the surface led by the Grand Lunar. While the other two return to earth, Cavor decides to stay with his new friends, but the cold he has developed breeds germs that ultimately destroy the lunar beings.
An entertaining adaptation that does not lose sight of the humourous aspects of the tale. Harryhausen provides an interesting giant catapillar and the Selenite creatures.
Peter Finch appears briefly as a process server.

THE FIRST SPACESHIP ON VENUS (1960/Centralia) 130mins. BW. Germany/Poland.
Credits: Dir: Kurt Maetzig. From the novel "Planet of Death" by Stanislas Lem.
Cast: Yoko Tani, Oldrich Lukes, Ignacy Machowski, Julius Ongewe.
A multi-national expedition to Venus discover that the venusians have destroyed themselves with the nuclear weapons they were developing in preperation for an invasion of earth.
An overlong moral drama with some good effects. 50 minutes were cut for the English language release.






see Cinque Bambole Per La Luno d'Agosto

FIVE GOLDEN DRAGONS (1968/Warner Path‚/Anglo) 92mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Jeremy Summers; Prod: Harry Alan Towers.
Cast: Robert Cummings, Christopher Lee, George Raft, Rupert Davies, Margaret Lee, Maria Perschy, Klaus Kinski, Brian Donlevy, Maria Rohm, Dan Duryea.
A young man, (Cummings), in Hong Kong becomes embroiled with a criminal gang called the Five Golden Dragons and the sinister leader, (Lee).
A poor Fu Manchu derived comedy thriller that becomes quite incomprehensible.

FIVE GRAVES FOR THE MEDIUM (1965) see Cinque Tombe Per Un Medium

FIVE MILLION YEARS TO EARTH (1967) see Quatermass and the Pit

THE 5000 FINGERS OF DR. T (1953/Columbia) 89mins. US.
Credits: Dir: Roy Rowland; Prod: Stanley Kramer; Sc: Theodore Geisel (Dr. Suess) & Alan Scott; Ph: Franz Planer; Ed: Al Clark; Des: Rudolph Sternad; Choreo: Eugene Loring; Mus: Frederick Hollander; Lyrics: Dr. Seuss.
Cast: Hans Conried, Tommy Rettig, Peter Lind Hayes, Mary Healy, John Heasley.
A young boy, (Rettig), would rather be playing baseball than attending piano lessons with his strict and demanding teacher Dr. Terwilliger, (Conried). The boy fantasises he is being chased by creatures with nets to take him to Dr. T's castle where five hundred other boys are imprisoned to play on the world's largest piano. In the dungeon Dr. T keeps some mouldy creatures that were once boys who dared to play instruments other than the piano, and two men joined together at their heads make an appearence.
A bizarre and badly scripted film for children with impressively large sets and lurid photography unusual for Hollywood at the time.
Hollander received an Academy Award nomination.


























THE FLAME BARRIER (1958/United Artists) 70mins. BW.
Credits: Dir: Paul Landres; Prod: Arthur Gardner & Jules V. Levy; Sc: Pat Fielder & George Worthing Yates. From a story by George Worthing Yates.
Cast: Arthur Franz, Robert Brown, Kathleen Crowley, Vincent Padula, Kaz Oran.
A couple in the jungle discover a fallen satellite covered with a strange mass of hot, living goo that melts humans and wants to conquer the world.
The cast do their best with the weak material.

FLAME IN THE SKY (1956) see Satellite in the Sky

THE FLESH AND THE FIENDS (1960/Regal-Triad/Pacemaker) 87mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: John Gilling; Prod: Robert S. Baker & Monty Berman; Sc: John Gilling & Leon Griffiths; Ph: Monty Berman; Ed: Jack Slade; Art: John Elphick; Mus: Stanley Black.
Cast: Peter Cushing, Donald Pleasence, George Rose, June Laverick, Dermot Walsh, Renée Houston, Billie Whitelaw, Melvyn Hayes, John Cairney, June Powell, Geoffrey Tyrrell, Beckett Bould.
"Vile grave robbers! Depraved murderers! Defilers of the dead! Shock upon shock!"
Dr. Knox, (Cushing), in 1820 Edinburgh buys cadavers from the notorious Burke and Hare, (Pleasence & Rose), to further his experiments. The notorious bodysnatchers are content to rob the graves for the corpses, but when the demand increases they turn to murder. Eventually Burke hangs for his crimes, and Hare is blinded by an angry mob.
Successfully depicts a filthy 19th. century Edinburgh with Cushing in what is possibly his finest role.
In some ways this was ahead of it's time containing several suggestive scenes and disturbing images. In 1965 the film was trimmed of the more controversial scenes to 74 minutes, re-distributed and re-titled THE FIENDISH GHOULS.

FLESH CREATURES (1970) see The Horror of the Blood Monsters

see The Horror of the Blood Monsters

THE FLESH EATERS (1961/Vulcan Prod./CDA.) 88mins. BW. & Colour sequence. Released 1964.
Credits: Dir: Jack Curtis; Prod: Jack Curtis, Terry Curtis & Arnold Drake; Sc: Arnold Drake; Ph: Carson Davidson; Ed: Radley Metzger; Sfx: Roy Benson; Mus: Julian Stein.
Cast: Martin Kosleck, Rita Morley, Ray Tudor, Barbara Wilkin, Byron Sanders.
"Behind this will be driven to a point...midway between life and death!"
An alcoholic film star, (Morley), her secretary, (Wilkin), and their pilot, (Sanders), are forced to crashland on an isolated island inhabited by a mad scientist, (Kosleck), who has specifically gone to the island to trace some experimental flesh eating organisms created by the Nazis and dumped in the sea during World War II and offer them to the highest bidding country. The castaways discover that electricity will stun the microbes, but what they don't yet know is that the electric shock causes them to bond together into one giant flesheater. As they plan to run electric cables to the sea, the mad scientist puts a microbe in a beatnick's, (Tudor), drink and he dies by being eaten from the inside out.
A film with the minimum of effects, but it transcends the low budget with some effectively horrific deaths and some good performances. The flesh eaters were created by scratching the film with a pin and the crew were made up of veterans of the porn film industry.
Filmed around Long Island.
At the box office patrons were offered packs of "Instant Blood" for their protection.

FLESH FEAST (1970/Cine World Corp.) 72mins.
Credits: Dir: Brad F. Grinter; Prod: Veronica Lake & Brad F. Ginter; Sc: Thomas Casey & Brad F. Ginter.
Cast: Veronica Lake, Phil Philbin, Heather Hughes, Martha Mischon, Yanka Mann, Dian Wilhite, Chris Martell.
A plastic surgeon, (Lake), who was once a mental patient, is experimenting on youth restoration using a process that utilises flesh eating maggots to remove the patient's old skin. Her latest subject is Adolph Hitler, but because the surgeon's mother died in a Nazi concentration camp she tortures Hitler with an abundant application of special maggots.
Badly made and poorly acted by everyone, but the maggots.
Lake's first film for 22 years and also her last, an unusual and sad cinematic epitaph to her long and distinguished career. She died in 1973.
Real maggots were used for the close up shots, and rice was used for the "crowd" scenes.
Filmed in Miami Florida.
























FLICK (1967) see Frankenstein on Campus

FLIGHT BEYOND THE SUN (1965) see Space Monster

THE FLIGHT THAT DISAPPEARED (1961/Harvard/UA.) 71mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Reginald LeBorg; Prod: Robert E. Kent; Sc: Owen Harris, Ralph Hart & Judith Hart; Ph: Gilbert Warrenton; Mus: Richard La Salle.
Cast: Paula Raymond, Dayton Lummis, Craig Hill, Gregory Morton, Addison Richards.
Scientists travelling to the Pentagon by plane are kidnapped by beings from another dimension and tried in a court by people of the future.
An anti-nuclear film that maintains only mild interest until the over moralising climax.

THE FLIGHT THAT VANISHED (1961) see The Flight That Disappeared

FLIGHT TO MARS (1951/Monogram/Pathe) 75mins. US. Released June 2nd.'52.
Credits: Dir: Leslie Selander; Prod: Walter Mirisch; Sc: Arthur Strawn; Ph: Harry Newman; Mus: Marlin Skiles.
Cast: Cameron Mitchell, Morris Ankrum, Arthur Franz, Virginia Houston, Marguerite Chapman, John Litel, Richard Gaines, Lucille Barclay, Edward Earle, William Forrest, Robert H. Barratt.
A space mission lands on Mars where the crew find an underground civilization that speaks English learnt from American radio broadcasts. The crew of the space ship are almost imprisoned, but for the timely intervention of the Martian leader's daughter. The Martians are in need of a gas called Corium to survive.
The restricted budget is obvious. Although this was quite advanced for its day, it seems extremely amateurish now. Filmed in eleven days and the first space drama to be made in Cinecolour.

DER FLUCH DER GRUNEN AUGEN (1963/Triglav/Objektiv) 87mins. BW. Yugoslavia/ Germany. Aka: CAVE OF THE LIVING DEAD.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Akos Von Rathony; Ex.Prod: Richard Gordon; Sc: C. Von Rock.
Cast: Wolfgang Priess, John Kitzmiller, Carl Moehner, Adrian Hoven, Karin Field, Erika Remberg, Emmerich Schrenck.
Vampire Professor Adelsberg, (Preiss), and his secretary, (Field), are conducting experiments in a cave beneath a castle and transforming women into vampiric zombies. Inspector Doren, (Hoven), of Interpol and a witch discover their activities. Eventually the vampire becomes a skeleton and explodes.
The vampire women are, of course, scantily clad in this occasionally atomospheric, but ultimately tedious tale.

THE FLY (1958/TCF.) 94mins. US.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Kurt Neumann; Sc: James Clavell; Ph: Karl Struss; Ed: Merrill G. White; Art: Lyle R. Wheeler & Theobald Holsopple; Sfx: L.B. Abbott; Mu: Ben Nye; Mus: Paul Sawtell.
From a story by George Langelaan that appeared in Playboy, June 1957.
Cast: Vincent Price, Al Hedison (David Hedison), Patricia Owens, Herbert Marshall, Torben Myer, Eugene Borden, Beth Lou Gerson, Kathleen Freeman, Charles Herbert.
"Once it was human...even as you and I...this monster created by atoms gone wild!"
A scientist, (Hedison), experimenting with matter transmission experiments on himself, but he is unaware that a fly has entered the matter transmitter with him, and he becomes a fly creature as a result. The fly with him develops a human head and flies away. He communicates to his wife to look for the fly, so that he can try and get his body back together, but the scientist realises the fruitlessness of the task he orders his wife to crush him in a hydraulic press. Later the scientist's uncle, (Price), and a police inspector investigating the strange death, find the mutated fly trapped in a spider's web pleading for help. The inspector puts the unfortuate creature out of its misery with a rock.
A classic film with a shocking final scene that stands as a monument of the horror cinema. This was the first film made in Cinemascope.
One glaring fault with the script is when the scientist manages to write a note while he possesses the head of a fly.
Originally double billed with Earth Versus the Spider (1958).
Sequel: Return of the Fly (1959).



THE FLYING CLAW (1957) see The Giant Claw

THE FLYING DISC MAN FROM MARS (1951/Republic) BW. Serial. 12 Chapters. US.
Credits: Dir: Fred C. Bannon; Prod: Franklin Adreon; Sc: Ronald Davison.
Cast: Gregory Gay, Walter Reed, Lois Collier, James Craven, Harry Lauter, Tom Steele.
Mota the Martian lands on earth, hides in a volcano and uses a thermal disintergrator to try and conquer the world. Despite the efforts of a man, (Reed), and his secreatary to destroy the invader, Mota is blown to kingdom come when the volcano erupts.
This features scenes borrowed from King of the Rocketmen. Some episodes were later edited together to make the 75 minute feature MISSILE MONSTER (1958). Mota also appeared in the serial The Purple Monster Strikes.

THE FLYING SAUCER (1964) see Il Disco Volante


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