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H.G. WELLS' NEW INVISIBLE MAN (1957) see El Hombre Que Logro Ser Invisible

THE H-MAN (1958) see Uomini H, Bijyo To Ekitainingen

LA HACHA DIABOLICA (1965/Filmica Vegara) BW. Mexico.
Credits: Dir: José Diaz Morales.
Cast: Rodolfo Guzman Huerta, Lorena Velasquez, Betty Gonzalez, Fernando Oses, Mario Sevilla, Colocho.
Masked wrestling hero Santo travels back in time to 1630 to battle Black Mask the vampire and his enchanted axe.
The title translates as The Diabolical Hatchet or The Devil's Hatchet.

UN HACHA PARA LA LUNA DE MIEL (1969/Pan Latina/Mercury/GEP. Pictures) 93mins. Italy/Spain.
Credits: Dir: Mario Bava; Prod: Manuel Cano Sanciriaco; Sc: Mario Bava & Santiago Moncada.
Cast: Stephen Forsythe, Laura Betti, Dagmar Lassander, Jesus Puente, Femi Benussi, Antonio Mas, Alan Collin, Gerard Tichy.
John Harrington, (Forsythe), is a deranged wedding-dress maker who kills his models on their wedding nights and keeps their corpses in the greenhouse. Unable to kill without wedding apparel to inspire him, John dons a bridal veil to kill his shrewish wife Mildred, (Betti), when she refuses to grant him a divorce, however, Mildred returns as a ghost, visible to everyone except her husband. Everyone assumes that she is still alive which drives John to utter madness and into the arms of the police.
A darkly comic Bava masterpiece with nods to Edgar Allen Poe and a clip from his own film Tre Volti Della Paura (aka: Black Sabbath).

HALF HUMAN (1955-57/Toho/DCA.) 63mins. BW. Japan.
Credits: Dir: Inoshiro Honda; Prod: Tomoyuki Tanaka; A.Prod: Robert B. Homel & Minoru Sakamoto; Sc: Takeo Murata; Ph: Tadashi Iimura; Sfx: Eiji Tsuburaya.
US. Version: Dir: Kenneth G. Crane; Ph: Lucien Andridt; Ed: Kenneth G. Crane; Sound: Jack Wiler; Art: Nicolai Remisoff; Sc. Supervisor: Francis Steens. From a story by Shigeru Kayama.
Cast: Akira Takarada, Kenji Kasahara, Momoko Kouchi, Akemi Negishi, John Carradine, Morris Ankrum, Russ Thorson, Robert Karnes.
"1400 pounds of frozen fury that moves like a man! Half-man, Half-beast but all monster!"
The abominable snowman is found in the mountains of Northern Japan by a party of skiers when a member of the group becomes injured and is taken care of by a tribe who worship the mountain beast. A circus owner mounts an expedition to capture the creature, but when they kill it's offspring they invoke the wrath of it's father until they are all killed. The yeti continues it's rampage on the village in the mountains, but it is so filled with grief at the loss of it's son that the creature leaps into a chasm of boiling fluid when he is cornered by the remaining villagers. The ski party bring the body of the monster's son back to civilisation with them.
Inept B-movie fun, that despite it's shortcomings is still entertaining.
For the American release, scenes with Carradine, Ankrum, Thorson and Karnes were added to narrate the plot, however, most of the story is told through a thick cloud of tobacco smoke as they all seem to need a cigarette for every appearance.


































(1960/Butcher's) 60mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: Henry Cass; Prod: Bill Luckwell & Michael Luckwell; Sc: Ray Cooney & Tony Hilton; Ph: Walter J. Harvey; Mus: Wilfred Burns.
Cast: Derek Bond, Walter Randell, Ronald Leigh-Hunt, Ray Cooney, Reed De Rouen, Harold Scott.
While three captured British soldiers in Burma have one of their hands cut off when they don't co-operate with their captors, a cowardly soldier escapes amputation by freely answering all the enemy's questions. In London, many years later, when the three handless soldiers are trying to find the one who betrayed them, a series of gruesome murders occur with all the victims missing one of their hands.
A muddled film that could have been much better with the right director and editor.
Originally double billed with The House of Usher.

THE HAND (1969) France.
Credits: Dir: Henry Glaeser.
Cast: Natalie Delon, Henri Serre, Roger Hanin.
When a scriptwriter shows a producer an idea for a film about a living severed hand, the mogul dismisses it as nonsense, but when the same writer is murdered by his wife and her lover, his amputated hand becomes an instrument of revenge following the events depicted in his script.

HAND OF DEATH (1961/TCF./Associated Producers) 59mins. BW.
Credits: Dir: Gene Nelson; Prod. & Sc: Eugene Ling; Ph: Floyd Crosby; Ed: Jodie Copelan & Carl Pierson; Art: Harry Reif; Mu: Bob Mark; Mus: Sonny Burke.
Cast: John Agar, Paula Raymond, Steve Dunne, Roy Gordon, John Alonzo, Joe Besser, Butch Patrick.
Alex Marsh, (Agar), is an unfortunate researcher in a nerve gas laboratory who develops a touch that can kill when he accidentally comes into contact with one of the chemicals. As time progresses Alex's skin changes, becoming bloated with gas causing him to go completely insane. In spite of the efforts of his fiance to convince Alex to give himself up, he dons a Fedora and a trench-coat and goes on the rampage. Eventually the police have no choice, but to shoot him dead.
Overlooking the all too apparent limitations, and it's obvious plot flaws, this is still an entertaining and original monster film.

THE HAND OF NIGHT (1966/Schoenfeld/Ass. British Pathe) 73mins. BW. UK/Morocco.
Credits: Dir: Frederic Goode; Prod: Harry Field; Sc: Bruce Stewart; Ph: William Jordan; Ed: John Blair & Frederick Ives; Art: Peter Moll; Choreography: Boscoe Holder; Mus: John Shakespeare & Joan Shakespeare.
Cast: William Sylvester, Diane Clare, Edward Underdown, Alizia Gur, Terence De Marney, William Dexter, Sylvia Marriott, Maria Hallow, Avril Sadler, Angela Lovell.
After the death of his wife and children, architect Paul Carver, (Sylvester), visits Morocco and falls in love with a beautiful woman, (Gur), who is actually a ghostly member of a vampiric cult known as Servants of the Night.
An uneasy and wordy mixture of Hammer's The Mummy and Dracula filmed in Morocco with an unsettling and effective dream sequence.

HAND OF POWER (1970) Germany.
Credits: Dir: Alfred Vohrer. From an Edgar Wallace thriller.
Cast: Joachim Fuchsberger, Siv Mattson, Pinkas Braun, H.V. Meyerinick.
An avenging murderer dresses like a skeleton, calls himself the "Laughing Corpse" and kills with his special scorpion shaped ring that contains a poison bearing needle.

HAND OF THE GALLOWS (1960) see Bande des Schreckens

HAND'S OF A KILLER (1961) see Pianeti Contro di Noi

HAND'S OF A STRANGER (1962/Allied Artists) 86mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Newton Arnold; Prod: Newton Arnold & Michael Du Pont. From "Les Mains d'Orlac" by Maurice Renard.
Cast: James Stapleton, Sally Kellerman, Irish McCalla, Paul Lukather, Joan Harvey, Barry Gordon, Michael Rye.
"The surgeon's scalpel writes a thriller!"
When a successful pianist's hands are mutilated in a car accident he undergoes an operation that replaces them with new hands. Slowly he assumes the personality of the hands' previous owner who was a convicted killer, and then tries to murder the surgeons who failed to save his missing appendages, and the now blind taxi driver who caused the accident.
The third remake of Orlacs Hande (1924).

HAND'S OF A STRANGLER (1960) see Les Mains d'Orlac

THE HANDS OF ORLAC (1960) see Les Mains d'Orlac

HANSEL AND GRETAL (1970) Germany.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: F.J. Gottlieb. From the fairytale by The Brothers Grimm.
Cast: Barbara Klingered, Francy Fair, Dagobert Walter, Herbert Fux.
A witch who lives in a gingerbread house wants to eat the two children who happen to visit her home.
The Grimm fairytale is turned into a creepy and horrific film.

HARD TIMES FOR VAMPIRES (1961) see Tempi Duri Per I Vampiri

THE HARM MACHINE (1966) see Agent for H.A.R.M.

A HATCHET FOR A HONEYMOON (1969) see Un Hacha Para la Luna de Miel



































(1963) see Dementia 13

Credits: Dir: Tokuzo Tanaka.
Cast: Kojiro Hongo, Naomi Kobayashi, Mitsuyo Kamei.
A woman is actually a mysterious ghostly cat that drinks the blood of it's victims.

THE HAUNTED CAVE (1959) see Ama No Bakemono Yashiki

THE HAUNTED HOTROD (1959) see The Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow

HAUNTED HOUSE (1957) see Rumah Puaka

Credits: Dir: Michael Armstrong; Prod: Tony Tenser Sc: Michael Armstrong & Peter Marcus; Ph: Jack Atchelor; Ed: Peter Pitt; Art: Haydon Pearce; Sfx: Arthur Bevis; Mu: Cliff Sharp; Mus: Reg Tilsley. Song "Responsibility" by Peter Marcus.
Cast: Frankie Avalon, Jill Haworth, Dennis Price, Mark Wynter, George Sewell, Gina Warwick, Richard O'Sullivan, Carol Dilworth, Julian Barnes, Veronica Doran, Robin Stewart, Jan Holden, Clifford Earl, Robert Raglan.
Nine teenagers bored with a party in London, readily agree when one of their number suggest they liven up the evening with a visit to a "haunted" house occupied by a ghost said to be that of a lunatic who hacked six of his relatives to death. After the youngsters arrive they find one of their group machetted to pieces. The culprit is actually a psychotic teenager who was once shut in a ruined house for three days.
An extremely dated film with a trite script that even the gory scenes can't hide. Armstrong initially wanted David Bowie, but Tigon embarrassingly hired Avalon for teen appeal and then hacked away at the story losing all of Armstrong's cynical attack on the Swinging Sixties.

THE HAUNTED PALACE (1963/AIP./Anglo Amalgamated/Alta Vista) 87mins. US. Released by Warner/Pathé.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Roger Corman; Ex.Prod: Samuel Z.Arkoff & James H. Nicholson; Sc: Charles Beaumont; Ph: Floyd Crosby; Ed: Ronald Sinclair; Art: Daniel Haller; Mu: Ted Coodley; Mus: Ronald Stein. From "The Case of Charles Dexter-Ward" by H.P. Lovecraft.
Cast: Vincent Price, Debra Paget, Lon Chaney Jnr., Barboura Morris, Frank Maxwell, Leo Gordon, Elisha Cook Jnr., John Dierkes, Cathy Merchant, Guy Witherson, Harry Ellerbe, Milton Parsons, Bruno Ve Sota.
One hundred and ten years after the evil Joseph Curwen was burnt at the stake for performing satanic experiments, his descendant Mr. Dexter Ward and his wife arrive at the village to claim the family mansion. Despite the hostility of the villagers, Doctor Willett, (Maxwell), tells Dexter-Ward, (Price), of the Curwen curse and about the roaming mutants in the village, the direct descendants of Curwen's evil experiments. Slowly Dexter-Ward becomes possessed by Curwen's spirit and tries to create a race of mutants that will take over the earth for the powers of darkness.
Although the limited budget is obvious, every resource is put to atmospheric use, while the good script and effective photography boosts the film to greater heights.
Screenwriter Charles Beaumont died in his late 30's of old age while suffering from Projeria a disease that causes the afflicted to gain all symptoms of advanced age early in life.

THE HAUNTED PLANET (1965) see Terrore Nella Spazio

THE HAUNTED STRANGLER (1958) see The Grip of the Strangler

A semi professional film scripted by Ron Haycock and intended to be released through Haycock's magazine "Fantastic Monsters of the Films".
Robert Burns was to play The Wolfman, who, with a witch, terrorises a young couple forced to take shelter in a haunted house. The film was never completed.

THE HAUNTING (1963/MGM./Argyle Enterprises) 112mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Robert Wise; A.Prod: Denis Johnson; Sc: Nelson Gidding; Ph: Davis Boulton; Ed: Ernest Walter; Des: Elliott Scott; Sfx: Tom Howard; Mu: Tom Smith; Mus: Humphrey Searle. From the "The Haunting of Hill House" by Shirley Jackson.
Cast: Richard Johnson, Claire Bloom, Russ Tamblyn, Julie Harris, Lois Maxwell, Valentine Dyall, Rosalie Crutchley, Diane Clare, Fay Compton, Howard Lang, Ronald Adam, Janet Mansell, Amy Dalby, Paul Maxwell.
"You may not believe in ghosts, but you cannot deny terror!"
An anthropology professor, (Johnson), and his assistants who include a woman, (Harris), suffering from guilt over the death of her mother, and a young woman, (Bloom), with extraordinary ESP. abilities research the ghostly events at a ninety year old New England mansion built by a man for his wife who unfortunately died before she could see it. This and other events are responsible for the ghosts haunting the spacious halls causing the deaths of any subsequent owners. The investigators discover the multiple hauntings while a malevolent spirit tries to make one of the susceptible women part of it's realm.
A magnificently artistic film, keeping to the adage that horrors never seen are usually the most frightening. While the photography is superb, the story itself never matches the splendid visuals and avoids the scientific issues altogether. The creepiness is aptly accompanied by loud pounding, little girl sobs and pulsating doors and walls.
Robert Wise refused to film on the Ettington Hall set in Stratford-Upon-Avon on a Friday, as a young girl had actually thrown herself from the top of the building on that day years before.

THE HAUNTING AT CASTLE MONTEGO (1966) see Castle of Evil

HAUSER'S MEMORY (1970/Universal/NBC.) TVM.
Credits: Dir: Boris Sagal; Prod: Jack Laird; Sc: Adrian Spies. From the novel by Curt Siodmak.
Cast: David McCallum, Susan Strasberg, Lilli Palmer, Robert Webber, Leslie Nielsen, Helmut Kautner.
A dying Nazi scientist, (McCallum), injects himself with the brain serum of a Jewish intellectual named Hauser, and finds that he has absorbed the memories of the dead man. Armed with Hauser's knowledge, the scientist embarks on a rampage of revenge on the former SS. members who punished Hauser for spurning Hitler, but spies are after the scientist for the memories he now possesses.



HAVE ROCKET WILL TRAVEL (1959/Columbia) 76mins.
Credits: Dir: David Lowell Rich; Sc: Rapael Hayes.
Cast: The Three Stooges, Jerome Cowan, Anna Lisa, Bob Colbert.
The Stooges, Larry, Moe and Curly Joe, are maintainence men at a rocket base when they are accidentally launched to Venus where they encounter a super computer that has killed all the Venusians and made the talking unicorns it's slaves. Intrigued by the humanoid form, the computer makes robotic replicas of the Stooges while the real Stooges escape to their rocket and back to earth.
Typical Stooges tomfoolery that will appeal to fans, while others are left to ponder why their brand of zaniness became so popular. After being rediscovered through television repeats of their cinema shorts, this feature was made with Joe de Rita as Curly.
The film also features a fire-shooting giant spider.


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