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(1968) see Night of the Living Dead

Credits: Dir. & Prod: Joy N. Houck Jr.; Sc: Joy N. Houck Jnr. & Robert A. Weaver; Mus: The Bored.
Cast: Gerald McRaney, Evelyn Hendricks, Gaye Yellen.
A psychopath committs several brutal murders.
The producers offered $1000 to the family of anyone who died while watching the meat cleaver murders and eye gougings.

THE NIGHT OF TERROR (1963) see The Terror

NIGHT OF THE BEAST (1965) see House of the Black Death

NIGHT OF THE BIG HEAT (1967/Blakeley/Planet Films) 94mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Terence Fisher; Sc: Ronald Liles, Pip Baker & Jane Baker; Ph: Reginald Wyer; Mus: Malcolm Lockyer. Based on novel by John Lymington.
Cast: Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Patrick Allen, Sarah Lawson, Jane Merrow, Kenneth Cope, William Lucas,Jack Bligh, Thomas Heathcote, Sidney Bromley, Percy Herbert.
A mysterious heatwave is effecting the remote Scottish island of Fara in mid November due to an invading alien protoplasm that needs heat to survive. The islanders battle the creatures and the heat, but to no effect until it starts to rain and the creatures are destroyed.
A slow moving tale that is not helped by the restricted budget and wordy script.

NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST (1958/Balboa Prod./AIP.) 65mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Bernard Kowalski; Prod: Gene Corman; Ex.Prod: Roger Corman; Sc: Martin Varno; Mu: Harry Thomas. From a story by Gene Corman.
Cast: Michael Emmet, Ed Nelson, Angela Greene, Jean Hagen, John Baer, Tyler McVey, Ross Sturlin, Georgina Carter.
"No girl was safe as long as this head hunting thing roamed the land!"
Space capsule X-100 crashlands after a space mission and astronaut Major John Cocoran, (Emmett), is found dead, but alien embryos from Galaxy 27 within the Major's corpse revives him and refuses to have the embryos removed and gives "birth" to an alien, (Sturlin). The creature seeks refuge in a cave and lures a scientist there to kill and use the unfortunate man's vocal chords to tell the people of Earth that he is here to prevent man from destroying civilisation with nuclear weapons and that the embryos in the Major are the beginnings of a new immortal race. Unbelieving scientists destroy the creature with petrol bombs and the Major destroys himself.
Many scenes are carbon copies of those shown in The Thing, also set at a research centre, however, the film's obvious low budget falls far short of the original's classic status.

NIGHT OF THE BLOOD MONSTER (1970) see El Procesco de las Brujas

NIGHT OF THE BLOODY APES (1970) see La Horriplante Bestia Humana

NIGHT OF THE DEMON (1957/Columbia/Sabre Films.) 82mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: Jacques Tourneur; Prod: Frank Bevis; Ex.Prod: Hal E. Chester; Sc: Charles Bennett & Hal E. Chester; Ph: Ted Scaife; Ed: Michael Gordon; Art: Ken Adam; Sfx: S.D. Onions & George Blackwell; Visual Fx: Wally Veevers; Mus: Clifton Parker. From the short story "The Casting Of The Runes" by Montague Rhodes James.
Cast: Dana Andrews, Brian Wilde, Peter Hobbes, Richard Leech, Peter Eliot, Lynn Tracy, Charles Lloyd-Pack, Peggy Cummins, Liam Redmond, John Salew, Maurice Denham, Niall MacGinnis, Lloyd Lamble, Ewan Roberts, Athene Seyler, Percy Herbert, Reginald Beckwith, Rosamund Greenwood, Janet Barrow, Len Sharp.
"Chosen...Singled out to die...Victim of his imagination, or victim of a demon?"
A parchment covered in runic symbols is believed to have been responsible for the death of a professor, (Denham), investigating the satanic activities of a local witch cult. The mystical parchment was passed to the professor causing the arrival of a demonic spirit to kill him. Professor Holden, (Andrews), is sceptical of the occult, but he is persuaded by the professor's daughter, Joanna, (Cummins), to continue her father's investigations of the cult's leader Dr. Julian Karswell, (MacGinnis), who is said to be a powerful sorcerer. After meeting Karswell, Holden finds himself in possession of the strange parchment that he discovers he must pass on before the demon appears to kill him. On a train Holden manages to pass the document back to Karswell who chases the paper that has blown from his hand along the train tracks where the demon appears and kills the sorcerer. Those first on the scene conclude that he was hit by a train.
A British classic of the genre with a superb cast, excellent pacing and a surreal quality in some of the scenes that enhances the underlying terror.
Originally the film did not contain a demon, but producer Hal Chester decided that the addition of a "monster" would make the film more commercial.
The story "Casting of the Runes" originally appeared in Rhode James' collection "More Ghost Stories of an Antiquary" in 1911.

NIGHT OF THE DOOMED (1965) see L'Amanti d'Oltre Tomba

NIGHT OF THE EAGLE (1962/Idependent Artists) 90mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: Sidney Hayers; Prod: Albert Fennell; Ex.Prod: Julian Wintle & Leslie Parkyn; Sc: Charles Beaumont, Richard Matheson & George Baxt; Ph: Reginald Wyer; Ed: Ralph Sheldon; Art: Jack Shampan; Mus: William Alwyn. From "Conjure Wife" by Fritz Lieber and the film Weird Woman (1944).
Cast: Janet Blair, Margaret Johnston, Reginald Beckwith, Peter Wyngarde, Anthony Nicholls, Colin Gordon, Kathleen Byron, Norman Bird, Jessica Dunning, Judith Stott, Bill Mitchell, George Roubicek, Frank Singuineau, Gary Woolf.
A professor, (Wyngarde), lecturing at a college in a small English town is outspoken of his scepticism of the occult, but all the while his wife has been protecting him and furthering his career with witchcraft. When he discovers her dabblings he forces her to destroy the amulets and magical paraphenalia, but this leaves him open to attack from other witches including a jealous, crippled colleague who brings to life a giant stone eagle to kill him.
A genuinely creepy chiller with a good cast and direction. Little envelopes were given away at theatres containing iron filings and salt that would protect the viewer from any spells, but only if the satanic incantation shown in the prologue was intoned.
The same story was remade again as a comedy in WITCHES BREW.

NIGHT OF THE GHOULS (1959/Wade Williams) 75mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir., Prod. & Sc: Edward D. Wood Jnr.; Ex.Prod: J.M.A. & Major J.C. Foxworthy; A.Prod: Marc Usher, Tom Mason, Walt Brannon, Tony Cardoza, Paul Marco & Gordon Chesson; Ph: William C. Thompson; Ed: Donald A. Davis; Art: Kathleen O'Hara Everett; Mu: Harry Thomas; Mus: Gordon Zahler.
Cast: Criswell, Kenne Duncan, "Duke" Moore, David De Maring, Valda Hansen, Tor Johnson, John Carpenter, Francis Misitano, Paul Marco, Jeannie Stevens, Frank Barbarick, Leonard Barnes, Karl Johnson, Don Nagel, Karen Hairston, John Gautieri, Bud Osborne, Tony Cardoza, Harvey B. Dunn, James La Maida, Thomas R. Mason, Clay Stone, Marcelle Kemphill, Margaret Mason.
Fake medium Dr. Acula, (Duncan), takes up residence in a supposed haunted house with his vampish assistant, (Hansen), where he tries to convince people that he can bring their dead relatives back to life. When several "ghosts" are spotted in East L.A. police officers, (Moore & Marco), follow up clues to Dr. Acula and his insane schemes. Unbeknown to Acula, he really has managed to raise the dead who carry him off to be buried alive.
Only fans of the unique works of Ed Wood would appreciate the awful acting, the cardboard sets, the pointless voice-overs and terrible directing. Like Wood's Plan 9 From Outer Space, this has since gained a strong cult following amongst bad movie aficionados.
This long lost follow up to Bride of the Monster went unreleased for twenty three years because Wood was unable to afford the processing fee. Finally, Wade Williams purchased the film stock, financed the processing and released it in 1983.

NIGHT OF THE FLESHEATERS (1968) see Night of the Living Dead

THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER (1954/UA./Gregory) 93mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Charles Laughton; Prod: Paul Gregory; Sc: James Agee & Charles Laughton; Ph: Stanley Cortez; Ed: Robert Golden; Art: Hilyard Brown; Mus: Walter Schumann. From a novel by Davis Grubb.
Cast: Robert Mitchum, Lillian Gish, Shelley Winters, Billy Chapin, Sally Jane Bruce, Evelyn Varden, Peter Graves, James Gleason, Don Beddoe, Gloria Castillo, Corey Allen.
"The scenes! The story! The stars! But above all the suspense!"
Psychopathic, mysoginist preacher Harry Powell, (Mitchum), raises money by marrying and murdering rich widows. When he meets a bank-robber, (Graves), in prison who is to be executed, the phoney preacher pursues his widow to retrieve the stolen money. The woman's two children John (Chapin), and Pearl, (Bruce), flee with their father's hidden money when their mother, (Winters), goes missing and meet a kindly old lady, (Gish), who protects them from the devious Powell.
Laughton's only film behind the camera is remembered for Mitchum's superb portrayal of the psychotic preacher with "good" and "evil" tatooed on each hand. The unusual texture to the scenes sets this apart as a subversively disturbing story with much more going on around the central characters than would first appear.
Misunderstood at the time, this has since been recognised as a flawed masterpiece.

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968/Image 10 Prod.) 98mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir., Ph. & Ed: George A. Romero; Prod: Karl Hardman & Russell Striener; Sc: George Romero & John A. Russo; Sfx: Regis Survinski & Tony Pantanello; Mus: Borrowed from '50's science fiction films.
Cast: Judith O'Dea, Keith Wayne, Duane Jones, Russell Streiner, Karl Hardman, George Romero, Kyra Schon,Judith Ridley, Marilyn Eastman, Bill Hinzman, Charles Craig, Frank Doak, George Kosana, Bill Cardille, Vince Survinski, John A. Russo.
A space probe sent to Venus might have emitted a ray that has turned most of the Earth's population into flesh eating zombies. The few survivors in one small area try to fight for their survival from a run down shack. All of them are killed and eaten except one man named Ben, (Jones), who hears shooting in the distance. The townsfolk have discovered that by shooting the zombies in the head, they die instantly, but mistaking Ben for a zombie, one gunman shoots him.
A none too pleasant political and social allegory with some subtle comments on the Vietnam War, made on a shoestring budget over a period of thirty days. Looking closely at the surrounding trees, the number of leaves increase as the story, that takes place in 24 hours, progresses. The film quickly gathered a strong cult following that started the zombie craze that would peak in the early Eighties. The stark monochrome photography and the generally amateur approach strangely adds to the documentary styled atmosphere that has been compared structurally with The Birds and intercut with some truly gruesome moments that doesn't follow the usual concept of heroes and villains.
Businessmen who invested in the film play the majority of the living dead.
The …DEAD trilogy penetrates different American institutions. The first deals with "the family", the second, DAWN OF THE DEAD, deals with "capitalism" and the third, DAY OF THE DEAD, deals with "militarism".

NIGHT OF THE SILICATES (1966) see The Island of Terror

NIGHT OF THE SORCERERS (1970) see La Noche de los Brujos

THE NIGHT OF THE TERROR (1963) see The Terror

THE NIGHT OF THE VAMPIRE (1970) see Chi O Suu Ningyo

NIGHT OF THE WOLFMAN (1968) see Las Noches del Hombre Lobo

Credits: Dir. & Sc: Keith Erik Burt (Keith Larsen); Prod: Keith Erik Burt & Vincent Forte.
Cast: Keith Erik Burt, Randy Stafford, Ron Taft.
A bogus preacher who enjoys raping some of his parishoners, gets his comeupance when he tries to blackmail a murderous Californian witches coven.
A cheap and talentless version of Night of the Hunter with nudity and a rock score to try and hold interest.

NIGHT SLAVES (1970/Bing Crosby Prod.) 73mins. TVM.
Credits: Dir: Ted Post; Prod: Everett Chambers; Sc: Everett Chambers & Robert Specht. From a novel by Jerry Sohl.
Cast: James Franciscus, Andrew Prine, Tisha Sterling, Leslie Nielsen, Lee Grant, Scott Marlowe, Victor Iazy, John Kellogg, Raymond Mayo, Morris Buchanan, Virginia Wright, Cliff Carnell, Russell Thorson, Nancy Valentine.
After a spacecraft crashlands on Earth, the aliens hypnotise the local population to help them repair their vessel, but one man is unaffected by their influence because of a metal plate in his head. Initailly fearful of the intruders, he eventually falls in love with one of them and returns with her to their planet when the repairs are completed.
An average television film told as a mystery through the eyes of vacationing couple, Franciscus and Grant.

NIGHT STAR, GODDESS OF ELECTRA (1963) see Roma Contra Roma

THE NIGHT THE SILICATES CAME (1966) see The Island of Terror

Credits: Dir: Fred F. Sears.
Cast: Kathryn Grant, William Leslie, Tris Coffin, Raymond Greenleaf, Marshall Reed.
Some scientists discover a mineral that explodes and hurry to try and prevent it from blowing up the world.
A good idea is spoilt by the lack of a decent budget.

NIGHT TIDE (1961/Virgo Films) 84mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Curtis Harrington; Prod: Aram Kantarian; Ph: Vilis Lapenieks; Ed: Jodie Copelan; Des: Paul Mathison; Mus: David Raskin.
Cast: Dennis Hopper, Linda Lawson, Luana Anders, Gavin Muir, Bruno Ve Sota, Marjorie Eaton, Tom Dillon, Cameron, H.E. West.
An orphan girl, (Lawson), who plays the part of a mermaid at a sideshow on Santa Monica pier, believes she is descended from a race of sea sirens who must kill during the cycle of the full moon. A sailor, (Hopper), falls in love with her, but after she almost kills him while skin diving, she disappears.
A strange and dreamy romantic fantasy from an avant garde director.

THE NIGHT VISITOR (1970) see Lunatic

THE NIGHT WALKER (1964/Universal/Castle) 86mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: William Castle; Sc: Robert Bloch; Ph: Harold Stine; Ed: Edwin Bryant; Mus: Vic Mizzy.
Cast: Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Taylor, Lloyd Bochner, Rochelle Hudson, Tetsu Komai, Hayden Rorke, Judith Meredith, Marjorie Bennett, Jess Parker, Tetsu Komai.
"Do you know that a dream can kill you?"
Irene Trent, (Stanwyck), suffers from nightmares involving her dead husband and a mysterious lover, but she begins to believe that the dreams are real when the lover turns up in reality.
A successful thriller with a good cast and the occasionally effective story twist in a mediochre script.





























(1956/Shane/Pine-Thomas) 89mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir., Prod. & Sc: Maxwell Shane; Ph: Joseph Biroc; Mus: Herschel Burke Gilbert. From "Nightmare" by William Irish (Cornell Woolrich).
Cast: Edward G. Robinson, Kevin McCarthy, Connie Russel, Virginia Christine.
A young musician awakes from a nightmare convinced that he has killed someone. His police officer brother-in-law tries to help him.
An adequate remake of Fear in the Night.

NIGHTMARE (1962/Hammer/Universal) 82mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: Freddie Francis; Prod. & Sc: Jimmy Sangster; Ph: John Wilcox; Ed: James Needs; Art: Bernard Robinson & Don Mingaye; Sfx: Les Bowie; Mus: Don Banks.
Cast: David Knight, Moira Redmond, Jennie Linden, Brenda Bruce, George A. Cooper, Irene Richmond, John Welsh, Timothy Bateson, Elizabeth Dear, Isla Cameron.
"Three shocking murders...did she dream them ?...or do them ?"
Eighteen year old Janet still suffers from nightmares involving a dead girl with a knife in her chest, after witnessing her insane mother kill her father six years ago. Her housekeeper, (Richmond), and her schoolmistress, (Bruce), look after her, but her guardian, (Knight), and her nurse, (Redmond), are actually lovers trying to drive Janet insane and swindle her out of her inheritance.
A genuinely scary tale with effective photography and the familiar Hammer trappings put to good use.

NIGHTMARE CASTLE (1965) see L'Amanti d'Oltre Tomba

NIGHTMARE IN WAX (1970/A & E Film Corp.) 98mins.
Credits: Dir: Bud Townsend; Prod: Martin B. Cohen; Ex.Prod: Rex Carlton & Herbert Sussan; Sc: Rex Carlton; Ph: Glen Smith; Ed: Leonard Kwit; Art: James Frieberg; Mu: Martin Varno; Mus: Igo Kanter & The T-Bones.
Cast: Cameron Mitchell, Anne Helm, Scott Brady, Berry Kroeger, Victoria Carrol, Philip Baird, Johnny Cardos, Hollis Morrison, James Forrest, Virgil Frye, Mercedes Alberti, Barry Donahue, Ingrid Dittman, Reni Martin.
"Half human...trapped in a bubbling cauldron of terror!"
Paragon Studio's make up man, (Mitchell), embarks on a campaign of revenge after his employer, Max Black, (Kroeger), accidently causes an accident that disfigures the man's face. The man kidnaps the studio's top actors and keeps their bodies on display in suspended animation at a wax museum. While trying to add Max to his collection, the make up man falls to his death during an electrical storm into a vat of boiling wax.
An amateurish affair borrowing most of it's ideas from Mystery of the Wax Museum and Phantom of the Opera.

NIGHTS OF TERROR (1963) see Twice Told Tales

NIGHTS OF THE WEREWOLF (1968) see Las Noches del Hombre Lobo

Credits: Dir. & Prod: Rudolph Cartier; Sc: Nigel Kneale; Des: Barry Learoyd; Mus: John Hotchkis. From a story by George Orwell.
Cast: Peter Cushing, Andre Morell, Yvonne Mitchell, Arnold Diamond, Campbell Gray, Hilde Fenemore, Pamela Grant, Keith Davis, Donald Pleasence, Janet Barrow, Norman Osborne, Tony Lyons, Malcolm Knight, John Baker, Victor Platt, Van Boolen, Wilfred Brambell.
Winston Smith, (Cushing), of the Outer Party tries to rebel against the totalitarian state.
This production had a stunning effect on the few television audiences of Britain at the time and launched Cushing's career to become a Hammer studio star.

1984 (1955/Holiday/AB-Pathe) 90mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: Michael Anderson; Prod: N. Peter Rathvon; Sc: William P. Templeton & Ralph Bettison; Ph: C. Pennington Richards; Ed: Bill Lewthwaite; Des: Terence Verity; Sfx: B. Langely, G. Blackwell & N. Warwick; Mus: Malcolm Arnold. From the novel by George Orwell.
Cast: Edmund O'Brien, Jan Sterling, Michael Redgrave, Michael Ripper, David Kosoff, Ewen Solon, Mervyn Johns, Donald Pleasence, Carol Wolveridge, Ernest Clarke, Ronan O'Casey, Kenneth Griffith.
After an atomic war the world is divided into three seperate powers. Winston Smith, (O'Brien), lives in the toltarian state of Oceania and falls in love with a fellow outer party worker named Julia, (Sterling). All would be well except that love is forbidden in their society and Julia and Winston have to meet secretly, away from the Thought Police. They are caught and Winston tortured in the dreaded, Room 101.
A sombre and depressing tale that fails to live up to the intentions of the producers due to the limited budget, poor sets and the long, drawn out adaptation.

LA NIPOTE DEL VAMPIRO (1969) see Malenka la Vampira

















(1961) see What a Carve Up!

NO SURVIVORS, PLEASE (1963/Shorcht) Germany.
Credits: Dir: Hans Albin & Peter Berneis; Prod: Hans Albin; Sc: Perter Berneis.
Cast: Robert Cunningham, Maria Perschy, Uwe Friedrichsen.
Aliens from the planet Orion want to take over the Earth and use the bodies and minds of murdered scientists to start a nuclear war.

LA NOCHE DE LOS BRUJOS (1970/Profilms/Hesperia) Spain/Portugal.
Credits: Dir: Armando de Ossorio.
Cast: Jack Taylor, Simon Andreu, Kali Hansa, Maria Kosti, Lorena Tower (Loretta Tovar), Joseph (Jose) Thelman.
An expedition to the African jungle falls prey to gorgeous vampire women in leopard skins. Most of the explorers are killed and one turns into a monster.
A disappointing mixture of zombies, screaming severed heads and cannibalism shown in negative.

LA NOCHE DE WALPURGIS (1970/Plata Films/Atlas Int.) 85mins. Spain/Germany.
Sequel to: Los Monstruos del Terror.
Credits: Dir: Leon Klimovsky; Sc: Jacinto Molina & Hans Munkell; Ph: Leopoldo Villaseñor; Ed: Antonio Jimeno; Art: Ludwig Orny; Sfx: Antonio Molina; Mu: José Luis Morales; Mus: Anton Garcia Abril.
Cast: Paul Naschy (Jacinto Molina), Gaby Fuchs, Patty Shepard, Barbara Cappell, Andrew Reese (Andres Resino), Julio Peña, Yelena Samarina, Jose Marco, Barta Barri.
During a full moon, an autopsy being performed on Waldemar Daninsky, (Naschy), revives him as a werewolf when the silver bullets imbedded in his chest are removed. Daninsky claims the doctors as his first victims and then flees to the woods where two students, Elvire and Genevieve are looking for the grave of the vampire queen Countess Wandesa de Nadasdy, (Shepard), for their thesis. Although living as a hermit, Daninsky helps them in their search, but Genevieve accidentally cuts her hand whereupon her blood flows onto the grave reviving the vampire who promptly bites the student. Daninsky impales the undead Genevieve and tries to vanquish the Countess with the sacred cross of Mayenza, but he turns into a werewolf, rips the Countess' throat only to be mercifully impaled on the silver cross by Elvire.
The fourth of the Daninsky werewolf films, no better than any of the others in the series, but with too many annoying zoom shots and a vampire that exists in daylight.
The feast of St. Walpurgis occurs on April 30th., the night witches are said to hold their greatest sabbath.

LAS NOCHES DEL HOMBRE LOBO (1968/Plata Films) 82mins. Spain/France.
Aka: NIGHT OF THE WOLFMAN. Sequel to: La Marca del Hombre Lobo.
Credits: Dir: Rene Govar; Sc: Rene Govar, Carlos Belario & Jacinto Molina (Naschy).
Cast: Paul Naschy, Monique Brainville, Peter Beaumont.
Waldemar Daninsky, (Naschy), seeks out Doctor Braddoch to try and cure his lycanthropic curse, but the scientist selfishly uses Daninsky to kill all those who scoffed at his experiments. Daninsky eventually kills the scientist and is then gunned down.
Never theatrically released in Britain or America.
Sequel: Los Monstruous del Terror.

NOITA PALAA ELÄMÄÄN (1952/Sonney) 75mins. BW. Finland.
Credits: Dir: Roland Hallstrom; Sc: Mika Waltari; Ph: Esko Toryi; Art: Lauri Elo. From a play by Mika Waltari.
Cast: Mirja Mane, Toivo Makela, Hellevi Lagerstam, Aku Korhonen, Sakari Jurkka, Helge Herala.
An archaeologist discovers the impaled remains of a three hundred year old witch, but despite warnings, he removes the stake from the rotted corpse and the witch returns to life. After many villagers are put under the beautiful witch's spell, they eventually find the means to overpower her.


































(1960/Estudios America) BW. Mexico
Aka: THE MONSTER DEMOLISHER. Sequel to: La Maldicion de Nostradamus.
Credits: Dir: Frederick Curiel; Prod: Victor Paras; Sc: Frederick Curiel & Charles Taboada.
Cast: German Robles, Domingo Soler, Aurora Alvarado, Leo Mander, Julio Aleman, Manver (Manuel Vergara), Manuel Casanueva.
A bearded descendant, (Robles), of the prophet Nostradamus is a vampire who hypnotises a criminal to do his bidding. Professor Duran, (Soler), defeats the vampire with a soundwave machine that is harmful to bats causing him to fall from a cliff and impale himself on a spike.
Four feature films that only appeared on American television were edited from a twelve part Mexican television series titled "Blood of Nostradamus". This was made from the episodes "El Destructor de Monstruos", "El Estudiante y la Horca" and "El Ataud Vacio".
Sequel: Nostradamus, el Geio de las Tinieblas (1960).

Sequel to: Nostradamus y el Destructor de Monstruos.
Credits: Dir: Frederick Curiel; Prod: Victor Parra; Sc: Charles Taboada & Alfred Ruandova.
Cast: Germán Robles, Domingo Soler, Aurora Alvardo, Leo Mander, Julio Aleman, Manver (Manuel Vergara), Manuel Casanueva.
Bearded vampire, (Robles), descended from Nostradamus falls in love while professor Duran, (Soler),steals the ashes from the vampire's coffin to prevent him from coming back to life.
Another film edited from the television serial "Blood of Nostradamus" using episodes "El Genio de las Tinieblas", "Mas alla de la Vida" and "El Hijo de la Noche" before being exported to America by K. Gordon Murray.

NOT OF THIS EARTH (1956/Allied Artists) 72mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Roger Corman; Sc: Charles Griffith & Mark Hanna; Ph: John Mescall; Sfx: Paul Blaisdell; Mus: Ronald Stein.
Cast: Paul Birch, Beverly Garland, Richard Miller, Morgan Jones, Pat Flynn, Ralph Reed, William Roderick, Gail Ganley, Tamas Cooper, Harold Fong, Jonathan Haze, Anne Carroll, Roy Engel.
An alien, (Birch), from the dying planet Davanna arrives on Earth to collect information about humans to send to his planet, so that they can conquer us. Disguised as Mr. Johnson, the alien discovers his blood is deteriorating and that high pitched sounds can harm him. While searching for supplies of blood to replace his own he finds it necessary to harm people with his white eyes and send crates of blood back to his planet via a transporter beam. When he tries to send a sample human home, a siren on a police motorbike destroys him.
A cult classic spoilt by careless production values.
The flying bat creature was created by Blaisdell.

NOTRE DAME DE PARIS (1956/Paris Films/Panitalia) 107mins. France/Italy.
Credits: Dir: Jean Delannoy; Prod: Robert Hakim & Raymond Hakim; Sc: Jean Aurenche & Jaques Prevert; Ph: Michael Kelber; Ed: Henri Taverna; Art: Rene Renoux; Costumes: Georges Benda; Mus: Georges Auric. From the story by Victor Hugo.
Cast: Anthony Quinn, Gina Lollobrigida, Philippe Clay, Maurice Sarfati, Danielle Dumont, Jean Tissier, Robert Hirsch, Jean Danet, Alain Cuny.
When deformed Quasimodo, (Quinn), saves Esmarelda, (Lollobrigida), from being tried as a witch he takes her to Notre Dame Cathederal for sanctuary. After she is killed, Quasimodo lies down beside her body to die.
All performances were sacrificed for the beautiful photography in a version that emphasises the romantic element of the famous tale, but is remembered for Quinn's laughable portrayal that made Quasimodo a slobbering mongol idiot.

LA NOVIA ENSANGRENTADA (1969/Morgana Films) 102mins. Spain.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Vincente Aranda; Prod. & Mus: Antonio Perez Olea; Ex.Prod: Jose Lopez Morena; Ph: Fernando Arribas; Ed: Pablo G. Del Amo; Des: Jaun Alberto Soler; Sfx: Antonio Molina; Mu: Cristobel Criado. Based loosely on "Carmilla" by Sheridan Le Fanu.
Cast: Alexandra Bastedo, Simon Andreu, Maribel Martin, Dean Selmier, Rosa Ma Rodriques, Monserrat Julio, Angel Lombarte.
A young virgin husband, (Andreu), indulges in sex fantasies that alienate his new wife, (Martin), so she turns to the lesbian attentions of a descendant of Millarca De Karnstein, (Bastedo), who makes her commit acts of mutilation and turns her into a vampire. Eventually both women are destroyed by the husband when he discovers them sleeping together in a coffin made for two.
Le Fanu's story is confused by the pointless surrealism, bizarre scenes and the all too grisly detail. The ending, only seen in the original Spanish version, shows a man cutting off a woman's breast.
Bastedo earlier starred in the television series "The Champions".











(1961) US.
Credits: Dir: Doris Wishman.
An awful science fiction oddity utilising NASA stock footage and toy spaceships.

NUDES ON THE ROCKS (1963) see 50,000 B.C. (Before Clothing)

NUR TOTE ZUEGEN SCHWEIGEN (1963) BW. Germany/Spain/Italy.
Credits: Dir: Eugenio Martin; Prod: Alfonas Carcasina; Sc: Guiseppe Mangione, Eugenio Martin, G. Moreno Burgos, Francis Niewal & Gehrard Schmidt.
Cast: Jean Sorel, Eleonora Rossi-Drago, Heinz Drache, Hildegard Knef.
A ventriloquist murders the star of his stage act, but the dead man's fiancee frightens him into a confession by convincing him that his ventriloquist dummy, Grog, is actually alive.

THE NUTTY PROFESSOR (1963/Paramount/Jerry Lewis) 107mins. US.
Credits: Dir: Jerry Lewis; Prod: Ernest D. Gluckman; Sc: Jerry Lewis & Bill Richmond; Ph: W. Wallace Kelley; Ed: John Woodcock; Des: Hal Pereira & Walter Tyler; Mus: Walter Scharf. Inspired by "The Strange Case Of Doctor Jekyll And Mister Hyde" by Robert Louis Stevenson.
Cast: Jerry Lewis, Stella Stevens, Del Moore, Howard Morris, Buddy Lester, Kathleen Freeman, Med Flory, Elvia Allman, Henry Gibson.
An eccentric chemistry professor, Mr. Kelp, (Lewis), develops an elixir that turns him into Buddy Love, a hard drinking, smooth talking playboy. The ruse is later exposed at a graduation party.
A typical juvenille Lewis farce that fans consider his masterpiece. There are some genuinely funny moments, heightened by Stevens' talented presence.



THE NYLON NOOSE (1963) Germany.
Credits: Dir: Rudolf Zehetgruber.
Cast: Richard Goodman, Laya Raki.
Several people gathered at a sinister mansion are mysteriously strangled with a nylon noose by an insane physician who tries to mummify the bodies.


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