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(1969/Jerand) 66mins. Mexico.
Credits: Dir: Emilio Vieyra; Prod: Orestes Trucco; Sc: Antonio Rosso & Aribal Paz; Mus: Victor Buchino.
Cast: Justin Martin, José Orange, Greta Williams, Blanca Burgueno, Mauricio de Ferraris, Alberto Candeau.
A masked man uses spells to lure women to his villa.
The title translates as "Bloody Pleasure".

THE PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES (1966/Hammer-Seven Arts) 91mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: John Gilling; Prod: Anthony Nelson Keys; Sc: Peter Bryan; Ph: Arthur Grant; Ed: James Needs & Chris Barnes; Art: Don Mingaye; Des: Bernard Robinson; Sfx: Bowie Films (Les Bowie); Mu: Roy Ashton; Mus: James Bernard.
Cast: André Morell, Diane Clare, Brook Williams, Jacqueline Pearce, John Carson, Michael Ripper, Alex Davion, Marcus Hammond, Dennis Chinnery, Roy Roston.
"Only the Lord of the Dead could unleash them!"
Physician Sir James Forbes, (Morrell), is summoned by his friend and former teacher, Professor Peter Thompson, (Williams), to a Cornish village held in a grip of fear of the walking dead. The local squire, Clive Hamilton, (Carson), is using voodoo as a means of reanimating the recently dead to use as labourers in his tin mines. After Forbe's wife Sylvia, (Clare), witnesses the death of her friend at the hands of a zombie, Hamilton obtains a drop of her blood and wills her to his mansion where she sees her friend in an undead state. Peter and James successfully infiltrate the tin mines, causing a fire that sets the zombies alight attacking the wicked squire and his followers.
An above average outing for Hammer with several chilling moments, including a dream sequence depicting an effective zombie decapitation. The same sets were immediately used for The Reptile.
When shown originally with Dracula, Prince of Darkness male cinema patrons were given plastic fangs, while their female counterparts received "zombie eyes".

PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE (1956/Wade Williams/Reynolds) 79mins. BW. US. Released Jul.'59.
Credits: Dir., Prod., Sc. & Ed: Edward D. Wood Jnr.; Ex.Prod: J. Edward Reynolds; A.Prod: Hugh Thomas Jnr. & Charles Burg; Ph: William C. Thompson; Sets: Harry Reif & Tom Kemp; Sfx: Charles Duncan; Electrical Fx: Jim Woods; Mu: Tom Bartino; Sound: Dale Knight; Mus: Gordon Zahler.
Cast: Gregory Walcott, Tom Keene, Dudley Manlove, Lyle Talbot, Duke Moore, Mona McKinnon, Bela Lugosi, Tor Johnson, Vampira (Maila Nurmi), John Beckinridge, Rev. Lynn Lemon, Dr. Tom Mason, Joanna Lee, Criswell, Carl Anthony, Paul Marco, Norma McCarthy, Ben Frommer, David De Mering, Gloria Dea, Bill Ash, Conrad Brooks.
"There comes a time in everyman's life when he just can't believe his eyes!"
"Saucer!...You mean the kind from up there?"
- McKinnon.
Aliens become concerned when mankind enters the nuclear age and decide to destroy the Earth by utilising Plan 9 that involves a long range electrode that can raise the dead who the aliens use as slaves against the human race. Fortunately the aliens' plans are scuppered and their spaceship is destroyed.
An intriguing curio that is probably the worst film ever released, with cardboard sets, terrible acting, an awful script and very little technical skill.
Wood originally began filming under the title THE TOMB OF THE VAMPIRE starring Bela Lugosi, but when Lugosi died four days after shooting began Wood abandoned the project and rewrote the script to accomadate all the footage shot in a cemetery and outside Tor Johnson's house in the new production, PLAN 9... For other shots of the vampire character, Wood unwisely cast Dr. Tom Mason, his wife's chiropractor, who, although a foot taller than Lugosi, appeared on screen with his face covered by his arm and a "Dracula" cape.
To further add to the chaos and unconvincing performances, Wood hired Criswell, a television personality from the show "Criswell Predicts" whose predictions included that Lake Michigan would be drained for land use in 1978, and that an interplanetary convention would take place in the '80's on the Las Vegas strip between Mars, Venus, Neptune, the Moon and the United States.
At the film's premiere in Hollywood, Tor Johnson and Lugosi's widow, Hope Lininger, made a stage appearance.
The making of PLAN 9... is dramatised in Tim Burton's affectionate tribute to Ed Wood, ED WOOD.
For other Ed Wood productions see Night of the Ghouls and Bride of the Monster.

PLANET OF BLOOD (1965) see Terrore Nella Spazio

PLANET OF BLOOD (1966) see Queen of Blood

THE PLANET OF EXTINGUISHED MEN (1960) see I Pianeta Degli Uomini

PLANET OF OUTLAWS (1959) see Buck Rogers (1939)

PLANET OF STORMS (1962) see Planeta Burg

PLANET OF TERROR (1965) see Terrore Nella Spazio

PLANET OF THE APES (1968/APJAC./TCF.) 119mins. US.
Credits: Dir: Franklin J. Schaffner; Prod: Arthur P. Jacobs & Mort Abrahams; Sc: Michael Wilson & Rod Serling (uncredited); Ph: Leon Shamroy; Ed: Hugh S. Fowler; Art: Jack Martin Smith & William Creber; Sfx: L.B. Abbott, Art Cruickshank & Emil Kosa Jnr.; Mu: John Chambers & Ben Nye; Mus: Jerry Goldsmith. From "La Planete Des Singes" by Pierre Boulle.
Cast: Charlton Heston, Roddy McDowall, Kim Hunter, Linda Harrison, Maurice Evans, James Whitmore, James Daly, Robert Gunner, Lou Wagner, Woodrow Parfrey, Jeff Burton, Buck Kartalian, Norman Burton, Wright King, Paul Lambert.
"Somewhere in the universe there must be something better than man!"
When their spaceship develops a navigational fault, four American astronauts are hurtled 2000 years forward in time and space awaking in their crashed craft on an unidentified planet. One of their crew has died and the remaining three survivors travel the arid landscape to a village populated by a mute, subhuman race when the village is attacked by uniformed apes on horseback. Two ape scientists, (McDowall and Hunter), save one astronaut, (Heston), from death for their studies, amazed that he can write, although an injury sustained during capture prevents the astronaut from speaking. Slowly he learns that the apes rule society and keep the human population subjugated to prevent them from gaining the knowlege that almost destroyed the world many centuries ago. When the astronaut escapes from the ape city he sets out along a beach and discovers to his horror the head of the Statue of Liberty lying in the sand. The planet is actually Earth, but 2000 years in the future.
A thoughtful and intelligent science fiction setting for biting satire and a sociological allegory woven cleverly into the ridiculous plotline. The success of the film spawned four sequels and a 1974 television series.
Edward G. Robinson initailly portrayed Dr. Zaius, but he had to opt out when he developed an allergy to the make up and was replaced by Maurice Evans.
Chambers received an honorary Academy Award for the excellent ape make up.
Sequel: Beneath the Planet of the Apes.

PLANET OF THE APES REVISITED (1970) see Beneath the Planet of the Apes

PLANET OF THE MEN (1970) see Beneath the Planet of the Apes

PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES (1965) see Terrore Nella Spazio

PLANET ON THE PROWL (1965) see I Diafanoidi Portano la Mort

PLANETA BURG (1962/Lenningrad Studio Of Popular Science Films) 73mins. Russia.
Credits: Dir: Pavel Klushantev; Sc: Alexander Kazantsev & Pavel Klushantsev; Ph: Arkady Klimov.
Cast: Gennadi Vernov, Yuri Sarantsev, Vladimir Yemelianov, Kyunna Ignatova, Georgi Zhonov.
A space crew sent on a mission to Venus with an android encounter lizard men and Venusians.
After Roger Corman purchased the film, footage was used to add effects and other borrowed scenes to Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet (1965) and Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women (1967).

LA PLANETA DE LAS MUJERES INVASORAS (1966/Clasa-Mohme/Azteca) Mexico.
Credits: Dir: Alfred B. Crevenna.
Cast: Lorena Velazquez, Guillermo Murray, Elizabeth Campbell, Maura Monti, Adriana Roel, "Ferrusquilla".
The title translates as "The Planet of the Women Invaders".

PLANETARY GIANTS (1963) see Gigantes Planetarios

PLANETS AGAINST US (1961) see I Pianeti Contro di Noi

PLANETS AROUND US (1961) see I Pianeti Contro di Noi

PLAYGIRL KILLER (1965) 90mins. Canada.
Credits: Dir: Erick Santamaria; Prod: Max A. Sendel.
Cast: William Kerwin, Neil Sedaka, Jean Christopher, Andree Champagne, Mary Lou Collier.
An insane artist who finds that his models won't stay still decides to kill them and freeze their corpses in a meat locker. His latest model is used as bait by the police in an attempt to catch him.
A silly film is made even sillier with a couple of songs from Sedaka. Listen carefully to the words of the song "Waterbug".

PLAYGIRLS AND THE VAMPIRE (1960) see L'Ultima Preda del Vampiro

PLEINS FEUX SUR L'ASSASSIN (1960/Champs-Elysees) France.
Credits: Dir: Georges Franju.
Cast: Pierre Brasseur.
A murderer stalks an old castle.
The title translates as "Spotlight on a Murderer".

PLUCKED (1967) see La Morte Ha Fatto l'Uovo

























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(1955) France.
Credits: Dir: Henri Deacoin.
Cast: Anne Verdon, Danielle Darrieux, Viviane Romance, Paul Meurisse.
A horror thriller involving a black mass with a suggestion of sadism and masochism.

PONTIANAK (1956/Keris) 110mins. BW. Malaya.
Credits: Dir: B.N. Rao; Prod: Ho Ah Loke.
Cast: Maria Menado, M. Amin, Salmah Ahmed, Dollah Serawak, Aminah Yena, N. Kassim.
A young female hunchback, (Menado), is transformed into a beautiful woman by magic, but after sucking out snake venom from a bite received by her husband, she becomes a vampiric Pontianak. When the Pontianak tries to transform her daughter into one of the undead, the creature is destroyed when a nail is driven into her skull.
The first in a series of Malayan Pontianak films.
Sequel: Dendam Pontianak (1957).

PONTIANAK GUA MUSANG (1964/Keris) Malaya.
Sequel to: Pontianak Kembali.
Credits: Dir: B.N. Rao.
Cast: Suraya Haron, Ghazali Sumantri, Malek Siamat, Ummi Kalthoum.
A vampire lives in a cave.
The third entry to the series of Malayan Pontianak films.

PONTIANAK KEMBALI (1963/Cathay/Keris) Malaya.
Credits: Dir: Ramon Estellia.
Cast: Maria Menado, Malik Selamat.
The second entry to the series of Malayan Pontianak vampire films.
Sequel: Pontianak Gua Musang.

POONAM KI RAAT (1965) India.
Credits: Dir: Kishore Sahu.
Features a singing ghost, the ghost of a miser's victim, a haunted house and an evil black cat.

PORCILE (1969/Film dell'Orso/Idi/INDIEF./CAPAC.) 100mins. Italy/France.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Pier Paolo Pasolini; Prod: Gian Vittorio Baldi; A.Prod: Gianni Barcelloni; Ph: Tonino Delli Colli, Armando Nannuzzi & Giuseppe Ruzzolini; Ed: Nino Baragli; Art: Danilo Donati; Mus: Benedetto Ghiglia.
Cast: Pierre Clémenti, Jean-Pierre Leaud, Alberto Lionello, Ugo Tognazzi, Anne Wiazemsky, Margarita Lozano, Marco Ferreri, Franco Citti, Ninetto Davoli.
Two episodes.
"Orgia". During the Seventeenth century, a young man who begins a cannibal cult on a volcano is captured and fed to dogs.
"Porcile". A man who regularly has sex with pigs is eventually eaten alive by them.
A satirical horror film poking fun at industrialists.

PORT SINISTER (1952/American Pics/RKO.) 65mins. BW.
Credits: Dir: Harold Daniels; Prod. & Sc: Jack Pollexfen & Aubrey Wisberg; A.Prod: Albert Zugsmith; Ph: William Bradford; Ed: Fred R. Feitshans Jnr,; Des: Theobold Holsopple; Sfx: Jack Rabin & Rocky Cline; Mus: Albert Glasser.
Cast: James Warren, Lynne Roberts, William Schallert, House Peters Jr., Paul Cavanaugh, Anne Kimball, Ken Terrell.
An earthquake causes a sunken pirate ship "The Port Royal" to surface near the coast of a Carribean island. Many people try to get to the ship and claim its treasure, but they are thwarted in their efforts by giant man-eating crabs.
An inexpensive juvenille adventure yarn with some entertaining moments.

PORTRAIT OF TERROR (1965) see Operacija Ticijan

THE POWER (1968/Galaxy Prod./MGM.) 109mins. US.
Credits: Dir: Byron Haskin; Prod: George Pal; Sc: John Gay; Ph: Ellsworth Fredericks; Ed: Thomas J. McCarthy; Art: George W. Davis & Merrill Pye; Sfx: J. McMillan Johnson, Gene Warren & Wah Chang; Mu: William Tuttle; Mus: Miklos Rozsa. From the novel by Frank M. Robinson.
Cast: George Hamilton, Suzanne Pleshette, Richard Carlson, Michael Rennie, Nehemiah Persoff, Yvonne De Carlo, Earl Holliman, Arthur O'Connell, Aldo Ray, Barbara Nichols, Celia Lovsky, Gary Merrill, Ken Murray, Miko Taka, Vaughn Taylor, Lawrence Montaigne, Miss. Beverly Hills.
Professor Jim Tanner, (Hamilton), who specialises in pain tolerance discovers that someone amongst his colleagues has a superior intellect and is able to kill people by stopping their heart with his mind. One victim leaves the name Adam Hart written near where he grotesquely died in a centrifuge tester, so Tanner, and his assistant, (Pleshette), try to discover the killer's identity. While other members of the science team are murdered, Tanner realises that his own life is in danger. A government agent named Nordland, (Rennie), assigned to the case is eventually revealed to be the culprit, but Tanner who also has "the power" kills him.
An unbelievable plot with too many flaws and a script that takes much too long to get to the point, leaving too many loose ends when it does.

POWERS OF EVIL (1967) see Histoiries Extraordinaires




































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(1968/Feix-Broz) 102mins. Czechloslovakia.
Sc: Jiri Brdecka.
Cast: Josef Abraham, Jana Brezkova, Jan Klusak.
"The Bread Shoes". Credits: Dir: Evald Schorm; Ph: Frantisek Uldrych.
A woman's rejected lovers who have committed suicide help the Devil to get her soul.
"The Poisoned Poisoner". Credits: Dir: Milos Makovec; Ph: Jan Kalis.
"The Last Golem" . Credits: Dir: Jiri Brdecka.
When Rabbi Loew refuses to create a Golem, Rabbi Chaim makes a new head to fit on the old clay statue and brings it to life with the aid of some demons. However, a beautiful girl golem eventually tricks Rabbi Chaim.

PREHISTORIC PLANET (1966) see Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet

THE PREHISTORIC SOUND (1964) see Sonido Prehistorico

PREHISTORIC VALLEY (1961) see Valley of the Dragons

PREHISTORIC WOMEN (1950/Alliance Prod./Eagle/Lion) 74mins.
Credits: Dir: Greg Tallas; Prod: Albert J. Cohen; A.Prod: Sam X. Abarbanel; Sc: Greg Tallas & Sam X. Abarbanel; Ph: Lionel Lindon; Ed: James Graham; Art: Jerry Pycha; Mus: Raoul Kraushaar.
Cast: Laurette Luez, Allan Nixon, Mara Lynn, Tony Devlin, Joan Shawlee, Judy Landon, Jo Carroll Dinnesion, Johann Peturrson.
In the year 20,000 BC., stoneage women fight a winged dragon, capture men, discover fire, and get carried away by a hairy giant, all without smearing their lipstick.
A ludicrous documentary styled cheapie, fun only for fans of such nonsense.

PREHISTORIC WOMEN (1967) see Slave Girls

PREHISTORIC WORLD (1958) see Teenage Caveman

THE PREMATURE BURIAL (1962/AIP./Santa Clara/Anglo Amalgamated) 81mins.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Roger Corman; Ex.Prod: Gene Corman; Sc: Charles Beaumont & Ray Russell; Ph: Floyd Crosby; Ed: Ronald Sinclair; Art: Daniel Haller; Mus: Ronald Stein. From a story by Edgar Allan Poe.
Cast: Ray Milland, Hazel Court, Richard Ney, Heather Angel, Alan Napier, John Dierkes, Dick Miller, Brendan Dillon.
Guy Carrell, (Milland), believes that his father was buried alive while in a cataleptic trance. He also fears that the disease is hereditary and proceeds to employ many precautions to prevent himself from being prematurely interred. Carrell's wife keeps her husband's obsession alive in his mind by walling up the cat and placing his father's skeleton in such a way as to reinforce his cataleptic malady. A shock puts Carrell into a cataleptic trance and he is buried only to return and take revenge on his tormentors.
Lashings of gloomy gothic atmosphere pervades this work, but one still feels that more could have been done with the tale.

Credits: Dir: Noel Black.
Cast: Tuesday Weld, Beverly Garland, Anthony Perkins.
Lovely young Sue Ann Stepanek, (Weld), is actually a psychotic killer who takes a prank too far by bludgeoning a night watchman to death and shooting her mother. The nervous young Dennis Pitt, (Perkins), takes the blame.

PRINCE OF SPACE (1959) see Yusei Oji

PRISONNIER DE L'ARAIGNEE (1971) see Nella Stretta Morsa del Rango

PRIVAT KLINIK PROFESSOR LUND (1959/Divina/F.D. Andam) 96mins. Germany.
Credits: Dir: Falk Harnack; Prod: F.D. Andam; Sc: Werner P. Zibaso; Ph: Hemuth Ashley; Ed: Walter Boos; Art: Hans Berthel & Robert Strahl; Mus: Siegfried Franz.
Cast: Wolfgang Preiss, Ewald Balser, Barbara Ruetting, Cornell Borchers, Wolfgang Kieling, Erika Beer, Karin Baal, Walter Jacob, Emmerich Schrenk, Lena Cartens.
A mad doctor murders prostitutes and performs heart transplants.

EL PROCESCO DE LAS BRUJAS (1970/AIP.) 84mins. Spain/Germany/Italy.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Jesse Franco (Jesus Franco); Prod: Harry Alan Towers & Anthony Scott Veitch.
Cast: Christopher Lee, Howard Vernon, Maria Schell, Leo Genn, Margaret Lee, Maria Rohm.
The Lord Chief Justice in seventeenth century England condemns numerous women as witches so that he can further his political and sexual needs.
A brutal and sadistic film with no redeeming value even after heavy censorship cuts.

PROFANDORES DE TUMBAS (1966/Vergara) Mexico.
Credits: Dir: Jose Diaz Morales; Prod: Luis Enrique Vergara; Sc: Rafael Garcia Traves; Ph: Eduardo Valdez.
Cast: Santo, Gina Romand, Mariuo Orea, Jorge Peral, Jessica Munguia, Jesus Camacho, Fernando Oses, Lobo Negro.
Mexican wrestling hero Santo encounters some grave robbers.

PROFESOR ZAZUL (1962/Semafor) 23mins. Poland.
Credits: Dir., Sc., & Ph: Marek Nowicki & Jerzy Stawicki; Art: Jaroslaw Switoniak; Mus: Edward Pallasz. Based on a novel by Stanislaw Lem.
Cast: Stanislaw Milski, Piotr Kurowski.
A man encounters the spirit of Zazul, whose body is contained in a large jar of liquid.
Sequel: Przyjaciel.

THE PROFILE OF TERROR (1963) see The Sadist

PROJECT X (1967/Paramount/Castle) 97mins.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: William Castle; A.Prod: Dona Holloway; Sc: Edmund Morris; Ph: Harold Stine; Ed: Edwin H. Bryant; Art: Hal Pereira & Walter Tyler; Des: Carl Urbano & Alex Toth; Sfx: Paul K. Lerpae; Animation: William Hanna & Joseph Barbera; Animation Des: Carl Urbano & Alex Toth; Art: Hal Pereira & Walter Tyler; Mu: Wally Westmore; Mus: Van Cleave. From "The Artificial Man" & "Psychogeist" by Leslie P. Davies.
Cast: Christopher George, Greta Baldwin, Henry Jones, Monte Markham, Harold Gould, Keye Luke, Robert Cleaves, Philip E. Pine, Lee Delano, Ivan Bonar, Charles Irving.
A secret agent, (George), in the year 2118 is scientifically induced into thinking that he is living in the 1960's under a different personality, so that he can realise more about the secret weapon that Sino-Asia has developed. While under interrogation, the agent's personality splits and his tortured mind tries to cope.
A tedious fantasy film that plays as a poor James Bond clone despite some interesting and imaginative ideas.

THE PROJECTED MAN (1966/Protelco/MLC. Prod.) 90mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Ian Curteis; Prod: John Croydon & Maurice Foster; Ex.Prod: Richard Gordon; A.Prod: Pat Green; Sc: John C. Cooper & Peter Bryan; Ph: Stanley Pavey; Ed: Derek Holding; Art: Peter Mullins; Sfx: Flo Nordhoff, Robert Hedges & Mike Hope; Mu: Eric Carter; Mus: Kenneth V. Jones. From a story by Frank Quattrocchi.
Cast: Mary Peach, Bryant Haliday, Ronald Allen, Norman Wooland, Derrick de Marney, Tracey Crisp, Gerard Heinz, Sam Kydd, Derek Farr, Terry Scully, Norma West, Frank Gatliff, John Watson, Alfred Joint.
Professor Paul Steiner, (Haliday), the inventor of a laser powered matter transmitter, is horrified to find his equipment sabotaged at a demonstration before the Foundation committee which causes him to become a disfigured maniac with a deadly electronic touch when he attempts to transmit himself. Believing that the head of the Foundation, Dr. Blanchard, (Wooland), to be responsible for the sabotage, Steiner, now completely insane, seeks him out for revenge. Meanwhile the police investigate the slew of electrocuted murder victims and eventually try to help Steiner back to his laboratory, but filled with remorse the disfigured professor destroys himself and his apparatus.
A cheap, but enjoyable variation of The Fly with some effective make up and an uninteresting romantic subplot.

PROMISE OF RED LIPS (1970) see Le Rouge Aux Levres

PRZYJACIEL (1963) 20mins. Poland.
Sequel to: Profesor Zazul.
Credits: Dir., Sc. & Ph: Marek Nowicki & Jerzy Stawicki. Based on a story by Stanislaw Lem.
Cast: Piotr Kurowski, Josef Pieracki.
Life on earth has been destroyed, but life continues on another planet aided by robots.



































On VHS in the US

(1960/Paramount/Shamley/Hitchcock) 109mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Alfred Hitchcock; Sc: Joseph Stefano; Ph: John L. Russell; Ed: George Tomasini; Art: Joseph Hurley, Robert Clatworthy & George Milo; Visual Consultant & Titles: Saul Bass; Sfx: Clarence Champagne; Mu: Jack Barron & Robert Dawn; Mus: Bernard Herrmann. From the novel by Robert Bloch.
Cast: Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, Vera Miles, Martin Balsam, John Gavin, John McIntyre, Simon Oakland, Frank Albertson, Patricia Hitchcock, Vaughn Taylor, Laurene Tuttle, John Anderson, Mort Mills.
"The screen's Master of Suspense moves his camera into the icy blackness of the unexplained!"
"Don't give away the ending - it's the only one we have!"

A young woman, (Leigh), steals a large sum of money from her employer and flees to a small motel where she is brutally stabbed while taking a shower by what seems to be a knife wielding old lady. Several people who turn up to investigate the woman's disappearance are met with courtesy by the motel owner's son Norman Bates, (Perkins), who seems to be covering up his maniacal mother's murderous activities. Norman is actually a schizophrenic with an obsessive fixation regarding his dead mother whose corpse he keeps in his eerie house.
A legendary film that utilises every cinematic trick in the book and a superb music score to heighten the impact of the images. The script's humour, outlined so well in the promotional trailer in which Hitchcock takes an audience on a tour of Norman's house, suggests that this isn't meant to be taken seriously or become the subject of too much analysis. The style of the film came to epitomize the Hitchcock approach and at the same time changed the way that the world took showers.
Although Hitchcock was hailed as "daring" for killing off the heroine the audience have been identifying with, the idea was first developed by Bloch in the original novel.
Saul Bass is rumoured to have directed the famous shower scene that is still used as an example of editing craftsmanship in film schools around the world. Chocolate sauce was used for blood as it was deemed to have the right consistency. As Perkins was away preparing for a play in New York during the shooting of the shower scene, Hitchcock himself held the knife for the close up shots.
Alfred Hitchcock, Janet Leigh and John L. Russell were all nominated for Academy Awards.
John Gavin later became the US. ambassador to Mexico.

PSYCHO A GO-GO (1965) see Blood of Ghastly Horror

PSYCHO CIRCUS (1967) see Circus of Fear

PSYCHO-KILLER (1970/Isley Bros./Medford) 80mins.
Credits: Dir., Prod. & Sc: Robert Vincent O'Neil; Ex.Prod: Lou Horowitz; Ph: Bob Maxwell & Stan Rabjohn; Ed: Steve Faber & Stan Rabjohn; Art: Ray Markham; Mus: Gary Lee Mell.
Cast: Lawrence Montaigne, Rod Cameron, Joanne Meredith, Whit Bissell, Elizabeth Plumb, Aldo Ray, Frank Cuva, Neville Brand, John Vincent.
Despite being arrested on several occasions, a psychopathic killer is always released due to a lack of evidence and promptly murders someone after leaving the police station. A psychiatrist realises he can use the killer to murder his wife after watching the film THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, but she learns of the plot and invites his mistress to the house at the same time the psychopath is due to visit.

THE PSYCHO KILLERS (1960) see The Flesh and the Fiends

THE PSYCHO LOVER (1970) see Psycho-Killer

PSYCHOMANIA (1963/Victoria Films) 90mins. BW.
Credits: Dir: Richard Hilliard; Prod: Del Tenney & Margot Hartman; Sc: Robin Miller & Margot Hartman; Ph: Louis McMahon; Mus: W.L. Holcombe.
Cast: Lee Philips, Sheppard Strudwick, Jean Hale, Lorraine Rogers, James Farentino, Kaye Elhardt, Margot Hartman, Dick Van Patten, Sylvia Miles.
An insane artist carves up and mutilates the pretty models he hires from a nearby college campus.
Little more than a series of stomach churning shots lingering on excessive gore scenes.

PSYCHOPATH (1966/Amicus/Paramount) 83mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Freddie Francis; Prod: Milton Subotsky & Max J. Rosenberg; Sc: Robert Bloch; Ph: John Wilcox; Ed: Oswald Hafenrichter; Art: Bill Constable; Sfx: Ted Samuels; Mu: Jill Carpenter; Mus: Philip Martell & Elisabeth Lutyens.
Cast: Patrick Wymark, Judy Huxtable, Thorley Walters, Robert Crewsdon, Alexander Knox, John Standing, Don Borisenko, Margaret Johnston, Olive Gregg, Colin Gordon, Frank Forsyth, Tim Barrett.
A police inspector, (Wymark), investigates the widow, (Johnston), of a Nazi war criminal executed for his crimes and despite being confined to a wheelchair she seems to be connected to the murders of a small group who play chamber music together on a weekly basis. Beside the bodies is a doll dressed in the likeness of the victims, who are members of the Allied War Commission responsible for her husband's execution.
A complicated and satisfying psychological thriller filled with red herrings and gore.







(1963) 37mins. France.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Alexandre Astruc; Ph: Nicolas Hayer; Ed: Monique Chalmandrier & Sophie Bhaud; Mus: Antoine Duhamel.
From "The Pit and the Pendulum" by Edgar Allan Poe.
Cast: Maurice Ronet.
A man suffers the torture of a slowly descending, knife edged pendulum.

PUSANG ITIM (1959/People's Pictures) Philippines.
Credits: Dir: Cirio Santiago.
Cast: Johnny Moteiro, Cynthia Zamora, Laura Delgado, Carol Varga.
In the Nineteenth century a were-cat is cursed to live nine lives unless he can perform an act of sacrifice.



(1964/SWP./Esamer/AIP.) 99mins. US/Spain.
Credits: Dir: Julio Coli; Prod: Sidney W. Pink & Richard C. Meyer; Sc: Louis de Los Arcos & Sidney Pink; Ph: Manuel Berenguer; Ed: Margaret Ochoa; Art: Antonio Simont; Sfx: Tony Molina, Mu: Carmen Martin; Mus: José Sola.
Cast: Barry Sullivan, Martha Hyer, Hugo Pimental, Sherry Moreland, Soledad Miranda, Luis Prendes, Fernando Hilbeck, Maricsenka.
A American engineer in Spain loses his mind after his wife and daughter die in a fire started by his jealous mistress. Disfigured and bent on revenge, he disguises himself with a life-like mask and stalks the woman and her child.
An uninspired killer on the loose tale filmed in Spain.



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