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(1965) India.
Cast: Sapru, Johar, Harindranath Chattopadhyaya, Rajesh Khanna, Babita, Khanna, Rahul.
Features ghosts and haunted temples.

RADAR MEN FROM THE MOON (1952/Republic) BW. Serial. 12 Chapters.
Credits: Dir: Fred C. Brannon; A.Prod: Franklin Adreon; Sc: Ronald Davidson; Ph: John MacBurnie; Ed: Cliff Bell; Sfx: Howard Lydecker & Theodore Lydecker; Mus: Stanley Wilson.
Cast: George Wallace, Aline Towne, William Blakewell, Roy Barcroft, Clayton Moore, Peter Brocco, Bob Stevenson, Don Walters, Tom Steele, Dale Van Sickel, Joel Cravat.
Commander Cody, Sky Marshall of the Universe, equipped with a powerful jetpack confronts and overcomes an invasion of Moonmen led by Retik and his underground civilisation who want to conquer the earth.
A low budget, but nonetheless entertaining comic strip science fiction serial that was later condensed to 100 minutes and released as Retik the Moon Menace in 1966.
The scenes showing Cody's jetpack and helmet were borrowed from King of the Rocket Men (1949). Fans of Commander Cody can enjoy further exploits in Zombies of the Stratosphere (1952).




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(1957) see Rodan


DER RAECHER (1960/UCC-TV) 80mins. BW. TVM. Germany.
Credits: Dir: Karl Anton; Prod. & Sc: Kurt Ulrich. From "The Hairy Arm" by Edgar Wallace.
Cast: Ludwig Linklin, Heinz Drache, Ingrid Van Bergen, Maria Litto, Klaus Kinski, Rainer Brandt, Ina Duscha, Benno Sterzenbach.
An ugly hunchbacked ape-man decapitates his victims at a movie studio and posts their heads to Scotland Yard. An inspector, (Drache), goes undercover to find the killer and protect a young starlet from the maniac's attentions.
One in a series of German, Wallace adaptations filmed in the sixties. This is fairly atmospheric and features a young Kinski as an overworked scriptwriter.

Credits: Dir: Mario Bava.
Cast: Leticia Roman, John Saxon, Valentina Cortese, Dante di Paolo.
Nora Dawson, (Roman), on holiday in Rome hears of the awful Alphabet murders and believes that she is the next victim as A, B and C have already been killed.
An enjoyable thriller notable for the beginnings of the "giallo" styled murder mysteries unique to Italy that inspired Dario Argento and other directors.
American International Pictures imposed a Les Baxter score on the American version.

Credits: Dir: Alessandro Blasetti; Sc: L. Benvenuti, Romano de Bernardi & Alessandro Blasetti; Ph: Armando Nannuzzi; Mus: Riz Ortolani.
Cast: Graziella Granata, Antonio Casagrande, Vittorio Caprioli, Tony Renis, Leopoldo Trieste.
When a woman's lover dies he returns as a ghost, but she sins enough before she dies to join him in Hell.

I RAGGI MORTALI DEL DR. MABUSE (1964) see Die Totesstrahlen der Dr. Mabuse

RAMADAL (1958/Premiere) Philippines.
Credits: Dir: Efren Reyes; Sfx: Alejandro Marcelino.
Cast: Efren Reyes, Cynthia Zamora, Melita de Leon, Ramon D'Salva, Oscar Roncal.
Features an invisible man.

RAMIR (1958/Everlasting) Philippines.
Credits: Dir: Ramon Estella.
Cast: Cesar Ramirez, Merle Tuazon, Norma Reyes.
A witch tells a man that his newborn son will one day be responsible for his death. To forestall the prophecy, the man leaves the baby in the forest, but the boy grows up to marry a Viking woman and earn a magic sword. Unknowingly the boy kills his father in a duel.

RAPTUS (1962) see Orrible Segreto del Dottor Hichcock

RASPOUTINE (1953/Radius) 105mins. France.
Credits: Dir: Georges Combret; Sc: Claude Boissol & Georges Combret; Ph: Pierre Petit; Ed: Germaine Fouquet.
Cast: Pierre Brasseur, Isa Miranda, Micheline Francey, Milly Vitale, Renee Faure.
A faith healing Russian monk named Rasputin, (Brasseur), possesses hypnotic powers and manages to gain favour with the Russian court.

RASPUTIN, THE MAD MONK (1966/Hammer/7 Arts) 91mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Don Sharp; Prod: Anthony Nelson Keys; Sc: John Elder (Anthony Hinds); Ph: Michael Reed; Ed: James Needs & Roy Hyde; Art: Don Mingaye; Des: Bernard Robinson; Mu: Roy Ashton; Mus: Don Banks.
Cast: Christopher Lee, Barbara Shelley, Richard Pasco, Francis Mathews, Suzan Farmer, Dinsdale Landon, Renée Asherson, Nicholas Penell, Alan Tilvern, Joss Ackland, John Welsh, Derek Francis.
The story of the vicious and lascivious monk that infiltrated Tsar Nicholas II's Russian court and gained favour with the Tsarina, (Asherson), by using hypnotism, then influencing the court and making decisions that affected the nation. When attempts are made on Rasputin's life, he proves to be exceedingly difficult to kill.
Utilising the set leftover from Dracula, Prince of Darkness, Hammer takes numerous liberties with historical fact, but Lee's tour de force performance makes this one to watch. Rasputin chops off a man's hand in a fight, and throws acid in another's face.
The real Rasputin was finally killed after many attempts by the faithful captains of the court, only after being stabbed and poisoned several times did the monk actually succumb to death.
Male theatre patrons were presented with "Rasputin beards" to wear.

RAVAGED (1969) see La Rose Escorchee

THE RAVEN (1963/Alta Vista/AIP.) 86mins. US.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Roger Corman; Ex.Prod: Samuel Z. Arkoff & James H. Nicholson; Sc: Richard Matheson; Ph: Floyd Crosby; Ed: Ronald Sinclair; Art: Daniel Haller; Sfx: Pat Dinga; Raven trainer: Moi Di Sesso; Mus: Les Baxter. Suggested by the poem "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe.
Cast: Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, Hazel Court, Jack Nicholson, Olive Sturgess, Connie Wallace, William Baskin, Aaron Saxon, Jim Jnr. as the raven.
A trio of fifteenth century wizards pit their considerable powers against each other. The evil Dr. Scarabus, (Karloff), has taken Dr. Craven's, (Price), beloved Lenore, (Court), and plans to steal Craven's magic, making himself an even more powerful Grand Master of the United Brotherhood of Sorcerers. Scarabus turns Dr. Bedlo, (Lorre), into a raven, but Dr. Craven, (Price), almost returns him back to normal. Bedlo's arms remain as wings because Craven ran out of dead man's hair.
A cheap horror spoof aided by it's wicked sense of humour, but it has nothing to do with Poe's original poem. The highlight is Karloff and Price's magnificent magician's duel.
Peter Lorre is rumoured to have adlibbed most of his lines.

Credits: Dir: Pascual Cervera; Sc: Pascual Cervera & José E. Aranguren; Ph: Manuel Rojas; Art: Sigfrido Burman; Mus: Carmelo A. Bernaola.
Cast: Peter Solis, María Jesus Balenciaga, Joaquin Nieto, Sergio Mendizabel.
A stolen disintergrating ray is retrieved by a young boy named Quique and Arther the robot.
The title translates as "The Disintergrating Ray, or the Adventures of Quique and Arthur the robot".

see Die Totesstrahlen der Dr. Mabuse














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(1967) see Superargo e i Giganti Senza Volto

THE RED HANGMAN (1965) see Il Castello di Artena

THE RED INN (1951) see L’Auberge Rouge

RED LIPS (1967) see Sadisterotica

THE RED LIPS (1970) see Le Rouge Aux Levres

RED ROSES OF PASSION (1969/Amalfi) 85mins.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Joe Sarno; Ph.Fx: Anthony Lover.
Cast: Laurene Clair, Helena Clayton.
A woman under the spell of a mystic keeps the god Pan hidden in her studio.

THE REEL EATER (1958/University of Southern California) 5mins. 16mm. US.
Cast: Dave Johnson.
In an old dark house a legendary monster, (Johnson), eats reels of film.

EL REGRESSO DEL MONSTRUO (1960/Azteca) BW. Mexico.
Cast: Luis Aguilar, Pascual Garcia Pena, Teresita Velasquez.
The monstrously deformed son of a witch is restored to life and his mother receives a new body to inhabit.
The title translates as "The Return of the Monster".

THE REINCARNATION (1968) see The Curse of the Crimson Alter

LA REINE DES VAMPIRES (1968) see Le Viol du Vampire

REKOPIS ZNALEZIONY W SARAGOSSIE (1965/Kamera) 185mins. Poland.
Credits: Dir: Wojciech Jerzy Has; Prod: Riszard Straszeuski; Sc: Tadeusz Kwiatkowski; Ph: Mieczyslaw Jahoda; Ed: Krystyna Komosinska; Art: Jerzy Skarzynski & Tadeusz Myszorek; Mus: Krzysztof Penderecki. From the stories by Jan Potocki.
Cast: Zbigniew Cybulski, Kazimierz Opalinski, Iga Cembrzynska, Joanna Jedryka, Slawomir Linder, Miroslawa Lombardo, Aleksander Fogiel.
In Eighteenth century Spain a young captain on route to Madrid visits a haunted inn where he is invited to spend the night with two princesses. When he wakes the next day he finds himself in a field of corpses.
A surreal fantasy with many themes artisticlay explored.

THE REPTILE (1966/Hammer) 91mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: John Gilling; Prod: Anthony Nelson Keys; Sc: John Elder (Anthony Hinds); Ph: Arthur Grant; Ed: James Needs & Roy Hyde; Art: Don Mingaye; Des: Bernard Robinson; Sfx: Bowie Films; Mu: Roy Ashton; Mus: Don Banks.
Cast: Noel William, Jennifer Daniels, Ray Barrett, Jacqueline Pearce, Michael Ripper, John Laurie, Marne Maitland, David Baron, Charles Lloyd Pack, Harold Goldblatt, George Woodbridge.
"Bared teeth dripping deadly venom, forked tongue flashing awful intent; blood red eyes holding grim, hypnotic sway; repellent scales; lizard like paws...This is the reptile, poised to strike!"
Captain Harry Spalding, (Barrett), and his wife, (Daniel), arrive in a remote Cornish village after receiving word that his brother has mysteriously died due to the bite from a type of reptile which is claiming other victims in the village. A young woman named Ann, (Pearce), brought back from India by her father, (Williams), has the ability to change into a venomous snake woman after emerging from her hibernation near some sulpher pits in her father's cellar.
Although this could be any Hammer monster film shot in accordance to the studio's formula, the good photography, some interesting characters and an eerie atmosphere make this more entertaining than the usual Hammer release.
The same film sets were previously used for Plague of the Zombies.

REPTILICUS (1961/Saga/Cinemagic) 90mins. Denmark.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Sidney Pink; Sc: Sidney Pink & Ib Melchior; Ph: Aage Wiltrup; Ed: Svend Mehling; Des: Otto Lund; Sfx: Kay Koed; Mus: Svend Gyldmark.
Cast: Carl Ottosen, Ann Smyrner, Mimi Heinrich, Dirk Passer, Asbj"rn Anderssen, Marla Behrens, Brent Mejding, Poul Wildaker.
At a drilling platform in Lapland Danish engineer Svend Alstrup discovers flesh attatched to the end of the drill bit that Professor Martens, (Anderssen), believes to be the tail of a prehistoric creature. The tail is recovered and sent to a laboratory in Copenhagen, but during an electrical storm it regenerates into a giant dinosaur that escapes to terrorise the city by flying above it and marauding through the streets. Eventually a poisoned rocket destroys the beast, but part of it's leg lands in the sea and also begins to regenerate.
A typical dinosaur on the loose film filled with all the usual cliches, but this suffers from terrible effects and an unconvincing stop motion monster.
American prints removed all the flying dinosaur sequences because they were so badly executed.

REPULSION (1965/Compton/Tekli) 104mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: Roman Polanski; Prod: Gene Gutowski; Ex.Prod: Michael Klinger & Tony Tenser; Sc: Gerard Brach & Roman Polanski; Ph: Gilbert Taylor; Ed: Alistair McIntyre; Art: Seamus Flannery; Mus: Chico Hamilton & Gabor Szabo.
Cast: Catherine Deneuve, Yvonne Furneaux, John Fraser, Ian Hendry, Patrick Wymark, Valerie Taylor, Helen Fraser, Renee Houston, James Villiers, Hugh Futcher, Monica Merlin, Mike Pratt, Imogen Graham, Wally Bosco, Roman Polanski.
A sexually repressed Belgian manacurist, (Deneuve), living in London is left alone in her flat while her sister and her boyfriend go on holiday. Slowly her problems cause her to descend into madness and hallucinate, so much so that when her male friend, (Fraser), and her landlord pay a visit she kills them with a cut-throat razor.
A superbly tense and compelling film that takes the viewer onto the same road of insanity as the girl. The beautiful photography and imaginative use of sound highlight this disturbing psychological thriller.
Although there is very little dialogue this is the first project the Polish director filmed in English.

LA RESIDENCIA (1969/AIP.) 94mins. Spain.
Credits: Dir: Narcisco Ibanez Serrador; Prod: Arturo Gonzales; Sc: Luis Verna Panafiel.
Cast: Lilli Palmer, John Moulder Brown, Cristina Galbo, Mary Maude, Candida Losada.
Sexually repressed by his mother, (Palmer), a boy, (Brown), kills promiscuous pupils at a girls school, and uses their body parts to reconstruct his mother.
Although not shown there are heavy erotic and lesbian undertones in this grisly film.

THE REST IS SILENCE (1960) Germany.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Helmut Kautner.
Cast: Hardy Kruger.
A father's ghost informs his son via the telephone who was responsible for his murder, instructing the young man to carry out his revenge.
A re-working of Shakespeare's "Hamlet".
































(1951) see Radar Men From the Moon

RETURN FROM THE BEYOND (1961) 79mins. Mexico.
Credits: Dir: Miguel M. Delgado.
Cast: Elsa Cardenas, Jaime Fernandez.
An insane physician dwells in his self made house of horror.
A cheap offering from South of the Border.

RETURN FROM THE PAST (1967) see Dr. Terror's Gallery of Horrors

THE RETURN OF COUNT YORGA (1971/Peppertree/AIP.) 97mins. US. Sequel to: COUNT YORGA-VAMPIRE.
Credits: Dir: Bob Kelljan (Kelljchian); Prod: Michael MacReady; Sc: Bob Kelljan & Yvonne Wilder; Ph: Bill Butler; Ed: Fabian Tordjmann & Laurette Odney; Art: Vince Cresceman; Sfx: Roger George; Animal Trainer: Vee Kasegen; Mu: Mark Busson; Mus: Bill Marx.
Cast: Robert Quarry, Mariette Hartley, Roger Perry, Yvonne Wilder, Tom Toner, Rudy De Luca, Philip Frame, George MacReady, Walter Brooke, Edward Walsh, Craig Nelson, David Lampson, Karen Houston, Helen Baron, Jesse Wells, Mike Pataki, Corrine Conley, Allen Joseph, Peg Shirley, Liz Rogers, Paul Hansen.
After buying Gateway Mansion, Count Yorga, (Quarry), and his horde of vampires survive by feeding on the local community, paying particular attention to the Westland Orphanage where the Count tries to seduce a beautiful woman, (Hartly), who works there.
A superior and better made sequel that set Quarry well on the way as the vampire actor of the Seventies, but his career declined rapidly and he faded into television obscurity.

THE RETURN OF DOCTOR MABUSE (1961) see Im Stahlnetz des Mabuse

THE RETURN OF DRACULA (1958/Gramercy/UA.) 77mins. BW. (with a colour sequence). US.
Credits: Dir: Paul Landres; Prod: Jules V. Levy & Arthur Gardner; Sc: Pat Fielder; Ph: Jack MacKenzie; Ed: Sherman A. Rose; Art: James D. Vance; Mu: Stanley Smith; Mus: Gerald Fried. From a story by Pat Fielder.
Cast: Francis Lederer, Norma Eberhardt, Ray Stricklyn, John Wengraf, Virginia Vincent, Gage Clark, Jimmie Baird, Greta Granstedt, Enid Yousen, Hope Summers, Dan Gachman, Robert Lynn, John MacNamara, Harry Harvey Snr., Mel Allen, Norbert Schiller, Ivan Young.
After being disturbed from his resting place in Transylvania, Dracula, (Lederer), murders a painter emigrating to America and assumes his identity in a small Californian town. As Bellac, he vampirises some of the townsfolk and then attempts to make "his" niece, (Eberhardt), the next victim, but her boyfriend becomes suspicious of Bellac's nocturnal activities. Deep in an old mine shaft Dracula stumbles into a pit where he is impaled on a wooden spike.
A well made, low budget vampire yarn with some scary moments in one of the best transfers of the vampire myth to a contemporary setting.
Originally the vampire's death was tinted red.

THE RETURN OF GODZILLA (1955) see Gojira No Gyakushyu

THE RETURN OF GIANT MAJIN (1966) see Daimajin Ikaru

RETURN OF THE FLY (1959/Associated Prod./TCF.) 80mins. BW. US.
Sequel to: The Fly.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Edward L. Bernds; Prod: Bernard Glasser; Ph: Brydon Baker; Ed: Richard C. Meyer; Art: Lyle R. Wheeler & John Mansbridge; Mu: Hal Lierly; Mus: Paul Sawtell & Bert Shefter.
Cast: Vincent Price, Brett Halsey, Patrick O'Hara, Danielle De Metz, David Frankham, John Sutton, Dan Seymour, Michael Mark, Janine Grandel, Jack Daly, Barry Bernard, Richard Flato, Joan Cotton, Florence Strom, Gregg Martell.
"Blood curdling giant fly-creature runs amok!"
"Scream at the human terror created by atoms gone wild!"

The son of the unfortunate scientist Phillippe, (Halsey), recontructs the matter transmitter, despite the warnings of his uncle, (Price), but unknown to him his assistant Alan Hinds is actually a wanted killer named Ronald Holmes who plans to sell the teleportation device to the highest bidder. To this end Alan puts a fly into the device when Phillippe decides to try it out and he emerges from the teleporter as a mutated fly creature. When a police inspector tracks Alan to the laboratory, he ends up as a half guniea pig and then Alan kills the resulting monstrosity. Eventually Phillippe's uncle manages to find the fly that now has Phillippe's head and when they run the two creatures through the system, Phillippe returns to normal.
Despite the success of THE FLY, Fox decided to only finance the sequel as a B-film. The cheapness unfortunately shows and the cast cannot hide its lack of enthusiasm.
Sequel: Curse of the Fly.

THE RETURN OF THE GIANT MONSTERS (1967) see Gamera Tai Gyaos

RETURN TO GLANNASCAUL (1951/Dublin Gate Theatre/Ellman) 23mins. Ireland/UK.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Hilton Edwards; Prod: Louis Ellman & Michael MacLiammoir; Ph: George Fleischmann.
Cast: Orson Welles, Michael Lawrence, Helena Hughes, Shelia Richards.
A man gives two women a lift to their home, but when he returns the next day he discovers that the house has long been decayed and that the women died several years ago.


EL RETURNO DEL VAMPIRO (1957) see El Ataud del Vampiro
























(1965) see Dracula, Prince of Darkness

THE REVENGE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1958/Hammer/Columbia) 89mins. UK.
Sequel to: The Curse of Frankenstein.
Credits: Dir: Terence Fisher; Prod: Anthony Hinds; Ex.Prod: Michael Carreras; A.Prod: Anthony Nelson Keys; Sc: Jimmy Sangster & H. Hurford Janes; Ph: Jack Asher; Ed: James Needs & Alfred Cox; Des: Bernard Robinson & Ted Marshall; Mu: Phil Leaky; Mus: Leonard Salzedo.
Cast: Peter Cushing, Francis Matthews, Eunice Gayson, John Welsh, Oscar Quitack, Lionel Jeffries, Avril Leslie, Arnold Diamond, Richard Wordsworth, Margery Gresley, Charles Lloyd Pack, Michael Ripper, Ian Whittaker, Anna Walmsley, John Stuart, George Woodbridge, Michael Gwynn.
"If you go alone you'll find yourself running all the way home!"
Baron Frankenstein, (Cushing), is saved from the gallows by Karl, his hunchbacked assistant on the condition that he rewards him by placing Karl's brain in the body of his new creation. Under the pseudonym Dr. Stein, Frankenstein runs a charity hospital where the patients provide him with the necessary limbs and body parts. The resultant creation is a success, but when the brain becomes damaged the monster degenerates into a cannibal and slowly the body becomes as deformed and twisted as Karl's old body. When the patients at the hospital attack the Baron, he escapes the village and changes his name to Dr. Franck.
A stylish second entry to Hammer's Frankenstein cycle, but despite being slower paced than the original, it contains imaginative moments of ghoulish humour.
Sequel: The Evil of Frankenstein.

REVENGE OF THE BLOOD BEAST (1965) see La Sorella di Satana

REVENGE OF THE COLOSSAL MAN (1958) see War of the Colossal Beast

REVENGE OF THE CREATURE (1955/Universal) 82mins. BW. 3-D. US.
Sequel to: The Creature From the Black Lagoon.
Credits: Dir: Jack Arnold; Prod: William Alland; Sc: Martin Berkeley; Ph: Charles S. Welbourne; Ed: Peter Weatherwax; Art: Alexander Golitzen & Alfred Sweeney; Mu: Bud Westmore; Mus: Herman Stein & Joseph Gershenson. From a story by William Alland.
Cast: John Agar, Nori Nelson, John Bromfield, Nestor Paiva, Ricou Browning, Robert B. Williams, Dave Willock, Charles Crane, Grandon Rhodes, Don Megowan, Clint Eastwood.
Scientist Clete Ferguson, (Agar), leads an expedition to the Amazon and captures the gill-man who is taken to Florida's Ocean Harbour Seaquarium where the creature is confined. A few days later the creature escapes and kidnaps Helen Dobson, (Nelson), but leaving her safely on a buoy when he has to go underwater. Finally the creature is riddled with bullets and it stumbles back into the sea.
Not nearly as exciting as the original, but nonetheless an engaging creature feature. Don Megowan appears as the Gill-Man on land while Ricou Browning portrays the creature underwater.
Clint Eastwood makes his screen debut in the role of a lab technician.
In 1982 this was chosen as the first film braodcast in 3-D utilising the latest video technology.
Sequel: The Creature Walks Among Us.

REVENGE OF THE DEAD (1959) see Night of the Ghouls



(1959) see Night of the Ghouls

REVENGE OF THE LIVING DEAD (1966) see La Lama del Corpo

THE REVENGE OF THE VAMPIRE (1960) see La Maschera del Demonio


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