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(1964) see Banco a Bangkok Pour O.S.S. 117

SHADOW OF THE CAT (1960/BHP./Universal) 79mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: John Gilling; Prod: Jon Penington; Sc: George Baxt; Ph: Alec Grant; Ed: John Pomeroy; Art: Bernard Robinson & Don Mingaye; Sfx: Les Bowie; Mu: Roy Ashton; Mus: Mikis Theodorakis.
Cast: Andre Morell, William Lucas, Barbara Shelley, Richard Warner, Conrad Philips, Freda Jackson, Catherine Lacey, Richard Warner, Kynaston Reeves, Alan Wheatley, Vanda Godsell, Henry Kendall.
A husband, (Morell), plots the death of his wife, but when she is killed her pet cat seems to be responsible for the vengeful killings of those who conspired against her.
An average old-dark-house retread lifted by the good cast and some interesting cat's eye view camera shots.

SHADOW OF THE PAST (1950/Anglofilm) 83mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Mario Zampi; Prod: Mario Zampi & Mae Murray; Sc: Aldo di Benedetti & Ian Stuart Black; Ph: Hone Glendening; Ed: Giulio Zampi; Art: Ivan King; Mus: Stanley Black.
Cast: Terence Morgan, Joyce Howard, Michael Medwin, Andrew Osborn, Marie Ney, Wylie Watson, Ronald Adam, Ian Fleming, Ella Retford, Louise Gainsborough.
A ghostly woman in black is eventually revealed to be the vengeful twin sister of a murdered woman.

SHADOW OF THE WEREWOLF (1970) see Noche de Walpurgis

see Die Tausend Augen des Dr. Mabuse

SHADOWS OF OUR FORGOTTEN ANCESTORS (1964) see Teni Zabytykh Predkov

SHARAZ (1968) Spain/Italy.
Credits: Dir: Joe Lacy.
After his father, the Sultan of Gianada, is murdered, Omar seeks revenge with the help of a genie named Sharaz.
A badly made film providing many unintentional chuckles.

SHARK! (1969) 92mins. US/Mexico.
Credits: Dir: Samuel Fuller.
Cast: Burt Reynolds, Barry Sullivan, Arthur Kennedy, Silvia Pinal, Enrique Lucero, Charles Berriochoa.
Divers encounter sharks while searching for a sunken treasure.
A tedious adventure that gained more noteriety than it deserved when a stunt man was killed by a shark during production.
Fuller disowned the film when it was taken away from him for re-editing.
























































(1965/Hammer/7 Arts) 105mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Robert Day; Prod: Michael Carreras; A.Prod: Aida Young; Sc: David T. Chantler; Ph: Harry Waxman; Ed: James Needs & Eric Boyd Perkins; Art: Robert Jones & Don Mingaye; Sfx: George Blackwell & Roy Ashton; Choreo: Christine Lawson; Mus: James Bernard. From the story by H. Rider Haggard.
Cast: Ursula Andress, Peter Cushing, Bernard Cribbins, John Richardson, Christopher Lee, André Morell, Rosenda Monteros, John Maxim.
Two former soldiers and their batman, (Cribbens), discover a lost city in Africa called Kuma cruelly ruled by a beautiful immortal woman named Ayeshea, (Andress). One of the intruders, Leo, (Richardson), finds that he is the reincarnation of Ayesha's lover of 2000 years ago and she persuades him to enter a magical flame that grants immortality once every 2000 years, but when Ayeshea enters the flame, it's powers take away her immortality and she reverts back to a 2000 year old mortal, crumbling before his eyes. Leo is forced to wait another 2000 years before he can die.
A flashy Hammer production that loses some of the fascination of the novel until the climactic scene in which Ayeshea becomes mortal.

THE SHE BEAST (1965) see La Sorella di Satana

SHE CREATURE (1956/Golden State) 77mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Edward L. Cahn; Prod: Alex Gordon; Ex.Prod: Samuel Z. Arkoff; Sc: Lou Rusoff; Ph: Frederick E. West; Ed: Ronald Sinclair; Art: Don Ament; Monster Des: Paul Blaisdell; Mus: Ronald Stein. From a story by Jerry Zigmund.
Cast: Chester Morris, Marla English, Tom Conway, Cathy Downs, Lance Fuller, Ron Randell, Frieda Inescort, Paul Blaisdell, El Brendel, Jack Mulhall, Frank Jenks.
Fairground hypnotist Dr. Carlo Rambaldi, (Morris), can mesmerise his pretty young assistant Andrea, (English), to bring forth from the sea a murderous prehistoric creature that is actually Andrea herself from a previous life form. Lombardi makes a name for himself by controlling the creature through Andrea and predicting the murders it commits, but his fame is threatened when Andrea falls in love with the sceptical Professor Ted Ericson, (Fuller). Lombardi mesmerises Andrea and sends the monster to kill the professor, but because the creature is telepathically linked to the assistant it disobeys Lombardi and kills him before disappearing into the sea.
A low-budget '50's monster movie with good pacing and an enjoyable stroyline. The film was later remade as Creature of Destruction.
Originally double billed with It Conquered the World.
The same monster appeared with a different head in Voodoo Woman.

SHE DEMONS (1958/Screencraft/Astor) 80mins. BW.
Credits: Dir: Richard E. Cunha; Prod: Arthur A. Jacobs; Sc: Richard E. Cunha & H.E. Barrie; Ph: Meredith Nicholson; Ed: William Shea; Des: Harold Banks; Sfx: David Koehler; Mu: Carlie Taylor; Mus: Nicolas Carras.
Cast: Tod Griffin, Victor Sen Young, Irish McCalla, Gene Roth, Charlie Opuni, Rudolph Anders, Leni Tana, Billy Dix, Bill Coontz.
Shipwrecked on a small volcanic island, four adventurers encounter Nazi war criminal Dr. Karl Osler, (Anders), trying to restore his scarred wife Mana's, (Tana), former beauty by kidnapping young girls from a nearby island and transferring their genetic secretions to his spouse. Unfortunately the doctor's experiments usually turn the abducted women as hideous mutants. Among the castaways is the pretty Jerri Turner, (McCalla), who Osler abducts, but American bombers decide to use the island as target practice killing the the doctor and his wife while the castaways make their escape.
A tedious and badly made mad scientist story, too inept to even be unintentionally amusing.

SHE DEVIL (1957/Regal) 77mins. BW.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Kurt Neumann; Sc: Kurt Neumann & Carroll Young; Ph: Karl Struss; Ed: Carl Pierson; Art: Theobold Holsopple; Mus: Paul Sawtell & Bert Shefter. Based loosely on the short story "The Adaptive Ultimate" by John Jessel (Stanley G. Weinbaum).
Cast: Mari Blanchard, Jack Kelly, Albert Dekker, Blossom Rock, X. Brands, John Archer, Paul Cavanagh, Fay Baker.
Beautiful Kyra Zelas, (Blanchard), is cured of her tuberculosis with a fruit fly serum developed by Dr. Scott, (Kelly), but it causes her to become an indestructable chameleon-like killer. Eventually the doctor creates a counter agent, but this causes Kyra to die of the tuberculosis.

SHE DEVILS ON WHEELS (1968/Mayflower) 83mins. US.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Herschell Gordon Lewis; Ex.Prod: Fred M. Sandy; Sc: Louise Downe; Ph: Ray Collodi; Ed: Richard C. Brinkman; Des: Robert Enrietto; Song: Robert Lewis & Herschell Gordon Lewis.
Cast: Betty Connell, Pat Poston, Nancy Lee Noble, Christie Wagner, Rodney Bedell, Ruby Tuesday, John Weymer.
A gang of women bikers who hate men, dismember and mutilate every male they meet.
Although poorly made this has achieved minor cult status.

SHE FREAK (1966/Sonny-Friedman) 87mins.
Credits: Dir. & Ed: Byron Mabe; Prod. & Sc: David F. Friedman; A.Prod: Dan Sonney & D.I. Long; Ph: Bill Troiano & Andy Romanoff; Mu: Harry Thomas; Mus: Billy Allen.
Cast: Claire Brennan, Lee Raymond, Lynn Courtney, Bill McKinney, Van Teen, Felix Silla, Claude Smith, Bill Bagdad, Marsha Drake, Bobby Matthews, Ben Moore, David Boudrot.
A manipulative woman becomes a waitress at a carnival and marries the owner of the freak show. When the owner discovers her affair with the ferris wheel operator he kills him and goes to prison, leaving her in charge of the freaks who she rules with sadistic discipline. After sacking Shorty the midget, the freaks turn on her, disfigure her and make her one of their own.
A slow paced film that ignores plot development for countless sequences of carnival footage which does nothing to relieve the boredom. Although a partial remake of Browning's Freaks, there is very little here to warrant a mention of the 1932 classic in the same breath.

SHE GODS OF SHARK REEF (1957/AIP.) 63mins. BW.
Credits: Dir: Roger Corman; Prod: Ludwig H. Gerber; Sc: Robert Hill & Victor Stoloff.
Cast: Don Durant, Bill Cord, Lisa Monteil, Carol Lindsay, Jerome Gerson.
Two brothers, (Cord & Durant), find themselves on a tropical island inhabited solely by women. One brother gets eaten by sharks when he tries to steal some pearls, while the other saves a girl from a sacrificial ritual.
Filmed in Hawaii.
Decca records released the theme song "Nearer My Love To You".

SHE WAS A HIPPY VAMPIRE (1966/ADP Prod.) 70mins.
Credits: Dir., Prod. & Sc: Jerry Warren.
Cast: Katherine Victor, Steve Brody, Lloyd Nelson, George Andre, Richard Banks.
Batwoman, (Victor), and her batgirls battle Dr. Neon and his sidekick Ratfink who are after an atomic device.
After Warren was sued for using the name Batwoman he changed the title.


SHIBIJIN YASHIKI (1954/Daiei) Japan.
Credits: Dir: Ryohei Arai.
Cast: Yataro Kurokawa, Kazuko Fushimi.
Features a ghost.
The title translates as "Death People's Mansion".

SHIKARI (1964) India.
Cast: K.N. Singh, Ajit, Ragini, Helen.
A scientist creates a murderous monster.
The creature is oddly named "King Kong" and "Dracula".

SHINOBI NO MANJI (1967/Toei) 82mins. Japan.
Credits: Dir: Norifume Suzuki; Ex.Prod: Ganji Amao & Jodo Matsudaira; Sc: Kan Saji & Ry–nosuke; Ph: Juhei Susuki; Ed: Kozo Horlike; Art: Kozo Horlike & Yoshimatsu Amamori; Mus: Harumi Ibe.
Cast: Isao Natsuyagi, Hiroko Sakuramachi, Tatsuo Endo, Rinichi Yamamoto, Akemi Mari, Anne Mari, Shingo Yamashiro, Kantaro Suga, Kenji Ushio, Sachiko Kuwabara, Tomoko Mayama.
A bizarre fantasy film featuring magic spies, a woman turned into a fish monster, a man possessing the body of a woman and numerous dream sequences.

SHIP OF THE MONSTERS (1959) see Le Nave de los Monstruos

SHOCK! (1955) see The Quatermass Experiment

SHOCK CORRIDOR (1963/Fromkess & Firks Productions/AA.) 101mins. BW.(colour sequences). US.
Credits: Dir., Prod. & Sc: Samuel Fuller; Ph: Stanley Cortez; Ed: Jerome Thoms, Art: Eugene Lourie; Sfx: Wynn Dunn & Charles Duncan; Mus: Paul Dunlap & Gordon Zahler.
Cast: Peter Breck, Constance Towers, Gene Evans, James Best, Hari Rhodes, Paul Dubov, Chuck Roberson, Neyle Morrow, William Zukert, John Matthews, John Craig, Larry Tucker, Philip Ahn, Frank Gerstle, Rachel Roman, Barbara Perry, Marlene Manners, Linda Randolph, Lucille Curtis, Jeanette Dana, Wally Campo.
"Whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad" - Euripides 425 BC.
Johnny Barrett, (Breck), an ambitious investigative reporter conspires with his girlfriend to be committed to an insane asylum where he tries to uncover the identity of a murderer. During the course of his investigations, Johnny becomes insane himself.
America's failings have all been locked away in this gripping and moody message drama that tries for realism, but becomes rather pretentious instead. This has some of the best hallucination scenes put on film, one originally shown in colour.
Footage shot in 1955 remained on the shelf until the film could be completed.

Credits: Dir: Hideo Sekigawa; Sc: Tadashi Ogawa; Ph: Hiroshi Fukushima. From a book by Noboru Nezu.
Cast: Eiji Okada, Jun Usami, Takashi Kanda, Masako Nakamura, Mitsue Komiya.
A man with many disguises uses robotic beetles, man-made monsters and other devices to try and steal atomic power.

THE SHUTTERED ROOM (1967/Troy-Shcenck/Warner) 110mins. UK.
Aka: BLOOD ISLAND (Video).
Credits: Dir: David Greene; Prod: Philip Hazelton; Ex.Prod: Bernard Schwartz; Sc: D.B. Ledrov & Nathaniel Tanchuck; Ph: Ken Hodges; Ed: Brian Stanley-Aston; Art: Brian Eatwell; Mu: Harry Frampton; Mus: Basil Kirchin. From a story by H.P. Lovecraft & August Dereleth.
Cast: Gig Young, Carol Lynley, Flora Robson, Oliver Reed, William Devlin, Bernard Kay, Judith Arthy, Robert Cawdron, Celia Hewitt.
Susannah Kelton, (Lynley), inherits her childhood home, a millhouse on the New England coast and arrives there with her husband Mike, (Young), where they encounter hostile villagers, taunts from the leader, (Reed), of a gang of thugs and a strange aunt, (Robson). Years ago Susannah's uncle had chained Susannah's insane sibling in an upstairs room. There she remains looked after by her aging aunt.
An intriguing chiller thriller with a good cast, but the plot fails to cohesively solve the mystery.






































On VHS in the US













(1957) Italy.
Credits: Dir: Giacomo Gentilomo; Prod: Antonio Ferrigno; Sc: Antonio Ferrigno, Girogio Constantini & Giacomo Gentilomo; Ph: Carlo Nebiolo. Based on the Teutonic legend and Richard Wagner's opera.
Cast: Sabastian Fischer, Katharina Mayberg, Ilaria Occhini, Rolf Tasna.
Brave warrior Siegfried bathes in the blood of a slain dragon and becomes invincible, but for one spot that was covered by a leaf.
A remake of the "Die Nibelungen" saga.

EL SIGNO DEL VAMPIRO (1970) see Vampyres Lesbos die Erbin des Dracula

SILENT DEATH (1956) see Voodoo Island

SILENT RUNNING (1971/Universal) 89mins.
Credits: Dir: Douglas Trumbull; Prod: Michael Gruskoff; Sc: Derrick Washburn, Mike Camino & Steve Bochco; Ph: Charles F. Wheeler; Ed: Aaron Stell; Des: Francisco Lombardo; Sfx: Richard O. Helmer, James Rugg, Marlin Jones, Vernon Archer & R.L. Helmer; Ph.Fx: Douglas Trumbull, John Dykstra & Richard Yuricich; Mu: Dick Dawson; Mus: Peter Schickele; Songs sung by Joan Baez.
Cast: Bruce Dern, Cliff Potts, Ron Rifkin, Jesse Vint. Robots: Mark Persons, Steven Brown, Cheryl Sparks, Larry Whisenhunt.
Freeman Lowell, (Dern), the resident biologist on a space station circulating an earth that has long since lost all it's trees and plant life, tends to the last remaining forests kept alive in the station. When orders are received to destroy the project Lowell disobeys and kills his crew members leaving himself and two droid robots to save the trees and plants.
A nicely photographed and interesting message film from special effects man Trumbull who makes his directorial debut.

THE SILICATES (1966) see The Island of Terror

SINBAD, ALI BABA AND ALLADIN (1963/All India) India.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: P.N. Arora; Ph: G. Singh; Sfx: Eiji Tsuburaya; Mus: Ravi.
Cast: Pradeep Kumar, Sayeeda Khan, Agha, Bhagwan, Rajan Haksar, S. Banerjee, Minoo Mumtaz, Ulhas, Helen, Sunita, Naina, Sham Kumar, Rani, Bela Bose.
Sinbad possesses a magic sword, Ali Baba has a flying carpet and Alladin has a genie in his magic lamp.
Arabian Nights adventure that also features a fire breathing dragon.

Credits: Dir: Francesco Stefani; Prod: Alexander Losche; Sc: Margot Beichler; Mus: Heinz-Friedel Heddenhausen.
Cast: Christel Bodenstein, Charles Hans Vogt, Eckart Dux, Richard Kruger, Dorothea Thiesing, Fredy Barten.
To win the love of beautiful, but conceited princess, the prince sets out to search for the Singing Ringing Tree which she deeply craves. He finds it in an enchanted garden which is ruled by an evil dwarf. The dwarf gives him the tree subject to one condition - the prince must win the princess' love before nightfall. If he should fail, he will be transformed into a bear...and this comes to pass.
Features a giant fish, an evil dwarf and a magical singing ringing tree.

THE SINGING RINGING TREE (1965) see Singende Klingende Baumchen

SINISTER INVASION (1968) see Invasion Sinestra

THE SINISTER MONK (1965) Germany.
Credits: Dir: Harald Reinl. From a story by Edgar Wallace.
Cast: Harold Leiphitz, Karin Dor.
A hooded figure with a whip lashes all his victims to death.
Another in the spate of German Edgar Wallace adaptations made during the sixties.

THE SINNERS TO HELL (1960) see Jigoku

SINTHIA THE DEVIL'S DOLL (1970/Sun Art Enterprises)
Credits: Dir. & Ph: Ray Dennis Steckler (Sven Christian); Sc: Dorothy K. Soney.
Cast: Shula Roan, Boris Balachoff, Diane Webber, Maria Lease.
A supposedly possessed child commits a series of gruesome murders including the deaths of her parents.

THE SISTER OF SATAN (1965) see La Sorella di Satana

SIX FEMMES POUR L'ASSASSIN (1964) see Sei Donne Per l'Assassino

SIX INCHES TALL (1958) see Attack of the Puppet People

SIX WOMEN FOR THE MURDERER (1964) see Sei Donne Per l'Assassino

DET SJUNDE INSEGLET (1957/AB Svensk Filmindustri Prod.) 95mins. BW. Sweden.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Ingmar Bergman; Prod: Allen Ekelund; Ph: Gunnar Fischer; Ed: Lennart Wallen; Art: P.A. Lundgren; Mus: Erik Nordgren. From the play "Tramalning" by Ingmar Bergman.
Cast: Max Von Sydow, Gunner Bjornstrand, Bengt Ekerot, Nils Poppe, Bibi Andersson, Ake Fridell, Inga Gill, Erik Strandmark, Maud Hansson, Inga Landgre, Bertil Anderberg, Gunnel Lindblom, Anders Ek.
A knight named Antonius Block, (Von Sydow), returns from the crusades to find his land ravaged by the plague, the atmosphere thick with dread and the Day Of Judgement immanent with the opening of the Seventh Seal. On a bleak foreshore Block encounters Death, (Ekerot), who challanges him to a game of chess to spare his life long enough to ponder about God and his own existence which he has failed to do during his travels. The knight finally cheats Death by knocking over the playing pieces and saves himself and some travelling players.
Set in a dark world irrationally sustained by religion, this is one of cinema's finest representations of Death weaved with an exploration of the existence of God in a cruel and unforgiving world. Visually entrancing with bleached monochrome photography and a poetic styled interpretation of medieval brutality.
The famous dance sequence at the end of the film was actually improvised by Bergman after the day's filming was completed. He noticed a cloud formation on the horizon and helped the photographer ready his camera while grips, technicians and two visitors stood in for the actors who had gone home.

THE SKULL (1965/Amicus/Paramount) 90mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Freddie Francis; Prod: Milton Subotsky & Max J. Rosenberg; Sc: Milton Subotsky; Ph: John Wilcox; Ed: Oswald Hafenrichter; Art: Bill Constable; Sfx: Ted Samuels; Mus: Elisabeth Lutyens. From the story "The Skull of the Marquis de Sade" by Robert Bloch.
Cast: Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Patrick Wymark, Jill Bennett, Nigel Green, Michael Gough, Patrick Magee, George Coulouris, April Olrich, Peter Woodthorpe, Maurice Good, Frank Forsyth, Anna Palk.
Christopher Maitland, (Cushing), is passionate about his occult collection and accepts objects of interest from questionable dealers. One such dealer, (Wymark), offers Maitland the skull of the Marquis de Sade, but he later discovers it was stolen from his friend Matthew Philips, (Lee), who confesses that he was glad the skull was stolen and warns his friend of the deadly power it possesses.
An original idea is ploddingly developed with the occasional interesting camerashot through the eye sockets of the skull.
Cinema patrons were given promotional horror rings.

















(1962) see La Strage dei Vampiri

SLAVE GIRLS (1967/Hammer-Seven Arts) 95mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Michael Carreras; Prod: Aida Young; Ex.Prod: Anthony Hinds; Sc: Henry Younger (Michael Carreras); Ph: Michael Reed; Ed: Jim Needs & Roy Hyde; Art: Robert Jones; Sfx: George Blackwell; Mu: Wally Schneiderman; Mus: Carlo Mantelli.
Cast: Martine Beswick, Michael Latimer, Edina Ronay, Carol White, John Raglan, Stephanie Randall, Steven Berkoff, Alexandra Stevenson, Yvonne Horner.
A great white hunter stumbles upon a lost Amazonian community where blonde women are enslaved by brunettes. One blonde helps him escape and back in modern society he meets a girl who looks just like her.
Trite nonsense that has gained a cult following due to Beswick's commanding and sensual performance.

SLAVES OF THE INVISIBLE MONSTER (1950) see The Invisible Monster

SLEEP NO MORE (1956) see Invasion of the Bodysnatchers

THE SLIME PEOPLE (1962/Hutton-Robertson Prod./Hanson) 60mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Robert Hutton; Prod: Joseph S. Robertson; A.Prod: Donald J. Hansen & Edward Finch Abrams; Sc: Vance Skarstedt & Blair Robertson; Ph: William Troiano; Ed: Don Henderson & Lew Guinn; Sfx: Harry Woolman & Charles Duncan; Mus: Lou Foman.
Cast: Robert Hutton, Les Tremayne, Robert Burton, Susan Hart, William Boyce, Judee Morton, John Close, Tom Laughlin.
Nuclear tests allow humanoid monsters living deep underground to emerge in Los Angeles to take over the city, kill the inhabitants with their spears and surround the city with a thick wall of impenetrable fog. A pilot, a professor, his daughters and a marine battle the creatures who are impervious to bullets, but they eventually discover that the creatures' own hollow spears are the only way to vanquish the invaders.
Anything this low budget and badly scripted film might have had to it's credit is lost behind the constant fog that prevents an audience seeing the actors or the monsters.































On VHS in the US

(1968) see Isla de los Muertos

THE SNAKE PIT (1968) see Die Schlangenrube und das Pendel

THE SNAKE PIT AND THE PENDULUM (1968) see Die Schlangenrube und das Pendel

THE SNAKE WOMAN (1960/Caralan/Dador Prod.) 68mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: Sidney J. Furie; Prod: George Fowler; Sc: Orville H. Hampton; Ph: Stephen Dade; Ed: Anthony Gibbs; Art: John G. Earl; Mus: Buxton Orr.
Cast: Susan Travers, John McCarthy, Geoffrey Danton, Arnold Marle, John Cazabon, Elsie Wagstaff, Stephen Lang, Hugh Moxey.
In Scotland at the turn of the century, Mrs. Adderson is given snake venom serum as a form of treatment against insanity, but she dies while giving birth to her daughter and her husband is killed. As the girl, (Travers), grows up she discovers that she changes periodically into a reptile and kills the people she holds responsible for her father's death. Scotland Yard detective Charles Prentice, (McCarthy), manages to charm the creature with a flute, only to witness the reptile change back to human form after he kills it.

THE SNOW CREATURE (1954/Planet Filmways/UA.) 80mins. BW.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: W. Lee Wilder; Sc: Myles Wilder; Ph: Floyd D. Crosby; Ed: Jodie Copelan; Art: Frank Sylos; Sfx: Lee Zavitz; Mus: Manuel Compinsky.
Cast: Paul Langton, Leslie Denison, Teru Shimada, Rudolph Anders, Rollin Moriyama, Dick Sands, Robert Kino, Robert Hinton, Darlene Fields, George Douglas, Robert Bice, Bill Phipps.
"Himalayan monster captured 20,000 feet above the earth !"
After a sherpa's wife is abducted by an abominable snowman, (Sands), Frank Parrish, (Langton), and his team pursue the creature encountering another yeti on the mountain. They capture the creature and transport it back to Los Angeles, but there the unfortunate yeti has to languish in a cage until the customs can decide whether the creature is a passenger or cargo. The abominable snowman breaks from it's cage and embarks on a rampage until it is destroyed in the city's sewer system.
The first Yeti put onto film is an extremely cheap production with a monster that looks surprisingly similar to Abraham Lincoln.

SNOW DEMONS (1965) see Diavoli dello Spazio

SNOW DEVILS (1965) see Diavoli dello Spazio

THE SNOW QUEEN (1968/Lenfilm) 90mins. Russia.
Credits: Dir: Gennard Kazansky; Sc: Y. Schwartz; Ph: S. Ivanov. Based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen.
Cast: L. Poklova, S. Tsyupa, E. Melnikova, N. Klimova, E. Leonov.
A Snow Queen magically turns a boy's heart into ice and he becomes selfish and evil. After she takes him to her palace, his girlfriend journeys there to rescue him.

SNOW WHITE (1955) see Schneewittchen und die Sieben Zwerge

SNOW WHITE AND THE THREE STOOGES (1961/Chanford Prod./20th. Century Fox) 107mins. US.
Credits: Dir: Walter Lang; Prod: Charles Wick; Sc: Noel Langley & Elwood Ullman; Ph: Leon Shamroy; Ed: Jack Holmes; Art: Jack Martin Smith & Maurice Ransford; Sfx: L.B. Abbott & Emil Kosa Jnr.; Mus: Lyn Murray. From the fairytale collected by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.
Cast: Carol Heiss, Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Joe de Rita, Edison Stroll, Guy Rolfe, Patricia Medina, Buddy Baer, Edgar Barrier, Peter Coe, Michael David, Blossom Rock.
A familiar adaptation with the Three Stooges instead of the seven dwarfs, a witch that flies and a magic sword that grants wishes.



On VHS in the US

(1970/Selected Pictures)
Credits: Dir: Michael & Roberta Findlay; Prod: Allan Shackerton.
"The film that could only be made in South America...where life is cheap!"
A woman hired to act in a film is conned by the director onto a bed and chopped to bits for the camera.
Filmed in Argentina, this began life as a poor $50 thousand porn film titled SLAUGHTER that sat on the shelf for several years before distributor Allan Shackleton who was inspired by the media attention given to the notorious Manson killings, tacked on a supposedly genuine murder scene, retitled the film and removed all the credits to make the source more mysterious. Unfortunately the effects are so bad that it convinced no one and remains just a poorly made and badly constructed thriller.


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