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(1962/Grovas/Azteca) Mexico.
Credits: Dir: Jaime Salvador; Prod: Raphael Grovas; Sc: Frederico Curiel & Alfredo Ruanova; Ph: Ezequiel Carrasc; Art: S.L. Mena; Mus: Sergio Guerrero.
Cast: Ana Bertha Lepe, Joaquin Cordero, Andres Soler, David Hayat, José Chavez, José Eduardo Perez, Elizabeth Dupeyron.
A monster lives on a mountain.
The title translates as "The Terrible Snow Giant".

THE TERRIBLE PEOPLE (1960) see Bande des Schreckens

TERRIFIED (1962/Bern-Field/Crown Int.) 66mins. BW.
Credits: Dir: Lew Landers; Prod. & Sc: Richard Bernstein; Ph: Curt Fetters; Ed: Rex Lipton; Art: Rudi Feld; Mu: Harry Thomas; Mus: Michael Anderson.
Cast: Rod Lauren, Steve Drexel, Tracy Olsen, Stephen Roberts, Sherwood Keith, Barbara Luddy, Robert Towers, Denver Pyle, Ben Frank, Angelo Rossitto, Harry Lauter.
A hooded, killer ventriloquist stalks a ghost town where some teenagers are trying to solve a mystery in which a victim was buried alive.
Some grisly scenes include a burial in cement.

THE TERROR (1963/AIP./Filmgroup) 81mins. US.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Roger Corman; Ex.Prod: Harvey Jacobson; A.Prod: Francis Coppola; Sc: Leo Gordon & Jack Hill; Ph: Jack Nicholaub; Ed: Stuart O'Brien; Art: Daniel Haller; Mus: Ronald Stein.
Cast: Boris Karloff, Jack Nicholson, Sandra Knight, Dorothy Neuman, Jonathan Haze, Dick Miller.
"From the depths of an evil mind came a diabolical plan of torture...unconcievable!...unbelievable!"
A young officer, (Nicholson), separated from his Napoleonic regiment sees a beautiful young woman, (Knight), who keeps disappearing whenever he approaches her. Now obsessed with the woman, the officer goes to a nearby castle where he learns from Baron Von Leppe, (Karloff), that she is the ghost of the Baroness who died twenty years ago. It becomes apparent that a local witch is controlling the woman to try and make the Baron commit suicide as revenge for killing her son Eric and the Baroness when he found them together all those years ago. What the witch doesn't know is that the Baron is actually her son who has been impersonating the Baron, guilty for the real Baron's death all those years ago. While the crypt becomes flooded, the officer saves the girl from the chaos that kills everyone involved. But after dragging her to safety, the girl melts.
Made in three days, this confusing tale used the sets created for The Raven while Corman still had Karloff under contract for two more days. Scripts were given to Coppola, Monte Hellman, Jack Hill, Dennis Jacob and Jack Nicholson, but even though all of them took a turn at directing only Corman got the credit.

TERROR BENEATH THE SEA (1966) see Kaitei Daisenso

TERROR CASTLE (1963) see La Vergine di Norimberga

TERROR CREATURES FROM THE GRAVE (1965) see Cinque Tombe Per un Medium

TERROR EN ELESPACIO (1965) see Terrore Nella Spazio

THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE (1958) see It! The Terror From Beyond Space

TERROR FROM THE SUN (1959) see The Hideous Sun Demon

TERROR FROM THE YEAR 5000 (1958) see Terror in the Year 5000





















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On VHS in the US










(1965) see Terrore Nella Spazio

TERROR IN THE CRYPT (1963) see Maldicion de los Karnstein

TERROR IN THE HAUNTED HOUSE (1961/Howco/British Lion) 77mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Harold Daniels; Prod. & Sc: Robert C. Dennis; A.Prod: William S. Edwards; Ph: Frederick E. West; Ed: Tholen Gladden; Art: Leslie Thomas; Mu: Harry Thomas; Mus: Darrell Calker.
Cast: Cathy O'Donnell, Gerald Mohr, William Ching, John Qualen, Barry Bernard.
At an eerie mansion in Florida a newlywed is plagued by nightmares that lead her to believe that her husband wants to kill her. The unexpected truth is eventually revealed when she remembers that she witnessed the axe murders of an entire family in the house as a child.
The plot tries to include too much and is clumsily presented despite the inclusion of a memorable axe murder.
This was originally spliced with nasty pictures inserted between shots and advertised as a new process called "Psychodrama", but the American government decided this was too subversive and removed the frames which were then later restored for the video release. All the frames seem to achieve is more confusion and a headache.

TERROR IN THE MIDNIGHT SUN (1959) see Rymdinvasion I Lappland

TERROR IN THE STREETS (1970) see Akuma Ga Yondeiru

TERROR IN THE YEAR 5000 (1958/La Jolla Prod./AIP.) 74mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir., Prod. & Sc: Robert S. Gurney Jnr.; Ex.Prod: James H. Nicholson & Samuel Z. Arkoff; A.Prod: Gene Searchinger; Ph: Arthur Florman; Ed: Dede Allen; Des: Bill Hoffman; Art: Beatrice Gurney.
Cast: Ward Costello, Joyce Holden, Frederic Downs, John Stratton, Salome Jens, Fred Herrick, Beatrice Furdeaux, Jack Diamond, Fred Taylor, Bill Downs, William Cost.
"From a time unborn...a hideous she-thing!"
On an isolated island, scientist Professor Erling, (Downs), and his ambitious assistant Victor, (Stratton), have developed a machine that can trade objects with items from the future and receive a medallion with the words "Save Us" written in Greek. Victor ignores his colleague's warning, continues with the experiment and succeeds in bringing back a mutated female, (Jens), from the year 5000. The deformed woman escapes the laboratory killing their manservant with severe radiation burns and later, the nurse who had been assigned to look after Victor who was also injured. Now wearing a mask and disguised as the nurse, the woman tells Victor that the world of her time needs men from the past to revivify the human race who have all been horribly mutated due to the high levels of radiation. After hypnotising Victor to return with her to the future, they are both killed when Victor's girlfriend intervenes.
An effective science fiction tale padded with a pointless love intrigue and too much talk. The cheap make up effects and production values make the film all the more charming.
Features a clip from American International's earlier success I Was a Teenage Frankenstein.

TERROR IS A MAN (1959/Valiant/Premiere/Lynn-Romero Prod.) 89mins. BW. US./Philippines.
Credits: Dir. & Mus: Gerardo de Leon; Ex.Prod: Kane Lynn & Eddie Romero; Sc: Harry Paul Harber; Ph: Emmanuel I. Rojos; Art: Vincente Bonus. From "The Island of Dr. Moreau" by H.G. Wells.
Cast: Francis Lederer, Greta Thyssen, Lilia Duran, Richard Derr, Oscar Keesee, Flory Carlos.
A shipwreck survivor, (Derr), arrives on Blood Island where he falls in love with a woman named Frances, (Thyssen), and discovers that her scientist husband, Dr. Girard, (Lecker), is experimenting with surgery to transform a leopard into a horrible leopard-man, (Carlos). The creature escapes and is shot, but a sympathetic native named Tiago places the injured creature in a boat and sends it out to sea.
The first of a brief series of BLOOD ISLAND films that later starred John Ashley.
Originally released with a buzzer sound that warned audiences when a gory surgical incision was to be made.

THE TERROR OF DR. HICHCOCK (1962) see L'Orrible Segreto del Dottore Hichcock

TERROR OF DOCTOR MABUSE (1962) see Testament des Dr. Mabuse

TERROR OF THE DEEP (1966) see Destination Inner Space

TERROR OF THE MAD DOCTOR (1962) see Testament des Dr. Mabuse

TERROR OF THE RED MASK (1960) 90mins. Italy.
Credits: Dir: Piero Pierotti.
Cast: Lex Barker, Chelo Alonso, Massimo Serato.
A brave man, (Barker), fights his way through a castle of horror.
A swashbuckling costume adventure that tries it's best to be frightening.

TERROR OF THE TONGS (1961/Hammer/Merlin) 79mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Anthony Bushell; Prod: Kenneth Hyman; Sc: Jimmy Sangster; Ph: Arthur Grant; Ed: Jim Needs & Eric Boyd-Perkins; Art: Bernard Robinson & Thomas Goswell; Mus: James Bernard.
Cast: Geoffrey Toone, Christopher Lee, Yvonne Monlaur, Brian Worth, Richard Leech.
A ruthless secret society in 1910 Hong Kong are responsible for white slavery and opium smuggling. A man, (Toone), brings down the cult and its leader Chung King, (Lee), while avenging the death of his daughter at the cult's hands.
Hammer transposes the story for The Stranglers of Bombay to Hong Kong this time in colour and including such tortures as "bone scraping".

TERROR OF THE VAMPIRES (1970) see Frission des Vampires

TERROR ON BLOOD ISLAND (1968) see Brides of Blood

THE TERROR STRIKES (1958) see War of the Colossal Beast

TERRORE (1963) see Lunga Notte del Terrore

TERRORE NELLA SPAZIO (1965/Italian International/Roma & Cooperativa Castilla Cinemamadri) 86mins. Italy.
Credits: Dir: Mario Bava; Prod: Fulvio Lucisano; Sc: Mario Bava, Castillio Cosulich, Antonio Roman, Alberto Bevilacqua & Rafael J. Salvia; English Dialogue: Ib Melchior & Louis M. Heyward; Ph: Antonio Rinaldi; Ed: Antonio Gimeno; Art: Giorgio Giovannini; Mus: Gino Marinuzzi. From "One Night of 21 Hours" by Renato Pestriniero.
Cast: Barry Sullivan, Norma Bengell, Angel Aranda, Evi Marandi, Fernando Villena, Stelio Candelli, Mario Morales, Massimo Righi, Franco Andrei, Ivan Rassimov, Alberto Cevenini, Rico Boido.
"This was the day the universe trembled before the demon forces of the killer planet!"
A spaceship lands on the strange mist enshrouded planet Aura to discover the fate of the Galliot's crew, a previous space mission, and are attacked by invisible alien vampires that take over the mind's of the crew. The aliens' mission is to return to Earth disguised as members of the crew and conquer our world.
A slow science fiction tale with poor dubbing for the English language release, but it contains many memorable scenes including one in which several dead crewmembers rise from their tombs in plastic shrouds.
It is not hard to see the influence this had on the makers of ALIEN (1979).
Norma Bengell is a former Miss Brazil.

THE TERRORNAUTS (1967/Amicus/Embassy) 75mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Montgomery Tully; Prod: Milton Subotsky & Max J. Rosenberg; Sc: John Brunner; Ph: Geoffrey Faithful; Ed: Peter Musgrave; Art: Bill Constable; Sfx: Bowie Films; Mus: Elizabeth Lutyens. From "The Wailing Asteroid" by Murray Leinster.
Cast: Simon Oates, Zena Marshall, Charles Hawtrey, Patricia Hayes, Stanley Meadows, Max Adrian.
An astronomer receives signals from a mysterious asteroid and the entire building is transported there and into a fortress of an extinct alien race. A robot performs intelligence tests and one woman is briefly sent amongst green alien savages. Fleets of alien spaceships attempt an invasion, but the Earthmen use the fortress to vanquish them.

IL TERZO OCCHIO (1965/Panda Cinemat) Italy.
Credits: Dir: James Warren (Giacomo Guerrini); Sc: Giacomo Guerrini & Mario Pierotti; Ph: S. Deaves.
Cast: Franco Nero, G. Pascal, Eleanora Bianchi, Olga Sunbeauty (Olga Solbelli), Diana Sullivan.
A madman keeps his fiancée’s embalmed corpse in his bed and begins to believe that his fiancée’s sister is her reincarnation.

















(1960/Agliani-Mordini/Illiria) 92mins. Italy.
Credits: Dir: Silvio Amadio; Prod: Dino Mordini, Georgia Agliani & Rudolphe Solmsen; Sc: Alessandro Continenza & Gian Paolo Callegari.
Cast: Rosanna Schiaffino, Bob Mathias, Alberto Lupo, Rik Battaglia, Carlo Tamberlani.
An evil princess uses the Minotaur to ensure her wicked rule over the city, but a prince, (Mathias), in love with the princess's good twin sister throws the evil tyrant to some savage dogs. He then rescues his sweetheart from the Minotaur with a magic sword given to him by a goddess.
More of the usual sword and sandal nonsense from Italy.
Mathias was previously an Olympic athlete.

DAS TESTAMENT DES DR. MABUSE (1962/CCC Filmkunst/Thunder Pictures) 88mins. Germany.
Credits: Dir: Werner Klinger; Prod: Wolf Brauner; Sc: Ladislas Fodor & Robert Adolf Stemmle; Ph: Albert Benitz; Ed: Walter Wischniewsky; Art: Helmut Mentwig & Paul Markwitz; Mus: Raimund Rosenberger. Based on the characters created by Norbert Jacques.
Cast: Wolfgang Priess, Walter Rilla, Gert Fröbe, Senta Berger, Helmut Schmid, Charles Regnier.
The governor of an asylum, (Rilla), is being influenced and hypnotised by the evil Dr. Mabuse from beyond the grave. The police try to learn the truth behind the master criminal's impossible return.
A remake of Fritz Lang's 1933 Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse.

THE TESTAMENT OF DR. CORDELIER (1959/R.T.F./Sofirad) France.
Credits: Dir. Prod. & Sc: Jean Renoir; Ph: Georges Leclerc; Art: Marcel-Louis Dieulot; Mus: Joseph Kosma.
From "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" by Robert Louis Stevenson.
Cast: Jean-Louis Barrault, Micheline Gary, Teddy Bilis, Michel Vitoid, Jean Topart, Jacques Dannoville, André Certes, Jean-Pierre Granval, Jacqueline Morane, Gaston Modot.
The kindly doctor Cordelier turns into the evil Opale, (Barrault).

THE TESTAMENT OF DR. MABUSE (1962) see Testament des Dr. Mabuse

Credits: Dir: José Luis Madrid.
Cast: Gerard Landry, George Vallis.

DER TEUFEL KAM AUS AKASAWA (1970/CCC Filmkunst/Fenix) 85mins. Germany.
Credits: Dir: Jess Frank (Jesús Franco); Prod: Karl-Heinz Mannchen; Sc: Paul André & Ladislas Fodor; Ph: Manuel Merino; Mus: Manfred Huebler & Siegfried Schwab.
Cast: Walter Rilla, Susann Korda, Ewa Stromberg, Blandine Ebinger, Fred Williams, Horst Tappert, Seigfreid Schurenberg, Paul Mueller, Howard Vernon.
A professor and his assistant discover a mysterious stone in the jungle that is alleged to possess a primitive and lethal power. They attempt to harness the stone's properties to make themselves masters of the world by changing history, but instead the stone brings death and disaster in the form of poisonous rays.
An incompetent adventure tale.






































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Creepy Classics DVD







(1973/Cineman/UA.) 102mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Douglas Hickox; Prod: Stanley Mann & John Kohn; Ex.Prod: Gustav Berne & Sam Jaffe; Sc: Anthony Greville-Bell; Ph: Wolfgang Suschitsky; Ed: Malcolm Cooke; Des: Michael Seymore; Sfx: John Stears; Choreog: Tutte Lemkow; Mus: Michael J. Lewis. From an idea by Stanley Mann & John Kohn.
Cast: Vincent Price, Coral Browne, Diana Rigg, Ian Hendry, Harry Andrews, Milo O'Shea, Robert Coote, Renee Asherson, Jack Hawkins, Dennis Price, Michael Hordern, Madeline Smith, Arthur Lowe, Tutte Lemkow, Robert Morley, Eric Sykes, Diana Dors, Joan Hickson.
Edward Lionheart, (Price), is a Shakespearean actor who has been scorned by the critics and denied the coveted Best Actor Award. Now presumed to be dead, the police are baffled when a number of well known theatre critics are being murdered in line with the goriest deaths that occur in Shakespeare's plays. Meredith Merridrew, (Morley), is force fed his pet poodles as in "Titus Andronicus", Solomon Pslatery, (Hawkins), is forced to kill his own wife as in "Othello", another has his heart ripped out and yet another critic is decapitated. Inspector Boot, (O'Shea), and Seargent Dogge, (Sykes), only discover the truth when Lionheart, with the aid of his daughter Edwina, (Rigg), completes his vengeful mission.
An extremely enjoyable comic horror tale made in the witty style of the DOCTOR PHIBES films with an energetic and sardonic performance by Price.

THEATRE OF DEATH (1966/Pennea Prod./Smedley-Aston) 91mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Samuel Gallu; Prod: Michael Smedley-Ashton; Ex.Prod: William Gell; Sc: Ellis Kadison & Roger Marshall; Ph: Gilbert Taylor; Ed: Barry Vince; Art: Peter Proud; Mu: Jill Carpenter; Mus: Elizabeth Lutyens.
Cast: Christopher Lee, Julian Glover, Lelia Goldoni, Jenny Till, Evelyn Laye, Ivor Dean, Joseph Furst, Betty Woolfe, Leslie Handford, Fraser Kerr, Dilys Watling, Steve Plytas, Miki Iveria, Terence Soall, Esther Anderson, Peter Cleoll, Suzanne Owens, Julie Mendez.
A series of gory "vampire" murders surround a Grand Guignol theatre for which the ruthless director Phillipe Darvas, (Lee), is suspected. However, the real culprit is pretty Nicole, (Till), who has been hypnotised by Darvas to live with him so he can use her blood-drinking story for a play that he is writing. The play will also include the time when Nicole, as a little girl was trapped in an avalanche and force-fed blood from her mother's boyfriend to survive. When Nicole believes Darvas knows too much, she kills him, leaving the police with no suspects when the murders continue. Eventually the officers trap Nicole at the theatre where she is impaled by a spear that is accidentally thrust through the floor by the performers in the Voodoo play above her.
An unmemorable gothic murder mystery with an unconvincing and disposable cast, however Lee's performance and Gallu's weird camera angles remain enjoyable.

THEM! (1954/Warner) 94mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Gordon Douglas; Prod: David Weisbart; Sc: Ted Sherdeman; Ph: Sid Hickox; Ed: Thomas Reilly; Art: Stanley Fleischer; Des: G.W. Berntsen; Sfx: Ralph Ayers; Sound Fx: William Mueller & Francis J. Scheid; Mu: Gordon Bau; Mus: Bronislau Kaper. From a story by George Worthing Yates.
Cast: James Whitmore, Edmund Gwenn, Joan Weldon, James Arness, Onslow Stevens, Sean McClory, Chris Drake, Sandy Descher, Mary Ann Hokanson, Don Shelton, Fess Parker, Olin Howlin, Ann Doran, Leonard Nimoy, Larry Dobkin, William Schallert, Dub Taylor.
"Kill one and two others take its place! Don't turn your back or you're doomed! And don't tell anyone what Them are!"
"When man entered the atomic age, he opened the door in a new world. What we eventually find in that new world...nobody can predict."
- Dr. Medford (Gwenn).
A young girl, (Descher), is found wandering the Nevada desert by police who discover that her family have been killed by some unknown creature and the only item stolen is sugar. Police Sergeant Ben Patterson, (Whitmore), is joined by FBI. Agent Robert Graham, (Arness), to investigate the strange events for which the only clue is the little girl's shocked scream "them!" Entomologist Dr. Harold Medford, (Gwenn), and his daughter Pat, (Weldon), discover that a giant breed of ants have developed after the numerous 1945 atomic bomb tests that took place in the desert. After locating and destroying the giant ant's nest, the team is horrified to discover that a queen ant and its mate have flown away. The male who will die anyway is killed when it lands on a ship out to sea, but the Queen is located with other ants hatched from her eggs in the Los Angeles sewers.
An expertly directed science fiction film, with an eerie desert location and a good ending.
Originally this was to be filmed in colour and 3-D, but the studio head, Jack Warner decided the project would not be commercial enough and threatened the producers with jobs at Republic studios if they did not adhere to his decision. The film became 1954's top box office draw.
Nimoy appears briefly at a teletype machine.

THESE ARE THE DAMNED (1962) see The Damned

THEY CAME FROM ANOTHER WORLD (1956) see Invasion of the Body Snatchers

THEY CAME FROM BEYOND SPACE (1967/Amicus/Embassy) 85mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Freddie Francis; Prod: Max J. Rosenberg & Milton Subotsky; Sc: Milton Subotsky; Ph: Norman Warwick; Ed: Peter Musgrave; Art: Don Mingaye & Scott Slimon; Des: Bill Constable; Models: Bowie Films; Mu: Bunty Phillips; Mus: James Stevens. From "The Gods Hate Kansas" by Joseph Millard.
Cast: Robert Hutton, Jennifer Jayne, Bernard Kay, Michael Gough, Maurice Good, Zia Mohyeddin, John Harvey, Geoffrey Wallace, Luanshya Greer, Diana King, Paul Bacon, Christopher Banks, Dermot Cathie, Norman Claridge, James Donnelly, Frank Forsythe, Katy Wild, Leonard Grahame, Michael Hawkins.
Aliens from a dying planet invade the earth by spreading plague, but one man is immune to their influence because of a metal plate in his head. The man helps the invaders recruit scientists studying meteors nearby to try and repair their ship that has crashed on the moon, allowing the aliens to return to their planet rather than die on alien soil.
A combination of ideas are muddled together to make this rather dull and confusing film.

THEY SAVED HITLER'S BRAIN (1964/Crown International) 74mins. BW. Philippines.
Credits: Dir: David Bradley; Prod: Carl Edwards; Sc: Richard Miles & Steve Bennett.
Cast: Walter Stocker, Audrey Claire, Scott Peters, Carlos Rivas, Nestor Paiva, John Holland, Dani Lynn, Marshall Reed. Voice: Bill Freed.
After a scientist is kidnapped, his daughter traces his whereabouts to the island of Mandoras where her father and other kidnapped scientists are working for a small group of Nazis who take their orders from the decapitated head of Adolf Hitler. The scientists are being forced to keep the head alive and search for an appropriate body to attach it to, while the Nazis prepare for world domination with a specially developed nerve gas.
An amusingly inept production that has gained some cult status in recent years despite the padded plot, incorrect Swastikas and the muddled editing that includes footage from a 1950 film nicely photographed by Stanley Cortez, greatly contrasting the cheap filming techniques of this production crew.
Filmed in America and the Philippines.

THIN AIR (1969) see The Bodystealers

THE THING (1951/Winchester Pictures/RKO.) 87mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Christian Nyby; Prod: Howard Hawks; A.Prod: Edward Lasker; Sc: Charles Lederer; Ph: Russell Harlan; Ed: Roland Gross; Art: Albert D'Agostino & John J. Hughes; Sets: Darrell Silvera & Williams Stevens; Sfx: Donald Steward; Ph.Fx: Linwood Dunn; Mu: Lee Greenway; Mus: Dimitri Tiomkin. From "Who Goes There?" by Don A. Stuart (John W. Campbell Jnr.).
Cast: Kenneth Tobey, Margaret Sheridan, Robert Cornthwaite, Douglas Spencer, James Young, Dewey Martin, Robert Nichols, William Self, Eduard Franz, Sally Creighton, James Arness, Paul Frees, George Fenneman, John Dierkes, Tom Steele.
"I bring you warning - to everyone of you listening to the sound of my voice. Tell the world, tell this to everyone wherever they are: Watch the skies, watch everywhere, keep looking. Watch the skies!"
A team of scientists at an isolated Arctic research centre discover a flying saucer buried deep in the ice. When they attempt to blast it from the ice, the scientists accidentally destroy the craft, but discover the remains of its occupant encased in a block of ice. The frozen creature, (Arness), is kept at their camp, but when the ice accidentally thaws, the creature escapes killing two scientists in the process. After being attacked by dogs, the remaining members manage to grow little creatures from the alien's severed arm. Unfortunately because the vegetable like alien is able to reproduce while feeding on blood, the scientists realise the creature could threaten the whole world. Resolving to destroy the alien, the scientists prepare a trap wired with high voltage electricity.
The first monster from outer space on film appears in this science fiction classic that inspired many imitators and kicked off the paranoid '50's invaders from space craze. Slightly marred by the unusual and continual rapid fire dialogue with some of the characters even talking over each other.
Nyby probably had directorial assistance from Hawks himself or even Orson Welles.
Partly filmed in the Glacier National Park and at a Los Angeles ice storage plant.


THE THING THAT COULDN'T DIE (1958/Universal) 69mins. BW.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Will Cowan; Sc: David Duncan; Ph: Russell Metty; Ed: Edward Curtiss; Art: Alexander Golitzen & Eric Orbom; Ph.Fx: Clifford Stine; Mu: Bud Westmore; Mus: Joseph Gershenson.
Cast: William Reynolds, Andra Martin, Jeffrey Stone, Carolyn Kearney, Peggy Converse, Robin Hughes, James Anderson, Charles Horvarth, Forrest Lewis.
"The grave can't hold it...Nothing can stop it!"
When young Jessica, (Kearney), uses her dowsing skills, she discovers an old Elizabethan chest buried by Sir Francis Drake in 1579, but although most suppose it contains treasure, the chest actually contains the severed head of an Elizabethan sailor, (Hughes), who was condemned for practising witchcraft. The head comes to life and controls the minds of those near to it, forcing them to locate the remainder of his body so that he may live again. Only Jessica, protected by an ancient amulet, can save those around her.
An enjoyable and suitably gruesome B-movie that belies it's low budget mostly due to the enthusiasm of the unknown cast.

THE THING WITH TWO HEADS (1972/Saber/AIP.) 93mins.
Credits: Dir: Lee Frost; Prod: Wes Bishop; Sc: Lee Frost, Wes Bishop & James Gordon White; Ph: Jack Steeley; Ed: Ed Forsythe; Sfx: Dan Striepeke, Gail Brown, Tom Burman, Charles Schram, James White & Pete Peterson; Gorilla Des: Rick Baker; Mus: Robert O'Ragland & Jerry Butler; Add. Mus: David Angel & Porter Jordan; Songs: "Oh Happy Day", "A Prayer", "The Thing Theme" & "Police Chase".
Cast: Ray Milland, Rosey Grier, Don Marshall, Roger Perry, Kathy Baumann, Chelsea Brown, Lee Frost, John Dullaghan, Wes Bishop, William Smith, John Bliss.
"The doctor blew it - He transplanted a WHITE BIGOT'S HEAD on a soul BROTHER'S BODY! Man, they're really in deeeeep trouble!"
A racist doctor, (Milland), dying of cancer is planning to have his head grafted onto another body before he dies, unfortunately time runs out and his assistant has no choice but to graft the head onto the body of a falsely accused black convict, (Grier). During their misadventures, the doctor tries to plan a way of killing the other head.
Although intended as a meaningful racial comment, upon completion the producers realised they wouldhave to market this cheaply made film as a comedy.
A bigoted doctor, (Milland), who is riddles with cancer plans an operation to graft his head onto another man's body. Due to the lack of time his head is grafted onto the body of a falsley accused black convict, (Grier). Together they have many misadventures.
A well narrated comic look at racism in America. Despite the cheapness it is enjoyable.





















On VHS in the US

(1965) see Il Terzo Occhio

THE THIRST OF BARON BLOOD (1971) see Orrori del Castello di Norimberga

13 (1966) see Eye of the Devil

13 GHOSTS (1960/Castle/Columbia) 88mins. BW. with two colour sequences. US.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: William Castle; Sc: Robb White; Ph: Joseph Biroc; Ed: Edwin Bryant; Art: Carey Odell; Ph.Fx: Butler-Glouner Inc.; Mu: Ben Lane; Mus: Von Dexter.
Cast: Charles Herbert, Jo Morrow, Martin Milner, Rosemary de Camp, Donald Woods, Margaret Hamilton, John Van Dreerlen.
Cyrus Zorba, a penniless museum curator, will only inherit his dead uncle's mansion if he lives there with his family, and discovers that apart from the housekeeper, (Hamilton), the mansion is run by twelve ghosts one of whom is the murdered spirit of Uncle Cyrus. While the family fears that the ghosts will demand one of them as the thirteenth spirit, a scheming lawyer, (Milne), secretly responsible for Uncle Cyrus' murder, tries to frighten Cyrus' family away so he can find a fortune hidden on the estate. The ghosts execute the lawyer when he tries to murder one of Cyrus' family and leave the mansion after showing Cyrus where the treasure is hidden.
A film that relies entirely on a gimmick that Castle announced as "Illusion-O". Each cinema patron was given a pair of glasses with red and blue lenses. The red gel enabled the audience to see the ghosts of a screaming woman, a clutching hand, a floating head, a flaming skeleton, a knife thrower and his wife, an executioner and his head, a hanging woman, a lion and a headless lion tamer and Uncle Cyrus. The blue gel made the ghosts disappear if the shock became too much for the viewer.

Credits: Dir: Sidney Miller; Ex.Prod: Edward Sherman; Sc: Rowland Barber & Arthur Ross; Ph: Frank G. Carson; Ed: Al Clark; Art: William Flannery; Sfx: Jack Rabin, Louis DeWitt & Irving Block; Mu: Clay Campbell; Mus: Raoul Kraushaar.
Cast: Lou Costello, Dorothy Provine, Gale Gordon, Doodles Weaver, Robert Burton, Jimmy Conlin, Charles Lane, Will Wright, Peter Leeds.
A mad inventor, (Costello), turns his girlfriend, (Provine), into a thirty foot giant, invents a time machine that can turn soldiers into cavemen and gives his friend the ability to fly.
An unfortunate screen swansong for Lou Costello who died shortly after the film's release. His partner Bud Abbott died a few years earlier and Lou was obviously lost without him.



(1955/Universal) 86mins. US.
Aka: WAR OF THE PLANETS (8mm Release)
Credits: Dir: Joseph Newman; Prod: William Alland; Sc: Franklin Coen & Edward G. O'Callaghan; Ph: Clifford Stine; Ed: Virgil Vogel; Art: Alexander Golitzen & Richard H. Riedel; Sets: Russell A. Gausman & Julia Heron; Ph.Fx: Clifford Stine & David S. Horsley; Mu: Bud Westmore; Mus: Joseph Gershenson. From "The Alien Machine" by Raymond F. Jones.
Cast: Jeff Morrow, Faith Domergue, Rex Reason, Lance Fuller, Russell Johnson, Douglas Spencer, Robert Nicholas, Karl L. Lindt, Regis Barton, Edwin Parker, Olan Soule, Richard Deacon, Robert B. Williams, Mark Hamilton, Guy Edwards.
"The supreme entertainment of our time! Two and a half years in the making!"
Physicist Cal Meacham, (Reason), receives a mysterious parcel that contains instructions and parts to construct an interplanetary communicator. On the device he contacts Exeter, (Morrow), an alien from the planet Metaluna who wants Cal to join him in secret research with Cal's colleague Dr. Ruth Adams, (Domergue). The scientists have actually been abducted to help Exeter defeat his planet's enemies, the Zahgons, before Metaluna is completely destroyed. Exeter's leader The Monitor wants the scientist's to be brainwashed, but when Exeter realises that they cannot help them, he saves Cal and Ruth from the ordeal and tries to return them to Earth. While on the spaceship, and contained by decompression tubes, a monstrous Metaluna mutant, (Parker), is also on board and intends to kill them. Suffering from a fatal injury, Exeter just manages to return the scientists to safety before his ship plunges into the sea.
A renowned science fiction story that has gained undeserved notoriety by the publicity stills of the Metaluna mutant, who, although impressive and suitably monstrous, is only briefly seen and does not form the basis of the narrative as the stills might suggest.

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