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(1970) see Thomas E...Gli Indemonati

THOMAS E…GLI INDEMONATI (1970/Cidierre Cinemat) 88mins. Italy.
Credits: Dir: Pupi Avati; Sc: Pupi Avati, Antonio Avati, Giorgio Celli & Enzo Leonardo; Ph: Tony Secchi; Mus: Amedeo Tommasi.
Cast: Edmund Purdom, Anita Sanders, Bob Tonelli, Gianni Cavina, Giulio Pizzirani, Daniele Samovy.
Features seances.

A THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS (1968) 86mins. Spain.
Credits: Dir: Joe Lacy (Jose Maria Elorrieta).
Cast: Jeff Cooper, Raf Vallone, Luciana Paluzzi, Perla Christal, Reuben Rojo.
A parody of the Arabian Nights tales featuring a flying carpet, a beautiful genie and a sinister Grand Vizier.

see Die Tausend Augen des Dr. Mabuse

1,000 YEARS FROM NOW (1952) see Captive Women

THREE ARABIAN NUTS (1951/Columbia) 16mins. US.
Credits: Dir: Edward Bernds; Prod: Hugh McCollum; Sc: Elwood Ullman; Ed: Henry DeMond; Art: Charles Clague.
Cast: Moe Howard, Shemp Howard, Larry Fine, Vernon Dent, Phil Van Zandt, Dick Curtis, Wesley Bly.
The Three Stooges, (Howard, S. Howard & Fine), encounter Aladdin’s lamp and its resident genie.
A short comedy based on the Arabian Nights tales.

THREE BAD SISTERS (1956/UA.) 76mins. BW.
Credits: Dir: Gilbert L. Kay; Prod: Howard Koch; Sc: Gerald Drayson Adams.
Cast: Kathleen Hughes, Marla English, John Bromfield, Sara Shane, Brett Halsey, Jess Barker, Madge Kennedy.
One of three sisters, (Hughes), decides to try and keep all of her dead father's estate to herself, so she beats and disfigures one of siblings, forcing her to commit suicide. To rid herself of her remaining sister she enlists the help of a man to try and unravel her mind, but the man falls in love with his intended victim, so the greedy woman decides to pretend that she is having an affair with the man to drive her surviving sister closer to suicide.
A thriller that unfortunately loses it's way early on.

THREE CASES OF MURDER (1955/British Lion/London/Wessex) 99mins. BW. UK.
Prod: Ian Dalrymple, Alexander Paal & Hugh Perceval; Ph: Georges Périnal; Ed: G. Turney-Smith; Mus: Doreen Carwithen & Muir Matheson. Based on stories by W. Somerset Maugham, Roderick Wilson and Brett Halliday.
Cast: John Salew, Ann Hanslip, Harry Welchman, Jack Lambert, Philip Dale, Colette Wilde, Christina Forrest, Maurice Kaufmann, Diana Morrison, Beau Edmonds, Ray Edmonds, Arthur Wontner, Zena Marshall, Patrick Macnee, Peter Burton, John Humphrey, David Horne, Evelyn Hall, Mark Sheldon, Wilfred Walter, Ronald Cardew, Henry Oscar, John Boxer, Vera Pearce, Judith Whittaker.
A trilogy of mystery tales.
"Lord Mountdrago"
Credits: Dir: George More O’Ferrall; Sc: Ian Dalrymple.
Cast: Orson Welles, Alan Badel, Helen Cherry, Andre Morell.
Two Members of Parliament, (Welles & Badel), battle each other in a "duel of dreams" that ultimately leads to their deaths.
"In the Picture"
Credits: Dir: Wendy Toye; Sc: Donald Wilson.
Cast: Alan Badel, Hugh Pryse, Leueen MacGrath, Eddie Byrne.
An insane artist, (Badel), lives within his painting of a house hanging in a museum and lures a museum guide, (Pryse), into the canvas from where he can never leave.
"You Killed Elizabeth"
Credits: Dir: David Eady; Sc: Sidney Caroll.
Cast: Alan Badel, Elizabeth Sellars, John Gregson, Emrys Jones.
A man, (Gregson), who believes he murdered his girlfriend Elizabeth, (Sellars), kills himself, but a bartender, (Badel), is revealed to be the killer.
An unlinked compendium of tales of which only "In the Picture" remains memorable.

THE THREE FACES OF FEAR (1963) see Tre Volti della Paura

THE THREE FACES OF TERROR (1963) see Tre Volti della Paura

THE THREE STOOGES IN ORBIT (1962/Normandy Prod./Columbia) 87mins. US.
Credits: Dir: Edward Bernds; Prod: Norman Maurer; Sc: Elwood Ullman; Ph: William F. Whitley; Ed: Edwin Bryant; Art: Don Ament; Mu: John Chambers; Mus: Paul Dunlap.
Cast: Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Joe De Rita, George Neise, Rayford Barns, Emil Sitka, Carol Christensen, Edson Stoll, Norman Leavitt, Nestor Paiva, Don Lamond, Cheerio Meredith.
Professor Danforth, (Sitka), invents a cigar shaped all purpose military vehicle that can become a helicopter, a submarine, a tank or even a spaceship. Afraid that the device will be used against their planet, a Martian arrives on earth to destroy the invention by posing as Danforth's butler and dressing up as a clawed monster to scare away his assistants, The Three Stooges, (Howard, Fine & De Rita). When the Martian ultimately fails in his mission, his leader sends Ogg, (Neise), and Zogg, (Barns), to destroy the earth, but The Stooges attach an atomic device to the stolen invention which then plunges into the sea and detonates. Meanwhile the Martian leader falls in love with the new dance, the Twist that he has seen on earth television, and spares the earth.
An enjoyable and well made Stooge farce with some excellent make up effects.

THE THREE STOOGES MEET HERCULES (1962/ Normandy Prod./Columbia) 89mins. US.
Credits: Dir: Edward Bernds; Prod: Norman Maurer; Sc: Elwood Ullman; Ph: Charles S. Welborn; Ed: Edwin Bryant; Art: Don Ament; Mus: Paul Dunlap.
Cast: Moe Howard, Larry Fine, "Curly" Joe De Rita, Mike McKeever, Marlin McKeever, Quin Redeker, Vicki Trickett, George Neise, Samson Burke, Emil Sitka, John Cliff, Lewis Charles, Gregg Martell, Gene Roth.
The Three Stooges, (Moe, Larry & Curly Joe), are chemists who are transported back in time by scientist Schuyler Davis', (Redeker), "space converter" and find themselves in Ancient Greece as galley slaves when they are offered their freedom if they can defeat the monstrous two headed Cyclops, (McKeever & McKeever), who has been preying on the kingdom. The Stooges administer "calm-down" pills to the right head and Curly puts the whole bottle of pills in the angered left head with a sling shot causing the creature to go to sleep. After encountering Hercules, (Burke), and other mythical creatures, The Stooges return to their own time.

THREE STRANGE TALES OF EDGAR POE (1967) see Histories Extraordinaires

THE THREE WORLDS OF GULLIVAR (1960/Morningside/Columbia) 100mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Jack Sher; Prod: Charles H. Schneer; Sc: Arthur Ross & Jack Sher; Ph: Wilkie Cooper; Ed: Raymond Poulton; Art: Gil Parrendo & Derek Barrington; Sfx: Ray Harryhausen; Mus: Bernard Herrmann. Based on "Gullivar’s Travels" by Jonathan Swift.
Cast: Kerwin Matthews, Jo Morrow, June Thornburn, Lee Patterson, Gregoire Aslan, Basil Sydney, Sherri Alberoni, Charles Lloyd Pack, Peter Bull.
After being washed overboard, Gullivar finds himself in the land of Lilliput populated by people only six inches high. Later Gullivar finds himself in the Land of Brobdingnag inhabited by sixty-foot giants where he battles with a giant lizard and a squirrel.
An enjoyable children's fantasy adventure that will also appeal to adults.

THREE’S COMPANY (1953/British Lion) 78mins. UK.
Credits: Prod: Douglas Fairbanks Jnr.; Sc: Richard Alan Simmons, Larry Marcus & John Cresswell; Ph: James Wilson & Brendan Stafford; Art: Norman Arnold. From a story by Hestor Holland.
Cast: Basil Sydney, Elizabeth Sellars, George Benson, Douglas Fairbanks Jnr., Constance Cummings.
Three tales.
[1] Credits: Dir: Terence Fisher.
A surgeon, (Sydney), has to operate on the lover his estranged daughter, (Sellars), has almost killed.
[2] Credits: Dir: Terence Fisher.
A clerk, (Benson), becomes involved in a murder-by-phone when he accidentally dials a wrong number.
"The Scream"
Credits: Dir: Charles Saunders; Sc: John Cresswell; Ph: James Wilson.
A man, (Fairbanks), and his faithless wife, (Cummings), buy a house haunted by a scream that is waiting for the murder that caused it to be committed.
A suspenseful compendium memorable for "The Scream".

THE THRILL KILLERS (1965) see Maniacs Are Loose

THRONE OF BLOOD (1957) see Kumonosu-Jo

THRONE OF THE BLOOD MONSTER (1970) see Procesco de las Brujas












On VHS in the US

(1966/A.P. Films) 94mins. Marionettes. UK.
Credits: Dir: David Lane; Prod: Sylvia Anderson; Ex.Prod: Gerry Anderson; Sc: Gerry & Sylvia Anderson; Ph: Paddy Seale; Ed: Len Walter; Art: Robert Bell & Grenville Scott; Sfx: Derek Meddings & Shaun Whittaker-Cook; Mus: Barry Gray. Song sung by "The Shadows".
Voices: Sylvia Anderson, Ray Barrett, Peter Dyneley, David Graham, Shane Rimmer, Bob Monkhouse, Neil McCallum, Charles Tingwell.
The first manned mission to Mars is sabotaged.
The movie release of a popular children’s television programme "Thunderbirds" acted by puppets. Several similar television shows around this time included "Stingray", "Captain Scarlet" and "Joe-90".
Sequel: Thunderbird 6.

THUNDERBIRD 6 (1968/A.P. Films) 90mins. Marionettes. UK.
Credits: Dir: David Lane; Prod: Sylvia Anderson; Ex.Prod: Gerry Anderson; Sc: Gerry & Sylvia Anderson; Ph: Harry Oakes; Ed: Len Walter; Art: Robert Bell; Sfx: Derek Meddings; Puppeteer: Wanda Webb; Mus: Barry Gray.
Voices: Peter Dyneley, Christine Finn, Keith Alexander, Jeremy Wilkin, Gary Files, John Carson, Sylvia Anderson, David Graham, Shane Rimmer.
While a new spaceship is tested under the watchful eye of the International Rescue team, Lady Penelope is kidnapped.
The second cinema release for the popular children’s television programme "Thunderbirds".

THX 2238-4EB (1967/Coppola) 20mins. 16mm.
George Lucas' award winning short about a man escaping from an electronically controlled future society. Lucas made the film while studying at the University of Southern California. Later, the film was expanded to become Lucas' first feature film THX 1138.




































(1960/Verdestella) Italy.
Credits: Dir: Piero Regnoli; Sc: Piero Regnoli, Dario Serra & Arpad de Riso.
Cast: John Drew Barrymore, Eva Bartok, Massimo Serato, Moira Orfei.
A supposedly dead thief returns to "haunt" his partner.
The title translates as "I’ll Wait for You in Hell".

THE TIME MACHINE (1960/Loews Inc./Galaxy Films/MGM.) 103mins.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: George Pal; Sc: David Duncan & George Pal; Ph: Paul C. Vogel; Ed: George Tomasini; Art: George W. Davis & William Ferrari; Sets: Henry Grace & Keogh Gleason; Sfx: Gene Warren & Wah Chung; Mu: William Tuttle; Mus: Russell Garcia. From "The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells.
Cast: Rod Taylor, Yvette Mimieux, Alan Young, Sebastian Cabot, Tom Helmore, Whit Bissell, Doris Lloyd, Bob Barran. Voice of the Rings: Paul Frees.
George, (Taylor), invites his friends on the last day of the nineteenth century to witness a demonstration of his model of a time machine. Despite their scepticism, George travels in the prototype machine he has constructed into the future. In 1917 he experiences World War One, then he travels to 1966 where he is saddened to discover the war is still being waged and that society has not reached the utopia he believed it would. When nuclear bombs cause a lava flow, George and his machine become encased in a mountain that doesn't erode away until 802701 where he encounters the Eloi, a peaceful race, but mysteriously no one seems to age. George discovers that an underground race named the Morlocks are descended from those who stayed in their shelters during the long wars, and now they care for and feed on the Eloi. George manages to arouse the complacent Eloi to rescue those who have been taken by the Morlocks and saves the young Weena, (Mimieux), from being eaten. Back in his own time George tries to convince his friends of his ordeal, but then returns to the Eloi with two books that his maid has found missing from his bookshelf.
A thoroughly absorbing film superbly acted and adapted from Wells' book even if some of the stronger social messages of the novel have been omitted.
During the scene when a Morlock tries to grab Weena, the camera catches the actor's face that should have been concealed by a mask.
The special effects team won an Academy Award.

THE TIME TO DIE (1969) see Temps de Mourir

TIME TRAP (1964) see Time Travellers

THE TIME TRAVELLERS (1964/Cine-Dobril Prod./AIP.) 84mins. US.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Ib Melchior; Prod: William Redlin; A.Prod: Don Levy; Ph: William (Vilmos) Zsigmond & Laszlo Kovacs; Ed: Hal Dennis; Art: Ray Storey; Sfx: David Hewitt; Mus: Richard La Salle. From a story by David Hewitt and Ib Melchior.
Cast: Preston Foster, Philip Carey, Merry Anders, John Hoyt, Joan Woodbury, Steve Franken, Dolores Wells, Dennis Patrick, Gloria Leslie, Margaret Seldeen, Peter Strudwick, Forrest J. Ackerman.
"You are in the future before it happens!"
Scientists Eric von Steiner, (Foster), Steve Connors, (Carey), and Carol White, (Anders), with technician Danny McKee, (Franken), venture through a specially constructed laser window to the year AD. 2017 where they discover a post apocalyptic society populated by bands of roaming mutants. Members of an underground faction of humans led by Dr. Varno, (Hoyt), take the scientists to their subterranean city where, protected by androids, they are building a spaceship to go to another planet. The scientists realise they are caught in a time trap and must construct another laser window to return to their own time, but when the portal is nearing completion, a horde of mutants attack the caves forcing the time travellers to enter the window prematurely. Back in 1964, they arrive a day early and find that they are ageing a million times faster than everyone else. They must create another portal to the time AD. 100,000 to save themselves and begin human existence again.
A low budget and depressing time travel adventure that has been the inspiration for several subsequent films and a television series.

TIMESLIP (1956) see Atomic Man

THE TINGLER (1959/Columbia/Castle) 82mins. BW. with a red colour sequence. US.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: William Castle; Sc: Robb White; Ph: Wilfred M. Cline; Ed: Chester W. Schaeffer; Art: Phil Bennet; Mus: Von Dexter.
Cast: Vincent Price, Judith Evelyn, Darryl Hickman, Patricia Cutts, Philip Coolidge, Pamela Lincoln.
Pathologist Dr. Warren Chapin, (Price), believes he has discovered a new form of parasitic creature that grows to clasp onto, and eventually crush a victim's spine only when they are frightened. A scream is the only way to release the creature's grip that Warren has termed the Tingler. When he meets a deaf mute woman who is unable to scream he uses the opportunity to prove his theories. At her cinema which only screens silent movies, she is mysteriously frightened to death and Dr. Warren manages to extract the fully grown Tingler from her spine and keep it in a box. The doctor's contentious wife tries to use the creature to kill him, and the doctor eventually discovers that the deaf mute woman's husband was responsible for scaring her to death. The Tingler then escapes into an audience at the old movie theatre.
An exercise in the absurd and surreal becomes a fascinating fun filled horror film in which Prices' delicious performance fits nicely alongside the jokey script. The clever use of the colour red against the stark monochrome background allows for some frightening scenes that includes a bathtub filling with blood from which a hand slowly rises.
William Castle, the king of the gimmicks, had seats in some theatres electrically wired to give some members of the audience a mild electric shock; however, the low voltage vibrations were actually produced by World War II motors hooked under the cinema seats. This was used during scenes when the Tingler is loose in the cinema and advertised as "Percepto".















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On VHS in the US






(1969/Vides/Cristaldi) Italy.
Credits: Dir: Mario Monicelli; Sc: Mario Monicelli, Luigi Malerba & Montagnano; Ph: Luigi Kuveiller; Mus: Piero Piccioni.
Cast: Sirena Adgemova, Valentina Cortese, Carole Andre.
A ghost speaks to the living via a teletype machine.
Title translates as "Oh, Grandmother’s Dead

TO HEX WITH SEX (1969/August Films) 86mins. US.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Simon Nuchtern; Sc: Simon Nuchtern & Arthur Littman.
Cast: Stefan Powers, Paula Shaw, Jack Taylor.
A man sells his soul to a female demon for eternal youth.
A sex film with fantastic elements.

TO THE DEVIL A DAUGHTER (1976/Hammer/Terra Film Kunst/EMI.) 93mins. Germany/UK.
Credits: Dir: Peter Sykes; Prod: Roy Skeggs; Ex.Prod: Michael Carreras; Sc: Christopher Wicking; Ph: David Watkin; Ed: John Trumper; Art: Don Picton; Sfx: Les Bowie; Mu: Eric Allright & George Blackler; Mus: Paul Glass. From the novel by Dennis Wheatly.
Cast: Christopher Lee, Richard Widmark, Nastassja Kinski, Honor Blackman, Denholm Elliott, Anthony Valentine, Michael Goodliffe, Eva-Maria Meineke, Derek Francis, Isabella Telezynska, Constantin De Goguel, Anna Bentnick, Irene Prador, Brian Wilde, Francis De La Tour.
Defrocked priest Father Michael Raynor, (Lee), leads a group of Satanists who are after young Catherine Beddows, (Kinski), to take part in a sacrificial ritual on her eighteenth birthday because of a pact with the Devil her father, (Elliott), signed when she was born. To try and save her life, her father leaves his daughter with some friends amongst whom is the respected occult writer John Varney, (Widmark). Father Raynor is confident of the girl's capture, but does not realise that Varney is trying to retrieve the pact signed by Catherine's father which is kept inside a church alter. After her birthday, Catherine is no longer of any use to the Satanists.
A plodding adaptation that tries to include too many of the subplots of the original novel and the film becomes disjointed. Even Lee's good performance doesn't make the film any more convincing.

TOBOR THE GREAT (1953/Dudley/Republic) 77mins. BW.
Credits: Dir: Lee Sholem; Prod: Richard Goldstone; Sc: Philip MacDonald & Richard Goldstone; Ph: John L. Russell; Ed: Basil Wrangell; Art: Gabriel Scognamillo; Sfx: Howard Lydecker & Theodore Lydecker; Mus: Howard Jackson. From a story by Carl Dudley.
Cast: Charles Drake, Karin Booth, Billy Chapin, Taylor Holmes, Steven Geray, Lyle Talbot, Henry Kulky, Franz Roehn, Hal Baylor, Alan Reynolds, Peter Brocco, Norman Field, Robert Shayne, Emmett Vogan, William Schallert, Helen Winston.
A benevolent robot named Tobor used to test experimental aircraft helps an inventor thwart spies who are trying to steal a secret formula. Although Tobor saves the inventor's grandson, the spies turn the mechanical man into a raving maniac.
An unamusing comedy thriller made for children.

TOKAIDO YOTSUYA KAIDAN (1959/Shintoho) 76mins. Japan.
Credits: Dir: Nobuo Nakagawa; Sc: Masayoshi Onuki & Yoshihiro Ishikawa; Ph: Tadashi Nishimoto.
Cast: Shigero Amachi, Kazuko Wakasugi, Shuntaro Emi, Ryuzaburo Nakamura, Noriko Kitazawa, Junko Ikeuchi.
Features a ghost.
The title translates as "The Ghost of Yotsuya".

see Caperucita y Pulgarcito Contra los Monstruos

TOMB OF HORROR (1965) see Cinque Tombe Per un Medium

THE TOMB OF LIGEIA (1964/Anglo Amalgamated/Alta Vista) 81mins. UK/US.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Roger Corman; A.Prod: Pat Green; Sc: Robert Towne; Ph: Arthur Grant; Ed: Alfred Cox; Art: Colin Southcott; Sfx: Ted Samuels; Mu: George Blackler; Mus: Kenneth V. Jones. From the story by Edgar Allan Poe.
Cast: Vincent Price, Elizabeth Shepherd, John Westbrook, Derek Francis, Oliver Johnston, Richard Vernon, Ronald Adam, Frank Thornton, Denis Gilmore, Richard Johnson.
"Man need not kneel before the angels, nor lie in death forever, but for the weakness of his feeble will."
Vernon Fell, (Price), lives in the ruins of an English Abbey mourning for the loss of his first wife Ligeia, but his grief is so great that he begins to believe that Ligeia's spirit resides in a cat and in his new wife, (Shepherd). So convinced is he that Ligeia lives on beyond the grave that everyone seems to act strangely towards him. Before she died, the evil Ligeia hypnotised her husband who remains in a trance.
One of the better Corman Poe adaptations is a brooding and bizarre mixture of necrophilia, hypnotism and spiritualism filmed on the sets left over from Hal Wallis' BECKET.

TOMB OF THE LIVING DEAD (1969) see Mad Doctor of Blood Island

TOMB OF TORTURE (1963/Filmar/Virginia/FDC.) 88mins. BW. Italy/ Germany.
Credits: Dir: Antonio Boccaci (Anthony Kristye); Prod: Frank Campitelli; Sc: Antonio Boccaci & Georgio Simonelli; Ph: William Grace; Ed: Jean-Pierre Grasset & Gaby Vital; Mus: Armando Sciascia.
English language version Ex.Prod: Richard Gordon.
Cast: Annie Albert, Adriano Micantoni, Marco Mariani (Mark Marian), Thony Maky, Elizabeth Queen, William Gray, Bernard Blay, Emy Eko, Terry Thompson, Fred Pizzot.
A girl suffers from nightmares that seem to indicate that she is possessed by a dead Countess, meanwhile, her disfigured butler keeps the family torture chamber well preserved.
Richard Gordon produced the dubbed English language version.

TOMBS OF HORROR (1963) see Lunga Notte del Terrore

TOMEI KAIJIN (1958/Toei) 167mins. BW. Japan.
Credits: Dir: Tsuneo Kobayashi. Based on James Whale’s The Invisible Man (1933).
Cast: Susumu Namishima, Yunosuke Ito.

TOMEI KENSHI (1970/Daiei) 79mins. Japan.
Credits: Dir: Yoshiyuki Kuroda.
An invisible swordsman rights any wrongs that he sees.

TOMEI NINGEN (1954/Toho) BW. Japan.
Credits: Dir: Motoyoshi Oda; Sfx: Eiji Tsuburaya. Based on The Invisible Man.
Cast: Seizaburo Kozu, Miki Sanjo.

Credits: Dir: Mitsuo Murayama; Prod: Hidemasa Nagata; Sc: Hajime Takaiwa; Ph: Hiroshi Murai.
Cast: Ryuji Shinagawa, Yoshiro Kitabara, Joji Tsunumi, Yoshihiro Hamaguchi, Junko Kano.
A scientist develops a transparency formula that he uses on himself to help the police track down a murderer who happens to be only a few inches tall.
An empty Japanese superhero adventure.

TOMORROW YOU DIE! (1963) see Crawling Hand

Esta Noite Encarnarei no Teu Cadáver

Esta Noite Encarnarei no Teu Cadáver

Esta Noite Encarnarei no Teu Cadáver

TOOFANI TARZAN (1962/Nav Shakti Films) 143mins. India.
Credits: Dir: A.R. Zamindar.
Cast: Azad, Shanta Kumari, Sham Kumar.
A girl is rocketed across mountains by a wizard.

TORE NG DIYABLO (1969/Santiago) Philippines.
Credits: Dir: Lauro Pacheco; Sc: José Flores Sibal; Mus: Pablo Vergara. From the "Lagim Komiks" series by Nelsa Morales.
Cast: Jimmy Morato, Pilar Pilapil, Rodolfo Garcia, Lucita Soriano, Ramon D'Salva, Diana Dean, Ricky Santiago, Vince Juarez, Mars Mercado.
A pregnant woman who sucks the life out of lizards is sought after by a vampire, (D'Salva) to bear his vampire child. A werewolf, (Garcia), combats the fiend and both are destroyed in an earthquake.
The title translates as "Tower of the Devil".

TORMENTED (1960/Cheviot/Allied Artists) 75mins. BW.
Credits: Dir. & Sfx: Bert I. Gordon; Prod: Bert I. Gordon & Joe Steinberg; Sc: George Worthing Yates; Ph: Ernest Laszlo; Ed: John Bushelman; Art: Gabriel Scognamillo; Sfx: Herman Townsley; Vis.Fx: Bert I. Gordon & Flora Gordon; Mus: Albert Glasser.
From a story by Bert I. Gordon.
Cast: Richard Carlson, Julie Reding, Gene Roth, Susan Gordon, Lugene Sanders, Joe Turkel, Lillian Adams, Vera Marsh, Harry Fleer, Merrit Stone.
A pianist, (Carlson), who pushes his mistress to her death from a lighthouse discovers that he is being haunted by parts of the woman's body. Ghostly hands and a floating head torment him, but this is only the prelude to her seaweed soaked body appearing at his wedding to a society woman. Eventually the ghost drives the pianist to murder after which he falls to his death and his body is found intertwined with his mistress’ corpse.
A bizarre and mildly effective ghost story made on a low budget.

TORTICOLA AGAINST FRANKENSTEIN (1952) see Torticola Contre Frankenberg

TORTICOLA CONTRE FRANKENBERG (1952/Les Films Marceau) 36mins. France.
Credits: Dir: Paul Paviot; Sc: Louis Sapin & Albert Vidalie; Ph: André Thomas; Ed: Charles Bretoneiche; Des: Alexandre Trauner; Art: James Allan; Mus: Joseph Kosma.
Cast: Vera Norman, Roger Blin, Michel Piccoli, Francois Patrice, Marc Boussac, Hélčna Menson, Daniel Gélin.
After a scientist creates a man-beast named Torticola, (Piccoli), from the parts of dead bodies, he continues his unorthodox experiments by transforming a man into a cat. However, Torticola kills his creator when the scientist tries to inject him with the blood from a woman.
Although there are references to 1935's The Bride of Frankenstein, this is a poor and confused rendition of the famous tale.
Torticola translates as Twisted Neck.

see Orrori del Castello di Norimberga


see Schlangenrube und das Pendel

TORTURE DUNGEON (1970/Mishkin) 80mins.
Credits: Dir. & Ph: Andy Milligan; Prod: William Mishkin; Sc: Andy Milligan & John Borske; Sets: James Fox; Mu: Walter Terry.
Cast: Jeremy Brooks, Susan Cassidy, Neil Flanagan, Patricia Dillon.
The evil Duke of Norwich murders and tortures all those who stand between him and the English throne.
Another of Milligan's cheap productions using Staten Island, New York to represent medieval Britain.

TORTURE GARDEN (1967/Amicus/Columbia) 93mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Freddie Francis; Prod: Milton Subotsky & Max J. Rosenberg; Sc: Robert Bloch; Ph: Norman Warwick; Ed: Peter Elliott; Art: Don Mingaye & Scott Simon; Mu: Jill Carpenter; Mus: Don Banks & James Bernard. From the short stories by Robert Bloch.
Cast: Hedgar Wallace, David Baur, Michael Bryant, Burgess Meredith, Beverly Adams, Robert Hutton, Jack Palance, Michael Ripper, Peter Cushing, Bernard Kay, John Standing, Maurice Denham, Niall MacGinnis, Barbera Ewing, Nicole Shelby, David Bauer, Catherine Finn, Timothy Bateson.
Doctor Diablo, (Meredith), invites four people to his fairground attraction, Torture Garden, to reveal their futures.
Colin Williams, (Bryant), is told that he will murder a rich relative, but her cat influences him to continue killing to satisfy the cat's bizarre taste for human heads.
"Terror Over Hollywood".
Carla Hayes, (Adams), scratches youthful film star Paul's, (Hutton), cheek and discovers that he is actually a robot which forces Paul's creator Dr. Heim, (Kay), to also turn her into an automaton. Later one of her fans shouts from the crowd "Isn't she a doll. A living doll."
"Mr. Steinway".
Dorothy Endicott, (Ewing), falls in love with a dedicated pianist, (Standing), but the piano becomes jealous and crushes her.
"The Man Who Collected Poe".
Lancelot Canning, (Cushing), is an extraordinary fan of Edgar Allan Poe and has revived Poe's corpse to continue writing for him. An equally enthusiastic fan, (Palance), of the famous writer discovers who Canning has living in his basement.
At his side-show, Dr. Diablo allows the Goddess of Destiny, Atropos to cut each of his customer's threads of life.
An uninspired collection of tales of which the first and last are the best. Amicus studios'  better anthologies were Doctor Terror's House of Horrors and The House That Dripped Blood.
A promotional packet of "Fright Seeds" were given to theatre patrons.

TORTURE ZONE (1968) see Camara del Terror

DIE TOTEN AUGEN VON LONDON (1961/Rialto) Germany.
Credits: Dir: Alfred Vohrer.
Cast: Karin Baal, Joachim Fuchsberger, Ady Berber.

EIN TOTER IM NETZ (1959/Pacemaker/Rapid) Germany/Yugoslavia.
Credits: Dir: Fritz Bottger (Jamie Nolan); Prod: Gaston Hakim.
Cast: Alex D'Arcy, Helga Frank, Harald Maresch, Barbara Valentine.
An aeroplane carrying a Hollywood talent scout and seven pretty girls crashes on a remote island inhabited by giant spiders. When the talent scout is bitten, he turns into a hairy-faced creature that preys on the women. He eventually dies in quicksand.


DIE TOTESSTRAHLEN DER DR. MABUSE (1964/ Filmkunst/ Serena/ Criterion/ Franco) BW. Germany/Italy/France.
Credits: Dir: Hugo Fregonese; Sc: Ladislas Fodor & Brian Edgar Wallace; Mus: Carlos Diernhammer. Based on a story by Nobert Jacques.
Cast: Werner Peters, Peter Van Eyck, Leo Genn, Yvonne Ferneaux, Yoko Tani, O.E. Hasse, Wolfgang Priess, Walter Rilla.
Doctor Mabuse again tries to conquer the world, this time utilising the awesome powers of his death ray.
The last in the series of German Dr. Mabuse films produced during the 1960's.

LA TOUR DE NESLE (1968) see Der Turm der Verbotenen Liebe

TOWER OF LONDON (1962/Admiral/UA.) 79mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Roger Corman; Prod: Gene Corman; Sc: Leo V. Gordon, F. Amos Powell & James B. Gordon; Dialogue Dir: Francis Ford Coppola; Ph: Arch R. Dalzell; Ed: Ronald Sinclair; Art: Daniel Haller; Sfx: Modern Film Effects; Mus: Michael Andersen.
From a story by Leo V. Gordon and Amos Powell.
Cast: Vincent Price, Michael Pate, Joan Freeman, Robert Brown, Bruce Gordon, Joan Camden, Richard Hale, Sandra Knight, Charles Macaulay, Justice Watson, Sarah Selby, Donald Losby, Sara Taft, Eugene Martin.
Edward IV is dying and the Duke of Clarence is named Protector until his son Edward is old enough to take up the throne of England. However, the sinister and deformed Richard Duke of Gloucester, (Price), murders the Protector by drowning him in a vat of wine and tortures a nurse to death for her to confess that the young Edward is not the rightful heir to the throne. When the young Princes are taken to the Tower of London, Richard has them killed to ensure his ascension to the throne. Slowly the new king goes insane when the ghosts of his victims appear and tell him that he will die at the battle of Bosworth against the armies of Lord Stanley.
Although historically incorrect, there is plenty of Price's wonderfully evil presence to please fans. Unfortunately the film lacks the gothic touch that would have made it a horror camp classic.



(1968) see Der Turm der Verbotenen Liebe

TOWER OF TERROR (1970) see Assault


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