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(1970/ Ceskoslovensky/ Barrandov) 72mins. Czechoslovakia.
Credits: Dir: Jaromil Jires; Sc: Jaromil Jires & Ester Krumbachov; Ph: Jan Curík; Ed: Josef Valusiak; Art: Jan Oliva; Mus: Jan Klusak. From a story by Vitezlav Nezval.
Cast: Helena Anyzková, Jaroslava Schallerová, Peter Kopriva, Jirí Prymek, Jan Klusák, Libuse Komancova, Karel Engel, Alena Stojakov.
Valerie, a thirteen-year-old innocent enters the world of adults, finding it frightening, erotic and mystifying. A shape-shifter who although looks handsome enough, sometimes shows his vampiric tendencies and turns Valerie's grandmother into a young vampire woman while also threatening Valerie's brother. The girl suffers from nightmares about vampires and of her own death by being burnt at the stake by a priest who tries to rape her.
No plot, but a surreal montage of beautifully photographed images depicting a world of myth and magic.

VALERIE AND HER WEEK OF WONDERS (1970) see Valerie a Tyden Divu

VALKOIMEN PEURA (1952/Sell) 75mins. Finland.
Credits: Dir., Prod., Sc. & Ph: Eric Blomberg; Mus: Eimar Englund.
Cast: Mirjami Kuosmanen, Kalervo Nissila, Ake Lindman, Arvo Lehesmaa.
A woman suffers from a curse that transforms her occasionally into a reindeer that kills hunters.

THE VALLEY OF GWANGI (1968/Morningside/Schneer/Warner) 95mins. US.
Credits: Dir: James O'Connolly; Prod: Charles H. Schneer; A.Prod. & Sfx: Ray Harryhausen; Sc: William E. Best & Julian More; Ph: Erwin Hillier; Ed: Henry Richardson; Art: Gil Parrando; Mus: Jerome Moross. From a story by Willis O'Brien.
Cast: James Franciscus, Richard Carlson, Gustavo Rojo, Mario De Barros, Gila Golan, Dennis Kilbane, Laurence Naismith, Curtis Arden, Freda Jackson.
The discovery of a small prehistoric horse known as an eohippus, leads cowboys of the T.J. Beckinridge Wild West Show in 1912 Mexico to a hidden valley that is inhabited by dinosaurs. The cowboys and palaeontologist Professor Bromley, (Naismith), manage to capture an allosaurus that the natives believe is an evil god named Gwangi. In the city the creature is put on display, but the dinosaur inevitably breaks free and goes on a rampage, fighting with an elephant before it is cornered in a cathedral and set on fire.
For several years Willis O'Brien had planned to mix the western genre with dinosaurs, but never quite got the projects off the ground. Work for this film was started by O'Brien in 1942, but Schneer and Harryhausen realised O'Brien's ambition. Although this is an effective Saturday afternoon dinosaur adventure with good effects work, some poor acting lets the film down.
The monster's battle with the elephant was also used in Twenty Million Miles to Earth.

VALLEY OF THE DRAGONS (1961/ZRB. Prod./Columbia) 79mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Edward Bernds; Prod: Byron Roberts; Ex.Prod: Alfred Zimbalist; Ph: Brydon Baker; Ed: Edwin Bryant; Art: Don Ament; Sfx: Dick Albain; Mu: Ben Lane; Mus: Ruby Raskin. From "Off the Comet" by Jules Verne.
Cast: Cesare Danova, Sean McClory, Joan Stanley, Danielle DeMetz, Gregg Martel, Roger Til, I Stanford Jolley, Michael Lane.
"Space travellers in a world that time forgot!"
Two people involved in a dual are suddenly whisked onto a passing comet that is inhabited by dinosaurs and River people who are warring with some cave dwelling mutants.
This features the now familiar dinosaur fight scene from One Million BC., and a giant spider from World Without End.

VALLEY OF THE STONE MEN (1962) see Medusa Versus the Son of Hercules

VALLEY WHERE TIME STOOD STILL (1968) see The Valley of Gwangi




















































(1968/Filmica Vergara/Columbia) Mexico.
Credits: Dir: Frederico Curiel; Prod: Luis Enrique Vergara; Ex.Prod: Jesús Fragoso; Sc: Adolfo Torres Portillo & Frederico Curiel; Ph: Alfredo Uribe; Ed: Juan Jose Munguia; Mu: María Eugenia Luna; Art: Octavio Ocampo & José Mendez; Mus: Gustavo Cesar Carréon.
Cast: Mils Mascaras, Marta Romero, Maria Duval, John Carradine, Maura Monti, Pedro Armendariz Jnr., Elsa Maria, Dagoberto Rodriguez, Jessica Munguia, Vianey Larriaga, Manual Garay, Rossy Ceballos, Sara Bentz.
Dracula, (Carradine), is imprisoned by his wife, and can only watch as his horde of bloodthirsty wrestling women are attacked by masked wrestling superheroes, (Mascaras & Duval).
Carradine's third of four films he made in Mexico for producer Vergara.

LAS VAMPIRAS (1970) see Vampyres Lesbos die Erbin des Dracula

THE VAMPIRE (1957/Gramercy/UA.) 74mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Paul Landres & Fernando Mendez; Prod: Arthur Gardner & Jules V. Levy; Sc: Pat Fielder; Ph: Jack Mackenzie; Ed: John D. Favre; Art: James Vance; Mu: Don Roberson; Mus: Gerald Fried.
Cast: John Beal, Coleen Gray, Kenneth Tobey, Lydia Reed, Dabbs Greer, Herb Vigran, Arthur Gardner, Paul Brinegar, Ann Staunton, Louise Lewis, James Griffith, Natalie Masters.
"A new kind of horror!"
A small town doctor, (Beal), attends to the death of a scientist developing some pills made from bat serum in an effort to transform man's intellect. The doctor pockets a bottle of the pills and accidentally takes one, causing him to prowl the night as a hideous monster. During the day he attends the injuries of his victims unaware of his nightly activities. Slowly the doctor realises that he is the bloodsucking creature, but now hopelessly addicted to the pills, the police are forced to shoot the monster.
An enjoyable exercise in 50's B-movie hokum.

THE VAMPIRE (1958) see El Vampiro

THE VAMPIRE AND THE BALLERINA (1961) see L'Amanti del Vampiro

THE VAMPIRE AND THE ROBOT (1952) see Mother Riley Meets the Vampire

THE VAMPIRE BEAST CRAVES BLOOD (1967) see The Blood Beast Terror

LE VAMPIRE DE DUSSELDORF (1964/Beauregard/Mega) BW. France/Italy/Spain.
Credits: Dir: Robert Hossein.
Cast: Robert Hossein, Marie-France Pisier, Roger Dutoit, Annie Andersson, Michel Dacquin, Anne Carrere.
Another adaptation of the case of serial killer Peter Kürten, the Vampire of Dusseldorf who also inspired Fritz Lang's M.

LA VAMPIRE DE LA AUTOPSIA (1970) see El Vampiro de la Autopsia

THE VAMPIRE DOLL (1970) see Chi O Suu Ningyo

A VAMPIRE FOR TWO (1965) see Un Vampiro Para Dos

THE VAMPIRE GIRLS (1968) see Las Vampiras

Gebissen Wird Nur Nachts-Happening der Vampire

THE VAMPIRE LOVERS (1970/Hammer/AIP.) 91mins. (UK). 88mins. (US). UK.
Credits: Dir: Roy Ward Baker; Prod: Harry Fine & Michael Style; Sc: Tudor Gates, Harry Fine & Michael Style; Ph: Moray Grant; Ed: James Needs; Art: Scott MacGregor; Mus: Harry Robinson. From "Carmilla" by Sheridan Le Fanu.
Cast: Peter Cushing, Ingrid Pitt, Kirsten Betts, Kate O'Mara, Harvey Hall, Madeline Smith, Dawn Addams, George Cole, Ferdy Mayne, Pippa Steele, Jon Finch, Douglas Wilmer, John Forbes Robertson, Charles Farrell, Janey Key.
The Karnstein family of vampires reigned over Styria until Baron Hartog, (Wilmer), destroyed them all, but their daughter Mircalla, (Pitt), escapes. Years later a young woman named Marcilla is invited to stay at General Von Spieldorf's, (Cushing), home after a carriage accident. Marcilla vampirises the General's daughter and then moves on. While in another household, Marcilla, now known as Carmilla, proceeds to vampirise the household and force her lesbian attentions on a young woman, (Smith). Meanwhile, General Spieldorf discovers her whereabouts, reveals her vampiric tendencies and beheads her.
The first of Hammer's erotic vampire films that created a new sub-genre of titillating vampires although it was just another ploy to extend the life of a tired, overworked theme.
The attitude of the British film censor was such that the film was released in tact.

VAMPIRE MEN OF THE LOST PLANET (1970) see Horror of the Blood Monsters

LA VAMPIRE NUE (1969/Films ABC/Tigon) 90mins. France.
Credits: Dir: Jean Rollin; Prod: Jean Lavie; Sc: Jean Rollin & S.H. Moati; Ph: Jean-Jacques Renon; Art: Jio Berk; Mus: Yvon Gérault & François Tusques.
Cast: Olivier Martin, Maurice Le Maitre, Caroline Cartier, Ly Letong, Bernard Musson, Jean Aron, Ursule Pauly, Michael Delahaye, Christine François.
An obsessed industrialist attempts to discover the secret of immortality and captures a young vampire girl, (Cartier), to study, but a young man, (Martin), falls in love with her and together with others of her kind, they attempt a rescue mission. Eventually the young man learns that he and the others are not actually vampires, but a new breed of vampiric mutant humanoid.
An absurd, but strangely compelling early work from Rollin who attempts an inverse approach to the vampire myth with plenty of nudity and surrealism..
Cut to 73 minutes for 1973 British cinema release.

VAMPIRE OVER LONDON (1952) see Mother Riley Meets the Vampire

VAMPIRE OF THE OPERA (1964) see Vampiro del l'Opera

THE VAMPIRE PEOPLE (1966) see The Blood Drinkers

EL VAMPIRE SANGRIENTO (1962/Tele-Talia/Clasa-Mohme/Azteca) 110mins. BW. Mexico.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Miguel Morayta; Prod: Rafael Perez Grovas; Ph: Raul Martinez Solares; Ed: Gloria Schoemann; Mus: Luis Hernandez Solares.
Cast: Carlos Agosti, Begona Palacious, Erna Martha Bauman, Raul Farell, Enrique Lucero, Bertha Moss, Antonio Raxel, Adrias Roel.
Vampire Count Frankenhausen, (Agosti), falls prey to vampire hunter Count Cagliostro, who disguises his daughter as a serving maid in order to gain access to Frankenhausen's home.
A dull feature whose eerie sets and photography are ruined by the poor dubbing.
This is the first of two films imported, edited and reconstructed by producer K. Gordon Murray for the American market with some new scenes added by director Manuel San Fernando. Some prints can be found at 98 minutes.
The second film in the series is La Invasion de los Vampiros.

VAMPIRE THRILLS (1970) see Le Frisson des Vampires

VAMPIRE WOMAN (1962) see Xi Xuefu

THE VAMPIRES (1961) see Maciste Contro il Vampiro

THE VAMPIRE'S COFFIN (1958) see Ataud del Vampiro

THE VAMPIRE'S CRYPT (1962) see Maldicion de los Karnstein

A VAMPIRE'S DREAM (1969) see Um Sonho de Vampiros

THE VAMPIRE’S LOVER (1961) see L’Amante del Vampiro

THE VAMPIRES OF DR. DRACULA (1968) see La Marca del Hombre Lobo

THE VAMPIRE'S RAPE (1968) see Le Viol du Vampires

THE VAMPIRE'S THRILL (1970) see Le Frisson des Vampires

An unfilmed script that was written to star Bela Lugosi, unfortunately Bela died during 1956 and the film was never realised.























(1957/Titanus/Athena/RCIP.) 71mins. BW. Italy.
Credits: Dir: Robert Hampton (Riccardo Freda); Prod: Ermanno Donati & Luigi Carpentieri; Sc: Piero Regnoli & Rik Sjostrom; Ph: Mario Bava; Art: Beni Montresor; Mus: Franco Mannino & Roman Vlad.
Cast: Gianna Maria Canale, Paul Muller, Antoine Balpêtré, Carlo D'Angelo, Wandisa Guida, Dario Michaelis, Renato Tontini, Charles Fawcett.
Insane scientist Julian Du Grand, (Balpêtré), murders young women he meets at a strip club and irradiates their blood to restore youth to his beloved cousin Countess Margarita Du Grand, (Canale). Eventually the Countess is deprived of her supply and she ages rapidly.
A scientific approach to the familiar story is effectively eerie with good camerawork and design, shot on a twelve-day schedule and completed by Bava when Freda walked off the set. Most noted for being the first horror film from Italy that set the distinct Italian flavour of future releases.
The American distributors of the film added a pointless mild rape scene and an actress taking a bath in the opening sequence, releasing it as an adults only feature with television's "Munsters" star Al Lewis.
Canale's ageing scene was achieved by using red makeup and then filming alternatively with red and white lighting.
Canale was a Miss Italy finalist.

VAMPIRISME (1967/Films du Cosmos) 12mins. BW. France.
Credits: Dir: Patrice Duvic & Bernard Chaouat; Prod: Jean Mondoloni; Ph: Philippe Théaudière; Ed: Janine Boublil; Drawings: Gérard Le Barre & Jean-Claude Rault.
Cast: Michel Beaune, Guy Mineur, Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, Alain le Bris, Bernard Chaouat, Bernard Tretton.
Bloodrinking vampires are shown going about their nightly lives including a vampire baby sucking its mother's blood.
A short vampire comedy.

EL VAMPIRO (1958/Salazar/Cinematográfica Alosa) 95mins. BW. Mexico.
Credits: Dir: Fernando Mendez; Prod: Abel Salazar; Sc: Henrique Rodriguez & Ramon Obon; Ph: Rosario Solano; Art: Günther Gerszo; Mus: Gustavo Carrion. Story by Ramón Obón.
Cast: Germán Robles, Ariadana Welter, Abel Salazar, José Luis Jiminez, July Danary (Julio Daneri), Joseph (José) Chavez, Mercedes Soler, Lydia Mellon, Carmen Montejo, Amando Zumaya.
Mourners in a funeral procession traditionally cross themselves as they pass the grave of vampire Count Karol de Lavud, (Robles). Meanwhile Lavud's cousin masquerades himself as a landowner and smuggles in a coffin of native soil needed to resurrect the Count. Eventually Dr. Enrique, (Salazar), stakes the undead fiend and the count's dead sister Marie is seen walking about carrying her tomb's two foot cross with her.
Filled with eerie and surreal moments, this is one of the only Mexican vampire films to find general release outside Mexico. An inferior American version exists with new footage prepared by Dick Barker.
Sequel: El Ataud del Vampiro (The Vampire's Coffin).

EL VAMPIRO ACHECHA (1959) Argentina.
Based on a story by William Irish (Cornell Woolrich).
Cast: Germán Robles, Nestor Zarrade, Blanca del Prado.
A young boy combats a vampire that preys on small children.
The title translates as "The Lurking Vampire".

EL VAMPIRO DE LA AUTOPSIA (1970/Paragon) 85mins. Spain.
Credits: Dir: Jim Delavena (Jose Louis Madrid) & Arthur Davidson; Prod: Edmondo Amanti.
Cast: Waldemar Wohlfahart, Patricia Loran, Barta Barry, Luis Iduni, Adela Tauler, Joe Campoy (Anastasio Campoy).
Count Oblensky, (Wohlfahart), is transformed into a vampire after spending the night with his lover, (Loran), in his cursed ancestral castle. Now the Count is slaying travellers staying at a Black Forest motel.
A typically unamusing European farce with a strong sexual element.

Credits: Dir: Renato Polselli. Based on "The Phantom of the Opera" by Gaston Leroux.
Cast: Vittoria Prada, Mark Marianne (Marco Mariani), John McDouglas (Giuseppe Addobati), Barbera Howard, Catla Cavelli.
Stefano, (Addobati), is a vampire who preys on a troupe of actors rehearsing at an old opera house, but he recognises the star, (Prada), as his reincarnated lover and re-introduces her to the pleasures of vampirism.
A low budget sex romp that accompanied L'Amante del Vampiro.

EL VAMPIRO NEGRO (1953/Sono Film) BW.
Credits: Dir: Roman Vinoly Barreto.
Cast: Olga Zubarry, Roberto Escalada, Nathan Pinzon, Nelly Panizza, George Rivier, Pascual Pelliciotta.
Inspired by the real life exploits of the serial killer The Vampire of Dusseldorf.
Remade in 1964 as Le Vampire de Dusseldorf.

UN VAMPIRO PARA DOS (1966/Belmar) 85mins. BW. Spain.
Credits: Dir: Pedro Lazaga Sabater; Sc: Pedro Lazaga Sabater & José Palacio; Ph: Eloy Mella; Art: Martin Zerolo; Mus: Anton Garcia Abril.
Cast: Gracita Morales, José Luis Lopez Vazquez, Fernando Fernan Gomez, Trini Alonso, Goyo Lebreros, José Oyas.
Baron von Rosenthal, (Gomez), a German vampire and his undead family menace their Spanish servants, (Morales & Vazquez).
An unfunny comedy vehicle for duo Morales and Vazquez.







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(1968) see Santo en el Tesoro de Dracula

Credits: Dir: Juan Oetega.
Cast: Joaquin Cordero, Alma Fuentes, William Murray, José Elias Moreno.
A government agent investigates a series of mysterious deaths in a small village.

VAMPYR (1970) Spain.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Pedro Portabella; A.Dir: Atli Settino; Ph: Manual Esteban.
Cast: Christopher Lee, Soledad Miranda, Herbert Lom, Fred Williams, Jack Taylor.
A short documentary on the making of a vampire film and partly a vampire tale itself.

VAMPYRES LESBOS DIE ERBIN DES DRACULA (1970/CCC Telecine/Fenix) Germany/Spain.
Credits: Dir: Franco Manera (Jesus Franco); Prod: Paul Muller & Dennis Price; Ex.Prod: Arturo Marcos; Sc: Jesus Franco; Ph: Manuel Merino; Mu: Paloma Fernandez; Mus: Paul Grasel. From "Dracula's Guest" by Bram Stoker and Sheridan Le Fanu's "Carmilla".
Cast: Susan Korda (Soledad Miranda), Dennis Price, Ewa Strömberg, Paul Mueller, Hiedrum Kussin, Victor Feldman.
An American girl is haunted by a beautiful woman named Nadina, (Korda), but unknown to the girl, the woman is a descendant of Count Dracula who entices young women to her isolated island where she slaughters them and uses their blood to maintain her youth.
A badly made and familiar tale filmed in Turkey with terrible camerawork and an overuse of the zoom lens. The German version contains more sex scenes.

VARAN THE UNBELIEVABLE (1958) see Daikaiju Baran

VARGTIMMEN (1968/Svensk Filmindustri) 88mins. BW. Sweden.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Ingmar Bergman; Prod: Lars-Owe Carlberg; Ph: Sven Nykvist; Ed: Ulla Ryghe; Art: Marik Vos-Lundh; Mus: Lars Johan Werle.
Cast: Max Von Sydow, Liv Ullman, Gertrud Fridh, Erland Josephson, Gudrun Brost, Ingrid Thulin, Georg Rydeberg.
On a desert island retreat, John Borg, (Sydow), a well known painter, has become rather withdrawn, but his wife Alma, (Ullman), discovers that he is living in his own imagined world of horror and darkness, haunted by memories from the past.
A surreal melodrama with superb performances, even if the message is unclear.

THE VAULT OF HORROR (1973/Amicus/Metromedia) 86mins. UK. Aka: TALES FROM THE CRYPT II.
Credits: Dir: Roy Ward Baker; Prod: Max J. Rosenberg & Milton Subotsky; Ex.Prod: Charles Fries; Sc: Milton Subotsky; Ph: Denys Coop; Ed: Oswald Hafenrichter; Art: Tony Curtis; Mu: Roy Ashton; Mus: Douglas Gamley. From the EC Comics "Vault of Horror" and "Tales From The Crypt" by Al Feldstein and William Gaines.
Cast: Anna Massey, Daniel Massey, Tom Baker, Michael Craig, Curt Jurgens, Terry Thomas, Glynis Johns, Michael Pratt, Erik Chitty, Marianne Stone, John Forbes Robertson, John Witty, Dawn Addams, Jasmina Hilton, Edward Judd, Robin Nedwell, Geoffrey Davies, Arthur Mullard, Denholm Elliott, Terence Alexander, Jerold Wells.
Five people are stranded in a strange vault when their lift breaks down and recount their series of similar nightmares while they wait for the lift to be repaired.
"Midnight Mess".
A brother and sister, (Massey), move to a new town and discover that the inhabitants only come out at night. Eventually the brother finds himself the main course at a local restaurant where the vampires have hung him upside down with a tap to his neck so that they can pour out quantities of his blood.
"Bargain With Death".
Mr. Maitland, (Judd), enters into an agreement with a doctor, (Craig), who administers him with a special fluid that affects a death like appearance so that they can share his life insurance money. Arrangements are made for Maitland to be dug up after the funeral, but before he can do so the gravedigger is bribed by two medical students who want a cadaver for their studies. The gravedigger is so alarmed when Maitland rises from his coffin that he bashes his head in with a crow bar.
"This Trick'll Kill You".
Sebastian, (Jurgens), is a world famous magician who steals a magic rope from a fakir in India in the hope of adding the trick to his act. When he manages to make the rope stand his wife climbs to the top and disappears, leaving a pool of gore on the rope's end. As he tries to escape, Sebastian is entwined with the rope and killed.
"The Neat Job".
Maddened by her husband's, (Thomas), excessive neatness, his wife, (Johns), kills him and then slices up his body parts and places them neatly into separate jars.
"Drawn and Quartered".
Moore, (Baker), a reclusive artist finds that he is being cheated out of the true value of his paintings when he sells them to his dealer. As a practitioner of voodoo, Moore paints the culprit's portrait and dismembers him by defacing the painting, however, some thinners accidentally fall on his own portrait and he is run down by a truck.
The five men wonder why their dreams are so realistic when the lift suddenly begins to operate. The men emerge from the building and into a graveyard only to discover that they are all dead.
The able cast do their very best with an insipid and tired script that lacks atmosphere or originality.











(1958/Hal Roach) 99mins.
Credits: Dir: Herbert L. Strock; Ex.Prod: Hal Roach.
Cast: Boris Karloff, Paul Bryer, Booth Coleman, Roxanne Berard, Gretchen Thomas, Leonard Penn, Robert Griffin, Albert Carrier, Ray Montgomery, Tony Travis, Gene Collins, Argentina Brunett, Vici Raat, Elvira Curci, Connie Van, Robert Hardy, Patrick McNee.
Karloff hosts and appears in four tales:
"The Crystal Ball".
A romantic novelist is upset to discover that his girlfriend Marie is to marry his publisher despite the advice of his uncle, (Karloff), to forget her. Using a crystal ball that she gave him before she left, the novelist is able to see Marie wherever she is including her affair with someone other than her husband. Eventually the writer takes Marie's husband to where she is meeting her lover and then smashes the crystal ball.
"The Doctor".
An ageing doctor, (Karloff), is advised to slow down by his son who is called out to visit the sickly child of an Italian family. During the dangerous operation he has to perform, his father appears to help him save the young girl. The son returns home to discover that his father never left home that night and denies ever being at the operation.
"Summer Heat".
During an excessively hot New York City summer a man witnesses a murder, but when the police arrive at the scene there is no body and no evidence of the crime. Baffled, the man believes it to be a vision of the future when a blonde moves into the same apartment. His doctor, (Karloff), believes his story, but also provides him with a sound alibi when the police suspect the man after the crime is committed.
"Vision of Crime"
When his brother is shot by a woman, George Bosworth, (Hardy), witnesses the murder 150 miles away reflected in a bowl of water. While a policeman, (Karloff), investigates the crime George returns home to discover his wife Julie is the murderer, but a witness saw her go to the house.
The stories are weak mixtures of crime and the supernatural, satisfying neither genre. Only Karloff adds any interest to the collection.
This is one of three features made from unused episodes of a syndicated television show titled "Thriller". The other features are Jack the Ripper and Destination Nightmare. All the films contain four episodes, but cataloguing becomes confusing as at least one episode appears in more than one feature.



(1969) see The Corpse

THE VELVET HOUSE CORPSE (1969) see The Corpse


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