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THE WICKER MAN (1973/Charlemagne/British Lion) 103mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Robin Hardy; Prod: Peter Snell; Sc: Anthony Shaffer; Ph: Harry Waxman; Ed: Eric Boyd Perkins; Art: Seamus Flannery; Mus: Paul Giovanni.
Cast: Christopher Lee, Edward Woodward, Diane Cilento, Ingrid Pitt, Britt Ekland, Lesley Mackie, Walter Carr, Lindsay Kemp, Aubrey Morris, Ian Campbell, Russell Waters, Irene Carr, Irene Sunters, Geraldine Cowper, Jennifer Martin, Roy Boyd, Donald Eccles, John Hallam.
Police Seargent Neil Howie, (Woodward), a devout Christian, is summoned to an outer Scottish island from the mainland to investigate the disappearence of a missing girl. However, when he arrives no-one seems to know anything about the girl, or who she is. Confused by the islanders lack of interest, Howie is appalled to find numerous signs of paganism on the island. After investigating further he is convinced that the missing girl has been sacrificed to pagan gods to try and improve the island's fruit harvest. Led by a series of bizarre clues Howie becomes part of a pagan ritual during which the islander's reveal that he was chosen for his strong beliefs and purposely lured to the island. Imprisoned in a giant figure made from wicker, Howie is horrified when it is set alight.
A disturbing thriller set against a confrontation between two totally different religions which culminates in a bizarre clash of beliefs. Lee relishes in his role as Lord Summerisle, head of the island, and gives one of his finest portrayals.
Due to problems with the production company, Robin Hardy's directorial debut never received a major release, and only appeared as a supporting feature to DON'T LOOK NOW which earned the film a minor release in America.
Hardy firmly blames the clumsy editing for the 80 minute release on the distributors, but with Peter Snell and Christopher Lee he is attempting to find the missing footage to restore the film to his original 120 minute vision. An 87 minute version and a 103 minute version can still be found.
Robin Hardy appears briefly in an early scene as a clergyman.

WILD, WILD PLANET (1965) see I Criminalli della Glassia

THE WILD WORLD OF BATWOMAN (1966) see She Was a Hippy Vampire

WILLARD (1970/Bing Crosby Prod./Cinerama) 95mins. US.
Credits: Dir: Daniel Mann; Prod: Mort Briskin; Ex.Prod: Charles A. Pratt; Sc: Gilbert A. Ralston; Ph: Robert B. Hauser; Ed: Warren Low; Art: Howard Hollander; Sfx: Bud David; Ph.Fx: Howard A. Anderson & Co.; Rat Trainer: Moe Di Sesso; Mus: Alex North. From "Ratman's Notebooks" by Stephen Gilbert.
Bruce Davison, Sondra Locke, Ernest Borgnine, Michael Dante, Elsa Lanchester, Jody Gilbert, J. Pat O'Malley, William Hansen, Joan Shawlee, Almira Sessions, Alan Baxter, Pauline Drake, John Myhers, Helen Spring, Paul Bradley, Minta Durfee Arbuckle.
"The one film you should not see alone! Where your nightmare ends, Willard begins!"
Willard Styles, (Davison), is a shy and lonely young man who lives with his invalid mother, (Lanchester), whose only friends are some intelligent rats that will attack anyone who threatens him. Willard's employer, (Borgnine), who took over his dead father's foundry, is savaged to death by the rats when he fires Willard after the death of his mother and kills Socrates, Willard's favourite rat. Soon Willard has five hundred rats under his control, but they turn on him when he leaves them after falling in love.
A tightly directed thriller that contains several shocks, but despite the imaginative efforts to get the rats to "act" for the cameras, the film lacks the developed characters necessary for audience sympathy.
Sequel: BEN.

WIND OF DEATH (1964) see Last Man on Earth

Credits: Dir: Winston Jones; Prod: Fernando Carrere; Sc: Robert Radnitz, Robert Presnell Jnr. & James Edminston.
Jonathan Kidd, Doris Dowling, Barbara Turner.
A chemist at a perfume factory seems to have killed his wife, cut her up and stuck her remains in a freezer.
A comic horror tale.

THE WISHING MACHINE (1967) see Automat Na Prani




































(1952) see Noita Palaa Elamaan

THE WITCH (1954) see La Bruja

THE WITCH (1966) see La Strega in Amore

A WITCH IN LOVE (1966) see La Strega in Amore

WITCH KILLER OF BROADMOOR (1970) see Procesc de las Brujas

WITCH WITHOUT A BROOM (1968) 78mins. Spain.
Credits: Dir: Joe Lacy (Jose Maria E. Lorrieta).
Jeffrey Hunter, Maria Perschy, Perla Cristal, Gustavo Rojo.
A man, (Hunter), finds himself possessed by a Fifteenth century sorceress' apprentice who takes him on a journey from the Stone Age to futuristic Mars.
An aimless fantasy adventure.

WITCHCRAFT (1964/Lippert Films/TCF.) 79mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: Don Sharp; Prod: Robert Lippert & Jack Parsons; Sc: Harry Spalding; Ph: Arthur Lavis; Ed: Robert Winter; Art: George Provis; Mus: Carlo Martelli.
Cast: Lon Chaney Jnr., Yvette Rees, Diane Claire, David Weston, Marie Ney, Barry Lineham, Jack Hedley, Jill Dixon, Viola Keats.
The eldest descendant, (Chaney), of the Whitlock family objects to the removal of the family cemetery by a development company sponsored by traditional rivals, the Laniers, who in the Seventeenth century condemned a Whitlock to be burnt at the stake for practising witchcraft. The Whitlock witches come to life for revenge when the cemetery is bulldozed, but are ultimately destroyed by their descendant when he covers them with boiling oil.
A gripping tale of terror let down by the confusing plot.

WITCHCRAFT (1965/Madhu Pictures) India.
Credits: Dir: B. Vittalachari.
Kanto Rao, Ranjanala.
Features sorcery.

WITCHCRAFT 70 (1969) see Angeli Bianchi...Angeli Neri

THE WITCHES (1965) see Le Streghe

THE WITCHES (1966/Hammer/7 Arts) 91mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Cyril Frankel; Prod: Anthony Nelson Keys; Sc: Nigel Kneale; Ph: Arthur Grant; Ed: James Needs & Chris Barnes; Art: Don Mingaye; Des: Bernard Robinson; Chor: Denys Palmer; Mu: George Partleton; Mus: Richard Rodney Bennett. From "The Devil's Own" by Peter Curtis.
Cast: Joan Fontaine, Kay Walsh, Alec McCowan, Martin Stephens, Ingrid Brett, Gwen Ffrangcon Davies, John Colin, Leonard Rossitter, Duncan Lamont, Carmel McSharry, Ann Bell, Michele Dotrice, Bryan Marshall, Viola Keats.
Driven out of her mind by voodoo in West Africa, Gwen Mayfield, (Walsh), becomes a teacher in a tranquil English village. There she discovers that a woman named Stephanie Bax, (Walsh), is the leader of a coven of witches who have designs on one of Mayfield's pupils. The virgin girl is to be used as a sacrifice so that Bax may gain immortality.
The rights to this occult thriller were owned by Joan Fontaine who insisted on the starring role for herself. Although the film is intelligently constructed, the plot is full of predictable clichés and Fontaine is completely miscast.

WITCHES MOUNTAIN (1970) see En Monte de la Brujas

THE WITCHES OF SALEM (1957) see Les Sorcieres de Salem

WITCHFINDER GENERAL (1967/Tigon/AIP.) 87mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Michael Reeves; Prod: Arnold Miller, Philip Waddilove & Louis M. Heyward; Ex.Prod: Tony Tenser; Sc: Tom Baker, Michael Reeves & Louis M. Heyward; Ph: John Conquillon; Ed: Howard Lanning; Art: Jim Morahan; Sfx: Roger Dicken; Mus: Paul Ferris & Jim Morahan. From the novel by Ronald Bassett.
Cast: Vincent Price, Patrick Wymark, Ian Ogilvy, Rupert Davis, Hilary Dwyer, Robert Russell, Nicky Henson, Michael Beint, Wilfred Brambell, Tony Selby, Peter Haigh, Bernard Kay, Godfrey James, John Trenaman, Bill Maxwell, Morris Jar, Maggie Kimberley.
"Keep the children home! And if you're squeamish, stay home with them!"
During 1645, under the control of Oliver Cromwell, (Wymark), Matthew Hopkins, (Price), unmercifully hunts for women who are accused of witchcraft, torturing them for money, power, sex, and because he enjoys it.
A well scripted and beautifully photographed horror thriller with the added bonus of Price's wicked performance. This film has only recently been appreciated as Reeve's finest work who sadly died of a drug overdose at twenty five.

THE WITCHMAKER (1969/Las Cruces/Arrow/Excelsior) 100mins.
Credits: Dir., Prod. & Sc: William O. Brown; Ex.Prod: L.Q. Jones; Ph: John Arthur Morrill; Mus: Jaime Mendoza-Nava.
Anthony Eisley, John Lodge, Alvy Moore, Thordis Brandt, Warene Otti, L.Q. Jones, Shelby Grant, Helene Winston, Tony Benson, Robyn Milan, Larry Vincent, Diane Webber, Sue Bernard, Nancy Crawford, Kathy Lynn.
The murders of several young women in the Louisiana swampland lead investigators to a group of Satanists.
A gore packed chiller matched only by the shoddy production values.

THE WITCH’S CURSE (1960) see Maciste al l'Inferno

THE WITCH’S MIRROR (1960) see El Espejo de la Bruja

WITNESS TO MURDER (1954/UA) 81mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Roy Rowland; Prod. & Sc: Chester Erskine; Ph: John Alton; Mus: Herschell Burke Gilbert.
Barbara Stanwyck, George Sanders, Gary Merrill, Jesse White, Harry Shannon, Claire Carleton.
A lonely woman, (Stanwyck), witnesses a murder in the apartment across the street. The police don't believe her, but the murderer does.
An effectively executed, but familiar thriller.





















(1960/Clover/20th. Century Fox) 92mins. US.
Credits: Dir: George Sherman; Prod: Sam Katzman; Sc: Jesse L. Lasky Jnr. & Pat Silvers; Ph; Ellis W. Carter; Ed: Saul A. Goodkind; Art: Duncan Cramer & Theobold Holsopple; Sfx: L.B. Abbott & Emil Kosa Jnr.; Mu: Ben Nye; Mus: Irving Gertz.
Cast: Dick Shawn, Diane Baker, Barry Coe, John Van Dreelan, Robert F. Simon, Vaughn Taylor, Stanley Adams, Don Beddoe.
A drunken genie, (Shawn), is demoted to mortality when he is sent to ensure a marriage and fails. Later on he learns that the marriage is ordained and regains his powers to help a prince.
An awful and unamusing parody of Arabian Nights costume films.

THE WIZARD OF GORE (1970/Mayflower) 96mins.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Herschell Gordon Lewis; Ex.Prod: Fred M. Sandy; Sc: Alan Kahn; Ph. & Ed: Alex Ameripoor; Des: Roger Strauss; Mu: Ray Szegho; Mus: Larry Wellington.
Cast: Ray Sager, Wayne Ratay, Judy Cler, Sherry Carson, Phil Laurenson, Jim Rau, John Elliot, Don Alexander.
Montag the stage magician drives a spike into a girl's head and then pulls out one of her eyes as part of his act, but when the girls involved in his show go home they die horribly when all that the magician has done to them starts to take effect. Montag has discovered a way to delay death, and uses it to make lots of money at his victim's expense. While he is appearing on a television show, the magician starts to hypnotise the audience, but he is killed before he can do them any harm.
An original idea is given over to excessive gore.

THE WIZARD OF MARS (1965/American General Pic.) 81mins. US.
Credits: Dir., Prod. & Sc: David L. Hewitt; Tech Advisor: Forrest J. Ackerman.
Cast: John Carradine, Roger Gentry, Vic McGee, Eve Bernhardt, Jerry Rannow.
A manned mission to Mars crash lands on the red planet where the crew become desperate for oxygen and encounter the last surviving Martian, (Carradine). The four astronauts have to unfreeze time before they can leave.
Although based on the Wizard of Oz, (1939), and features some props acquired from the same film, the ambitious ideas far outweigh the minuscule budget available to the producers.
Just what "Famous Monsters of Filmland" editor Ackerman actually advised on is never quite clear.




































(1968) see La Marca del Hombre Lobo

THE WOMAN EATER (1957) see The Womaneater

THE WOMAN WHO WOULDN'T DIE (1964) see Catacombs

WOMANEATER (1957/Fortress/Columbia) 71mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: Charles Saunders; Prod: Guido Coen; Ex.Prod: Richard Gordon; Sc: Brandon Fleming; Ph: Ernest Palmer; Ed: Seymour Logie; Art: Herbert Smith; Mu: Terry Terrington; Mus: Edwin Astley.
Cast: George Coulouris, Vera Day, Joy Webster, Peter Wayn, Jimmy Vaughan, Sara Leighton, June Ashley, Joyce Gregg, Rachel Lofting, Maxwell Foster, Edward Higgins, Robert MacKenzie, Norman Claridge, Marpessa Dawn.
Dr. James Moran, (Courlouris), brings back a carnivorous tree from the Amazon jungle that was worshipped by the natives as a god and proceeds to feed it with nubile young women who, aided by his assistant Tanga, (Vaughan), he drugs with laced cigarettes. In this way the scientist creates a special serum that can revive the dead, but the reanimated corpse of his lover Margaret, (Gregg), who he murdered has no mind. Frustrated, Moran sets fire to the tree only to be stabbed by Tanga for hurting his people's god.
Despite the intriguing plot, the acting is so bad that the tree should have received top billing.

WOMEN OF THE PREHISTORIC PLANET (1966/Standard Club of California/Realart) 85mins.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Arthur C. Pierce; Prod: George Gilbert; Ex.Prod: Jack Broder & George Edwards; Ph: Archie Dalzell; Ed: George White; Art: Paul Sylos; Sfx: Howard A. Anderson.
Cast: Wendell Corey, Merry Anders, John Agar, Stuart Margolin, Keith Larsen, Adam Roarke, Irene Tsu, Lyle Waggoner, Stuart Lasswell, Paul Gilbert, Robert Ito, Gavin McLeod, Suzie Kaye, Stuart Kaye.
An exploratory spacecraft searching for an earlier mission is forced to land on a planet teaming with dinosaurs and prehistoric tribes of women. The space crew encounter two people who appear to be oriental versions of Adam and Eve and one of the women has mated with the son of a survivor from the previous mission. The astronauts return home to Centaurus after naming the planet Earth.
An average science fiction film shot entirely, it seems, in a studio. The "surprise" ending redeems the film from obscurity.

THE WONDERS OF ALADDIN (1961) see Le Meraviglie di Aladino

WORLD BEYOND THE MOON (1953) 65mins. US.
Cast: Ed Kemmer, Lyn Osborn.
Space adventures.
A feature created out of several episodes from the television series "Space Patrol".

WORLD OF THE DEAD (1969) see Mundo de los Muertos

THE WORLD OF VAMPIRES (1960) see El Mundo de los Vampiros

THE WORLD THE FLESH AND THE DEVIL (1958/Siegel/Harbel/MGM.) 95mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Ranald MacDougall; Prod: George Englund; Ex.Prod: Harry Belafonte; Ph: Harold J. Marzorati; Ed: Harold F. Kress; Art: William A. Horning & Paul Groesse; Sfx: Lee LeBlanc; Mus: Miklos Rosa. Based loosely on "The Purple Cloud" by M.P. Shields.
Cast: Harry Belafonte, Ingar Stevens, Mel Ferrer.
After World War Three, a black miner, (Belafonte), trapped underground eventually emerges to find the world devastated by atomic war. Finding himself all alone, the miner travels to the ruins of New York City where he meets a white girl, (Stevens), who was in a compression chamber during the blast, and a racist, (Ferrer), who hunts the black man through the deserted streets of the city. In the end all three make peace with each other.
An ultimately disappointing fantasy using a bizarre futuristic backdrop for the racial message.

THE WORLD WITHOUT END (1956/Allied Artists) 80mins. US.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Edward Bernds; Prod: Richard Heermance; Ph: Ellsworth Fredericks; Ed: Eda Warren; Art: David Milton; Sfx: Milton Rice; Cost.Des: Alberto Vargas; Mus: Leith Stevens.
Cast: Hugh Marlowe, Nancy Gates, Rod Taylor, Lisa Montell, Nelson Leigh, Paul Brinegar, Shawn Smith, Micky Simpson, Christopher Dark.
A spaceship returning from Mars breaks through the time barrier and lands on earth during the year 2058 AD. The ship's crew, John Borden, (Marlowe), Herbert Ellis, (Taylor), Henry Jaffe, (Dark), and Dr. Galbraithe, (Leigh), realise that a nuclear war has occurred and all of mankind now live underground. Roaming the Earth's surface are hideous mutants descended from those never made it to the shelters and hordes of giant insects. The astronauts must capture the surface world for mankind as all the underground dwelling men are impotent. They attack the mutants with a bazooka, while Borden combats the ferocious Naga, (Simpson), for world supremacy.
An awful script mars the imaginative idea, but the astronauts' encounter with the giant insects redeems the film from complete tedium.

THE WORST CRIME OF ALL (1966) see Mondo Keyhole









see Luchadros Contra la Momia

see Luchadros Contra el Robot Asesino

see Luchadros Contra el Medico Asesino

DER WURGER VON SCHLOSS BLACKMOOR (1960/CCC/Gloria) 89mins. Germany.
Credits: Dir: Harald Reinl; Prod: Artur Brauner; Sc: Ladislas Fodor & Gustav Kampendonk; Ph: Ernest W. Kalinke; Mus: Oskar Sala. From a story by Bryan Edgar Wallace.
Cast: Karin Dor, Hans Nielsen, Ingmar Zeisberg, Rudolf Furnau, Harry Riebauer.
A killer stalks the hallways and towers of a draughty English castle.
Another entry to the series of German, Edgar Wallace adaptations produced during the sixties.


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