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Born Burnu or Mildred Davenport. Died Aug. 16th. 2004 aged 83.
Various reports indicated differing stories of Acquanetta's origins. It has been stated that she was born near a reservation of Arapaho Indian parents in Ozone, near Cheyenne, Wyoming in 1921, and raised in Norristown, a Pennsylvanian mining community.
After graduating from High school, Acquanetta went to New York to become a model and was dubbed The Venezualan Volcano by the press. On her way to South America to perform at Copacabana, she stopped over in Hollywood, where independent producer Walter Wanger spotted her and found her a bit part in ARABIAN NIGHTS. Universal Studios liked what they saw and signed her to a contract. They then created the non-speaking role of Paula Dupree, the Ape Woman, which ran for three films (the last being portrayed by Vicky Lane). She had also been assigned to appear as 'Amina Mansouri' in The Mummy's Ghost 1944, until she had an accident on the set and Ramsay Ames replaced her. After Universal, she joined RKO where she appeared in TARZAN AND THE LEOPARD WOMAN, her only starring role in a big-budget production. She drifted into obscurity shortly afterwards, appearing in small supporting roles thereafter. In the Fifties, she was hosting a radio and TV show on a local Arizona channel representing her current husband's Lincoln-Mercury dealership.
40's 1942 Arabian Nights (as Harem girl) 1943 Captive Wild Woman (as Paula Dupree). Rhythm of the Islands 1944 Jungle Woman (as Paula Dupree). Dead Man's Eyes (as Tanya Czoraki) 1946 Tarzan and the Leopard Woman (as Lea).
Top 50's 1951 Lost Continent (as Native Girl). Callaway Went Thataway.
Jane Adams

Born 1921 in San Antonio, Texas as Betty Jane Adams. Her family relocated to California where, in her teens she enrolled in the Pasadena Playhouse and earned a Theater Arts degree in 1938. Became a model for the Harry Conover Modeling Agency before making her film appearances. Said to have retired from the film industry after making her last film with "The Bowery Boys" in MASTERMINDS. A notable performer, if only for her role as the female hunchback Nina in HOUSE OF DRACULA.
40's 1945 House of Dracula (as Nina) 1946 Lost City of the Jungle (serial). Gunman's Code. The Brute Man (as Helen Paige). Night in Paradise (as Lotus) 1949 Batman and Robin (serial). Masterminds.


Robert Adair

Born January 3rd 1900 in San Francisco. Educated at Harrow. Weight 210lb. Hobbies included flying, swimming and tennis. Died 1954. Came to the screen from the American stage, his first film is JOURNEY'S END. Supporting actor of stage and screen who went to Hollywood and then returned to England.
30's 1930 Journey's End (as Capt. Hardy). Raffles (as Butler) 1933 The Invisible Man (as Official). The King of the Jungle. A Kiss Before the Mirror 1934 Where Sinners Meet. The Dover Road Mystery 1935 Limehouse Blues. The Crusades. The Girl Who Came Back. Top Hat (as Hotel desk clerk). Bride of Frankenstein (as Huntsman) 1936 Empty Saddles. Trouble For Two (as Constable) 1937 The Prince and the Pauper. What a Man! The Ticket of Leave Man (as Hawkshaw the Detective) 1938 Brilliant Marriage 1939 Me and My Pal. The Face at the Window (as Gouffert). I Killed the Count. Jamaica Inn.
40's 1948 Noose 1949 Man on the Run.
50's 1950 Portrait of Clare 1951 Madame Louise. There is Another Sun 1952 Lady in the Fog. The Gambler and the Lady 1953 The Accused. The Captain's Paradise. The Intruder. There Was a Young Lady. Park Plaza 605 (as Von Henschel). Gilbert Harding Speraking of Murder 1954 Eight O'Clock Walk. Meet Mr. Callaghan.

Luis Alberni


1887-1962 Born in Barcelona. Educated at University of Madrid.
Screen debut in Spanish films. Arrived in Hollywood with the coming of sound.
20's 1921 Little Italy 1922 Man From Beyond. The Valley of Lost Souls. The Bright Shawl.
30's 1930 The Santa Fe Trail 1931 Monkey Business in Africa. The Great Junction Hotel. Side Show. Manhatten Parade. Rule 'em and Weep. Men in her Life. The Mad Genius. Svengali (as Gecko). The Last Flight. I Surrender Dear. Sweepstakes. I Like Your Nerve. Children of Dreams. One Heavenly Night. The Tip Off 1932 First in War. The Woman in Room 13. The Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood. Hombres en Mi Vida. Girl in the Tonneau. Hypnotized. Working Wives. Crooner. Guilty or not Guilty. Weekend Marriage. The Kid From Spain. The Big Stampede. Cock of the Air. High Pressure. A Parisian Romance. Trouble in Paradise 1933 Artists' Muddles. Sherman Said it. The California Trail. Child of Manhattan. The Last Trail. California Weather. Topaze. I Love That Man. Men Must Fight The Sphinx (as Bacilupa). Trick For Trick. The Man From Monterey. When Ladies Meet. Above the Clouds. Flying Down to Rio. Lady Killer 1934 The Black Cat (as Train Steward). The Captain Hates the Sea. Goodbye Love. When Do We Eat? The Count of Monte Cristo. La Buenaventura. La Ciudad de Carton. I Believed in You. Glamour. One Night of Love. When Strangers Meet 1935 Bad Boy. Goin' to Town. The Gay Deception. Love Me Forever. Roberta. The Gilded Lily. Let's Live Tonight. The Winning Ticket. Asegure a su Mujer. In Caliente. Metropolitan. Music is Magic. Public Opinion. Ticket or Leave it. Manhattan Moon 1936 Anthony Adverse. Colleen. The Dancing Pirate. Follow Your Heart. Hats Off. Ticket to Paradise 1937 Manhattan Merry-Go-Round. Sing and be Happy. Two Wise Maids. Under Suspicion. When You're in Love. Easy Living. The Great Garrick. The King and the Chorus Girl. Hitting a New High. Madame X. Love on Toast. Mr. Dodd Takes the Air 1938 I'll Give a Million 1939 The Great Man Votes. The Amazing Mr. Williams. Let Freedom Ring. The Housekeeper's Daughter. Naughty But Nice. East 20.


40's 1940 Enemy Agent. Public Deb No.1. Scatterbrain. The Lone Wolf Meets a Lady 1941 The Lady Eve. Law of the Tropics. They Met in Argentina. Road to Zanzibar. San Antonio Rose. World Premiere. That Hamilton Woman. Babes on Braodway. Obliging Young Lady. She Knew All the Answers. They Met in Bombay 1942 I Married an Angel. Mexican Spitfire's Elephant. Two Weeks To Live. Northwest Rangers 1943 Here Comes Elmer. Harvest Melody. Nearly Eighteen. Submarine Base. My Son, the Hero. Here Comes Kelly. Henry Aldrich Plays Cupid. Passport to Heaven. The Conspirators. You're a Lucky Fellow, Mr. Smith 1944 In Society. Machine Gun Mama. When the Lights Go on Again. Men on Her Mind. Voice in the Wind. Rainbow Island 1945 A Bell For Adano. Wonder Man. Hit the Hay. Live Wires 1946 In Fast Company 1947 Night Song 1949 Captain Carey, USA.
50's 1950 When Willie Comes Marching Home 1952 What Price Glory? 1956 The Ten Commandments.


Evelyn Ankers

Ankers on video


Born in Valparaiso, Chile to English parents August 17th 1918. Married actor Richard Denning in 1942. Retired and resided in Maui, Hawaii. Made her stage debut in Colombia, South America during 1928. After her aborted contract with 20th Century Fox, Evelyn signed to Universal where she became the "Queen of the Horrors".
30's 1936 Belles of St. Mary's. Without Music. Rembrandt 1937 Fire Over England. Knight Without Armour. Wings of the Morning 1938 The Claydon Treasure Mystery. Murder in the Family. The Villiers Diamond. Second Thoughts. Coming of Age 1939 Over the Moon.
40's 1940 Burma Convoy 1941 Hold That Ghost. Hit the Road. Bachelor Daddy. The Wolf Man (as Gwen Conliffe) 1942 The Ghost of Frankenstein (as Elsa Frankenstein). Eagle Squadron. The Great Impersonation. Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror (as Kitty). North to the Klondike. Pierre of the Plains 1943 Captive Wild Woman (as Beth Colman). You're a Lucky Fellow. Mr. Smith. Hers to Hold. All By Myself. His Butler's Sister. Son of Dracula (as Clare Caldwell). Keep 'em Slugging. The Mad Ghoul (as Isabel Lewis) 1944 Ladies Courageous. Weird Woman (as Ilona Carr). Follow the Boys. The Invisible Man's Revenge (as Julie Herrick). Pardon My Rhythm. Pearl of Death (as Naomi Drake). Bowery to Broadway. Jungle Woman (as Beth Mason) 1945 The Fatal Witness. The Frozen Ghost (as Maura Daniel) 1946 Black Beauty. The French Key. Queen of Burlesque. Flight to Nowhere 1947 Last of the Redmen. The Lone Wolf in London. Spoilers of the North 1949 Parole, Inc.. Tarzan's Magic Fountain.
50's 1950 The Texan Meets Calamity Jane (as Calamity Jane) 1956 The Empty Room (tv) 1957 Clipper Ship (tv).
60's 1960 No Greater Love.

Lionel Atwill

Atwill on video


Born Lionel Alfred William Atwill in Croydon, London March 1st 1885. Educated at Mercer's School, London. Died April 22nd 1946 from bronchial cancer and pneumonia.
He first considered becoming an archietect, until he developed a strong interest in drama and literature, especially the works of Shakespeare. After college, he moved to London and made his stage debut in 1904 at the Garrick Theatre as a footman in 'The Walls of Jericho', and in 1917 landed a major role in 'Milestones' which received critical praise. Atwill emigrated to America in 1915 continuing his stage career and performing in radio plays. Soon he was appearing in film versions of plays he had scored successes with. During the early Thirties, Atwill became synonymous with horror films following his performance in Michael Curtiz's DR. X. In 1940, Atwill was charged with perjury after being accused of showing 16mm adult films in his home. In 1942, he was sentenced to five years probation. That same year, his son John Anthony, an RAF pilot was killed in action. During production of THE LOST CITY OF THE JUNGLE, Atwill became very ill and was dropped from the film's cast, with stunt double George Soul hired to complete Atwill's scenes. His body was cremated at Pierce Bros. Mortuary in Santa Monica, California.
Silent: 1918 Eve's Daughter. For Sale. The Marriage Price.
20's 1921 The Highest Bidder. Indiscretion 1928 The White-Faced Fool. The Actor's Advice To His Son.


30's 1932 The Silent Witness. Dr. X (as Dr. Xavier) 1933 The Vampire Bat (as Otto Von Neimann). Secret of Madame Blanche. Mystery of the Wax Museum (as Henry Jarrod). Murders in the Zoo (as Eric Gorman). The Secret of the Blue Room (as Robert Von Helldorff). Song of Songs. The Sphinx (as Jerome Breen). Solitaire Man 1934 Nana. Beggars in Ermine. Stamboul Quest. One More River. The Age of Innocence (as Julius Beaufort). The Firebird. The Man Who Reclaimed His Head 1935 Mark of the Vampire (as Inspector Neumann). The Devil is a Woman. Murder Man. Rendevous. Captain Blood (as Colonel Bishop) 1936 Lady of Secrets. Till We Meet Again (as Ludwig). Absolute Quiet 1937 The High Command. The Road Back. The Last Train From Madrid. The Wrong Road. Lancer Spy. The Great Garrick 1938 The Great Waltz. Three Comrades 1939 Son of Frankenstein (as Inspector Krogh). The Three Musketeers. The Hound of the Baskervilles (as James Mortimer M.D.). The Mad Empress. The Gorilla. The Sun Never Sets. Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation. The Secret of Dr. Kildare. Balalaika.
40's 1940 Johnny Apollo. Charlie Chan in Panama. The Girl in 313. Boom Town. Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise 1941 The Great Profile. Man Made Monster (as Dr. Paul Rigas) 1942 Ghost of Frankenstein (as Dr. Theodor Bohmer). Junior G-Men of the Air (Serial). The Strange Case of Dr. Rx (as Dr. Fish). To Be or Not to Be. Pardon My Sarong. Cairo. Night Monster (as Dr. King). The Mad Doctor of Market Street (as Dr. Ralph Benson/Mr. Graham). Sherlock Holmes and The Secret Weapon (as Professor Moriarity) 1943 Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman (as the Mayor). Captain America (serial, as The Scarab) 1944 Lady in the Death House. Secrets of Scotland Yard. Raiders of Ghost City (serial). House of Frankenstein (as Inspector Arnz) 1945 Fog Island. Crime Inc. House of Dracula (as Inspector Holtz) 1946 Genius at Work (as The Cobra). Lost City of the Jungle (serial).

Mischa Auer

Auer on video


Born Mischa Ounskowski in St. Petersburg, Russia November 17th 1905. Died March 5th 1967 in Rome, Italy of a heart attack. Nominated for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in MY MAN GODFREY.
20's 1928 Something Always Happens 1929 Marquis Preferred.
30's 1930 Just Imagine. The Benson Murder Case. Inside the Lines. Paramount on Parade 1931 The Unholy Garden. Delicious. Women Love Once. The Yellow Passport 1932 Call Her Savage. The Monster Walks. Western Code. Rasputin and the Empress. No Greater Love. The Midnight Patrol. Murder at Dawn. Scarlet Dawn 1933 Tarzan the Fearless (serial). Infernal Machine. Sucker Money. Dangerously Yours. Corruption. After Midnight. Cradle Song. Girl Without a Room. Woman Condemned 1934 Crosby Case. Wharf Angel. Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back. Stamboul Quest 1935 Anna Karenina. The Adventures of Rex and Rinty (serial). Lives of a Bengal Lancer. I Dream Too Much.



The Crusaders. Clive of India.. Mystery Woman. Condemned to Live (as Zan). Murder in the Fleet 1936 We're Only Human. The House of a Thousand Candles. One Rainy Afternoon. The Gay Desperado. Sons O' Guns. The Princess Comes Across.  My Man Godfrey. Winterset. That Girl From Paris. Tough Guy 1937 Three Smart Girls. We Have Our Moments. Top of the Town. One Hundred Men and a Girl. Prescription For Romance. Pick a Star. Marry the Girl. Merry-Go-Round of 1938. Vogues of 1938. It's All Yours. Rage of Paris. Service De Luxe. Little Tough Guys in Society. Sweethearts. You Can't Take It With You 1939 East Side of Heaven. Unexpected Father. Destry Rides Again.
40's 1940 Seven Sinners. Trail of the Vigilantes. Alias the Deacon. Sandy is a Lady. Margie. Spring Parade. Public Deb No. 1 1941 Moonlight in Hawaii. Sing Another Chorus. Cracked Nuts. Flame of New Orleans. Hold That Ghost. Hellzapoppin' 1942 Don't Get Personal 1943 Twin Beds Around the World 1944 Up in Mabel's Room. Lady in the Dark 1945 A Royal Scandal. Czarina. And Then There Were None. Brewster's Millions 1946 She Wrote the Book. Sentimental Journey 1947 For You I Die 1948 Sofia.
50's 1952 Song of Paris. Fame and the Devil. The Sky is Red 1953 Confidential Report 1957 The Monte Carlo Story 1958 Foxiest Girl in Paris. Mam'zelle Pigalle. That Naughty Girl.
60's 1960 Au Pied, Au Cheval et Par Sputnik. Futures Vedettes 1962 We Joined the Navy. Mr. Ardakin 1963 Ladies First. Dynamite Girl 1966 Arriverdecci, Baby! The Christmas That Almost Wasn't.


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