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L. Barrymore

Olga Baclanova


Born in Moscow, Russia in 1899. Height 5ft. 4in. Weight 116lb. Educated at Cherniavsky Institute, Moscow. Died in Vevey, Switzerland September 6th 1974.
Screen, stage, radio actress and ballet dancer. First married to Vladimir Zoppi, and then actor Nicholas Soussanin in June 1929 (deceased 1975); married to theatre owner Richard Davis. Began her stage career at 16 with the Moscow Art Theatre. In 1923 she came to the US on a tour with a Soviet company performing in "Carmencita and the Soldier". The company returned to the Soviet Union, but Baclanova remained to play a nun in 'The Miracle'. Visited England in 1929. Hosted a series of radio programmes in the Thirties before her retirement.
Silents: 1914 Symphony of Love and Death 1915 Wanderer Beyond the Grave 1916 He Who Gets Slapped 1917 The Flowers are Late.


20's 1928 The Dove. Street of Sin (as Annie). Forgotten Faces. The Docks of New York. Three Sinners. The Man Who Laughs (as Duchess Josiana). Avalanche 1929 A Dangerous Woman. The Wolf of Wall Street. The Man I Love.
30's 1930 Are You There? Cheer Up and Smile 1931 The Great Lover. Screen Snapshots No.4 (short) 1932 Downstairs. Freaks (as Cleopatra) 1933 Billion Dollar Scandal 1935 Broadway Brevities (short). The Telephone Blues (short) 1936 The Double Crossky (short).
40's 1943 Claudia.


Anthony Baird

Born London December 11th 1920. A veteran character actor, Anthony Baird received his training at RADA and honed his craft in repertory theater and on the London stage. Died August 27th 1995.
40's 1945 Dead of Night. Bothered By a Beard (as Sweeny Todd's victim) 1947 The Hangman Waits. Night Comes Too Soon 1948 The Winslow Boy.
50's 1951 Reluctant Heroes.
60's 1960 The Clue of the Twisted Candle 1961 Offbeat 1962 The Iron Maiden 1963 Devil Doll. Echo of Diana (as Proprietor of hotel bar) 1964 Carry on Spying 1965 The Ipcress File 1966 The Christmas Tree.
70's 1973 The Laughing Girl Murder.
80's 1981 The Flames Trees of Thika.

John L. Balderston


Writer. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 22nd October 1889. Died in Beverly Hills, California 8th March 1954.
Began his career as a a reporter for local newspapers in 1907, until he was relocated to New York in 1911 as a reporter for the 'Philadelphia Record'. Balderston was a war correspondent during the First World War. In 1919 he published his first play 'Genius of the Marne', and later plays included 'Dracula' with Hamilton Deane in 1927, 'Berkeley Square' in 1928 and 'Red Planet' in 1932. He worked for various papers during the Twenties, until Universal employed him as a writer in 1931.


30's 1931 Frankenstein (co-sc) 1932 The Mummy. Freaks (uncredited) 1933 Berkley Square 1934 Mad Love 1935 The Mystery of Edwin Drood. The Lives of a Bengal Lancer. Bride of Frankenstein 1936 The Beloved Enemy. The Last of the Mohicans. The Man Who Changed His Mind 1937 The Prisoner of Zenda. Romance and Riches.
40's 1940 Little Old New York. Victory 1941 Scotland Yard. Smilin' Through 1942 Stand By For Action. Tennessee Johnson 1944 Gaslight.
50's 1951 I'l Never Forget You 1952 Red Planet Mars. The Prisoner of Zenda.


Leslie Banks


Born 9th June 1890, in West Derby. Educated at Trinity College, Glenalmond and Keble College, Oxford. Died 1952.
Distinguished stage actor who after unsuccessful experiments in silent films, went to America in 1924 appearing on the New York stage as Captain Hook in "Peter Pan". Married Gwendoline Haldane Unwin. Stage debut 1911 in "The Merchant of Venice" with F.R. Benson. London debut 1914. Facially scarred during WWI while serving with the Essex Regiment. In private life, a talented painter. Died 1952 following a long illness.
30's 1932 The Most Dangerous Game (as Count Zaroff) 1933 Strange Evidence. The Fire-Raisers (as Jim Bronson). I Am Suzanne. Night of the Party 1934 The Red Ensign (as Barr). The Man Who Knew Too Much (as Lawrence) 1935 The Tunnel. Sanders of the River (as Sanders) 1936 Debt of Honour. The Three Maxims (as Mac). Fire Over England 1937 Farewell Again. Wings of the Morning 1939 Twenty One Days (as Keith). Jamaica Inn (as Landlord). Dead Man's Shoes (as Roger). The Arsenal Stadium Mystery (as Inspector Slade).
40's 1940 Sons of the Sea (as Captain Hyde). Busman's Honeymoon. The Door with Seven Locks (as Dr. Manetta). Neutral Port 1941 Ships With Wings. Cottage To Let (as Barrington) 1942 The Big Blockade. Went the Day Well? (as Squire Wilsford) 1944 Henry V (as Chorus) 1947 Mrs. Fitzherbert 1948 The Small Black Room 1949 Madeleine.
50's 1950 Your Witness.

John Barrymore

on video


Born John Blythe in Philadelphia on 15th February 1882. Married Dolores Costello in 1928. Began a career as a cartoonist for a New York newspaper, but in 1903 he followed the family tradition of acting with a part in a stage production of "Magda". Died in 1942 of pneumonia after collapsing during a rehearsal for a radio show.
John became a matinee idol in the Twenties, dubbed as "The Great Profile". His career was eventually overtaken by alcohol and high-living.
Silents: 1914 An American Citizen. The Man From Mexico 1915 The Dictator. Are You a Mason? The Incooigible Dukane 1916 Nearly a King. The Lost Bridegroom. The Red Widow 1917 Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman 1918 On the Quiet. Here Comes the Bride 1919 Test of Honour.


20's 1920 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (title role) 1921 The Lotus Eater 1922 Sherlock Holmes 1924 Beau Brummell 1926 The Sea Beast. Don Juan (title role) 1927 Twenty Minutes at Warner Brothers Studios. When a Man Loves. The Beloved Rogue 1928 The Tempest 1929 Eternal Love. Show of Shows. General Crack.
30's 1930 The Man From Blankley's. Moby Dick 1931 Svengali (title role). The Mad Genius 1932 Arsene Lupin. Grand Hotel. A Bill of Divorcement. State's Attorney. Rasputin and the Empress1933 Topaze. Reunion in Vienna. Dinner at Eight. Night Flight 1934 Counsellor-at-Law. Long Lost Father. Twentieth Century 1936 Romeo and Juliet 1937 Maytime. Bulldog Drummond Comes Back. Night Club Scandal. True Confession. Bulldog Drummond's Revenge 1938 Bulldog Drummond's Peril. Romance in the Dark. Spawn of the North. Marie Antoinette. Hold That Co-ed. The Great Man Votes 1939 Midnight.
40's 1940 The Great Profile 1941 The Invisible Woman (as Professor Gibbs). World Premiere 1942 Playmates. Screen Snapshots No.107 (short).


Lionel Barrymore

on video



Born Lionel Blythe in Philadelphia April 28th 1878. Died in 1954.
The elder brother of sister Ethel (1879-1959) and John (1882-1942).
An enviable career in films, which included an Academy Award in 1931 for A FREE SOUL, which he also directed. Released a family autobiography "We Barrymores" in 1950.

Shorts: 1911 Fighting Blood. The Battle 1912 An Adventure in the Autumn Woods. Brutality. The Burglar's Dilemma. Friends. The Chief's Blanket. A Cry For Help. Fate. The God Within. Gold and Glitter. Home Folks. The Informer. Love in an Apartment Hotel. The Massacre. The Musketeers of Pig Alley. My Baby. The New York Hat. Oil and Water. The One She Loved. So Near Yet So Far. My Hero. The Telephone Girl and the Lady. Three Friends 1913 The Battle of Elderbrush Gulch. Death's Marathon. The House of Darkness. Brute Force. Just Gold. The Lady and the Mouse. A Misunderstood Boy. Near To Earth. The Perfidy of Mary. The Rancher's Revenge. The Sheriff's Baby. The Switch Tower. A Timely Interception. The Wanderer. The Yacqui Cur. Her Father's Silent Partner. Pa Says. A Welcome Intruder. Woman Against Woman. The Fatal Wedding. Father's Lesson. His Inspiration. Mister Jefferson Green. So Runs the Way. The Suffragette Minstrels. The Vengeance of Galora. Classmates. The House of Discord. The Power of the Press. The Stolen Treaty.
: (as director): 1917 Life's Whirlpool.
20's 1929 Confession. (short). Madame X. His Glorious Night. The Unholy Night.
30's 1930 The Rogue Song 1931 Ten Cents a Dance.

Silents: (as actor) 1914 Men and Women. The Span of Life. Judith of Bethulia. Strongheart. The Woman in Black. The Seats of the Mighty. Under the Gaslight 1915 The Exploits of Elaine (serial). The Romance of Elaine (serial). A Modern Magdalen. The Curious Life of Judge Legarde. The Flaming Sword. Dora Thorne. A Yellow Streak 1916 Dorian's Divorce. The Quitter. The Upheaval. The Brands of Cowardice 1917 The End of the Tour. His Father's Son. The Millionaire's Double. Life's Whirlpool 1919 The Valley of Night.
20's 1920 The Copperhead. The Master Mind. The Devil's Garden 1921 The Great Adventure. Jim the Penman 1922 Boomerang Bill. The Face in the Fog 1923 The Enemies of Women. Unseeing Eyes 1924 Eternal City. Decameron Nights. America. Meddling Women 1925 I Am the Man. Die Frau Mit Dem Schelechten Ruf. The Iron Man. Children of the Whirlwind. The Girl Who Wouldn't Work. The Wrongdoer. Fifty-Fifty. The Splendid Road 1926 The Barrier. Wife Tamers (short). Brooding Eyes. The Lucky Lady. Paris At Midnight. The Bells. The Temptress 1927 The Show. Women Love Diamonds. Body and Soul. The Thirteenth Hour 1928 Love. Sadie Thompson. Drums of Love. West of Zanzibar. The Lion and the Mouse. Road House. The River Woman 1929 Alias Jimmy Valentine. Hollywood Revue of 1929. Mysterious Island (as Count Dakkar) .


30's 1930 Free and Easy 1931 A Free Soul. The Yellow Ticket. Mata Hari. Guilty Hands. Broken Lullaby. Arsene Lupin. Washington Masquerade. Grand Hotel 1932 Rasputin and the Empress1933 Sweepings. Looking Forward. Dinner at Eight. Stranger's Return. Night Flight. One Man's Journey. The Late Christopher Bean. Should Ladies Behave? 1934 This Side of Heaven. Carolina. Cardboard City. Treasure Island. The Girl From Missouri 1935 Mark of the Vampire. The Little Colonel. Public Hero Number One. The Return of Peter Grimm 1936 Ah, Wilderness! The Voice of Bugle Ann. The Road To Glory. The Devil Doll. The Gorgeous Hussy. Camille 1937 A Family Affair. Captains Courageous. Saratoga. Navy Blue and Gold 1938 Test Pilot. A Yank At Oxford. You Can't Take It With You. Young Dr. Kildare. On Borrowed Time. Secret of Dr. Kildare.
40's 1940 Dr. Kildare's Strange Case. Dr. Kildare Goes Home. Dr. Kildare's Crisis 1941 The Bad Man. The Penalty. Cavalcade of the Academy Awards (short). The People Versus Dr. Kildare. Lady Be Good. Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day 1942 Dr. Kildare's Victory. Calling Dr. Gillespie. Dr. Gillespie's New Assistant 1943 Tenessee Johnson. Thousands Cheer. Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case. A Guy Named Joe. The Last Will and Testament of Tom Smith (short) 1944 Three Men in White. Dragon Seed (Narrator). Since You Went Away 1945 The Valley of Decision. Between Two Women 1946 Three Wise Fools. The Secrety Heart. It's a Wonderful Life. Duel in the Sun 1947 Dark Delusion 1948 Key Largo 1949 Down to the Sea in Ships. Malaya.
50's 1950 Right Cross. The Screen Actor (short) 1951 Bannerline 1952 Lone Star 1953 Main Street To Broadway.
Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan November 26th. 1888. Died 1978.
Began his career as a freelnce writer, and arrived in Hollywood during 1916. In 1919 he began writing scenarios for Westerns and action adventures. He began directing when director Leo Maloney fell ill. It was from 1932 that Ford Beebe directed for the "poverty row" studios, becoming a specialist with serials, often working in tandem with Robert Hill, Saul A. Goodkind and Ray Taylor.
His son, Ford Beebe Jnr., has also worked as a director, principally for the Disney Studios.
20's 1920 The Honor of the Range (co-dir, Serial).
30's 1931 King of the Wild (serial, co-sc. only). Lightning Warrior (story only) 1932 The Pride of the Legion. The Last of the Mohicans (co-dir. Serial). The Shadow of the Eagle (serial, co-dir & story) 1933 Tarzan the Fearless (serial. co-sc.). Laughing at Life 1935 The Adventures of Rex and Rinty (serial). Law Beyond the Range. The Man From Guntown 1936 Stampede. Ace Drummond (serial. co-dir.) 1937 Jungle Jim (serial. co-dir). Radio Patrol (serial. co-dir). Secret Agent X-9 (serial. co-dir). Tim Tyler's Luck (serial). Wild West Days (serial. co-dir). Westbound Limited 1938 Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars (serial. co-dir). Red Barry (serial. co-dir). Trouble at Midnight 1939 The Phantom Creeps (serial. co-dir). The Oregon Trail (serial). Buck Rogers (serial. co-dir). Oklahoma Frontier.
40's 1940 The Green Hornet (serial. co-dir). Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (serial. co-dir). Junior G-Men (serial. co-dir). The Green Hornet Strikes Again (serial. co-dir). Winners of the West (serial. co-dir). Son of Roaring Dan 1941 Sea Raiders (serial. co-dir). Sky Raiders (serial. co-dir). Riders of Death Valley (serial. co-dir) 1942 Don Winslow of the Navy (serial. co-dir). Overland Mail (serial. co-dir). Night Monster 1943 Frontier Badmen 1944 The Invisible Man's Revenge. Enter Arsene Lupin 1945 Easy to Look At 1946 My Dog Shep 1947 Six Gun Serenade 1948 Shep Comes Home. Courtin' Trouble. Return of the Mohicans (Feature version of 1932 Serial) 1949 Bomba the Jungle Boy. The Dalton Gang. Red Desert. Satan's Cradle. Bomba on Panther Island.
50's 1950 The Lost Volcano. Bomba and the Hidden City 1951 The Lion Hunters. Elephant Stampede 1952 African Treasure. Bomba and the Jungle Girl. Wagon's West 1953 Safari Drums 1954 Killer Leopard. The Golden Idol 1955 Lord of the Jungle.
70's 1972 Challange To Be Free (co-dir).


Lionel Belmore


Born Wimbledon, Surrey in 1867, died January 30th 1953, aged 85 in Woodland Hills, California.
Brother-in-law of Bertha Belmore, and son of well-known theatrical people. Married with two children. Hobbies included tennis, swimming and motoring. Many years on the stage, Lionel reportedly made his film debut in 1911.
Silent: 1915 The Antique Dealer. The Quality of Mercy (director only).
20's 1920 Madame X. Jes Call Me Jim 1921 Moonlight Follies. Two Minutes to Go. A Shocking Night. Sting of the Lash 1922 Oliver Twist (as Mr. Brownlow). Courage. Kindred of the Dust. Peg O'My Heart. The Barnstormer. The Galloping Kid. Iron To Gold. Head Over Heels. Enter Madame. Kentucky Derby. The World's Champion 1923 Within the Law. Kazzmania. Forgive and Forget. Quicksands. Railroaded. Three Ages. Red Lights 1924 Lady of Quality. Try and Gt It. A Fool's Awakening. Racing Luck. The Silent Watcher. A Boy of Flanders. The Sea Hawk. The Man Who Fights Alone 1925 Eve's Secret. The Blackbird. Never the Twain Shall Meet. Madame Behave. Without Mercy. The Storm Breaker 1926 The Return of Peter Grimm. The Chequered Flag. Shipwrecked. Stop, Look and Listen. Bardleys the Magnificent 1927 King of Kings. Sorrell and Son. The Student of Old Heidelburg. Roaring Fires. Winners in the Wilderness. Sunset Derby. The Demi Bride. The Dice Woman. The Tender Hour. Wide Open 1928 The Wife's Relations. Heart Trouble. Rose Marie. The Play Girl. Matinee Idol. Goodbye Kiss 1929 The Unholy Night. The Circus Kid. The Redeeming Sin. The Yellowback. Evidence. From Headquarters. Stark Mad.
30's 1930 The Love Parade. Love Comes Along. Queen of Scandal. Monte Carlo. Hell's Island. Sweet Kitty Bellairs. Boudior Diplomat. The Rogue Sons. Captain of the Guards. Playing Around 1931 Alexander Hamilton. One Heavenly Night. Ten Nights in a Barroom. Frankenstein (as Burgomaster Herr Vogel). Shanghai Love 1932 Vanity Fair. The Warrior's Husband. So Big. Police Court. Malay Nights. Fame Street 1933 The Vampire Bat (as Burgomaster Gustav Schoen). Oliver Twist. The Constant Wife. Cavalcade 1934 Vanessa. I Am Suzanne. The Court of Monte Cristo. Caravan. Jane Eyre (as Lord Ingram). Cleopatra 1935 Cardinal Richlieu. Mutiny on the Bounty. Red Morning. Dressed To Kill. Forced Landing. Hitch Hike Lady. Clive of India. Mark of the Vampire 1936 Little Lord Fauntleroy. Last of the Mohicans. Mary of Scotland 1937 The Prince and the Pauper. The Toast of New York. It's Love I'm After. Maid of Salem 1938 If I Were King. Pie A La Maid. The Adventures of Robin Hood 1939 Tower of London (as Beacon Chiruegeon). Son of Frankenstein (as Emil Lang).
40's 1940 Diamond Frontiers. The Son of Monte Cristo (as Innkeeper). My Son My Son 1942 The Ghost of Frankenstein (as First Councillor).

Wilson Benge


Born 1875 in Greenwich, London. Educated at Royal Naval College. Died July 1st 1955 in Hollywood. Screen, stage actor and stage producer. Married to actress Sarah L. Benge (deceased 1954).
Made stage debut at 17 years of age in Trilby. Was persuaded to go to America to act with Douglas Fairbanks in ROBIN HOOD.
20's 1922 Robin Hood 1923 Ten Commandments 1925 Lady Windermere's Fan. Alias Mary Flynn. The Road To Yesterday 1926 A Trip To Chinatown. The Midnight Message 1927 King of Kings. Fast and Furious. The Lone Eagle 1928 Anybody Here Seen Kelly? A Gentleman Preferred. Freedom of the Press. That's My Daddy 1929 A Most Immoral Lady. Bulldog Drummond. Untamed. This Thing Called Love.
Top 30's 1930 Raffles. Her Wedding Night. Charley's Aunt. The Bat Whispers (as The Butler) 1931 The Men In Her Life. Platinum Blonde 1932 Cynara 1933 Song of Songs. Big Executive. The Death Kiss (as Doorman). The Avenger (as Butler). By Appointment Only 1934 The Ghost Walks (as Jarvis). Twin Husbands. Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back 1935 A Feather in Her Hat. Cardinal Richlieu. False Pretenses 1936 Dancing Feet. Murder At Glen Athol 1937 The Shadow Strikes. Easy Living. Mr. Boggs Steps Out. Oh, Doctor! The Man Who Cried Wolf 1938 The Adventures of Robin Hood.
40's 1940 Green Hell 1941 The Lady Eve. The Man Who Lost Himself. Nothing But the Truth 1942 You're Telling Me. The Palm Beach Story. Miss Annie Rooney. The Pied Piper 1944 The Lodger. The White Cliffs of Dover. The Jungle Woman (as Court Stenographer). The Pearl of Death (as Steward). Mrs. Parkington. Gaslight 1945 Pursuit To Algiers (as Clergyman). Tonight and Every Night. The House of Fear (as Guy Davies) 1948 The Three Musketeers.
50's 1950 Emergency Wedding 1951 Kind Lady. Royal Wedding 1952 Million Dollar Mermaid 1955 The Scarlet Coat.
Director born to anglo-French parents in Brooklyn, New York January 5th. 1893. Died 1987.
Acted with stock companies during his teens. He then worked as a stuntman and broke into the film industry with the Edison Company during the winter of 1911-1912. He appeared as a stuntman and an actor in THE PERILS OF PAULINE serial of 1914 under the apprenticeship of director George B. Seitz. Bennet became the second unit director on the follow-up serial THE EXPLOITS OF ELAINE.
In 1925 Bennet began directing his own serials, continuing right up untill 1956, the last year of American serial production. Bennet's reputation for achieving "terrified" reactions from his players at the appropriate time was prtly explained by his habit of creeping up behind them, usually the leading lady, and firing blank rounds into the air to create the desired, wide-eyed horror.
At the end of his career, and working with colour, Bennet made two 90 minute features that reunited many of the famous action stars with who he had worked with throughout his career.
20's 1921 Behold the Man (co-dir) 1923 Plunder (serial. co-dir uncredited) 1925 Play Ball (serial). The Green Archer (serial) 1926 The Fighting Marine (serial). The House Without a Key (serial). Snowed In (serial) 1927 Melting Millions (serial). Hawk of the Hills (serial) 1928 The Man Without a Face (serial). The Yellow Cameo (serial). The Terrible People (serial). Marked Money (serial). The Tiger's Shadow (serial) 1929 The Black Book (serial. co-dir). The Fire Detective (serial). Queen of the Northwoods (serial). Hawk of the Hills.
30's 1930 Rouge of the Rio Grande. Nick Harris (serial) 1931 Nick Harris (serial continued). Mystery of Compartment C (short) 1932 The Last Frontier (serial) 1933 The Midnight Warning. Justice Takes a Holiday. Jaws of Justice 1934 The Ferocious Pal. Badge of Honor. The Fighting Rookie. The Oil Raider. Night Alarm. Young Eagles (serial) 1935 Calling All Cars. Rescue Squad. Get That Man. Heir to Trouble. Western Courage. Lawless Riders 1936 The Cattle Thief. Heroes of the Range. Avenging Waters. The Fugitive Sheriff. The Unknown Ranger. Rio Grande Ranger. Ranger Courage 1937 The Law of the Ranger. Reckless Ranger. The Ranger Steps In. The Mysterious Pilot (serial) 1938 Rio Grande 1939 Across the Plains. Riders of the Frontier.
40's 1940 Westbound Stage. The Cowboy From Sundown 1941 Arizona Bound. Ridin' the Cherokee Trail. Gunman From Bodie 1942 They Raid By Night. Valley of Vanishing Men (serial). The Secret Code (serial) 1943 Calling Wild Elliot. Canyon City. The Masked Marvel (serial). Secret Service in Darkest Africa (serial) 1944 Mojave Firebrand. Beneath Western Skies. California Joe. Tucson Raiders. Code of the Prairie. Zorro's Black Whip (serial). Haunted Harbor (serial. Co-dir). The Tiger Woman (serial. co-dir) 1945 Lone Texas Ranger. Manhunt on Mystery Island (serial. co-dir). Federal Operator 99 (serial. co-dir). The Purple Monster Strikes (serial. co-dir). The Phantom Rider (serial. co-dir). Daughter of Don Q ( King of the Forest Rangers (serial. co-dir) 1947 Son of Zorro ( Brick Bradford (serial) 1948 Superman (serial. co-dir). Congo Bill (serial. co-dir) 1949 The Adventures of Sir Galahad (serial). Bruce Gentry - Daredevil of the Skies (serial. co-dir). Batman and Robin (serial).
50's 1950 Cody of the Pony Express (serial). Atom Man Versus Superman (serial). Pirates of the High Seas (serial. co-dir) 1951 Captain Video (serial. co-dir). Roar of the Iron Horse (serial. co-dir). Mysterious Island (serial) 1952 Brave Warrior. Voodoo Tiger. Blackhawk (serial). Son of Geronimo (serial). King of the Congo (serial. co-dir) 1953 Savage Mutiny. Killer Ape. The Lost Planet (serial) 1954 Riding With Buffalo Bill (serial). Gunfighters of the Northwest (serial) 1955 Adventures of Captain Africa (serial). Devil Goddess 1956 Perils of the Wilderness (serial). Blazing the Overland Trail (serial) 1958 Submarine Seahawk 1959 The Atomic Submarine.
60's 1965 The Bounty Killer. Requiem For a Gunfighter.

Willie Best


Born Missouri May 27th 1916. Died Woodland Hills, California 27th February 1962, of cancer.
Initially billed as "Sleep 'n' Eat" until THE NITWITS in 1935. Busy in television after his film career until he became terminally ill with cancer that killed him at 45.
30's 1930 Feet First. Skyline. Up Pops the Devil 1932 The Monster Walks (as Exodus) 1934 Little Miss Marker. Kentucky Kernels. David Harum. West of the Pecos 1935 Murder on a Honeymoon. The Nitwits. Jalna. Annie Oakley. The Arizonian. The Littlest Rebel. Hot Tip 1936 The Green Pastures. Murder on a Bridal Path. The Bride Walks Out. Mummy's Boys. Racing Lady. Make Way For a Lady. Thank You, Jeeves. General Spanky. The Lady Consents. Down the Stretch. Two in Revolt 1937 Breezing Home. We Who Are About To Die. The Lady Fights Back. Super Sleuth. You Can't Buy Luck. Meet the Missus. Saturday's Heroes 1938 Merrily We Live. Prairie Papas. Youth Takes a Fling. Blondie. Gold is Where You Find It. Spring Madness. Everybody's Doing It. Goodbye Broadway. I'm From the City. Vivacious Lady 1939 Private Detective. A Miracle on Main Street. The Saint Strikes Back. Mr. Moto in Danger Island. Blackmail. Nancy Drew. Trouble Shooter. At the Circus. The Covered Trailer. Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation.
Top 40's 1940 Blondie on a Budget. I Take This Woman. The Ghostbreakers. Slighty Honorable. Money and the Woman. Who Killed Aunt Maggie? 1941 West of the Rockies. Road Show. High Sierra. Kisses For Breakfast. The Lady From Cheyenne. Flight From Destiny. Scattergood Baines. The Body Disappears. Highway West. Nothing But the Truth. The Smiling Ghost 1942 Whispering Ghosts. Juke Girl. A-Haunting We Will Go. Buses Roar. Maisie Gets Her Man. The Hidden Hand (as Eustice). Scattergood Survives a Murder 1943 The Powers Girl. Cabin in the Sky. Dixie. The Kansan. Thank Your Lucky Stars. Cinderella Swings It 1944 The Adventures of Mark Twain. The Girl Who Dared. Home in Indiana. Music For Millions 1945 The Monster and the Ape (serial). Hold That Blonde. Pillow to Post. Red Dragon 1946 Dangerous Money. The Bride Wore Boots. She Wouldn't Say Yes. The Face of Marble 1947 Suddenly It's Spring. The Red Stallion 1948 Smart Woman. Half Past Midnight. The Shanghai Chest 1949 Jackpot Jitters. The Hidden Hand. (short).
50's 1950 High and Dizzy 1951 South of Caliente.

Billy Bevan


Born William Bevan Harris in Orange, Australia 29th September 1887. Arrived in America in 1917. Died in Escondido, California 26th November 1957.
Sound films: 30's 1930 Scotch (short). Journey's End. For the Love O' Lil. Temptation. Peacock Alley. For the Defense. Monte Carlo 1931 Born To Love. Transatlantic. Ashore From the Steerage (short). Bungalow Troubles (short) 1932 Sky Devils. Me and My Gal. The Silent Witness. Payment Deferred. Vanity Fair. Honeymoon Beach. Spot on the Rug 1933 Looking Forward. The Big Squeal. Alice in Wonderland. Cavalcade. Luxury Liner. Uncle Jake. A Study in Scarlet (as Will Swallow). Midnight Club. Too Much Harmony. The Way To Love. Peg O' My Heart 1934 Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back. The Lost Patrol. Shock. One More River. Caravan. Limehouse Blues 1935 Black Sheep. A Tale of Two Cities. The Last Outpost. Mystery Woman. Widow From Monte Carlo 1936 Mr. Deeds Goes To Town. The Song and Dance Man. Lloyds of London. Dracula's Daughter (as Albert). Piccadilly Jim. Private Number. God's Country and the Woman 1937 Slave Ship. Another Dawn. Personal Property. The Sheik Steps Out. The Wrong Road. Riding On Air 1938 Arrest Bulldog Drummond. The Girl of the Golden West. The Young In Heart. Mysterious Mr. Moto. Shadows Over Shanghai. Blonde Cheat. A Christmas Carol. Bringing Up Baby 1939 Pack Up Your Troubles. Captain Fury. We Are Not Alone. Let Freedom Ring. Grand Jury Secrets.
Top 40's 1940 The Invisible Man Returns (as a Warden). The Earl of Chicago. The Long Voyage Home. Tin Pan Alley 1941 One Night in Lisbon. Shining Victory. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Conform or Deny. Suspicion. Scotland Yard. Penny Serenade 1942 This Above All. I Married a Witch. Mrs. Miniver. The Man Who Wouldn't Die (as Phillips). Counter Espionage. London Blackout Murders 1943 Young and Willing. Holy Matrimony. Forever and a Day. The Return of the Vampire. Jane Eyre. Appointment in Berlin 1944 Once Upon a Time. The Pearl of Death (as Constable). The Lodger. National Velvet. The Invisible Man's Revenge (as Police Sargeant). South of Dixie. Tonight and Every Night 1945 The Picture of Dorian Gray. Hangover Square. The Woman in Green 1946 Devotion. Cluny Brown. Terror By Night (as Train Attendant) 1947 Moss Rose. The Swordsman. It Had To Be You. Love From a Stranger 1948 The Black Arrow. Let's Live a Little 1949 The Secret Garden. The Secret of St. Ives. Tell It To the Judge. That Forsythe Woman.
50's 1950 Rogues of Sherwood Forest. The Fortunes of Captain Blood.
Turhan Bey

Born Turhan Selahettin Schultavey in Vienna, Austria on 30th. March 1922. Turhan's father was a Turkish diplomat stationed in Vienna. At 17, Turhan became a test driver of European racing cars, but emigrated to America with his mother and grandmother shortly before Austria was annexed by Germany in 1938.
Turhan studied drama in the theatre before he landed a supporting role as a villain in the Warner Bros. drama FOOTSTEPS IN THE DARK and was promptly awarded a contract with the studio under the condition that he changed his surname. Turhan soon built a reputation among audiences and fellow actors as an aristocratic and mysterious foreigner. He appeared in many colourful Arabian Nights fantasies and as a series of oily villains. In 1946 Turhan served in the army, regretting the negative effect that this had on his movie career.
Turhan lives in Vienna, but makes frequent trips to America.
40's 1941 Footsteps in the Dark. Raiders of the Desert. Burma Convoy. Shadows on the Stairs. The Gay Falcon 1942 Junior G-Men of the Air (serial). The Falcon Takes Over. A Yank on the Burma Road. Bombay Clipper. Drums of the Congo. Arabian Nights. Destination Unknown. The Unseen Enemy. The Mummy's Tomb (as Mehemet Bey) 1943 Danger in the Pacific. Adventures of Smilin' Jack (serial). White Savage. The Mad Ghoul (as Eric Iverson). Background to Danger (as Hassan) 1944 Follow the Boys. The Climax (as Franz Munzer). Dragon Seed. Bowery to Broadway. Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves 1945 Frisco Sal. Sudan 1946 A Night in Paradise (as Aesop) 1947 Out of the Blue 1948 The Amazing Mr. X. Adventures of Casanova 1949 Parole Inc. Song of India.
50's 1953 Stolen Identity (and Prod). Prisoners of the Casbah.


Ted Billings


British character player in Hollywood. Often seen as flat-capped working-class characters.
Movies: 30's 1932 Murders in the Rue Morgue (as Man) 1933 The Invisible Man (as Villager) 1934 The Man Who Reclaimed His Head (as Newsboy). The Mystery of Mr. X (as Drinker). Smoking Guns 1935 Bride of Frankenstein (as Ludwig). Remember Last Night? (as Sailor).
40's 1946 Bedlam. Hangover Square ("Look! You can see the fire from 'ere!").


John Brahm


Born Hans Brahm in Germany in 1893.
Worked in the theatre for nearly twenty years before turning his hand to film work. After his initial venture in Britain, Brahm went to Hollywood and worked effectively throughout the 1940's. During the 1950's, he devoted himself almost entirely to television, mainly on suspense-thriller material. Married German actress Dolly Haas, who appeared in his first film in Britain.
Movies: 30's 1935 Scrooge 1936 Broken Blossoms 1937 Counsel For Crime 1938 Girls' School. Penitentiary 1939 Let Us Live. Rio.
40's 1940 Submarine Zone (aka: Escape To Glory) 1941 Wild Geese Calling 1942 The Undying Monster 1943 Tonight We Raid Calais. Wintertime 1944 Guest in the House. The Lodger 1945 Hangover Square 1946 The Locket 1947 The Brasher Doubloon. Singapore.
50's 1950 The Thief of Venice 1952 Face to Face (co-dir). A Star Shall Rise. The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima 1953 The Diamond Queen 1954 The Mad Magician 1955 Bengazi. Special Delivery. Die Goldene Pest. Laura (tv) 1957 Too Soon to Die (tv).
60's 1960 A Death of Princes (tv). The Hero (tv) 1967 Hot Rods To Hell.
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Egon Brecher


Born in Czechoslovakia on February 16th 1880. Died August 12th 1946 in Hollywood from a heart attack.
Screen, stage actor and stage director.
Movies: 20's 1929 The Royal Box.


30's 1933 To the Last Man 1934 As the Earth Turns. No Greater Glory. Many Happy Returns. The Black Cat (as The Majordomo). Now and Forever 1935 Break of Hearts. The Black Room. The Werewolf of London (as Priest). Mark of the Vampire (as Coroner). Black Fury. The Florentine Dagger. Here's to Romance. Charlie Chan's Secret. (as Ulrich) 1936 One in a Million. Boulder Dam. Till We Meet Again (as Schultz). Sins of Man. Ladies in Love. The White Angel. Stolen Holiday. Alibi For Murder 1937 The Life of Emile Zola. The Black Legion. Heidi. I Met Him in Paris. Love Under Fire. Thin Ice 1938 Arsene Lupin Returns. I'll Give a Million. Suez. Cocoanut Grove. You and Me. Spawn of the North. The Spy Ring. Invisible Enemy 1939 WeAre Not Alone. Confessions of a Nazi Spy. While America Sleeps (short). Devil's Island. The Three Musketeers. Nurse Edith Cavell. Judge Hardy and Son. Juarez. Angels Wash Their Faces.
40's 1940 All This and Heaven Too. Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet. A Dispatch From Reuters. Pound Foolish (short). Four Sons. The Man I Married. I Was an Adventuress 1941 Manhunt. Out of Darkness (short). Kings Row. They Dare Not Love. Underground. Manpower 1942 All Through the Night. Isle of Missing Men. For a Common Defense (short). Berlin Correspondent 1944 The Desert Hawk (serial). The Seventh Cross. The Hairy Ape. U-Boat Prisoner 1945 A Royal Scandal. White Pongo 1946 Temptation. Sister Kenny. The Wife of Monte Cristo. OSS. So Dark the Night (as Dr. Boncourt).

Tod Browning


Born Charles Albert "Tod" Browning in Louisville, Kentucky July 12th 1880. Died October 6th 1962 in Santa Monica, California. Biography: "Dark Carnival".
As actor: 1913 Scenting a Terrible Crime. A Fallen Hero 1914 An Interrupted Seance. After Her Dough. Victims of Speed. The Fatal Dress Suit. Nearly a Burglar's Bride. Izzy and the Bandit. The Scene of His Crime. A Race For a Bride. The Man in the Couch. Nell's Eugenic Wedding. An Exciting Courtship. The Last Drink of Whiskey. Hubby to the Rescue. The Deceiver. The White Slave Catchers. Bill's Job. Wrong All Around. How Bill Squared It With His Boss. Leave It To Smiley. Bill Takes a Lady Out To Lunch. Ethel's Teacher. Bill Saves the Day. A Physical Culture Romance. Bill Organises a Union. The Mascot. In Business For Himself. Foiled Again. Bill Manages a Prizefighter. The Million Dollar Bide. Bill Spoils a Vacation. Dizzy Joe's Career. Bill Joins the W.W.W.'s. Casey's Vendetta. Ethel's Roof Party. Out Again - In Again. Ethel Has a Steady. A Corner in Hats. Mr. Hadley's Uncle. The Housebreakers. Bill and Ethel at the Ball. The Record Breaker 1915 Ethel's First Case. Love and Business. A Flyer in Spring Water. A Flurry in Art. Cupid and the Pest. Bill Turns Valet. Music Hath Charms. Ethel Gets Consent. A Costly Exchange.
As director, producer, scenarist: 1915 The Lucky Transfer. The Slave Girl. An Image of the Past. The Highbinders. The Story od a Story. The Spell of the Poppy. The Electric Alarm. The Living Death. The Burned Hand. The Woman From Warrens. Little Marie. The Queen of the Band 1916 Sunshine Dad. The Mystery of the Leaping Fish. Puppets. Intolerance. Everybody's Doing It. The Deadly Glass of Beer. Atta Boy's Last Race 1917 Jim Bludso. A Love Sublime. Hands Up! Peggy, the Will O' the Wisp. The Jury of Fate 1918 The Eyes of Mystery. The Legion of Death. Revenge. Which Woman. The Deciding Kiss. The Brazen Beauty. Set Free 1919 The Wicked Darling. The Exquisite Thief. The Unpainted Woman. The Petal on the Current. Bonnie, Bonnie Lassie. The Pointing Finger.


20's 1920 The Virgin of Stamboul. Outside the Law 1921 Society's Secrets. No Woman Knows 1922 The Wise Kid. The Man Undercover. Under Two Flags 1923 Drifting. The Day of Faith. White Tiger 1924 The Dangerous Flirt. Silk Stocking Sal 1925 The Unholy Three. Dollar Down. The Mystic 1926 The Blackbird. The Road To Mandalay 1927 The Show. The Unknown 1928 London After Midnight. The Big City. West of Zanzibar 1929 Where East is East. The Thirteenth Chair.
30's 1930 Outside the Law 1931 Dracula. The Iron Man 1932 Freaks 1933 Fast Workers 1935 Mark of the Vampire 1936 The Devil Doll 1939 Miracles For Sale.
40's 1946 Inside Job (based on a story by Tod Browning).


Nigel Bruce


Born William Nigel Ernle Bruce February 4th 1895 in Mexico. Son of Sir William Waller Bruce. Married Violet Shelton (later: Campbell) and had two daughters. Hobbies include golf, cricket and shooting. Wounded and invalided out of the army in 1915.
Stage debut in 1920 in play 'Why Marry?'. Entered British films in 1929, Hollywood from 1934. Died 8th. Oct. 1953 from a heart attack. Interred at the 'Chapel of the Pines' Crematory, Los Angeles.
20's 1929 Red Aces.
30's 1930 The Squeaker. Escape. Birds of Prey 1931 The Calender 1932 The Midshipmaid. Lord Camber's Ladies 1933 I Was a Spy. Channel Crossing. The Lady Is Willing 1934 The Scarlet Pimpernel. Springtime For Henry. Stand Up and Cheer. Coming Out Party. Murder in Trinidad. Treasure Island 1935 Becky Sharp. Jalna. She. The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo 1936 Thunder in the City. The Trail of the Lonesome Pine. The Charge of the Light Brigade. Under Two Flags. Florence Nightingale (short). The White Angel. Make Way For a Lady. Follow Your Heart. The Man I Marry 1937 The Last of Mrs. Cheyney 1938 The Baroness and the Butler. Kidnapped. Suez 1939 The Hound of the Baskervilles. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. The Rains Came.
40's 1940 Adventure in Diamonds. Rebecca. The Bluebird. Lillian Russell. Hudson's Bay. Susan and God. A Dispatch From Reuters 1941 Playgirl. The Chocolate Soldier. Free and Easy. This Woman is Mine. Suspicion 1942 Roxie Hart. Eagle Squadron. Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror. This Above All. Journey For Margaret. Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon 1943 Forever and a Day. Sherlock Holmes in Washington. Sherlock Holmes Faces Death. Crazy House. Lassie Come Home 1944 Follow the Boys. The Pearl of Death. Gypsy Wildcat. The Scarlet Claw. Frenchman's Creek. The Spider Woman. House of Fear 1945 The Corn is Green. Son of Lassie. The Woman in Green. Pursuit to Algiers 1946 Terror By Night. Dragonwyck. Dressed To Kill 1947 The Two Mrs. Carrolls. The Exile 1948 Julia Misbehaves.
50's 1950 Vendetta 1951 Hong Kong 1952 Limelight. Othello 1953 Bwana Devil 1954 World For Ransoms.



Kathleen Burke


Born in Hammond, Indiana September 5th 1913. Died April 12th 1980 in Chicago of emphysema.
She first moved to Chicago where she worked as a radio actress and fashion model before she entered the Paramount Studios' nationwide contest to find the "Panther Woman" for their H.G. Wells' screen adaptation. Kathleen was picked from the eventual four finalists which had also included Verna Hillie, Gail Patrick and Lona Andre. After the film, she married Glen A. Rardin in February 1933, but they were seperated and later divorced the following year. In 1936 her contract with Paramount was terminated. She married dancer Jos Fernandez in March of 1936. After giving birth to a daughter Antonia in June 1938, they moved to New York where she appeared in a radio drama during 1940. She later married Forrest Smith, but little is known about her for the last forty years before her death.
30's 1932 Island of Lost Souls (as Lota) 1933 Murders in the Zoo (as Evelyn Gorman). Sunset Pass. The Mad Game 1934 Good Dame (as Zandrall). Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back 1935 Awakening of Jim Burke. Mutiny Ahead. Beauty's Daughter. Rocky Mountain Mystery. School For Girls. The Lives of a Bengal Lancer. The Lasdt Outpost 1936 Nevada. Craig's Wife (as Adelaide Passmore). The Lion Man 1937 The Sheik Steps Out. Boy of the Streets 1938 Rascals.


The Missing Link

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