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E.E. Clive
Chaney Jr.

Donald Calthrop


Born April 11th 1888 in London. Nephew of Dion Boucicault. Made stage debut 1906 in 'A Wire Entanglement' at the Comedy Theatre. An alcohol problem limited his later film appearances. Died 1940 aged 52 from a heart attack. See "Quinlan's Film Character Actors".
Silent: 1916 Wanted a Widow. Altar Chains 1917 Maks and Faces. The Gay Lord Quex 1918 Goodbye. Nelson.
20's 1925 Stage Stars Off Stage (short) 1927 Shooting Stars 1928 The Flying Squad 1929 Clue of the New Pin. Blackmail (as Tracy). Up the Poll (short). Atlantic. Juno and the Paycock.


30's 1930 The Cockney Spirit in the War - 1/All Riot on the Western Front (short). The Cockney Spirit in the War - 2 (short). Song of Soho. The Night Porter. The Cockney Spirit in the War - 3 (short). Loose Ends. Two Worlds. Elstree Calling. Murder! (as Ion Stewart). Spanish Eyes. We Take Off Our Hats (short). Almost a Honeymoon. Star Impersonations (short). Cape Forlorn 1931 Potiphar's Wife. Uneasy Virtue. The Ghost Train (as Saul Hodgkin). The Bells. Many Waters. Money For Nothing 1932 Number Seventeen (as Brant). Fires of Fate. Rome Express 1933 F.P.1 Doesn't Answer. Orders Is Orders. Early To Bed. I Was A Spy. Sorrell and Son. The Night Watchman's Story. Friday the Thirteenth. This Acting Business 1934 Red Ensign. It's a Cop. Nine Forty-Five. The Phantom Light 1935 The Divine Spark. The Clairvoyant (as Suicide attempter). Scrooge (as Bob Cratchitt). Man of the Moment 1936 The Man Behind the Mask. Broken Blossoms (as Old Chinaman). The Man Who Changed His Mind. Love From a Stranger. Fire Over England. Cafe Colette 1937 Dreaming Lips. Cotton Queen 1938 Shadow of Death 1939 Band Waggon. Tommy Atkins No.2 (short). The Sound of Death (short).
40's 1940 Let George Do It. Charley's (Big-Hearted) Aunt 1941 Major Barbara.


Arthur Edmund Carewe


Born in Trebeizond, Armenia in 1894. Died in Santa Monica, California April 23rd 1937.
Screen and stage actor. Trained as a painter. Arrived in America as a child and appeared on stage for eight years. Began films in 1919 with Constance Talmadge. Shortly after finishing CHARLIE CHAN'S SECRET in 1936, he suffered a paralytic stroke and shot himself.
Silent: 19?? The Palace of Darkened Windows 1919 Bonnie, Bonnie Lassie (as Archibald Loveday).
20's 1920 Rio Grande 1921 Bar Nothin'. Her Mad Bargain. The Easy Road. Sham. The Mad Marriage 1922 The Ghost Breaker (as Duke d'Alva). His Wife's Husband. My Old Kentucky Home. The Prodigal Judge 1923 Trilby. Refuge. Daddy. 1924 The Song of Love. The Price of a Party 1925 Sandra. The Phantom of the Opera (as Ledoux). The Only Thing. The Boomerang. A Lover's Oath 1926 The Torrent. The Silent Lover. Diplomacy. Volcano 1927 Uncle Tom's Cabin. A Man's Past. The Cat and the Canary. The Claw.
30's 1930 The Matrimonial Bed. Sweet Kitty Bellairs. The Life of the Party 1931 God's Gift to Women. The Gay Diplomat 1932 Dr. X 1933 Mystery of the Wax Museum 1935 Thunder in the Night. Charlie Chan's Secret (as Professor Bowan).


John Carradine

on video



Born Richmond Reed Carradine in New York City February 5th 1906. Died 1988 in California.
Original vocation was a painter and a marine artist. Married Ardanelle McCool Cosner, who gave birth to two sons Bruce and John Carradine. Divorced 1944, also married actress Sonia Sorel: three sons Robert, Christopher and Keith. Divorced 1955. Then married Doris Rich in 1957 (d.1971), and lastly Emily Cisneros in 1975.
Made stage bow at St. Charles Theater, New Orleans in 'Camille'. First entered films as a scenic designer for Cecile B. DeMille. Billed in first film as Peter Richmond, and later billed John Peter Richmond, but reverted to John Carradine in 1935. Also much work in Television. Featured heavily as Mr. Gateman in "The Munsters" television series.
30's 1930 Tol'able David 1931 Bright Lights. Heaven On Earth 1932 Forgotten Commandments. The Sign of the Cross 1933 This Day and Age. The Invisible Man. The Story of Temple Drake. To the Last Man 1934 The Black Cat. Cleopatra. The Meanest Gal in Town. Of Human Bondage 1935 The Man Who Broke the Bank in Monte Carlo. The Bride of Frankenstein (as Hunter). Les Miserables. She Gets Her Man. Clive of India. Transient Lady. Cardinal Richelieu. Alias Mary Dow. Bad Boy. The Crusades 1936 Anything Goes. Captain January. Winterset. The Garden of Allah. Daniel Boone. Ramona. Under Two Flags. Mary of Scotland. A Message to Garcia. White Fang. Half Angel. Laughing At Death. Dimples 1937 Nancy Steele is Missing. Ali Baba Goes To Town. Captain Courageous. The Last Gangster. The Hurricane. This Is My Affair. Love Under Fire. Danger - Love At Work. Thank You Mr. Moto 1938 Alexander's Ragtime Band. Of Human Hearts. International Settlement. Four Men and a Prayer. Kentucky Moonshine. Gateway. I'll Give a Million. Kidnapped. Submarine Patrol 1939 Drums Along the Mohawk. Frontier Marshal. Stagecoach. Jesse James. The Three Musketeers. Five Came Back. Mr. Moto's Last Warning. The Hound of the Baskervilles. Captain Fury.
40's 1940 Brigham Young - Frontiersman. The Return of Frank James. The Grapes of Wrath. Chad Hanna 1941 Western Union. Blood and Sand. Swamp Water. Man Hunt 1942 Northwest Rangers. Whispering Ghosts. Reunion in France. Son of Fury. The Black Swan 1943 Hitler's Madman. I Escaped From the Gestapo. The Isle of Forgotten Sins. Silver Spurs. Gangway For Tomorrow. Revenge of the Zombies. Captive Wild Woman 1944 Bluebeard. The Mummy's Ghost. Barbary Coast Gent. The Adventures of Mark Twain. Black Parachute. Waterfront. The Invisible Man's Revenge. Voodoo Man. Return of the Ape Man. House of Frankenstein 1945 Captain Kidd. House of Dracula. It's In The Bag 1946 Fallen Angel. The Face of Marble. Down Missouri Way 1947 The Private Affairs of Bel Ami 1949 C-Man.


50's 1954 Casanova's Big Night. Thunder Pass. The Egyptian. Johnny Guitar 1955 Desert Sands. The Kentuckian. Stranger on Horseback. Dark Venture. Half Human 1956 The Black Sleep. The Female Jungle. The Ten Commandments. Around the World In 80 Days. Hidden Guns. The Court Jester 1957 The True Story of Jesse James. The Unearthly. Shoes (tv). Hell Ship Mutiny. The Story of Mankind 1958 The Cosmic Man. The Proud Rebel. The Last Hurrah. Showdown At Boot Hill 1959 The Oregon Trail. Invisible Invaders. The Incredible Petrified World.
60's 1960 The Adventures of Huckelberry Finn. Tarzan the Magnificent. Sex Kittens Go To College 1962 Invasion of the Animal People (Aka: Rymdinvasion I Lappland).The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance 1964 Curse of the Stone Hand. The Patsy. Cheyenne Autumn. The Wizard of Mars 1965 Broken Sabre. House of the Black Death. Billy the Kid Versus Dracula. They Ran For Their Lives 1966 Munster Go Home! Night Train To Mundi Fine 1967 Blood of Dracula's Castle. The Helicopter Spies (tv). Hillbillys in a Haunted House. The Hostage. The Horror of the Blood Monsters. The Fiend With The Electronic Brain. Dr. Terror's Gallery of Horrors. Lonely Man. Autopsia de un Fantasma 1968 The Astro Zombies. La Senora Muerte. The Hostage. Genesis (Narration only). The Fakirs 1969 Smashing the Crime Syndicate. Blood of the Iron Maiden. Bigfoot. Daughter of the Mind (tv). The Good Guys and the Bad Guys. The Trouble With Girls. Cain's Way. The McMasters....Toughter Than the West Itself!
70's 1970 Crowhaven Farm (tv). Myra Beckinridge. Blood of Frankenstein. Five Bloody Graves 1971 Shinbone Alley (voice only). The Seven Minutes. Threshold. Decisions! Decisions! Legacy of Blood 1972 The Night Strangler (tv). Boxcar Bertha. House of the Seven Corpses. Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex, But Were Too Afraid To Ask. Portnoy's Complaint. The Gatling Gun. Richard. Shadow House 1973 House of Dracula's Daughter. Superchick. 1,000,000 A.D. Bad Charleston Charlie. Hex. Terror in the Wax Museum. Silent Night, Bloody Night. The Cat Creature (tv) 1974 Moon Child. Stowaway To the Moon (tv) 1975 Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood. Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary. The Killer Inside Me. Death Corps 1976 Crash. The Last Tycoon. Death At Love House (tv). The Shootist. The Sentinel 1977 Tail Gunner Joe (tv). The White Buffalo. Golden Rendevous. The Christmas Coal Mine Miracle (tv). Satan's Cheerleaders. Journey Into the Beyond (Narration only) 1978 Missile X. Nocturna. Sunset Cove. Vampire Hookers. The Bees. The Mandate of Heaven 1979 Monster. The Seekers (tv). Americathon. Teheran Incident. The Nesting.
80's 1980 Carradines in Concert. The Long Riders. The Monster Club. Phobia. The Howling. The Boogey Man 1981 Zorro, the Gay Blade. Frankenstein Island. The Scarecrow. Dark Eyes 1982 The Secret of Nimh (voice only). House of Long Shadows 1983 Boogeyman II. Evils of the Night. The Vals 1984 The Ice Pirates 1985 The Tomb. Reel Horror. Prison Ship 2005 1986 Monster in the Closet. Revenge. Peggy Sue Got Married 1987 Evil Spawn 1988 Buried Alive.


Helen Chandler


Born in New York City February 1st 1906. The family moved briefly to Jacksonville, Florida and then to Charleston, South Carolina. Died April 30th 1965 in Hollywood, California following surgery. Divorced from actor Bramwell Fletcher and writer Cyril Hume.
Chandler performed in stock companies and later made her Broadway debut. In 1925 she reached virtual stardom with her critically acclaimed role in 'The Wild Duck'. iIn 1927, she marched into the Fox offices in New York City and director Allan Dwan cast her in a small part in his next film. After her final film in 1938, she entered a sanitarium for treatment of a nervous breakdown. She made her last stage performance in 1941's 'The Show Off'. In 1950 and remarried to a merchant seaman, she fell asleep while smoking and was seriously burned with second degree burns. Between 1954 and 1959 she spent time in the DeWitt State Hospital with an alcohol problem. When Helen Chandler died and her body was cremated, no-one claimed her ashes.
20's 1927 The Music Master. The Joy Girl 1929 Salute. Mother's Boy. The Sky Hawk.
30's 1930 Outward Bound (as Anne). Rough Romance. Mother's Cry 1931 Dracula (as Mina Seward). Fanny Foley Herself. Daybreak. Salvation Nell. The Last Flight 1932 A House Divided. Cock of the Air. Vanity Street. Behind Jury Doors 1933 Goodbye Again. Alimony Madness. Dance Hall Hostess. The Worst Woman in Paris? Christopher Strong 1934 Long Lost Father. Lover Divine. Midnight Alibi. Unfinished Symphony 1935 Radio Parade of 1935. It's a Bet 1938 Mr. Boggs Steps Out.


Lon Chaney

Chaney on video


Born Leonidas Chaney April 1st 1883 in Colorado Springs to deaf mute parents. Died August 26th 1930 from a hemorrhage of the throat due to cancer. Biography: "Thousand Faces".
Silent: 1913 Poor Jake's Demise (role unknown). The Sea Urchin (as Barnacle Bill). The Blood Red Tape of Charity (role unknown). Shon the Piper (role unknown). The Trap (role unknown). An Elephant on His Hands (as Eddie). Almost an Actress (as Cameraman). Back To Life (as The Rival). Red Margaret, Moonshiner (as Lon). Bloodhounds of the North (as a Mountie) 1914 The Lie (as Young MacGregor). The Honor of the Mounted (as Jacques Laqoux). Remember Mary Magdalen (as The Half-Wit). Discord and Harmony (as The Sculptor). The Menace To Carlotta (as Giovanni Bartholdi). The Embezzler (as J. Roger Dixon). The Lamb, the Woman, the Wolf (as The Wolf). The End of the Field (as Wood Dawson). The Tragedy of Whispering Creek (as The Greaser). The Unlawful Trade (as The Cross Blood). The Forbidden Room (as John Morris). The Old Cobbler (as Wild Bill). A Ranch Romance (as Raphael Praz). Hopes of a Blind Alley (as Vendor). Her Grave Mistake (as Nunez). By the Sun's Rays (as Frank Lawler). The Oubliette (as Chevalier Bertrand de la Payne). A Miner's Romance (as John Burns). Her Bounty (as Fred Howard). The Higher Law (as Sir Stephen). Richlieu (as Baradas). The Pipes of Pan (as Arthur Farrell). Virtue Its Own Reward (as Duncan Bronson). Her Life's Story (as Don Valesquez). Small Town Girl (role unknown). Lights and Shadows (as Bentley). The Lion, the Lamb, the Man (as Fred). Night of Thrills (role unknown). Her Escape (as Pete) 1915 The Sin of Olga Brandt (as Stephen Leslie). Star of the Sea (as Tomasco). The Measure of a Man (as Mountie Lt. Stuart). Threads of Fate (as The Count). When the Gods Played a Badger Game (as The Property Man). Such is Life (as Tod Wilkes). Where the Forest Ends (as Paul Rouchelle). Outside the Gates (as Perez). All For Peggy (as The Stable Groom). The Desert Breed (as Fred). Maid of the Mist (as The Postmaster). The Girl of the Night (role unknown). The Stool Pigeon (directed). The Grind (as The Old Man). For Cash (directed). An Idyll of the Hills (as a Mountaineer). The Stronger Mind (as The Crooks' Pal). The Oyster Dredger (directed). Steady Company (as a Factory worker). The Violin Maker (as The Violin maker). The Trust (as the Burglar). Bound on the Wheel (role unknown). Mountain Justice (role unknown). Quits (as Frenchy). The Chimney's Secret (as Robber). The Pine's Revenge (as rival). The Fascination of the Fleur de Lys (as Duke of Safoulrug). Alas and Alack (as the Husband). A Mother's Atonement (as her Husband). Lon of Lone Mountain (role unknown). The Millionaire Paupers (role unknown). Father and the Boys (as Tuck Bartholomew). Under a Shadow (role unknown). Stronger Than Death (role unknown) 1916 Dolly's Scoop (as Don Fisher). The Grip of Jealousy (as Silas Lacey). Tangled Hearts (as John Hammond). The Gilded Spider (as Giovanni). Bobbie of the Ballet (as Hook Hoover). The Grasp of Greed (as Jimmie). Mark of Cain (as Dick Temple). If My Country Should Call (as Dr. George Ardrath). Place Beyond the Winds (as Jerry Jo). Felix on the Job (as Tod). Price of Silence (as Edmond Stafford) 1917 The Piper's Price (as Billy Kilmartin). Hell Morgan's Girl (as Sleter Noble). The Mask of Love (as Marino). The Girl in the Checkered Coat (as Hector Maitland). The Flashlight (as Henry Norton and Porter Brixton). A Doll's House (as Nils Krogstad). Fires of Rebellion (as Russell Hanlon). The Rescue (as Thomas Holland). Triumph (as Paul Neihoff). Pay Me (as Joe Lawson). The Empty Gun (role unknown). Bondage (as the Seducer). Anything Once (as Waught Mohr). The Scarlet Car (as Paul Revere Forbes) 1918 Broadway Love (as Elmer Watkins). The Grand Passion (as Paul Argos). The Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin (as Bethmann-Hollweg). Fast Company (as Dan McCarty). A Broadway Scandal (as Kink Colby). Riddle Gwane (as Hame Bozzam). That Devil, Bateese (as Louis Courteau). The Talk of the Town (as Jack Langhorne). Danger-Go Slow (as Bud) 1919 The Wicked Darling (as Stoop Connors) The Flase Faces (as Karl Ekstrom). A Man's Country (as Three Card Duncan). Paid in Advance (as Bateese Le Blanc). The Miracle Man (as The Frog). When Bearcat Went Dry (as Kindard Powers). Victory (as Ricardo). Daredevil Jack (serial, role unknown).


20's 1920 Treasure Island (as Pew). The Gift Supreme (as Merney Stagg). Nomads of the North (as Raoul Challoner). The Penalty (as Blizzard) 1921 Outside the Law (as Black Mike Sylva). For Those We Love (as Trix Ulner). Bits of Life (as Chin Gow). Ace of Hearts (as Farralone) 1922 The Trap (as Gaspard). Voices of the City (as O'Rourke). Flesh and Blood (as David Webster). The Light in the Dark (as Tony Pantelli). Shadows (as Yen Sin). Oliver Twist (as Fagin). Quincy Adams Sawyer (as Obadiah Strout). A Blind Bargain (as Dr. Lamb/The Ape Man) 1923 All the Brothers Were Valiant (as Mark Shore). While Paris Sleeps (as Henri Santodos). The Shock (as Wilse Dilling). The Hunchback of Notre Dame (as Quasimodo) 1924 The Next Corner (as Juan Serafin). He Who Gets Slapped (as He) 1925 The Monster (as Dr. Ziska). The Unholy Three (as Echo/Mrs. O'Grady). Phantom of the Opera (as Erik the Phantom). Tower of Lies (as Jan). 1926 The Blackbird (as The Blackbird/The Bishop). The Road To Mandalay (as Singapore Joe) 1927 Tell It To the Marines (as Sareant O'Hara). Mr. Wu (as Mr. Wu/Wu's Grandfather). The Unknown (as Alonzo the Armless). Mockery (as Sergei). London After Midnight (as Burke) 1928 The Big City (as Chuck Collins). Laugh Clown Laugh (as Tito). While the City Sleeps (as Dan). West of Zanzibar (as Phroso) 1929 Where East is East (as Tiger Haynes). Thunder (as Grumpy Anderson).
30's 1930 The Unholy Three (as Echo/Mrs. O'Grady).


Lon Chaney Jr.

Chaney on video


Born Creighton Chaney in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma February 10th 1905. Died July 12th 1973 in San Clemente, California. Son of actor Lon Chaney (d.1930) and Frances Chaney (d.1967). Married to model Patsy Beck.
Entered films in 1932 as a stuntman.
30's 1932 The Last Frontier (serial, as Tom Kirby). Bird of Paradise (as Thornton). Girl Crazy (as chorus dancer) 1933 Son of the Border (as Cowboy). The Three Musketeers (serial, as Armand Corday). Lucky Devils (as Frankie Wilde). Scarlet River (as Foreman) 1934 Girl of My Dreams (as Big-man-on-Campus type). Sixteen Fathoms Deep (as Joe). The Life of Vergie Winters (as Hugo McQueen). 1935 Accent on Youth (as Chuck). Captain Hurricane (as Westley). Hole 'em Yale (as Football player). Shadow of Silk Lennox (as Lennox). The Marriage Bargain (as Bob Gordon). Scream in the Night (as Jack Wilson and Butch Curt) 1936 Ace Drummond (serial, as Ivan). The Singing Cowboy (as Martin). Rhythm on the Range. Undersea Kingdom (serial, as Captain Kakur). The Rosebowl (as Football player). Killer at Large (as Wax Museum guard) 1937 The Old Corral (as Garland). Life Begins in College (as Gilks). Angel's Holiday (as Eddie). Wild and Woolly (as Dutch). Midnight Taxi (as Erikson). Wife, Doctor and Nurse (as Chaffeur). Charlie Chan on Broadway (as Desk man). Cheyenne Rides Again (as Girard). Secret Agent X-9 (serial, as Maroni). The Lady Escapes (as Reporter). Love and Hisses (as Attendent). Love is News (as Reporter). Checkers (as Man at race track). One Mile From Heaven (as Cop). Second Honeymoon (as Reporter). That I May Live (as Engineer). City Girl (as Gangster). Slave Ship (as Laborer). Born Reckless (as Garage mechanic). Thin Ice (as American reporter) 1938 Mr. Moto's Gamble (as Joey). Passport Husband (as Bull). Road Demon (as Racer- racketeer). Josette (as Boatman). Alexander's Ragtime Band (as Photographer). Straight, Place and Show (as Chaffeur). Walking Down Broadway (bit part). Submarine Patrol (as Sailer). Speed to Burn (as Racetrack mug). Happy Landing (as Newspaper reporter) 1939 Jesse James (as Outlaw). Union Pacific (as Train passenger). Frontier Marshal (as Pringle). Charlie Chan in City of Darkness (as Pierre). Of Mice and Men (as Lennie Small).
40's 1940 One Million BC. (as Akhoba) Northwest Mounted Police (as Shorty) 1941 Man Made Monster (as Dynamo Dan McCormick). Billy the KId (as Spike Hudson). Badlands of Dakota (as Jack McCall). The Wolf Man (as Lawrence Talbot). Too Many Blondes (as Marvin Gimble). San Antonio Rose (as Jigsaw Kennedy). Riders of Death Valley (serial, as Butch) 1942 North of the Klondike (as Nate Carson). The Ghost of Frankenstein (as The Monster). The Mummy's Tomb (as Kharis the Mummy). The Overland Mail (serial, as Jim Lane) 1943 Crazy House (guest star). Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (as Lawrence Talbot). Son of Dracula (as Count Alucard). Frontier Badmen (as Chango). Calling Dr. Death (as Dr. Mark Steele). Eyes of the Underworld (as Benny) 1944 Ghost Catchers (as the Bear). Weird Woman (as Prof. Norman Reed). Cobra Woman (as Hava). The Mummy's Ghost (as Kharis the Mummy). Dead Man's Eyes (as Dave Stuart). Follow the Boys (guest part). The Mummy's Curse (as Kharis the Mummy). House of Frankenstein (as Lawrence Talbot) 1945 Here Come the Co-eds (as Johnson). The Frozen Ghost (as Alex Gregor). Strange Confession (as Jeff Carter). The Daltons Ride Again (as Grant Dalton). House of Dracula (as Lawrence Talbot). Pillow of Death (as Wayne Fletcher) 1947 My Favorite Brunette (as Willie). Luguna USA. (short, as Lennie) 1948 Alburquerque (as Murkil). Sixteen Fathoms Deep (as Dimitri). Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein 1949 Captain China (as Red Lynch).
50's 1950 Once a Thief (as Gus) 1951 Inside Straight (as Shocker). Only the Valiant (as Trooper Kebussyan). Behave Yourself (as Pinky). Flame of Araby (as Borks). Bride of the Gorilla (as Commander Taro) 1952 Thief of Damascus (as Sinbad). High Noon (as Martin Howe). Springfield Rifle (as Pete Elm). The Black Castle (as Gargon). The Bushwackers (as Mr. Taylor) 1953 A Lion in the Streets (as Spurge). Raiders of the Seven Seas (as Peg Leg). Battles of Chief Pontiac (as Chief Pontiac). Bandit Island (3D short, as Kip) 1954 The Black Pirates (as Felipe). The Boy From Oklahoma (as Crazy Charlie). Jivaro (as Pedro). Casanova's Big Night (as Emo). Passion (as Castro). The Big Chase (as Kip) 1955 Big House USA. (as Alamo Smith). Not as a Stranger (as Job Marsh). I Died a Thousand Times (as Big Mac). The Indian Fighter (as Chivington). The Silver Star (as John Harmon) 1956 Manfish (as Swede). Pardners (as Whitey). The Black Sleep (as Mongo). The Indestructible Man (as Charles Benton). Daniel Boone-Trail Blazer (as Chief Blackfish). Along the Mohawk Trail (as Chingachgook). Long Rifle and the Tomohawk (as Chingachgook). Redmen and the Renegades (as Chingachgook) 1957 The Cyclops (as Martin Melville) 1958 Money, Women and Guns (as Art Birdwell). The Defiant Ones (as Big Sam) 1959 La Casa del Terror (as Mummy and Werewolf). The Alligator People (as Mannon). No.13 Demon Street (Swedish tv).
60's 1961 Rebellion in Cuba (as Gordo) 1962 The Devil's Messenger (as The Devil) 1963 The Haunted Palace (as Simon Orne) 1964 Witchcraft (as Morgan Whitlock). Stage to Thunder Rock (as Henry Parker). Law of the Lawless (as Tiny) 1965 Black Spurs (as Kile). Young Fury (as Ace). Town Tamer (as Mayor Charlie Leach) 1966 Johnny Reno (as Sheriff Hodges). Apache Uprising (as Charlie Russell) 1967 Dr. Terror's Gallery of Horrors (as Dr. Mendel). Welcome to Hard Times (as Avery). Hillbilly's in a Haunted House (as Maximillian) 1968 Spider Baby (as Bruno). The Far Out West (as Chief Eagle Shadow). Buckskin (as Sheriff Tangley) 1969 Fireball Jungle (as Sammy). A Stranger in Town (as Doctor).
70's 1971 The Female Bunch (as Monty). Blood of Frankenstein (as Groton).


Spencer Charters


Stage and screen actor born 1875 in Ducannon, Pennsylvania, died January 25th 1943 in Hollywood of suicide with pills and carbon monoxide.
20's 1923 Little Old New York 1924 Janice Meredith.
30's 1930 Whoopee (stage & film version) 1931 Lonely Wives. The Front Page. Travelling Husbands. Palmy Days. The Bat Whispers (as caretaker) 1932 The Fabulous Ferguson Case. Movie Crazy. Central Park. Hold 'em Jail. The Match King. The Tenderfoot. Jewel Robbery. The Crooked Circle (as Kinny) 1933 Lady Killer. 20,000 Years in Sing Sing. Broadway Bad. So This is Africa. Gambling Ship. Female. The Kennel Murder Case 1934 Southern Style (short). The Firebird. Wake Up and Dream. The St. Louis Kid. It's a Gift. Million Dollar Ransom. Blind Date. Wonder Bar. Pursuit of Happiness. Fashions of 1934. The Circus Clown. Hips, Hips Hooray. Half a Sinner. Loud Speaker. The Ghost Walks (as The Professor) 1935 Star of Midnight. $1000 a Minute. Alibi Ike. Murder on a Honeymoon. In Person. The Nut Farm. The Raven (as Geoffrey). Welcome Home. Don't Bet on Blondes. The Goose and the Gander. Whispering Smith Speaks 1936 F- Man. Colleen. Postal Inspector. The Farmer in the Dell. The Lady From Nowhere. Love on a Bet. Murder on the Bridle. Career Woman. Banjo on My Knee. Preview Murder Mystery. The Moon's Our Home. Till We Meet Again (as Hoffer). Spendthrift. Don't Get Personal. The Mine With the Iron Door (as Thad Hill). Mr. Deeds Goes to Town. The Harvester. All American Chump. Libeled Lady. Fugitive in the Sky 1937 The Perfect Specimen. Dangerous Number. Wells Fargo. The Mighty Treve. Girl Loves Boy. Venus Makes Trouble. The Prisoner of Zenda. Behind the Mike. The Hurricane. Four Days Wonder. Back in Circulation. Fifty Roads to Town. Wife, Doctor and Nurse. Danger - Love at Work. Big Town Girl. Checkers. Pick a Star. Mountain Music. MR. Boggs Steps Out 1938 Four's a Crowd. Vivacious Lady. The Joy of Living. Forbidden Valley. Mr. Chump. The Texans. Five of a Kind. In Old Chicago. One Wild Night. Three Blind Mice. Inside Story. Professor Beware. Breaking the Ice. The Road to Reno. Lady Behave. Crime School 1939 Dodge City. Woman Doctor. I'm From Missouri. Women in the Wind. Young Mr. Lincoln. Second Fiddle. Drums Across the Mohawk. Yes, My Darling Daughter. Topper Takes a Trip. The Covered Trailer. The Flying Irishman. In Name Only. They Made Her a Spy. Two Thoroughbreds. The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Exile Express. They Asked For It. The Under-Pup. Unexpected Father. Jesse James.
40's 1940 Kitty Foyle. Virginia City. Friendly Neighbors. Maryland. The Refuge. Remember the Night. He Married His Wife. Our Town. Alias the Deacon. The Girl From God's Country. The Golden Fleecing. Meet the Missus. Blondie Plays Cupid. Santa Fe Trail 1941 Bedtime Story. Moon Over Miami. Tobacco Road. Glamour Boy. Petticoat Politics. High Sierra. So Ends Our Night. She Couldn't Say No. The Lady From Cheyenne. Mr. Distrist Attorney in the Carter Case. Midnight Angel. Look Who's Laughing. Man at Large. The Singing Hill 1942 Pride of the Yankees. The Remarkable Andrew. Born to the Heart. The Night Before the Divorce. The Postman Didn't Ring. The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine. Scattergood Survives a Murder. Juke Girl. Pacific Blackout. Yankee Doodle Dandy 1944 Arsenic and Old Lace.

Benjamin Christensen


Born Viborg, Denmark 28th September 1879. Died in Denmark 2nd April 1959. Educated in medicine.
Left the stage in 1907 to become an agent for French champagne firm Lanson. He spoke negatively about his experiences working in Hollywood and the restrictions the Studios would put on their directors, as Christensen was a perfectionist and would spend many months to complete any film. He returned to his native country, and spent his last years in isolation as a manager of a small and insignificant cinema in the suburbs of Copenhagen. Biography: "Benjamin Christensen" by John Ernst. Copenhagen. 1967.
Silent: 1913 The Mysterious X 1915 Night of Revenge.
20's 1921 Haxan (as The Devil) 1922 Unter Juden 1923 Seine Frau die Unbekannte 1925 Die Mit Frau Mit Dem Schlechten Ruf 1926 The Devil's Circus 1927 Mockery 1928 The Haunted House. The Hawk's Nest 1929 Seven Footprints to Satan. The House of Horror.
30's 1939 Skilsmissens Born 1940 Barnet 1941 Gaa Med Mig Hjem 1942 Damen Med de Lyse Handsker.
Mae Clarke

Born Violet Mary Klotz in Philadelphia on August 16th. 1907. Died 1992.
The daughter of a motion picture theatre organist. After studying dance as a child, she began her career with a nightclub act at the age of thirteen. In 1924 she was seen by producer Earl Lindsay who cast her in a New York show and a vaudeville tour.
Mae's first marriage was to Lew Brice, Fanny Brice's brother in 1928.
Chiefly remembered for her role in FRANKENSTEIN. Also worked in television.
20's 1926 The Noose 1927 Manhattan Mary 1929 Big Time. Nix on Dames.
30's 1930 Fall Guy. Dancers. Men on Call 1931 The Front Page. Public Enemy. Good Bad Girl. Reckless Living. Determination. Frankenstein (as Elizabeth). Waterloo Bridge 1932 Final Edition. Three Wise Girls. Impatient. Maiden. Night World. Breach of Promise. The Penguin Pool Murder 1933 Fast Workers. Made on Broadway. Parole Girl. Turn Back the Clock. As the Devil Commands. Lady Killer. Penthouse 1934 Flaming Gold. This Side of Heaven. Nana. Let's Talk It Over. Operator 13. The Man With Two Faces 1935 Silk Hat Kid. Hitch Hike Lady. The Daring Young Man 1936 The House of a Thousand Candles (as Carol Vincent). Hearts in Bondage. Wild Brian Kent. Great Guy. Hats Off 1937 Trouble in Morocco. Outlaws of the Orient.
40's 1940 Women in War 1941 Sailors on Leave 1942 Flying Tigers. Lady From Chungking 1944 Here Come the Waves. And Now Tomorrow 1945 Kitty 1948 Daredevils of the Clouds 1949 King of the Rocket Men (serial. as Glenda Thomas). Streets of San Francisco. Gun Runner.
50's 1950 Annie Get Your Gun. The Yellow Cab Man 1951 The Great Caruso. Mr. Imperium. The People Against O'Hara. Callaway Went Thataway. The Unknown Man 1952 Because of You. Singin' in the Rain. Thunderbirds. Pat and Mike. Horizon's West 1954 Magnificent Obssession 1955 Women's Prison. Not as a Stranger. Wichita. I Died a Thousand Times 1956 Come Next Spring. Mohawk. Ride the High Iron. The Desperados Are in Town 1958 Voice in the Mirror 1959 Ask Any Girl.
60's 1966 Big Hand For the Little Lady 1967 Thoroughly Modern Millie.
70's 1970 Watermelon Man. etc.


Colin Clive


Born Colin Clive-Greig in St. Malo, France 20th January 1900. Married in 1929 French actrees-mimick-playwright Jeanne de Casalis, later estranged. Died of pulmonary tubercolosis June 25th 1937.
30's 1930 Journey's End. (as Stanhope) 1931 The Stronger Sex. Frankenstein (as Henry Frankenstein) 1932 Lily Christine 1933 Christopher Strong. Looking Forward 1934 Jane Eyre (as Rochester). The Key. One More River 1935 Bride of Frankenstein (as Henry Frankenstein). The Right To Live. The Girl From Tenth Avenue. The Man Who Broke the Bank At Monte Carlo. Clive of India. Mad Love (as Stephen Orlac) 1937 History Is Made At Night. The Woman I Love (as LaFayette Escadrille).


E.E. Clive


Born Edward E. Clive in Monmouthshire, Wales in 1878. Only spent seven years in Hollywood films before his death of a heart attack June 6th 1940 in North Hollywood. Best known as Bulldog Drummond's manservant 'Tenny'.
30's 1933 The Invisible Man (as Police Constable Jaffers). Looking Forward 1934 One More River. The Poor Rich. The Gay Divorcee. Tin Pants. Riptide. Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back (as Constable). Charlie Chan in London. Long Lost Father 1935 The Mystery of Edwin Drood (as Thomas Sapsea). A Feather in Her Hat. Bride of Frankenstein (as The Burgomaster). Remember Last Night? We're in the Money. Gold Diggers of 1935. Stars Over Broadway. A Tale of Two Cities. Widow From Monte Carlo. Atlantic Adventure. Page Miss Glory. Captain Blood. Father Brown, Detective. Sylvia Scarlett. Clive of India. The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo 1936 Little Lord Fauntleroy. Love Before Breakfast. The King Steps Out. Dracula's Daughter (as Sergeant Wilkes). All American Chump. Palm Springs. The Unguarded Hour. Trouble For Two (as The King). Piccadilly Jim. Libeled Lady. Tarzan Escapes. Camille. The Golden Arrow. The White Angel. The Charge of the Light Brigade. Isle of Fury. Cain and Mabel. Ticket to Paradise. Lloyds of London. The Dark Hour (as Foot). Show Boat 1937 They Wanted to Marry. The Great Garrick. Live, Love and Learn. Bulldog Drummond Escapes! Maid of Salem. Ready, Willing and Able. The Road Back. Bulldog Drummond's Revenge. It's Love I'm After. On the Avenue. Love Under Fire. Danger-Love at Work. Personal Property. The Emperor's Candlesticks. Night Must Fall. Beg, Borrow or Steal. Bulldog Drummond Comes Back 1938 Arsene Lupin Returns. Bulldog Drummond's Peril. The First Hundred Years. The Last Warning. Bulldog Drummond in Africa. Kidnapped. Submarine Patrol. Gateway. Arrest Bulldog Drummond! 1939 I'm From Missouri. The Little Princess. Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police. Mr. Moto's Last Warning. Man About Town. The Hound of the Baskervilles. Rose of Washington Square. Bulldog Drummond's Bride. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Bachelor Mother. We Are Not Alone. The Honeymoon's Over.
40's 1940 Raffles. The Earl of Chicago. Congo Maisie. Pride and Prejudice. Foreign Correspondent. Adventure in Diamonds.


Jean Cocteau


Born Maisons-Lafitte, near Paris 5th July 1889. Died Milly-la-Foret, France 11th October 1963. Actor, playwright, poet, librettist, novelist, painter and graphic artist. In 1937 Cocteau became the manager of boxer Al Brown. Remained in Paris during the German occupation.
As director only: 20's 1925 Jean Cocteau Fait du Cinema (short).
30's 1930 Le Sang d'un Poete.
40's 1945 La Belle et la Bete 1947 L'Aigle a Deux Tetes 1948 Les Parents Terribles 1949 Orphee.
50's 1950 Coriolan (short) 1952 La Villa Santo-Sospir 1956 8 x 8 1959 Le Testament d'Orphee.
Harry Cording


Born in New York April 29th 1891. Educated in England. Entered films in 1921. Only leading role was for Dwain Esper's NARCOTIC in 1933. Died September 1st 1954 in Sun Valley, California. Entered films in 1921.
20's 1925 The Knockout 1927 Black Jack 1928 Daredevil's Reward. The Patriot. Sins of the Fathers 1929 The Rescue. The Squall. The Isle of Lost Ships. Christina.
30's 1930 Captain of the Guard. Rough Romance. Bride of the Regiment 1931 The Right of Way. The Conquering Horde. Honor of the Family 1932 Secrets of the French Police (as Detective). File No. 113. The World and the Flesh. Forgotten Commandments. Cabin in the Cotten. The Intruder (as Cramer) 1933 Captured. Narcotic. To the Last Man 1934 Great Expectations. The Black Cat (as Thamal) 1935 The Crusades. Peter Ibbetson. Captain Blood. The Man Who Reclaimed His Head (as French Mechanic). Strange Wives. Anna Karenina. The Mystery of Edwin Drood (as Opium Addict). Les Miserables. Mutiny on the Bounty. Charlie Chan in Paris 1936 The Country Doctor. Road Gang. Sutter's Gold. The White Angel. Daniel Boone 1937 The Prince and the Pauper. Sea Devils 1938 Crime School. The Adventures of Robin Hood (as Dickon Malbete). Valley of the Giants. Painted Desert. The Adventures of Marco Polo 1939 We Are Not Alone. The Light That Failed. Destry Rides Again. Tower of London (as Tyrell). Son of Frankenstein (as Gendarme at gate). The Sun Never Sets. Each Dawn I Die. The Hound of the Baskervilles. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
40's 1940 King of the Royal Mounted (serial). The House of Seven Gables (as Mr. Hawkins). Passport to Alcatraz. The Great Plane Robbery. Trial of the Vigilantes. The Sea Hawk. The Invisible Man Returns (as Miner). Law and Order 1941 The Lady From Cheyenne. Mutiny in the Arctic. The Wolf Man (as Wykes) 1942 Overland Mail (serial). Arabian Nights. Tennessee Johnson. Ghost of Frankenstein (as Frone). Yukon Patrol. Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror (as Camberwell). Ride 'em Cowboy. Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon (as Jack Brady). Son of Fury. Road to Morocco. The Mummy's Tomb (as Vic) 1944 The Hour Before Dawn. Spider Woman (as Fred Garvin). The Great Alaskan Mystery (serial). Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. Gypsy Wildcat. Mrs. Parkington. The Pearl of Death (as George Gelder). Lost in a Harem 1945 The House of Fear (as Captain John Simpson). Sudan. San Antonio 1946 Terror by Night (as Mock). Dressed to Kill (as Hamid). Fool's Gold. The Bandit of Sherwood Forest. Terror by Night (as Mock). A Night in Paradise (as Captain) 1947 Forever Amber. Slave Girl. The Marauders. Dangerous Venture 1948 A Woman's Vengeance. That Lady in Ermine. Red River. Tap Roots. Kiss the Blood Off My Hands 1949 Rope of Sand. Samson and Delilah. The Fighting O'Flynn. Bad Men of Tombstone. Secret of St. Ives.
50's 1950 Fortunes of Captain Blood. Last of the Buccaneers 1951 Mask of the Avenger. Santa Fe. Al Jennings of Oklahoma 1952 Road to Bali. Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair. The Black Castle. The Big Trees. Against All Flags. Brave Warrior. Cripple Creek. Night Stage to Galveston 1953 Treasure of the Golden Condor. Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Titanic 1954 Man in the Attic. Demetrius and the Gladiators. Killer Leopard. Jungle Gents 1955 East of Eden.
Larry "Buster" Crabbe

Born Clarence Linden Crabbe in Oakland, California on 17th. February 1907. Died of a heart attack aged 75 in 1983.
Buster won an Olynpic Bronze medal for the American team for swimming in 1928 and then a gold medal in 1932. Became foamous for his portrayal of intergalactic heros Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, just as swimming champion Johnny Weismuller became famous for his role as Tarzan.
In the 1940's, Buster became a "B" Western star before starting a business involved with water sports.
In 1971 Buster continued to swim for competition and broke the world 400 metre freestyle record for the over-60's.
30's 1930 Good News 1932 That's My Boy 1933 Tarzan the Fearless (serial). King of the Jungle. To the Last Man. Hollywood on Parade (short). The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. The Thundering Herd 1934 Search For Beauty. You're Telling Me. Badge of Honor. She Had to Choose. We're Rich Again. The Oil Raider 1935 Hold 'em Yale. Wanderer of the Wasteland. Nevada 1936 Drift Fence. Desert Gold. Rose Bowl. Flash Gordon (serial). Arizona Raiders. Lady, Be Careful. Arizona Mahoney 1937 Murder Goes to College. Sophie Lang Goes West. Daughter of Shanghai. King of the Gamblers. Forlorn River. Thrill of a Lifetime 1938 Red Barry (serial). Tip-Off Girls. Hunted Men. Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars (serial). Illegal Traffic 1939 Unmarried. Million Dollar Legs. Buck Rogers (serial). Colorado Sunset. Call a Messenger.
40's 1940 Sailor's Lady. Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (serial) 1941 Billy the Kid Wanted. Jungle Man 1942 Billy the Kid Trapped. Law and Order. Jungle Siren. Wildcat. Mysterious Rider. Sheriff of Sage Valley. Billy the KId's Smoking Guns. Queen of Broadway 1943 The Kid Rides Again. Fugitive of the Plains. Western Cyclone. Devil Riders. The Drifter. The Renegade. Cattle Stampede. Blazing Frontier 1944 Thundering Gunslingers. Nabonga. Frontier Outlaws. Oath of Vengeance. Fuzzy Settles Down. The Contender. Valley of Vengeance. Rustler's Hideout. Wild Horse Phantom 1945 Shadows of Death. Border Badmen. Stagecoach Outlaws. Fighting Bill Carson. Lightning Raiders. Prarie Rustlers. Gangster's Den. His Brother's Ghost 1946 Overland Raiders. Outlaws of the Plains. Prarie Badmen. Gentlemen With Guns. Ghost of Hidden Valley. Terrors on Horseback. Swamp Fire 1947 Last of the Redmen. The Sea Hound (serial) 1948 Caged Fury.
50's 1950 Pirates of the High Seas (serial). Captive Girl 1952 King of the Congo (serial) 1956 Gun Brothers 1957 The Lawless Eighties 1958 Badman's Country.
60's 1960 Gunfighters of Abilene 1965 The Bounty Killer. Arizona Raiders.
70's 1971 The Comeback Trail 1979 Swim Team.


Laird Cregar


Born Samuel Laird Cregar 28th July 1916, died 1944, some say because 20th Century Fox forced him to diet for his last role.
40's 1940 Granny Get Your Gun. Oh Johnny, How Can You Love. Hudson's Bay 1941 Blood and Sand. Charley's Aunt. I Wake Up Screaming 1942 Joan of Paris. Rings on Her Fingers. This Gun For Hire. Ten Gentlemen From West Point. The Black Swan 1943 Hello Frisco Hello. Heaven Can Wait (as Devil). Holy Matrimony 1944 The Lodger. Hangover Square (as George Harvey Bone).

Michael Curtiz






Born Mihaly Kertesz in Budapest, Hungary 24th December 1888. Died 11th April 1962.
Mihaly Kertesz had previously worked on films in his native Hungary (directed one of Bela Lugosi's earliest screen roles), but also in Denmark, Germany and Austria. He was brought to Hollywood by Jack Warner, who had seen one of his Austrian films. He stayed at the Warner Brothers studio until 1953. At first his flair was expressed in a series of horror films, but he soon showed that he was adept working in all film genres
Silent: 1912 Az Utolso Bohem. Ma Es Holnap 1913 Rablelek. Hazasodik Az Uram 1914 Princess Pongyola. Az Ejszaka Rabjai. Aranyaso. A Kolcsonkert Csecsemok. Bank Ban. A Tolonc 1915 Akit Ketten Szeretnek 1916 The Black Rainbow. The Doctor. A Magyar Fold Ereje. Az Ezust Kescke. Farkas. The Carthusian. A Medikus. Seven of Clubs 1917 A Fold Embere. A Kuruzslo. A Beke Utja. A Voros Samson. A Senki Fia. A Szentjobi Erdo Titka. Arendas Zsido. Az Utolso Hajnal. Az Ezredes. Halalcsengo. Master Zoard. Egy Krajcar. Tortenete. Tatarjaras. Tavasz A Telben 1918 A Csunya Fiu. Szamarbor. The Scorpion. Judas. Lulu. Alruane (co-dir). A Napraforgos Holgy. A Wellington Rejtely. Az Ordog. Ninety Nine. Lu, the Coquette. Varazskeringo. The Merry Widow 1919 Jon Az Ocsem. Lilliom (unfinished). Die Dame mit dem Schwarzen Handschuh.



20's 1920 Die Gottesgewisel. Boccaccio. Die Dame mit dem Sonnenblumen. Der Stern von Damaskus 1921 Mrs. Tutti Frutti. Cherchez la Femme. Frau Dorothys Bekenntnis. Wege des Schreckens 1922 Sodom und Gomorrha Pt. I & Pt.II 1923 Die Lawine. Namelos. Der Junge Medardus 1924 Harun el Raschid. Die Sklavenkonigin 1925 Das Spielzeug von Paris 1926 Fiaker Nummer 13. Der Goldene Schmetterling. The Third Degree 1927 The Desired Woman. A Million Bid. Good Time Charley 1928 Tenderloin. Noah's Ark 1929 The Gamblers. Madonna of Avenue A. Glad Rag Doll. Hearts in Exile.
30's 1930 The Matrimonial Bed. Mammy. Under a Texas Moon. Bright Lights. A Soldier's Plaything. Rivers End 1931 Damon des Meeres (co-dir). God's Gift to Women. The Mad Genius 1932 The Strange Love of Molly Louvain. The Woman From Monte Carlo. Dr. X. Cabin in the Cotton. Alias the Doctor (co-dir). 20,000 Years in Sing Sing 1933 Mystery of the Wax Museum. Private Detective 62. Female (co-dir). Keyhole. Goodbye Again. The Kennel Murder Case 1934 The Key. Mandalay. Jimmy the Gent. British Agent 1935 Front Page Woman. The Case of the Curious Bride. Little Big Shot. Captain Blood. Black Fury 1936 The Charge of the Light Brigade. Mountain Justice. The Walking Dead 1937 Stolen Holiday. Kid Galahad. The Perfect Specimen 1938 Gold is Where You Find It. The Adventures of Robin Hood. Four Daughters. Four's a Crowd. Angels With Dirty Faces 1939 Sons of Liberty (short). Daughters Courageous. Dodge City. The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex. Four Wives.
40's 1940 Virginia City. Santa Fe Trail. The Sea Hawk 1941 The Sea Wolf. Dive Bomber 1942 Captains of the Clouds. Yankee Doodle Dandy. Casablanca 1943 Mission to Moscow. This is the Army 1944 Passage to Marseille. Janie 1945 Roughly Speaking. Mildred Pierce 1946 Night and Day 1947 The Unsuspected. Life With Father 1948 Romance on the High Seas 1949 My Dream is Yours. The Lady Takes a Sailor. Flamingo Road.
50's 1950 Bright Leaf. Young Man With a Horn. The Breaking Point 1951 Force of Arms. Jim Thorpe - All American. I'll See You in My Dreams 1952 The Story of Will Rogers 1953 Trouble Along the Way. The Jazz Singer 1954 The Boy From Oklahoma. The Egyptian. White Christmas 1955 We're No Angels 1956 The Scarlet Hour. The Vagabond King. The Best Things in Life Are Free 1957 The Helen Morgan Story 1958 King Creole. The Proud Rebel 1959 The Hangman. The Man in the Net.
60's 1960 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. A Breath of Scandal 1961 Francis of Assissi. The Comancheros.


The Missing Link

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