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Earles Eburne Edeson Edwards

Harry Earles


Born 1901 in Stolpen, Germany. Died 1985, aged 83. Original name Kurt Schneider (aka: Harry Doll). Younger sister Daisy (real name Hilda E. Schneider) born 1908
20's 1925 The Unholy Three (as Tweedledee) 1926 Baby Brother (as Gus) 1928 Three Ring Marriage.
30's 1930 The Unholy Three (as Tweedledee) 1932 Freaks (as Hans) 1939 Wizard of Oz (as one of the Lollipop Men).


Maude Eburne

Eburne on video


Born in 1875. Died October 8th 1960 in Hollywood. Married to stage producer Gene Hill (deceased 1962).
30's 1931 Lonely Wives. Bought. The Man in Possession. Larceny Lane. Blonde Crazy. The Bat Whispers (as Lizzie Allen). The Guardsman (as Mama). Her Majesty. Love Indescreet 1932 Under Eighteen. Panama Flo. Polly of the Circus. The Passionate Plumber. Woman From Monte Carlo. The Trial of Vivienne Ware. First Year. Stranger in Town. This Reckless Age 1933 The Vampire Bat (as Gussie Schnappmann). Ladies They Talk About. Ladies Must Love. Robbers' Roost. Shanghai Madness. The Warrior's Husband. My Lips Betray. Big Executive. East of Fifth Avenue. Havana Widows 1934 Fog. When Strangers Meet. Here Comes the Navy. Return of the Terror. Lazy River. Love Birds 1935 Maybe It's Love. Happiness COD. Ruggles of Red Gap. Party Wire. Don't Bet on Blondes 1936 Doughnuts and Society. Reunion. Manhunt. The Leavenworth Case. Poppy. Valiant is the Word for Carrie 1937 Champagne Waltz. When's Your Birthday? Hollywood Cowboy. Fight For Your Lady. Live, Love and Learn. Paradise Express 1938 Riders of the Black Hills 1939 The Amazing Mr. Williams. Exile Express. My Wife's Relatives. Mountain Rhythm. Meet Dr. Christian. Sabotage. The Covered Trailer.
40's 1940 Lil Abner. Colorado. The Courageous Dr. Christian. Dr. Christian Meets the Women. Remedy For Riches. The Border Legion 1941 Melody For Three. They Meet Again. Glamour Boy. West Point Widow. Among the Living. You Belong To Me 1942 I Married an Angel. Henry and Dizzy. To Be or Not To Be. Almost Married. Henry Aldrich, Editor. The Boogie Man Will Get You 1943 Lady Bodyguard 1944 Henry Aldrich Plays Cupid. The Princess and the Pirate. Rosie the Riveter. The Suspect. Goodnight Sweetheart. The Town Went Wild. Bowery to Broadway. I'm From Arkansas 1945 Man From Oklahoma. Hitchhike to Happiness. Leave It To Blondie 1947 Slippery Magee. Mother Wore Tights 1948 The Plunderers 1949 Arson Inc.
50's 1951 Prince of Peace (aka The Lawton Story).


Arthur Edeson


Born 1891. Died 1970. American cinematographer.
Silent: 1917 Wild and Woolly.
20's 1923 Robin Hood 1924 The Thief of Bagdad 1925 The Lost World 1926 The Bat 1927 The Patent Leather Kid 1928 In Old Arizona.
30's 1930 All Quiet on the Western Front 1931 Frankenstein 1932 The Old Dark House 1933 The Invisible Man 1935 Mutiny on the Bounty 1937 They Won't Forget 1939 Each Dawn I Die.
40's 1940 They Drive By Night 1941 Sergeant York. The Maltese Flacon 1942 Casablanca 1943 Thank Your Lucky Stars 1944 The Mask of Dimitrios 1948 The Fighting O'Flynn. etc.



se.jpg (2390 bytes)


Born in Hungary in 1862. Died from arthiritis in Los Angeles, California on May 1st 1937. Entered films in 1920. Married to actress Eleanor Edwards (deceased 1968).
20's 1920 The City of Masks 1921 The Charm School. Cheated Love. Ladies Must Live. The Love Special. No Woman Knows 1922 The Ghost Breaker (as Maurice). The Gray Dawn. Human Hearts. June Madness. Love is an Awful Thing. Rags to Riches. Red Hot Romance 1923 Children of Jazz. Hollywood. The Huntress. Modern Matrimony. Rosita. Souls For Sale. Tea With a Kick 1924 The Thief of Bagdad (as The Evil Associate). Hill Billy. In Fast Company. Inez From Hollywood. Passion's Pathway. Tarnish. Tiger Love. The Tornado. A Woman Who Sinned 1925 The Great Circus Mystery (serial). Seven Chances. Heir-Loons. A Lover's Oath. Old Shoes. The Phantom of the Opera (as Florine Papillon). The White Desert 1926 Battling Butler. April Fool. The Clinging Vine. The Cruise of Jasper B. The Lady of the Harem. The Sea Wolf. Volcano. The Wanderer 1927 Red Mill. College (as Dean Edwards). Night Life 1929 A Dangerous Woman. The Mysterious Island.
30's 1931 The Public Defender. Right of Way. Sit Tight. Public Enemy.


The Missing Link

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