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Fort Frazer Freund

Bramwell Fletcher

Born in Bradford, England on February 20th. 1904. Died 1988.
Light leading man of the Thirties. A former insurance clerk who made his stage debut with a Shakespearian company at Stratford-On-Avon in 1927. Made his Broadway debut during 1929 and then settled in America. Married four times, including to Helen Chandler and Diana Barrymore. Retired from feature films in 1943 and concentrated on stage work and made over 200 appearances on television.
Most memorable for his brief encounter with Im-Ho-Tep in 1932's THE MUMMY.
30's 1930 Chick. Red Hell 1931 Raffles. Daughter of the Dragon. Svengali 1932 The Mummy (as Ralph Norton). The Silent Witness. The Monkey's Paw 1934 The Scarlet Pimpernel.
Top 40's 1942 Random Harvest. The Undying Monster (as Dr. Jeff Cobert). White Cargo. The Immortal Sergeant. etc.
Wallace Ford

Born Samuel Grundy in England 12th February 1898. Died Woodland Hills, California 11th June 1966 of a heart ailment.
Wallace hit the headlines in the mid-1930s when he found his long- lost parents in England.
30's 1930 Absent-Minded (short). Fore! (short). The Swellhead 1931 Possessed. Skyscraper Souls. X Marks the Spot 1932 Freaks. Beast of the City. Properity. Hypnotized. Central Park. Are You Listening? The Wet Parade. The Big Cage. City Sentinel 1933 Goodbye Again. East of Fifth Avenue. Employee's Entrance. Headline Shooter. My Woman. Night of Terror. Three Cornered Moon. She Had To Say Yes 1934 Money Means Nothing. A Woman's Man. Men in White. The Man Who Reclaimed His Head. I Hate Women. The Lost Patrol. The Whole Town's Talking 1935 Another Face. The Nut Farm. Screen Snapshots No5 (short). The Informer. Swell Head. In Spite of Danger. She Couldn't Take It. Men of the Hour. Get That Man. Maryburns-Fugitive. One Frightened Night. The Mysterious Mr. Wong. Sanders of the River 1936 OHMS. Rogue's Tavern. Two in the Dark. Absolute Quiet. A Son Comes Home 1937 Jericho. Mad About Money. Swing It Sailor. Exiled to Shaghai 1939 Back Door Heaven.
40's 1940 Isle of Destiny. Two Girls on Broadway. Love, Honor and Oh! Baby. Give Us Wings. Scatterbrain. The Mummy's Hand 1941 A Man Betrayed. The Roar of the Press. Blues in the Night. Murder By Invitation 1942 Scattergood Survives a Murder. Inside the Law. X Marks the Spot. All Through the Night. Seven Days' Leave. The Mummy's Tomb 1943 The Marines Come Through. Shadow of a Doubt. The Cross of Lorraine. The Ape Man 1944 Secret Command. Machine Gun Mama 1945 The Woman Who Came Back. The Great John L. Spellbound. They Were Expendable. Blood on the Sun. On Stage, Everybody 1946 The Green Years. A Guy Could Change. Rendevouz With Annie. Crack-Up. The Black Angel. Lover Come Back. Dead Reckoning 1947 Magic Town. T-Men 1948 Shed No Tears. Coroner Creek. The Man From Texas. Embraceable You. Belle Starr's Daughter 1949 Red Stallion in the Rockies. The Set Up.
50's 1950 The Breaking Point. Dakota Lil. The Furies. Harvey 1951 Warpath. He Ran All the Way. Painting the Clouds With Sunshine 1952 Flesh and Fury. Rodeo 1953 She Couldn't Say No. The Nebraskan. The Great Jesse James Raid 1954 The Boy From Oklahoma. Destry. Three Ring Circus 1955 The Man From Laramie. The Spoilers. Lucy Gallant. A Lawless Street. Wichita. The Ox-Bow Incident 1956 Johnny Concho. The Maverick Queen. The First Texan. Snow Shoes (tv). Stagecoach to Fury. Thunder Over Arizona. The Rainmaker 1957 The Last Man (tv) 1958 The Last Hurrah. The Matchmaker. Twilight For the Gods 1959 Warlock.
Tess of the Storm Country 1965 A Patch of Blue.

Writer. Born in New York City 5th June 1900. Died in 1945.
Began his career as a stage actor until 1922 when he began writing for films. Fort shared screen credit with John L. Balderston on several occasions, and after his work on DRACULA, he achieved a reputation in the horror genre.
20's 1922 Five Days to Live. Gay and Devilish 1924 On Time. In Fast Company. The Fire Patrol. Ports of Call 1925 The Midnight Girl. Made For Love. The Coming of Amos 1926 Bachelor Brides. Her ManO'War. Gigolo 1927 Bachelor's Baby. The Yankee Clipper. White Gold 1928 Naughty Baby 1929 The Letter. Jealousy. The Lady Lies. Applause. The Return of Sherlock Holmes.
30's 1930 Dona Mentiras. La Carta. La Lettre. Roadhouse Nights. The Big Pond. La Grand Mare. Dangerous Nan McGrew. Outside the Law. Scotland Yard 1931 El Imposter. Dracula. Frankenstein 1932 Panama Flo. Young Bride. 70,000 Witnesses. Undercover Man 1933 Before Dawn 1934 The Lost Patrol. Private Scandal. Mills of the Gods 1935 Jaina 1936 Dracula's Daughter. The Devil Doll 1939 Twelve Crowded Hours. The Zero Hour. Panama Lady.
40's 1940 Mark of Zorro 1941 Among the Living. Ladies in Retirement 1942 Street of Chance 1944 The Man in Half Moon Street.

American "general purpose" character actor born in Worchester, Massachusetts on June 29th. 1891. Died August 17th. 1944 in Los Angeles, California.
Silents: 1912 Robin Hood 1916 The Feast of Life 1919 The Bramble Bush.
20's 1921 Love, Hate and a Woamn. Without Limit 1922 The Faithless Sex. Fascination. How Women Love. My Friend, the Devil. Partners of the Sunset. When the Desert Calls 1923 As a Man Lives. A Chapter in her Life. Jazzmania. The Love Piker 1924 Women Who Give. Men. After the Ball. Bread. Broken Barriers. The Foolish Virgin. When a Man's a Man. The Mine With The Iron Door. Traffic In Hearts 1925 Splendid Road. Keeper of the Bees. The Charmer. The Scarlet West. The Golden Strain. The Love Gamble. Miss Bluebeard. The Other Woman's Story. Why Women Love. The White Desert 1926 The City. Dame Chance. Desert Gold. The Isle of Retribution. Secret Orders. Sin Cargo. The Speeding Venus 1927 Back to God's Country. One Hour To Love. The Silent Hero. Wanted A Coward 1928 Out of the Ruins. The Little Snob. The Scarlet Dove. Burning Up Broadway. City of Purple Dreams. Black Butterflies 1929 The Woman I Love. Frozen Justice. King of the Kongo (serial. as native chief). Sioux Blood. Careers. The Drake Case.
30's 1930 Beyond the Law 1931 Ten Nights in a Barroom. Mystery Trooper (serial). Two-Gun Caballero 1932 Two Lips and Juleps, or Southern Love and Northern Exposure (short). Rainbow Trail. Saddle Buster. Discarded Lovers. Arm of the Law. White Zombie (as Charles Beaumont). The Crooked Circle (as The Stranger). King Murder 1933 Justice Takes a Holiday. Notorious But Nice. The Vampire Bat (as Emil Borst). The Fighting Parson. Found Alive. The Three Musketeers (serial. as Major Booth) 1934 Guilty Parents. Monte Carlo Nights. Love Past Thirty. The Trail Beyond. Counsel For The Defense. Fight Trooper. Fifteen Wives (as Chemist). Green Eyes (as Broker). One in a Million 1935 Circumstantial Evidence (as District Attorney). The Miracle Rider (serial). The Fighting Pilot. Condemned To Live (as Doctor). The Fighting Marines (as Douglas). Ladies Crave Excitement. Never Too Late. The World Accuses. Public Opinion 1936 The Black Coin (serial). Silver Spurs. The Clutching Hand (serial. as Dr. Gironda). Garden of Allah. Murder at Glen Athol. Below the Deadline. Gambling Souls. Death From a Distance (as Morgan). The Rest Cure. It Couldn't Have Happened. Easy Money 1937 Black Aces. Left Handed Law 1938 On the Great White Trail. Religious Racketeer. Cipher Bureau 1939 Navy Secrets. Six-Gun Rhythm. Juarez and Maximillian. Mystic Circle Murder. Danger of the Tong. Crashing Thru.
40's 1940 One Man's Law 1941 Pals of the Pecos. Law of the Wilds. Roar of the Press. Gangs of Sonora. Gunman From Brodie 1942 Black Dragons. Riders of the West. Dawn of the Great Divide. A Night For Crime 1943 Daredevils of the West (serial). The Stranger From Pecos. Wagon Tracks West 1944 Lawman. Partners of the trail. Forty Thieves.


Karl Freund


Cinematographer & director. Born in Koniginhof, Bohemia 16th January 1890. Grew up in Berlin where he was apprenticed as a rubber-stamp manufacturer, but then became an assistant projectionist. 1907 marked his first film as photographer. In 1908 he worked as a newsreel cameraman for Pathe. After working various studios in Austria and Germany, he emigrated to America in 1929 and worked as cinematographer for Universal, then MGM and Warner Bros. Received an Academy Award for his work on 1937's THE GOOD EARTH. Also worked in television, supervising the photography of more than 400 episodes of the "I Love Lucy" tv. series. Died 1969.
As cinematographer: 1907 Der Hauptmann von Kapenick. Das Lied von der Glocke 1911 Der Liebling der Frauen. Nachtfalter. Heisses Blut. Der Fremce Vogel 1912 Die Firma Heirtet 1913 Die Filmprimadonna. Engelein 1914 Zapatas Bande. Das Kind Ruft. Das Feuer. Der Hund von Baskerville (part I). Die Ewige Nacht. Engeleins Hochzeit. Eine Venezianische Nacht 1915 Vordertreppe und Hintertreppe. Frau Eva 1916 Abseits Vom Block. Gelaste Ketten. Der Mann Im Spiegel 1917 Die Ehe der Luise Rohrbach. Die Prinzessin von Neutralien. Gefangene Seele. Bummelstudenten. Christa Hartungen 1918 Das Geschlecht Derer von Ringwall 1919 Rausch. Die Arche. Die Letzten Menschen.
20's 1920 Satanas. Katharina die Grosse. Der Januskopf. Der Golem, Wie er in die Welt Kam. Der Bucklige und die Tanzerin. Der Verlorene Schatten. Die Spinnen. 1921 Louise de Lavalli Ere. Der Schwur des Peter Hertatz. Verlogene Moral. Die Ratten. Der Roman der Christine von Herre 1922 Marizza, Genannt die Schmuggler-Madonna. Kinder der Finsternis. Herzog Ferrantes Ende. Die Brennende Acker. Lucrezia Borgia 1923 Die Austreibung 1924 Die Finnanzen des Gross Herzogs. Der Letzte Mann. Michael 1925 Variot 1926 Tartoff 1927 Metropolis. Dona Juana 1928 A Knight in London 1929 Fraulein Else.
30's 1930 All Quiet on the Western Front. The Boudoir Diplomat 1931 Dracula. The Bad Sister. Personal Maid. Up For Murder. Strictly Dishonorable 1932 Murders in the Rue Morgue. Scandal For Sale. Back Street. Airmail. Afraid To Talk 1933 The Kiss Before the Mirror 1936 The Great Ziegfeld. Camille 1937 The Good Earth. Parnell. Man-Proof. Conquest 1939 Tail Spin. Rose of Washington. Golden Boy. Barricade. Balalaika. Green Hell.
40's 1940 Florian. Pride and Prejudice. We Who Are Young. Keeping Company 1941 Blossoms in the Dust. The Chocolate Soldier 1942 Tortilla Flat. A Yank at Eton. The War Against Mrs. Hadley 1943 DuBarry was a Lady. The Cross of Lorraine. Cry Havoc. A Guy Named Joe 1944 The Seventh Cross. The Thin Man Goes Home 1945 Without Love. Dangerous Partners 1946 A Letter For Evie. Two Smart People. Undercurrent 1947 This Time For Keeps. That Hagen Girl 1948 Wallflower. Key Largo. The Decision of Christopher Blake 1949 South of St. Louis. Montana.
50's 1950 Bright Leaf.
60's 1960 Open Windows.
Other films: 20's 1926 Madam Wanscht Keine Kinder (prod-sup.) 1927 Berlin-die Symphonie Einer Gross Stadt (co-prod & co-sc). Die Abenteuer Eines Zehnmarkscheinen (prod-sup.). Der Sohn der Hagar (prod-sup.).
As director: 30's 1933 The Mummy. Moonlight and Pretzels 1934 Madame Spy. The Countess of Monte Cristo. I Give My Love. Gift of Gab. Uncertain Lady 1935 Mad Love.


Dwight Frye

Frye on video


Born Dwight Illif Fry in Salina, Kansas February 22nd 1899. Died from a heart attack November 7th 1943.
Biography: "Dwight Frye: The Last Laugh".
20's 1927 The Night Bird (as Wedding guest).
30's 1930 The Doorway to Hell. Man To Man/Barber John's Boy 1931 Dracula (as Renfield). The Maltese Flacon (as Wilmer). The Black Camel (as Jessop). Frankenstein (as Fritz) 1932 A Strange Adventure. Attorney For the Defense. By Whose Hand? The Western Code 1933 The Vampire Bat (as Herman Gleib). The Invisible Man (as Reporter). The Circus Queen Murder 1934 King Solomon on Broadway 1935 Bride of Frankenstein (as Karl). Atlantic Adventure (as Spike Jones). The Crime of Dr. Crespi (as Dr Thomas). The Great Impersonation. 1936 Florida Special. Alibi For Murder. Beware the Ladies. Tough Guy 1937 The Man Who Found Himself. Sea Devils. The Great Guy. The Road Back. Something to Sing About. Renfrew of the Royal Mounted. The Shadow 1938 The Invisible Enemy. Think It Over (short, as Arsonist). Who Killed Gail Preston? Sinners in Paradise. Fast Company. Adventure in the Sahara. The Night Hawk 1939 The Man in the Iron Mask (as Fouquet's valet). Son of Frankenstein (scenes deleted from final print). Conspiracy. I Take This Woman.
40's 1940 Drums of Fu Manchu (serial, as Professor Anderson). Gangs of Chicago. Phantom Raiders. Son of Monte Cristo. Sky Bandits 1941 The People Vrs. Dr. Kildare. The Blonde From Singapore. The Devil Pays Off. Mystery Ship 1942 The Ghost of Frankenstein (as Villager No.2). Don't Talk (short). Danger in the Pacific. Prisoner of Japan. Sleepytime Gal 1943 Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman (as Rudi). Hangmen Also Die. Submarine Alert. Dead Men Walk (as Zolaar). Dangerous Blondes.



John P. Fulton


Special effects technician.
Born John Phipps Fulton in Beatrice, Nebraska 1902. Began his career in 1920 as a surveyor for Southern California Edison Company. From 1923 to 1925 he worked as an assistant cameraman at Universal, then as a chief techician for Frank Williams' optical house. In 1931 Fulton established the pioneering special effects department at Universal, from which the film industry often referred to him as "The Doctor". From 1944 to 1950 he moved to head the effects department at Goldwyn, and in 1952 with Paramount. In the early 1960's, he moved to Mexico and worked on many television projects until he moved to Spain in 1965 and began work on THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN. During this work he contracted an infection which led to his death of aplastic anemia in Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, England on 5th July 1966. Received three Academy Awards for his work on WONDER MAN 1945, THE BRIDGES AT TOKO-RI 1955 and THE TEN COMMANDMENTS in 1956.
20's 1928 The Michigan Kid.
30's 1931 Frankenstein. Waterloo Bridge. East of Borneo. A House Divided. The Doomed Battalion 1932 Murders in the Rue Morgue. The Mummy. The Old Dark House 1933 The Invisible Man 1934 The Black Cat. The Man Who Reclaimed His Head 1935 Bride of Frankenstein. The Great Impersonation. Night Life of the Gods. Werewolf of London. The Mystery of Edwin Drood 1936 The Invisible Ray. Dracula's Daughter 1937 Night Key 1939 Son of Frankenstein.
40's 1940 Black Friday. The Invisible Man Returns. The Invisible Woman. Man Made Monster 1941 The Black Cat. The Wolf Man 1942 Invisible Agent 1943 Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman. Son of Dracula. Calling Dr. Death 1944 Weird Woman. The Invisible Man's Revenge. Ghost Catchers. The Climax. Dead Man's Eyes. Murder in the Blue Room. House of Frankenstein. The Mummy's Curse 1945 That's the Spirit. The Woman in Green. House of Dracula. Wonder Man 1946 Night in Paradise. The Best Years of Our Lives 1949 Tulsa.
50's 1953 The Naked Jungle 1954 The Bridges at Toko-Ri. Elephant Walk. Rear Window 1955 Conquest of Space. Artists and Models 1956 The Ten Commandments. The Mountain 1958 I Married a Monster From Outer Space. Vertigo. Houseboat.
60's 1961 Blue Hawaii. Breakfast at Tiffany's. One Eyed Jacks. The Pleasure of His Company 1962 Escape From Zahrain. Hatari 1963 My Six Loves 1964 The Disorderly Orderly 1965 The Heroes of Telemark.


The Missing Link

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