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Born in England 1899.
Art production designer in Hollywood, who created some of the memorably striking sets to Universal's early horror classics, such as the Dracula Castle set, the Frankenstein Castle set, and the Art Deco set for THE BLACK CAT, which would be re-used repeatedly in Universal's later horror films and serials. Not to be confused with Charles Hall (1899- 1959), the comic foil in many of Laurel and Hardy's two reelers.
30's 1931 Dracula. Frankenstein 1932 Murders in the Rue Morgue. The Old Dark House 1933 The Invisible Man 1934 The Black Cat 1935 Night Life of the Gods. Bride of Frankenstein. Diamond Jim. The Great Impersonation 1936 Showboat. Modern Times 1939 Captain Fury.
50's 1951 The Vicious Years. etc.
Director and Producer. Both men were born in Chicago. Victor, born during August 1895, was educated at the University of Wisconsin, while his brother Edward attended Northwestern University. Victor began his career as a stage actor, and had directed several silent films before venturing into horror territory with his brother. Reportedly the pair had made over two dozen films by the 1940's, but seemingly only WHITE ZOMBIE is ever paid any attention.
After the sound took hold on the industry, the brothers concluded that dialogue hampered the medium, so they resolved to use as little dialogue as possible, keeping it only for the progression of the film's story.
Victor Halperin died in such obscurity that the date of his death remains uncertain.
20's 1929 Party Girl.
30's 1930 Ex Flame 1932 White Zombie 1933 Supernatural 1936 I Conquer the Sea. Revolt of the Zombies 1937 Nation Aflame 1939 Torture Ship.
40's 1940 Buried Alive 1942 Girls Town. etc.
Cedric Hardwicke

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Born Cecil Webster Hardwicke in Lye, England February 19th 1893. Died August 6th 1964 in New York from emphysema. He was cremated and his ashes sent back to England. Father of actor Edward Hardwicke.
A former medical student and army officer. On stage from 1905. Knighted in 1934. Made Hollywood film debut with LES MISERABLES in 1935. Divorced from actress Helena Pickard and Mary Scott. Wrote his autobiography "Let's Pretend: Recollections and Reflections of a Lucky Actor" in 1932, which was rewritten (with James Brough) as "A Victorian In Orbit" in 1961.
Silent: 1911 Riches and Rogues.
20's 1926 Nelson.
30's 1931 Dreyfus (title role) 1932 Rome Express 1933 Orders is Orders. The Ghoul 1934 The Lady is Willing. Nell Gwyn. Jew Suss. The King of Paris. Bella Donna 1935 Les Miserables (as The Bishop). Becky Sharp. Peg of Old Drury 1936 Things to Come. Tudor Rose. Laburnum Grove. Calling the Truth 1937 The Green Light. King Solomon's Mines 1939 On Borrowed Time (as Mr. Brink, [Death]). Stanley and Livingstone (as Livingstone). The Hunchback of Notre Dame (as Justice).
40's 1940 The Invisible Man Returns. Tom Brown's Schooldays. The Howards of Virginia. Victory (as Mr. Jones) 1941 Suspicion. Sundown 1942 Valley of the Sun. The Ghost of Frankenstein (as Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein). Invisible Agent. Commandos Strike at Dawn 1943 The Moon is Down. Forever and a Day. The Cross of Lorraine 1944 The Lodger. Wilson. The Keys of the Kingdom. Wing and a Prayer 1945 The Picture of Dorian Gray (Narrator only) 1946 Beware of Pity. Sentimental Journey 1947 Song of My Heart. The Imperfect Lady. Ivy. Lured. Nicholasd Nickelby. Tycoon. A Woman's Vengeance 1948 The Winslow Boy. I Remember Mama. Rope 1949 Now Barabbas was a Robber. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (as King Arthur).
50's 1950 The White Tower 1951 Mr. Imperium. The Desert Fox 1952 The Green Glove. Carribean 1953 Salome. Botany Bay. The War of the Worlds (Narration only) 1954 Bait (Prologue only) 1955 Richard III. Diane. Helen of Troy 1956 The Vagabond King. The Power and the Prize. The Ten Commandments. Around the World in 80 Days. Gaby 1957 The Story of Mankind. Baby Face Nelson.
60's 1962 Five Weeks in a Balloon 1964 The Pumpkin Eater. The Magic Fountain.


Kathleen Harrison


Born in Blackburn, England on February 23rd 1892, died on December 6th 1995.
Began her career on stage in 1926. Also starred on British television's  "Mrs. Thursday" in 1966 and appeared in '"Martin Chuzzlewit" and "Our Mutual Friend".
Silent: 1915 Our Boys.
30's 1931 Hobson's Choice 1932 Aren't We All? Happy Ever After. The Man From Toronto (as Martha) 1933 The Ghoul 1934 The Great Defender. What Happened Then? 1935 Line Engaged. Dandy Dick 1936 Broken Blossoms (as Mrs Lossy). Everybody Dance. The Tenth Man. Aren't Men Beasts! 1937 Night Must Fall (as Mrs. Terence). Wanted. Bank Holiday 1938 The Terror. Convict 99 (as Mabel). Jane Steps Out Almost a Gentleman. Lovers' Knot. I've Got a Horse 1939 Home From Home. A Girl Must Live. I Killed the Count? The Outsider. An Englishman's Home. Discoveries.
40's 1940 They Came By Night. Tilly of Bloomsbury. The Flying Squad. Gaslight. Salvage With a Smile (short). The Girl in the News 1941 The Ghost Train (as Miss Bourne). Kipps. The Big Blockade. Once a Crook. Major Barbara. I Thank You (as Cook) 1942 Much Too Shy. In Which We Serve 1943 Dear Octopus 1944 It Happened One Sunday. Meet Sexton Blake. Waterloo Road 1945 Caesar and Cleopatra. Great Day 1946 Wanted For Murder. I See a Dark Stranger. The Shop at Sly Corner 1947 Temptation Harbour. Holiday Camp 1948 Bond Street. Oliver Twist. The Winslow Boy. Here Come the Huggetts 1949 Vote For Huggett. Now Barabbas Was a Robber. Landfall. Golden Arrow. The Huggetts Abroad.
50's 1950 Waterfront (as Mrs. McCabe). Trio. Double Confession 1951 The Magic Box. Scrooge 1952 The Happy Family. The Pickwick Papers 1953 Turn the Key Softly. The Dog and the Diamonds 1954 Lilacs in the Spring 1955 Where There's a Will. Cast a Dark Shadow. All For Mary 1956 It's a Wonderful World. Home and Away. The Big Money 1957 Seven Thunders 1958 A Cry From the Streets. Alive and Kicking.
60's 1961 On the Fiddle 1962 Mrs. Gibbons' Boys. The Fast Lady 1963 West 11 1969 Lock up Your Daughters!
70's 1979 The London Connection.


Rondo Hatton


Born in Hagerstown, Maryland on April 29th 1894.
Rondo's ancestors hailed from Cheltenham, England when they emigrated to the States during the 1850's. From 1912, the Hatton family resided in Tampa, Florida. Rondo was active in all sports during his school years at Hillsborough High School, but then signed up for the military, and was posted to France during World War One. While fighting near Paris, Rondo breathed in an unsubstantiated amount of German poison gas and was hospitalised for an indefinate period. His lungs had been damaged, but a side effect of the gas was the disfiguring disease acromegaly, that attacked his pituitary glands causing an increased secretion of the growth hormones. After being discharged, he returned to Tampa and began a new career as a newspaper man. Whilst on an assignment to cover the first all-talking film HELL HARBOR  shot in Florida, director Henry King asked him to play a part in the film, and enticed him to Hollywood. He moved to Hollywood in 1936 where King cast him in his next film. After his appearance in THE PEARL OF DEATH, Universal groomed him as an addition to their stable of monsters. Hatton died of a heart attack in Beverly Hills, California on February 2nd 1946.
30's 1930 Hell Harbor 1938 In Old Chicago (as Rondo). Alexander's Ragtime Band 1939 The Hunchback of Notre Dame (as Ugly contestant). Captain's Fury.
40's 1940 Chad Hanna. Moon Over Burma. The Big Guy 1942 The Cyclone Kid. The Moon and Sixpence 1943 The Sleepy Lagoon. The Ox-Bow Incident 1944 The Pearl of Death (as The Hoxton Creeper). Raiders of Ghost City (serial). The Princess and the Pirate. Johnny Doesn't Live Here Anymore 1945 The Royal Mounted Rides Again (serial). Jungle Captive. (as Moloch) 1946 The Spider Woman Strikes Back (as Mario). House of Horrors (as The Creeper). The Brute Man (as The Creeper).


O.P. Heggie


Born September 17th 1879 in Angaston, South Australia.
Educated Winham College, Adelaide. Made stage debut in Adelaide in 1899, arrived to England in 1906. Entered motion pictures in 1927. Died February 7th 1936 aged 59 of pneumonia.
20's 1928 The Actress. The Letter 1929 The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu (as Nayland Smith). The Mighty. The Wheel of Life.
30's 1930 The Vagabond King. One Romantic Night. The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu The Bad Man. Playboy of Paris. Sunny. Broken Dishes 1931 The Woman Between. East Lynne. Too Young To Marry. Devotion 1932 Smilin' Through 1933 The King's Vacation. Zoo in Budapest 1934 Midnight. Peck's Bad Boy. The Count of Monte Cristo. Anne of Green Gables 1935 Chasing Yesterday. Bride of Frankenstein (as Blind Hermit). A Dog of Flanders. Ginger 1936 The Prisoner of Shark Island.


Brigitte Helm


Born Eva Gisela Schittenhelm in Berlin, Germany 17th March 1906. Died June 1996.
In 1920, Brigitte Helm took the place of her sister Heidi, a brunette, in a documentary because they needed a blonde. Later, she made test shots for Fritz Lang's METROPOLIS and won a ten-year contract with the UFA Studios. In 1935, UFA terminated her contract. In 1935 she married millionaire industrialist Dr. Hugo von Kuenheim. She had four sons and lived in Munich, Germany and Ascona in Switzerland. Biography: "From Metropolis to Gold" Book Review
20's 1926 Metropolis (as Maria) 1927 Am Rande der Welt. Die Liebe der Jeanne Ney. Alraune (title role) 1928 Abwege. Die Yacht der Sieben Sonde. L'Argent. Skandal in Baden-Baden. Aurour de l'Argent (documentary) 1929 Die Wonderbare Lage der Nina Petrova. Manolescu, der Konig der Hochstapler.
30's 1930 Die Singende Stadt. Alraune (sound remake) 1931 Im Geheimdienst. Gloria (German & French versions). The Blue Danube 1932 Die Gruffin von Monte Christo. L'Atlantide (German & English versions). Eine von Uns. Hochzeitsreise Zu Dritt (German and French versions). Der Loufer von Marathon 1933 Spione Am Werk. L'Etoile de Valencia. Die Schonen Tage von Aranjuez (German and French versions). Inge und die Millionen. Gold (German & French versions) 1934 Die Insel (German & French versions). Furst Woronzeff (German & French versions) 1935 Ein Idealer Gatte.

Holmes Herbert


Born Edward Jenner in Mansfied, Nottinghamshire July 3rd 1882. Died December 26th 1956 in Hollywood, California.
Screen, stage, circus and minstrel actor. Made no films in his native country. The 'Holmes' in his name was taken from Sherlock Holmes, his favourite chacter. Married to actress Beryl Mercer (d.1939).
Silent: 1915 Pere Goriot (short). His Wife. The Man Without a Country 1917 A Doll's House 1918 The Whirlpool. The Death Dance 1919 The White Heather. The ABC of Love. Other Men's Wives. The Divorcee. Market of Souls.
20's 1920 My Lady's Garter. Black is White. His House in Order. Lady Rose's Daughter. The Right to Love. Dead Men Tell No Tales 1921 Heedless Moths. The Inner Chamber. The Wild Goose. The Truth About Husbands. Her Lord and Master. The Family Closet 1922 Divorce Coupons. Evidence. Any Wife. Moonshine Valley. A Woman's Woman. A Stage Romance 1923 I Will Repay. Swords and the Woman. Toilers of the Sea 1924 The Enchanted Cottage. Sinners in Heaven. Love's Wilderness. His Own Free Will. Another Scandal. Weekend Husbands 1925 Daddy's Gone A-Hunting. Wreckage. A Woman of the World. Wildfire. Up the Ladder 1926 Honeymoon Express. The Wanderer. Josselyn's Wife. The Passionate Quest. The Fire Brigade 1927 East Side, West Side. Mr. Wu's Lovers? The Heart of Salome. The Gay Retreat. The Silver Slave. The Nest. One Increasing Purpose. Slaves of Beauty. When a Man Loves 1928 The Terror. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. The Sporting Age. Their Hour. Through the Breakers. On Trial 1929 The Charlatan. Untamed. Careers. Madame X. Her Private Life. The Thirteenth Chair. Say It With Songs. The Kiss. The Careless Age.
Top 30's 1930 The Ship From Shanghai 1931 The Single Sin. The Hot Heiress. Broadminded. Chances. Daughter of the Dragon. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 1932 Shop Angel. Miss Pinkerton. Central Park 1933 Sister to Judas. Mystery of the Wax Museum. The Invisible Man 1934 The House of Rothschild. The Curtain Falls. Beloved. One in a Million. The Pursuit of Happiness. The Count of Monte Cristo 1935 Accent on Youth. Sons of Steel. Mark of the Vampire. Captain Blood. The Dark Angel. Cardinal Richlieu 1936 The Country Beyond. 15 Maiden Lane. Brilliant Marriage. Lloyds of London. Gentleman From Louisiana. The Charge of the Light Brigade. Wife Versus Secretary. The Prince and the Pauper. Here's Flash Casey. The Thirteenth Chair 1938 The Adventures of Robin Hood. The Black Doll. Mystery of Mr. Wong. Kidnapped. Marie Antoinette. The Buccaneer. Say it in French 1939 The Little Princes. Stanley and Livingstone. Everything Happens at Night. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Juarez. Wolf Call. Bad Boy. We Are Not Alone. Tower of London. Trapped in the Sky. The Sun Never Sets. The Mystery of the White Room. Mr. Moto's Last Warning. Hidden Power.
40's 1940 A Dispatch From Reuters. The Earl of Chicago. The Letter. Women in War. British Intelligence. Foreign Correspondent. Boom Town. Angel From Texas. Phantom Raiders. South of Suez 1941 Rage in Heaven. Scotland Yard. Man Hunt. International Squadron 1942 The Ghost of Frankenstein. This Above All. Danger in the Pacific. Invisible Agent. Strictly in the Groove. Lady in a Jam. Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon. The Undying Monster 1943 Corvette K-225. Sherlock Holmes Faces Death. Sherlock Holmes in Washington. Two Tickets to London. Calling Dr. Death 1944 The Bermuda Mystery. The Pearl of Death. Our Hearts Were Young and Gay. The Uninvited. Enter Arsene Lupin. The Mummy's Curse. House of Fear 1945 The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry. Confidental Agent. Jealousy. George White's Scandals 1946 The Verdict. Love Laughs at Andy Hardy. Three Strangers. Cloak and Dagger. The Bandit of Sherwood Forest. Dressed to Kill 1947 Over the Santa Fe Trail. Singapore. Ivy. Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back. Bulldog Drummond at Bay. This Time For Keeps. The Swordsman 1948 Johnny Belinda. The Wreck of the Hesperus. Jungle Jim. Sorry, Wrong Number. Command Decision. Family Honeymoon 1949 The Stratton Story. Barbary Pirate. Post Office Investigator.
50's 1950 Iroquois Trail 1951 David and Bathsheba. The Unknown Man. The Law and the Lady. The Magnificent Yankee. Son of Dr. Jekyll. Anne of the Indies. At Swords Point 1952 The Brigand. The Wild North.


Rose Hobart


Born Rose Keefer in New York City 1906. Height: 5ft. 4in. Weight: 115lb. Blue eyes, light brown hair. Married William Grosvenor. Made her stage debut at the age of 15 in a child role. Called to Hollywood to repeat her stage success in Lilliom.
30's 1930 Lilliom. A Lady Surrenders 1931 Chances. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (as Muriel Carew) 1932 We Three. Gallows. Scandal For Sale. East of Borneo 1939 Tower of London (as Anne Neville).
40's 1941 Nothing But the Truth. Ziegfeld Girl 1943 The Mad Ghoul (as Della Elliott) 1944 The Soul of a Monster (as Lilyan Gregg) 1945 The Brighton Strangler 1946 The Farmer's Daughter. The Cat Creeps (as Connie Palmer) 1948 Mickey.


Halliwell Hobbes


Born Herbert H. Hobbes in Stratford-on-Avon November 16th 1877. Made stage debut in Glasgow in 1898 with F.R. Benson. Toured England, South Africa, West Indies and Australia. Arrived in Hollywood in 1923, but didn't begin his film career until the sound era. Died 1962 aged 84 of a heart attack.
20's 1929 Jealousy. Lucky in Love.
30's 1930 Grumpy. Charley's Aunt. Scotland Yard 1931 The Sin of Madelon Claudet. Five and Ten. Bachelor Father. Platinum Blonde. The Right of Way. The Woman Between. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 1932 The Devil's Lottery. Forbidden. Lovers Courageous. The Menace. Man About Town. Weekends Only. Six Hours To Live. Love Affair. Payment Deferred 1933 Lady For a Day. Midnight Mary. Looking Forward. If I Were Free. Should Ladies Behave? A Study in Scarlet. Captured! The Masquerader 1934 I Am Suzanne! All Men Are Enemies. British Agent. Mandalay. We Live Again. The Key. Riptide. Double Door. Menace. Madame du Barry. Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back 1935 Folies Bergere. Captain Blood. Vanessa: Her Love Story. Cardinal Richlieu. The Right To Live. Charlie Chan in Shanghai. The Story of Louis Pasteur. Millions in the Air. Jalna. Father Brown, Detective. Whipsaw 1936 Rose Marie. Here Comes Trouble. Love Letters of a Star. Dracula's Daughter. The White Angel. Hearts Divided. Give Me Your Heart. Spendthrift 1937 Varsity Show. Maid of Salem. The Prince and the Pauper. Parnell. Fit For a King 1938 The Jury's Secret. Service de Luxe. You Can't Take it With You. A Christmas Carol. Kidnapped. Bulldog Drummond's Peril. Storm Over Bengal 1939 Nurse Edith Clavell. Pacific Liner. Naughty, But Nice. Tell No Tales. The Hardys Ride High. Meet Maxwell Archer. The Light That Failed. Remember?
40's 1940 The Earl of Chicago. The Sea Hawk. Third Finger, Left Hand. The Lady With Red Hair. Waterloo Bridge 1941 That Hamilton Woman. Here Comes Mr. Jordan. Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day 1942 To Be Or Not To Be. The War Against Mrs. Hadley. Journey For Margaret. Son of Fury. The Undying Monster. 1943 His Butler's Sister. Mr. Muggs Steps Out. Sherlock Holmes Faces Death. Forever and a Day 1944 The Invisible Man's Revenge. Gaslight. Mr. Skeffington. Casanova Brown 1946 Canyon Passage 1947 If Winter Comes 1948 You Gotta Stay Happy. The Black Arrow 1949 That Forsyte Woman.
50's 1956 Miracle in the Rain 1957 The Barretts of Wimpole Street.


Valerie Hobson


Born in Larne, Ireland April 14th 1917, died 1998. Married to John Profumo at the time of the 'Profumo Affair'. She retired from the screen in 1954 at the age of 37. Worked for 'Lepra', a leprosy relief organization.
30's 1933 Eyes of Fate 1934 Two Hearts in Waltztime. The Path to Glory. Badger's Green. Strange Wives. The Man Who Reclaimed His Head (as Mimi the Carnival Girl) 1935 Rendevous at Midnight. Life Returns (as Mrs. Kendrick). Bride of Frankenstein (as Baroness Elizabeth Frankenstein). The Mystery of Edwin Drood (as Helena Landless). Werewolf of London (as Lisa Glendon). The Great Impersonation (as Lady Eleanor Dominey). Chinatown Squad. Oh! What a Night 1936 August Weekend. Tugboat Princess. The Secret of Stamboul. No Escape 1937 Jump For Glory 1938 The Drum. Q Planes. This Man is News 1939 This Man in Paris. The Spy in Black. The Silent Battle.
40's 1940 Contraband 1941 Atlantic Ferry 1942 Unpublished Story 1943 The Adventures of Tartu 1946 The Years Between. Great Expectations 1947 Blanche Fury 1948 The Small Voice 1949 Kind Hearts and Coronets. Train of Events. The Interrupted Journey. The Rocking Horse Winner.
50's 1951 The Card 1952 Who Goes There. Meet Me Tonight 1953 The Voice of Merrill. Background 1954 Knave of Hearts.


Dennis Hoey


Born Samuel Hyams in 1893. After eight years in British sound films, he went to America in 1940, appearing as Inspector Lestrade in Universal's 'Sherlock Holmes' series. Also worked in Australia. Died 1960 aged 67.
20's 1927 Tiptoes.
30's 1930 The Man From Chicago 1931 Tell England. Never Trouble Trouble. Love Lies 1932 Verdict of the Sea. Life Goes On. Baroud. The Maid of the Mountains 1933 The Good Companions. Maid Happy. Oh What a Duchess! I Spy. The Wandering Jew. Facing the Music 1934 Jew Suss. Lily of Kilarney. Chu Chin Chow. Brewsters Millions 1935 Maria Marten, or the Murder in the Red Barn (as Gambler). Immortal Gentleman. Honeymoon For Three. The Mystery of the Marie Celeste. Did I Betray? 1936 Black Roses. Faust. Uncivilised.
40's 1941 A Yank in the RAF. How Green Was My Valley. Confirm or Deny 1942 Son of Fury. Cairo. This Above All. Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon. We Were Dancing 1943 Forever and a Day. They Came to Blow Up America. Bomber's Moon. The Spider Woman. Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman (as Police Inspector Owen). Sherlock Holmes Faces Death 1944 The Keys of the Kingdom. Uncertain Glory. The Pearl of Death. National Velvet. House of Fear 1945 A Thousand and One Nights 1946 Terror By Night. Roll on, Texas Moon. Kitty. Anna and the King of Siam. She-Wolf of London (as Inspector Pierce). The Strange Woman. Tarzan and the Leopard Woman 1947 Second Chance. The Crimson Key. Where There's Life. Golden Earrings. Christmas Eve. If Winter Comes. The Foxes of Harrow 1948 Ruthless. Wake of the Red Witch. Joan of Arc 1949 Bad Men of Tombstone. The Secret Garden. The Kid From Texas.
50's 1951 David and Bathsheba 1952 Plymouth Adventure. Carribean 1953 Ali Baba Nights.


Henry Hull


Born Louisville, Kentucky 3rd October 1890. Died Cornwall, England 8th March 1977. Brother of actor Sheldon Hull (d.1919). Had a successful career on stage, and only became a regular cinema performer well into his forties. He had previously worked as a mining engineer in Canada and was also a talented writer having had two of his plays produced on Broadway.
Silent: 1916 The Little Rebel. The Man Who Came Back 1917 The Family Honor. Rasputin, the Black Monk. A Square Deal. The Volunteer 1919 Little Women.
20's 1922 One Exciting Night 1923 The Last Moment. A Bride for a Knight 1924 The Hoosier School Master. For Women's Favor. Roulette 1925 The Wrong-Doers. Wasted Lives 1928 Matinee Idol.
30's 1931 The Man Who Came Back 1933 The Story of Temple Drake 1934 Great Expectations. Midnight 1935 The Werewolf of London. Transient Lady 1938 Yellow Jack. Boys Town. Three Comrades. Paradise For Three. The Great Waltz 1939 Judge Hardy and Son. Babes in Arms. Spirit of Culver. Bad Little Angel. Stanley and Livingstone. The Return of the Cisco Kid. Miracles For Sale. Nick Cater, Master Detective. Jesse James.
40's 1940 The Return of Frank James. The Ape. My Son, My Son 1941 High Sierra 1942 The Big Shot. Queen of Broadway. The Mad Monster 1943 What a Man. The Woman of the Town. Seeds of Freedom (short). The West Side Kid 1944 Lifeboat. Goodnight Sweetheart. Voodoo Man 1945 Objective, Burma! 1947 High Barbaree. Deep Valley. Mourning Becomes Electra 1948 Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hey! The Walls of Jericho. Belle Starr's Daughter. Portrait of Jennie. Fighter Squadron 1949 Song of Surrender. El Paso. The Fountainhead. Rimfire. The Great Dan Patch. Colorado Territory. The Great Gatsby.
50's 1950 The Return of Jesse James. The Hollywood Story 1951 The Treasure of Lost Canyon 1953 The Last Posse. Inferno. Thunder Over the Plains 1955 The Man With the Gun 1956 Kentucky Rifle 1957 The Buckskin Lady 1958 The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw. The Buccaneer. Face of a Hero (tv). The Proud Rebel 1959 The Oregon Trail.
60's 1961 Master of the World 1965 The Fool Killer 1966 The Chase. A Covenant With Death.


Brandon Hurst


Born in London, England on November 30th 1866. On stage for 25 years, his favourite performance was for 'Rich Man, Poor Man'. On the Keith Circuit for twelve years before motion pictures in 1920. Died from arteriosclerosis in Burbank, California on July 15th 1947.
20's 1923 The Hunchback of Notre Dame (as Jehan). World's Applause. Legally Dead 1924 He Who Gets Slapped (as Clown). The Thief of Bagdad (as The Caliph). Silent Watcher. Cytherea. Lover of Camille. One Night in Rome 1925 Lightnin' Lady 1926 Amateur Gentleman. Grand Duchess and the Waiter. Secret Orders. Lady of the Harem. Volcano. Enchanted Hill. Made For Love. Paris at Midnight. Rainmaker. Shamrock Handicap 1927 Seventh Heaven. High School Hero. Love. King of Kings. Annie Laurie 1928 The Man Who Laughs (as Barkilphedro). Interference. News Parade 1929 Voice of the Storm. Her Private Life. Greene Murder Case. Wolf of Wall Street.
30's 1930 High Society Blues. Eyes of the World 1931 A Connecticut Yankee. Right of Way. Young as You Feel. Murder at Midnight (as Lawrence) 1932 Rome Express (possibly as Train passenger). Down to Earth. White Zombie (as Silver). Sherlock Holmes. Murders in the Rue Morgue (as Prefect of Police). Scarface. Midnight Lady 1933 Cavalcade 1934 Sequoia. Bombay Mail. The Lost Patrol. Little Minister. House of Rothschild. The House of Mystery (as Hindu Priest) 1935 The Great Impersonation (as Middleton). While the Patient Slept. Bright Eyes. Red Morning. Bonnie Scotland. Woman in Red 1936 The Charge of the Light Brigade. Gasoloons (short). The Plough and the Stars. The Moon's Our Home. Mary of Scotland 1937 The Firefly. Maid of Salem. Wee Willie Winkie 1938 If I Were King. Four Men and a Prayer. Suez 1939 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Stanley and Livingstone.
40's 1940 The Blue Bird. If I Had My Way. Rhythm on the River 1941 Charley's Aunt. Sign of the Wolf 1942 Mad Martindales. The Remarkable Andrew. Tennessee Johnson. The Ghost of Frankenstein (as Hans). The Pied Piper. Road To Happiness 1943 The Leopard Man (as Cemetery Keeper). Dixie. Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman 1944 The Princess and the Pirate. The Man in Half Moon Street 1945 Road To Utopia. The Corn is Green. House of Frankenstein (as Dr. Geissler) 1946 Monsieur Beaucaire 1947 Road To Rio. My Favorite Brunette. My Wild Irish Rose.


Walter Huston


Born Walter Houghston April 6th 1884 in Toronto, Canada. Died 1950. Distinguished actor of stage and screen. Received an Academy Award for THE TREASURE OF SIERRA MADRE. His son John Huston (1906-1987) became a director. Walter Huston also played bit parts in his son's first two films, THE MALTESE FALCON and IN THIS OUR LIFE.
Movies: 20's 1928 Gentleman of the Press 1929 The Ladie's Lies.
30's 1930 The Virginian. The Bad Man. The Virtuous Sin. Abraham Lincoln 1931 The Criminal Code. Star Witness. The Ruling Voice. A Woman From Monte Carlo 1932 A House Divided. Law and Order (as Wyatt Earp). Beast of the City. The Wet Parade. Night Court. American Madness. Kongo (as Dead Legs Flint). Rain. Hell Below 1933 Gabriel Over the White House. The Prizefighter and the Lady. Storm at Daybreak. Ann Vickers. Keep 'em Rolling 1934 The Tunnel 1936 Rhodes of Africa. Dodsworth 1938 Of Human Hearts 1939 The Light That Failed.
40's 1941 All That Money Can Buy (as The Devil). Swamp Water. The Shanghai Gesture. Always in my Heart. Yankee Doodle Dandy. Mission To Moscow. Edge of Darkness 1943 North Star. The Outlaw (as Doc Holliday). 1944 Dragon Seed 1945 And Then There Were None 1946 Dragonwyck. Duel in the Sun 1947 The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Summer Holiday 1949 The Great Sinner.
50's 1950 The Furies.


Leila Hyams


Born in New York City on May 1st 1905, Height 5ft. 4 in. Weight 120lb. Died 1977. The daughter of vaudeville parents. After experience as part of her parents' act and success as a model, her first major role was DANCING MOTHERS. Married Phil Berg.
20's 1924 Sandra 1926 Dancing Mothers. Summer Bachelors. Kick-Off 1927 The Brute. Bush Leaguer. One Round Hogan. The Wizard. White Pants Willie. The Branded Sombrero 1928 Crimson City. Honor Bound. Land of the Silver Fox. A Girl in Every Port 1929 Masquerade. Hurricane. The Thirteenth Chair. Spite Marriage. The Wonder of Women. Alias Jimmy Valentine. The Far Call. The Idle Rich.
30's 1930 Sins of the Children. Part-Time Wife. Way For a Sailor. The Richest Man in the World. Way Out West. The Girl Said No. Flirting Widow. Sweethearts and Wives. The Bishop Murder Case. The Big House 1931 Men Call It Love. Stepping Out. A Gentleman's Fate. Phantom of Paris. The New Adventures of Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford. Jackie Cooper's Christmas (short). Surrender 1932 Red-Headed Woman. The Big Broadcast. Freaks (as Venus). Island of Lost Souls 1933 The Constant Woman/Auction in Souls. Sing Sinner Sing. Saturday's Millions. Horse Play 1934 The Poor Rich. Affairs of a Gentleman. No Ransom 1935 Ruggles of Red Gap. People Will Talk. $1,000 a Minute 1936 Yellow Dust.
40's 1942 First Aid (short).



Olaf Hytten


Born in Glasgow of Norwegian origin in 1888. Died in Los Angeles 11th March 1955 aged 67 after a heart attack on the set of SIR WALTER RALEIGH.
Selected Movies: 20's 1921 Demos (debut) 1923 Chu Chin Chow.
30's 1931 Daughter of the Dragon. Platinum Blonde 1933 Blind Adventure. A Study in Scarlet 1934 The Mystery of Mr. X (as Reporter). The Moonstone (as Dr. Ezra Jennings). Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back. Mystery Liner (as Grimson's Assistant). Jane Eyre (as Jeweler). Secret of the Chateau. (as LaFarge) 1935 Bonnie Scotland. Atlantic Adventure 1936 Trouble For Two 1937 Lancer Spy 1938 The Adventures of Robin Hood. A Christmas Carol 1939 Raffles. Drums of Fu Manchu (serial).
40's 1941 Man Hunt. The Wolf Man (as Villager) 1942 Ghost of Frankenstein (as Hussman). Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror (as Admiral Sir John Prentiss). Casablanca 1943 Sherlock Holmes Faces Death (as Captain MacIntosh). Flesh and Fantasy (as Pharmacist). The Return of the Vampire 1944 The Lodger. The Scarlet Claw (as Hotel Clerk). House of Frankenstein (as Hoffman). The Invisible Man's Revenge (as Grey) 1945 Pursuit To Algiers (as Stimson). The Woman in Green (as Norris) 1946 Dressed To Kill (as Alfred). She-Wolf of London (as Policeman).
50's 1950 Rogues of Sherwood Forest 1951 Son of Dr. Jekyll 1953 Perils of the Jungle 1955 The Scarlet Coat. The Virgin Queen.


The Missing Link

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