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Jannings Johnson Tor Johnson Jones

Emil Jannings


Born Theodor Friedrich Emil Janez in Rorschach, Switzerland July 24th 1884. Died January 2nd. 1950 in Strobl, Austria of cancer.
Married to actress Lucie Hoeflich (d.1956). Won 1927-28 Academy Award for Best Actor for his two roles in THE WAY OF ALL FLESH and THE LAST COMMAND. Was the first actor ever to receive the Academy Award.
Silent: 1914 Arme Eva. Im Banne der Leidenschaften. Passionels Tagebuch 1915 Stein Unter Steinen 1916 Die Ehe der Luise Rohrbach. Nacht Des Grauens 1917 Passion. Ein Fideles Gefaengnis. Lulu. Klingendes Leben. Die Seeschlacht 1918 Der Mann der Tat 1919 Rose Bernd. Die Augen der Mumie Ma. Madame Du Barry.
20's 1920 Algol. Das Grosse Licht. Kohlhiesels Toechter. Der Schaedel der Pharaonentochter. Anna Boleyn. Die Breuder Karamasoff 1921 Vendetta. Die Berghatze. Die Ratten. Der Stier von Olivera. Danton das Weib des Pharao 1922 August der Starke. Fuhrmann Henschel. Die Graefin von Paris. Othello 1923 Peter Der Grosse. Alles Fuer Geld. Tragoedie der Liebe. Liebe Macht Blind 1924 Der Letzte Mann. Nju. Das Wachsfigurenkabinett (as Haroun-el-Raschid) 1925 Quo Vadis. Tartuffe. Variete 1926 Faust. The Three Way Works 1927 The Way of All Flesh 1928 The Street of Sin. The Patriot. Fortune's Fool. The Last Command. Power. Sins of the Fathers 1929 Betrayal. Fighting the White Slave Traffic.
30's 1930 Der Blaue Engel. Liebling der Gotter 1931 Stuerme der Leidenschaft 1932 The Tempest 1933 Der Gross Tenor. Die Abenteuer des Koenigs Pausole 1934 Der Schwarze Walfisch 1935 Die Alte und der Junge Koenig 1936 Traumulus 1937 The Ruler. Der Herrscher. Der Zerbrochene Krug 1939 Robert Koch, der Bekaempfer des Todes.


40's 1941 Ohm Kruger 1942 Die Entlassung 1943 Altes Herz Wird Wieder Jung 1945 Wo Ist Herr Belling?


Noble Johnson


Born in Marshall, Missouri 18th April 1881. Died 9th. January 1978.
Along with his two brothers Virgil and George, Noble was a boyhood friend of Lon Chaney. They were a well-known black family in the city and their father was an expert horse-trainer. Johnson left school at 15 and travelled with his father riding horses until 1898 when he became a cowboy, and had a succession of jobs in ranching, horse training, and later in mining in 1909. Also former boxer and runner. Noble Johnson became the first major black actor. In 1909 he appeared as an Indian in a film being shot in Colorado by the Lubin Company, and made more films for the company in Philadelphia. The three brothers started the Lincoln Motion Picture Company, an all-black film company in the mid-teens that made and distributed films exclusively for blacks. Noble left the company in 1918 and made films for other Hollywood companies until the 1950's. He also worked at Universal in the late 'teens. Being so light-skinned, Noble Johnson was able to play a wide variety of racial types, including a Cossack, a Chinese, a Nubian, a Polynesian, a Persian Prince, a Cuban zombie, and mostly as an Indian chief. He was described as gentle and soft-spoken off- screen. In the early 50's, he left the film industry and invested in Nevada real estate. Little is known about his activities thereafter until his death in 1978.
Dates unknown: Mr. Carlson From Arizona. Speces of a Mexican Man. From Champion to Champ. A Desert Honeymoon. The Tenth Warrent. The Heart of a Tigress. The Lion's Ward. Across the Rio Grande. Who Pulled the Trigger? Eagle's Wings. Behind the Lines. A Good Mad Man. The Caravan. The Lady of the Sea. The Terror. Liberty. The Master's Wife. Gray Ghost. Bad Man From Cheyenne.1915 A Western Governor's Humanity. The Charmer. Cold Hunters 1916 The Realization of a Negro's Ambition. Kincaid Gambler. A Trooper of Troop K (as Joe). Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Intolerance 1917 Indian's Lament. Love Aflame (as Cannibal King). Fighting For Love (as Johnny Little Bear). The Terror. Mr. Dolan of New York. The Hero of the Hour. A Soldier of the Legion. Last of the Night Riders. Red Ace. A Voice on the Wire 1918 Play Straight or Fight. The Bull's Eye (serial). Human Tiger. The Law of Nature 1919 The Lure of the Circus (serial). Midnight Man. Fighting For Love. Under Crimson Skies (as Baltimore Bucko). Lightning Bryce.
20's 1920 Adorable Savage. Sunset Sprague. Leopard Woman 1921 Serenade (as Ramirez). The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (as Conquest). The Conquering Power. The Wallop (as Espinol). Girl He Left Behind. Bronze Bell (as Chatterji) 1922 Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. Tracks (as Leon Serrano). The Loaded Door (as Blackie Lopez). The Ghost Breaker. The Cowboy and the Lady 1923 The Ten Commandments (as Bronze Man). The Drums of Fate (as Native King). In the Palace of the King. Cameo Kirby. Burning Words (as Bad Pierre). The Haunted Valley. The Courtship of Miles Standish 1924 Dante's Inferno (as devil whipping woman). A Man's Mate (as Lion). The Midnight Express (as Deputy Sheriff). Little Robinson Crusoe (as Marimba). The Navigator. The Thief of Bagdad (as The Indian Prince) 1925 Ben-Hur. The Everlasting Whisper. Adventure (as Googomy). The Dancers (as Ponfilo). The Gold Hunters (as Wabogoon) 1926 The Flaming Frontier (as Sitting Bull). The Little Warrior. Law of the Snow Country (as Martell). The Lady of the Harem (as Tax Collector). The Bells. The Last Frontier. The Skyrocket. Aloma of the South Seas. Manon Lescaut. Hands Up! (as Sitting Bull) 1927 Red Clay (as Chief Bear Paw). Vanity (as Ship's Cook). Topsey and Eva (as Uncle Tom). Soft Cushions (as Captain of the Guard). Upstream. King of Kings (as Charioteer). When a Man Loves (as Apache) 1928 Why Sailors Go Wrong (as Native). Diamond Handcuffs. Yellow Contraband (as Li Wong Foo). Manhattan Knights (as Doc Mellis). Noah's Ark (as Broker). An Apache and His Lady. Something Always Happens (as The Thing). Gateway of the Moon (as Soriano). West of Zanzibar. The Black Ace. The Yellow Cameo (serial) 1929 Black Waters (as Jeelo). Sal of Singapore (as First Mate). Redskin (as Pueblo Jim). The Four Feathers (as Ahmed). The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu. (as Li Po).
30's 1930 Moby Dick (as Queequeg). Kismet. Mamba (as Hassim). Isle of Escape 1931 East of Borneo. Safe in Hell (as Bobo). Son of India 1932 Murders in the Rue Morgue (as Janos, The Black One). The Lost Lady. Mystery Ranch (as Mudo). The Mummy (as Nubian Slave). The Most Dangerous Game (as Ivan) 1933 King Kong (as Native Chief of Skull Island). Son of Kong (as Native Chief). Roman Scandals. White Woman. Nagana (as African Chief) 1934 Kid Millions. Massacre. Murder in Trinidad 1935 She (as Lost city native). Dante's Inferno (as Devil). Lives of a Bengal Lancer. Escape From Devil's Island 1936 Mummy's Boys. My American Wife 1937 Lost Horizon. Wee Willie Winkie. The Plainsman. Conquest (as Roustan) 1938 Mysterious Mr. Moto. Four Men and a Prayer. Hawk of the Wilderness 1939 Juarez. Frontier Pony Express. Tropic Fury. Allegheny Uprising. Drums Along the Mohawk. Union Pacific.
40's 1940 The Ghostbreakers (as Zombie). The Ranger and the Lady. Seven Sinners. North West Mounted Police. Green Hell 1941 Hurry, Charlie Hurry. Aloma of the South Seas. Road to Zanzibar 1942 Shut My Big Mouth. The Mad Doctor of Market Street (as Elon). The Jungle Book. Night in New Orleans. Ten Gentlemen From West Point 1943 The Desert Song. Thank Your Lucky Stars 1945 A Game of Death 1946 Angel on my Shoulder (as Trustee in Hell) The Plainsman and the Lady 1947 Along the Oregon Trail. Unconquered. Slave Girl. Hard Boiled Mahoney 1948 Dream Girl. The Gallant Legion 1949 She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (as Red Shirt).
50's 1950 North of the Great Divide (as Nagura).
60's 1966 Lost Island of Kioga (tv. as Mokuyi)


Tor Johnson


Born Tor Johansson in Sweden 19th October 1903. Died 12th May 1971 San Fernando, California of a congestive heart failure.
The son of Karl J. Johansson and Lovissa Petersson. He moved to California in 1928. A former wrestler who entered films in 1934. He suffered with a rheumatric heart disease which his death certificate stated he had suffered from for forty years of his life.
30's 1934 Kid Millions 1935 Man on the Flying Trapeze (as Tusoff the Wrestler) 1936 Under Two Flags.
40's 1941 Shadow of the Thin Man 1943 Swing Out the Blues 1944 The Canterville Ghost. Lost in a Harem. Ghost Catchers 1945 Sudan 1947 Road To Rio 1948 State of the Union. Behind Locked Doors 1949 Alias the Champ.
50's 1950 Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion. The Reformer and the Red Head 1951 Dear Brat. The Lemon Drop Kid 1952 The Sanfrancisco Story. Lady in the Iron Mask. Houdini 1954 Bride of the Monster (as Lobo) 1956 Carousel. The Black Sleep 1957 The Unearthly. Journey to Freedom 1958 Plan 9 From Outer Space 1959 Night of the Ghouls.
60's 1961 The Beast of Yucca Flats.

Darby Jones



30's 1933 Tarzan the Fearless (as Head Bearer) 1934 Tarzan And His Mate.
40's 1943 I Walked With a Zombie (as Carrefour) 1945 Zombies on Broadway.


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