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King Klein-Rogge

Sojin Kamiyama

Born Sendai, Japan January 20th 1891. Died in Tokyo, Japan July 28th 1954.
Stage training at the Imperial Theatre in Tokyo, and won distinction as a Shakespearian actor. Appeared in American films from 1913-1930 and then worked back in his home country. One of six actors to portray Charlie Chan.
20's 1924 The Thief of Bagdad (as The Mongol Prince). 1925 White Desert. My Lady's Lips. Proud Flesh. Soft Shoes. East of Suez 1926 Across the Pacific. Diplomacy. Eve's Leaves. The Lucky Lady. The Lady of the Harem. The Sky Pilot. The Sea Beast. The Bat (as Butler). The Road to Mandalay (as English Charlie Wing). The Wanderer 1927 All Aboard. The Devil Dancer. Driven From Home. Foreign Devils. Honorable Mr. Biggs. Why Girls Love Sailors (Laurel and Hardy short). King of Kings. The Haunted Ship. Old San Francisco. Streets of Shanghai 1928 The Chinese Parrot. Chinatown Charlie. Crimson City. The Hawk's Nest. Out With the Tide. Ships of the Night. Something Always Happens. The Man Without a Face (serial). Telling the World. Tropic Madness 1929 Back From Shanghai. The Rescue. China Slaver. Painted Faces. Seven Footprints To Satan. The Show of Shows. The Unholy Night. Careers.


30's 1930 The Dude Wrangler. The Golden Dawn.


Boris Karloff

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Dear Old Pals

Karloff on video


Born William Henry Pratt in Dulwich, London 22nd November 1887, died February 2nd 1969 in London of a respiratory ailment.
Silent: 1916 The Dumb Girl of Portici (extra) 1919 The Masked Rider (serial, role unknown). The Lightning Raider (serial, role unknown). His Majesty, the American (bit part). The Prince and Betty (bit part). The Deadlier Sex (as Canadian trapper). The Courage of Marge O'Doone (as Tavish).
20's 1920 The Last of the Mohicans (as Huron Indian) 1921 Without Benefit of Clergy (as Ahmed Kahn). The Hope Diamond Mystery (serial, as Priest of Kamasita & as Dakar). Cheated Hearts (as Nei Hamid). Cave Girl (as Baptiste, the Indian guide) 1922 The Man From Downing Street (as Dell Monckton and Maharajah Jehan Dharwar). The Infidel (as Nabob, ruler of the South Sea isle of Menang). The Altar Stairs (as Hugo). Omar the Tentmaker (as Holy Imam Mowaffak). The Woman Conquers (as Raoul Maris) 1923 The Gentleman From America (murdered by actor Hoot Gibson in one scene). The Prisoner (as Prince Kapolski) 1924 Riders of the Plains (serial, role unknown). The Hellion (as Outlaw). Dynamite Dan (as Tony Garcia) 1925 Perils of the Wind (serial, role unknown). Parisian Nights (as Pierre). Forbidden Cargo (as Pietro Castillano). The Prairie Wife (as Diego). Lady Robin Hood (as Cabraza). Never the Twain Shall Meet (as a South Sea villain) 1926 The Greater Glory (as a scissors grinder). Her Honor, the Governer (as Snipe Collins). The Bells (as sideshow mesmerist). The Eagle of the Sea (as Pirate). Old Ironsides (as Saracen pirate). Flames (as Blackie Blanchette). The Golden Web (as Dave Sinclair). Flaming Fury (as Gaspard). The Man in the Saddle (bit part). The Nickel Hopper (as a lecher). Valencia (bit part) 1927 Tarzan and the Golden Lion (as Owaza, a Waziri chief). Let it Rain (as Crook). The Meddlin' Stranger (as Al Meggs). The Princess From Hoboken (as Pavel). The Phantom Buster (as Smuggler). Soft Cushions (as Chief Conspirator). Two Arabian Knights (as Purser). The Love Mart (as Fleming) 1928 Vanishing Rider (serial, role unknown). Vultures of the Sea (serial, role unknown). The Little Wild Girl (as Maurice Kent) 1929 Burning the Wind (as Pug Doran) The Fatal Warning (serial, as Mullins). The Devil's Chaplain (as Boris). The Phantom of the North (as Jules Gregg). Anne Against the World (minor role). Two Sisters (as Cecil). Behind That Curtain (as Soudanese servant). King of the Kongo (serial, as Martin). The Unholy Night (as Abdoul, a Hindu servant).


30's 1930 The Bad One (as Prison guard). The Sea Bat (as a Corsican). The Utah Kid (as Baxter). Mothers Cry (as murder victim) 1931 King of the Wild (serial, as Mustapha the sheik). The Criminal Code (as Ned Galloway). Cracked Nuts (as a Revolutionary). Young Donovan's Kid (as Cokey Joe). The Public Defender (as Professor). Smart Money (as Sport Williams). I Like Your Nerve (as Luigi). Pardon Us (as Convict, French language version only). Five Star Final (as Vernon Isopod). The Mad Genius (as villainous father). Dirigible (bit part). The Last Parade (as Prison Warder). The Guilty Generation (as Tony Ricca). Graft (as Joe Terry). The Yellow Ticket (as a drunken aide to Czarist official). Tonight or Never (as Waiter). Frankenstein (as The Monster). Business and Pleasure (as The Sheik) 1932 Behind the Mask (as Jim Henderson). Alias the Doctor (as the Autopsy Surgeon). Scarface (as Gaffney). The Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood (as himself). The Miracle Man (as Nikko). Night World (as Happy MacDonald). The Old Dark House (as Morgan the butler). The Mummy (as Im-Ho- Tep and Ardath Bey). The Mask of Fu Manchu (as Dr. Fu Manchu) 1933 The Ghoul (as Professor Morlant) 1934 The Lost Patrol (as Sanders). The House of Rothschild (as Count Ledrantz). Screen Snapshots No.11 (as himself). The Black Cat (as Hjalmar Poelzig). Gift of the Gab (as himself) 1935 Bride of Frankenstein (as The Monster). The Raven (as Edmond Bateman). The Black Room (as Anton de Berghman and Baron Gregor de Berghman) 1936 The Invisible Ray (as Dr. Janos Rukh). The Walking Dead (as John Ellman). The Man Who Changed His Mind (as Dr. Laurience). Juggernaut (as Dr. Sartorius). Charlie Chan at the Opera (as Gravelle) 1937 Night Key (as Dave Mallory). West of Shanghai (as General Wu Yen Fang) 1938 The Invisible Menace (as Jevries). Mr. Wong, Detective (as James Lee Wong) 1939 Son of Frankenstein (as The Monster). The Mystery of Mr. Wong (as James Lee Wong). Mr. Wong in Chinatown (as James Lee Wong). The Man They Could Not Hang (as Dr. Henryk Savaard). Tower of London (as Mord the executioner).
40's 1940 Devil's Island (as Dr. Charles Gaudet). The Fatal Hour (as James Lee Wong). British Intelligence (as Franz Strendler). Black Friday (as Dr. Ernest Sovac). The Man With Nine Lives (as Dr. Leon Kravaal). Doomed To Die (as James Lee Wong). Before I Hang (as Dr. John Garth). The Ape (as Dr. Bernard Adrian). You'll Find Out (as Judge Wainwaring) 1941 The Devil Commands (as Dr. Julian Blair). Information Please No.8 (as guest panelist). Information Please No.12 (as guest panelist) 1942 The Boogie Man Will Get You (as Professor Nathaniel Billings) 1944 The Climax (as Dr. Hohner). House of Frankenstein (as Dr. Gustav Niemann) 1945 The Body Snatcher (as John Gray). Isle of the Dead (as General Nikolas Pherides) 1946 Bedlam (as Master George Sims) 1947 Lured (as Charles Van Druten). The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (as Dr. Hollingshead). Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome (as Gruesome). Unconquered (as Seneca Chief Guyasuta) 1948 Tap Roots (as Tishomingo, a Choctaw Indian) 1949 Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff (as Swami Tapur).
50's 1951 The Strange Door (as Voltan). Cisaruv Slavik (as Narrator) 1952 The Black Castle (as Dr. Meissen) 1953 Colonel March Investigates (as Colonel March). The Hindu (as General Pollegar). Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (as Doctor Henry Jekyll). Il Mostro dell'Isola (as leader of a dope-smuggling gang) 1957 The Juggler of Our Lady (as Narrator). Silent Death (as Phillip Knight) 1958 Frankenstein 1970 (as Baron Victor von Frankenstein). Grip of the Strangler (as James Rankin/Doctor Tenant).
60's 1963 Corridors of Blood (as Dr. Thomas Bolton). The Raven (as Dr. Scarabus). The Terror (as Baron von Leppe/Eric) 1964 The Comedy of Terrors (as Amos Hinchley). I Tre Volti Della Paura (as Gorca, a Vampire). Bikini Beach (as Art Dealer). Today's Teens (as Narrator) 1965 The Monster of Terror (as Nahum Witley) 1966 The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini (as Hiram Stokeley). The Daydreamer (voice only, as the Rat) 1967 The Venetian Affair (as Dr. Pierre Vaugiroud). Mondo Balordo (as Narrator). Mad Monster Party? (voice only for Karloff puppet). The Sorcerers (as Professor Monserrat) 1968 Targets (as Byron Orlok). The Curse of the Crimson Alter * (as Professor Marshe). La Isla de los Muertos * (as Dr. Carl Van Boulder). Cauldron of Blood * (as Charles Badulescu). Invasion Siniestra * (as Scientist). La Camara del Terror * (as Scientist). Macabre Seranade * (as a menace).
* released after Karloff's death in the Seventies.


Erle C. Kenton


Born in Norboro, Montana August 1st 1896. Died Glendale Memorial Hospital, California January 28th 1980.
Began his Hollywood career in 1914 as an actor, gag-man and odd- job man with Mack Sennett, until he directed his first film in 1919. Most of his films directed in the silent era were comedies. He was at Paramount when he was assigned to direct H.G. Wells' ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU. He soon returned to comedy at that studio. He left in 1935, and after spells with RKO and Columbia, he joined Universal in 1941, where he directed both horror films, and three Abbott & Costello films, but split from the team after an altercation with Lou Costello during the making of HIT THE ICE. In the 1950's, Kenton moved to directing half-hour episodes of comedy shows for television, until he retired in 1961.
Silent: 1919 Down on the Farm. Among Those Present (short). A Lady's Tailor (short). No Mother To Guide Him (short). Salome vs. Shenandoah.
20's 1920 Dabbling in Art (short). Fickle Fancy (short). Movie Fans (short). Love, Honor and Behave. Married Life 1921 She Sighed By the Seaside (short). A Small Town Idol. A Perfect Villain (short). Business is Business (short) 1922 Splitting Hairs (short). False Alarm (short). The Haunted House (short). The Landlord (short). Laughing Gas (short). The Piper (short). A Poor Fish (short) 1923 Dance or Die (short). Hello Pardners (short). The Income Tax Collector (short). The Roaring Lion (short). The Three Gun Man (short). The Wise Cracker (short). Tea, With a Kick 1924 Fight and Win (short, series). Danger Signal 1925 Red Hot Tires. A Fool and His Money 1926 The Palm Beach Girl. The Love Toy. The Sap. Other Women's Husbands 1927 The Girl in the Pullman. Wedding Bill$. The Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary 1928 Golf Widows. Bare Knees. Name the Woman. The Companionate Marriage. The Side Show. Nothing to Wear. The Sporting Age. The Street of Illusion 1929 Father and Son. Trial Marriage. The Song of Love.
30's 1930 Mexicali Rose. A Royal Romance 1931 The Last Parade. Lover Come Back. Leftover Ladies. X Marks the Spot 1932 Stranger in Town. Guilty as Hell. Island of Lost Souls 1933 From Hell to Heaven. Big Executive. Disgraced! 1934 Search For Beauty. You're Telling Me 1935 The Piblic Menace. Grand Exit. Best Man Wins. Pary Wire 1936 The Devil's Squadron. Counterfeit. End of Trail 1937 Racketeers in Exile. The Devil's Playground. She Asked For It 1938 The Lady Objects. Little Tough Guys in Society 1939 Everything's on Ice. Escape to Paradise.
40's 1940 Remedy For Riches. Petticoat Politics 1941 Melody For Three. Naval Academy. They Meet Again. Flying Cadets. Ghost of Frankenstein 1942 Frisco Lil. North to the Klondike. Pardon My Sarong. Who Done It? 1943 How About It? It Aint Hay. Hit the Ice (uncredited). Always a Bridesmaid 1944 She Gets Her Man. House of Frankenstein 1945 House of Dracula 1946 Little Miss Big. The Cat Creeps 1948 The Story of Bob and Sally.
50's 1951 One Too Many.


Frederick Kerr


Born Frederick Grinham Keen October 11th 1858. Acted on stage and screen in both his native Britain and in America. Died May 2nd 1933 in London. Cremated at Golders Green Crematorium.
Silent: 1916 The Lifeguardsman.
20's 1927 Honour of the Family.
30's 1930 Lady of Scandal. Raffles. The Devil To Pay 1931 Born to Love. Always Goodbye. Frankenstein (as Baron Frankenstein). Waterloo Bridge (as Major Wetherby). Friends and Lovers 1932 Lovers Courageous. But the Flesh is Weak. Beauty and the Boss. The Midshipmaid 1933 The Man From Toronto.


George King


Born 1899. Died 1966.
King had finished his medical studies to plunge into the film industry, where he became an actors' agent, exhibitor, title-card writer (from 1921), assistant director (from 1922), and screenplay writer (from 1927). With the coming of sound, he was promoted to the director's chair. His first film TOO MANY CROOKS 1930 featured a young stage actor named Laurence Olivier, also making his film debut. Once launched from routine thrillers to quote quickies, King made the usual array of lightweight comedies, romances and thrillers. With the outbreak of war, King directed some distinctly up-market war movies, most successful of which was CANDLELIGHT IN ALGERIA, a vehicle for James Mason. It gained the best reviews of King's career. He was also successful with A SHOP AT SLY CORNER, which introduced Diana Dors (renamed from Diana Fluck by King), featuring a charismatic performance by Oscar Homolka and a notable performance by Kenneth Griffith. Griffith appeared in King's last film FORBIDDEN. Brother Harold King was a pioneering sound engineer in the film industry.
As director: 30's 1930 Too Many Crooks. Leave It To Me 1931 Midnight. Deadlock! Number, Please. The Professional Guest 1932 Self-Made Lady. Two Way Street. Men of Steel. To Brighton - With Gladys 1933 Matinee Idol. Too Many Wives. High Finance. Beware of Women. Mayfair Girl. Enemy of the Police. Smithy. Her Imaginary Lover. I Adore You 1934 The Silver Spoon. Murder at the Inn. The Office Wife. To Be a Lady. Get Your Man. Guest of Honour. Nine Forty Five. The Blue Squadron. Adventure Unlimited. Oh No, Doctor. The Little Stranger 1935 The Man Without a Face. Maria Marten, or the Murder in the Red Barn (Prod. only). Full Circle Windfall. Gay Old Dog 1936 Sweeny Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (& prod.). The Crimes of Stephen Hawke (& prod.). Reasonable Doubt 1937 Wanted. Merry Comes To Town. Under a Cloud. It's Never Too Late To Mend (Prod only). The Ticket of Leave Man (& prod.). Silver Top 1938 Sexton Blake and the Hooded Terror (& Prod.). John Halifax - Gentleman 1939 The Face at the Window (& co-prod.). The Chinese Bungalow.
40's 1940 Crimes at the Dark House (co-dir & prod.). The Case of the Frightened Lady. George and Margaret. Two For Danger 1942 Tomorrow We Live 1943 Candlelight in Algeria 1946 Gaiety George. The Shop at Sly Corner 1948 Forbidden.


Rudolf Klein-Rogge


Born in Cologne, Germany 1889. Died 1955 in Graz, Austria.
Silent: 1919 Morphium.
20's 1920 Das Wandernde Bild 1921 Perlen Bedeuten Traenen. Zirkus des Lebens. Der Mude Tod. Kaempfende Herzen 1922 Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler 1923 Die Prinzessin Suwarin. Der Steinerne Reiter 1924 Pietro, der Korsar. Die Nibelungen 1925 Der Mann Seiner Frau. Der Rosa Diamant 1926 Der Herr der Nacht. Die Lachende Grille. Maedchenhandel. Metropolis (as Rotwang) 1927 Peter the Pirate. Die Letzte Nacht. Das Maedchen Aus Frisco. Die Raffinierteste Frau Berlins. Die Sandgraefin. Tingel-Tangel. Der Zingeunerbaron 1928 Der Spione. Maedchenschicksale. Die Scoenste Frau von Paris. Wolga Wolga 1929 Meineid. Loves of Casanova. Forbidden Love.
30's 1932 Der Weisse Gott 1933 Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse. Der Judas von Tirol. Elisabeth und Ihr Narr 1934 Zwichen Himmel und Erde. Hanneles Himmelfahrt. Die Welt Ohne Maske. Grenzfeuer. Die Frauen von Tannhof. Der Fall Benken. Gern Hab Ich die Frau'n Gekuesst 1935 Das Einmaleins der Liebe. Der Kosak und die Nachtigall. Der Ammenkoenig. Der Alte und der Junge Koenig 1936 Ein Seltsamer Gast. Moral Truxa. Das Hofkonzert. Der Kaiser von Kalifornien. Intermezzo. Die Un-Erhoerte Frau 1937 Madame Bovary. Die Goettlilhe Jette. Der Herrscher. Die Gelbe Flagge. Streit Um den Knaben Jo. Der Katzensteg 1938 Zwei Frauen. Ab Mitternacht 1939 Kennwort Machin. Robert Koch, der Bekaemfer des Todes. Schneider Wibbel. Rheinische Brautfahrt. Menschen von Marokko.
40's 1940 Die Unvollkommene Liebe. Das Herz Einer Koengin 1942 Hochzeit Auf Baerenhof.


Skelton Knaggs


Born in England June 27th 1911. Died April 30th 1955 of cirrhosis of the liver in Los Angeles, California.
A former Shakespearian mime artist.
30's 1936 Strangers on a Honeymoon 1937 The High Command 1938 South Riding 1939 The Spy in Black. Torture Ship (as Jesse).
40's 1941 Diamond Frontier 1943 The Ghost Ship (as mute seaman P. Lindstrom). Heading For God's Country. None But the Lonely Heart 1944 The Invisible Man's Revenge (as Alf Parry). The Lodger 1945 The Picture of Dorian Gray. Isle of the Dead. House of Dracula (as Steinmuhl) 1946 Terror By Night (as Sands). Bedlam. Scandal in Paris. Dick Tracy vs. Cueball 1947 Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome. Forever Amber 1948 The Paleface 1949 Masterminds. Dick Tracy's Amazing Adventure.
50's 1951 Captain Video 1952 Blackbeard the Pirate (as Gilly) 1953 Rogue's March. Botany Bay 1954 Casanova's Big Night 1955 Moonfleet.

Japanese character actor who portrayed numerous Chinese villains and servants. Also worked extensively in television right up until the 1970's.
30's 1930 The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu. 1932 Island of Lost Souls. Secrets of Wu Sin (as Wu Sin). 1933 A Study in Scarlet (as Ah Yet). 1935 Hong Kong Nights (as Wong).


Martin Kosleck


Born Nicolai Yoshkin in Barkotzen, Germany 24th March 1907. Died following abdominal surgery on January 16th 1994 in a Santa Monica convalescent home, aged 86.
The son of a Russian forester. Kosleck developed an early interest in art, but his real ambition was to become an actor. He successfully tried out for an opening in the Max Reinhardt Dramatic School where he spent six years, particulary excelling in Shakespearian roles, and working in revues and musicals in Berlin. In 1931, he fled Germany before the Nazis took over the country. He first arrived in Britain, and then a year later in Hollywood. He soon secured stage work, but it wasn't until five years later when the Second World War started that Kosleck's sleek and sinister looks were utilised to portray various German villains, his finest being as Goebbels in Anatole Litvak's CONFESSIONS OF A NAZI SPY. Martin Kosleck suffered from a heart attack in the 1970's, and thereafter worked only occasionally, mostly in television.
20's 1929 Der Fahnentrager von Sedan.
30's 1930 Alraune. Der Singende Stadt 1931 Napoleon Auf St. Helena 1933 Fashions of 1934 1939 Confessions of a Nazi Spy. Nurse Edith Cavell. Nick Carter, Master Detective. Espionage Agent.
40's 1940 Calling Philo Vance. The Mad Doctor. Foreign Correspondent 1941 International Lady. The Devil Pays Off. Underground 1942 All Through the Night. Nazi Agent. Berlin Correspondent. Manila Calling. Fly By Night 1943 Chetniks. North Star. Bomber's Moon 1944 Secrets of Scotland Yard. The Hitler Gang. The Mummy's Curse. The Great Alaskan Mystery (serial) 1945 Pursuit to Algiers. Gangs of the Waterfront. The Spider. The Frozen Ghost. Strange Holiday 1946 House of Horrors. Just Before Dawn. Crime of the Century. The Wife of Monte Cristo. She-Wolf of London. Hitler 1947 The Beginning or the End? 1948 Half Past Midnight. Smuggler's Cove. Assigned to Danger.
60's 1961 Something Wild 1964 36 Hours 1965 Morituri 1966 Agent For H.A.R.M. 1967 The Flesheaters 1969 Wake Me When the War is Over (tv).
70's 1970 Which Way to the Front 1971 Longstreet (tv) 1973 A Day at the Whitehouse 1979 The Man With Bogart's Face.



Werner Krauss


Born in Gestungshausen, Germany on June 23rd 1884. Son of clergyman. Ran away from home and joined travelling company. Met Max Reinhart who took him to Berlin. Died in Vienna, Austria on October 20th 1959. Married to actress Maria Bard (deceased 1944).
Silent: 1914 Die Pagode 1916 Hoffmanns Erzahlungen. Nacht des Grauens. Zirkusblut 1917 Die Rache der Toten. Die Seeschlacht. Wenn Frauen Lieben und Hassen 1917-18 Es Werde Licht 1918 Opium 1919 Das Kabinett des Dr. Caligari (title role). Rose Bernd. Totentanz 1919-20 Johannes Goth.
20's 1920 Die Beichte Einer Toten. Die Bruder Karamasoff. Der Bucklige un die Tanzerin. Das Lachende Grauen. Der Mann Ohne Namen. Das Medium. Holle und Verfall 1921 Danton/All For a Woman. Christian Wahnschaffe. Die Beute der Erinnyen. Der Roman der Christian von Herre. Die Frau Ohne Seele. Scherben. Grausige Nachte. Der Tanz um Liebe und Gluck. Sappho. Zirkus des Lebens 1922 Der Brennende Acker. Der Graf von Essex. Josef und Seine Bruder. Luise Millerin/Kable und Liebe. Lady Hamilton. Die Marquise von Pompadour. Die Nacht der Medici. Nathan der Weise. Othello. Trgikcomodie 1923 Adam und Eva. Das Alte Gesetz. Alt-Heidelberg. Fraulin Raffke. Fridericus Rex/Ein Konigsschicksal. I.N.R.I. Der Kaufmann von Venedig. Der Menschenfeind. Der Puppenmacher von Kiang-Ning. Der Schatz. Das Unbekannte Morgen. Zwischen Abend und Morgen 1924 Das Wachfigurenkabinett (as Jack the Ripper). Dekameron Nachte. Ein Sommernachtstraum 1925 Die Dame Aus Berlin. Eifersucht. Die Freundlose Gasse. Das Haus der Luge. Die Moral der Gasse. Reveille, das Grosse Wecken. Tartuffe. Der Trodler von Amsterdam. Geheminisse Einer Seele 1926 Das Graue Haus. Kreuzzug des Wibes. Man Spielt Nicht Mit der Liebe. Nana. Der Student von Prag (as Scapinelli). Uberflussige Menschen 1927 Der Fidele Bauer. Funkzauber. Die Holle der Jungfrauen. Die Hose. Laster der Menschheit. Unter Ausschluss der Offentlichkeit. Da Halt die Welt den Atem An 1928 Looping the Loop 1929 Napoleon Auf St. Helena.
30's 1931 Yorck 1932 Mensch Ohne Namen 1935 Hundert Tage 1936 Burgtheater 1939 Robert Koch, der Bekampfer des Todes.
40's 1940 Jew Suss 1941 Annelie/die Geschichte Eines Lebens 1942 Die Entlassung. Zwischen Himmel und Erde 1943 Paracelsus.
50's 1950 Pramien Auf den Tod. Der Fallende Stern 1955 Sohn Ohne Heimat.


The Missing Link

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