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La Plante
W. Lawson
Anna Lee
R. Lee

Laura La Plante

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Born in St. Louis, Missouri 1st November 1904. Died 15th October 1996.
Began appearing in Christie Comedies from the age of fifteen, after director William Beaudine had given Laura her first screen test. From 1924 to 1930 she remained under contract to Universal. In 1926, she married director William Seiter (1892-1964), who directed her several times. The marriage dissolved in 1932 whilst on vacation in Europe. On June 19th 1934, she married producer Irving Asher (d.1985). Her two children, Tony and Jill, both born in England have made themselves a name in the world of advertising.
20's 1921 The Old Swimmin' Hole 1922 Perils of the Yukon 1923 Around the World in 80 Days (serial) 1924 The Fast Worker. Sporting Youth 1925 Smouldering Fires. Dangerous Innocence. The Teaser 1926 The Midnight Sun. Skinner's Dress Suit. Poker Faces. Her Big Night 1927 The Love Thrill. Beware of Widows. The Cat and the Canary (as Annabelle West). Silk Stockings 1928 Thanks For the Buggy Ride. Finders Keepers. Home James 1929 Scandal. The Last Warning (as Doris Terry). Showboat (as Magnolia). Hold Your Man.
30's 1930 Captain of the Guard. King of Jazz 1931 Lonely Wives. God's Gift to Women. Men Are Like That 1934 The Church Mouse 1935 The Man of the Moment. Widow's Might 1936 Flash Gordon (serial, using the ballet scene from THE MIDNIGHT SUN).


50's 1957 Spring Reunion.

Carl Laemmle Snr.

Carl Laemmle Jr.


Carl Laemmle Sr. born Laupheim, Germany 17th January 1867. Died in Beverly Hills, California 24th September 1939.
His family emigrated to the U.S. in 1884. Married Recha Stern in 1898 who bore two children.
Laemmle began his career as a newsboy, a shoe salesman in the family business and bookeeper. In 1906 he opened his first nickelodeon in Chicago. In 1909 he began his fight against the Motion Picture Patents Trust and went into production with the IMP company. In 1912 he formed Universal, which moved to its present location in 1914.
Carl Laemmle Jr. was born in Chicago, Illinois April 28th 1908.
Began his career by writing, casting and supervising the studios "Junior Jewell" series, THE COLLEGIANS from 1926 to 1929. Upon his 21st birthday, his father Carl gave him the post of General Manager in Charge of Production in 1929. From 1929 to 1936, he supervised the production of many of Universal's prestigeous features. He resigned his post when his father sold the studio in April 1936. He joined MGM as an associate producer in May 1937, but resigned the following Autumn having produced no films. Thereafter he lived in quiet obscurity for four decades. Died September 24th 1979 (exactly 50 years after the death of his father) at his home in Beverly Hills, California of a stroke. Entombed in the Laemmle Family Crypt, Memorial Park, Los Angeles.
Carl Laemmle Jnr. as producer: 20's 1923 The Love Brand 1927 The Irresistable Lover 1928 The Last Warning. We Americans. Lonesome 1929 Broadway. College Love. The Last Performance.
30's 1930 All Quiet on the Western Front. The King of Jazz. A Lady Surrenders. The Boudoir Diplomat 1931 The Spirit of Notre Dame. Dracula. Waterloo Bridge. The Bad Sister. Strictly Dishonorable 1932 Murders in the Rue Morgue. Back Street. Once in a Lifetime. The Old Dark House. Air Mail. The Mummy 1933 The Invisible Man. Only Yesterday. Out All Night. Don't Bet on Love 1934 Imitation of Life. The Countess of Monte Cristo. The Black Cat. By Candlelight. Glamour. One More River. Little Man What Now? 1935 The Man Who Reclaimed His Head. The Good Fairy. Remember Last Night? Night Life of the Gods. Werewolf of London 1936 Showboat.


Elsa Lanchester


Born Elizabeth Lanchester Sullivan in Lewisham, England October 28th 1902. Died 1986 aged 84 of bronchial pneumonia in Hollywood Hills, California. Cremated with her ashes put to sea.
First worked as a dance instructor, and originally a singer, she married fellow actor Charles Laughton in 1929. Also worked in television.
20's 1927 One of the Best. The Constant Nymph 1928 Bluebottles (short). Daydreams (short). The Tonic (short) 1929 Comets. Mr. Smith Wakes Up.
30's 1930 Ashes (short). The Love Habit 1931 The Stronger Sex. Potiphar's Wife. The Officer's Mess 1933 The Private Life of Henry VIII (as Anne of Cleaves) 1935 David Copperfield. Bride of Frankenstein (as Mary Shelley/The Monster's Mate). Naughty Marietta. Miss Bracegirdle Does Her Duty (short). The Ghost Goes West 1936 Rembrandt (as Hendrickje Stoffels) 1938 Vessel of Wrath (as Martha Jones).
40's 1941 Ladies in Retirement 1942 Son of Fury. Tales of Manhattan 1943 Forever and a Day. Thumbs Up. Lassie Come Home 1944 Passport to Adventure 1945 The Spiral Staircase 1946 The Razor's Edge 1947 Northwest Outpost. The Bishop's Wife 1948 The Big Clock 1949 The Inspector General. The Secret Garden. Come to the Stable.
50's 1950 Buccaneer's Girl. Mystery Street. The Petty Girl. Frenchie 1951 Young Man With Ideas 1952 Androcles and the Lion. Dreamboat. Les Miserables 1953 The Girls of Pleasure Island 1954 Hell's Half Acre. Three Ring Circus (as The Bearded Lady). The Glass Slipper 1956 Stranger in the Night (tv) 1957 Witness For the Prosecution 1958 Bell, Book and Candle (as Aunt Queenie). Fabulous Hollywood (short).
60's 1964 Honeymoon Hotel. Mary Poppins. Pajama Party 1965 That Darn Cat! 1966 Easy Come, Easy Go 1967 Blackbeard's Ghost 1969 Me, Natalie. My Dog, the Thief (tv). In Name Only (tv). Rascal.
70's 1971 Willard 1973 Arnold. Terror in the Wax Museum 1976 Murder By Death (as Dame Jessica Marbles).
80's 1980 Die Laughing.


Fritz Lang


Born in Vienna 5th December 1890. Died Beverly Hills, California 2nd August 1976.
Trained as a fashion designer, painter and graphic artist in Vienna. After being asked by the Nazis to produce propaganda films for their movement, Lang fled the country to France, and then to America and became U.S. citizen in 1935. His wife and screenwriter Thea von Harbou supported the Nazi cause and remained in Germany. They were divorced in 1934. Fritz Lang's failing sight forced him to retire from film-making in 1960.
Script only: 1917 Die Hochzeit im Exzentrick Klub. Joe Debbs (series). Hilde Warren und der Tod ( & role) 1919 Halb-Blut. Die Pest in Florenz. Totentanz. Die Frau Mit Den Orchideen.
Directed: 1919 Der Herr der Liebe. Die Spinnen (Pts. I & II). Hara-Kiri. Das Wanderne Bild.
20's 1920 Vier um die Frau 1921 Der Mude Tod. Das Indische Grabmal. Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler (Pts. I & II) 1923 Die Nibelungen (Pts. I & II) 1926 Metropolis 1927 Der Spione 1928 Frau im Mond.
30's 1931 M 1932 Das Testament des von Dr. Mabuse 1933 Liliom 1936 Fury 1937 You Only Live Once 1938 You and Me.
40's 1940 The Return of Frank James 1941 Western Union. Man Hunt. Confirm or Deny 1942 Moontide 1943 Hangmen Also Die 1944 Ministry of Fear. The Woman in the Window 1945 Scarlet Street 1946 Cloak and Dagger 1948 Secret Beyond the Door 1949 House By the River.
50's 1950 An American Guerilla in the Philippines 1951 Rancho Notorious. Clash By Night 1952 The Blue Gardenia 1953 The Big Heat 1954 Human Desire. Moonfleet 1955 While the City Sleeps 1956 Beyond a Reasonable Doubt 1958 Der Tiger von Eschnapur.
60's 1960 Die Tausend Augen des Dr. Mabuse 1963 Le Mepris (role only, as himself).


Charles Laughton

on video



Born Scarborough July 1st 1899. Died in Los Angeles, California December 15th 1962 of cancer.
Married to actress Elsa Lanchester. Won 1932/33 Academy Award for Best Actor for THE PRIVATE LIFE OF HENRY VIII. Nominated in 1935 for Best Actor for MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY and in 1957 for WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION.
20's 1928 "H.G. Wells Comedic" series including Blue Bottles. Daydreams 1929 Piccadilly.
30's 1930 Wolves. Comets 1931 Down River 1932 Devil and the Deep. Payment Deferred. The Old Dark House. The Sign of the Cross. If I Had a Million 1933 Island of Lost Souls (as Doctor Moreau). White Woman. The Private Life of Henry VIII 1934 The Barretts of Wimpole Street 1935 Les Miserables. Ruggles of Red Gap. Mutiny on the Bounty. Frankie and Johnny (short) 1936 I Claudius (never released). Rembrandt 1938 Vessel of Wrath. St. Martin's Lane 1939 A Miracle Can Happen. The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Jamaica Inn.
40's 1940 They Knew What They Wanted 1941 It Started With Eve 1942 The Tuttles of Tahiti. Tales of Manhattan. Stand By For Action 1943 Forever and a Day. This Land is Mine. The Man From Down Under 1944 The Canterville Ghost. The Suspect. The Sign of the Cross (re-issue) 1945 Captain Kidd 1946 Because of Him 1947 The Queen's Necklace 1948 The Paradine Case. Arch of Triumph. Girl From Manhattan. The Big Clock. On Our Merry Way 1949 The Bribe. Man on the Eiffel Tower.
50's 1951 The Strange Door. The Blue Veil 1952 O'Henry's Full House. Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd. News of the Day (newsreel) 1953 Young Bess. Salome 1954 Hobson's Choice 1955 Night of the Hunter (director only) 1957 Witness For the Prosecution.
60's 1960 Spartacus. Under Ten Flags 1962 Advise and Consent.

Priscilla Lawson

Born Priscilla Shortridge in 1915. Her movie career came to an abrupt halt after losing a leg in an automobile accident.
30's 1936 Flash Gordon (serial/as Princess Aura) 1936 The Great Impersonation (as Maid).


Wilfred Lawson


Born Wilfred Worsnop 14th January 1900. In spite of alcohol problems that made him difficult to employ, he became a star of the British cinema from 1938 to 1947 before his time on stage, with occasional excursions to Hollywood. Died from a heart attack in 1966.
30's 1931 East Lynne on the Western Front 1933 Strike It Rich 1935 Turn of the Tide 1936 Ladies in Love. White Hunter 1937 The Man Who Made Diamonds. Bank Holiday 1938 The Terror (as Mr. Goodman). Yellow Sands. The Gaunt Stranger. Pygmalion. Stolen Life 1939 Dead Man's Shoes. Allegheny Uprising.
40's 1940 The Long Voyage Home. Pastor Hall. Gentlemen of Venture. The Farmer's Wife. The Man at the Gate 1941 Danny Boy. Jeannie. The Tower of Terror. Hard Steel 1942 The Night Has Eyes (as Jim Sturrock). The Great Mr. Handl 1943 Thursday's Child 1944 Fanny By Gaslight 1945 Macbeth (short) 1947 The Turners of Prospect Road.
50's 1954 Make Me an Offer 1955 The Prisoner. An Alligator Named Daisy 1956 Now and Forever. War and Peace 1957 Hell Drivers. Miracle in Soho. The Naked Truth. Doctor at Large (as Patient with cyst) 1958 Tread Softly Stranger. Room at the Top 1959 Expresso Bongo. The Naked Edge. Nothing Barred. Over the Odds. Go to Blazes.
60's 1962 Postman's Knock 1963 Becket. Tom Jones 1966 The Wrong Box 1967 The Viking Queen.



Born in Vienna, Austria 11th December 1902.
After a spell in banking, LeBorg made himself a career as a stage actor, stage manager and director, until he moved to America as the Nazis rose to power, arriving in Hollywood in 1935. He worked for MGM, Columbia and Universal in various capacities through the 30's and early 1940's. He settled at Universal in 1941, where he wrote the screenplay for HEAVENLY MUSIC, a two-reeler in 1943 which won an Academy Award, and began directing features that same year. Died 25th. March 1989.
All shorts: 30's 1936 No Place Like Rome. Swing Banditry 1937 A Girl's Best Years.
40's 1942 Campus Capers. Rhumba Rhythms. Tune Time. The Gay Nineties 1943 Swing Frolic. Shuffle Rhythm. Merry Madcaps. Rainbow Rhythm.
Features: 40's 1942 Adventure in Music (co-dir). She's For Me. Calling Doctor Death 1944 The Mummy's Ghost. Weird Woman. Jungle Woman. Dead Man's Eyes. San Diego-I Love You. Destiny 1945 Honeymoon Ahead 1946 Little Iodine. Susie Steps Out. Joe Palooka - Champ 1947 Fall Guy. The Adventures of Don Coyote. Joe Palooka in the Knockout. Philo Vance's Secret Mission 1948 Port Said. Winner Take All. Trouble Makers. Fighting Mad 1949 Hold That Baby. Joe Palooka in the Counterpunch. Fighting Fools.
50's 1950 Young Daniel Boone. Joe Palooka in the Squared Circle. Wyoming Mail 1951 G.I. Jane. Joe Palooka in Triple Cross 1952 Models Inc 1953 The Flanagan Boy. Sins of Jezebel. The Great Jesse James Raid 1954 The White Orchid 1956 The Black Sleep 1957 Voodoo Island. The Dalton Girls. War Drums.
60's 1961 The Flight That Disappeared 1962 Deadly Duo 1963 Diary of a Madman. The Eyes of Annie Jones.
70's 1973 So Evil My Sister.


Anna Lee


Born Joanna Winnifrith 1913. Went to America in 1939 with her then husband, director Robert Stevenson. Goddaughter of Dame Sybil Thorndike. Mother of actress, later producer, Venetia Stevenson (born 1938).
30's 1932 Ebb Tide. Yes Mr. Brown. Say It With Music 1933 Mayfair Girl. King's Cup. Chelsea Life. Mannequin. Faces. The Bermondsey Kid 1934 Lucky Loser. The Camels Are Coming. Rolling in Money 1935 Heat Wave. The Passing of the Third Floor Back. First a Girl 1936 The Man Who Changed His Mind. O.H.M.S 1937 King Solomon's Mines. Non-Stop New York 1939 The Four Just Men. Young Man's Fancy. Return to Yesterday.
40's 1940 Seven Sinners 1941 My Life With Caroline. How Green Was My Valley 1942 Flying Tigers. Commandos Strike at Dawn 1943 Hangmen Also Die. Flesh and Fantasy (as Rowena). Forever and a Day 1944 Summer Storm. Abroad With Two Yanks 1946 Bedlam. GI War Brides 1947 High Conquest. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir 1948 Best Man Wins. Fort Apache 1949 Prison Warden.
50's 1950 Wyoming Mail 1951 Boots Malone 1956 Daniel Boone - Trailblazer 1958 The Last Hurrah. Gideon's Day 1959 The Horse Soldiers. Jet Over the Atlantic. This Earth is Mine! The Big Night.
60's 1960 The Crimson Kimono 1961 Jack the Giant Killer. Two Rode Together 1962 The Man Who Short Liberty Valance. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? 1963 The Prize 1964 The Unsinkable Molly Brown. For Those Who Think Young 1965 The Sound of Music. The Movie Maker (tv) 1966 Seven Women. Torn Curtain. Picture Mommy Dead 1967 In Like Flint 1968 Star!
70's 1973 My Darling Daughter's Anniversary (tv) 1975 Eleanor and Franklin (tv) 1977 The White House Years (tv) 1978 The Beasts Are on the Streets (tv) 1979 The Night Rider (tv).
80's 1980 Scruples 1984 Clash/Clash 1989 My Name is Berthold Brecht - Exile in the USA.


Rowland V. Lee


Born in Findlay, Ohio September 6th 1981. Died Palm Desert, California December 21st 1975 of a heart attack.
Began his career as a stage actor in stock and New York City. Began film career in 1916 as an actor with Thomas Ince in Hollywood. After his retirement in 1945, he returned to produce and co-script THE BIG FISHERMAN in 1959. His brother Robert N. Lee often contributed screenplays for his films.
20's 1920 The Cup of Life 1921 Cupid's Brand. Blind Hearts. The Sea Lion. The Dust Flower 1922 Men of Zanzibar. His Back Against the Wall. Money to Burn. Mixed Faces. A Self-Made Man. Shirley of the Circus. Whims of the Gods 1923 Desire. Alice Adams. You Can't Get Away With It. Gentle Julia 1924 In Love With Love 1925 Man Without a Country. Havoc 1926 The Silver Treasure. The Outsider 1927 The Whirlwind of Youth. Barbed Wire 1928 The Secret Hour. Doomsday. Three Sinners. The First Kiss. Loves of an Actress 1929 Wolf of Wall Street. A Dangerous Woman. The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu.
30's 1930 Paramount on Parade. A Man From Wyoming. The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu. Ladies Love Brutes. Derelict 1931 The Ruling Voice. The Guilty Generation 1932 That Night in London 1933 Zoo in Budapest 1934 I Am Suzanne! Gambling. The Count of Monte Cristo 1935 Cardinal Richlieu. The Three Musketeers 1936 One Rainy Afternoon 1937 Love From a Stranger. The Toast of New York 1938 Mother Carey's Chickens. Service De Luxe 1939 Son of Frankenstein. The Sun Never Sets. Tower of London.
40's 1940 The Son of Monte Cristo 1942 Powder Town 1944 The Bridge of San Luis Rey 1945 Captain Kidd.


Paul Leni


Born in Stuttgart, Germany July 8th 1885. Died in Hollywood, California September 2nd 1929 aged 44 from blood poisoning following a neglected ulcerated tooth. Painter and stage designer, later in collaboration with Max Reinhardt. Also member of avant-garde movement associated with the publication 'Der Sturm' in Berlin. Touted to become one of great directors in Hollywood before his untimely death.
Silent: 1914 Das Panzergewulbe (des) 1915 Der Katzensteg (des). Das Achte Gebot (des) 1916 Das Tagebuch des Dr. Hartl (dir only) 1917 Das Rotsel von Bangalor (co-dir & co-sc) 1918 Dornr Schen (& sc) 1919 Die Platonische Ehe (& co-des). Prinz Kuckuck (& co-des).
20's 1920 Patience (& sc & des). Der Weisse Pfau (co-des & co-sc). Die Schuldder Lavinia Morland (co-des & acting r le). Veritas Vincit (co-des) 1921 Der Geier Wally (des). Kinder der Finsternis (des). Fiesco/die Verschw Rung Zu Genua (& co-des). Das Gepensterschiff (& des). Hintertreppe (co-dir & des). Kom die der Leidenschaften (& des) 1922 Frauenopfer (des) 1923 Trag die der Liebe (des) 1924 Das Wachsfigurenkabinett (& des) 1925 Die Frau von Vierzig Jahren (des). Der Farmer Aus Texas (des) 1926 Manon Lescaut (costumes). Fiaker Nr.13 (des, Austrian film). Der Goldene Schmetterling (des, Austrian film). Wie Einst im Mai (des) 1927 The Cat and the Canary. The Chinese Parrot 1928 The Man Who Laughs 1929 The Last Warning. Puzzles (experimental short).


Sheldon Lewis


Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1869. Died May 7th 1958 in San Gabriel, California of a heart ailment.
Silent: 1914 The Exploits of Elaine (serial) 1916 The Iron Claw (serial) 1917 The Hidden Hand (serial) 1918 Orphans of Kultur (serial) 1919 The Bishop's Emeralds.
20's 1920 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 1922 Orphans of the Storm. When the Desert Calls 1923 The Darling of New York. The Little Red Schoolhouse. Jacqueline of Blazing Barriers 1924 The Enemy Sex. Honor Amongst Men. In Fast Company. Missing Daughters. Those Who Dare. The Dangerous Flirt 1925 Top of the World. Bashful Buccaneer. Fighting the Flames. Kit Carson Over the Great Divide. Super Speed. Lure of the Track. Accused. Defend Yourself. The Mysterious Stranger. New Lives For Old. Silent Sanderson. The Sporting Chance 1926 Bride of the Storm. Lightning Hutch (serial). Vanishing Millions (serial). Beyond the Trail. Buffalo Bill on the U.P. Trail. Exclusive Rights. A Desrerate Moment. The Sky Pirate. Senor Daredevil. The Self Starter. The Gilded Highway. Moran of the Mounted. Don Juan. The Two-Gun Man. The Red Kimono 1927 Burning Gold. Hazardous Valley. Life of an Actress. The Cruise of the Hellion. Driven From Home. The Ladybird. The Love Wager. The Overland Stage 1928 The Sky Rider. The Chorus Kid. The Code of the Scarlet. Marlie the Killer. The Little Wild Girl. The River Woman. Turn Back the Hours. Top Sergeant Mulligan 1929 Untamed Justice. Seven Footprints To Satan. Black Magic.
30's 1930 Firebrand Jordan. Terry of the Times (serial released in silent & sound versions). Danger Man 1931 The Phantom 1932 The Monster Walks. Tex Takes a Holiday 1933 Tombstone Canyon 1934 Gun Justice 1936 The Cattle Thief.
Val Lewton


Producer. Born Vladimir Ivan Leventon in Yalta, Russia 7th May 1904. Died of a heart attack in Hollywood, California 14th March 1951. Nephew of the actress Alla Nazimonva. emigrated to America at the age of seven. Began his career as a writer with novels published under his real name and as Carlos Keith, Cosmo Forbes or Herbert Kerkow. Also wrote radio scripts and worked in the MGM publicity department. From 1933 to 1942 he became the editorial assistant to David O'Selznick. In 1942 he was in charge of low-budget RKO production unit.
40's 1942 The Cat People 1943 I Walked With a Zombie. The Leopard Man. The Seventh Victim. The Ghost Ship 1944 Madamoiselle Fifi. Youth Runs Wild. The Curse of the Cat People. 1945 The Bodysnatcher. Isle of the Dead 1946 Bedlam 1949 My Own True Love.
50's 1950 Please Believe Me 1951 Apache Drums.


Herbert Lomas

Lomas on video


Born 1887 in Burnley, Lancashire. Studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Stage debut 1906. Made name for himself with the Horniman Company Retired in 1952 and went to live in the Devonshire countryside, where he died in 1961.
30's 1931 Hobson's Choice. Many Waters 1932 Frail Women. The Sign of Four (as Major Sholto). When London Sleeps. The Missing Rembrandt. The Man From Toronto 1933 Daughters of Today. I Was a Spy 1934 Java Head. The Phantom Light (as Claff Owen). Lorna Doone 1935 Fighting Stock. The Black Mask. The Ghost Goes West 1936 Fame. Fire Over England. Rembrandt 1937 Knight Without Armour. Over the Moon. South Riding 1939 Inquest. Jamaica Inn. Q Planes. The Lion Has Wings. Ask a Policeman (as Coastguard).
40's 1940 Mr. Borland Thinks Again 1941 The Ghost Train (as Saul Hodgkin). South American George. Penn of Pennsylvania 1943 They Met in the Dark. Undercover 1944 Welcome Mr. Washington 1945 I Know Where I'm Going! (as Mr. Campbell). 1946 The Man Within 1947 The Master of Bankdam 1948 The Guinea Pig. Bonnie Prince Charlie.
50's 1951 The Magic Box 1952 The Net 1955 Quatermass II (tv. serial as Local at Tavern).


Peter Lorre

Lorre on video


Born Laszlo Loewenstein in Rosenberg, Hungary 26th June 1904. Died Hollywood, California 23rd March 1964 from a stroke. Divorced from Karen Verne (d.1967) and Celia Lovsky (d.1979), and later married Anna Brenning. Made his name portraying the child murderer Hans Beckert in Fritz Lang's M.
20's 1928 Pioniere In Oniplastadt 1929 Fruhlings Erwachen.
30's 1931 Bomben Auf Monte Carlo (as Pawlitschenk). M (as Hans Beckert). Die Koffer Des Hern O.F. (as The Editor) 1932 Der Weisse Daemon (as Hunchback). F.P.1 Antwortet Nicht (as Johnny. also in French version). Funf von der Jazzband (as Thief). Schuss Im Morgengrauen (as Klotz) 1933 Was Frauen Traeumen (as Fussli). Unsichtbare Gegner (as Henry Pless). Du Haut en Bas (as Beggar) 1934 The Man Who Knew Too Much (as Abbott) 1935 Mad Love (as Professor Gogol). Crime and Punishment (as Roderick Raskolnikov) 1936 The Secret Agent (as General). Crack-Up (as Colonel Gimpy) 1937 Lancer Spy (as Major Sigfried Gruning). Nancy Steele is Missing (as Prof. Sturm). Think Fast Mr. Moto (as Mr. Moto). Thank You Mr. Moto. 1938 The Mysterious Mr. Moto. I'll Give a Million (as Louie). Mr. Moto's Gamble. Mr. Moto Takes a Chance 1939 Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation. Mr. Moto's Last Warning. Mr. Moto in Danger Island.
40's 1940 Island of Doomed Men (as Stephen Danel). I Was an Adventuress (as Polo). Strange Cargo (as Cochon). You'll Find Out. Stranger on the Third Floor (as The Stranger) 1941 Mr. District Attorney (as Mr. Hyde). The Maltese Falcon (as Joel Cairo). The Face Behind the Mask (as Janos Szabo). They Met in Bombay (as Capt. Chang) 1942 Invisible Agent (as Baron Ikito). All Through the Night (as Pepi). The Boogie Man Will Get You (as Dr. Lorentz). Casablanca (as Ugarte). In This Our Life 1943 Background To Danger (as Zalenkoff). The Constant Nymph (as Fritz Bercovy). The Cross of Lorraine (as Sergeant Berger). Arsenic and Old Lace (as Dr. Einstein) 1944 Passage To Marseille (as Marius). Hollywood Canteen. The Mask of Demitrios (as Cornelius Leyden). The Conspirators (as Jan Bernazsky) 1945 Hotel Berlin (as Johannas Koenig). Confidential Agent (as Contreras) 1946 Three Strangers (as West). The Chase (as Gino). Black Angel (as Marko). The Verdict (as Victor Emeric). The Beast With Five Fingers (as Hilary Cummins) 1947 My Favorite Brunette (as Kismet) 1948 Casbah (as Slimane) 1949 Rope of Sand (as Toady).
50's 1950 Double Confession (as Paynter). Quicksand (as Nick) 1951 Die Verlorene (as Karl Rothe. also directed) 1953 Beat the Devil (as O'Hara) 1954 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (as Conseil) 1956 Seidman and Son (tv). Congo Crossing (as Col. Arragas). Meet Me in Las Vegas (unbilled guest star). Around the World in 80 Days (as Japanese Steward). Operation Cicero (tv) 1957 The Story of Mankind (as Nero). The Buster Keaton Story (as Kurt Bergner). Silk Stockings (as Brankov). The Last Tychoon (tv). The Jet Propelled Couch (tv). Hell Ship Mutiny (as Lamouet). The Sad Sack (as Abdul) 1959 The Big Circus (as Skeeter).
60's 1960 The Cruel Day (tv). Scent of Mystery (as Smiley) 1961 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (as Emery) 1962 Tales of Terror (as Montresor). The Raven (as Dr. Bedlo). Five Weeks in a Balloon (as Ahmed) 1963 Comedy of Terrors (as Felix Gillie) 1964 The Patsy (as Morgan Heywood). Muscle Beach Party (as Mr. Strandour).


Montagu Love


Born in Portsmouth, England in 1877. Began career as artist and military correspondent. Died in Beverly Hills, California on May 17th 1943 aged 66. Screen, stage and vaudeville actor.
Silent: 1914 The Suicide Club 1916 A Woman's Way. Bought and Paid For 1917 Rasputin, the Black Monk (as Rasputin) 1919 The Gilded Cage.
20's 1920 The World and His Wife 1921 The Case of Becky. The Wrong Woman. Forever. Love's Redemption. Shams of Society 1922 What's Wrong With the Woman? The Beauty Shop. The Darling of the Rich. The Secrets of Paris 1923 The Eternal City. The Leopardess 1924 Restless Wives. Weekend Husbands. Roulette. Who's Cheating? Love of Women. A Son of the Sahara. Sinners in Heaven 1925 The Mad Marriage. The Ancient Highway. The Desert's Price 1926 Hands Up! Don Juan. Brooding Eyes. The Son of the Sheik. The Social Highwayman. The Silent Lover. Out of the Storm 1927 The Night of Love. Good Time Charley. The Haunted Ship. King of Kings. Jesse James. One Hour of Love. Rose of the Golden West. The Tender Hour 1928 The Haunted House. The Devil's Skipper. The Hawk's Nest. The Wind. The Noose. Character Studies (short) 1929 The Divine Lady. Her Private Life. A Most Immoral Lady. Synthetic Sin. The Mysterious Island. Charming Sinners. Midstream. Bulldog Drummond. The Last Warning (as Arthur McHugh). Silks and Saddles. The Voice Within.
30's 1930 Back Pay. A Notorious Affair. Double Cross Roads. Reno. Inside the Lines. Outward Bound. Love Comes Along. The Cat Creeps. Kismet. The Furies 1931 Alexander Hamilton. Lion and the Lamb 1932 The Bride's Bereavement or Snake in the Grass (short). Stowaway. The Fighting Tornado. Vanity Fair. The Silver Lining. Midnight Lady. The Broadway Tornado. Love Bond. Dream Mother. The Engineer's Daughter. Out of Singapore (as Scar Murray) 1933 His Double Life 1934 The Menace. The Mystic Hour (as Captain James). Limehouse Blues 1935 Clive of India. The Crusades. The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo (as Director) 1936 The Country Doctor. Sing Baby Sing. Reunion. Lloyds of London. One in a Million. Sutter's Gold. The White Angel. Hi Gaucho. Champagne Charlie 1937 The Prince and the Pauper. The Life of Emile Zola. Tovarich. Parnell. London By Night. The Prisoner of Zenda. Adventure's End. A Damsel in Distress 1938 The Fighting Devil Dogs (serial). The Buccaneer. The Adventures of Robin Hood (as Bishop of Black Canons). Professor Beware. If I Were King. Kidnapped 1939 Gunga Din. Ruler of the Seas. Man in the Iron Mask (as Spanish Ambassador). Juarez. We're Not Alone.
40's 1940 Son of Monte Cristo (as Baron Von Neuhoff). Northwest Passage. A Dispatch From Reuters. The Lone Wolf Strikes. Private Affairs. Hudson's Bay. Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet. Northwest Mounted Police. All This and Heaven Too. The Mark of Zorro. The Sea Hawk 1941 The Devil and Miss Jones. Shining Victory. Lady For a Night 1942 Devotion. Tennessee Johnson. The Remarkable Andrew. Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror (as General Jerome Lawford) 1943 Forever and a Day. Constant Nymph. Holy Matrimony.



Bela Lugosi

Also see article:
Dear Old Pals

Lugosi on video


Born Bela Blasko in Lugos, Hungary October 20th 1882. Died Hollywood, California August 16th 1956.
Silent: 1917 Alarcosbal (as a red-herring). Az Elet Kiralya (as Dorian Gray's butler). A Leopard (as Aristocrat). A Naszdal (as Bertram). Tavaszi Vihar (as Discarded suitor). Az Ezredes (as Crook) 1918 Casanova (as Suitor). Lulu (as Romantic lead). Kilencvenkilenc (role unknown) 1919 Sklaven Fremdes Willens (as Hypnotist).
20's 1920 Nat Pinkerton (as Gang leader). Der Fluch der Menschheit (as Reckless Saboteur). Der Januskopf (as Dr. Jekyll's butler). Die Frau im Delphin (role unknown). Die Todeskarawane (as Arab Sheik). Lederstrumpf (released in two parts. As Chingachgook). Die Teufelsanbeter (role unknown). Johann Hopkins III (role unknown) 1921 Der Tanz Auf dem Vulkan (released in two parts, as Parisian aristocrat) 1923 The Silent Command (as Hisston) 1924 The Rejected Woman (as Jean Gagnon) 1925 The Midnight Girl (as Nicholas Harmon). Daughters Who Pay (as Serge Oumansky) 1926 Punchinello (short, as Harlequin) 1928 How to Handle Women (bit part). The Veiled Woman (as Suitor). The Last Performance (Lugosi dubbed Conrad Veidt's role in Hungarian for distribution in Hungary) 1929 Prisoners (as Brottos). The Thirteenth Chair (as Inspector Delzante).
30's 1930 Such Men Are Dangerous (as Dr. Erdmann). King of Jazz (Lugosi as the  host in the Hungarian version filmed in Technicolor). Wild Company (as Felix Brown). Renegades (as Marabout). Oh, For a Man! (as Frascatti). Viennese Nights (unbilled part) 1931 Dracula. Fifty Million Frenchmen (unbilled role). Women of All Nations (as Prince Hassan). The Black Camel (as Tarnevarro). Broadminded (as Pancho) 1932 Murders in the Rue Morgue (as Dr. Mirakle). White Zombie (as Murder Legendre). Chandu the Magician (as Roxor) 1933 Island of Lost Souls (as Sayer of the Law). The Death Kiss (as Joseph Steiner). The Whispering Shadow (serial, as Professor Adam Strang). Hollywood on Parade (short, as Count Dracula). International House (as General Petronovitch). Night of Terror (as Degar). Devil's in Love (as Military Prosecutor) 1934 The Black Cat (as Dr. Vitus Werdegast). Gift of Gab (as Apache dancer). The Return of Chandu (serial, as Frank Chandu) 1935 Best Man Wins (as Dr. Boehm). Mysterious Mr. Wong (as Mr. Wong). Mark of the Vampire (as Count Mora). The Raven (as Dr. Richard Vollin). Murder By Television (as Arthur Perry). Mystery of the Marie Celeste (as Anton Lorenzen) 1936 The Invisible Ray (as Dr. Felix Benet). Postal Inspector (as Benez). Shadow of Chinatown (serial, as Victor Poten) 1937 SOS Coastguard (serial, as Boroff) 1939 Son of Frankenstein (as Ygor). The Gorilla (as Peters). The Phantom Creeps (serial, as Dr. Alex Zorka). NINOTCHKA (as Commissar Razinin). Dark Eyes of London (as Dr. Orloff).
40's 1940 Saint's Double Trouble (as Smugglers accomplice). Black Friday (as Eric Marnay). You'll Find Out (as Prince Saliano) 1941 The Devil Bat (as Dr. Paul Carruthers). The Black Cat (as Eduardo). The Invisible Ghost (as Dr. Charles Kessler). Spooks Run Wild (as The Monster). The Wolf Man (as Bela) 1942 Ghost of Frankenstein (as Ygor). Black Dragons (as Dr. Melcher). The Corpse Vanishes (as Dr. Lorenz). Bowery at Midnight (as Professor Brenner). Night Monster (as Rolf) 1943 Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman (as The Monster). The Ape Man (as Dr. James Brewster). Ghosts on the Loose (as Emil) 1944 Return of the Vampire (as Armand Tesla). Voodoo Man (as Dr. Marlowe). Return of the Ape Man (as Professor Dexter). One Body Too Many (as Larchmont) 1945 The Body Snatcher (as Joseph). Zombies on Broadway (as Professor Renault) 1946 Genius at Work (as Stone) 1947 Scared To Death (as Leonide) 1948 Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (as Count Dracula).
50's 1952 Mother Riley Meets the Vampire (as Von Housen). Bela Lugosi Meets the Brooklyn Gorilla (as Dr. Zabor) 1953 Glen or Glenda? (as Spirit/Mystic) 1955 Bride of the Monster (as Dr. Eric Vornoff) 1956 The Black Sleep (as Casmir). Plan 9 From Outer Space (as Ghoul Man).


The Missing Link

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