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Mary McAvoy


Born in New York, New York 18th September 1901. Died on 26th. April 1984 in Los Angeles.
In 1914 she first considered following her mother's profession of teaching. Instead, she began doing modelling work. She expressed her interest in motion pictures at Metro's New York studios, left some photographs with them, and suprised when she received a call from the casting director. Her first job was a one-reel commercial for 'Domino Sugar'. After her first leading role in 1921, Famous Players offered her a five-year contract, but only worked for two years. She made history by appearing in THE TERROR, the world's first talking horror film. However, in 1928, she married United Artists' vice-president G. Cleary which vacillitated her retirement from the screen, along with becoming a casualty of the talking picture. She helped with the sound version BEN HUR in 1932 and returned to the screen in 1940, making several uncredited bit appearances during the Fifties.
Silent: 1917 Hate 1918 I'll Say So. To Hell With the Kaiser. The Perfect Lady 1919 Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch.
20's 1921 The Devil's Garden. Sentimental Tommy. A Private Scandal 1922 Top of New York. Clarence. Kick In 1923 Grumpy. Only 38. Hollywood 1924 The Water Tower. The Enchanted Cottage (as Laura Pennington). The Bedroom Window. Three Women. Tarnish 1925 The Mad Whirl. Lady Windermere's Fan. Ben-Hur (as Esther) 1926 The Savage. The Fire Brigade 1927 Matinee Ladies. Slightly Used. The Jazz Singer 1928 The Lion and the Mouse. The Terror. Caught in the Fog 1929 No Defense. Stolen Kisses.


Aubrey Mallalieu


Born in Liverpool 8th June 1873. Died 28th May 1948 aged 75.
Reputed to have played supporting roles in silent films. Had a long theatrical career before embarking on sound film character roles which continued well into his sixties.
30's 1934 Whatever Happened to Harkness? 1935 Cross Currents. The Last Journey. Music Hath Charms. The Riverside Murder 1936 Sweeny Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Nothing Like Publicity. Prison Breaker. A Touch of the Moon. Not So Dusty. His Lordship. Love at Sea. Such is Life. All That Glitters. Once in a Million. A Star Fell From Heaven. The Tenth Man. Talk of the Devil 1937 Over She Goes. The Black Tulip. Holiday's End. The Last Chance. Silver Blaze. Mayfair Melody. The Rat. Patricia Gets Her Man. Pearls Bring Tears. When the Devil Was Well. Keep Fit. The Strange Adventures of Mr. Smith. Fifty Shilling Boxer. Change For a Sovereign. East of Ludgate Hill. The Frog. The Man Who Made Diamonds. Victoria the Great. 21 Days 1938 His Lordship Regrets. Thank Evans. Easy Riches. The Reverse Be My Lot. Paid in Error. Simply Terrific. Coming of Age. The Claydon Treasure Mystery. Dangerous Medicine. Sixty Glorious Years. Almost a Honeymoon. The Gables Mystery. The Return of Carol Deane. Miracles Do Happen. Save a Little Sunshine. The Return of the Frog. You're the Doctor. His Lordship Goes to Press 1939 So This is London. Me and My Pal. Murder Will Out. Dead Men Are Dangerous. The Face at the Window (as M. De Brisson). I Killed the Count. All at Sea. The Stars Look Down.
40's 1940 The Briggs Family. Bulldog Sees it Through. The Girl in the News. Busman's Honeymoon. The Door With Seven Locks (as Lord Selford). Let George Do It. Salvage With a Smile (short). Spare a Copper 1941 Me Proudfoot Shows a Light (short). Atalantic Ferry. Facing the Music. The Fine Feathers (short). Turned Out Nice Again. The Black Sheep of Whitehall (as Ticket Collector). Gert and Daisy's Weekend. Breach of Promise. Hatter's Castle. They Flew Alone. Penn of Pennsylvania. Pimpernel Smith 1942 The Young Mr. Pitt. Uncensored. Unpublished Story. Let the People Sing. We'll Meet Again. Squadron Leader X. Back Room Boy. It's That Man Again. The Goose Steps Out (as Rector). Asking For Trouble 1943 The Adventures of Tartu. Theatre Royal. The Lamp Still Burns. My Learned Friend (as Magistrate). The Yellow Canary. The Demi-Paradise. Rhythm Serenade 1944 Kiss the Bride Goodbye. He Snoops to Conquer. Champagne Charlie 1945 I'll Be Your Sweetheart. The Wicked Lady. I Live in Grosvenor Square. 29 Arcadia Avenue. A Place of One's Own. For You Alone. Murder in Reverse 1946 Under New Management. Meet Me at Dawn. A Girl in a Million. Bedelia. School For Secrets. I'll Turn to You. While the Sun Shines 1947 Frieda. Master of Bankdam. The Ghosts of Berkeley Square 1948 Counterblast. The Queen of Spades (as Fedya). The Fatal Night. The Winslow Boy. Calling Paul Temple. The Bad Lord Byron. Saraband For Dead Lovers. Bond Street.

David Manners


Born Rauff de Ryther Duan Acklom in Canada in 1901. Died December 23rd. 1998 in Santa Barbara, California. For more information click David
30's 1930 Journey's End. He Knew Women. Sweet Mama. Kismet. Mother's Cry. The Truth About Youth. The Right To Love 1931 Dracula. The Millionaire. The Miracle Woman. The Last Flight. The Ruling Voice 1932 The Greeks Had a Word For Them. Lady With a Past. Beauty and the Boss. Man Wanted. Stranger in Town. Crooner. A Bill of Divorcement. They Call it Sin. The Mummy 1933 The Death Kiss. From Hell To Heaven. The Warrior's Husband. The Girl in 419. The Devil's in Love. Torch Singer. Roman Scandals 1934 The Black Cat. Luck of a Sailor. The Great Flirtation. The Moonstone 1935 The Mystery of Edwin Drood etc.


Frederic March


Born Ernest Frederick Bickel in Racine, Wisconsin 31st August 1897. Died from cancer in Los Angeles 14th April 1975.
Entered films as an extra, and gradually settled in Hollywood with the coming of sound. Won two Oscars for DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE and THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES.
20's 1921 Paying the Piper 1929 Footlights and Fools. The Dummy. The Studio Murder Mystery. Jealousy. The Wild Party. Paris Bound. The Marriage Playground.
30's 1930 Paramount on Parade. Sarah and Son. Manslaughter. The Royal Family of Broadway. Ladies Love Brutes. True to the Navy. Laughter 1931 My Sin. Honor Among Lovers. The Night Angel. Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 1932 Strangers in Love. Merrily We Go To Hell. Make Me a Star. Smilin' Through. The Sign of the Cross 1933 The Eagle and the Hawk. Tonight is Ours. Design For Living 1934 Good Dame. All of Me. The Barretts of Wimpole Street. We Live Again. Death Takes a Holiday. The Affairs of Cellini 1935 Les Miserables. Anna Karenina. The Dark Angel 1936 Mary of Scotland. The Road To Glory. Anthony Adverse 1937 Nothing Sacred. A Star is Born 1938 The Buccaneer. Trade Winds. There Goes My Heart 1939 The 400 Million (narrator only).
40's 1940 Victory. Susan and God. Lights Go Out in Europe (short) 1941 So Ends Our Night. One Foot in Heaven. Bedtime Story. Cavalcade of the Academy Awards (short) 1942 I Married a Witch. Lake Carrier (short) 1944 Tomorrow the World. The Adventures of Mark Twain. Salute to France (short) 1946 The Best Years of Our Lives 1948 An Act of Murder. Another Part of the Forest 1949 Christopher Columbus.
50's 1950 The Titan - the Story of Michelangelo (& narrator) 1951 Death of a Salesman. It's a Big Country 1953 Man on a Tightrope 1954 Executive Suite. The Bridges at Toko-Ri 1955 The Desperate Hours 1956 Alexander the Great. The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit 1957 Albert Schweitzer (narrator only) 1959 The Middle of the Night.
60's 1962 The Condemned of Altona 1964 Seven Days in May 1966 Hombre 1969 ...Tick...Tick...Tick.
70's 1973 The Iceman Cometh.



Born in Russia on March 15th 1889. Died in Woodland Hills, California on February 3rd 1975 aged 88 of a heart failure.
Screen, stage, vaudeville actor, stage director and producer.
20's 1924 Four Sons.
30's 1931 Frankenstein (as Ludwig). Resurrection 1933 She Done Him Wrong 1934 The Black Cat (as Cultist) 1935 All the Kings Horses. Mad Love (as Funeral director). The Black Room 1936 The Dark Hour. Sons O' Guns 1937 Prescription For Romance. Missing Witness 1938 Ride a Crooked Mile 1939 Son of Frankenstein (as Ewald Neumuller). Tower of London (as Servant to Henry VI).
40's 1940 Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (Serial). The Mummy's Hand (as Bazaar Owner). The House of the Seven Gables (as Man). The Son of Monte Cristo (as Bishop) 1942 Casablanca. The Ghost of Frankenstein (as Second Councillor). Sher lock Holmes and the Secret Weapon (as George). Men of San Quentin 1943 Mission to Moscow. Background to Danger (as hotel owner) 1945 House of Frankenstein (as Frederick Strauss). The Great Flamarion (as Watchman). Jealousy (as Shop Owner) 1946 Joe Palooka - Champ 1947 The Trespasser. Joe Palooka in the Knockout 1948 Appointment With Murder. Fighting Mad. The Vicious Circle 1949 Search For Danger.
50's 1950 Once a Thief 1953 The Juggler 1955 The Big Combo 1956 Rock Around the Clock. Edge of Hell 1957 Lizzie 1958 The Brothers Karamazoo 1959 Attack of the Puppet People. The Big Fisherman. The Return of the Fly.


Marian Marsh


Born Violet Krauth in Trinidad, West Indies October 17th 1913.
Leading lady of English, German, French and Irish descent. Began in Hollywood as an extra. Chosen by John Barrymore to play Trilby in SVENGALI. Had stage experience before entering the film industry at age fifteen with Path .
20's 1929 Young Sinners.
30's 1930 Hell's Angels 1931 Fifty Million Frenchmen. The Devil Was Sick. Svengali (as Trilby O'Farrell). Road To Singapore 1932 The Mad Genius. Five Star Final. Whoopee. Alias the Doctor. Beauty and the Boss. Under Eighteen. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm 1933 Sports Parade. The Eleventh Commandment. Strange Justice. Daring Daughters 1934 Love at Second Sight 1935 The Black Room 1937 When's Your Birthday?
40's 1940 Missing Daughters 1942 House of Errors.

Tully Marshall


Born William Philips in Nevada City, California 13th April 1864. Died 10th March 1943 in Encino, California of a heart and lung ailment.
Original vocation had been as a lawyer, but he began acting on the stage at 19, and played a wide variety of roles on Broadway from 1887. He arrived in Hollywood in 1914 and played a variety of roles until D.W. Griffith cast him as the High Priest of Bel in Intolerance (1916). Tully remained busy for the remaining three decades of his life most notably as Lawyer Crosby in Paul Leni's The Cat and the Canary (1927).
Silent: 1914 Paid in Full 1915 The Sable Lorcha. The Painted Soul. Let Katie Do It 1916 Martha's Vindication. A Child of the Paris Streets. The Devil's Needle. Intolerance (as High Priest). Oliver Twist (as Fagin). Joan the Woman 1917 The Golden Fetter. A Romance of the Tredwoods. A Modern Musketeer. The Countess Charming. Unconquered. We Can't Have Everything. The Devil Stone 1918 Arizona. Bound in Morocco. M'Liss. Old Wives For New. The Squaw Man. The Things We Love. Too Many Millions. The Whispering Chorus. The Man From Funeral Range 1919 Cheating Cheaters. The Crimson Gardenia. Daughter of Mine. Everywoman. The Grim Game. The Girl Who Stayed Home. The Lady of Red Butte. Her Kingdom of Dreams. The Life Line. The Lottery Man. Maggie Pepper. Hawthorne of the USA. The Fall of Babylon.


20's 1920 The Dancing Fool. Double Speed. Excuse My Dust. The Gift Supreme. Honest Hutch. Sick Abed. The Slim Princess 1921 The Cup of Life. Hail the Woman. Her Beloved Villain. The Little 'Fraid Lady. Lotus Blossom. Silent Years. The Three Musketeers. What Happened to Rosa? 1922 Any Night. The Beautiful and the Damned. Deserted at the Altar. Fools of Fortune. Good Men and True. Is Matrimony a Failure? The Ladder Jinx. The Marriage Chance. The Super Sex. Too Much Business. The Village Blacksmith. Without Compromise. The Lying Truth 1923 The Barefoot Boy. The Brass Bottle. The Covered Wagon. Broken Hearts of Broadway. The Dangerous Maid. Fools and Riches. Dangerous Trials. Defying Destiny. Temporary Marriage. His Last Race. Only a Shop Girl. Penrod. The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Ponjola. The Law of the Lawless. Let's Go. Richard the Lion-Hearted. Thundergate 1924 Along Came Ruth. He Who Gets Slapped. Hold Your Breath. For Sale. Pagan Passions. The Ridin' Kid From Powder River. The Right of the Strongest. Passion's Pathway. Reckless Romance. Smouldering Fires. The Stranger 1925 Anything Once. Clothes Make the Pirate. The Half-Way Girl. The Merry Widow. The Pace That Thrills. The Talker 1926 Her Big Night. Old Loves and New. Twinkletoes. The Torrent 1927 Beware of Widows. The Cat and the Canary (as Lawyer Crosby). The Gorilla. Jim, the Conqueror 1928 Conquest. Alias Jimmy Valentine. Drums of Love. The Mad Hour. The Perfect Crime. The Trail of '98. Queen Kelly 1929 The Bridge of San Luis Rey. The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu. Redskin. The Show of Shows. Skin Deep. Thunderbolt. Tiger Rose.


30's 1930 The Big Trail. Burning Up. Dancing Sweeties. Common Clay. One Night at Susie's. Mammy. Numbered Men. She Couldn't Say No. Redemption. Tom Sawyer. Under a Texas Moon. Murder Will Out 1931 Fighting Caravans. The Millionaire. The Unholy Garden. The Virtuous Husband 1932 Broken Lullaby. Arsene Lupin. The Beast of the City. Exposure. Grand Hotel. Klondike. Night Court. The Hatchet Man. City Sentinels (short). Scandal For Sale. Scarface. Strangers of the Evening. Afraid to Talk. Cabin in the Cotton. Red Dust. The Hurricane Express (serial). Two Fisted Law 1933 Corruption. Laughing at Life. Night of Terror. Fighting With Kit Carson (serial) 1934 Massacre. Murder on the Blackboard 1935 Black Fury. Diamond Jim. A Tale of Two Cities 1937 California Straight Ahead. Behind Prison Bars. Mr. Boggs Steps Out. She Asked For It. Stand-In. Hold 'em Navy. Souls at Sea. A Yank at Oxford 1938 Arsene Lupin Returns. College Swing. House of Mystery. Making the Headlines 1939 Montana Skies. The Kid From Texas. Invisible Stripes.
40's 1940 Chad Hanna. Brigham Young - Frontiersman. Go West. Youth Will Be Served 1941 Ball of Fire. Sergeant York. For Beauty's Sake 1942 Moontide. Ten Gentlemen From West Point. This Gun For Hire 1943 Behind Prison Walls. Hitler's Madman.


Raymond Massey


Born Raymond Hart Massey in Toronto, Canada 30th August 1896. Died 19th July 1983.
Alternated between Britain and Hollywood films for ten years before settling in America in 1941, and becoming a U.S. citizen in 1944. Married three times, his son Daniel Massey has also been successful in films.
30's 1931 The Speckled Band 1932 The Face at the Window. The Old Dark House 1934 The Scarlet Pimpernel 1936 Things To Come. Fire Over England 1937 Dreaming Lips. Under the Red Robe. The Prisoner of Zenda. The Hurricane 1938 The Drum. Black Limelight.
40's 1940 Abe Lincoln in Illinois. Santa Fe Trail 1941 49th Parallel. Dangerously They Live 1942 Desperate Journey. Reap the Wild Wind 1943 Action in the North Atlantic. Arsenic and Old Lace 1944 The Woman in the Window 1945 Hotel Berlin. God is My Co-Pilot 1946 A Matter of Life and Death 1947 Possessed. Mourning Becomes Electra 1949 The Fountainhead. Roseanna McCoy. Chain Lightning.
50's 1950 Barricade. Dallas 1951 Sugarfoot. Come Fill the Cup. David and Bathsheba 1952 Carson City 1953 The Desert Song 1954 East of Eden. Prince of Players 1955 The Late George Apley. Battle Cry. Seven Angry Men 1957 Omar Khayyam 1958 The Naked and the Dead.
60's 1960 The Great Imposter. The Cruel Day 1961 The Fiercest Heart. The Queen's Guards 1962 How the West Was Won 1963 Report on China (narrator only) 1968 McKenna's Gold.
70's 1971 The President's Plane is Missing (tv) 1972 All My Darling Daughters (tv) 1973 My Darling Daughter's Anniversary (tv).


Martha Mattox


Born in Natchez, Mississippi in 1879. Died of a heart ailment in Sidney, New York on May 2nd 1933. Entered films in 1913.
20's 1920 Huckleberry Finn 1921 The Conflict. The Son of Wallingford 1922 Restless Souls. Rich Men's Wives. The Top o'the Morning. Beauty's Worth. The Angel of Crooked Street. The Game Chicken. The Hands of Nara. The Maried Flapper 1923 The Hero. Three Wise Fools. Bavu. Hearts Aflame. Look Your Best. Penrod and Sam. Maytime. Times Have Changed. Woman-Proof 1924 The Family Secret 1925 Dangerous Innocence. East Lynne. Heir-Loons. I'll Show You the Town. The Keeper of the Bees. The Home Maker. Oh Doctor! The Man in Blue. With This Ring 1926 Lonely Mary. Torrent. Infatuation. Christine of the Big Tops. Forest Havoc. The Nut-Cracker. The Rainmaker. Shameful Behaviour? The Waning Sex. The Warning Signal. The Yankee Senor 1927 The Cat and the Canary (as Mammy Pleasant). The Devil Dancer. Finger Prints. Snowbound. The 13th Juror 1928 Love Me and the World is Mine. Her Wild Oat. A Bit of Heaven. Fools For Luck. The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come. The Naughty Duchess. The Singapore Mutiny. Kentucky Courage 1929 The Big Diamond Robbery. The Fatal Warning (serial). Montmartre Rose.
30's 1930 Night Work. Extravagance. The Love Racket 1931 Misbehaving Ladies. Born to Love. Dangerous Affair. Thirty Days. Murder by the Clock 1932 Murder At Dawn (as Housekeeper). The Silver Lining. The Monster Walks (as Mrs. Krug). Careless Lady. So Big. No Greater Love. Heroes of the West (Serial). Dynamite Ranch. Torchy Raises the Auntie (short) 1933 Haunted Gold. Bitter Tea of General Yen.


George Melies


Born Marie-Georges-Jean Melies in Paris, France December 8th 1861.
By the time he was ten years old, Melies was constructing Punch and Judy shows. On December 28th 1895, Melies was invited to the first public showing of the Lumiere "Cinematographe" at the Grand Cafe. He designed his own camera, giving his first film show on April 4th 1896.
Sadly, by 1912 Melies and his films had become an anarchronism, being regarded as primitive. In 1917, Melies' premises in the Passage de l'Opera were requisitioned by the Army, and 400 films found there were melted down to be used in the production of shoe heels. In 1923, the creditors were on his back. In 1932, Melies and his wife and granddaughter were given an apartment in Orly, near Paris run by the Mutelle du Cinema. Then after an illness of three months, Melies died of cancer at the Hospital Leopold-Bellin in Paris on January 21st 1938 aged 76. He was buried at Pere Lachaise cemetary.
Fictional: 1896 Une Partie de Cartes. Seance de Prestidigitation. Plus Fort Que le Maitre. Jardinier Brulant des Herbes. Les Chevaux de Bois. L'Arroseur. Les Blanchisseuses. Le Chiffonier. Un Petit Diable. Couronnement de la Rosiere. Bebe et Fillettes. Defense d'Afficher. Un Lycee de Jeunes Filles. Sauvetage en Riviere. Une Nuit Terrible. Salut Malencontreux d'un Serteur. Dessinateur Express (M. Thiers). Tribulations d'un Concierge. Dix Chapeaux en 60 Secondes. Danse Serpentine. Miss de Vere. La Voiture du Potier. Le Papier Prote. Dessinateur Chamberlain. Dessinateur: Reine Victoria. Le Bivouac. Escamotage d'un Dame Chez Robert-Houdin. Le Fakir, Mystere Indien. L'Hotel Empoisonne. Dessinateur: Von Bismark. Les Indiscrets. Tom Old Boot. Une Altercation au Cafe. Les Ivrognes. Le Manoir du Diable 1897 Chicot, Dentiste Americain. Le Cauchemar. Le Malade Imaginaire. Le Musulman Rogolo. L'Hallucination de L'Alchimiste. Le Chateau Hante. Bataille de Confettis. Sur le Toits. D. Devant. L'Cole des Gendres. Les Dernieres Cartouches. Execution d'un Espion. Gugusse et L'Automate. L'Indiscret Aux Bains de Mer. La Cigale et la Fourmi. Ascension d'un Ballon. Le Cabinet de Mephistopheles. Figaro et L'Auvergnat. L'Auberge Ensorcelee. Auguste et Bibb. Chirurgien Americain. Arlequin et Charbonnier. En Cabinet Particulier. Apres le Bal. Le Magnetisieur. Le Modele Irascible. Danse au Serail. Vente d'Esclaves au Harem. Vision d'Ivrogne. Faust et Marguerite 1898 Magie Diabolique. Les Rayons Roentgen. Le Macon Maladroit. Corvee de Quartier Accidentee. Le Magicien. Sorti sans Permission. Illusions Fantasmagoriques. Pygmalion et Galathee. Damnation de Faust. Guillame Tell et le Clown. La Lune a un Metre. Prenez Garde a la Peinture. La Caverne Maudite. Reve d'Artiste. Atelier d'Artiste, Farce de Modeles. Un Homme de Tete. Dedoublement Cabalistique. Tentation de Saint Antoine. Reve du Pauvre. Salle a Manger Fantastique. Creations Spontanees 1899 Cleopatre. Le Coucher de la Mariee ou Triste Nuit de Noce. Duel Politique. Luttles Extravagantes. Richesse et Misere ou la Cigale et la Fourmi. L'Ours et la Sentinelle. L'Impressionate Fin de Siecle. Le Spectre. Le Diable Au Couvent. La Danse du Feu. La Cremation. Un Bon Lit. Force Doit Rester a la Loi. Pick Pocket et Policeman. Combat de Coqs. Automaboulisme et Autorite. Le Portrait Mysterieux. Le Conferencier Distrait. La Pierre Philosophale. Le Miroir de Cagliostro. Neptune et Amphitrite. Le Christ Marchant sur les Flots. Evocation Spirite. L'Affaire Dreyfus. La Pyramide de Triboulet. Cendrillon. Le Statue de Neige. Le Chevalier Mystere. L'Homme Protee. Charmant Voyages de Noces.


20th Cent. 1900 Fatale Meprise. Un Intrus dans une Loge de Figurantes. Les Miracles du Brahmane. Farces de Marmitons. Les Trois Bacchantes. La Vengeance du Gate-Sauce. Les Infortunes d'un Explorateur. L'Homme Orchestre. Jeanne d'Arc. Les Sept Peches Capitaux. Le Prisonnier Recalcitrant. La Reve du Rajah ou la Foret Enchantee. Les Deux Aveugles. L'Artiste et le Mannequin. Le Sorcier, le Prince et le Bon Genie. Ne Bougeons Plus! Le Fou Assassin. Le Livre Magique. Vue de Remerciements au Public. Spritisme Abracadabrant. L'Illusioniste Double et la Tete Vivante. Le Songe d'or de l'Avare. Le Reve de Noel. Gens Qui Pleurent et Gens Qui Rient. Coppelia ou la Poupee Animee. Nouvelles Luttes Extravagantes. Le Repas Fantastique. Le Dehabillage Impossible. Le Tonneau des Danaides. La Malade Hydrophobe 1901 Une Mauvaise Plaisanterie. Le Savant et la Chimpanze. L'Homme Aux Cent Trucs. Guguste et Belebuth. Le Reveil d'un Monsieur Presse. La Chirurgie de l'Avenir. La Maison Tranquille. Mesadventures d'un a Ronaute. La Tour Maudite. La Chrysalide et le Papillon d'Or. Bouquet d'Illusions. Dislocation Mysterieuse. Le Petit Chaperon Rouge. L'Antre des Espirits. Le Chimiste Repopulateur. Chez la Sorciere. Le Temple de la Magie. Le Charlatan. Une Noce au Village. Le Chevalier Demontable et le General Boum. Excelsior! L'Omnibus des Toques. La Fontaine Sacree ou la Vengeance de Boudha. Barbe-Bleue. Le Chapeau a Suprises. La Phrenologie Burlesque. La Libellule. L'Ecole Infernale 1902 Le Reve du Pariah. Le Bataillon Elastique. L'Homme a la Tete de Caoutchouc. Le Diable Geant ou le Miracle de la Madonne. Nain et Geant. L'Armoire des Freres Davenport. Les Piqueurs du Futs. Douche du Colonel. L'Oeuf du Sorcier. La Danseuse Microscopique. Eruption Volcanique a la Martinique. Catastrophe du Ballon. Le Voyage Dans la Lune. La Clownesse Fantome. Le Sacre d'Edouard VII. Les Tresors de Satan. L'Homme Mouche. La Femme Volante. L'Equilibre Impossible. Le Pachard et l'Inventeur. Une Indigestion. Le Voyage de Gulliver a Lilliput et Chez les Geants. Les Aventures de Robinson Crusoe 1903 La Corbeille Enchantee. La Guirlande Merveilleuse. Les Filles du Diable. Un Malheur N'Arrive Jamais Seul. Le Cake-Walk Infernal. La Boite a Malice. Les Mousquetaires de la Reine. Le Puits Fantastique. L'Auberge du Bon Repos. La Statue Animee. La Flamme Merveilleuse. Le Sorcier. L'Oracle de Delphes. Le Portrait Spirite. Le Melomane. Le Monstre. Le Royaume des Fees. Le Chauldron Infernal. Le Revenant. Le Tonnerre de Jupiter. La Parapluie Fantastique. Tom Tight et Dum Dum. Bob Kick, l'Enfant Terrible. Illusions Funambulesques. L'Enchanteur Alcofrisbas. Jack ey Jim. La Lanterne Magique. Le Reve du Maitre de Ballet. Faust Aux Enfers 1904 Le Bourreau Turc. Les Apaches. Au Clair de la Lune Pierrot Malheureux. Un Prete Pour un Rendu. Match de Prestidigitation. Un Peu de Feu, S.V.P. Siva L'Invisible. Le Coffre Enchantee. Les Apparitions Fugitives. Le Roi du Maquillage. Le Reve de l'Horloger. Les Transmutation Imperceptibles. Un Miracle Sous l'Inquisition. Benvenuto Cellini ou une Curiese Evasion. Damnation du Docteur Faust. Le Joyeux Prophete Russe. Le Thurmaturge Chinois. Le Merveilleux Eventail Vivant. Sorcellerie Culinaire. La Planche du Diable. Le Diner Impossible. La Sirene. Les Mesaventures de M. Boit-Sans-Soif. La Providence de Notre-Dame des Flots. La Fete au Pere Mathieu. Le Babier de Seville. Les Costumes Animes. Les Invites de M. Latourte. Le Cadre Aux Suprises. Le Rosier Miraculeux. La Dame Fantome. Mariage Par Correspondence. Le Voyage a Travers L'Impossible. Le Juif Errant. Le Cascade de Feu 1905 La Grotte Aux Suprises. Detresse et Charite. Les Cartes Vivantes. Le Roi des Tireurs. Le Diable Noir. Le Phenix ou le Coffret de Cristal. Le Menuet Lilliputien. Le Baquet de Mesmer. Le Peintre Barbouillard. Le Miror de Venise, une Mesaventure de Shylock. Les Chevaliers du Chloroforme. Le Palais des Mille et une Nuits. Le Compositeur Toque. La Tour de Londres et les Dernieres Moments d'Anne Boleyn. La Chaise a Porteurs Enchantee. Le Raid Paris-Monte Carlo en 2 Heures. Ulysse et le Geant Polypheme. Un Feu d'Artifice Improvise. La Legende de Rip Van Winkle. Le Cauchemar du Pecheur ou l'Escarpolette Fantastique. Le Systeme du Docteur Sonflamort. Le Tripot Clandestin 1906 Le Dirigable Fantastique ou le Cauchemar d'un Inventeur. Une Chute de Cinq Etages. Jack le Ramoneur. Le Maestro Do-Me-Sol-Do. La Magie a Travers les Ages. L'Honneur est Satisfait. La Cardeuse de Matelas. Les Affiches en Goguette. Les Incendiairies. L'Anarchie Chez Guignol. Le Fantome d'Alger. L'Hotel des Voyageurs de Commerce. Les Bulles de Savon Animees. Les 400 Farces du Diable. Le Rastaquouere Rodriguez y Papanaguaz. L'Alchimiste Parafaragamus ou la Cornue Infernale. La Fee Carabosse ou le Poignard Fatal. Robert Macaire et Bertrand 1907 Le Carton Fantastique. La Douche d'eau Bouillante. Deux Cent Mille Lieues Sous les Mers ou le Cauchemar d'un Pecheur. Les Fromages Automobiles. Le Mariage de Victorine. Le Tunnel Sous la Manche ou le Cauchemar Franco Anglais. La Nouvelle Peine de Mort. Le Delirium Tremens ou la Fin d'un Alcoolique. L'Eclipse du Soleil en Pleine Lune. Le Placard Infernal. La Marche Funebre de Chopin. Hamlet. Bernard le Bucheron ou le Miracle de Saint Hubert. Shakespeare la Mort de Jules Cesar. Pauve John ou les Aventures d'un Buveur de Whiskey. La Colle Universelle. Satan en Prison. Ali Barbouyou et Ali Bouf a l'Huile. La Boulangerie Modele 1908 La Perle des Servants. Le Tambourin Fantastique. La Cuisine de l'Ogre. Francois et Triboulet. Il y un Dieu Pour les Ivrognes. Le Civilisation a Travers les Ages. Les Torches Humaines. La Genie du Feu. Why That Actor Was Late. Le Reve d'un Fumeur d'Opium. Nuit de Carnaval. La Photographie Electrique a Distance. La Prophetesse de Thebes. Salon de Coiffure. Quiproquo. Mariage de Raison et Mariage d'Amour. L'Habit Ne Fait Pas le Moine. La Curiosite Puniee. Le Nouveau Seigneur de Village. L'Avare. Le Conseil de Pipelet. Le Serpent de la Rue de la Lune. High Life Taylor. Lulli ou le Violon Brise. Tartarin de Tarascon ou une Chasse a l'Ours. Le Trait d'Union. Rivalite d'Amour. Le Raid Paris - New York en Automobile. On Ne Badine Pas Avec l'Amour. Love and Molasses. Mystery of the Garrison. Magic of Catchy Songs. Woes of Roller Skates. Le Fakir de Singapoure. Le Jugement du Garde - Champetre. Mischances of a Photographer. Two Crazy Bugs. His First Job. French Interpreter Policeman. At the Hotel Mix-Up. Oriental Black Art. Tricky Painter's Fate. Two Talented Vagabonds. Conte de la Grand'mere et Reve de l'Enfant. Le Main Secourable. Buncoed Stage Johnny. Not Guilty. Le Mariage de Thomas Poirot. Trop Vieux! Anaic ou le Balafre. Pour l'Etoile. Pour les P'tiots. La Fontaine Merveilleuse. L'Ascension de la Rosiere. Voyage de Noces en Ballon. Aventures de Don Quichotte. Rude Awakening. Wonderful Charm. The Duke's Good Joke. Pochardiana ou le Reveur Eveille. La Toile d'Araignee Merveilleuse. La Fee Libellule. La Genie des Cloches. Moitie de Polka. Hallucinations Pharmaceutiques. La Bonne Bergere et la Mechante Princesse 1909 Cinderella Up-To-Date. For the Cause of Sufferage. Hypnotist's Revenge. For Sale - a Baby. A Tumultuous Elopement. Count's Wooing. Mr and Mrs Duff. Fortune Favors the Brave. Seein' Things.
Teens: 1910 Hydrotherapie Fantastique. Le Traitment 706. Le Locataire Diabolique. Un Homme Comme il Faut. Les Illusions Fantaisistes. Si j'Etais le Roi!!! Le Roi des Mediums. Le Papillon Fantastique. La Gigue Merveilleuse. Le Mousquetaire de la Reine. Le Conte du Vieux Talute. Les Sept Barres d'Or. Galatee. L'Homme Aux Mille Inventions. Le Secret du Medecin 1911 Les Hallucinations du Baron de Munchausen. Le Vitrail Diabolique 1912 A la Conquete du Pole. Cendrillon ou la Pantoufle Mysterieuse. Le Chevalier des Neiges. Le Voyage de la Famille Bourrichon.

William Cameron Menzies


Art director & Director. Born in New Haven, Connecticut 29th July 1896. Died in Hollywood, California 5th March 1957.
Art director who also dabbled in direction. He began his film career in 1920 working for the special effects and design department of Famous Players-Lasky. The following year he worked for most major and independent studios. Won an Academy Award for art direction in THE TEMPEST.
Art direction: 1918 The Naulahka. Innocent 1919 Witness For the Defense. A Society Exile.
20's 1920 The Deep Purple 1921 The Oath. The Three Musketeers 1922 Kindred of the Dust. Robin Hood 1923 Rosita 1924 The Thief of Bagdad 1925 The Lady. Her Sister From Paris. The Cobra. The Eagle. What Price Beauty. Graustark. The Dark Angel 1926 The Wanderer. Kiki. Fig Leaves. Son of the Sheik. The Bat. The Beloved Rogue 1927 Camille. Two Arabian Knights. Sorrell and Son. The Tempest. The Dove 1928 Sadie Thompson. Drums of Love. The Garden of Eden. The Woman Disputed. The Loves of Zero. The Awakening 1929 The Iron Mask. The Rescue. Lady of the Pavements. Alibi. Coquette. Three Live Ghosts. The Locked Door. Condemned! The Taming of the Shrew. New York Nights. Bulldog Drummond.






30's 1930 Abraham Lincoln. The Bad One. Be Yourself. The Lottery Bride. Dubarry, Woman of Passion. Lummox. One Romantic Night. Puttin' on the Ritz. Raffles 1931 Reaching For the Moon 1933 Trick For Trick. Alice in Wonderland (& co-sc). Cavalcade 1938 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. The Young in Heart. Intermezzo. Made For Each Other 1939 Gone With the Wind.
40's 1940 The Thief of Bagdad. Conquest of the Air. Our Town. Foreign Correspondent 1941 King's Row. So Ends Our Night. The Devil and Miss Jones 1942 Pride of the Yankees 1943 Mr. Lucky. The North Star. For Whom the Bell Tolls 1947 Ivy (& co-prod) 1948 Arc of Triumph.


50's 1956 Around the World in Eighty Days (& associate prod).
Direction: 30's 1931 Almost Married (co-dir). Always Goodbye (& art dir). The Spiders 1932 Chandu the Magician (co-dir) 1933 I Loved You Wednesday (co-dir) 1934 Wharf Angel (co-dir) 1936 Things To Come (& art dir) 1937 The Green Cockatoo.
40's 1940 Conquest of the Air (co-dir) 1944 Address Unknown (& prod & art dir) 1946 Duel in the Sun (uncredited co-dir) 1949 Reign of Terror (prod only).
50's 1951 The Whip Hand (& art dir). Drums in the Deep South (& art dir) 1953 The Maze. Invaders From Mars 1954 Autumn in Rome (short). Star Studded Ride (short).

Charles Middleton


Born in Elizabethtown, Kentucky 3rd October 1879. Died in Los Angeles, California 22nd April 1944.
In his youth Charles worked as a circus ringmaster. Married actress Leora Spellman (d.1945) with whom he appeared in vaudeville billed as 'Middleton and Spellmeyer'. Arrived in Hollywood at 50 and racked up almost 150 films in 20 years. Most memorable as 'Ming the Merciless' in the three FLASH GORDON serials.
20's 1928 A Man of Peace (short). The Farmer's Daughter 1929 The Bellamy Trail. The Far Call. Welcome Danger.


30's 1930 East is West. The Frame (short). Beau Bandit. Way Out West. Christmas Knight (short). More Sinned Against Than Usual (short). Framed 1931 An American Tragedy. Full of Notions. Ship of Hate. Beau Hunks. Safe in Hell. Caught Plastered. The Miracle Woman. Palmy Days. Alexander Hamilton. Sob Sister. A Dangerous Affair 1932 The Hatchet Man. High Pressure. A House Divided. Manhattan Parade. The Sign of the Cross I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang. The Strange Love of Molly Louvain. Pack Up Your Troubles. Hell's Highway. Mystery Ranch. Kongo. The Phantom President. Silver Dollar. Breach of Promise. Rockabye. Tomorrow At Seven 1933 Pickup. Sunset Pass. Destination Unknown. Disgraced. The Bowery. The World Changes. Mr. Skitch. This Day and Age. Big Executive. Duck Soup. White Woman. Lone Cowboy 1934 When Strangers Meet. Nana. The Last Round Up. Murder at the Vanities. Behold My Wife! Whom the Gods Destroy. We Live Again. David Harum. Broadway Bill. Mrs. Wiggs of Cabbage Patch. Massacre. Red Morning 1935 Special Agent. Steamboat 'round the Bend. The Fixer-Uppers (short). The Frisco Kid. The County Chairman. Hop-a-Long Cassidy. The Square Shooter. In Spite of Danger. The Virginia Judge. Reckless. The Miracle Rider (serial) 1936 Flash Gordon (serial). Trail of the Lonesome Pine. Road Gang. Empty Saddles. Sunset of Power. Showboat. Wedding Present. Jailbreak. Song of the Saddle. A Son Comes Home. The Texas Rangers. Ramona. Career Woman 1937 John Meade's Woman. Last Train From Madrid. We're on the Jury. Two-Gun Law. Slave Ship. Hollywood Cowboy. Souls at Sea. The Good Earth. The Yodelin' Kid From Pine Ridge. Stand In 1938 Dick Tracy Returns (serial). Outside the Law. Flaming Frontiers (serial). Strange Faces. Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars (serial). Kentucky. Law West of Tombstone 1939 Captain Fury. Jesse James. Blackmail. Daredevils of the Red Circle (serial). The Oklahoma Kid. Allegheny Uprising. Wyoming Outlaw. Cowboys From Texas. Juarez. The Flying Deuces. $1,000 a Touchdown. Way Down South. One Against the World (short).
40's 1940 Chad Hanna. Abe Lincoln in Illinois. Thou Shalt Not Kill. The Grapes of Wrath. Rangers of Fortune. Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (serial). Shooting High. Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise. Virginia City. Brigham Young - Frontiersman. Santa Fe Trail. Island of Doomed Men 1941 Wild Geese Calling. Sergeant York. Bad Men of Missouri. Shepherd of the Hills. Western Union. Belle Starr. Jungle Man. Wild Bill Hickok Rides 1942 The Mystery of Marie Roget. Tombstone - the Town Too Tough to Die. Men of San Quentin. Perils of Nyoka (serial) 1943 Two Weeks to Live. The Black Raven. Hangmen Also Die. Spook Louder (short). Boobs in the Night (short). Oklahoma Outlaws (short). The Batman (serial). Wagon Wheels West (short). The Black Arrow (serial) 1944 The Town Went Wild. Kismet 1945 Captain Kidd. How Do You Do? Hollywood and Vine. Our Vines Have Tender Grapes. Strangler of the Swamp. Northwest Trail. Who's Guilty? 1946 Spook Busters. The Killers 1947 The Pretender. Welcome, Stranger. Road to Rio. Jack Armstrong (serial). Wyoming. Unconquered. Sea of Grass. Here Comes Trouble. Gunfighters 1948 Station West. Jiggs and Maggie in Court. The Black Arrow. Mr. Blanding Builds His Dream House. Feudin', Fussin' and a-Fightin' 1949 The Last Bandit.



Born in Clambersbury, Pennsylvania June 25th 1875. Married to Esme Ward. Died in Studio City, California December 10th 1940 after a 2 year illness. Entered films in 1910.
Silent: 1910 The Connecticut Yankee 1911 Lost in the Jungle 1912 The Redemption of Greek Joe 1915 Alias Holland Jimmy. The Word. Out of the Silence. Tainted Money 1916 The Son of a Rebel Chief. To Another Woman. The Wrath of Cactus Moore. The Last of the Morgans. The Iron Hand. When the Wolf Howls. Shoes. Crimson Yoke. Husks of Love. A Son of Neptune. Tillie the Little Swede. The Girl in Lower 9. Along the Malibu. Two Men of Sandy Bar. The Good Woman. Her Bitter Cup. Fighting Joe. Birds of a Feather. The Severed Hand 1917 An Old Soldier's Romance. Good-For-Nothing Gallagher. The Daring Chance. Bartered Youth. The Girl and the Crisis. The Grudge. Chubby Takes a Hand. Fanatics 1918 The Hopper. The Painted Lily 1919 Love's Prisoner. The Spender. Put Up Your Hands. The Follies Girl. After His Own Heart. The Amateur Adventurers. Fools and Their Money. The Master Man.
20's 1921 Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur's Court. Sowing the Wind. Shame. The Ten Dollar Raise. The Winding Trail. Ladies Must Live. Pilgrims of the Night. Playthings of Destiny 1922 A Fool There Was. Shattered Idols. The Woman He Loved. Monte Cristo 1923 All the Brothers Were Valiant (as Cook). Drifting (as Dr. Li). In the Palace of the King. Lost and Found. Wandering Daughters. Penrod and Sam 1924 Thy Name is Woman. Flapper Wives. Why Men Leave Home. Welcome Stranger. What Shall I Do? 1925 Alias Mary Flynn. Excuse Me. Fine Clothes. Under the Rouge. The Unwritten Law. Barriers Burned Away. Off the Highway. Oh Doctor! The People Vs. Nancy Preston. The Shadow on the Wall. Speed 1926 The Old Soak. What Price Glory. Brooding Eyes. Fifth Avenue. The Shadow of the Law. The Silent Lover. Crazy Like a Fox. Steel Preferred. The Strong Man 1927 Alias the Lone Wolf. The Clown. The Magic Garden. Taxi! Taxi! The Price of Honor. Too Many Crooks 1928 The Broken Mask. The Haunted House. Code of the Air. The Devil's Trademark. No Babies Wanted. Ransom. Telling the World. White Flame 1929 Shouls a Girl Marry? Dark Skies. The House of Horror. Seven Footprints to Satan. Noah's Ark.
30's 1930 The Girl Said No. In Gay Madrid. Murder on the Roof. Double Cross Roads. The Big Trail 1931 The Flood. Gun Smoke. Bad Company. A Dangerous Affair 1932 Cross Examination. By Whose Hand? Fighting Fool. Widow in Scarlet. Dynamite Denny. The Sign of the Cross. No More Orchids 1933 Footlight Parade. Women Don't Tell. Strange Adventure (as Silas Wayne). The Vampire Bat (as Sauer). The 11th Commandment. Fighting For Justice. Silent Men. Her Forgotten Past. The Mayor of Hell. The Narrow Corner. I Loved a Woman 1934 Dark Hazard. Massacre. Treasure Island 1935 Rendezvous. The County Chairman. The Hoosier Schoolmaster. The Last Days of Pompeii. Whispering Smith Speaks 1936 Dancing Pirate. The Last of the Mohicans. The Dark Hour (as Henry Carson) 1937 Stand-In 1938 The Painted Desert.
40's 1944 The Sign of the Cross (revised version of 1932 film).


Bull Montana


Born Lugio Montagna May 16th 1887 in Vogliera, Italy. Died from coronary thrombosis in Los Angles on January 24th 1950.
Screen actor and professional wrestler. Entered films in 1917.
Silent: 1917 In Again-Out Again. Wild and Woolly. Down to Earth 1918 He Comes Up Smiling 1919 When the Clouds Roll By. His Majesty, the American. Victory (as Pedro). Brass Buttons. The Unpardonable Sin.
20's 1920 Treasure Island (as Morgan). Go and Get It 1921 The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Crazy to Marry. The Foolish Age. One Wild Week 1922 The Ladies Man (short, as The Aristocrat of Comedy, a comedy series for Metro). Gay and Devilish. The Three Must-Get-There's. The Timber Queen (serial) 1923 Breaking Into Society. Hollywood. Held to Answer 1924 Jealous Husbands. The Fire Patrol. Painted People 1925 Bashful Buccaneer. Dick Turpin. The Gold Hunters. Manhattan Madness. Secrets of the Night. The Lost World (as Beastman). Laughing Ladies 1926 Vanishing Millions (serial). On the Front Page. The Skyrocket. The Son of the Sheik. Stop, Look and Listen 1928 How To Handle Women. Good Morning Judge 1929 The Show of Shows. Tiger Rose.
30's 1935 Palooka From Paducah (short) 1936 The Clutching Hand (serial) 1937 Big City.
40's 1943 Good Morning Judge.


eva.jpg (2707 bytes)


Born February 9th 1870 in Brighton, Sussex. Died April 27th 1955.
Stage debut in 1887. Successful in London. Married H.V. Esmond. Two children Jack and Jill. Went to Hollywood in May 1931 to join daughter Jill Esmond (wife of Laurence Olivier).
20's 1920 The Law Divine 1922 The Crimson Circle. Flames of Passion 1923 Chu Chin Chow 1924 The Great Well 1927 Motherland.
30's 1931 Almost a Divorce. Brown Sugar. The Other Woman 1932 The Old Dark House (as Rebecca Femm). The Flesh is Weak 1933 Just Smith. The Song You Gave Me. I Was a Spy. House of Dreams 1934 Jew Suss. Little Stranger. Old Iron. Blind Justice. A Cup of Kindness 1935 Annie, Leave the Room. Vintage Wine.
40's 1945 Scotland Yard Investigator 1946 The Bandit of Sherwood Forest. Of Human Bondage.


F.W. Murnau


Born Friedrich Wilhelm Plumpe in Bielefeld, Germany 28th December 1888. Died in California 11th March 1931 in an automobile accident.
Educated in philosophy. He was briefly an actor before his Service in the German army from 1914. Transferred to the air force, and then interned in Switzerland following an air crash landing in 1917. Went to Hollywood in 1926, and directed SUNRISE, which won three Oscars, but not one for its director. He was on the verge of signing a new contract with Paramount when he met with a fatal car accident.
Silent: 1919 Der Knabe in Blau. Satanas.
20's 1920 Sehnsucht. Der Bucklige und die Tanzerin. Abend...Nacht...Morgen. Der Januskopf. Der Gang in die Nacht 1921 Schloss Vogelod. Marizza, Gennant die Schmugglermadonna 1922 Nosferatu: Eine Symphonie des Grauens. Der Brennende Acker. Phantom 1923 Die Austreibung. Die Finanzen Gross Herzogs 1924 Der Letzte Mann 1925 Tartuff 1926 Faust 1927 Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans 1928 Four Devils.
30's 1930 Our Daily Bread. Die Zwolfte Stunde (revised sound version of NOSFERATU) 1931 Tabu (co-dir).


Born Joseph J. Murphy Born 1877, died July 31th 1961 in San Jose, California aged 84.
One of the original 'Keystone Cops'. Also portrayed 'Andy Gump' on the screen.
20's 1921 The Playhouse 1927 The Cat and the Canary (as milkman) 1928 The Man Who Laughs (as Serf).


The Missing Link

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