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Naish Neill Norton

J. Carrol Naish


Born Joseph Patrick Carrol Naish in New York 21st January 1900 of Irish descent. Died 24th January 1973 in La Jolla, California. Married to actress Gladys Hearney. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in A MEDAL FOR BENNY and in 1943 for SAHARA. Appeared as detective Charlie Chan in the tv. series from 1958.
20's 1926 What Price Glory?
30's 1930 Cheer Up and Smile. Good Intentions. Scotland Yard. Double Crossroads 1931 Tonight or Never. Homicide Squad. Gun Smoke. Kick In. Ladies of the Big House. The Royal Bed 1932 The Mouthpiece. Week-End Marriage. The Conquerors. The Kid From Spain. Big City Blues. Two Seconds. Tiger Shark. Washington Merry-Go-Round. The Hatchet Man. Cabin in the Cotton. Beast of the City. It's Tough to be Famous. The Famous Ferguson Case. Crooner. No Living Witness 1933 The Mystery Squadron (serial). The Devil's in Love. Elmer the Great. Arizona to Broadway. The Whirlwind. Notorious But Nice. Captured. Frisco Jenny. Ann Vickers. Central Airport. The Mad Game. The World Gone Mad. The Past of Mary Holmes. The Avenger. Silent Men. No Other Woman. The Big Chance. The Infernal Machine. The Last Trail 1934 Murder in Trinidad. What's Your Racket? The Hell Cat. Return of the Terror. British Agent. The Defense Rests. Marie Galante. Upper World. One Is Guilty. Sleepers East. Bachelor of Arts. Girl in Danger. Hell in the Heavens 1935 Behind Green Lights. The President Vanishes. Spilled Salt (short). Black Fury. Under the Pampas Moon. Little Big Shot. The Crusades. The Lives of a Bengal Lancer. Captain Blood. Confidential. Front Page Woman. Special Agent 1936 We Who Are About To Die. Two in the Dark. The Return of Jimmy Valentine. Robin Hood of El Dorado. Absolute Quiet. Ramona. The Charge of the Light Brigade. Special Investigator. Exclusive Story. The Leathernecks Have Landed. Moonlight Murder. Charlie Chan at the Circus. Anthony Adverse. Crack-Up 1937 Border Cafe. Think Fast Mr. Moto. Sea Racketeers. Thunder Trail. Daughter of Shanghai. Song of the City. Hideaway. Bulldog Drummond Comes Back. Night Club Scandal 1938 Hunted Men. Tip-Off Girls. Bulldog Drummond in Africa. Illegal Traffic. King of Alcatraz. Her Jungle Love. Prison Farm. Persons in Hiding 1939 Uundercover Doctor. Beau Geste. Hotel Imperial. King of Chinatown. Island of Lost Men.


40's 1940 Golden Gloves. Typhoon. Down Argentine Way. A Night at Earl Carroll's. Queen of the Mob 1941 Blood and Sand. That Night in Rio. Forced Landing. The Corsican Brothers. Mr. Dynamite. Accent on Love. Birth of the Blues 1942 Jackass Mail. A Gentleman at Heart. Tales of Manhattan. Dr. Renault's Secret. Dr. Broadway. The Pied Piper. The Man in the Trunk. Sunday Punch 1943 The Batman (serial). Harrigan's Kid. Sahara. Calling Dr. Death. Good Morning Judge. Behind the Rising Sun. Gung Ho! 1944 Waterfront. The Monster Maker. Two-Man Submarine. Nabonga. Enter Arsene Lupin. The Whistler. Voice in the Wind. Dragon Seed. House of Frankenstein (as Daniel). Marl of the Whistler 1945 Star in the Night (short). Strange Confession. The Southerner. A Medal For Benny. Gettin' Gertie's Garter 1946 Bad Bascomb. Humoresque. The Beast With Five Fingers 1947 The Fugitive. Carnival in Costa Rica. Road to Rio 1948 Joan of Arc. The Kissing Bandit 1949 That Midnight Kiss. Canadian Pacific.
50's 1950 Rio Grande. The Toast of New Orleans. Annie Get Your Gun. The Black Hand. Please Believe Me 1951 Across the Wide Missouri. Mark of the Renegade. Bannerline 1952 Clash By Night. Woman of the North Country. Denver and Rio Grande. Ride the Man Down 1953 Beneath the 12-Mile Reef. Fighter Attack 1954 Saskatchewan. Sitting Bull 1955 New York Confidential. Violent Saturday. Hit the Deck. The Last Command. Rage at Dawn. Desert Sands 1956 Yaqui Drums. Rebel in Town 1957 The Young Don't Cry. This Could Be the Night.
60's 1961 Force of Impulse 1964 The Hanged Man (tv).
70's 1970 Blood of Frankenstein. Cutter's Trail (tv).


Roy William Neill


Born Roland William Neill de Gostrie in Ireland Dublin Harbour on his father's ship in 1887. Died in London, England December 14th 1946 of a cerebral hemorrhage. Interred in England.
Worked as a war correspondent in the Chinese Civil War in 1911. That same year he worked as an actor in San Francisco, later touring the Orient and Europe as a thespian. In 1915 he was a title-writer and assistant director for Thomas H. Ince. In 1937, Warner Bros. asked him to go to Britain to replace their contract director Ralph Ince who had been killed in an auto accident. In 1940, Neill returned to America and began on the string of 'Sherlock Holmes' films, also working uncredited on the scripts for that series.
Silent: 1916 A Corner in Colleens (& actor). The Criminal. A Gamble in Souls 1917 The Price Mark. Love Letters. The Girl Glory. They're Off. The Mother Instinct. The Flame of the Yukon 1918 The Mating of Marcella. The Kaiser's Shadow. Vive la France! Flare-Up Sal. Green Eyes. Love Me. The Tyrant Fear 1919 Trixie From Broadway. Charge it to Me. Puppy Love. The Bandbox. The Career of Catherine Bush.
20's 1920 Yes or No. Good References. The Inner Voice. The Woman Gives. Dangerous Business 1921 Something Different. The Idol of the North. The Conquest of Canaan. The Iron Trail 1922 What's Wrong With the Woman? 1923 Radiomania. Toilers of the Sea 1924 By Divine Right. Broken Laws. Vanity's Price 1925 Greater Than a Crown. The Kiss Barrier. Percy. Marriage in Transit 1926 The City. Black Paradise. The Cowboy and the Countess. The Fighting Buckaroo. A Man Four-Square 1927 The Arizona Wildcat. Marriage 1928 Lady Raffles. The Olympic Hero. San Francisco Nights. The Viking. Cleopatra (short). The Virgin Queen (short). The Czarina's Secret (short). The Heart of General Robert E. Lee (short). The Lady of Victories (short). Madame DuBarry (short) 1929 Behind Closed Doors. Wall Street.
30's 1930 The Melody Man. Cock o' the Walk (co-dir). Just Like Heaven 1931 The Avenger. The Good Bad Girl. Fifty Fathoms Deep 1932 That's My Boy. The Menace 1933 The Circus Queen Murder. As the Devil Commands. Above the Clouds. Fury of the Jungle 1934 The Ninth Guest. Black Moon. Whirlpool. Blind Date. I'll Fix It. Jealousy 1935 Mills of the Gods. The Black Room. Eight Bells 1936 The Lone Wolf Returns 1937 Dr. Syn. Gypsy 1938 Quiet Please. Simply Terrific. The Viper. Double or Quits. Thank Evans 1939 Many Tanks Mr. Atkins. A Gentleman's Gentleman. Everything Happens to Me. The Good Old Days. Murder Will Out (& co-sc). Hoots Mon (& co-sc).
40's 1940 His Brother's Keeper (& co-sc) 1942 Madame Spy. Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon. Eyes of the Underworld 1943 Sherlock Holmes in Washington. Rhythm of the Islands. Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman. Sherlock Holmes Faces Death. The Spider Woman 1944 The Scarlet Claw. Pearl of Death. Gypsy Wildcat 1945 The House of Fear. The Woman in Green. Pursuit to Algiers 1946 Terror By Night. Dressed to Kill. Black Angel.



Edgar Norton


Born in England on August 11th 1875. Died in Woodland Hills, California on February 6th 1953.
20's 1922 The Light in the Dark (as Peters). The High Road 1923 Woman Proof 1924 Men. Broadway After Dark. Tiger Love. The Fast Set. The Female. The Wolf-Man 1925 The Marriage Whirl. Learning To Love. Enticement. Lost-a-Wife. A Regular Fellow. The King of Main Street 1926 The Boy Friend. Diplomacy. The Lady From Hell. Marriage License? 1927 Fast and Furious. Singed. The Student Prince. Of Old Heidelberg. My Friend From India 1928 The Man Who Laughs (as Lord High Sheriff). Oh, Kay 1929 The Love Parade.
30's 1930 The Lady of Scandal. Monte Carlo. A Lady Surrenders. East is West. Ladies Love Brutes. The Runaway Bride. Sweet Kitty Bellaire. Du Barry, Woman of Passion. Charley's Aunt. One Romantic Night. The Man From Blankley's 1931 The Bachelor Father. The Lady Refuses. The Squaw Man. Meet the Wife. I Like Your Nerve. Compromised 1932 Love Me Tonight. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (as Poole) 1933 A Lady's Profession. Big Brian. Sing Sinner Sing 1934 The Richest Girl in the World. Thirty Day Princess. Million Dollar Ransom. Imitation of Life. We Live Again 1935 When a Man's a Man. Sons of Steel 1936 Dracula's Daughter (as Hobbs). Trouble For Two 1937 You Can't Buy Luck 1939 Son of Frankenstein (as Thomas Benson). Juarez and Maximilian. The Man in the Iron Mask (as Fouquet's servant). Captain Fury.
40's 1940 The House of the Seven Gables (as Phineas Weed) 1942 Rings on Her Fingers 1944 Are These Our Parents? 1947 Bob, Son of Battle. Thunder in the Valley.


The Missing Link

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