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O'Connor Oakman Oland Oliver Oswald

Willis H. O'Brien


Born Willis Harold O'Brien in Oakland, California March 2nd 1886.
Began as a cowboy, a newspaper cartoonist and a prizefighter, before discovering the technique of model animation in 1914. After working for Thomas A. Edison's company, O'Brien worked for Herbert M. Dawley for THE GHOST OF SLUMBER MOUNTAIN. Then in 1925 he worked on mixing live action and animation for First National's THE LOST WORLD in 1925, and his reputation was assured with his work on RKO's KING KONG. During his career, there were many unrealised projects, including a version of FRANKENSTEIN as early as 1928. During production on IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD, he died November 8th 1962 at the age of 76.
Silent: 1915 The Dinosaur and the Missing Link 1916 The Birth of a Flivver 1917 R.F.D., 10,000 B.C. Morpheus Mike. Prehistoric Poultry. Curious Pets of Our Ancestors. In the Villain's Power. The Puzzling Billboard. Mickey's Naughty Nightmares 1919 The Ghost of Slumber Mountain (O'Brien reputedly portrays Old Dick) 1925 The Lost World.
30's 1930-31 Creation (shelved project) 1933 King Kong. Son of Kong 1935 The Last Days of Pompeii 1936 The Dancing Pirate 1938-39 War Eagles (unrealised project).
40's 1941 Gwangi (aborted project) 1949 Mighty Joe Young.
50's 1950 The Valley of the Mist (unrealised project) 1952 This is Cinerama 1956 The Animal World. The Beast of Hollow Mountain 1957 The Black Scorpion 1959 The Giant Behemoth.


60's 1963 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World.


Una O'Connor


Born Agnes McGlade October 23rd 1880 in Belfast. Educated in Belfast and in a London convent. Stage debut in Dublin during 1911. Died February 4th 1959 in New York after a long illness.
20's 1929 Dark Red Roses.
30's 1930 Murder! (as Mrs. Grogram). To Oblige a Lady. Timbuctoo 1933 Cavalcade. The Invisible Man (as Jenny Hall). Mary Stevens MD. Pleasure Cruise 1934 The Poor Rich. The Barretts of Wimpole Street. Stingaree. All Men Are Enemies. Orient Express. Chained. Horse Play (short) 1935 David Copperfield. Father Brown, Detective. The Informer. Bride of Frankenstein (as Minnie). Thunder in the Night. The Perfect Gentleman 1936 The Plough and the Stars. Rose Marie. Little Lord Fauntleroy. Suzy. Lloyds of London 1937 Personal Property. Call it a Day 1938 The Return of the Frog. The Adventures of Robin Hood (as Bess) 1939 We Are Not Alone. All Women Have Secrets.
40's 1940 It All Came True. The Sea Hawk. Lillian Russell. He Stayed For Breakfast. Kisses For Breakfast 1941 The Strawberry Blonde. How Green Was My Valley. Her First Beau. Three Girls About Town 1942 Always in My Heart. Random Harvest. My Favorite Spy. This Land is Mine! 1943 Forever and a Day. Holy Matrimony. Government Girl 1944 The Canterville Ghost. My Pal Wolf 1945 Whispering Walls (short). Christmas in Connecticut. The Bells of St. Mary's 1946 The Return of Monte Cristo. Banjo. Child of Divorce. Cluny Brown. Of Human Bondage. Unexpected Guest 1947 Ivy. Lost Honeymoon. The Corpse Came COD 1948 Fighting Father Dunne 1949 The Adventures of Don Juan.
50's 1957 Witness For the Prosecution.


Wheeler Oakman


Born Vivian Eichelberger in 1890 in Virginia. Died in Van Nuys, California during 1949.
Silent star, later western supporting actor.
Silent: 1912 The God of Gold 1914 The Spoilers 1916 The Black Orchid 1918 Revenge (as Dick Randall).
20's 1920 Virgin of Stamboul (as Capt. Carlisle Pemberton) 1921 Outside the Law (as Dapper Bill Ballard) 1928 While the City Sleeps (as Skeeter) 1929 The Devil's Chaplain.
30's 1932 The Western Code (as Nick Grindall) 1933 The End of the Trail 1934 The Lost Jungle (as Kirby) 1935 The Phantom Empire (serial, as Argo) 1936 In Darkest Africa (serial, as Durkin). Death From the Distance (as Langsdale). Ghost Patrol (as Kincaid) 1938 Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars (serial) 1939 Torture Ship (as Ritter). Mutiny in the Big House. etc.

Warner Oland


Born in Umea, Sweden on October 3rd 1880, died August 5th 1938 in Stockholm from bronchial pneumonia.
Perhaps descended from Mongolian ancestry, a civilisation that reached areas of Sweden and Finland. Screen, stage actor and stage producer. Went to America as a child. Educated in Boston. Married to actress Edith Shearn (died 1968).
Silent: 1909 Jewels of the Madonna 1912 The Life of John Bunyan. The Pilgrims Progress 1915 Sin 1916 Patria (serial). The Eternal Question. The Serpent. Destruction. The Fool's Revenge. The Reapers. The Rise of Susan 1917 The Fatal Ring (serial). The Cigarette Girl. The Mysterious Client. Convict 993 1918 The Naulahka. The Yellow Ticket 1919 The Lightning Raider (serial). Witness For the Defense. Avalanche. Mandarin's Gold. Twin Pawns. The Mad Talon. Roaring Oaks.


20's 1920 The Third Eye. The Phantom Foe 1921 The Yellow Arm. Hurricane Hutch 1922 East is West. The Pride of Palomar 1923 His Children's Children 1924 Curlytop. One Night in Rome. So This is Marriage. The Fighting American. The Throwback 1925 Flower of Night. Don Q, Son of Zorro (as The Archduke Paul, Prince of Austria) The Winding Stair. Riders of the Purple Sage 1926 Tell it To the Marines (as Bandit leader). Infatuation. Don Juan. The Marriage Clause. The Mystery Club. Twinkletoes. Man of the Forest 1927 A Million Bid. The Jazz Singer. Sailor Izzy Murphy. When a Man Loves. Good Time Charley. Old San Francisco. What Happened to Father 1928 The Scarlet Lady. Wheel of Chance. Stand and Deliver. Dream of Love. Tong War 1929 The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu (as Dr Fu Manchu). Chinatown Nights. The Mighty. The Studio Murder Mystery. The Fakir.
30's 1930 The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu. Dangerous Paradise. The Vagabond King. Paramount on Parade 1931 The Black Camel (as Charlie Chan). Drums of Jeopardy (as Boris Karlov). The Big Gamble. Dishonoured. Daughter of the Dragon (as Dr. Fu Manchu). Charlie Chan Carries On 1932 A Passport to Hell. Shanghai Express (Henry Chang). Charlie Chan's Chance. The Son-Daughter 1933 Charlie Chan's Greatest Case. Before Dawn. As Husbands Go 1934 Charlie Chan in London. Mandalay. Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back. The Painted Veil. Charlie Chan's Courage 1935 Shanghai. The Werewolf of London (as Dr. Yogami). Charlie Chan in Paris. Charlie Chan in Egypt. Charlie Chan in Shanghai 1936 Charlie Chan at the Circus. Charlie Chan at the Race Track. Charlie Chan's Secret. Charlie Chan at the Opera 1937 Charlie Chan on Broadway. Charlie Chan at the Olympics. Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo.

British character actor.
30's 1936 Midnight at Madame Tussauds (as Harry Newton). The Avenging Hand. The Beloved Imposter. Second Bureau (as French spy). Wings Over Africa 1937 Fifty Shilling Boxer. Four Dark Hours (released in UK as The Green Cockatoo in 1939) 1938 The Drum. Hey! Hey! USA! (as Curly). Ask a Policeman (as Montague Pennington). Sexton Blake and the Hooded Terror (as Max Fleming). If I Were Boss (as Reeves). The Lady Vanishes (as Officer). Mountains o'Mourns 1939 This Man in Paris.
40's 1940 Crooks' Tour. Night Train to Munich. Three Silent Men. Under Your Hat 1941 Inspector Hornleigh Goes To It.
Richard Oswald

Director and Producer. Born Richard Ornstein in Vienna, Austria on 5th. November 1880. Died in Dusseldorf, Germany, 11th. September 1963.
Began his career as an actor on the Austrian and German stage at the turn of the century. In 1911 he appeared in his first film with other actors at the Dusseldorf Theatre. In 1916 he founded his own production company in Berlin. In 1919 he opened his own cinema called the Richard Oswald Lichtspiele. Oswald made over 100 films in Germany and then moved to England in 1934. Between 1934 and 1939 he made films in Austria and France. He made only three films in Hollywood where he went in 1939 with his son Gerd Oswald (1916-) who went onto work in the industry as an assistant director before his first directorial assignment in 1956.
Richard Oswald also worked prolifically in television.
Silents: 1914 Der Hund von Baskerville (parts 1 & 2. sc. only). Ein Seltsamer Fall (dir & sc). Iwan Koschula. Die Geschichte der Stillen Muhle. Lache, Bajazzo. Sie Kann Nicht Nein Sagen (sc. only). Des Einsame Haus (Der Hund von Baskerville part 2. sc. only) 1915 Daemon und Mensch. Das Eiserne Kreuz. Und Wandern Sollst du Ruhelos. So Raecht die Sonne (sc. only). Schlemihl (co-sc). Hampels Abenteuer (co-sc). Die Verschleierte Dame. Das Laster. Der Fund Im Neubau. Das Unheimliche Zimmer (Der Hund von Baskerville part 3/Greenbaum) Die Sage Vom Hund von Baskerville (Greenbaum). Die Silberne Kugel. Hoffman's Erzaehlungen (co-sc).
As Prod., Dir. and Sc: 1916 Das Unheimliche Haus (part 1, 2 & 3). Seine Letzte Maske. Zirkusblut 1917 Das Bildnis des Dorian Gray. Der Schlossherr von Hohenstein. Die Rache der Toten. Die Zweite Frau. Es Werde Licht! (co-sc. part 1, 2 & 3). Konigliche Bettler (dir only). Rennfieber. Schatten der Vergangenheit. 1918 Der Weg Ins Freie. Das Dreimaederlhaus. Das Tagebuch Einer Verlorenen. Der Lebende Leichnam. Die Seltsame Geschichte des Barons Torelli. Henriette Jacoby. Jettchen Gebert. Peer Gynt (co-dir only). Der Ewige Zweifel. Dida Ibsens Geschichte 1919 Anders die Als Andern. Das Kainszeichen. Die Arche (co-sc. Part 1 & 2). Die Prostitution. Unheimliche Geschichten (co-sc). Die Reise Um die Erde In 80 Tagen. Die Sich Verkaufen (co-sc).
20's 1920 Das Vierte Gebot. Der Reigen. Die Geheimnisse von London. Manolescus Memoiren. Kurfurstendamm. Nachtsgestalten 1921 Die Liebschaften des Hektor Dalmore. Lady Hamilton. Sundige Mutter. Das Haus In der Dragonergasse (dir only) 1922 Lucrezia Borgia 1923 Carlos Und Elisabeth 1925 Lumpen und Seide (dir only). Die Frau von Vierzig Jahren. Halbseide. Vorderhaus und Hinterhaus (co-dir & co-sc) 1926 Als Ich Wiederkam (dir only). Durfen Wir Schweigen? Im Weissen Rossl (dir only). Wir Sind Vom K. Und K. Infanterie-Regiment (prod & dir). Eine Tolle Nacht 1927 Doktor Bessels Verwandlung. Feme. Funkzauber. Gehetzte Frauen. Lutzows Wilde Werwegene Jagd 1928 Die Rothausgasse. Villa Falconieri 1929 Ehe In Not. Fruhlingserwachen. Die Herrin und Ihr Knecht. Der Hund von Baskerville. Cagliostro.
30's 1930 Alraune. Wein, du Stadt der Lieder. Die Zartlichen Verwandten. Dreyfus 1931 1914, Die Letzten Tage Vor Dem Weltbrand. Arm Wie Eine Kirschenmaus. Der Hauptmann von Kopenick 1932 Graefin Mariza. Funf Geschichten 1933 Ganovenehre. Die Blume von Hawaii. Ein Lied Geht Um Die Welt 1935 My Song Goes Round the World 1936 Heute Ist der Schonste Tag In Meinem Leben 1938 Temptete sur l'Asie.
40's 1941 The Captain of Koepenick 1942 The Isle of Missing Men 1949 The Loveable Cheat.



Maria Ouspenskaya


Born in Tula, Russia July 29th 1876. Died Los Angeles, California December 3rd 1949 from burns and a stroke caused by a fire that began while she was smoking in bed. Came to America in the early 1930's. Twice nominated for an Oscar with DOSWORTH and LOVE AFFAIR.
Silent: 1915 Sverchok Na Pechi 1916 Nichtozniye 1917 Dr. Torpokov 1918 Zazshivo Pogrebenni.
20's 1923 Khvesa 1929 Tanka Traktirschitsa. Protiv Otsa.
30's 1936 Dodsworth 1937 Conquest 1939 Love Affair. The Rains Came. Judge Hardy and Son.
40's 1940 Dance, Girl, Dance. Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet. The Mortal Storm. Waterloo Bridge. Beyond Tomorrow. The Man I Married 1941 The Shanghai Gesture. The Wolf Man (as Maleva). Kings Row 1942 The Mystery of Marie Roget (as Mme. Cecile Roget) 1943 Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (as Maleva) 1945 Tarzan and the Amazons 1946 I've Always Loved You 1947 Wyoming 1949 A Kiss in the Dark.


The Missing Link

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