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Pichel Pierce Pigott

Edwin Parker

Bit-Player and Stuntman. Born in Minnesota December 12th. 1900. Died January 20th. 1960 at his home in Sherman Oaks, California. Began his career as a stuntman in 1925. Became known as the "Universal Monster" after doubling for both Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney Jnr. Also worked for rival studios RKO., MGM. and Republic amongst others. Continued to perform as a stumtman for television. His last feature film was SPARTACUS, and his last engagement was for "The Jack Benny Show" at CBS studios.
30's 1934 Lucky Texan 1935 Werewolf of London (double for Lester Matthews) 1936 Our Relations. Flash Gordon (serial) 1938 Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars (serial) 1939 House of Fear (as Watson).
40's 1940 Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (serial). The Mysterious Dr. Satan. 1941 Horror Island 1942 Ghost of Frankenstein (double for Lon Chaney). Invisible Agent. The Spoilers. The Mummy's Tomb (doubling for Lon Chaney) 1943 The Masked Marvel (serial). Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman (doubling for Lon Chaney and Bela Lugosi). The Mummy's Ghost (doubling for Lon Chaney) 1944 The Mummy's Curse (doubling for Lon Chaney). The Tiger Woman (serial). The Haunted Harbor (serial) 1945 The Body Snatcher. The Enchanted Cottage. 1946 The Monster and the Ape. The Crimson Ghost (serial) 1947 Son of Zorro (serial) 1949 Mighty Joe Young. King of the Rocketmen (serial). Batman and Robin (serial).
50's 1950 The Invisible Monster 1951 The Strange Door 1953 Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (doubling for Boris Karloff) 1954 Rear Window 1955 This Island Earth (as Metaluna Mutant). Tarantula! (as disfigured scientist). Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy (as The Mummy) 1956 The Mole People. Around the World in 80 Days. Bride of the Monster (doubling for Bela Lugosi) 1958 Monster on Campus (as Apeman) 1959 Curse of the Undead.
60's 1960 Spartacus. etc.


Milton Parsons


Born in Gloucester, Massachusetts May 19th 1904. Died May 15th 1980.
Also worked in television including episodes of The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery and Kolchak: The Night Stalker.
30's 1939 When Tomorrow Comes. Dad For a Day (short).
40's 1940 Who Killed Aunt Maggie? Edison, the Man. Sky Murder. Behind the News. Alfalfa's Double (short) 1941 Murder Among Friends. Dead Men Tell. Dressed to Kill. Man at Large. Hold That Ghost (as Harry Hoskins) 1942 Over My Dead Body. The Great Man's Lady. Castle in the Desert. Roxie Hart. The Remarkable Andrew. Whispering Ghosts. The Girl From Alaska. The Man in the Trunk. The Hidden Hand (as John Channing/Martin the butler). Life Begins at 8.30. Who Done It? 1943 Sweet Rosie Gradie. Holy Matrimony 1944 Lost in a Harem. Cry of the Werewolf. Margie. Murder in the Blue Room (as Driver) 1945 Leave Her To Heaven. Dick Tracy 1946 Dark Alibi. Bowery Bombshell. Dick Tracy Versus Cueball 1947 The Crimson Key. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Bury Me Dead. Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome. The Senator Was Indiscreet 1948 Secret Service Investigator. The Shanghai Chest 1949 Outcasts of the Trail. Dancing in the Dark.
50's 1950 The Capture 1952 Last of the Comanches 1955 How to Be Very, Very Poular. The King's Thief 1957 The Monster That Challenged the World.
60's 1961 The Two Little Bears. The Silent Call 1962 The Music Man 1963 The Haunted Palace 1969 2000 Years Later.


Mary Philbin


Born in Chicago in 1903. Died in Hollywood in 1993. The story is that her photograph was entered into a beauty contest held by The Elks Club and the Chicago Herald Examiner, the winner received a Universal contract. Erich von Stroheim was one of the judges on the panel, and Mary made such an impression on him that he sent a cable to Carl Laemmle in Europe to sign her up as a contract player. With the advent of sound motion pictures, she retired but continued to live in Hollywood until her death.

20's 1921 The Blazing Trail 1922 Foolish Wives 1923 Merry-Go-Round (as Mitzi). Temple of Venus 1925 Fifth Avenue Models. The Phantom of the Opera (as Christine Daa and 1930 reissue with music and sound effects). Stella Marais 1927 Surrender 1928 The Man Who Laughs (as Dea). Love Me and the World is Mine. Drums of Love 1929 Port of Dreams. The Last Performance. The Shannons of Broadway.


Irving Pichel


Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania June 25th 1891. Originally intended to be a surgeon. Began as actor on the stage, only appearing in films of his own until his death on July 13th 1954 from a heart attack days before his 63rd birthday. Scriptwriter for MGM in the '20s. Married Violet Wilson in 1936. Father to three children. He used to give lollipops to actress Natalie Wood on three films with her. Retired from commercial cinema at 60, only returning to make religious-slanted films. Co-directed THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME and SHE 1935.
30's 1930 The Right to Love 1931 Murder by the Clock (as Philip). The Road to Reno. An American Tragedy. The Cheat 1932 Westward Passage. The Painted Woman. Strange Justice. Wild Girl. The Miracle Man. Two Kinds of Women. Forgotten Commandments. Madame Butterfly 1933 Island of Lost Souls. Mysterious Souls. The Woman Accused. King of the Jungle. The Story of Temple Drake. I'm No Angel. The Right to Romance. The Billion Dollar Scandal. Oliver Twist (as Fagin) 1934 British Agent. Return of the Terror. Silver Streak. She Was a Lady. Such Women Are Dangerous. Cleopatra. Fog Over Frisco 1935 I Am a Thief. Three Kids and a Queen. Special Agent 1936 Dracula's Daughter (as Sandor). Hearts in Bondage. Down to the Sea. The House of a Thousand Candles (as Sebastian). Don't Gamble With Love. General Spanky 1937 High, Wide and Handsome. There Goes My Heart. Gambling Ship 1938 Jezebel 1939 Newsboy's Home. Torture Ship. Rio. Topper Takes a Trip. Dick Tracy G-Men (serial).
40's 1940 Juarez 1943 The Moon is Down.
30's 1932 The Most Dangerous Game 1933 Before Dawn 1935 She 1936 The Gentleman From Louisiana. Beware of Ladies 1937 Larceny on the Air. The Duke Comes Back. The Sheik Steps Out 1939 The Great Commandment.
40's 1940 Earthbound. The Man I Married. Hudson's Bay 1941 Dance Hall 1942 Secret Agent of Japan. The Pied Piper. Life Begins at 8.30. The Moon is Down 1943 Happy Land 1944 And Now Tomorrow 1945 Colonel Effingham's Raid. A Medal For Benny. Tomorrow is Forever 1946 O.S.S. The Bride Wore Boots. Temptation 1947 They Won't Believe Me. Something in the Wind 1948 The Miracle of the Bells. Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid 1949 Without Honor.
50's 1950 The Great Rupert. Quicksand. Destination Moon 1951 Santa Fe 1953 Martin Luther 1954 Day of Triumph.


Jack P. Pierce

Make-up Artist. Born in Greece May 5th 1889. Died July 19th 1968 at St. Joseph Hospital in Burbank, California. Interred in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.
Original vocation was to be a baseball shortstop. Came to California in 1910 after successes in baseball. He took a job as a nickelodeon projectionist, and then later a theatre manager for Harry Culver. Joined Universal in 1914 as an actor and assistant cameraman. He later drifted into makeup work for Jackie Coogan and Jesse Lasky. After his work on Fox's THE MONKEY TALKS, he rejoined Universal as the chief of the studio's make-up department, creating for many years the familiar images of Universal's monsters. He regarded Boris Karloff's 'Im-Ho-Tep' make-up for THE MUMMY as his finest creation. He was dropped by Universal in 1947 and freelanced in feature films. Also worked in television.
20's 1927 The Monkey Talks 1928 The Man Who Laughs.
30's 1931 Dracula. Frankenstein 1932 Murders in the Rue Morgue. White Zombie. The Old Dark House. The Mummy 1933 The Invisible Man 1934 The Black Cat 1935 Night Life of the Gods. Bride of Frankenstein. Werewolf of London. The Raven 1936 Dracula's Daughter 1937 Night Key 1939 Son of Frankenstein. Tower of London.
40's 1940 Black Friday. The Mummy's Hand 1941 Man Made Monster. The Wolfman 1942 The Ghost of Frankenstein. The Mummy's Tomb 1943 Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man. Captive Wild Woman. Phantom of the Opera. Flesh and Fantasy. Son of Dracula. The Mad Ghoul 1944 The Mummy's Ghost. The Climax. House of Frankenstein. Jungle Woman. The Mummy's Curse 1945 House of Dracula. Pillow of Death 1945 Jungle Captive 1946 Terror By Night. The Spider Woman Strikes Back. House of Horrors. Night in Paradise. She-Wolf of London. Dressed To Kill. The Time of Their Lives. The Brute Man 1949 Masterminds.
50's 1957 Teenage Monster 1958 The Devil's Hand.
60's 1960 Beyond the Time Barrier. The Amazing Transparent Man 1963 Creation of the Humanoids. Beauty and the Beast.


Born 1884, died 1962.
Cockney character actress in Hollywood, popular in cameos during the '30s.
20's 1921 The Great Impersonation 1922 The Masked Avenger 1923 The Rustle of Silk. Vanity Fair 1924 The Dawn of Tomorrow 1925 The Narrow Street. Without Mercy. Greed 1926 The Pirate. The Midnight Kiss 1927 Silk Stockings 1928 Road House. Wallflowers.
30's 1930 Night Work. America or Bust. Seven Days Leave 1931 Devotion 1932 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Murders in the Rue Morgue (as Crone) 1933 Cavalcade. Oliver Twist. A Study in Scarlet (as Mrs. Hudson). Doctor Bull. Man of the Forest 1934 If I Were Free. Long Lost Father. One More River. The Lemon Drop Kid. Of Human Bondage 1935 Limehouse Blues. Becky Sharp. The Devil is a Woman. Bride of Frankenstein (as Auntie Glutz, not in final print). Werewolf of London (as Drunk Woman). A Tale of Two Cities. Calm Yourself. A Feather in Her Hat 1936 The White Angel. The Story of Louis Pasteur. Little Lord Fauntleroy 1938 Fools For Scsandal 1939 Boy's Reformatory.
40's 1940 Arise My Love 1941 One Foot in Heaven 1942 Now, Voyager 1944 The Hour Before the Dawn. Jane Eyre 1947 Forever Amber 1949 The Fan.


Erich Pommer


Producer. Born in Hildesheim, Germany 20th July 1889. Died in Hollywood, California 8th May 1966.
Worked in a clothing factory in Berlin until 1907 when he joined Gaumont for seven years both in Berlin and Paris, initially as a salesman, and then becoming the company's director of operations in Central Europe. He was injured during the First World War, and in 1915, he founded the Decla production company, which later merged with Bioscop. In 1923, the company was absorbed into UFA with whom he continued to produce films until 1933 when he began a long exile in Paris when the Nazi Party held power over his country. He also went to Hollywood, and London, where he founded Mayflower Pictures with Charles Laughton. From 1946 to 1956, he helped oversee the restoration of the German film industry. In 1956, he returned to Germany.
Silent: 1917 Die Verschleierte Dame. Und Wandern Sollst du Ruhelos 1919 Die Pest in Florenz. Die Frau mit den Orchiden. Der Herr der Liebe. Das Kabinett des Doktor Caligari. Halbblut. Die Spinnen.
20's 1921 Das Indische Grabmal. Der Mude Tod. Schloss Vogelod 1922 Ein Glas Wasser. Vanina. Luise Millerin-Kabale und Liebe. Dr. Mabuse der Spieler. Phantom. Der Brennende Acker 1923 Der Verlorene Schuh. Nora. Der Steinerne Reiter. Austreibung - die Macht der Zweiter Frau. Der Evangelimann. Tatjana. Der Wettwart. Seine Frau, die Unbekannte 1924 Dekameron Nachte. Der Turm des Schweigens. Die Nibelungen. Der Letze Mann. Michael. Die Finanzen des Gross Herzogs 1925 Pietro, der Korsar. Wege Zu Kraft und Schonheit. Liebe Macht Blind. Tartuff. Ein Walzertraum. Der Geiger von Florenz. Variete 1926 Metropolis. Manon Lescaut. Faust 1927 Hotel Imperial. Barbed Wire 1928 Spione. Ungarische Rhapsodie. Heimkehr 1929 Melodie des Herzens. Die Wunderbare Luge der Nina Petrovna. Die Frau Im Mond. Asphalt.
30's 1930 Liebeswalzer. Die Drei von der Tankstelle. Die Blaue Engel. The Temporary Widow. Einbrecher 1931 Ihre Hoheit Befiehlt. Voruntersuchtung. Bomben Auf Monte Carlo. Der Kongress Tanzt. Sturme der Leidenschaft 1932 F.P.1 Antwortet Nicht. Ein Blonder Traum. Ich Bei Tag und du Bei Nacht. Quick. Happy Ever After 1933 The Only Girl. On a Vole un Homme. Liliom 1934 Music in the Air 1937 Farewell Again. Fire Over England 1938 Vessel of Wrath. St. Martin's Lane 1939 Jamaica Inn. The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
40's 1940 Dance, Girl, Dance. They Knew What They Wanted 1947 Zwischen Gestern und Morgen. ...Und Uber uns der Himmel 1948 Lang Ist der Weg. Morituri.
50's 1952 Illusion in Moll. Nachts Auf den Strassen 1954 Ein Liebegaschichte 1955 Kinder, Mutter, und ein General.







Vincent Price


Born in St. Louis, Missouri May 27th 1911. Died 25th October 1993 of lung cancer.
Named after his father Vincent Leonard Price. Also a cookery and art expert, he had obtained his first piece of art (a Rembrandt print) at the age of twelve, and was touring the world's finest art museums while still a teenager. Took his undergraduate degrees at Yale in 1933, and moved to New York where he worked as a schoolteacher. He travelled to England and earned his master's degree at Oxford. In 1935, he found his first employment as an actor playing an American policeman in the theatre production of 'Chicago'. By 1938, Price was recognised as an established Broadway star, and began his film career shortly after. First wife was actress Edith Barret. Third wife was actress Coral Browne.
30's 1938 Service de Luxe 1939 The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex. Tower of London (as The Duke of Clarence).
40's 1940 The House of the Seven Gables (as Clifford Pyncheon). The Invisible Man Returns (as Sir Geoffrey Radcliffe). Green Hell (as David Richardson). Brigham Young - Frontiersman. Hudson's Bay 1943 The Song of Bernadette 1944 Wilson. The Eve of St. Mark. Buffalo Bill. Laura. The Keys of the Kingdom 1945 A Royal Scandal. Leave Her to Heaven 1946 Dragonwyck (as Nicholas Van Ryn). Shock 1947 Moss Rose. The Long Night. The Web 1948 Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (voice only). Up in Central Park. Rogue's Regiment. The Three Musketeers 1949 Bagdad. The Bribe. Curtain Call at Cactus Creek.
50's 1950 Baron of Arizona. Champagne For Caesar. The Adventures of Captain Fabian 1951 His Kind of Woman 1952 The Las Vegas Story 1953 House of Wax (as Professor Henry Jarrod) 1954 The Mad Magician. Dangerous Mission. Casanova's Big Night 1955 Son of Sinbad. The Story of Colonel Drake (short) 1956 Serenade. The Ten Commandments. While the City Sleeps. Forbidden Area (tv) 1957 The Story of Mankind. Lone Woman (tv). The Clouded Image (tv) 1958 The Fly (as Francois) The House on Haunted Hill (as Frederick Loren) 1959 The Bat. The Big Circus. The Tingler. The Return of the Fly.
60's 1960 House of Usher 1961 Master of the World. The Pit and the Pendulum. Nefertite, Regina del Nilo. Gordon il Pirata Nero. The Last Man on Earth. Naked Terror (narrator only) 1962 Convicts Four. Tales of Terror. Tower of London. Confessions of an Opium Eater. The Raven 1963 Comedy of Terrors. Twice Told Tales. Diary of a Madman. Chagall (short, narrator only). Beach Party. Taboos of the World (narrator only). The Haunted Palace 1964 The Masque of the Red Death (as Prince Prospero) 1965 City Under the Sea. Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine. The Tomb of Ligeia 1966 Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs 1967 House of 1,000 Dolls. The Jackals 1968 Witchfinder General. More Dead Than Alive 1969 The Trouble With Girls. ...And How to Get Into It. The Oblong Box. Scream and Scream Again. Cry of the Banshee.
70's 1971 The Abominable Dr. Phibes. What's a Nice Girl Like You..? 1972 The Aries Computer. Dr. Phibes Rises Again 1973 Theatre of Blood 1974 Percy's Progress. Madhouse 1976 The Butterfly Ball (narrator only). Journey Into Fear 1978 Days of Fury (narrator only).
80's 1980 The Monster Club 1981 The Thief and the Cobbler (voice only).
90's 1990 Edward Scissorhands.



Charles Puffy


Born September 3rd 1888 in Budapest, Hungary, graduating from Budapest University. He was long distance swimming champion of Germany and 16 years on the stage before films. Resident in America since 1925.
Date unknown: Rose of Paris. Oh! Nurse. Nicely Rewarded.
20's 1922 Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler. Greed. Fifth Avenue Models. The Mystery Club. The Private Life of Helen of Troy 1927 Mockery (as Ivan) 1928 The Man Who Laughs.
30's 1930 Der Blaue Engel (billed as Karl Huszar). Also made a series of one reel comedies for Universal in the late Twenties.


The Missing Link

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