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Lyda Salmonova

Born in Prague, former Czechoslovakia during 1889. Died 1968 in Prague.
Married to actor Paul Wegener (d.1948).
Silent: 1912 Die Loewenbraut. Sumrun 1913 Der Student von Prag. Die Verfuehrte 1914 Evintrude, die Geschichte Eines Abenteuers. Der Golem. Die Ideale Gattin 1916 Rubenzahls Hochzeit. Der Yoghi 1917 Der Golem und die Tanzerin. Hans Trutz Im Schlaraffenland 1918 Der Fremde Fuerst. Der Rattenfanger vin Hamelin 1919 Der Galeerenstrafling.
20's 1920 Der Golem, Wie er in die Welt Kam. Steuermann Holck 1921 Die Tanzerin Barerina. Der Verlorene Schatten. Das Weib des Pharao. Irrende Seelen 1922 Herzog Ferrantes Ende. Lucrezia Borgia. Monna Vanna 1928 The Lost Shadow.


George Sanders


Born in St. Petersburg, Russia 3rd July 1906. Also played in London revue before a career in films. Died April 25th 1972 by suicide of an overdose of Nembutal. Biography: "George Sanders: An Exhausted Life".
30's 1936
The Man Who Could Work Miracles (as the God Indifference). Dishonour Bright. Find the Lady. Strange Cargo. Lloyd's of London.. 1937 Love is News. Slave Ship. The Lady Escapes. Lancer Spy 1938 Four Men and a Prayer. International Settlement 1939 Mr. Moto's Last Warning. So This is London. The Outsider. The Saint Strikes Back. The Saint in London. Nurse Edith Cavell. Allegheny Uprising. Confessions of a Nazi Spy.
40's 1940 The Saint's Double Trouble. The Saint Takes Over. Green Hell. Bitter Sweet. The Son of Monte Cristo. The House of Seven Gables (as Jaffrey Pyncheon). Rebecca. Foreign Correspondent 1941 The Saint in Palm Springs. The Gay Falcon. A Date With the Falcon. Man Hunt. Rage in Heaven. Sundown 1942 The Falcon Takes Over. The Falcon's Brother. Son of Fury. Tales of Manhatten. The Black Swan. Her Cardboard Lover. The Moon and Sixpence. 1943 Quiet Please, Murder. They Came to Blow Up America. Paris After Dark. This Land is Mine. Appointment in Berlin 1944 The Lodger. Action in Arabia. Summer Storm. 1945 Hangover Square. The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry. The Picture of Dorian Gray (as Lord Henry Wootton) 1946 A Scandel in Paris. The Strange Woman 1947 The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Forever Amber. The Private Affairs of Bel Ami. Lured 1949 The Fan. Samson and Delilah.
50's 1950 Captain Blackjack. All About Eve 1951 I Can Get it For You Wholesale. The Light Touch 1952 Ivanhoe. Assignment Paris 1953 Call Me Madam. The Lonely Woman 1954 Witness to Murder. King Richard and the Crusaders 1955 Jupiter's Darling. Moonfleet. The Scarlet Coat. The King's Thief 1956 Never Say Goodbye. While the City Sleeps. That Certain Feeling. Death of a Scoundrel 1957 The Seventh Sin 1958 The Whole Truth. From the Earth to the Moon 1959 That Kind of Woman. A Touch of Larceny. Solomon and Sheba.
60's 1960 Bluebeard's Ten Honeymoons. The Last Voyage. Village of the Damned 1961 Trouble in the Sky. Five Golden Hours. Call Me Genius 1962 Operation Snatch. In Search of the Castaways 1963 Cairo. Ecco. The Cracksman 1964 Dark Purpose. A Shot in the Dark. The Golden Head 1965 The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders. The Best House in London 1967 The Jungle Book (voice only) 1969 The Candy Man. The Body Stealers.
70's 1970 The Kremlin Letter 1971 Doomwatch. Endless Night 1972 Psychomania.



Born 1892. Real name Metz.
30's 1932 Freaks.
40's 1944
The Return of Boston Blackie.


Ernest B. Schoedsack


Born Ernest Beaumont Schoadsack in Council Bluffs, Iowa 8th June 1893. Died 23rd December 1979.
Married actress Ruth Rose in 1926 with one son. Secured a job as cameraman for Mack Sennett through his brother Felix during  1910. Then began as a camerman for the Signal Corps' photographic section. He later joined Merian C. Cooper (1893-1973) on an expedition to Singapore, Ceylon and Africa where they formulated their plans for their documentary GRASS, filmed in Kurdistan. After this, both Schoedsack and Cooper joined Paramount where they made CHANG and THE FOUR FEATHERS. Their next combined project was to become the greatest animal film ever made, KING KONG.
20's 1924 The Golden Prince (short) 1926 Grass (co-dir) 1927 Chang (co-dir) 1929 The Four Feathers (co-dir).
30's 1931 Rango 1932 The Most Dangerous Game (co-dir). 1933 King Kong (co-dir). Son of Kong. Blind Adventure 1934 Long Lost Father 1935 The Last Days of Pompeii 1937 Trouble in Morocco. Outlaws of the Orient 1939 Doctor Cyclops.
40's 1949 Mighty Joe Young.
50's 1952 This is Cinerama (co- dir).


Max Schreck courtesy of Chappy Taylor


Born Berlin September 4th 1879, died in Munich 1936.
20's 1920 Der Richter von Zalamea 1921 Am Narrenseil 1922 Der Favorit der Konigin. Nosferatu, Eine Symphonie des Grauens (title role). Pique Ass 1923 Der Kaufmann von Venedig. Die Strass (as Blind Man). Dudu, ein Menschenchicksal. Die Finnanzen des Gross Herzogs 1925 Die Gefundene Braut. Krieg Im Frieden. Der Rosa Daimant 1927 Der Alte Fritz. Am Rande der Welt. Dona Juana. Luther. Der Sohn der Hagar 1928 Der Kampf der Tertia. Das Madchen von der Strasse. Moderne Piraten. Rasputins Liebesabenteuer. Die Republik der Bickfische. Ritter der Nacht. Serenissimus und die Letzte Jungfrau. Ramper der Tiermensch (as Member of Whaling Vessel). Wolga Wolga 1929 Ludwig der Zweite, Konig von Bayern.
30's 1930 Das Land des Lachelns 1931 Im Banne der Berge 1932 Muss Man Sich Gleich Scheiden Lassen? Die Nacht der Versuchung 1933 Ein Mann mit Herz. Die Verkaufte Braut. Furst Seppl. Peter Voss, der Millionendieb. Der Tunnel. Ein Kuss in der Sommernacht. Das Vertliebte Hotel. Roman Einer Nacht. Eine Frau Wie Du. Fraulein Hoffmans Erzahlungen 1935 Der Schlafwagenkontrolleur 1936 Donogoo Tonka. Die Letzten Vier von Santa Cruz.


Gustav von Seyffertitz


Born Haimhausen, Bavaria 4th August 1862, died Woodland Hills, California December 25th 1943.
Silent: 1917 Countess Charming. The Devil Stone (as Stephen Densmore). Down to Earth. The Little Princess 1918 The Whispering Chorus. Hidden Pearls. The Widow's Might. His Majesty, Bunker Bean. Till I Come Back to You. Rimrock Jones. Less Than Kin. The Source. Old Wives For New 1919 The Secret Garden (directed as G. Butler Clonblough). The Dark Star. The Vengeance of Durand.
20's 1920 Dead Men Tell No Tales. Even as Eve. Slaves of Pride. The Sporting Duchess. Madonnas and Men 1921 Princess Jones (directed). Closed Doors (directed). Peggy Puts it Over (directed) 1922 When Knighthood Was in Flower (as Soothsayer). Sherlock Holmes (as Moriarty). The Inner Man. The Face in the Fog 1923 Mark of the Beast. Under the Red Robe. Unseeing Eyes 1924 The Lone Wolf. Yolanda (as Olivier de Daim). The Banderlero 1925 The Eagle (as the Czarinna's butler). The Goose Woman. Flower of the Night. Grounds For Divorce. A Regular Fellow 1926 Don Juan (as Nehri the Torturer). Diplomacy. Sparrows (as Mr. Grimes). The Bells. Unknown Treasures. The Danger Girl. Going Crooked. The Lone Wolf Returns. My Official Wife. Private Izzy Murphy 1927 The Student Prince (as the King). The Gaucho (as Ruiz the usurper). Barbed Wire. The Magic Flame. The Wizard (as Dr. Coriolos). Rose of the Golden West. Birds of Prey. The Dice Woman. The Price of Honor 1928 The Yellow Lily. The Woman Disputed. Vamping Venus. The Mysterious Lady (as General Alexandroff). Me, Gangster. The Red Mark. The Docks of New York (as Hymn Book Harry). The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come 1929 Chasing Through Europe. His Glorious Night. The Canary Murder Case (as Dr. Ambrose Lindquist). The Case of Lena Smith (as Herr Hofrat). Come Across. Seven Faces.
30's 1930 Dangerous Paradise (as Mr. Jones). The Bat Whispers (as Dr. Venrees). The Case of Sargeant Grischa. Are You There? 1931 Dishonoured. Ambassador Bill. The Front Page. Safe in Hell 1932 Shanghai Express (as Eric Baum). Roadhouse Murder. Rasputin and the Empress (as Dr. Wolf). The Penguin Pool Murder Case. Afraid to Talk. Doomed Battalion (as an Austrian General) 1933 Queen Christina (as a General). When Strangers Marry. The Silver Cord 1934 Mystery Liner. The Moonstone (as Von Lucker). Change of Heart. Little Men (as Page). Lost Lady. Murder on the Blackboard 1935 She (as High Priest). Remember Last Night? (as Professor Jones) 1936 Little Lord Fauntleroy. Mad Holiday. Mr. Deeds Goes To Town (as Dr. Frazier). Murder on the Bridlepath 1938 Marie Antoinette. In Old Chicago. King of Alcatraz. Cipher Bureau. Paradise For Three 1939 Nurse Edith Cavell. Son of Frankenstein (as Burger). Juarez. Hotel Imperial. Never Say Die. The Mad Empress.


Len Sharpe


Born 1890. Died 1958.
Character player of stage and screen. Married to Norah Gordon; father of Dorothy Gordon.
30's 1935 Maria Marten, or the Murder in the Red Barn (as band conductor) 1936 Rembrandt 1937 It's Never Too Late To Mend (as Henry Bradshaw, Prisoner No.7) 1938 Sexton Blake and the Hooded Terror (as Newspaper vendor).
40's 1940 Neutral Port 1941 Hard Steel. The Black Sheep of Whitehall (as Customs officer at passport control). Sheepdog of the Hills (prominant role) 1942 The Great Mr. Handel 1943 It's That Man Again. Warn That Man. Dear Octopus. The Dummy Talks 1947 The Hangman Waits.
50's 1950 Chance of a Lifetime. The Girl is Mine. The Mudlark. Seven Days to Noon (as Fred the barman). Take Me to Paris 1952 King of the Underworld (as Mullins). Sing Along With Me. The Stolen Plans 1953 The Intruder. Murder at 3 am 1954 For Better, For Worse (as First Workman). Radio Cab Murder 1955 The Ladykillers (as Street artist at climax) 1956 Alias John Preston. The Silken Affair 1957 At the Stroke of Nine. Night of the Demon (as Train guard) 1958 Three Crooked Men.


Simone Simon


Born in Bethune, France 23rd April 1910. Grew up in Marseilles. Simon worked briefly as a fashion designer and a model in Paris. She made her stage debut in 1931 in 'Le Chanteur Inconnu'. Producer Darryl F. Zanuck brought her to Hollywood in 1935, where she had a three year contract with 20th Century Fox. Simon returned to her native country in the late Forties where she still lives.
30's 1931 Le Chanteur Inconnu. Mam'zelle Nitouche. Le Pere Sans Douleur. La Petite Chocolatiere 1932 Un Fils d'Amerique. Le Roi des Palaces. L'Etoile de Valence. Prenez Garde de la Peinture 1933 Le Voleur. Tire-au-Flanc 1934 Lac-Aux-Dames (as Puck) 1935 Les Yeux Noirs (as Tania). Les Beaux Jours 1936 Girls' Dormitory (as Marie Claudel). Ladies in Love (as Marie Armand) 1937 Love and Hisses (as Yvette Guerin). Seventh Heaven (as Diane) 1938 Josette (as Renee Le Blanc). La Bete Humaine (as Severine).
40's 1941 All That Money Can Buy (as Belle) 1942 The Cat People (as Irena Dubrovna) 1943 Tahiti Honey (as Suzie) 1944 Johnny Doesn't Live Here Anymore. The Curse of the Cat People (as Irena Dubrovna). Mademoiselle Fifi (as Elizabeth Rousset) 1946 Petrus 1947 Temptation Harbour (as Camelia) 1949 Donna Senze Nome (as Yvonne).
50's 1950 Olivia. La Ronde (as Maid) 1951 Le Plaisir 1954 I Tre Ladri 1955 Double Destiny 1956 The Extra Day.
70's 1973 La Femme en Bleu.


Ivan Simpson


Born Glasgow 1875. Went to U.S. in 1905. Died October 12th 1951 in New York.
Character actor in Hollywood, also frequently on stage.
Silent: 1915 The Dictator (debut with John Barrymore) 1916 Out of the Drifts.
20's 1922 The Man Who Played God 1923 21. The Green Goddess 1924 $20 a Week 1925 Lovers in Quarantine. Miss Bluebeard. Wild Wild Susan. Womanhandled 1926 A Kiss For Cinderella 1929 Disraeli. Evidence.
30's 1930 The Green Goddess. Old English. The Way of All Men. Manslaughter. The Sea God. Inside the Lines. Isle of Escape 1931 The Millionaire. The Lady Who Dared. The Reckless Hour. I Like Your Nerve. Safe in Hell 1932 The Silent Voice (as Battle). The Man Who Played God. Passport to Hell. The Crash. The Phantom of Crestwood 1933 The Monkey's Paw. The Past of Mary Holmes. Midnight Mary. Voltaire. Charlie Chan's Greatest Case. The Silk Express. Blind Adventure 1934 Man of Two Worlds. The Mystery of Mr. X (as Hutchinson). The House of Rothschild. The World Moves On. British Agent. Among the Missing. The Great Impersonation 1935 David Copperfield. Shodow of a Doubt. Mark of the Vampire (as Jan). The Bishop Misbehaves. Captain Blood. The Perfect Gentleman. East of Java. Splendor 1936 Little Lord Fauntleroy. Trouble For Two (as Collins). Mary of Scotland. Lloyds of London 1937 Maid of Salem. A Night of Mystery. The Prince and the Pauper. London By Night 1938 Marie Antoinette. The Baroness and the Butler. Invisible Enemy. Booloo. The Adventures of Robin Hood (as Proprietor of Kent Road Tavern) 1939 The Hound of the Baskervilles. Made For Each Other. Never Say Die. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. The Sun Never Sets. Ruler of the Seas. Tower of London (as Retainer).
40's 1940 The Invisible Man Returns (as Cotton). New Moon 1942 Eagle Squadron. Nazi Agent. The Male Animal. They All Kissed the Bride. Youth on Parade. Nightmare 1943 Random Harvest. The Body Disappears. Above Suspicion. My Kingdom For a Crook. Two Weeks to Live. Forever and a Day. This Land is Mine 1944 Jane Eyre. The Hour Before the Dawn.



Born in London 1923. Appeared as juvenile "and has since appeared in over ninety pictures" (quote British Year Filmbook 1946). From 1942-1948 he served in H.M. Forces.
30's 1932 Love on the Spot 1933 King of the Ritz 1934 Something Always Happens. The Phantom Light (as Ship's boy). My Heart is Calling. My Old Dutch 1935 Street Song (as Billy). Can You Hear Me Mother? Dandy Dick (as Freddie). Emil and the Detectives. Gay Old Dog. Royal Cavalcade 1936 Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (as Tobias Wragg). Not So Dusty. This Green Hell. King of the Castle 1937 What a Man! It's Never Too Late to Mend (as Matthew Josephs, Prisoner #15) 1938 Darts Are Trumps. His Lordship Regrets. You're the Doctor. His Lordship Goes to Press 1939 Old Soldiers. Mother of Men. The Good Old Days.
40's 1940 Somewhere in England 1942 Somewhere in Camp (as Private Trevor). Front Line Kids. In Which We Serve 1948 Fly Away Peter 1949 School For Randle. The Haunted Palace (short).
50's 1950 The Dark Man 1951 Whispering Smith Hits London 1952 The Brave Don't Cry. Come Back Peter 1953 The Cruel Sea 1954 Track the Man Down. Betrayed.


Curt Siodmak


Writer & Director. Born Kurt Siodmak in Dresden, Germany 10th August 1902. Brother of director Robert Siodmak (1900-1973). Began his career as a reporter, a freelance writer and railroad engineer. Siodmak's first film credit was in 1929 (although it is said he appeared as an extra in 1926's METROPOLIS when he asked to interview its director Fritz Lang). In 1930 his first novel was published and many others since, including DONOVAN'S BRAIN which was filmed three times. From 1934 to 1937, he was a writer for Gaumont-British. In 1937, he relocated to Hollywood as a writer for the Paramount studios and for Universal from 1940 to 1946. He broke the agreement with his brother that both would not infringe on each others professions in 1951 when he directed his first film BRIDE OF THE GORILLA. The following year he formed his own production company with Ivan Tors. In 1960, he moved back to his native Germany.
As writer: 20's 1929 Menschen Am Sonntag.
30's 1931 Der Mann, der Seinen Morder Sucht. Le Bal 1933 F.P.1 Antwortet Nicht 1934 La Crise est Finie. Girls Will Be Boys 1935 Transatlantic Tunnel. It's a Bet 1936 I Give My Heart 1937 Non-Stop New York 1938 Her Jungle Love.
40's 1940 The Invisible Man Returns. Black Friday. The Ape 1941 Pacific Blackout. The Invisible Woman. Aloma of the South Seas. Midnight Angel 1942 London Black-Out Murders. The Invisible Agent. The Wolf Man 1943 Son of Dracula. Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man. I Walked With a Zombie. The Purple V. The Mantrap. False Faces 1944 House of Frankenstein. The Climax 1945 Shady Lady. Frisco Sal 1946 The Return of Monte Cristo 1947 The Beast With Five Fingers 1948 Berlin Express 1949 Tarzan's Magic Fountain. Four Days' Leave.
50's 1953 Riders to the Stars 1955 Creature With the Atom Brain 1956 Earth Versus the Flying Saucers.
60's 1962 Sherlock Holmes und das Halsband des Todes.
70's 1970 Hauser's Memory (tv).
As director 50's 1951 Bride of the Gorilla 1953 The Magnetic Monster 1956 Curucu, Beast of the Amazon 1957 Love Slaves of the Amazon (& prod).
60's 1962 The Devil's Messenger (co-dir) 1967 Liebespiele Im Schnee.


Tod Slaughter


Born Newcastle-Upon-Tyne March 19th 1885. Died in Derby February 20th 1956.
30's 1935 Maria Marten, or Murder in the Red Barn (as Squire Corder) 1936 Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (as Sweeney Todd). The Crimes of Stephen Hawke (as Stephen Hawke). Pathetone Weekly No. 314 (as himself) 1937 Song of the Road (as Daniel Lorenzo, billed in pressbook as 'Another Showman'). Darby and Joan (as Mr. Templeton). It's Never Too Late To Mend (as Squire Meadows). The Ticket of Leave Man (as Tiger Dalton) 1938 Sexton Blake and the Hooded Terror (as Michael Larron, aka: The Snake). Pathe Pictorial No. 131 (as himself) 1939 The Face at the Window (as Chevalier Del Gardo).
40's 1940 Crimes at the Dark House (as the fake Sir Percival Glyde) 1945 Bothered By a Beard (as Sweeny Todd) 1946 The Curse of the Wraydons (as Philip Wraydon) 1948 The Greed of William Hart (as William Hart)
50's 1952 King of the Underworld (as Terence Riley). Murder At Scotland Yard (as Terence Riley). Murder at the Grange (as Patrick Riley). A Ghost For Sale (as Ghostly caretaker, later revealed to be Philip Wraydon) 1954 Puzzle Corner No.14 (as Sweeny Todd).


Gale Sondergaard


Born Edith Sondergaard 15th February 1899, died 1985.
Won an Academy Award in her first feature. Her career was wrecked by the McCarthy witch-hunts, after her second husband Herbert Biberman was revealed as one of the 'Hollywood 10'.
30's 1936 Anthony Adverse 1937 The Life of Emile Zola. Maid of Salem. Seventh Heaven 1938 Lord Jeff. Dramatic School 1939 Juarez. Never Say Die. The Cat and the Canary. Sons of Liberty (short).
40's 1940 The Llano Kid. The Mark of Zorro. The Blue Bird. The Letter 1941 The Black Cat (as Abigail Doone). Paris Calling 1942 Enemy Agents Meets Ellery Queen. My Favorite Blonde. A Night To Remember 1943 Isle of Forgotten Sins. Appointment In Berlin. The Strange Death of Adolph Hitler. The Spider Woman (as Adrea Spedding) 1944 Follow the Boys. Christmas Holiday. The Invisible Man's Revenge (as Lady Irene Herrick). Enter Arsene Lupin. The Climax (as Luise). Gypsy Wildcat 1946 Anna and the King of Siam. The Spider Woman Strikes Back (as Zenobia Dollard). The Time of Their Lives (as Emily). A Night in Paradise (as Queen Attossa) 1947 Road to Rio. Pirates of Monterey 1949 East Side, West Side.
60's 1969 Slaves.
70's 1970 Comeback 1973 The Cat Creature (tv). 1976 The Return of a Man Called Horse. Pleasantville 1977 Hollywood on Trial.
80's 1980 Echoes.



Born 1891. A one-legged character actor of the Thirties, often in crime dramas. Former drummer.
20's 1927 Hindle Wakes.
30's 1932 The Sign of Four (as Johnathan Small). That Night in London (billed as Graham Soutten) 1933 Tiger Bay 1934 The Secret of the Loch (billed in credits as Assistant director B. Graham Soutten) 1935 The Vandergilt Diamond Mystery (billed as Ben Graham Soutten). Children of the Fog. Mystery of the Marie Celeste (as Jack Samson) 1936 Sweeny Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street (as the Beadle). The Crimes of Stephen Hawke (as Nathaniel) 1937 The Mutiny of the Elsinore (as The Second Officer). Under the Red Robe 1938 Convict 99 (as Raymond) 1939 The Face at the Window (as a local in the Blind Rat Tavern, possibly called Bartillon).


Onslow Stevens


Born Onslow Stevenson in Los Angeles 29th March 1902. Died in Van Nuys, California 5th January 1977.
The son of Houseley Stevenson. Directed many plays in the theatre, but never a film. Murdered by persons unknown in a convalescent home.
30's 1932 Once in a Lifetime. Okay America. Heroes of the West (serial). Radio Patrol. Jungle Mystery (serial). The Golden West. Born to Flight 1933 Peg O' My Heart. Nagana. Secret of the Blue Room. Counsellor at Law. Only Yesterday. Grand Exit. Yellow Dust 1934 Bombay Mail. This Side of Heaven. House of Danger. The Crosby Case. In Love With Life. Life Returns. Affairs of a Gentleman. Born to Gamble. F Man. Bridge of Sighs. Three on a Trail. Forced Landing 1936 Under Two Flags. Straight From the Shoulder. Murder With Pictures. Easy Money 1937 You Can't Buy Luck. Flight From Glory. There Goes the Groom 1939 Those High Gray Walls. When Tomorrow Comes.
40's 1940 Mystery Sea Raider. Who Killed Aunt Maggie? The Man Who Wouldn't Talk 1941 The Monster and the Girl. Go West, Young Lady 1942 Sunset Serenade 1943 Appointment in Berlin. Idaho. Hands Across the Border 1945 House of Dracula 1946 Angel on My Shoulder. Canyon Passage. OSS 1948 The Gallant Blade. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes. The Creeper. Walk a Crooked Mile 1949 Red, Hot and Blue. Bomba, the Jungle Boy.
50's 1950 Mark of the Gorilla. State Penitentiary. Revenue Agent. Motor Patrol. Lonely Hearts Bandits 1951 Lorna Doone. One Too Many. All That I Have. The Hills of Utah. The Family Secret. Sirocco. Sealed Cargo 1952 The Magnificent Adventure. The San Francisco Story 1953 A Lion is in the Streets. The Charge at Feather River 1954 Fangs of the Wild. Them! They Rode West 1955 New York Confidential 1956 Tribute to a Bad Man. Outside the Law. Kelly and Me 1958 The Buccaneer. Tarawa Beachhead. Lonelyhearts. The Party Crashers.
60's 1960 All the Fine Young Cannibals 1962 The Couch. Geronimo's Revenge (tv).
Sophie Stewart


Born in Crieff, Scotland in 1908, died 1977.
Scottish actress of stage, screen and radio star. Married Ellis Irving. Went to Hollywood for NURSE EDITH CAVELL 1939. From 1945-1947 appeared on the London stage.
30's 1935 Maria Marten, or the Murder in the Red Barn (as Maria Marten). The City of Beautiful Nonsense. Her Last Affaire 1936 As You Like It. The Man Who Could Work Miracles (as Maggie Hooper). Things to Come 1937 Under the Red Robe. Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel 1938 Who Goes Next? Marigold (her most promising role as Marigold) 1939 Nurse Edith Cavell.
40's 1940 My Son, My Son 1943 The Lamp Still Burns 1944 Strawberry Roan 1947 Uncle Silas.
50's 1952 Made in Heaven 1953 Devil Girl From Mars (as Mrs. Jameson) 1954 No Time For Tears 1957 The Yangtse Incident.
Director and Producer. Born in Philadelphia in 1895. Died 1960.
Became a feature film director of short subjects in the late 1920's after a long stage experience. Stoloff specialised in light musicals, action pictures and mysteries. He also produced a number of low budget films during the late Forties.
20's 1926 The Canyon of Light 1927 The Circus Ace. Silver Valley. The Gay Retreat 1928 A Horseman of the Plains. Plastered in Paris 1929 Speakeasy. Protection. The Girl From Havana.
30's 1930 Happy Days. Fox Movietone Follies of 1930. Soup To Nuts 1931 Goldie. Three Rogues 1932 The Night Mayor. The Devil Driving. Destry Rides Again 1933 Obey the Law. Night of Terror 1934 Palooka. Tranatlantic Merry-Go-Round 1935 To Beat the Band 1936 Two in the Dark 1937 Super Sleuth. Sea Devils. Fight For Your Lady 1938 Radio City Revels. The Affairs of Annabel.
40's 1940 The Marines Fly High 1941 The Hidden Hand. The Body Disappears 1942 Secret Enemies 1943 The Mysterious Doctor 1944 Bermuda Mystery. Take It or Leave It 1945 Zombies on Broadway 1946 Johnny Comes Flying Home 1947 It's a Joke Son.






Glenn Strange


Born George Glenn Strange in Carlsbad, New Mexico August 16th 1899. Died Burbank, California September 20th 1973 of lung cancer. Interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in the Hollywood Hills.
Originally Glenn was a cowboy, and also a deputy sherrif. Drifted into show business as one of the Arizona Wranglers group on radio, playing the fiddle and composing songs. Toured the rodeo circuit where Hoot Gibson hired him for his own rodeo and brought him to Hollywood. Also a professional heavyweight boxer. Married Min Thompson who gave birth to their only daughter Janine.
30's 1930 Border Law. The Deadline. Hard Hombre. The Fighting Marshall. The Range Feud. Wild Horse. The Guilty Generation 1932 Hurricane Express (serial). McKenna of the Mounted. His Royal Shyness (short). Ride Him, Cowboy. The Cowboy Counsellor 1933 Somewhere in Sonora. The Sundown Rider. The Thrill Hunter. The Whirlwind 1934 The Law of the Wild (serial). The Star Packer 1935 Border Vengeance. Cyclone of the Saddle. His Fighting Blood. The Gallant Defender. Lawless Range. Moonlight on the Prairie. Hard Rock Harrigan. The Law of the 45's. The New Frontier. Stormy. Suicide Squad. Westward Ho! 1936 Avenging Waters. The Cattle Thief. Flash Gordon (serial). The California Mail. Conflict. Guns of the Pecos. The Fugitive Sherrif. The Lonely Trail. Sunset of Power. Trailin' West. Song of the Gringo 1937 Adventures End. Arizona Days. Blazing Sixes. The Californian. Cherokee Strip. The Devil's Saddle Legion. Danger Valley. Courage of the West. Empty Holsters. God's Country and the Man. Land Beyond the Law. The Singing Outlaw. The Sunday Round-Up (short). Trouble in Texas. Stars Over Arizona. A Tenderfoot Goes West 1938 Black Bandit. Border Wolves. Forbidden Valley. California Frontier. Call of the Rockies. The Frontiersman. Ghost Town Riders. Guilty Trails. Gun Packer. Gunsmoke Trail. The Mexicali Kid. Honor of the West. In Old Mexico. Pride of the West. Sunset Trail. The Mysterious Rider. The Spy Ring. The Last Stand. Prairie Justice. Prison Break. The Painted Trail. Whirlwind Horseman. State Police. Six-Shootin' Sheriff 1939 Across the Plains. Blue Montana Skies. Days of Jesse James. Cupid Rides the Range (short). Flying G-Men (serial). The Fighting Gringo. Arizona Legion. The Llano Kid. Law of the Pampas. Range War. The Lone Ranger Rides Again (serial). The Night Riders. The Phantom Stage. Oklahoma Terror. Rough Riders' Round Up. Ride, Cowboy, Ride (short). Overland Mail.
Top 40's 1940 The Cowboy From Sundown. Covered Wagon Trails. Dark Command. Land of the Six-Guns. Pioneer Days. San Francisco Docks. Rhythm of the Rio Grande. Pals of the Silver Sage. Stage to Chino. Triple Justice. Wagon Train. Bar Buckaroos (short). Teddy, the Rough Rider (short). Three Men From Texas. The Fargo Kid. Wyoming. Drums of the Desert 1941 Arizona Cyclone. Come On, Danger! Billy the KId Wanted. Forbidden Trails. The Bandit Trail. The Driftin' Kid. Dude Cowboy. In Old Colorado. Lone Star Law Men. Riders of Death Valley (serial). Badlands of Dakota. Westward Ho-Hum (short). The Kid's Last Ride. Saddlemayes. California or Bust (short). Billy the Kid's Round Up. Wide Open Town. Fugitive Valley 1942 Down Texas Way. Army Surgeon. Billy the Kid Trapped. Boot Hill Bandits. Juke Girl. Little Joe, the Wrangler. The Lone Rider and the Bandit. Billy the Kid's Smoking Guns. Bandit Ranger. The Mad Monster. The Mummy's Tomb (as Farmer). Stagecoach Buckaroo. Romance on the Range. Raiders of the West. Sunset on the Desert. Rolling Down the Great Divide. Western Mail. Prairie Gunsmoke. Overland Stagecoach. Texas Trouble Shooters. Sundown Jim 1943 Arizona Trail. Black Market Rustlers. The Black Raven. Bullets and Saddles. Action in the North Atlantic. Death Valley Rangers. The Desperados. False Colors. The Lone Ranger in Border Round-Up. Cattle Stampede. Mission to Moscow. Haunted Ranch. The Kid Rides Again. The Kansan. The Return of the Rangers. Western Cyclone. Wild Horse Stampede. The Woman of the Town 1944 Alaska. Can't Help Singing. The Contender. Forty Thieves. Knickerbocker Holiday. Harmony Trail. The Monster Maker. Renegades of the Rio Grande. Sonora Stagecoach. The Silver City Kid. Trail to Gunsight. San Antonio Kid. Valley of Vengeance. House of Frankenstein 1945 Bad Men of the Border. Blazing the Western Trail. House of Dracula. Saratoga Trunk 1946 Beauty and the Bandit. Devil's Playground. Up Goes Maisie 1947 Brute Force. The Fabulous Texan. Frontier Fighters (shortened version of 1943's WESTERN CYCLONE). Sea of Grass. Northwest Outpost. The Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap. Sinbad the Sailor. Heaven Only Knows. Wyoming. Four Faces West 1948 The Red Rider. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (as The Monster). California Firebrand. The Far Frontier. The Gallant Legion. A Southern Yankee. Silver Trails. Montana Belle 1949 The Gal Who Took the West. Masterminds. Rimfire. Roll, Thunder, Roll.
50's 1950 Comanche Territory. Double Crossbones. Surrender 1951 Comin' Round the Mountain. The Red Badge of Courage. Callaway Went Thataway. Texas Carnival. Vengeance Valley 1952 The Lusty Men. I Dream of Jeannie. The Lawless Breed. Wagons West 1953 Escape From Fort Bravo. The Great Sioux Uprising. All the Brothers Were Valiant. Calamity Jane. Devil's Canyon. Born to the Saddle. Veils of Bagdad 1954 Jubilee Trail. Gypsy Colt. Treasure of Ruby Hills 1955 The Kentuckian. The Road to Denver. The Vanishing American 1956 Backlash. Beau James. The Fastest Gun Alive 1957 The Halliday Brand. Last Stagecoach West. Gunfire at Indian Gap. Jailhouse Rock. 1958 Quantrill's Raiders. Terror in a Texas Town 1959 Alias Jesse James. Last Train From Gun Hill. The Jayhawkers.
Born in Altoona, Pennsylvania on September 21st. 1891. Died 1964.
After serving in the Navy during World War One, Frank joined the Metro Studios as an assistant director and as an occasional actor. During the mid-Twenties he directed for Columbia and many other studios.Responsible for many of the early BLONDIE comedy series.
Notable mostly for his work in a number of B-grade horror films that sometimes succeeded in emulating the atmosphere of the successful Universal horror cycle.
0's 1925 The Fate of a Flirt. The Lure of the Wild 1926 When the Wife's Away. Sweet Rosie O'Grady 1927 Pleasure Before Business. The Bachelor's Baby. Rough House Rosie. Now We're in the Air 1928 Just Married. Partners in Crime. Moran of the Marines 1929 The Fall of Eve. Aquitted.
30's 1930 Enemy of Men. Borrowed Wives. Let's Go Places 1931 Caught Cheating. Murder At Midnight (and co-story). Anybody's Blonde. Soul of the Slums 1932 The Monster Walks. Manhattan Tower. Gorilla Ship. Tangled Destinies. The Crusader 1933 Dance Girl Dance. By Appointment Only. The Vampire Bat 1934. In Love With Life. Fifteen Wives. Cross Streets. Once in a Million. Fugitive Road. In the Money 1935 Port of Lost Dreams. Condemned To Live. Public Opinion. The Ghost Walks. Society Fever. Symphony of Living 1936 Hitchhike to Heaven. Sea Spoilers. Death From a Distance 1937 Hot Water. Off To the Races. Big Business 1938 Blondie (and many of the subsequent entries to the series until 1943).
40's 1941 Go West Young Lady 1943 The Daring Young Man. 1945 Mama Loves Papa. Senorita of the West.
50's 1951 The Sickle or the Cross. etc.

Electrical effects technician. Born Kenneth Joseph Strickfaden in Montana 1896. Strickfaden had mastered in chemistry and physics and constructed electrical instruments for wireless communications, X-rays, tuned rotary gaps and Tesla coils. Was also an expert photographer. He worked in various jobs until he began keeping various electrical instruments in tune for various motion picture studios during the late Twenties. After his work on FRANKENSTEIN, Strickfaden  assembled various "mad-scientist" accoutrements, thereafter becoming known as 'Mr. Electric'. Ken Strickfaden himself lost count of the film and tv. productions he had been involved with. Strickfaden also doubled for Boris Karloff as 'Fu' in THE MASK OF FU MANCHU during scenes with the electrical equipment. In 1933, he took his gadgetry on tour in the 'Kenstrick Space Age Science Show', and managed to carve himself a second career.
He died in 1984 aged 87.
20's 1927 Wings 1929 The Return of Sherlock Holmes.
30's 1931 Frankenstein. A Connecticut Yankee 1932 Chandu the Magician. The Mask of Fu Manchu 1935 Bride of Frankenstein. The Lost City (serial). The Phantom Empire (serial) 1936 Flash Gordon (serial). The Clutching Hand (serial). Showboat. The Undersea Kingdom (serial) 1939 Son of Frankenstein. Buck Rogers (serial). Wizard of Oz.
40's 1940 The Mysterious Doctor Satan. Fantasia.
50's 1953 War of the Worlds.
70's 1974 Young Frankenstein.
Gloria Stuart

Born Gloria Frances Stewart in 1909.
Began her stage career as an amateur in high school. From college she joined the Pasadena Community Players where casting agents from Universal and Paramount saw her in the "Sea Gull" and invited her to take a screen test. Univesal gave her a contract, but she later regretted this move. Throughout the 1930's she worked for Fox Studios.
After her career was established Gloria became involved with the activities of Screen Actor's Guild and in the art world.
Gloria made a surprising comeback in the Seventies after the death of her husband, writer Arthur Sheekman in 1978.
30's 1932 The All-American. Street of Women. Laughter in Hell. Airmail. The Old Dark House (as Margaret Waverton) 1933 Private Jones. It's Great to Be Alive. Roman Scandals. Secret of the Blue Room (as Irene von Helldorf). The Kiss Before the Mirror. The Girl in 419. The Invisible Man (as Flora Cranley). Sweepings 1934 I'll Tell the World. Beloved. The Love Captive. Gift of the Gab. I Like it That Way. Here Comes the Navy 1935 Laddie. Maybe It's Love. Gold Diggers of 1935 1936 Poor Little Rich Girl. The Prisoner of Shark Island. The Girl on the Front Page. The Crime of Dr. Forbes. Professional Soldier. 36 Hours to Kill. Wanted: Jane Turner 1937 Life Begins in College. The Lady Escapes. Girl Overboard 1938 Island in the Sky. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. Time Out For Murder. Keep Smiling. Change of Heart. The Lady Objects 1939 Winner Take All. The Three Musketeers. It Could Happen To You.
40's 1943 Here Comes Elmer 1944 Enemy of Women. The Whistler 1946 She Wrote the Book.
70's 1975 Adventures of the Queen (tv). The Legend of Lizzie Borden (tv) 1976 Flood! (tv) 1979 The Best Place To Be (tv).
80's 1982 My Favorite Year 1984 Mass Appeal 1986 Wildcats.
0's 1997 Titanic.



Dick Sutherland


Born Archie Thomas Johnson, 1875 (Glenn Mitchell claims 1882) in Benton, Kentucky. Died February 3rd 1934 in Hollywood. Screen, stage and vaudeville actor.
20's 1921 The Magnificent Brute. God's Gold. Sailor Made Man (as Maharajah) 1922 Gas, Oil and Water. The Deuce of Spades. Rags to Riches. Grandma's Boy (as villainous tramp) 1923 Hell's Hole. The Rip-Tide. Quicksands. The Shriek of Araby (with Ben Turpin). His Last Race. Masters of Men 1924 The Dangerous Blonde. The Red Lily. The Tornado. The Mask of Lopez. Battling Mason. Defying the Law. Fighter's Paradise 1925 The Fighting Demon. Flying Fool. With this Ring. Jimmie's Millions. The Road to Yesterday 1926 Lloyd Hamilton Comedies (for Educational). Broken Hearts of Hollywood. Don Juan. The Jazz Girl 1927 The Claw. Uncle Tom's Cabin. The Beloved Rogue 1928 West of Zanzibar (reputed to have appeared as extra). Battle of the Century. Riders of the Dark 1929 China Slaver. The Hoose Gow (as Prison cook).
30's 1932 Chandu the Magician (as Arab at slave market).
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