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Tall Skinny
M. Tourneur
Terry Thesiger Thomas



Either Aubrey Mather, Sam Wilkinson or most probably Albert Chevalier.
30's 1932 Hotel Splendide (as Sargeant P.C.938) 1933 The Lucky Number (as football fan-speaking part) 1934 The Clairvoyant (as member of Music-Hall audience) 1935 Maria Marten, or the Murder in the Red Barn (as violinist in band) 1935 Stormy Weather (as swarthy chap in tavern talking to local floozy) 1936 Sabotage (as Jack the Bijou Cinema doorman).
40's 1942 The Day Will Dawn.


50's 1950 Seven Days To Noon (as passenger on evacuee bus) 1957 Saint Joan (as Monk at Joan of Arc's trial and burning). Just My Luck (as newspaper vendor) 1958 The Square Peg (as Old recruit) 1959 Carry on Nurse (as Patient).

Lilyan Tashman


Born October 23rd 1899 in New York. Posed for the artist Kurchner who pronounced Lilyan as having the best legs in the world. From this she worked in the Zeigfeld Follies. Married to Edmund Lowe (d.1971). Sister of actress Kitty Tashman (d.1931). Hobby listed as interior decorating. Film debut in THE GARDEN OF WEEDS. Died March 21st 1934 aged 35 of a tumourous condition and/or cancer.
Silent: 1917 Universal Screen Magazine #21.
20's 1921 Experience 1922 Head Over Heels 1924 The Garden of Weeds. Manhandled. The Dark Swan. Is Love Everything? Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model. Winner Take All 1925 Declasse. The Parasite. Ports of Call. Pretty Ladies. Bright Lights. Seven Days. The Girl Who Wouldn't Work. A Broadway Butterfly. I'll Show You the Town 1926 Rocking Moon. The Skyrocket. Siberia. Whispering Smith. For Alimony Only. Love's Blindness. So This is Paris 1927 Don't Tell the Wife. French Dressing. The Prince of Headwaiters. The Texas Steer. Camille. The Stolen Bride. The Woman Who Did Not Care 1928 Phyllis of the Follies. Craig's Wife. Happiness Ahead. Lady Raffles. Manhattan Cocktail. Take Me Home 1929 The Lone Wolf's Daughter. The Marriage Playground. Gold Diggers of Broadway. New York Nights. Bulldog Drummond. The Trial of Mary Dugan. Hardboiled.


30's 1930 One Heavenly Night. On the Level. The Cat Creeps. Queen of Scandal. Puttin' on the Ritz. The Matrimonial Bed. Leathernecking. No, No, Nanette. Playing Around 1931 Girls About Town. Up Pop's the Devil. Finn and Hattie. Millie. Murder by the Clock (as Laura Endicott) 1932 The Wiser Sex. Revolt. Scarlet Dawn. Those We Love. The Mad Parade. The Road to Reno 1933 Mama Loves Papa. Too Much Harmony. Wine, Women and Song. Frankie and Johnny. Style 1934 Riptide.



Actress of the Thirties. Also seen on stage. Most notable as the attention of Tod Slaughter's nefarious film villains.
30's 1935 The Last Journey (as Telephone Operator) 1936 The Crimes of Stephen Hawke (as Julia). Well Done, Henry. Nothing Like Publicity. The Heirloom Mystery. Reasonable Doubt 1937 It's Never Too Late to Mend (as Susan Merton). The Ticket of Leave Man (as May Edwards). The Elder Brother. Racing Romance (as Peggy). Silver Top 1938 Easy Riches. Paid in Error. Miracles Do Happen 1939 The Face at the Window (as Cecile De Brisson).
40's 1940 Three Silent Men.


Ernest Thesiger

Born Ernest Frederic Graham Thesiger in London 15th January 1879. Made stage debut at St. James Theatre, London in 1909 and followed with parts in Greek Tragedies, Shakespeare, musical comedies and revues. Married Janette Mary Fernie Ranken. Awarded the Order of Commander of the British Empire in June 1960. Wrote a book on embroidery, and an autobiography titled "Practically True" in 1927. Died January 14th 1961 in his London home.
Silent: 1916 The Real Thing at Last (short) 1918 Nelson. The Life Story of David Lloyd George 1919 A Little Bit of Fluff.
20's 1921 The Adventures of Mr. Pickwick. The Bachelor Club. Number Thirteen (unfinished) 1928 Weekend Wives 1929 The Vagabond Queen.
30's 1930 Ashes (short) 1932 The Old Dark House (as Horace Femm) 1933 The Only Girl. The Ghoul (as Laing) 1934 My Heart is Calling. The Night of the Party 1935 Bride of Frankenstein (as Dr Septimus Pretorius) 1936 The Man Who Could Work Miracles (as Rev. Silas Maydig) 1938 The Ware Case. They Drive by Night (as Mr. Hoover). Lightning Conductor.
40's 1943 The Lamp Still Burns. My Learned Friend (as Forris) 1944 Don't Take it to Heart (as Justice's Clerk). Henry V (as Duke of Berri) 1945 A Place of One's Own (as Dr. Marsham). Caesar and Cleopatra (as Theodotus) 1946 Beware of Pity 1947 The Man Within. Jassy. The Ghosts of Berkeley Square 1948 The Winslow Boy. Portrait From Life. The Bad Lord Byron. Quartet. The Brass Monkey.
50's 1950 Last Holiday. Midnight Episode 1951 The Man in the White Suit (as Sir John Kierlaw). Laughter in Paradise. Scrooge. The Magic Box. The Woman's Angle 1953 Thought to Kill. Meet Mr. Lucifer. The Robe (as Tiberius). The Million Pound Note 1954 Father Brown. Make Me an Offer 1955 Value For Money. An Alligator Named Daisy. The Adventures of Quentin Durward (as Lord Crawford). Who Done It? 1956 Three Men in a Boat 1957 Doctor at Large 1958 The Truth About Women. The Horse's Mouth 1959 Battle of the Sexes.
60's 1960 Sons and Lovers 1961 The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone.



Born 1887 in London. Made stage debut in 1900, film debut in 1909.
20's 1927 The Ring 1928 The Farmer's Wife. The Manxman 1929 The American Pioneer. Piccadilly. The Return of the Rat. The Vagabond Queen.
30's 1930 Murder! Night Birds 1931 Third Time Lucky 1932 Reunion. Love on Wheels 1933 I'm an Explosive. The Love Wager. Side Streets 1934 Broken Melody. Master and Man. The Unholy Quest 1935 The Scarlet Pimpernel 1937 Beauty and the Barge. Four Dark Hours (Released in UK during 1939 as THE GREEN COCKATOO). The Penny Pool 1938 Almost a Gentleman 1939 The Face at the Window (as The Face). Jailbirds. On the Night of the Fire. Young Man's Fancy.
40's 1942 Old Mother Riley Detective 1946 Here Comes the Sun (as Bill). An Appointment With Crime (as Mick). The Laughing Lady.

Born in Britain March 27th 1889. Went to America in 1930. Increasingly ill in his later years, he died in 1939 of tuberculosis.
20's 1923 Chu Chin Chow 1924 The Drum (short). The Cavern Spider (short). Decameron Nights. The Sins of Ye Do. Chester Forgets Himself (short) 1925 Daughter of Love. The Apache. Afraid of Love. The Gold Cure 1926 The Brotherhood (short). Jungle Woman. Pearl of the South Seas 1927 Blighty. As We Lie (short). Roses of Picardy. Poppies of Flanders 1928 The White Sheik. The Farmer's Wife. Tesha. The Rising Generation. Weekend Wives 1929 Piccadilly. Power Over Men. The Feather. Memories (short). The Hate Ship. High Treason.
30's 1930 Journey's End. Night Birds. Elstree Calling. Extravagance 1931 Lover Come Back. Convicted. Night Life in Reno 1932 Three Wise Girls. The Trial of Vivienne Ware. The Phantom President. No More Orchids. Escapade 1933 Brief Moment. The Invisible Man (as Doctor). Bombay Mail. Self Defense 1934 A Lost Lady. The Scarlet Empress. It Happened One Night. Now and Forever. The Man Who Reclaimed His Head (as Munitions Board Director). Beggars in Ermine. Sing Sing Nights. Stolen Sweets. The Moonstone (as Godfrey Ablewhite). Jane Eyre (as Charles Craig). A Woman's Man. A Successful Failure 1935 Lives of a Bengal Lancer. The World Accuses. Rumba. Mr. Dynamite. Coronado. The Lady in Scarlet. Charlie Chan in Egypt. Crimson Romance. The Last Outpost 1936 Mr. Deeds Goes to Town. Lady Luck 1937 House of Secrets (as Coventry). The League of Frightened Men. The Man Who Cried Wolf. 100 Men and a Girl 1938 Death Goes North.
Director. Born Rollo Smolt Thorpe in Hutchison, Kansas on Feruary 24th. 1896. Died 1991.
Began his career as an actor at the age of 25, and by 1923 he was directing mostly two-reeler Western featurettes. He moved to directing features the following year, and in 1935 he joined MGM, where he would become their longest serving director after spending 33 years with the studio. Thorpe became known as a one-take specialist who helmed the majority of the studio's TARZAN output. He also worked briefly in television before his retirement in 1968.
His son Jeremy Thorpe (b. 1930) is also a director and producer of features and television movies.
20's 1923 Three O'Clock in the Morning (short). That's That (short) 1924 Battling Buddy (short). Brining Home the Bacon (short). Hard Hittin' Hamilton (short). Fast and Fearless (short). Walloping Wallace (short). Gold and Grit. Rarin' to Go. Rough Ridin' 1925 Double Action Daniels (short). On The Go (short). Fast Fightin' (short). The Desert Demon. Saddle Cyclone. Full Speed 1926 Rawhide. The Bandit Buster. The Fighting Cheat. Double Daring. College Days. Josselyn's Wife 1927 The Cyclone Cowboy. Between Dangers. The Desert of the Lost. The Soda Water Cowboy. White Pebbles. The First Night 1928 The Flyin' Buckaroo (short). The Galloping Gobs. Valley of Hunted Men. Vultures of the Sea (serial). The Vanishing West (serial). The Cowboy Cavalier. Desperate Courage 1929 The Fatal Warning (serial). King of the Kongo (serial). The Bachelor Girl.
Top 30's 1930 The Lone Defender (serial). The Dude Wrangler. The Thoroughbred. Border Romance. Wings of Adventure. The Utah Kid. Under Montana Skies 1931 King of the Wild (serial). Grief Street. The Lawless Woman. The Lady From Nowhere. Wild Horse (co-dir). The Sky Spider. Neck and Neck. The Devil Plays 1932 Cross Examination. Forgotten Women. Murder At Dawn. Probation. Midnight Lady. Escapade. Forbidden Company. Beauty Parlor. The King Murder. The Thrill of Youth. Slightly Married 1933 Women Won't Tell. The Secrets of Wu Sin. Love is Dangerous. Forgotten. Strange People. Notorious But Nice. I Have Lived. Man of Sentiment. Rainbow Over Broadway 1934 the Quitter. City Park. Murder on the Campus. Stolen Sweets. Green Eyes. Cheating Cheaters 1935 Secret of the Chateau. Strange Wives. Last of the Pagans 1936 The Voice of Bugle Ann. Tarzan Escapes! 1937 Dangerous Number. Double Wedding. Night Must Fall 1938 The First Hundred Years. Man Proof. Love is a Headache. The Toy Wife. Three Loves Has Nancy. The Crowd Roars 1939 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Tarzan Finds a Son.
40's 1940 The Earl of Chicago. Wyoming. Twenty Mule Team 1941 Barnacle Bill. Tarzan's Secret Treasure. The Bad Man 1942 Apache Trail. White Cargo. Tarzan's New York Adventure. Joe Smith, American 1943 Three Hearts for Julia. Above Suspicion. Cry Havoc! 1944 Two Girls and a Sailor. The Thin Man Goes Home 1945 Thrill of a Romance. What Next, Corporal Hargrove? Her Highness and the Bellboy 1947 Fiesta. This Time For Keeps 1948 A Date With Judy. On an Island With You 1949 Big Jack. The Sun Comes Up. Challenge To Lassie. Malaya.
50's 1950 Black Hand. Three Little Words 1951 It's a Big Country (co-dir). The Great Caruso. Vengeance Valley. The Unknown Man 1952 Carbine Willimas. Ivanhoe. Prisoner of Zenda 1953 The Girl Who Had Everything. All the Brothers Were Valiant 1954 Knights of the Round Table. Athena. The Student Prince. The Flame and the Flesh 1955 The Adventures of Quentin Durward 1957 Ten Thousand Bedrooms. Tip on a Dead Jockey. Jailhouse Rock 1959 The House of Seven Hawkes. Killers of Kilimanjaro.
60's 1960 The Tartars 1961 The Honeymoon Machine 1962 The Horizontal Lieutenant 1963 Follow the Boys. Fun in Alcapulco 1964 The Golden Head. The Truth About Spring 1965 That Funny Feeling 1966 The Scorpio Letters 1967 The Last Challenge.

Born in Paris 12th October 1904. Died in Bergerac 19th December 1977.
Son of director Maurice Tourneur (1876- 1961), for whom he began his career as a script clerk for his father's last six American films. He also put his hand to some of the editing. Moved to America in 1914, and became a U.S. citizen in 1919. Returned with his father to France in 1929 and then arrived back in America as a second-unit director for MGM in 1934. Directed for television from the late 1950's onwards.
Biography: "Jacques Tourneur: The Cinema of Nightfall"
30's 1931 Tout Ca Ne Vaut Pas l'Amour 1933 Pour Etre Aime. Toto 1934 Les Filles de la Concierge 1936 Harnessed Rhythm (short). The Jonker Diamond (short). Killer-Dog (short). Master Will Shakespeare (short) 1937 What Do You Think (series). The Boss Didn't Say Good Morning (short). The Grand Bounce (short). The King Without a Crown (short). The Man in the Barn (short). Romance of Radium (short). The Rainbow Pass (short) 1938 The Face Behind the Mask (short). The Ship That Died (short). Strange Glory (short). Think it Over (short) 1939 Yankee Doodle Goes to Town (short). They All Come Out (part direction). Nick Carter - Master Detective.
40's 1940 Phantom Raiders 1941 Doctors Don't Tell 1942 The Magic Alphabet (short). The Incredible Stranger (short). The Cat People 1943 I Walked With a Zombie. The Leopard Man. Days of Glory 1944 Experiment Perilous 1946 Canyon Passage 1947 Out of the Past 1948 Berlin Express 1949 Easy Living. Stars in My Crown.
50's 1950 The Flame and the Arrow 1951 Circle of Danger. Anne of the Indies 1952 Way of a Gaucho 1953 Appointment in Honduras 1955 Stranger on Horseback. Wichita. Great Day in the Morning 1956 Nightfall 1957 Night of the Demon 1958 Fury River (co-dir). Timbuktu. The Fearmakers 1959 Frontier Rangers (co-dir). Mission of Danger. The Giant of Marathon.
60's 1963 The Comedy of Terrors 1965 City Under the Sea.


Director. Born Maurice Thomas in France on 2nd. February 1876. Died during 1961. Buried at the  Pere Lachaise Cemetary in Paris. The father of director Jacques Tourneur.
After twelve years in Hollywood, following a quarrel over the direction of THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND in 1926, Maurice returned to France, where he settled to make films at a more leisurely pace, many of them being romantic, historic spectacles. He was forced to retire in 1949 after losing a leg in an automobile accident and devoted himself to translating American literature into French.
Silents: 1912 Jean La Poudre. The System of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether. Rouletabille Pt. 1: Le Mystere de la Chambre Jaune. Rouletabille Pt. 2: La Derniere Incarnation de Larsan 1913 Le Dernier Pardon. Soeurette le Puits Mitoyen. Le Camee. Le Corseau Rouge. L'Homme Figures de Cire. Mademoiselle Cents Millions. Les Gaites de l'Escadron. La Dame de Montsoreau 1914 Monsieur Lecoq. Mother. The Man of the Hour. The Wishing Ring. The Pit 1915 Alias Jimmy Valentine. The Cub. The Ivory Snuff Box. The Butterfly on the Wheel. Trilby 1916 Human Driftwood (co-dir). The Pawn of Fate. The Hand of Peril. The Closed Road. The Rail Rider. The Velvet Paw 1917 A Girl's Folly. The Whip. The Undying Flame. Exile. The Law of the Land. Barbary Sheep. The Pride of the Clan. Poor Little Rich Girl. The Rise of Jenny Cushing 1918 Rose of the World. The Blue Bird. Woaman. A Doll's House. Prunella. Sporting Life 1919 The White Heather. The Broken Butterfly. The Life Line.
20's 1920 County Fair (co-dir). My Lady's Garter. Treasure Island. The White Circle. The Great Redeemer. Deep Waters. The Last of the Mohicans (co-dir) 1921 The Foolish Matrons (co-dir). The Bait. While Paris Sleeps 1922 Lorna Doone 1923 The Christian. Isle of Lost Ships. The Brass Bottle. Jealous Husbands 1924 Torment. The White Moth 1925 Clothes Make the Pirate (co-dir). Sporting Life. Never the Twain Shall Meet 1926 Old Loves and New. Aloma of the South Seas. Mysterious Island (part-dir. released 1929) 1927 L'Equipage. 1929 Das Schiff der Verlorene Menschen.
30's 1930 Accusee-Levez-Vous! 1931 Patir. Maison de Danses 1932 Au Nom de Justin de la Loi. Les Gaites de L'Escadron (remake). Lidoire 1933 Les Deux Orphelines. Obsession 1934 Le Voleur 1935 Justin de Marseilles 1936 Koenigsmark (and English version Crimson Dynasty). Samson. With a Smile 1937 Le Patriote 1938 Katia.
40's 1940 Volpone 1941 Peches de Jeunesse. Mam'zelle Bonaparte 1942 La Main du Diable. 1943 Le Val d'Enfer 1944 Cecile est Morte 1947 Apres l'Amour 1948 L'Impasse des Deux Anges.


The Missing Link

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