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Van Sloan Veidt Victor Visaroff


Edward Van Sloan


Born Edward Van Sloun in San Francisco 1st November 1881. Retired in 1948. Died March 6th 1964 aged 82 in San Francisco.
Once a commercial artist.
Silent: 1916 Slander.
30's 1931 Dracula (as Professor Van Helsing). Frankenstein (as Baron Waldman) 1932 Play Girl. The Infernal Machine. Wanted. Thunder Below. The Last Mile. Manhattan Parade. Billion Dollar Scandal. Behind the Mask (as Dr. Munsell). Forgotten Commandments. The Mummy (as Dr. Muller). The Death Kiss (as Tom Avery) 1933 Silk Express. Trick For Trick. Deluge (as Professor Carlyle). The World Gone Mad. The Working Man. It's Great to be Alive 1934 Murder on the Campus (as Professor Hawley). Death Takes a Holiday. The Scarlet Empress. Manhattan Melodrama. The Crosby Case. The Man Who Reclaimed His Head (as Munitions Board Director). The Life of Vergie Winters. The Life of Vergie Winters. I'll Fix It 1935 The Woman in Red. Grand Old Girl. The Last Days of Pompeii. The Black Room. Mills of the Gods. A Shot in the Dark (as Professor Bostwick). Air Hawks. Grand Exit 1936 The Story of Louis Pasteur. Fatal Lady. Dracula's Daughter (as Dr. Von Helsing). Sins of Man. Road Gang 1937 The Man Who Found Himself 1938 Danger on the Air. Penitentiary. Storm Over Bengal 1939 The Phantom Creeps (Serial). Honeymoon in Bali.


40's 1940 Abe Lincoln in Illinois. The Secret Seven. The Doctor Takes a Wife. Before I Hang 1941 The Monster and the Girl. Virginia. Love Crazy 1942 Valley of Hunted Men. A Man's World 1943 Submarine Alert. Mission To Moscow. Riders of the Rio Grande. End of the Road. The Masked Marvel (serial). Captain America (serial). Hitler's Children. The Song of Bernadette 1944 The Conspirators. Wing and a Prayer 1945 I'll Remember April 1946 The Mask of Dijon. Betty Co-ed 1948 A Foreign Affair. Sealed Verdict.


Conrad Veidt


Born Conrad Weidt in Berlin 22nd January 1893. Died in Los Angeles 3rd April 1943 of a heart attack. Divorced from music-hall artiste Gussy Holl and Felicitas Radke, and later married agent Lily Barter (d.1980). Studied under famed theatrical producer Max Reinhardt. Became a British citizen in 1939.
As Director: 1919 Die Nacht Auf Goldenhall.
20's 1922 Lord Byron.
As actor: 1916 Der Spion. Der Weg des Todes 1917 Das Rastel von Bangalore. Wenn Tote Sprechen. Die Seeschlacht. Es Werde Licht. Die Claudi von Geiserhot. Furcht 1918 Colomba. Das Dreimaderlhaus. Das Tagebuch Einer Verloren. Henriette Jacoby. Jettchen Gebert. Dida Ibsens Geschicte. Nocturno der Liebe. Opfer der Gesellschaft. Peer Gynt. Opium. Die Serenyi. Die Japanerin 1919 Anders Als die Andern. Chopin. Die Prostitution. Das Kabinett des Doktor Caligari (as Cesare). Around the World in 80 Days. Die Nacht Auf Goldenhall. Die Okarina. Die Mexikanerin. Unheimliche Geschichten. Die Sich Verkaufen. Prinz Kuckuck. Satanas. Wahnsinn. Gewitter im Mai.


20's 1920 Abend Nacht Morgen. Das Geheimnis von Bombay. Der Gang in die Nacht. Der Graf von Cagliostro. Der Januskopf. Der Reigen. Die Augen der Welt. Kunsterlaunen. Kurfurstendam. Menschen im Rausch. Liebestaumel. Manolescus Memoiren. Moriturus. Nachtsgestalten. Patience. Sehnsucht. Weltbrand 1921 Christian Wahnschaffel/Die Flucht aus dem Goldenen Kerker. Das Indische Grabmal. Der Leidensweg der Inge Krafft. Die Liebschaffen des Hektor Dalmore. Lady Hamilton. Landstrasse und Grosstadt. Sundige Mutter 1922 Lukrezia Borgia. Danton 1923 Glanz Gegen Gluck. Paganini. Wilhelm Tell 1924 Carlos und Elisabeth. Nju. Orlac's Hande (as Orlac). Schicksal. Das Wachsfigurenkabinett (as Ivan the Terrible) 1925 Graf Kostja. Liebe Macht Blind. Ingmarsarvet 1926 Die Bruder Schellenberg. Durfen Wir Scheigen? Die Fluch in die Nacht. Der Geiger von Florenz. Kreuzzug des Weibes. Der Student von Prag (as Balduin) 1927 Enrico IV. Jerusalem. Les Maudits. The Beloved Rogue 1928 The Man Who Laughs (as Gwymplaine). A Man's Past 1929 The Last Performance (as Erik the Great). Husbands or Lovers. Das Land Ohne Frauen.
30's 1930 Die Grosse Sehnsucht. Die Letzte Compagnie (and English version). Menschen im Kofig. Bride 68 1931 Der Mann, der den Mord Beging. Nachte am Bosporus. Die Ndere Seite. Die Nacht der Entscheidung. Congress Dances. Rome Express (as Zorka). Rasputin (title role). Ich und die Kaiserin. Der Schwarze Husar 1933 Wilhelm Tell. F.P.1. I Was a Spy. The Wandering Jew 1934 Bella Donna. Jew Suss 1935 The Passing of the Third Floor Back (as The Stranger). King of the Damned 1937 Dark Journey. Under the Red Robe 1938 Tempete sur l'Asie. Joueur d'Echecs 1939 The Spy in Black.
40's 1940 Contraband. The Thief of Bagdad. Escape 1941 A Woman's Face. Whistling in the Dark. The Men in Her Life 1942 Nazi Agent. All Through the Night. Casablanca. 1943 Above Suspicion.



Born in London on October 2nd 1898. Died of a brain tumor in Hollywood May 15th 1945. 6ft. 2in. Educated in Germany. Returned to Hollywood in 1937.
Silent: 1914 Revolution 1916 She. The Picture of Dorian Grey 1917 Ora Pro Nobis 1918 The Secret Woman 1919 The Heart of a Rose. The Call of the Sea. A Lass o' the Looms.
20's 1920 Cavalry. As God Made Her. John Heriot's Wife. Beyond the Dreams of Avarice 1921 The Old Wive's Tale. Sheer Bluff 1922 Bentley's Conscience. A Romance of Old Bagdad. Diana of the Crossaways. A Bill For Divorcement. The Crimson Killer 1923 The Prodigal Son. The Scandal. The Royal Oak 1924 The Colleen Brawn. The White Shadow. Henry, King of Navarre. Slaves of Destiny. His Grace Gives Notice. The Love Story of Aliette Brunton. The Sins of Ye Do 1925 A Romance of Mayfair. Braveheart. The White Monkey 1926 Crossed Signals. The Fourth Commandment. Mullhall's Great Catch 1927 The Beloved Rogue. Topsy and Eva. The Luck of the Navy 1928 The Guns of Loos. Tommy Atkins 1929 After the Verdict. Down Channel. The Hate Ship.
30's 1930 Song of Soho. Are You There? One Heavenly Night 1931 Seas Beneath. Suicide Fleet 1932 Freaks (as Hercules). The Mummy (scenes deleted from final print as Saxon Warrior) 1933 I Spy. The Scotland Yard Mystery. Tiger Bay (as a Swedish Gang Leader). Luxury Liner 1934 The Way of Youth 1935 Handle With Care. Murder at Monte Carlo. Can You Hear Me Mother? 1936 Conquest of the Air. Secret Voice. Fame 1937 Fine Feathers. The Great Barrier. Holiday's End. Our Fighting Navy 1939 Confessions of a Nazi Spy. Hotel Imperial. Thunder Afloat. Pack Up Your Troubles. Nick Carter, Master Detective. Nurse Edith Cavell.
40's 1940 Mystery Sea Raider. Zanzibar 1941 King of the Zombies. Blue, White and Perfect. The Mad Doctor (as Thurber) 1942 Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon (as Professor Frederick Hoffner). To Be or Not To Be. Desperate Journey 1943 That Nazty Nuisance. Above Suspicion. They Got Me Covered.




Born in Russia November 18th 1892. Long stage experience in Moscow dramatic theatre. Died of pnuemonia in Hollywood, California in February 27th 1951. Screen and stage actor. Married to Vina Visaroff (deceased 1938).
20's 1925 The Swan 1926 Paris. The Nickel Hopper (short). Valencia 1927 The Sunset Derby. Camille. Two Arabian Knights 1928 The Last Command. The Adventurer. The Night Bird (as Mario). Plastered in Paris. Tempest. We Americans 1929 Marquis Preferred. The House of Horror. Illusion. Disraeli. Hungarian Rhapsody. The Exalted Flapper. Four Devils.
30's 1930 Morocco 1931 Dracula (as Innkeeper). Arizona Terror. Mata Hari. Chinatown After Dark (as Varanoff) 1932 Freaks (as Jean the Caretaker). Murders in the Rue Morgue (as Man). The Man Who Played God. Secrets of the French Police (as German) 1933 Strange People (as Edwards). The Barbarian. The King of the Arena 1934 Picture Brides (as Pete). Fugitive Road. The Marines Are Coming! The Merry Frinks. The Cat's Paw. Wagon Wheels. We Live Again 1935 Escapade. One More Spring. Mark of the Vampire (as Innkeeper). The Break of Hearts. Anna Karenina. Paddy O'Day 1936 Charge of the Light Brigade. The Gay Wife. Air Devils. Tropic Holiday. I'l Get a Million 1939 Paris Honeymoon. Everything Happens at Night. On Your Toes. Juarez and Maximilian.
40's 1940 Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum. The Son of Monte Cristo (as Prince Pavlov). Four Sons. Second Chorus 1942 Invisible Agent (as Verichen) 1943 For Whom the Bell Tolls. Mission To Moscow. Hostages. Paris After Dark 1944 Experiment Perilous 1945 A Song to Remember. Yolanda and the Thief. Her Highness and the Bellboy 1947 Flight to Nowhere. Intrigue.


The Missing Link

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