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(1906/Warwick Trading Co.) 320 feet. UK.
Credits: Dir: Charles Raymond.
A cabman dreams of a ride with a magician and the strange events that occur.
A story told in seven scenes.

THE CABINET OF DOCTOR CALIGARI (1919/Decla-Bioskop) 78mins. 4682 feet. 6 reels. Silent. Germany. Aka: DAS KABINETT DES DR. CALIGARI.
Credits: Dir: Robert Wiene; Prod: Erich Pommer & Rudolf Meinart; Sc: Carl Meyer & Hans Janowitz; Ph: Willy Hameister; Art: Herman Warm, Walter Rohrig & Walter Reimann. Costumes: Walter Reimann. From story by Hans Janowitz.
Cast: Conrad Veidt, Werner Krauss, Friedrich Feher, Lil Dagover, Hans Heinz von Twardowski, Rudolph Lettinger, Rudolph Klein-Rogge, Walter Reimann, Ludwig Rex, Elsa Wagner, Henri Peters-Arnolds, Hans Lanser-Ludolff.
"A fantastic and thrilling mystery produced in the impressionistic manner...the most amazing contribution to screen art since the earliest days of the cinema!"
































A confusing melodrama claimed to have been inspired by a frightening personal experience by Czech poet Hans Janowitz who in 1913 believed he may have witnessed the murder of a young girl near Hamburg harbour. An incident that was reported in the papers the following day.
Hermann Warm and the other designers decided to make the sets as insane as possible, recognising the commercial potential for the Expressionist style.
The creators were annoyed at the epilogue added by the producer as they felt it dulled their message. Caligari was said to represent the old German authorities, who were sending out the German youth to die for their dead ideal during World War One.
The film is also notable for pointing out the film industry's potential as an artistic medium, not restrained by the conventional and realistic writings of the Nineteeth century.
There was a longer version available but it has since been lost. Some early copies were tinted green and blue.
The head of Decla-Bioscope, Erich Pommer, first assigned Fritz Lang to direct, but when his work on Die Spinnen went on for longer than expected, Wiene got the job.
Produced at a cost of 20,000 Marks, ($18,000). The film reached Britain, France and America during the spring of 1921.

LE CABINET DE MEPHISTOPHELES (1897/Star Film) 195 feet. BW. Silent. France.
Georges Méliès.
"Everything is so weird and fantastic that such a small trifle as a man turning into a donkey excites but passing notice". - Warwick Film catalogue.
Satan's head detaches from his body and floats around a room. Another example of Melies' pioneering photographic effects.

CAFE L'EGYPTE (1924) see The Further Mysteries of Dr. Fu Manchu

CAGLIOSTRO (1910/Pathe) 2 reels. BW. Silent. France.
Helene Du Montel.
The mesmerist Cagliostro puts a girl is under his hypnotic spell.

CAGLIOSTRO (1920) see Graf von Cagliostro

CAGLIOSTRO (1928) BW. Silent.
Cast: Renee Heribel, Rina De Liguoro.
Mysterious events surround the infamous mesmerist.

CAGLIOSTRO (1929/Oswald Film) BW. Silent. Germany/France.
Dir. & Prod: Richard Oswald.
Hans Stuwe, Alfred Abel, Renee Heribel, Charles Dullin, Edmond Van Daele, Suzanne Bianchetti, Rina de Liguoro.
Cagliostro, (Stuwe), is an infamous mesmerist.

LE CAKE-WALK INFERNAL (1903/Star Film) 325 feet. BW. Silent. France.
Georges Méliès.
Horned demons and magical balls of flame appear inside Satan's cave.

CALL FROM THE DEAD (1915/Thanhouser) 2 reels. BW. Silent. US.
The vengeful corpse of his victim horrifies a murderer.

THE CALL OF SILVA (1923) see Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu

CALLING DOCTOR DEATH (1943/Inner Sanctum Films/Universal) 63mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Reginald LeBorg; Prod: Ben Pivar; Sc: Edward Dein; Ph: Virgil Miller; Ed: Norman A. Cerf; Art: John B. Goodman & Ralph M. DeLacy; Sets: Russell A. Gausman & Andrew J. Gilmore; Sfx: John P. Fulton; Tech: William Hedgcock; Mus: Paul Sawtell. An "Inner Sanctum Mystery" by arrangement with Simon & Schuster Inc.
Cast: Lon Chaney Jnr., J. Carrol Naish, Patricia Morrison, Ramsay Ames, Holmes Herbert, David Bruce, Fay Helm, Alec Craig, Mary Hale, Fred Gierman, Lisa Golm, George Eldredge, Charles Wagenheim, John Elliott, David Hoffman, Norman Rainey, Rex Lease, Paul Phillips, Frank Marlowe, Keith Ferguson, Charles Moore, Earl Hodgins, Kernan Cripps, Perc Launders, Jack Rockwell, Robert Hill, Jack C. Smith, Al Ferguson.
"Terror strikes as a madman rules!"
Eminent neurologist Doctor Mark Steele, (Chaney), so hates his unfaithful wife, (Ames), that when her mutilated corpse is discovered he is police inspector Gregg's, (Naish), prime suspect. However, the doctor believes he might have committed the crime while during a blackout caused by self-hypnosis.
The first of many suspenseful potboilers inspired by the "Inner Sanctum" radio series. Despite the interesting premise, the film fails to tie the plot together satisfactorily.

CANDLES AT NINE (1944/British National) 86mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: John Harlow; Prod: Wallace Orton; Sc: John Harlow & Basil Mason; Ph: Jimmy Wilson & Arthur Grant. From a novel by Anthony Gilbert.
Cast: Jessie Matthews, Eliot Makeham, John Stuart, Beatrix Lehmann, Winifred Shotter, Reginald Purdell, Hugh Dempster, Joss Ambler, Vera Bogetti, Ernest Butcher, Guy Fielding, Gerry Wilmott, John Salew, Andre Van Gyseghem, C. Denier Warren, Patricia Hayes, Antony Holles.
Wealthy miser Everard Hope, (Makeham), taunts his relatives about the contents of his will and that night he is murdered. The sole heir is an unknown relative and actress named Dorothea, (Matthews), who is saved from death twice before even arriving at the Hope home by Gordon, (Stuart), from the CID. Further attempts are made on her life and the culprit is revealed to be the sinister housekeeper, (Lehmann).
A poor copy of the successful The Cat and the Canary without any suspense and interspersed with Matthews' musical numbers. After disastrous returns at the box office Matthews' headlining career in films finished.















(1943/MGM.) 95mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Jules Dassin; Prod: Arthur L. Field; Sc: Edwin Harvey Blum; Ph: Robert Planck; Ed: Chester W. Schaeffer; Art: Cedric Gibbons & Edward Carfagno; Mus: George Bassman. Based on the play by Oscar Wilde.
Cast: Charles Laughton, Robert Young, Una O'Conner, Rags Ragland, Margaret O'Brien, Peter Lawford, William Gargan, Reginald Owen, Mike Mazurki, Frank Reicher, Elspeth Dudgeon, Tor Johnson.
American soldiers billeted at an old English castle during World War II are introduced to a cowardly 300 year old ghost, (Laughton), who is doomed to walk the halls until one of his descendants can perform an heroic deed. One soldier discovers he is the last of the Canterville line and meets the young Jessica de Canterville, (O'Brien).
This popular comic whimsy is enjoyably updated to incorporate a wartime message. Laughton is naturally the highlight of the corny script and predictable storyline.
Remade for television as an HTV. special with David Niven, and again in 1986 with John Gielgud.

CAPTAIN AMERICA (1944/Republic) BW. Serial. 15 Chapters. US.
Credits: Dir: John English & Elmer Clifton.
Cast: Dick Purcell, Lionel Atwill, Lorna Grey, Charles Trowbridge, Russell Hicks, Frank Reicher, Edward Van Sloan.
The Scarab, (Atwill), is a crazed scientist with power over the thunderbolt who threatens to conquer the world. Captain America disguised as a district attorney, (Purcell), combats the evil menace.
A captivating serial with some interesting ideas.

see Manhunt on Mystery Island

CAPTIVE WILD WOMAN (1943/Universal) 61mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Edward Dmytryk; Prod: Ben Pivar; Sc: Henry Sucher & Griffin Jay; Ph: George Robinson; Ed: Milton Carruth; Art: John B. Goodman & Ralph M. DeLacy; Sets: Russell A. Gausman & Ira S. Webb; Mu: Jack P. Pierce; Tech: William Hedgcock; Mus: Hans J. Salter. From a story by Ted Fithian, Neil P. Varnick & Maurice Pivar.
Cast: John Carradine, Evelyn Ankers, Aquanetta, Milburn Stone, Lloyd Corrigan, Fay Helm, Paul Fix, Clyde Beatty, Grant Withers, Martha MacVicar (Vickers), Vince Barnett, Ray "Crash" Corrigan, Ed Peil Sr., Ray Walker, Gus Glassmire, Fern Emmett, William Gould, Joey Ray, Frank Mitchell, Anthony Warde, Harry Holman, Alexander Gill, Charles McAvoy, Virginia Engels, Joel Goodkind. Closing Narration: Turhan Bey.
"A human form with animal instincts!"
Scientist, Dr. Sigmund Walters, (Carradine), transforms a gorilla named Cheela, (Corrigan), with an injection of glandular fluids taken from a woman, (MacVicar), into a beautiful woman named Paula, (Aquanetta), who falls in love with animal trainer, Fred Mason, (Stone), who has recently returned from an expedition to Africa that provided Walters with Cheela. However, the trainer loves another girl, (Ankers), which causes the ape-woman to go on a jealous rampage and revert back to her primate state.
Not a bad ape melodrama despite the poor ape suit and B-movie budget. The animal training sequences were taken from the Clyde Beatty documentary THE BIG CAGE (1933).
This was Carradine's first role for Universal and it changed the course of his acting career.
Surprisingly this spawned the sequels Jungle Woman (1944), and Jungle Captive (1945).







On VHS in the US

(1909/Urban/Eclipse) 1 reel. BW. Silent. UK.
Baron Munchausen, encounters the "Spirit of the North" in this fantasy adventure.

CARNIVAL OF SINNERS (1942) see Le Main Du Diable

THE CASE OF BECKY (1915) BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Frank Reicher.
Cast: Blanche Sweet, Carlyle Blackwell, James Neil.
A split personality is imposed on a girl through hypnotism.

THE CASE OF JONATHAN DREW (1926) see The Lodger

THE CASE OF THE FRIGHTENED LADY (1940/British Lion/Pennant) 81mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: George King; Prod: S.W. Smith; Sc: Edward Dryhurst; Ph: Hone Glendinning; Ed: Leslie Norman; Art: Bernard Robinson; Mus: Jack Beaver. From the play by Edgar Wallace.
Cast: Marius Goring, Penelope Dudley Ward, Helen Haye, Patrick Barr, Felix Aylmer, John Warwick, George Merritt, Ronald Shiner, Roy Emerton, George Hayes, Elizabeth Scott, Torin Thatcher.
Lady Lebanon, (Haye), of Marks Priory is anxious for her son Willie, (Goring), to wed his cousin Ilsa Crane, (Ward), but Ilsa is shocked when an attempt is made on her life while her doctor, (Aylmer), and the chauffeur are strangled with an Indian scarf. Detective Inspector Tanner, (Merritt), use Ilsa as bait to trap the murderer and discover that the culprit is Lord Willie Lebanon himself who has inherited his deceased father's insanity and his servants are really male nurses in constant attendance. His mother, Lady Lebanon, has kept his mental state a secret to try and preserve the family bloodline.
A better than average British melodrama remaking the suspense mystery The Frightened Lady (1932).


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(1942) see The Corpse Vanishes

THE CASE OF THE MISSING BLONDE (1938) see The Lady in the Morgue

THE CASTLE GHOST (1910/Pathe) 1 reel. BW. Silent.
A man in a haunted house shoots at a ghost, but the apparition turns out to be a young girl.

CASTLE IN THE DESERT (1942/Twentieth Century Fox) 62mins. US.
Credits: Dir: Harry Lachman.
Cast: Sidney Toler, Arleen Whelan, Richard Derr, Douglas Drumbrille, Henry Daniell, Edmund MacDonald, Victor Sen Young, Ethel Griffies.
Charlie Chan, (Toler), investigates when heirs to a family fortune are being killed at an eerie mansion in the Mojave Desert.
The last of Fox's Charlie Chan series is an effective mystery chiller.

THE CASTLE OF DOOM (1931) see Vampyr

CASTLE SINISTER (1932/Delta/Filmphone) 50mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir., Prod. & Sc: Widgey R. Newman.
Cast: Haddon Mason, Ilsa Kilpatrick, Eric Adney, Wally Patch, Edmund Kennedy.
Professor Bandov, (Adney), tries to put a girl's brain into an apeman's head at his castle on the Devon moors believing that this will benefit mankind. Eventually the resulting creature kills the professor.
A poor attempt for what was a familiar theme even for 1932. The sets and acting are both creaky, but the ape-creature provides a few chuckles.


(1927/Universal) 71mins. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Paul Leni; Prod: Carl Laemmle; Sc: Alfred A. Cohn, Edward J. Montagne & Robert F. Hill; Ph: Gilbert Warrenton; Ed: G. Martin Cohn & Lloyd Nosler; Art: Charles D. Hall; Titles: Walter Anthony. From the Broadway play of 1922 by John Willard.
Laura La Plante, Creighton Hale, Forrest Stanley, George Siegman, Flora Finch, Lucien Littlefield, Tully Marshall, Gertrude Astor, Arthur Edmund-Carewe, Martha Mattox, Joe Murphy.
"The opening of the eccentric millionaire's will twenty years after his death, turns his grotesque old mansion into a veritable nest of spooks, phantoms and unearthly events. Feel the terror, chill and overpowering mysticism in this greatest mystery picture ever made!"
On a lonely pine-clad hill overlooking the Hudson stands the grotesque mansion of the eccentric millionaire Cyrus West, whose greedy relatives, like cats around a canary, have driven him almost insane. Twenty years later, all the relatives gather once again for the reading of West's will which leaves most of the fortune to Annabelle West, (La Plante), who finds herself being stalked by a killer in hideous cat-lik e makeup, hidden in the mansion's many secret passageways. The bespectacled Paul Jones, (Hale), is the only one who tries to help her.
The perennial "Old Dark House" mystery with billowing dusty sheets and a reaching claw-like hand, that continues to inspire many imitations. The superb fluid camerawork takes us into every nook and cranny of the mansion, while Walter Anthony's inventive title-cards keeps this moving along at a cracking pace.
Of all the German filmmakers in Hollywood during the 1920's, Paul Leni was the only one assigned the task of recreating the classic German horror-fantasy films so admired by America's film capital.
Remade with sound in 1930 as The Cat Creeps.




































(1939/Paramount) 72mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Elliott Nugent; Prod: Arthur Hornblow Jnr.; Sc: Walter De Leon & Lynn Starling; Ph: Charles Lang; Ed: Archie Marshek; Art: Hans Dreier & Robert Usher; Mus: Dr. Ernst Toch. From the Broadway play of 1922 by John Willard.
Cast: Bob Hope, George Zucco, Gale Sondergaard, Paulette Goddard, Nydia Westman, Douglass Montgomery, Elizabeth Patterson, John Wray, John Beal.
Cicily (Westman): "Do you believe people come back from the dead?"
Wally (Hope): "You mean like Republicans?"
Joyce Norman, (Goddard), arrives at a suitably mist enshrouded mansion in the Louisiana bayou to claim an inheritance, but finds that the other relatives of the late Cyrus Norman may be trying to drive her insane and force her to forfeit the fortune. With her cousin Wally, (Hope), she discovers secret passages, a hidden treasure, and a hooded killer.
A highly effective combination of comedy and terror, neither detracting from the other and filled with an assortment of interesting characters. This adaptation of the successful stageplay gave comedian Bob Hope his first starring role.

THE CAT CREEPS (1930/Universal) 71mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir. & Sound: Rupert Julian; Prod: Carl Laemmle Jnr.; Sc: Gladys Lehman & William Hurlbut; Ph: Jerry Ash & Hal Mohr. From the Broadway play of 1922 by John Willard.
Cast: Helen Twelvetrees, Raymond Hackett, Jean Hersholt, Neil Hamilton, Lilyan Tashman, Montague Love, Lawrence Grant, Theodore Von Eltz, Blanche Friderici, Elizabeth Patterson.
When an heiress, (Twelvetrees), arrives at a remote mansion to claim her fortune an escaped maniac, named The Cat, (Hamilton), terrorises her and the other relatives gathered there.
By all accounts this is a slick and well paced, sound remake of 1927's The Cat and the Canary that has avoided dating, even by contemporary standards, although this is mostly due to Mohr's effective camerawork than it is to the tiresome scenes of dialogue.
The simultaneously filmed Spanish language version, LA VOLUNTAD DEL MUERTO was filmed with an alternate cast starring Lupita Tovar, directed by Rupert Julian and Paul Kohner. This version, Kohner's first project as Universal's foreign language producer, was so well lit that Laemmle Jnr. ordered the American version to be reshot in the same manner.
Kohner later married his Spanish speaking discovery Lupita Tovar.
Both versions are currently lost although the eight sound discs have been recovered.

THE CAT CREEPS (1946/Universal) 58mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Erle C. Kenton; Prod: Howard Welsch; A.Prod: Will Cowan; Sc: Edward Dein, Jerry Warner & Gertrude Hoffman (uncredited); Ph: George Robinson & Elwood Bredell (uncredited); Ed: Russell Schoengarth; Art: Jack Otterson & Abraham Grossman; Sets: Russell A. Gausman & T.F. Offenbecker; Tech: William Hedgcock; Mus: Paul Sawtell. From a story by Gerald Geraghty.
Cast: Noah Beery Jnr., Paul Kelly, Lois Collier, Douglass Dumbrille, Jonathan Hale, Rose Hobart, Fred Brady, Iris Clive, Vera Lewis, William B. Davidson, Arthur Loft, Jerry Jerome.
"It will scare you out of your skin!"
At Key Towers, the remote island home of Cora Williams, (Lewis), several people are gathered, including a crooked lawyer and a private-eye, (Dumbrille), who are all linked by their implication in the apparent suicide of Eric Goran. That night a journalist, (Brady), and a photographer, (Beery), for the Morning Chronicle are stranded at the house with the other guests and subjected to a night of terror. The soul of a murdered woman seems to live on in a cat that possesses extra sensory powers while the newspapermen try to solve the murder and discover a hidden fortune.
A competent and atmospheric thriller is helped along by the good production values even if the plot seems familiar and the dated humour tends to lessen the atmosphere. Regarded as one of Universal's worst entries in the horror field, made at a time when the public's interest in horror was apparently waning and most of Universal's competitors had ceased making films in this genre.

THE CAT PEOPLE (1942/RKO.) 73mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Jacques Tourneur; Prod: Val Lewton; Sc: DeWitt Bodeen; Ph: Nicholas Musuraca; Ed: Mark Robson; Art: Albert D'Agostino & Walter E. Keller; Sets: Darrell Silvera & Al Fields; Mus: Roy Webb & Constantin Bakaleinikoff.
Cast: Simone Simon, Tom Conway, Kent Smith, Jack Holt, Jane Randolph, Mary Halsey, Elizabeth Russell, Alan Napier, Elizabeth Dunne, Betty Roadman, Alec Craig.
"Kiss me and I'll claw you to death!"
"She knew strange, fierce pleasures that no other woman could feel!"
"A kiss could change her into a monstrous fang-and-claw killer!"

Due to her Serbian heritage, fashion designer Irena Dubrovna, (Simon), is capable of transforming into a large cat when her emotions become too strong. She reluctantly marries Oliver Reed, (Smith), but he becomes concerned when they don't make love, so he persuades her to visit psychiatrist Dr. Judd, (Conway), however when the doctor tries to seduce her, he is clawed to death for his trouble. Meanwhile her husband seeks solace in the arms of another woman, (Randolph), and several attempts are made on her life by a large cat. When the animal is fatally wounded, it makes its way to the city zoo and dies near the panther cage transforming back into Irena.
This is mostly a social comment on the fear of sex rather than a monster film, but Tourneur achieves an eerie atmosphere with a good use of shadow and light. A highlight is the scene in which Randolph is stalked by the panther at night in a swimming pool building reportedly inspired by Tourneur's own experience when he nearly drowned swimming at night in a lake. In the film he created the panther's shadow with his fist.
This is the first of Val Lewton's productions for the RKO "B" movie unit which met with great success, costing only $134 thousand to make on sets borrowed from THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS and grossing over $4 million, saving RKO. from bankruptcy.
Despite a few truly classic scenes, the film is somewhat overrated and occasionally slow. Other Lewton films are better paced and much more enjoyable. Ironically, Val Lewton suffered from gatophobia, a morbid fear of cats.
Sequel: Curse of the Cat People (1944).

see La Chatte Metamorphosee en Femme

THE CATMAN OF PARIS (1940/Republic) 65mins. BW. US. Released 1946.
Credits: Dir: Lesley Selander; Prod: Marek V. Libkov; Sc: Sherman L. Lowe; Ph: Reggie Lanning; Ed: Harry Keller; Sfx: Howard & Theodore Lydecker; Art: Gano Chittenden; Mu: Dale Butts; Mus: Dale Butts.
Cast: Robert Wilke, Fritz Feld, Carl Esmond, Gerald Mohr, Lenore Aubert, Adele Mara, Douglass Dumbrille, John Dehner, Anthony Caruso.
Brilliant, but controversial author Charles Regnier, (Esmond), suffers from blackouts ever since a visit to the Orient and believes himself to be the "claw" killer that stalks the streets of Paris. His lover, (Aubert), discovers that the real culprit is actually someone, (Wilke), who turns into were-cat every 300 years when a constellation of stars are in the right position. The lycanthrope is on his ninth and last incarnation.
The monster make-up is cheap and obvious in this dated, low budget variation of the Jekyll and Hyde story.

THE CAT'S REVENGE (1908/Lux) 200 feet. BW. Silent.
The ghost of a cat haunts a man.

THE CAVE DEMONS (1898) see La Caverne Maudite

THE CAVE DWELLERS (1940) see One Million BC.

THE CAVE DWELLER'S ROMANCE (1913/Bison) 3 reels. BW. Silent. US.
A man is mystically transformed into a horse.

CAVE MAN (1940)see One Million BC.

LA CAVERNE MAUDITE (1898/Star Films) 65feet. BW. Silent. France.
Georges Méliès.
Inside a cave the ghosts and skeletons appear of people buried in mysterious circumstances. A young lady arrives, and she is immediately surrounded by the apparitions.
A creepy subject that was ahead of it's time and made with imaginative special effects. This is one of the first times Melies used duplex photography that caused the rocks and supports of the cavern to be seen through the transparent bodies of the ghosts.

(1950/Classic) 79mins. BW.
Credits: Dir: Harry L. Fraser; Sc: Nat Tanchuck.
Cast: The Hamilton Sisters (Daisy and Violet Hilton), Allen Jenkins.
The famous Hamilton Sisters, siamese twins who appeared in Tod Browning's
Freaks, appear here in a song and dance act until one of them is accused of murder.
The sisters also appeared in the sequel TORN BY A KNIFE.

CHAMBER OF HORRORS (1929/British Instructional) 5014 feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Walter Summers; Prod: H. Bruce Woolfe.
Cast: Frank Stanmore, Elizabeth Hempel, Joan Maude, Leslie Holland, Fanny Wright.
James Budgeforth, (Stanmore), dreams that he murders his mistress Ninette, (Hempel), and goes insane during a night spent in Madame Tussauds wax museum.
The last silent horror film before the huge public demand for talkies overwhelmed the studios.

CHAMBER OF HORRORS (1940) see The Door With Seven Locks





















(1934/Principal) 67mins. BW. US.
Dir: Ray Taylor; Prod: Sol Lesser; Sc: Barry Barrington & Harry Chandlee; Ph: John Hickson; Ed: Carl Himm; Art: Robert Ellis; Mus: Abe Meyer. From the radio drama by Harry A. Earnshaw, Vera M. Oldham & R.R. Morgan.
Bela Lugosi, Maria Alba, Clara Kimball Young.
Frank Chandler, alias Chandu the magician, (Lugosi), uses his magical powers to battle the cat-worshipping cultists of Ubasti, descended from inhabitants of the sunken continent of Lemuria.
A condensed version of the serial Return of Chandu using chapters five through eight for theatres that did not screen serials.
Lugosi portrayed the villain in Chandu the Magician (1932) not Chandu.


THE CHARLATAN (1929) BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: George Melford; Sc: J.G. Hawks & Robert N. Lee.
Cast: Holmes Herbert, Margaret Livingston, Rockliffe Fellowes, Philo McCullough, Anita Garvin, Crauford Kent, Rose Tapley, Fred MacKaye, Dorothy Gould, Fritzi Fern.
Sideshow charlatan Count Merlin, (Herbert), shows Florence Talbot, (Livingston), her past in his crystal ball. Stunned by the revelations and Merlin's knowledge of her life, she leaves. Merlin is actually her long lost husband, Peter Dwight, in heavy disguise whom she had abandoned 18 years earlier taking away their daughter. Dwight sees an opportunity for revenge. At home, Florence's friend, Mrs. Deering becomes obsessed with Merlin's mysticism and wants to invite him to a party, which is greeted with enthusiasm by Talbot's daughter. Count Merlin accepts, and along with his dwarf assistant he performs his magic act. On a dark, stormy night at Florence's mansion, in a room filled with guests, Florence enters Merlin's magic cabinet and is mysteriously killed. All guests, including Florence's new husband, are suspects.
An enjoyable early entry to the "old-dark-house" genre.

(Thanks to Kenneth Strong for this review)

CHARLIE CHAN AT THE WAX MUSEUM (1940/Twentieth Century Fox) 63mins.
Credits: Dir: Lynn Shores.
Cast: Sidney Toler, Sen Yung, C. Henry Gordon, Marc Lawrence, Joan Valerie, Marguerite Chapman, Ted Osborn, Michael Visaroff.
A gangster jailed by the Oriental sleuth Charlie Chan, (Toler), escapes and vows revenge while hiding in a wax museum owned by a madman.
A creepy and atmospheric entry to a series that began with CHARLI E CHAN CARRIES ON (1931) which is unfortunately now a lost film starring Warner Oland who died in 1937 after making the part of Chan his own. Twentieth Century Fox continued the series until 1942 after which low budget B-movie studios continued the stories from 1944 until 1949.

CHARLIE CHAN AT TREASURE ISLAND (1939/Twentieth Century Fox) 75mins.
Credits: Dir: Norman Foster; Sc: John Larkin.
Cast: Sidney Toler, Cesar Romero, Pauline Moore, Sen Yung, Douglas Fowley, June Gale, Sally Blane, Wally Vernon, Donald McBride, Douglass Dumbrille.
Aided by a magician, (Romero), Charlie Chan, (Toler), attempts to prove that a fake medium was responsible for his friend's suicide.
One of the best Toler, Charlie Chan entries thanks to the well written script.

CHARLIE CHAN IN BLACK MAGIC (1944) see Black Magic

CHARLIE CHAN IN EGYPT (1935/Twentieth Century Fox) 65mins. BW. US.
Dir: Louis King.
Cast: Warner Oland, "Pat" Paterson, Thomas Beck, Rita Cansino (Hayworth), Jameson Thomas, Frank Conroy, Nigel de Brulier, Paul Porcasi, Stepin Fetchit, Frank Reicher, John George.
Charlie Chan searches for a mummified archaeologist lost amongst the pyramids.








































An enjoyable mystery chiller with plenty of eerie atmosphere and a music score borrowed from Chandu the Magician (1932)



LA CHASSE DU COMTE ZAROFF (1932) see The Most Dangerous Game

LE CHATEAU HANTÉ (1897/Star Film) 65 feet. BW. Silent. France.
Georges Méliès.
A film adaptation of a stage spectacle produced in 1890.
Not to be confused with Melies' Le Manoir du Diable (1896), also known as THE DEVIL'S CASTLE or THE HAUNTED CASTLE which was made on the same set.

LA CHATTE METAMORPHOSEE EN FEMME (1912/Pathe) 1 reel. BW. Silent. France.
Credits: Dir: Louis Feuillade.
A cat is transformed into a woman by the Gods.

LE CHAULDRON INFERNAL (1903/Star Film) 116feet. BW Silent. France.
Credits: Georges Méliès.
The Devil boils three women in his cauldron, transforming them into flying spirits, and then into flames.

THE CHEESE MITES (1901/Booth) 70feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Walter R. Booth.
"The Liliputians in a London restaurant."
Six inch high sailors dance the "Hornpipe" on a diner's piece of cheese.

THE CHEESE MITES (1903/Urban Trading Co./Micro Bioscope) 150feet. BW Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: F. Martin Duncan.
A diner examines his cheese in a restaurant with a magnifying glass and observes mites magnified to '30 diameters.

THE CHEVAL MYSTERY (1915/Victor) 3 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Cast: Harry Meyers, Rosemary Theby.
An ordinary young woman is changed into a raving maniac by a hypnotist.

UN CHIEN ANDALOU (1928/Bunuel & Dali) 16mins. BW. Silent. France.
Credits: Dir., Prod. & Sc: Luis Bunuel & Salvador Dali; Ph: Albert Dubergen; Ed: Luis Bunuel; Art: Pierre Schilzneck; Mus: Beethoven & Wagner.
Cast: Pierre Batcheff, Simone Mareuil, Jaime Miravilles, Salvador Dali, Louis Bunuel.
A priest drags a piano containing a donkey's putrefying corpse. A fist is unclenched to show ants eating the palm. A person's eyeball is slowly cut with a razor.
A surreal montage of brutal and erotic images, all designed to titilate, shock and repulse. The script emerged from a discussion between Bunuel and Dali about their dreams and their meanings producing the most famous avant garde film in cinema's history.
Conceived as an attack on the esoteric "formalism" of avant-garde French films of the Twenties, controversy still persists whether Dali actually slaughtered the donkey and stole the severed hand from a mortuary for the sequences in the film.
Novelist George Orwell accused Dali of simply having "a sick mind".
A new soundtrack was added in 1983 by Maurico Kagel replacing the original music which was recorded from Bunuel's wind up gramophone record player.

LE CHIEN DER BASKERVILLE (1914/Pathe) 45mins. BW. Silent. France.
From the story by Arthur Conan Doyle.
Sherlock Holmes is on the trail of a monstrous dog loose on the moors that is threatening the lives of the Baskerville family.

THE CHIMES (1914/Cecil M. Hepworth) 2500feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir & Sc: Thomas Bentley; Prod: Cecil M. Hepworth.
A spirit guides a man through a horrifying journey into the future.

CHINESE MAGIC (1900/Robert W. Paul) 100feet. BW. Silent. Aka: YELLOW PERIL.
Credits: Dir: Walter R. Booth.
A Chinese conjuror transforms himself into a giant bat.

CHIRURGIE FIN DE SIECLE (1902) see Une Indigestion

CHIRURGIEN AMERICAIN (1897/Star Film) 65feet. BW. Silent. France.
Credits: Georges Méliès.
A tramp discovers that his body has been replaced at the hands of a surgeon who is tampering with nature.

CHLOE "Love is Calling" (1934) 62mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Marshall Neilan.
Cast: Olive Borden, Reed Howes, Molly O'Day.
A black voodooo mistress from the Florida Everglades emerges to have revenge on a white plantation owner. Evidence surfaces that her daughter Chloe, may actually be the plantation owner's daughter.
An atmospheric tale featuring swamps, alligators, voodoo rituals, snakes and bats.

CHRONICLES OF BLOOM CENTER (1915/Selig Polyscope Co.) 25mins. BW. Silent. US.
Cast: Sidney Smith, William Hutchinson.
Spiritualists are frightened by a man dressed as a ghost before real spirits appear.

LA CHUTE DE LA MAISON USHER (1928/Epstein) 55mins. (6 reels). BW. Silent. France.
Credits: Dir & Sc: Jean Epstein; A.Dir: Luis Bunuel; Ph: Lucas Y. Herbert; Art: Pierre Kefer.
From a story by Edgar Allan Poe.
Cast: Jean Debucourt, Marguerite Gance, Charles Lamyn, Pierre Hot, Fournez-Goffert, Madame Halma.
Sir Roderick Usher, (Debucourt), frantically tries to complete a portrait of his ailing wife, (Gance), who is aware that she is dying as the portrait progresses. When she dies she returns from the grave to save her husband from the lightening that is destroying the family home.
A loosely adapted version of the famous story that removes the novel's intriguing and incestuous brother-sister relationship, and attempts to create an avant-garde style. Ultimately, style is all that remains as most of the undertones of Poe's work are completely ignored.
Bunuel left the post of assistant director after he disagreed with Epstein's conception.


Credits: Dir. & Prod: Luitz Marat; Sc: Jean-Louis Bouqet.
Cast: Daniel Mendelle, Jeanne Maguenat, Armand Morins.
A mad scientist seeking to rule the world, destroys the city of Paris with his raygun.

THE CITY DESTROYED (1922) see Cite Foudroyee

CITY OF THE LOST MEN (1935) see The Lost City





CLEOPATRE (1899/Star Films) 130feet. BW. Silent. France.
Credits: Georges Méliès.
Cast: Georges Melies.
A man with diabolical intent hacks a Queen's mummy to bits, then resurrects the woman from a smoking brazier.
American film producer, Charles Urban saw the potential in the film during a visit to London and took it to America under a new title. Urban then went on to distribute other Melies films in America.

THE CLIMAX (1944/Universal) 86mins. Colour. US.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: George Waggner; Ex.Prod: Joseph Gershenson; Sc: Curt Siodmak & Lynn Starling; Ph: Hal Mohr & W. Howard Greene; Ed: Russell Schoengarth; Art: John B. Goodman & Alexander Golitzen; Sets: Russell A. Gausman & Ira S. Webb; Sfx: John P. Fulton; Technicolor Dir: Natalie Kalmus & William Fritzsche; Mu: Jack P. Pierce; Tech: William Hedgecock; Mus: Edward Ward. From a play by Edward J. Locke.










Cast: Boris Karloff, Susanna Foster, Gale Sondergaard, Turhan Bey, Thomas Gomez, Scotty Beckett, June Vincent, George Dolenz, Ludwig Stossel, Jane Farrar, Erno Verebes, Lotte Stein, William Edmunds, Grace Cunard, Maurice Costello, William Desmond, Stuart Holmes, Eddie Polo, Jack Richardson, Maxwell Hayes, Dorothy Lawrence, Cyril Delevanti, Rex Lease, George Eldredge , Ernie Adams, Roy Darmour, Polly Bailey, Genevieve Bell, Francis Ford, Ann Cornwall, Harry Mayo, Gertrude Astor, Helen Gibson, Fred Curtis, Homer Dickerson, Barry Regan.
"The screen's classic of suspense!"
Young music student Angela Klatt, (Foster), is hypnotised by insane Dr. Frederick Hohner, (Karloff), to never sing again. Ten years ago Hohner strangled his young sweetheart, the opera star Marcellina, (Vincent), because her success got in the way of their relationship. He keeps her embalmed corpse in his palatial home and believes the music student to be his lost love's reincarnation.
A gothic costume melodrama imitating The Phantom of the Opera (1925) and using the same auditorium set, but with little of the original's horror elements and none of its virtues.
Only Karloff's fine performance in this, his first colour film, holds any interest.
The art direction received an Academy Award nomination.

THE CLOWN AND THE AUTOMATON (1897) see Gugusse et l'Automate

THE CLOWN HERO (1915/IMP.) 2 reels. BW. Silent. US.
A boy is frightened by nightmares of strange animals.

THE CLUB PEST (1915/Biograph) 1 reel. BW. Silent. US.
A man attempts to stay overnight in a haunted house to win a bet.

THE CLUE OF THE PIGTAIL (1923) see The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu

THE CLUTCHING HAND (1936/Weiss Prod.) BW. Serial. 15 episodes. US.
Credits: Dir: Albert Herman; Prod: Louis Weiss; Ex.Prod: George M. Merrick; Sc: Leon D'Usseau & Dallas Fitzgerald; Ph: James Diamond; Ed: Earl Turner; Electrical Fx: Kenneth Strickfaden; Mus: Lee Zahler. From a novel by Arthur B. Reeve.
Cast: Jack Mulhall, Marion Shilling, Yakima Canutt, Reed Howes, William Farnun, Ruth Mix, Rex Lease, Mae Busch, Bryant Washburn, Robert Frazer, Gaston Glass, Mahlon Hamilton, Robert Walker, Joseph W. Girard, Charles Locher (Jon Hall), Frank Leigh, Franklyn Farnum, Knute Erickson, Richard Alexander, Milburn Morante, John Elliott, Henry Hall, Snub Pollard, Olin Francis, Robert Russell, William Desmond, Ethel Grove, Gordon S. Griffith, George Morell, Bull Montana, Slim Whittaker.
Dr. Paul Gironda, (Frazer), gathers together the directors of the International Research Foundation to demonstrate his formula for making synthetic gold, b ut the inventor is captured by a shadowy arch fiend, known as the "Clutching Hand". Scientific detective Craig Kennedy, (Mulhall), is asked by Gironda's daughter Verna, (Shilling), to find her father.
An entertaining cliff-hanger slightly hampered by an over-complex script.
An edited seven reel feature length version was also released.



The Missing Link

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