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(1919/D.B. O'Connor Feature Films). BW. Silent. Australia.
Credits: Dir: Charles Villiers. From the stageplay by F. Brooke Warren.
Cast: Agnes Dobson, J J .B. O'Connor, Claude Turton.
The first known film version of the successful stageplay in which a killer distracts his victims with a monstrous visage.

THE FACE AT THE WINDOW (1920/British Actors) 5650 feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: Wilfred Noy; Prod: Gerald Malvern; Sc: Adrian Brunel.
From the stageplay by F. Brooke Warren.
Cast: C. Aubrey Smith, Gladys Jennings, Jack Hobbs, Charles Quartermaine, Ben Field, Sir Simeon Stuart, Kathleen Vaughan, Kinsey Peile.
Lucio Degrad is by day a banker, but by night he is Le Loup, (The Wolf), a murderous burglar. His latest victim managed to write "I am murdered by Luc..." before he died and immediately the handsome Lucien Cartwright is arrested and questioned. Meanwhile the clever Dr. Le Blanc seemingly sparks nervous life into the victim's corpse by using electronic galvanism enabling it to complete the unfinished message. The police then arrest the right man.

THE FACE AT THE WINDOW (1932/Real Art) 53mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: Leslie Hiscott; Prod: Julius Hagen; Sc: H. Fowler Mear.
From the stageplay by F. Brooke Warren.
Cast: Raymond Massey, Eric Maturin, Isla Bevan, Claude Hulbert, Henry Mollison, A. Bromley Davenport, Harold Meade, Dennis Wyndham, Berenoff & Charlot, Charles Groves, David Miller.
A series of bank robberies occur in which the nightwatchman is always found fatally poisoned. The celebrated Parisian detective Paul Le Gros, (Massey), pretends that one of the victims is not quite dead and exposes the maniacal Count Fournal (Maturin), as the thief and killer.

THE FACE AT THE WINDOW (1939/Pennant/British Lion) 65mins. BW. UK.
Dir: George King; Prod: George King & Randall Faye; Sc: Randall Faye & A.R. Rawlinson; Ph: Hone M. Glendinning; Ed: Jack Harris; Art: Philip Bawcombe; Mus: Jack Beaver. From the stageplay by F. Brooke Warren.
Cast: Tod Slaughter, John Warwick, Marjorie Taylor, Leonard Henry, Wallace Evenett, Aubrey Mallalieu, Robert Adair, Kay Lewis, Margaret Yarde, Harry Terry, Billy Shine, Ben Soutten.
A killer named The Wolf, plagues Paris in 1880, stabbing his victims in the back while their eyes are transfixed by a hideous face at the window. The culprit frames another man, (Warwick), for the murders, but when the accused man stages a reanimation of one of the dead victims with electricity the corpse is seen to write the name of his killer. The respected Chevalier Del Gardo, (Slaughter), flees for his life, but the police catch up with him trying to kill his accomplice, a hideously deformed half-brother before they both fall to their deaths in the river Seine.
A well presented, lurid melodrama heightened by Tod Slaughter, the master of the barnstormers.

THE FACE BEHIND THE MASK (1941/Columbia) 69mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Robert Florey; Prod: Wallace MacDonald; Sc: Allen Vincent & Paul Jarrico; Ph: Franz Planer; Ed: Charles Nelson Art: Lionel Banks Mus: Sidney Cutner. From a radio play by Thomas Edward O'Connell.
Cast: Peter Lorre, Evelyn Keyes, Don Beddoe, George E. Stone, John Tyrell, Stanley Brown, Al Seymour, James Seay, Warren Ashe, Charles Wilson, George McKay, Frank Reicher.
"What weird madness turned an ordinary man into a monstrous cold-blooded killer?"
Watchmaker Janos Szaby, (Lorre), is a Hungarian immigrant to America, whose face is horribly scarred during a fire in his home. Forced to turn to a life of crime he wears an expressionn-less mask to hide his disfigurement. Through cunning and ruthlessness he rises to the top of the underworld syndicates and marries a blind girl, (Keyes), who "sees the goodness in him". Fearing that their leader will be too soft, the criminals plan to eliminate Janos, but they kill his wife instead. Janos' vengeful torture is slow and successful, but it also leads to his own death.
Lorre's marvellous performance and the haunting expressionistic style heightens the film and belies its low budget and twelve day shooting schedule.

A FACE IN THE FOG (1936/Victory Pictures) 66mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Robert S. Hill; Prod: Sam Katzman; Sc: Al Martin; Ph: Bill Hyer; Ed: Earl Turner; Sets: Fred Preble. From the story "The Great Mono Miracle" by Peter B. Kyne.
Cast: June Collyer, Lloyd Hughes, Law rence Gray, Al St. John, Jack Mulhall, Jack Cowell, John Elliott, Sam Flint, Forrest Taylor, Edward Cassidy, Robert Williams.
Reporter Frank Gordon, (Hughes), and drama editor Jean Monroe, (Collyer), set out to solve a series of slayings attributed to a mad hunchback known as The Fiend, whose murderous attacks have all been directed towards the cast of the play "Satan's Bride", now scheduled to perform at the Alden Theater.
Similar to Universal's mystery The Last Warning (1928), on which director Robert Hill was associate director to Paul Leni.


(1945/Monogram) 70mins. BW. US. Released 1946.
Credits: Dir: William Beaudine; Prod: Jeffrey Bernard; Sc: Michael Jacoby; Ph: Harry Neumann; Sfx: Robert Clarke; Art: David Milton; Mus: Edward K ay. From a story by William Thiele & Edmund Hartmann.
Cast: John Carradine, Robert Shayne, Claudia Drake, Maris Wrixon, Willie Best, Thomas Jackson, Rosa Rey, Neal Burns, Donald Kern, Allan Ray.
Professor Randolph, (Carradine), and his assistant can restore life to the dead. A drowned sailor, a great dane and his deranged wife are all brought to life, but with disastrous results. When he seemingly appears to be making a whole host of zombies, the revived great dane that now drinks blood stops him.
Low budget mayhem with Best providing the comic relief in a tedious film even for bad movie afficionados.

THE FAIRY BOOKSELLER (1910) see Le Marchand d'Images

THE FAIRY JEWEL (1910/Milano) 1 reel. BW. Silent. Italy.
A fairy drowns a hunter who is after a precious gem.

A group of skeletons are seen cavorting in a graveyard.

THE FAIRY'S PRESENTS (1909/Pathe) Tinted. Silent. France.
A fantasy short that features a Fairy Queen, a magic horn that blows gold and a wand that transforms boys into swine.

THE FAIRY'S SWORD (1908/Cecil M. Hepworth) 775 feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: Lewin Fitzhamon.
A prince uses a magic sword to save a princess from a giant ogre.

THE FAKIER'S SPELL (1914/Dreadnought) 2500 feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: Frank Newman.
Cast: Ildeton Newman.
A fakier changes an Indian girl's lover into a gorilla who is then put in a cage, but the cage catches fire and the gorilla reverts back to his human form.





(1928) see Chute de la Maison Usher

THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER (1928/Webber & Watson) 2 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir & Prod: Melville Webber & James S. Watson Jnr.; Mus: Alec Wilder.
From the story by Edgar Allan Poe.
Cast: Herbert Stern, Hildegarde Watson, Melville Webber.
An independent expressionist production of Poe's short story, containing reverse photography and triptych images. Not much sense can be made from this rather pretentious offering.

THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER (1948/GIB. Films/Valiant) 70mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir., Prod. & Ph: George Ivan Barnett; Sc: George Ivan Barnett, Kenneth Thompson & Dorothy Catt; Mus: De Wolfe. From the story by Edgar Allan Poe.
Cast: Kay Tendeter, Gwendoline Watford, Irving Steen, Lucy Pavey, Vernon Charles, Gavin Lee, Tony Powell-Bristow, Connie Goodwin, Robert Woollard, Keith Lorraine.
In the early 1800's Roderick Usher and his sister Madeline are cursed not to live be yond the age of thirty by their mother's lover who is about to be beheaded. A month before Madeline Usher's thirtieth birthday she dies of an unidentified illness and Roderick is driven insane when he is convinced that she has been buried alive and has escaped the crypt to confront him.
Amateurishly made, but the taut acting and good photography overcomes some of it's obvious failings.











(1898) see Illusions Fantasmagoriques

EL FANTASMA DEL CONVENTO (1934/Producciones Fesa) 85mins. BW. Mexico.
Credits: Dir: Fernando de Fuentes; Prod: Jorge Pezet; Sc: Fernando de Fuentes, Jorge Pezet & Juan Bustillo Oro; Ph: Ross Fisher.
Cast: Marta Roel, Carlos Villatoro, Enrique del Campo, Paco Martinez, Jose Rocha, Victorio Blanca.
Cristina, (Roel), the wife of Eduardo, (Villatoro), attempts to seduce their friend Alfonsa, (del Campo). One night the trio lose their way and are guided to an eerie monastary by a mysterious stranger. There the Father Superior, (Martinez), relates the story of a monk who seduced his friend's wife. When the monk died he could not find peace and returned to his cursed cell. Alfonso, who is tempted to succumb to Cristina's advances enters the cursed cell and witnesses the monk's mummified corpse gesture towards a book dripping with blood. When Eduardo's body suddenly appears, Alfonso deliriously passes out. When he awakes, the trio discover that the monastary is only a ruin and that tourists now visit the mummified corpse of the monk.
A slow paced ghost story commenting on repressed sexual desires with good photography and shots of empty coffins, ghostly monks and bats, creating an uncanny atmosphere.

FANTOMAS (1913-14/Gaumont) BW. Silent. Serial. France.
Credits: Dir: Louis Feuillade; Ph. & Ed: Guerin. Based on stories by Pierre Souvestre and Marcel Allain.
Cast: Rene Navarre, Breon, Renee Carl, Jane Faber, Georges Melchior, Yvette Andreyor, Andre Luget, Luitz Morat, F. Fabreges, Maury, Morlos, Martial, Mesnery, Le Bret, Melle Pelisse.
Concerns the exploits of a gentleman master criminal known as Fantomas, (Navarre), who is able to transform himself into various guises to avoid capture.
The character Fantomas appeared in three serials: FANTOMAS (1913, 3 parts) 1,007 met. 37mins. JUVE CONTRE FANTOMAS (1913, 4 parts) 1227 met. 45mins., and FANTOMAS CONTRE FANTOMAS (1914, 4 parts). Gaumont bought the rights for 6,000 francs.

LE FANTOME D'ALGER (1906/Star Film) 250 feet. BW. Silent. France.
Credits: Georges Méliès.
Features a seance and ghosts.

L'FANTOME DU MOULIN ROUGE (1925/Rene Fernand) 80mins. BW. Silent. France.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Rene Clair; Prod: Rene Fernand; Ph: Jimmy Berliet & Louis Chair; Sets: Robert Gys; Costumes: Paul Poiret.
Cast: Albert Prejean, George Vaultier, Jose Davert, Sandra Milowanoff, Maurice S. Schutz, Madeleine Rodriguez, Paul Olivier.
A doctor manages to seperate a man's spirit from his body which runs rampant in Paris. The police decide to perform an autopsy when they discover the man's corpse, forcing the spirit to race back as fast as it can to stop the police from making the first incision.

THE FATAL NIGHT (1948/Anglofilm) 50mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Mario Zampi; Sc: Gerald Butler & Kathleen Connors; Ph: Cedric Williams; Mus: Stanley Black. From the story "The Gentleman From America" by Michael Arlen.
Cast: Leslie Armstrong, Patrick MacNee, Lester Ferguson, Jean Short, Brenda Hogan, Aubrey Mallalieu.
A young American, (Armstrong), mysteriously disappears when he stays the night at a house rumoured to be haunted. Months later the two men who acted as the ghosts to frighten the American in the house meet him briefly before he is taken away by two men in white coats back to an asylum.
Rated the best second feature of the year.

THE FATAL PACT (1912/Pathe) 1 reel. BW. Silent. France.
A gambler promises a genie that he will never gamble again. He fails to keep this pact and vanishes.

THE FATAL RING (1917/Pathe) BW. Silent. Serial. US.
Cast: Pearl White, Henry G. Sell, Warner Oland, Earle Foxe.
A ring found in Egypt renders the wearer invisible. Heroine Pearl Standish, (White), who owns the ring, is attacked by some crooks led by Carslake, (Oland), who want the jewel, and by a High Priestess and her accomplices who want to take it back to Egypt.
One of Pathe's more successful serials.

(1904) see Damnation du Docteur Faust

FAUST (1907) BW. Silent. France.
Based on the legend by Goethe.
Faust sells his soul to the Devil in exchange for eternal youth.

FAUST (1909/Edison) 2 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Based on the legend by Goethe.

FAUST (1910/Eclair) BW. Silent. France.
Based on the legend by Goethe.

FAUST (1910/Pathe) 3 reels. Hand-coloured. Silent. France.
Based on the legend by Goethe.

FAUST (1910/Cines) 2 reels. BW. Silent. Italy.
Based on the legend by Goethe.
Cast: Fernanda Negri-Pouget.

FAUST (1911/Cecil M. Hepworth) BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: Cecil M. Hepworth. Based on the legend by Goethe and the opera by Gounod.
Cast: Hay Plumb, Claire Pridella, Jack Hulcup.
Faust sells his soul to Mephistopheles, (Hulcup), in exchange for his youth.
Released with synchronised sound on disc.

FAUST (1921) BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Frederick A. Todd. Based on the legend by Goethe.

FAUST (1922/Master) 14mins. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: Challis Sanderson; Sc: Frank Miller.
Based on the legend by Goethe and the opera by Gounod.
Cast: Dick Webb, Sylvia Caine, Lawford Davidson.
Faust, (Webb), sells his soul to the Devil, (Davidson), in exchange for youth and the love of the beautiful Marguerite, (Caine).

FAUST (1923/Butcher Films) 2 reels. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: Bertram Phillips; Sc: Frank Miller.
Based on the legend by Goethe and the opera by Gounod.
Cast: Queenie Thomas, Frank Stanmore.

FAUST (1926) see Faust: Eine Deutsche Volkssage



(1927) 2 reels. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: H.B. Parkinson. Based on the legend by Goethe and the opera by Gounod.
Cast: Herbert Langley, A.B. Imeson, Margot Lees.
A filmed version made for the "Cameo Operas" series.

FAUST AND MARGUERITE (1897/Star Films) 65feet. BW. Silent. France.
Credits: Georges Méliès. Based on the legend by Goethe.
Melies' first adaptation of a literary work, a print of which still exists.

FAUST AND MARGUERITE (1900/Edison) BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir. & Ph: Edwin S. Porter. Based on the legend by Goethe.
Fascinated by Melies' 1897 version of the tale, Porter decided to remake it and improve on many of the ideas using some stop-motion techniques.

FAUST AND MARGUERITE (1904) see Damnation du Docteur Faust

FAUST AND MARGUERITE (1911/Gaumont) BW. Silent. France.
Credits: Dir: Jean Durand. Based on the legend by Goethe.

FAUST AND MEPHISTOPHELES (1898/G.A.S. Films) 75feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: George Albert Smith. Based on the legend by Goethe.
Satan tempts the aging Faust with a vision of the beautiful Marguerite, for whom the old man signs a pact to regain his youth in exchange for his soul.

FAUST AUX ENFERS (1903/Star Films) 490 feet. BW. Silent. France.
Credits: Georges Méliès. Inspired by Berlioz and based on the legend by Goethe.
The aging Faust sells his soul to Satan.
Contains sixteen scenes of a journey through a mineral world via rock, water, ice and fire.
Originally shown with Melies other "Faust" adaptation Damnation du Docteur Faust (1904).





FEAR (1917) see Furcht

FEAR IN THE NIGHT (1947/Paramount) 72mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Maxwell Shane; Prod: William H. Pine & William C. Thomas; Ph: Jack Greenlagh; Ed: Howard Smith; Des: F. Paul Sylos; Mus: Rudy Schrager. From "Nightmare" by William Irish (Cornell Woolrich).
Cast: Paul Kelly, De Forrest Kelly, Ann Doran, Kay Scott, Robert Emmett Keane.
After suffering a horrific nightmare, a man, (D. Kelly), learns that he has been hypnotised to commit a murder. His detective brother-in-law, (Kelly), tries to help.
An ingenious thriller with good performances. Re-made in 1956 as Nightmare.

THE FEATHERED SERPENT (1948/Monogram) 61mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: William Beaudine; Prod: James S. Burkett; Sc: Oliver Drake & Tim Ryan. Based on the tales by Earl Derr Biggers.
Cast: Roland Winters, Keye Luke, Mantan Moreland, Victor Sen Young, Robert Livingston, Carol Forman, Nils Asther, Martin Garralaga, Jay Silverheels.
"Whoever enters this tomb must die! Chan defies the ancient curse of the death-god "Ku-Kul-Can" his strangest murder man-hunt!"
Charlie Chan, (Winters), searches for a valuable Mexican statue while a flying snake seems to be responsible for several murders.
One of the final cinematic excursions for the famous Oriental sleuth in a weak storyline borrowed from Riders From the Whistling Skull (1937).


(1912/Eclair/American Standard) 15mins. BW. Silent. France.
From a story by Nathaniel Hawthorne.
A witch brings a scarecrow to life.

FEATHERTOP (1913/Kinemacolor) Silent.
From a story by Nathaniel Hawthorne.
A scarecrow is brought to life.
This featured an early colour process.

LA FÉE CARABOSSE OU LE POIGNARD FATAL (1906/Star Film) 820feet. BW. Silent. France. Aka: THE WITCH.
Credits: Georges Méliès.
A witch's curse causes a troubador to be frightened by ghosts and various monsters, including a giant frog, a giant owl, a winged serpent and horned wormlike creatures.



THE FIENDISH TENANT (1910/Gaumont) 1 reel. BW. Silent. France.
A man leaving his rented flat removes all his furniture and several human beings from a single bag. He leaves behind a cabinet that explodes when the landlord strikes it.

THE FIENDS OF HELL (1914) see Guarding Britain's Secret

THE FIERY HAND (1923) see The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu

A FIGHT WITH SLEDGEHAMMERS (1902/Harrison & Co. Ltd.) 135feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Dicky Winslow; Prod: George Harrison; Sketch: Wilson Barrett.
Cast: A.W. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Fitzgerald.
Two rival blacksmiths come to blows over a girl.

FIGHTING DEVIL DOGS (1938/Republic) BW. Serial. 12 Chapters. US.
Credits: Dir: William Witney & John English; Prod: Robert Beche; Sc: Barry Shipman, Franklyn Adreon, Ronald Davidson & Sol Shor.
Cast: Lee Powell, Herman Brix, Eleanor Stewart, Montagu Love, John Picciori.
A non-stop action serial featuring a caped madman named The Lightning who destroys things with bolts of electricity. Two marine corps lieutenants attempt to obtain access to The Lightning's thunderbolt machine.
Later edited into a feature and released as TORPEDO OF DOOM.


(1935/Mascot) BW. Serial. 12 Chapters. US.
Credits: Dir: B. Reeves Easton & Joseph Kane.
Cast: Grant Withers, Ann Rutherford, Adrian Morris, Robert Warwick.
An arch-criminal named the Tiger Shark possesses an anti-gravity gun.
A predictable cliff-hanger.

LES FILLES DU DIABLE (1903/Star Films) 165feet. BW. Silent. France.
Credits: Georges Méliès.
The Devil forms three maidens out of the flames emanating from his own hands.

FINGERS AT THE WINDOW (1942/Loews Inc./MGM.) 77mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Charles Lederer; Prod: Irving Asher; Sc: Rose Caylor & Lawrence P. Bachmann; Ph: Harry Stradling & Charles Lawton; Ed: George Boemler; Art: Cedric Gibbons; Sets: Edwin B. Willis; Mus: Bronislau Kaper. From a story by Rose Caylor.
Cast: Lew Ayres, Laraine Day, Basil Rathbone, Walter Kingsford, Miles Mander, Russell Gleason, Charles D. Brown, Cliff Clark, James Flavin, William Tannen, Mark Daniels, Bert Roach, Russell Hicks, Charles Wagenheim, Robert Homans.
A stage hypnotist, (Rathbone), returns to America from Paris posing as Dr. Santell so he can inherit a fortune, however, to keep his identity a secret he must murder all those who could identify him. He begins by hypnotising the lunatics at Ridgley clinic to murder those who stand between him and the inheritance with an axe. A penniless actor, (Ayres), tries to protect young Edwina Brown, (Day), from attempts on her life, but believing that he just wants publicity the authorities fail to listen when he appeals to them that a mastermind is behind the crimes.
The love interest and Ayres' comic role turn what could have been an effective gothic thriller into a lightweight crime drama.

THE FIRE DETECTIVE (1929/Pathe) BW. Silent. Serial. 10 Chapters. US.
Credits: Dir: Spencer Gordon Bennet & Thomas L. Storey; Sc: George Arthur Gray. From a story by Frank Leon Smith.
Cast: Gladys McConnell, Hugh Allan, Frank Lackteen.
Chapter seven features a bestial apeman.

THE FIRST MEN IN THE MOON (1919/Gaumont) 5175feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: J.V. Leigh; Sc: R. Byron-Webber. From the story by H.G. Wells.
Cast: Bruce Gordon, Lionel D'Arragan, Hector Abbas, Cecil Morton York, Heather Thatcher. The inventor of a space sphere, (Gordon), flies to the moon and is marooned by a crooked financier.
The first adaptation of an H.G. Wells novel complete with moon dwelling Selenites.

THE FISHERMAN'S NIGHTMARE (1910/Pathe) 1 reel. BW. Silent.
A fisherman is condemned to be burnt alive by water nymphs.

FIVE SINISTER STORIES (1919) see Unheimliche Geschichten

FLAMES (1917/Butchers Film Service) 5200feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: Maurice Elvey; Prod: F.W. Baker; Sc: Elliot Stannard. From a story by Robert Hichens.
Cast: Margaret Bannerman, Owen Nares, Edward O'Neill, Douglas Munro, Clifford Cobbe.
An aging occultist exchanges his soul with a younger man, whose friends force the souls to revert back to their rightful owners.

(1933/William Berke Prod.) 64mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: C.E. Roberts & George Jeske; Prod: William Berke; Sc: C.E. Roberts & Thomas Hughes; Sets: F.W. Widdowson; Mus: Abe Meyer. From a story by William G. Storer.
Cast: Marceline Day, John David Horsley, Carmelita Geraghty, Noah Beery Sr., Henry B. Walthall, Mischa Auer, Francisco Alonso, James Holmes, Flash.
Jim Robbins', (Horsley), aeroplane becomes stranded in the jungle of an uncharted island where bizarre reanimation rites take place and a dead witch doctor returns from the grave. Supporting our hero is Flash the wonder dog.



(1936/Universal) BW. Serial. 13 chapters. US.
Credits: Dir: Frederick Stephani; Prod: Henry McRae; Sc: Frederick Stephani, Basil Dickey, Ella O'Neill & George Plympton; Ph: Jerry Ash & Richard Fryer; Ed: Saul Goodkind, Edward Todd, Alvin Todd & Louis Sacklin; Art: Ralph Berger; Electrical Fx: Norman Dewes & Kenneth Strickfaden; Rocketship Des: Robert Mattey.
From the comic strip by Alex Raymond that first appeared in 1934.
Cast: Larry "Buster" Crabbe, Jean Rogers, Frank Shannon, Priscilla Lawson, Charles Middleton, Richard Alexander, John Lipson, Theodore Lorch, Richard Tucker, George Cleveland, James Pierce, Duke York Jnr., Earl Askam, Muriel Goodspeed, House Peters Jnr., Constance Romanoff, Glenn Strange. Eddie Parker.
Ming the Merciless, (Middleton), Emporer of the planet Mongo plots to destroy the earth, but Flash Gordon, (Crabbe), and his companions Dale , (Rogers), and Dr. Zarkov, (Shannon), fly to Mongo to confront the Emporer where they encounter Shark men, Lion men, Monkey men, a horned gorilla, Hawk men, and dinosaurs who Flash defeats by various means.
A $350,000 classic "cliff-hanging" serial that spawned two sequels.
The god Tao was a prop borrowed from The Mummy (1932), while some of the other sets and the music were borrowed from Frankenstein (1931). Laura La Plante appears in footage of a ballet sequence taken from THE MIDNIGHT SUN (1926).










































Various features were edited from the series and released with various titles, lengths and formats.
A 97 minute condensed version covers the first half of the original story with Planet Mongo heading for a collision course with Earth, but overall it is an uninspired reworking of footage from the serial.
In 1975 Robert Mattey created the shark for JAWS.
Sequel: Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars.

FLASH GORDON CONQUERS THE UNIVERSE (1940/Universal) BW. Serial. 12 chapters. US.
Credits: Dir: Ford Beebe & Ray Taylor; Prod: Henry McRae; Sc: George H. Plympton, Barry Shipman & Basil Dickey; Ph: Jerome Ash & William Sickner; Ed: Saul Goodkind, Alvin Todd, Louis Sacklin & Joseph Glick; Art: Harold MacArthur. From the comic strip by Alex Raymond.
Cast: Larry "Buster" Crabbe, Carol Hughes, Charles Middleton, Roland Drew, Frank Shannon, Anne Gwynne, John Hamilton, Herbert Rawlinson, Tom Chatterton, Shirley Deane, Lee Powell, Don Rowan, Victor Zimmerman, Edgar Edwards, Ben Taggart, Michael Mark, Earl Dwire, Harry C. Bradley, Sigurd Nilssen, Mimi Taylor, Byron Foulger, William Royle. Eddie Parker.
"Zooming at the Earth...New thrills! New marvels! New wonders!"
Ming the Merciless, (Middleton), is trying to conquer the earth by putting purple Death Dust in the planet's atmosphere. Flash, (Crabbe), and his companions combat Ming once again, encountering the Rock people and the inhabitants of the planet Frigia.
The third and final Flash Gordon serial. This was later edited to 87 minutes for a television feature film and further edited to varying running times and released under alternate titles.

FLASH GORDON: ROCKET SHIP (1936) see Flash Gordon

FLASH GORDON: SPACE SOLDIERS (1936) see Flash Gordon

FLASH GORDON'S TRIP TO MARS (1938/Universal) BW. Serial. 15 chapters. US.
Sequel to Flash Gordon.
Credits: Dir: Ford Beebe & Robert Hill; Prod: Barney A. Sarecky; Sc: Wyndham Gittens, Norman S. Hall, Ray Trampe & Herbert Dalmas; Ph: Jerome Ash; Ed: Saul Goodkind, Alvin Todd, Louis Sackin & Joseph Gluck; Art: Ralph DeLacy; Dialogue Dir: Sarah C. Haney. From the comic strip by Alex Raymond.
Cast: Larry "Buster" Crabbe, Jean Rogers, Frank Shannon, Charles Middleton, Beatrice Roberts, Donald Kerr, Montague Shaw, Richard Alexander, Wheeler Oakman, Kane Richmond, Kenneth Duncan, Warner Richmond, Jack Mulhall, Lade Chandler, Anthony Warde, Ben Lewis, Eddie Parker.
Ming the Merciless, (Middleton), has perfected a death ray called a Nitron Lamp which he aims towards the earth from his base on Mars. Flash, (Crabbe), travels to the red planet to confront Ming and his followers and try to save the earth from destruction. During the course of the adventure Flash rescues the Claymen and meets some Tree-people.
The second of the three Universal Flash Gordon serials. This was later edited and packaged into a 99 minute feature film under various alternate titles.
Sequel: Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe.

FLESH AND FANTASY (1943/Universal) 94mins. BW. US. Aka: FOR ALL WE KNOW.
Credits: Dir: Julian Duvivier; Prod: Julian Duvivier & Charles Boyer; Sc: Ernest Pascal, Ellis St. Joseph & Samuel Hoffenstein; Ph: Paul Ivano & Stanley Cortez; Ed: Arthur Hilton; Art: John B. Goodman, Richard H. Riedel & Robert Boyle; Sets: Russell A. Gausman & Edward R. Robinson; Mu: Jack P. Pierce; Tech: Joe Lapis , Bill Fox & Jack Bolger; Mus: Alexandre Tansman. From stories by Oscar Wilde, Lazlo Vadney & Ellis St. Joseph.
Cast: Barbara Stanwyck, Edward G. Robinson, Charles Boyer, Betty Field, Robert Cummings, C. Aubrey Smith, Anna Lee, Edward Fielding, George Lewis, Marjorie Lord, Robert Benchley, Peter Lawford, Thomas Mitchell, Dame May Whitty, David Hoffman, Edgar Barrier, Frank Arnold, Lane Chandler, Heather Thatcher, Mary Forbes, Ian Wolfe, Doris Lloyd, Charles Winninger, June Lang, Clarence Muse, Charles Halton, Gil Patrick, Paul Bryer, Leland Hodgson, Olaf Hytten, Harry Stubbs, Grace MacDonald, Eddie Acuff, Sandra Morgan, Clinton Rosemond, Joseph Crehan, Arthur Loft, Lee Phelps.
Three strange stories introduced by two men, (Benchley & Hoffman), at their club.
An ugly spinster, (Field), is given a pretty face mask on Mardi Gras night that eventually makes her beautiful.
An attorney, (Robinson), who scoffs at fortune telling submits to his palm being read by a palmist, (Mitchell), who tells him that he will kill before the night is out. The attorney frantically tries to find out more from the palmist, who can tell him nothing. Out of frustration the attorney kills him.
A high wire circus performer, (Boyer), continually dreams he will be in an accident while performing and that it is connected in some way with a woman, (Stanwyck). He meets her on a voyage to the next circus engagement.
An original and well acted suspense anthology.
A fourth story was made, but was removed and expanded into it's own feature titled Destiny.
French and Spanish language versions were made later the same year.

FLIGHT TO THE SUN (1913) see Der Student von Prag

THE FLORENTINE DAGGER (1935/First National) 69mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Robert Florey; Sc: Brown Holmes & Tom Reed; Art: Anton Grot.
From a novel by Ben Hecht.
Cast: Margaret Lindsay, Donald Woods, C. Aubrey Smith, Robert Barrat, Henry O'Niell, Frank Reicher.
The murder of an art dealer is surrounded in mystery.
An intriguing, but ultimately pretentious mystery melodrama.

FLOWER OF YOUTH (1907/Pathe) BW. Silent. France.
Features a demon, a fairy and some spirits.

THE FLYING DUTCHMAN (1923/Film Booking Office) 6 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Lloyd B. Carleton; Ph: Andra Barlatier. From the opera "Die Fliegende Hollander" by Richard Wagner.
Cast: Lawson Butt, Lola Luxford, Edward Coxen.
Features the phantom ship "The Flying Dutchman" and its ghostly crew.

THE FLYING SERPENT (1946/Producers Releasing Corp./Neufeld) 59mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Sherman Scott (Sam Newfield); Prod: Sigmund Neufeld; Sc: John T. Neville.
Cast: George Zucco, Mantan Moreland, Ralph Lewis, Hope Kramer, Henry Hall, Eddie Acuff, Milton Kibee.
"Relic of an ancient terror born a billion years ago!"
Archaeologist Professor Andre F orbes, (Zucco), discovers the lost treasure of Montezuma guarded by the large feathered reptile god Quetzalcoatl. When his colleagues try to get the treasure before him, Forbes trains the serpent monster to despatch his enemies when he places one of the creature's feathers somewhere on their person. The victims are later found with their blood drained away.
An enjoyable B-movie with a laughable monster that looks like a badly stuffed lizard with wings.
The plot is borrowed from the same studio's The Devil Bat (1940).

FOG ISLAND (1945/Producers Releasing Co./Pathe) 70mins. BW. US.
Released May 13th.'46.
Credits: Dir: Terry Morse; Prod: Leon Fromkess; A.Prod: Terry Morse; Sc: Pierre Gendron; Ph: Ira Morgan; Ed: George McGuire; Art: Paul Palmentola; Sets: Harry Reif; Mus: Karl Hajos. From the play "Angel Island" by Bernadine Angus.
Cast: Lionel Atwill, George Zucco, Veda Ann Borg, Jerome Cowan, Ian Keith, Sharon Douglas, John Whitney, Jacqueline De Wit, George Lloyd.
"What was the menace that cast its evil shadow over a strange group of people?"
A group of people are invited to a remote island in Florida by the owner, Leo Grainer, (Zucco), who wants to find the person responsible for murdering his wife, Karma. At the spooky mansion with its secret passages and hidden skeletons, the people are killed one by one.
An enticing title produces little in the way of shocks or interest.

FOILED (1915/Kalem) BW. Silent. US.
Cast: Ethel Teare.
A genie transforms a man into a skeleton.

FOILED (1915/Kalem) BW. Silent. US.
Cast: Ethel Teare.
A genie transforms a man into a skeleton.


(1915/Les Films d'Art) BW. Silent. France.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Abel Gance; Prod: Louis Nalpas; Ph: Wentzel.
Cast: Albert Dieudonn.
A scientist with a large cranium attempts to break up lightwaves and discovers he can change the size of animals used in his experiments.
One of the first mad scientist's put on film with his insanity represented by the use of a distorted lens.

FOOLS IN THE DARK (1924/Film Booking Office) 7 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Alfred Santell; Sc: John Grey & Bertram Millhauser; Ph: Leon Eycke & Blake Wagner. From the story "Peaceful Percy" by Bertram Millhauser.
Cast: Tom Wilson, Matt Moore, Patsy Ruth Miller, Charles Belcher, Bertram Grassby.
A skeleton chases a man through a haunted house.

FOR ALL WE KNOW (1943) see Flesh and Fantasy

FORBIDDEN FRUIT (1909/Pathe) 1 reel. BW. Silent. France.
A magical castle is created for a peasant couple by a magician who warns them not to look under the cover of a large dish stored in one of the rooms. The wife ignores the warning, and an enormous frog emerges and chases the couple from the castle.



(1932) see Freaks

THE FORBIDDEN ROOM (1914/Universal) 45mins. BW. Silent. US.
A hypnotised girl is forced to kill.

THE FORCES OF EVIL: OR, THE DOMINANT WILL (1914/Leading Players) 45mins. BW. Silent. US.
A woman falls under the spell of a hypnotist.

FORTUNE FAVORS THE BRAVE (1909/Star Film) 608feet. BW. Silent. France.
Credits: Georges Méliès.
Features a genie and a battle with a dragon.

see Les Quatre Cents Farces du Diable

THE FOUR TROUBLESOME HEADS (1898) see Une Homme de Tete

THE FOX WOMAN (1915/Majestic/Mutual) 45mins. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Lloyd Ingraham. From a story by John Luther Long.
Cast: Seena Owen (Signe Auen), Elmer Clifton, Teddy Sampson.
A man's soul is restored to him when a vampiric were-fox, (Owen), is killed.



The Missing Link

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