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And the Dead Shall Rise...   The zombies of early cinema *

Chaney Speaks!!   Lon Chaney in The Unholy Three (1930) *

Dear Old Pals?   The relationship between Karloff and Lugosi * *
Denis Gifford   A personal tribute
Double Feature
  Jekyll and Hyde on screen 1908-1941 * *

Ealing Ghost Stories   The Halfway House & Dead of Night *
Enigmatic Max   Biography of Max Schreck

Freaks of Nature    The Special cast of Freaks *
Full Steam Ahead   A fascination for trains * *

Georges Méliès   Biography*
The Great Experimenter
  The career of Roland West*
Gustav von Seyffertitz  The true Hollywood aristocrat * *

The Importance of Being Ernest   Biography of Ernest Thesiger *

John George   Little known diminuitive character actor *

Laura La Plante   A tribute to the late actress
Laurel and Hardy in The Comedy of Terrors
Horror encounters by Stan and Ollie *

Paul Leni, the Forgotten Master    Biography
Paul Wegener, Man or Monster?    Biography
The Prisoner   Biography of Dwight Frye * *

The Ringmaster   Biography of Tod Browning

Start Living in the Reel World   Layman's guide to the Visit the BFI

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Boris Karloff

Boris Karloff in The Old Dark House (1932)

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