Long thought lost, Edison's Frankenstein starring Charles Ogle can now be appreciated by all horror movie fans.
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Frankenstein poster (1909)

(1909/Edison) 957 feet. (UK). 975 feet (US). BW. Silent. US. Released 15th. Mar. 1910.
Credits: Dir: J. Searle Dawley. From the novel by Mary Shelley "Frankenstein-Or The Modern Prometheus".
Cast: Charles Stanton Ogle, Augustus Phillipps, Mary Fuller.


Long thinking that there was no hope in being able to view Edison's 1910 version of FRANKENSTEIN, LS Video advertised a sneak preview of the film stating "clips only", amongst other titles as part of their "Floor Sweepings" collection. I duly sent my $9.95 and waited. After a month or two, allowing for conversion to PAL, I sat back and watched three minutes of the film in its original tinted colour pass before me. The fascination of watching a pre-Karloff Frankenstein monster on screen is almost beyond description.

The creature is created in Frankenstein (1909)The first film adaptation of the classic tale consists of four scenes on one reel.
The full synopsis is carried as:
Henry Frankenstein bids farewell to his father and sweetheart at the Frankenstein home and sits absorbed with the mysteries of life and death. He is convinced that he has found a way to create the most perfect human being, but ,to his horror, he creates a ghastly abhorrent monster. Real Media Video Clip Frankenstein rushes from the room and falls in a faint to the floor. When he has recovered, Frankenstein returns home, but the monster, not wanting to be parted from his creator, Marauding monster in Frankenstein (1909)appears on Frankenstein's wedding night and enters the bride's chamber. The creature stands, arms outstretched, before a full length mirror. Gradually the creature disappears leaving only its reflection. A moment later Frankenstein appears and stands in front of the mirror and sees his reflection as that of the monsters. The power of love causes the hideous reflection to also vanish then Frankenstein and his bride embrace.

What was offered by LS Video is the eye-popping creation of the monster in a boiling cauldron of chemicals. Slowly flesh develops around the boney skeletal frame in one of the most arresting scenes of the genre. Also available is an appearence of the monster at the Frankenstein home.

Charles Stanton OgleA full print was discovered during 1976 in the hands of a private collector, I believe that film preservationists have now managed to obtain the copy and restore it. Now it is available widely on DVD.

After much speculation, Charles Ogle, a member of Edison's stock company of actors, was assigned the role. He designed his own make-up which was often the case as studios rarely bothered to hire specialised make-up artists. The result is a monstrous and extremely effective visage born directly from Mary Shelley's novel.

Mary Shelley explained that she based the name of Frankenstein on the American statesman Benjamin Franklin who conducted experiments with electricity when it was first discovered.

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