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(1941/Universal) 60mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: George Waggner; Prod: Ben Pivar; A.Prod: Jack Bernhard; Sc: Maurice Trombragel & Victor McLeod; Ph: Elwood Bredell; Ed: Otto Ludwig; Art: Jack Otters on & Ralph M. DeLacy; Sets: Russell A. Gausman; Tech: Jess Moulin; Mus: Hans J. Salter. Based on "Terror Of The South Seas" by Alex Gottlieb.
Cast: Dick Foran, Leo Carrillo, Peggy Moran, Al "Fuzzy" Knight, John Eldredge, Walter Catlett, Hobart Cavanaugh, Lewis Howard, Ralf Harolde, Iris Adrian, Foy Van Dolsen, Emmett Vogan, Walter Tetley, Eddy Chandler, Eddie Parker, Dale Van Sickel, John Burton.
Bill Martin, (Foran), searching for a get-rich-quick scheme, organises a tourist treasure hunt to Morgan's Island off the Florida coast where $20 million in Spanish gold and jewels is said to be hidden. However, in the fog enshrouded castle on the island, a black-cloaked figure called "The Phantom" terrorises the unwelcome guests.
Origianlly double billed with Man Made Monster (1941), this over familiar tale is taken through it's B-movie paces much too quickly on a meagre $93 thousand budget and a 12 day shooting schedule.
Sets were borrowed from Tower of London (1939) and the Carfax Abbey staircase was borrowed from Dracula (1931).


(1948) see The Greed of William Hart

THE HOUGHLAND MURDER CASE (1935) see Murder by Television

THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES (1914) see Le Chien der Baskerville

THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES (1914) see Der Hund von Baskerville

THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES (1921/Oswald Stoll) 5091 feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: Maurice Elvey, Sc: William J. Elliot; Ph: W. Germain Burger, Art: Walter W. Murton. From the story by Arthur Conan Doyle.
Cast: Eille Norwood, Hubert Willis, Rex McDougall, Lewis Gilbert, Betty Campbell, Allen Jeayes, Fred Raynham, Madame d'Esterre, Robert English, Robert Vallis, Miss Walker.
Sherlock Holmes, (Norwood), solves the mystery of the death of Sir Charles Baskerville and the family curse meted out by a ghostly hound.
This high standard production adheres to the original story, but sets Holmes in the '20's. Some critics abhorred the idea of Holmes in any other setting than the Victorian age, but Conan Doyle had nothing but praise for Norwood:
"He has that rare quality that can only be described as glamour, which compels you to watch an actor eagerly, even when he is doing nothing."
Norwood portrayed Holmes in 47 films as a quiet and unruffled detective, moving grandly and gloomily, oblivious to anything but the capture of the criminal.

THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES (1929) see Der Hund von Baskerville





























(1931/Gaumont British) 75mins. 6761 feet. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: V. Gareth Gundrey; Prod: Michael Balcon; Additional Dialogue: Edgar Wallace; Ph: Bernard Knowles. From the story by Arthur Conan Doyle.
Cast: Robert Rendel, Frederick Lloyd, John Stuart, Reginald Bach, Heather Angel, Wilfred Shine, Sam Livsey, Henry Hallatt, Elizabeth Vaughan, Sybil Jane, Leonard Hayes.
Sherlock Holmes, (Rendel), and Dr. Watson, (Lloyd), journey to Dartmoor where they attempt to stop the ghostly hound of the moors from attacking the new heir to the Baskerville estate, Sir Henry, (Stuart).
An apparently undistinguished lost version with a hound that glows with phosphorescent paint.

THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES (1939/Twentieth Century Fox) 80mins. (7169 feet) BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Sidney Lanfield; Prod: Gene Markey; Ex.Prod: Darryl F. Zanuck; Sc: Ernest Pascal; Ph: Peverell Marley; Ed: Robert Simpson; Art: Thomas Little; Des: Richard Day & Hans Peters; Mus: Cyril J. Mockridge. From the story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Cast: Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Richard Greene, Wendy Barrie, Lionel Atwill, John Carradine, Beryl Mercer , Mary Gordon, E.E. Clive, Morton Lowry, Eily Malyon, Ralph Forbes, Barlowe Borland, Harry Cording, Ivan Simpson.
"Mr. Holmes we've admired you in the past as does every Englishman. Your record as our greatest detective is known throughout the world, but this--seeing how you work, knowing that there is in England such a man as you--gives us all a sense of safety and security"--Dr. Mortimer (final scene).
"Quick Watson, the needle!"
-Holmes'closing line.
Sherlock Holmes, (Rathbone), and Dr. Watson, (Bruce), are requested by the Baskervilles to help rid their family of a curse in which a giant hound that roams the Dartmoor moors is killing members of their family. Sir Henry Baskerville, (Greene), returns to the estate after his uncle, Sir Charles is killed.
A stylish and intelligent example of what the Hollywood system of production was capable of during it's peak. Despite the slow pacing, the fogbound sets and atmospheric photography successfully convey the eeriness of the tale, the first time cinema set Holmes in the proper Victorian period for which he was created.
This was the first of 14 Rathbone and Bruce, Holmes films. The first two were produced by Twentieth Century Fox who sold the rights to Universal who then continued the series.

THE HOUNDS OF ZAROFF (1932) see The Most Dangerous Game

THE HOUSE BEHIND THE HEDGE (1926) see Unknown Treasures

THE HOUSE OF A THOUSAND CANDLES (1915/Selig Polyscope Co.) 5reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: T.N. Heffron; Sc: Gilson Willets. From a novel by Meredith Nicholson.
Cast: Harry Mestayer, Grace Darmond, George Backus.
Features a haunted house with secret passages. Remade in 1936.

THE HOUSE OF A THOUSAND CANDLES (1936/Republic) 54mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Arthur Lubin; Sc: H.W. Hanemann & Endre Bohem. From a novel by Meredith Nicholson.
Cast: Phillips Holmes, Mae Clarke, Irving Pichel, Rosita Moreno.
A man must live in an unfinished mansion to inherit under the terms of his grandfather's will.
A strange, but unmemorable mystery.

HOUSE OF DARKNESS (1948/International Motion Pictures) 77mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: Oswald Mitchell; Prod: Harry Reynolds; Sc: John Gilling & Robin Estridge; Ph: Cyril Bristow. From a play by Betty Davies.
Cast: Laurence Harvey, Lesley Osmond, Henry Oscar, George Melachrino, Lesley Brook, John Stuart, Alexander Archdale.
"If those walls could talk!"



















Francis is so obsessed with owning his stepbrother's house in Dorset, that he takes advantage of the man's weak heart and causes him to have a fatal heart attack when he smashes his stepbrother's treasured violin. Once in possession of the property Francis begins to hallucinate and believes he can still hear the violin playing in the house. The hallucinations worsen and Francis becomes a victim of his own weak heart.A series of ghostly narratives inspired by The Dead of Night (1945) are tied to the main plot.
Oswald also directed Tod Slaughter in The Greed of William Hart the same year.

HOUSE OF DOOM (1934) see The Black Cat

HOUSE OF DRACULA (1945/Universal) 67mins. BW. US.
Sequel to: The House of Frankenstein.
Credits: Dir: Erle C. Kenton; Prod: Pau l Malvern; Ex.Prod: Joe Gershenson; Sc: George Bricker & Dwight V. Babcock; Ph: George Robinson; Ed: Russell Schoengarth; Art: John B. Goodman & Martin Obzina; Sets: Russell A. Gausman & Arthur D. Leddy; Sfx: John P. Fulton; Mu: Jack Pierce; Tech: Jess Moulin; Mus: Hans J. Salter & Edgar Fairchild. From a story by Edward T. Lowe.
Cast: Onslow Stevens, Lon Chaney Jnr., John Carradine, Martha O'Driscoll, Jane Adams, Lionel Atwill, Glenn Strange, Skelton Knaggs, Joseph E. Bernard, Dick Dickenson, Fred Cordova , Ludwig Stossel, Carey Harrison, Harry Lamont, Walter DePalma, Arthur W. Stern.
"All new...all together! Frankenstein's Monster! Wolf Man! Dracula! Mad Doctor! Hunchback!"
At his castle in Visaria, Doctor Franz Edelmann, (Stevens), and his assistant, Nina, (Adams), try to cure the wolfman Larry Talbot, (Chaney), and Dracula, (Carradine), of their afflictions, but Edelmann becomes a mad nocturnal killer when he is infected with the Count's blood. In the labyrinths below the castle where he plans to grow the mould that will cure the wolfman, Edelmann discovers the Frankenstein monster, (Strange), and proceeds to revive it.
Despite the use of footage from their earlier appearances in Bride of Frankenstein and The Ghost of Frankenstein, this is an enjoyable romp with eerie sets and good portrayals compensating for the rushed script.
Carradine was considered long overdue to portray the infamous Count Dracula, and gives an interpretation closer to Bram Stoker's intentions than Lugosi's rendition in Dracula (1931).
Jane Adams appears as Nina, cinema's first female hunchback.
Universal featured their popular monsters together for the last time in the comedy Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.

THE HOUSE OF FEAR (1914/Lubin) 3 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Features some ghosts.

THE HOUSE OF FEAR (1939/Universal) 65mins. BW. US.
Originally titled: BACKSTAGE PHANTOM.
Credits: Dir: Joe May; A.Prod: Edmund Grainger; Sc: Peter Milne; Ph: Milton Krasner; Ed: Frank Gross; Art: Jack Otterson & John Ewing; Sets: Russell A. Gausman; Tech: Joseph Lapis; Mus: Charles Previn. Based on the play "The Last Warning" by Thomas Fallon and the novel "Backstage Phantom" by Wadsworth Camp.
Cast: William Gargan, Irene Hervey, Walter Woolf King, Dorothy Arnold, Tom Dugan, Alan Dinehart, El Brendel, Harvey Stephens, Robert Coote, Jan Duggan, Donald Douglas, Harry Hayden, Emory Parnell, William Gould, Charles C. Wilson, Milton Kibbee, Ben Lewis, Stanley Hughes, Eddie Parker, Donald Kerr, Tom Steele, Raymond Parker.
The Woodford theatre on Broadway is closed when the ghost of actor John Woodford, (Douglas), is said to haunt the building after he collapsed on stage during a performance of the play "Dangerous Currents". Years later, Arthur McHugh, (Gargan), leases the theatre from the owner Joseph Morton, (Dinehart), to restage the infamous production with the original cast, but the rehersals are beset with problems as cast members mysteriously disappear, the glowing face of the dead actor appears and the discovery of a honeycomb of secret passages.



Paul Leni's Last Warning (1928) is remade as a brisk, suspenseful crime caper with plenty of atmosphere. The final cost of production amounted to $108,000 utilising the sets left over from The Phantom of the Opera.

THE HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1944/Universal) 71mins. BW. US.
Shooting title: THE DEVIL'S BROOD.
Credits: Dir: Erle C. Kenton; Prod: Paul Malvern; Ex.Prod: Joseph Gershenson; Sc: Curt Siodmak & Edward T . Lowe; Ph: George Robinson; Ed: Philip Cahn; Art: John B. Goodman & Martin Obzina; Sets: Russell A. Gausman & Andrew J. Gilmore; Sfx. & Bat Animation: John P. Fulton & Carl Elmendorf; Mu: Jack Pierce; Tech: William Hedgcock; Mus: Hans J. Salter. From a story by Curt Siodmak.














































Cast: Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney Jnr., J. Carrol Naish, John Carradine, Anne Gwynne, Elena Verdugo, Lionel Atwill, Peter Coe, George Zucco, Glenn Strange, Frank Reicher, Michael Mark, Brandon Hurst, George Lynn, Olaf Hytten, Philip Van Zandt, Dick Dickinson, Julius Tannen, Charles Miller, Hans Herbert, William Edmunds, Sig Ruman, Belle Mitchell, Eddie Cobb, Charles Wagenheim, Gino Corrado, Joe Kirk, George Plues, Babe De Freest.
"All together!...Frankenstein's Monster! Wolf Man! Dracula! Hunchback! Mad Doctor!"
While escaping from prison and his fifteen year sentence for practicing illegal experiments, Doctor Gustav Niemann, (Karloff), and a hunchback named Daniel, (Naish), discover Count Dracula's bones at a travelling circus whose owner, Prof. Bruno Lampini, (Zucco), Niemann kills to revive the Count, (Carradine), to use to kill his enemies. After Dracula finishes his task, Niemann leaves him to die in the sunlight and proceeds to revive the Frankenstein monster, (Strange), and the Wolfman, (Chaney), he has discovered encased in ice.
This gathering of monsters has it's moments despite the contrived plot, but it can't hide the desperation to revive the horror cycle. The budget was $354,000 and Karloff completed his two picture deal with Universal and received $20,000.
The "Hollywood Reporter" announced that Lugosi and Karloff were to appear in RKO's STAR SPANGLED RHYTHM as movie actors possessed by the monsters they portrayed on screen. They didn't appear in the film.
After the House of Dracula the Universal monsters faded into obscurity and only appeared in undeserved cameos.
Originally double-billed with The Mummy's Curse (1944).
Sequel: House of Dracula (1945).

THE HOUSE OF HATE (1918/Pathe) Serial. 20 Chapters. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: George B. Seitz; Prod: Louis J. Gasnier; Sc: Bertram Millhauser.
Cast: Pearl White, Antonio Moreno, Paul Clerget, J.H. Gilmour, John Webb Dillon, Peggy Shanor.
A masked fiend known only as "The Hooded Terror", (Clerget), attempts to develop germ warfare in this Pearl White cliffhanger.

THE HOUSE OF HORROR (1929/First National) 7 reels. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Benjamin Christensen; Prod: Richard A. Rowland; Sc: Richard Bee & William Irish (Cornell Woolrich); Ph: Ernest Haller & Sol Polito; Ed: Frank Ware; Titles: Tom Miranda; Mus: Louis Silvers. From a story by Richard Bee.
Cast: Louise Fazenda, Chester Conklin, James Ford, Thelma Todd, William V. Mong, Emile Chautard, William Orlamond, Dale Fuller, Tenen Holtz, Michael Visaroff.
The owners, (Fazenda & Conklin), of a none-too-thriving antique shop are drawn by the promise of wealth when their eccentric millionaire uncle, a miserly recluse, is surrounded by an assortment of weird relatives, all waiting for him to die to get their hands on a missing diamond said to be located somewhere in the house.
All the "Old Dark House" trappings are here, including sliding panels, murder, masked identities, trap doors and ghostly visitations.
William Irish wrote the dialogue for one talking sequence that was included, with a music score and sound effects added courtesy of a Vitaphone disc. No prints of the film, or the discs have survived from this, director Benjamin Christensen's final horror farce for First National.

HOUSE OF HORRORS (1946/Universal) 65mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Jean Yarborough; Prod: Ben Pivar; Sc: George Bricker; Ph: Maury Gertsman; Ed: Philip Cahn; Art: John B. Goodman & Abraham Grossman; Mu: Jack P. Pierce; Tech: Robert Pritchard; Mus: Hans J. Salter. From a story by Dwight V. Babcock.
Cast: Bill Goodwin, Robert Lowery, Virginia Grey, Rondo Hatton, Martin Kosleck, Alan Napier, Howard Freeman,Byron Foulger, Joan Fulton, Virginia Christine, To m Quinn, Jack Parker, Billy Newell, Oliver Blake, William Ruhl, Syd Saylor, Clifton Young, Kernan Cripps, Terry Mason, Stephen Wayne, Danny Jackson, Mary Field, Charles Wagenheim, Janet Shaw, Perc Launders.
"Out of the murk of the river...Out of the clammy mist...Rises a new fiend of horror...The Creeper!"
Marcel Delange, (Kosleck), is a sculptor down on his luck and about to commit suicide, but he jumps into the river to save a man from drowning. The man is actually the infamous criminal "The Creeper", (Hatton), who Delange takes back to his studio to sculpt his image, but every time the artist expresses a dislike for an art critic, the said critic is found with his spine snapped. The "Creeper" is repaying kindness in the only way he knows how. When a reporter, Joan Medford, (Grey), discovers their secret, Delange tries to murder her, but the Creeper has fallen for the girl and snaps Delange's spine before he himself is shot dead.
The laughable script is made up for by the sincerity of the actors, the evocative camerawork and the film noir styled settings. Hatton suffered from a rare disfiguring disease and therefore needed no make-up to make him look sinister.
Hatton made two other "Creeper" films for Universal: The Pearl of Death, a Sherlock Holmes tale, and The Brute Man.
The British censors believed the film should have a non-horrific title.

THE HOUSE OF MYSTERY (1934/Monogram) 62mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: William Nigh; Prod: Paul Malvern; Sc: Albert E. DeMond; Ph: Archie Stout; Ed: Carl Pierson; Art: E.R. Hickson; Prod Manager: Max Alexander; Mus: Abe Meyer.
From a play by Adam Hull Shirk.
Cast: Ed Lowry, Verna Hillie, Brandon Hurst, Liya Joy, John Seehan, Fritzi Ridgeway, Clay Clement, George Hayes, Dale Fuller, Harry C. Bradley, Irving Bacon, Mary Foy, Samuel Godfrey, George Cleveland, Bruce Mitchell, Dick Botiller, James Morton.
"Out of the Mystic Temples of Old India crept the terrible wreak vengeance of the Hindu Gods...One by one its victims fell with not a trace of the bloody assassin!"
The curse of Kali seems responsible for the intrusion of a ghostly ape into the mansion of John Pren, (Clement), a reclusive cripple who many years ago killed the sacred ape of a Hindu temple to steal the temple treasur es. A Hindu priest, (Hurst), had promised that his new found wealth would only bring misery and the spectre of the ape would haunt him. Ten people are gathered at his gloomy estate to claim a share of the fortune and find the precious jewels, but during a seance, someone is murdered and another guest dies when a spectral ape appears to frighten the other guests away.
A cheap comedy mystery, meant as a vehicle for radio vaudevillian Ed Lowry.

THE HOUSE OF MYSTERY (1942) see The Night Monster

THE HOUSE OF SECRETS (1929/Chesterfield Motion Picture Corp.) 71mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Edmund Lawrence; Prod: George R. Batcheller; Sc: Adeline Leitzbach; Ph: George Webber, Irving Browning, George Peters & Lester Lang; Ed: Selma Rosenbloom.
From the novel and play by Sydney Horler.
Cast: Marcia Manning, Joseph Striker, Elmer Grandin, Herbert Warren, Francis M. Verdi, Richard Stevenson, Harry M. Southard, Edward Roseman, Walter Ringham.
Barry Wilding, (Striker), a globetrotting young American arrives in London and learns he has inherited the country estate, The Hawk's Nest, where Sir Hubert Harcourt, (Verdi), a scientist who suffered from a nervous breakdown while developing a poisonous gas for the government. At the estate, Barry and his detective friend Blake, (Warren), find that the mysterious strangers stalking the premises are seeking a lost pirate treasure concealed somewhere on the estate.
One of the earliest independent sound-on-film productions that drew little attention at the time.
Chesterfield remade the film in 1936.

HOUSE OF SECRETS (1936/Chesterfield Motion Picture Corp.) 64mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Roland D. Reed; Prod: George R. Batcheller; Sc: John W. Krafft; Ph: M.A. Anderson; Ed: Dan Milner; Mus: Abe Meyer. From the novel and play by Sydney Horler.
Cast: Leslie Fenton, Sidney Blackmer, Syd Saylor, Muriel Evans, Holmes Herbert, Noel Madison, Morgan Wallace, Ian MacLaren, Jameson Thomas, Matty Fain, George Rosener, Rita Carlyle, Tom Ricketts, Matty Kemp, David Thursby, R. Lancaster, Ramsey Hill.
"A guest at The House of adventurer finds plenty of excitement when Death plays host!"
Barry Wilding, (Fenton), arrives at the Hawk's Nest, a country estate he has inherited on the condition that the property is never sold. On the estate he encounters Julie Kenmore, (Evans), the same girl he met on his journey to London, and her father, a distinguished scientist working on a secret project for the British government, but a gang of crooks arrive to search for a treasure hidden on the premises.
An enjoyable remake of the 1929 version with improved sound techniques.

THE HOUSE OF SEVEN GABLES (1940/Universal) 89mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Joe May; Prod: Burt Kelly; Sc: Lester Cole & Harold Greene; Ph: Milton Krasner; Ed: Frank Gross; Art: Jack Otterson & Richard H. Riedel; Sets: Russell A. Gausman; Tech: William Hedgcock; Mus: Frank Skinner. From a novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne.
Cast: George Sanders, Margaret Lindsay, Vincent Price, Dick Foran, Alan Napier, Nan Grey, Cecil Kellaway, Miles Mander, Gilbert Emery, Charles Trowbridge, Harry Woods, Margaret Fealy, Caroline Cooke, John K. Loofbourrow, Marty Faust, Murdock MacQuarrie, Hugh Sothern, Edgar Norton, Mira McKinney, Ellis Irving, Harry Stubbs, Harry Cording, Kernan Cripps, Colin Kenny, Robert Dudley, Etta McDaniel, Nelson McDowell, Hal Budlong, Ed Brady, Russ Powell, Leigh De Lacy, Claire Whitney, Michael Mark, Ruth Rickaby, P.J. Kelly, Lois Ransom, Jack C. Smith.
In seventeenth century New England at the House of the Seven Gables, Matthew Maule was hanged after being falsley accused of practising Black Magic. In 1828, money-grabbing Jaffrey Pyncheon, (Sanders), returns to the cursed ancestral home after learning that his brother Clifford, (Price), plans to sell the house. Jaffrey accuses Clifford of murdering their father which causes him to be sentenced to life imprisonment, but Clifford's fiancee, Hepzibah, (Lindsay), refuses to let Jaffrey near the house and fills her solitary existence by grieving for her lost love. The tables are eventually turned when Clifford's sentence is commuted and he is able to return home and obtain a confession from Jaffrey before his evil brother, now completely insane, dies from an inherited malady.



A strong period drama with liberal splashes of horror and good pictorial values which originally appeared as the second feature to Black Friday (1940).
Frank Skinner received an Academy Award nomination. Remade later as a segment of the film Twice Told Tales (1963) also with Vincent Price.

HOUSE OF SILENCE (1918/Paramount) BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Donald Crisp Sc: Margaret Turnbull.
Cast: Wallace Reid, Anna Little, Winter Hall, Ernest Foy.
Features a haunted house.

THE HOUSE OF SILENCE (1929) see The Silent House

THE HOUSE OF TAO LING (1946) see Dangerous Millions

THE HOUSE OF THE LOST COURT (1915/Edison) 5 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Charles Brabin. From the novel by Mrs. C.M. Williamson.
Cast: Gertrude McCoy, Viola Dane, Duncan McRae.
An administered Oriental poison gives the appearance of death.

HOUSE OF THE SEVEN GABLES (1910/Edison) BW. Silent. US.
From the novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne.
A mid-seventeenth century house in New England is cursed by a man hanged after he was falsley accused of practising the Black Arts.

Credits: Dir & Prod: J. Stuart Blackton; Sc: Edith S. Tupper.
Cast: Bruce Gordon, May McAvoy, William Jenkins.
Features ghosts and spirits.

THE HOUSE OF WHISPERS (1920/Brunton/Hodkinson) BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Ernest C. Warde; Sc: Jack Cunningham; Ph: Arthur L. Todd.
Cast: J. Walter Kerrigan, Joseph J. Dowling, Fritzi Burnette, Fred C. Jones.
The tenants of an apartment house are frightened by disembodied whispers.

THE HOUSE WITH NOBODY IN IT (1915/Rialto/Gaumont) BW. Silent.
Credits: Dir: Richard Garrick Sc: Dr. Clarence J. Harris.
Cast: Ivy Troutman, Bradley Barker, Frank Whitson.
Mysterious flashes of light emanating from an old house begins a rumour that it is haunted.

see Das Haus Ohne-Fenester-der Hund von Baskerville VI

HOW I COOK-ED PEARY'S RECORD (1909/Urban Trading Co.) 380 feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: Walter R. Booth.
Featuring Baron Munchausen's fantastic conquest of the Pole.

see The Strange Case of Princess Khan

HUGO THE HUNCHBACK (1910/Selig Polyscope Co.) BW. Silent. US.
From the story by Victor Hugo.
An early version of the "Hunchback of Notre Dame" that was pirated and distributed in America by William G. Selig.

THE HUMAN MONSTER (1939) see Dark Eyes of London

THE HUNCHBACK (1909/Vitagraph) BW. Silent. US.
From the story by Victor Hugo.
The famous tale of the deformed Notre Dame bell ringer and the love he feels for a pretty gypsy girl.
This version was pirated and distributed in America by Vitagraph.

THE HUNCHBACK (1911/Cricks & Martin) 790 feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: A.E. Coleby.
Cast: Edwin J. Collins.
A hunchback, (Collins), is accused of a theft he didn't commit and sets fire to a farmhand's house.

THE HUNCHBACK AND THE DANCER (1920) see Der Bucklige und die Tanzerin

THE HUNCHBACK OF CEDAR LODGE (1914/Balboa) 45mins. BW. Silent.
A ghost haunts a library.

THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME (1922) see Esmeralda













(1923/Super Jewel/Universal) 12,000 feet. 12 reels. (135mins.) BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Wallace Worsley; Ex.Prod: Carl Laemmle; Sc: Perley Poore Sheehan & Edward T. Lowe Jnr.; Ph: Robert S. Newhard, Tony Kornman, Virgil Miller, Charles Stumar & Stephen S. Norton; Ed: Maurice Pivar, Sydney Singerman & Edward Curtiss; Art: Elmer E. Sheeley, Sydney Ullman & Stephen Goosson. From the book by Victor Hugo.
Cast: Lon Chaney, Ernest Torrence, Patsy Ruth Miller, Norman Kerry, Kate Lester, Brandon Hurst, Raymond Hatton, Tully Marshall, Nigel De Brulier, Gladys Brockwell, Harry Van Meter, Winifred Bryson, Nick de Ruiz, Eulalie Jensen, Roy Laidlaw, W. Ray Meyers, William Parke Sr., John Cossar, Edwin Wallock, Robert Kortman, Harry Holman, Joe Bonomo, Harvey Perry, Cesare Gravina.
Quasimodo, (Chaney), the deformed bellringer of Notre Dame cathederal in medieval Paris falls foul of the evil schemes of a nobleman and is punished for a crime he did not commit. While under the lash in the public square, a compassionate gypsy girl named Esmeralda, (Miller), gives Quasimodo some water. When Esmeralda is later accused of a crime and is to be executed, Quasimodo, not forgetting a kindness, swings down from Notre Dame cathedral and saves her by giving her the sanctuary of the Cathedral belltower. To protect her from the crowds trying to enter the building Quasimodo rains molton lead on them, but finally the deformed bellringer gives his own life to save Esmeralda's.
A grotesque film epic costing the studio $1,250,000, with 3500 extras and suitably nasty characters that ultimately fails to obscure the true romantic concept of the famous novel. But for all that, Hugo's novel is ultimately a romantic drama and horror fans must suffer the slow-moving sections that fall between Chaney's appearances.
For his virtuoso portrayal of the hunchback, Chaney added 70 lbs of weight to himself with all the padding and make-up, which included a rubber "hunch" and a leather harness in which he was unable to stand. Chaney was described as looking like a human gargoyle and was paid only $2,500 a week. He did his own stunt work, although strongman Joe Bonomo donned the outfit to perform some of the more hazardous long shots.
In 1932, Universal Pictures announced a remake of the HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME to star Boris Karloff, fresh from his portrayal of Frankenstein's monster, but the film was never made.

Credits: Dir: William Dieterle; Prod: Pandro S. Berman & Erich Pommer; Sc: Sonya Levien; Adapted: Bruno Frank; Ph: Joseph H. August; Ed: William Hamilton & Robert Wise; Art: Van Nest Polglase & Al Herman; Mu: Perc Westmore; Mus: Alfred Neuman. From the story by Victor Hugo.
Cast: Charles Laughton, Maureen O'Hara, Cedric Hardwicke, Edmund O 'Brien, George Zucco, Alan Marshall, Thomas Mitchell, Walter Hampden, Fritz Leiber, Harry Davenport, Helen Whitney, Katherine Alexander, Rod La Rocque, George Tobias, Rondo Hatton, Curt Bois, Charlie Hall, Spencer Charters.
"Big beyond words!...Wonderous beyond belief!...Magnificent beyond compare!"
The deformed bellringer, (Laughton), of Notre Dame Cathederal falls in love with a pretty gypsy girl, (O'Hara), who shows him compassion.
A sound remake of the 1923 film which became a classic in it's own right due mostly to Laughton's superb and moving performance.
Budgeted at $1,826,000, of which $250,000 was spent on reconstructing fifteenth century Notre Dame square, but the magnitude and extravagance of the set does tend to detract from the narrative.
Laughton spent sixty days in make-up out of the three month shooting schedule which took two and a half hours to apply and half an hour to remove. Laughton reportedly rejected many of Perc Westmore's make up designs before they reached an agreement.
Rondo Hatton appears briefly in the "king of fools" segment, and Edmund O'Brien makes his film debut.
Lon Chaney Jnr. tried to secure his father's old role for himself.

DER HUND VON BASKERVILLE (1914/Vitaskop) 65mins. (1337 metres). BW. Silent. Germany. Released in America in 1915. Aka: THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES.
Credits: Dir: Rudolph Meinert; Prod: Josef Greenbaum; Sc: Richard Oswald; Ph: Karl Freund & Werner Brandes. From the writings of Arthur Conan Doyle.
Cast: Alwin Neuss, Friedrich Kuehne, Erwin Fichtner, Hani Weisse, Andreas Van Horn.
An early adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Hound of the Baskervilles" with Neuss as the master detective Sherlock Holmes and the hound described as "a monsterous Great Dane with flaming eyes and fire emerging from its mouth".
Originally released in two parts with Des Einsame Haus with the same cast and crew except for the replacement of the cinematographer by Brandes.
The successful run of this film in Germany and abroad created a huge enthusiasm for Sherlock Holmes stories.
Both parts of the film were edited and reissued as one feature in 1921.

DER HUND VON BASKERVILLE (1929/Sued Film/Erda Film Produktions) 2382 metres. BW. Silent. Germany. Aka: THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES.
Credits: Dir: Richard Oswald; Sc: Herbert Juttke & Georg C. Klaren; Ph: Frederick Fugslang. From the story by Arthur Conan Doyle.
Cast: Carlyle Blackwell, Georges Seroff, Fritz Rasp, Alexander Murski, Livio Pavanelli, Alma Taylor, Betty Bird.
Sherlock Holmes, (Blackwell), and Dr. Watson, (Seroff), investigate the mysterious legend of the ghostly hound that haunts the moors near Baskerville Hall and seemingly threatens Sir Henry's, (Pavenelli).
Despite the atmospheric setting, dramatic lighting and international cast this went virtually unnoticed due to the advent of the "talking picture" and Oswald's flat direction.
This is the last time Holmes would be silent.
Blackwell, an American, was a popular actor from 1910 to 1920 in Europe, but like many of his fellow thespians, he never made the transition to sound.
This is the first time that the famous deerstalker hat was used in a continental production.

DER HUND VON BASKERVILLE (1937/Ondra Lamac Film) 7398 feet. BW. Germany.
Credits: Dir: Karl Lamac; Sc: Carla Von Stackelberg. From the story by Arthur Conan Doyle.
Cast: Bruno Gottner, Fritz Odemar, Peter Voss, Friedrich Kayssler, Fritz Rasp, Lilly Schonborn, Erich Ponto, Ernest Rotmund, Alice Brandt, Gertrud Walle, Paul Rehkopf.
Sherlock Holmes, (Gottner), prowls around a very German looking Baskerville Hall attempting to solve the mystery of the Baskerville curse.
Holmes is brought up to date with a polo-neck shirt and a leather overcoat, in a film made during the height of the Nazi party's intervention of the country's film production.

DER HUND VON BASKERVILLE I (1914) see Der Hund von Baskerville

DER HUND VON BASKERVILLE II (1914) see Des Einsame Haus

DER HUND VON BASKERVILLE III (1915/Vitascope) see Das Dunkle Schloss

DER HUND VON BASKERVILLE III (1915/Greenbaum) see Das Unheimliche Zimmer

DER HUND VON BASKERVILLE IV (1915) see Die Sage von Hund

DER HUND VON BASKERVILLE V (1920) see Dr. MacDonald's Sanitorium

DER HUND VON BASKERVILLE VI (1920) see Das Haus Ohne Fenester

THE HYPNOTIC MONKEY (1915/Kalem) 15mins. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Alfred Santell.
Cast: Lloyd Hamilton, Bud Duncan.
In a dream a man is transformed into a monkey and then back into a man.

THE HYPNOTIC VIOLINIST (1914/Warner Bros.) 45mins. BW. Silent. US.
A doctor's wife is controlled by a psychic power.

THE HYPNOTIC WIFE (1909/Pathe) BW. Silent.
A wife casts a hypnotic spell on her husband.

DER HYPNOTISEUR (1912) see Trilby

DER HYPNOTISEUR (1914) see Svengali

HYPNOTISM (1910/Lux) 1 reel. BW. Silent. US.



A girl commits a robbery while under a hypnotist's power.

THE HYPNOTIST (1927) see London After Midnight

THE HYPNOTIST AT WORK (1897) see Magnetiseur



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