The Missing LinkISSUE 5 Spring 1996

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Lugosi and Karloff Issue 5
Moore Marriott in Sweeny Todd (1928) Issue 5 back

The Penalty (1920) One of Lon Chaney's vilest performances
The Monster Maker (1944) Low-budget horror diversion
Love From a Stranger (1937) Surprising early Rathbone film
Der Student von Prag (1926)
Conrad Veidt in another adaptation of the story
Dear Old Pals? The relationship between Lugosi and Karloff
The Great Experimenter Overview of the career of Roland West
Book Reviews:
It's Alive: by Gregory William Mank
Directory of Film Character Actors: by David Quinlan
On the Other Hand: by Fay Wray

What Was Said...

     "...Your research on relatively obscure European names like Paul Wegener ("obscure" only in terms of today's English speaking audiences), and Max Schreck is extraordinary and I congratulate you on it. In fact, I congratulate you on all of the articles in "TML" which are so different from what is published in the slick commercial genre magazines these days."...Richard Gordon, c/o Gordon Films, New York






The Missing Link ISSUE 6 Autumn 1996

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John George Issue 6
Walter Forde Issue 6 back

Laura La Plante Tribute to the late actress
Maniac (1934) Early exploitation
Warning Shadows (1922) Shadows of German Cinema
The Ape Man (1943) "It's Shockerific!"
The Clairvoyant (1934) Mild horror entry from Britain
Full Steam Ahead The train and the horror film
Mother Riley Meets the Vampire (1951)
Left stranded in England, Lugosi had no choice.
John George, Just Another Face in the Crowd
Diminuitive hunchbacked character actor
Book Reviews:
Human Monsters by George E. Turner & Michael H. Price
From Metropolis to Gold by Peter Herzog & Gene Vazzana

What Was Said...

     "Your latest issue is another little marvel, and I'm pleased to hear you enjoyed the Human Monsters book as much as I did. The piece on John George was a superb job of research and typical of the publication at its best."...Darrell Buxton, Derby






The Missing Link ISSUE 7 Spring 1997

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The Wizard (1927) Issue 7
Lon Chaney in The Unholy Three (1930) Issue 7 back

Murder By the Clock (1931)
Early horror deserving of attention
Chaney Speaks!!
Chaney's only venture into the realms of sound
Start Living in the Reel World
Layman's guide to The British Film Institute
Gustav Von Seyffertitz:The True Hollywood Aristocrat

The one noble name of Hollywood
Book Reviews:
Bela Lugosi by Gary J. & Susan Svehla
The BFI Companion to Horror edited by Kim Newman
Shooting Star by Chili Bouchier

What Was Said...

     "Many thanks, I've just received the four issues through the post this morning and appreciate the prompt service. You really do have a gem on your hands with The Missing Link. I for one will shout your praises at the next meeting of the "Gothique Film Society" (now in its 31st. year).
     I have been collecting film material since I was eleven years old in 1965, and buying and selling since I placed my first ad in the "ABC Film Review" of January 1969. So I feel confident to say that The Missing Link is the finest value in the genre today....Gerry Langley, Middlesex