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(1918/Film d'Art/Pathe) 18 reels. BW. Silent. France.
Credits: Dir & Prod: Abel Gance.
Cast: Severin-Mars, Marise Dauvray, Romauld Joube, Desjardins, Mancini, Angele Guys.
During the height of the First World War, Jean Diaz, (Joube), and Francois Laurin, (Severin-Mars), are both in love with Edith, (Dauvray), while experiencing the horrors of the battlefront. In the final segment, titled "The Return of the Dead", the war dead rise up from their graves and march through the countryside to find out if their sacrifice on the battlefield has paved the way for a better world.
Filmed on location, Abel Gance employed the services of many actual soldiers who had a few days leave from the front lines. Most of the young men never survived the next onslaught.
The cinema's first major pacifist film, predating THE BIG PARADE (1925), and ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT (1930).
J'ACCUSE wasn't released in America until 1921 after the hostilities had ended.
Abel Gance made a sound version in 1938.

J'ACCUSE (1938/Forrester/Parant) 95mins. (70mins in US.) BW. France.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Abel Gance; Mus: Henry Verdun.
Cast: Victor Francen, Jean Max, Renee Devilliers, Line Noro, Delaitre, Harry Baur, Marie Lou, Marcel Delaitre, Georges Saillard, L'Ahuzac, Paul Amiot, Rollin, Daurand, Andre Nox.
During World War One, Commanding officer Jean Diaz, (Francen), witnesses the deaths of all his men the day before a ceasefire. He becomes obssessed with fulfilling a vow he made to his dying comrades that it would be the last day of all wars and establishes a scientific workshop to develop the ultimate weapon to ensure world peace. When the weapon is used for evil he resurrects his compatriots to walk the earth and remind humanity about the terrors of war.
Early anti-war propaganda. Gance's seldom seen remake reuses many of the powerful World War I footage from the original.
Released in Britain in 1938, receiving a "H" for Horrific certificate.
Upon release in the United States, the second World War had already begun and the film was subsequently heavily recut and retitled. Gance's original length version is only now in distribution after more than fifty years.

JACK AND THE BEANSTALK (1902/Edison) 1 reel. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Edwin S. Porter. From the popular children's fairytale.

JACK AND THE BEANSTALK (1903/Lubin) BW. Silent. US.
From the popular children's fairytale.

JACK AND THE BEANSTALK (1912/Edison) BW. Silent. US.
From the popular children's fairytale.

JACK AND THE BEANSTALK (1917/Fox) 10 reels. US.
Credits: Dir & Sc: C.M. & S.A. Franklin. From the popular children's fairytale.
Cast: Francis Carpenter, Virginia Lee.

JANUS HEAD (1920) see Der Januskopf


(1920/Lipow Film/Decla-Bioskop) 2300 metres. BW. Silent. Germany.
Credits: Dir: Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau; Prod. & Sc: Hans Janowitz; Ph: Carl Hoffman & Karl Freund; Art: Heinrich Richter.
Unofficially from "The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mister Hyde" by Robert Louis Stevenson.
Cast: Conrad Veidt, Margarete Schlegal, Bela Lugosi, Magnus Stifter, Margarete Kupfer, Gustav Botz, Jaro Furth, Willy Kayser-Heyl, Marga Reuter, Lansa Rudolph, Danny Gurtler.
In Germany the film went unrecognised as the use of an evil double or "doppelganger" was an extremely familiar theme at the time.

THE JAPANESE MASK (1915/Pathe/Aetna) 4 reels. BW. Silent. US.
A curse decrees that anyone who looks upon a certain Japanese ceremonial mask will meet with an unnatural death.

A JAPANESE PEACH BOY (1910/Edison) 15mins. BW. Silent. US.
A boy and his mother are captured by ogres in a cavern and a giant snake is turned into a magic wand.

JAWS OF THE JUNGLE (1936/Jay Dee Kay) 60mins. BW. US./Ceylon.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: J.D. Kendis; Sc: Eddy Graneman; Ed: Holbrook N. Todd.
Cast: Teeto, Minta, Gukar, Walla the ape, Agena the bear. Narrated: Clif Howell.
"A hissing, snarling, screeching challenge to man!"
Ceylonese natives try to avoid the dangerous animals and the killer devil bats that attack them and gorge on both man and beast. Teeto leads the survivors of the vampiric onslaught into the depths of the jungle where he wrestles with his fiancee Minta's rejected suitor Gukar, who is then killed by a tiger. The remnants of the tribe trek on and find a hidden valley where they will be safe from the vampire attacks.
Documentary footage of Ceylonese natives is intercut with staged bat attacks while a narrator tries to keep the whole thing together.
An early curiosity.

THE JEALOUS PROFESSORS (1910/Lux) 1 reel. BW. Silent. US.
Two professors are transformed into a monkey and a toad.

JENNIE (1948) see The Portrait of Jennie

A JERSEY SKEETER (1900) BW. Silent. US.
A giant mosquito abducts a yokel in New Jersey, USA.
Probably the first time a giant insect has appeared in a motion picture.
See also Winsor McKay and his Jersey Skeeters (1916).

THE JEWEL OF DEATH (1916) 2 reels. BW. Silent.
Credits: Dir: M.J. Fahrney; Sc: James Dayton.
Cast: William Clifford, Bud Osborne.
An idol's magic eye causes death.

JOAN MEDFORD IS MISSING (1946) see The House of Horrors

(1911/Acme Films) 435 feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: Fred Rains.
Cast: Fred Rains.
Mr. Jones, (Rains), dreams of giant lobsters, demons and being blown to the Moon.


(1909) BW. Silent. France.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Segundo De Chomon. From the story by Jules Verne.
The first film version of Vernes popular tale contains scenes of lost cities and dinosaurs. Unfortunately the film is now lost with little chance of it ever to be seen again.

JUGGERNAUT (1936/JH Prod./Grand National) 74mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: Henry Edwards; Prod: Julius Hagen; Ex.Prod: Edward L. Alperson; Sc: Cyril Campion, H. Fowler Mear & Heinrich Fraenkel; Ph: Sidney Blythe & William Luff; Ed: Michael Chorlton; Mus: W.L. Trytel. From the novel by Alice Campbell.



Cast: Boris Karloff, Mona Goya, Joan Wyndham, Arthur Margetson, Anthony Ireland, Morton Selten, Mina Boucicault, Gibb McLaughlin, H.H. Roberts, Victor Rietti.
Doctor Satorius, (Karloff), needs financial help to continue his experiments to find a cure for paralysis and agrees with wealthy Lady Clifford, (Goya), to poison her millionare husband for a substantial monetary reward. While planning an additional murder, his plot is discovered, so the doctor injects himself with poison.
This is the second film Karloff made during a brief return to his homeland, unfortunately it is a slow moving melodrama that wastes Karloff's talents.

JUNGLE CAPTIVE (1944/Universal) 64mins. BW. US. Aka: WILD JUNGLE CAPTIVE.
Sequel to: Jungle Woman.
Credits: Dir: Harold Young; Ex.Prod: Ben Pivar; A.Prod: Morgan B. Cox; Sc: Dwight V. Babcock & M. Coates Webster; Ph: Maury Gertsman; Ed: Fred R. Feitshams Jnr.; Art: John B. Goodman & Robert Clatworthy; Sets: Russell A. Gausman & Andrew J. Gilmore; Tech: Robert Pritchard; Mu: Jack P. Pierce; Mus: Paul Sawtell.
Cast: Vicky Lane, Otto Kruger, Amelita Ward, Phil Brown, Jerome Cowan, Rondo Hatton, Eddie Acuff, Ernie Adams, Charles Wagenheim, Eddy Chandler, Jack Overman, Bill Murphy, Bob Pepper, Pat Gleason, Billy Jones. Hatton's double: Dale Van Sickel.
"Pawn of a mad monster! Ravishing beauty transformed into raging beast...Loving to kill!"





















A mad biochemist, Dr. Stendahl, (Kruger), and his deformed assistant, Moloch, (Hatton), revive the body of Paul a Dupree, (Lane), the ape-woman, and try to stabilise her transformations to an ape when she becomes sexually excited by giving her their secreatary, (Ward), Ann Forrester's brain. Moloch attacks his master to save the life of Ann, when the Ape Woman rises from the operating table and throttles the scientist.
The worst and final installment in a series of films that feature Paula Dupree, the ape-woman. Features footage from the earlier installments, Captive Wild Woman (1943), and Jungle Woman (1944), as well as brief shots from The Invisible Man (1933).

JUNGLE GIRL (1944) see Jungle Woman

JUNGLE QUEEN (1944) see Jungle Woman

JUNGLE VIRGIN (1936) see Jaws of the Jungle

JUNGLE WOMAN (1944) see Nabonga

JUNGLE WOMAN (1944/Universal) 60mins. BW. US.
Aka: JUNGLE QUEEN; JUNGLE GIRL. Sequel to: Captive Wild Woman.
Credits: Dir: Reginald Le Borg; Ex.Prod: Ben Pivar; A.Prod: Will Cowan; Sc: Henry Sucher, Bernard Schubert & Edward Dein; Ph: Jack MacKenzie; Ed: Ray Snyder; Art: John B. Goodman & Abraham Grossman; Sets: Russell A. Gausman & Edward R. Robinson; Sfx: Red Guthrie; Mu: Jack P. Pierce; Tech: Jess Moulin; Mus: Paul Sawtell. From a story by Henry Sucher.
Cast: J. Carrol Naish, Acquanetta, Evelyn Ankers, Milburn Stone, Lois Collier, Richard Davis, Eddie Hyams Jnr., Douglas Dumbrille, Samuel S. Hinds, Edward M. Hyams Jnr., Christian Rub, Nana Bryant, Pierre Watkin, Alec Craig, Richard Powers, Heine Conklin, Nolan Leary, Charles Marsh, Wilson Benge, Kernan Cripps, Edward Clark, Diane Carroll, Beatrice Roberts.
The beautiful Paula Dupree, (Aquanetta), is actually an orangutan that has been tampered with by a mad doctor, and is revived by Dr.Carl Fletcher, (Naish), who mixes her blood with that of Cheela the ape. However, whenever she becomes sexually excited she reverts back to her simian form. While the police are tracking an animal on a campaign of terror, Paula falls in love with the scientist's, daughter's boyfriend and tries to kill the daughter, but the doctor gives her an adrenalin overdose which kills the ape-woman.
The plot of the Cat People is reworked for apes, but used less effectively.
The the ape woman is not fully shown until near the end.
Scenes from the first film are used for flashback sequences, and features footage borrowed from THE BIG CAGE (1933).
Sequel: Jungle Captive.

JUST IMAGINE (1930/Fox) 102mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: David Butler; Sc. & A.Prod: Brown, De Sylva & Henderson; Ph: Ernest Palmer; Des: Stephen Gooson & Ralph Hammeras; Mus: Arthur Kay & Hugo Friedhofer.
Cast: El Brendel, Maureen O'Sullivan, John Garrick, Frank Albertson, Marjorie White, Hobart Bosworth, Mischa Auer, Wilfred Lucas.
A man, (Brendel), who is struck by lightening in 1930, is resuscitated in 1980 and finds that he cannot cope with the changed world. Another man, (Garrick), leaps from his personal plane and lands on the plane of his girlfriend, (O'Hara), where they fly together over the futuristic city of New York and its extensive lanes of air traffic controlled by aerial patrolman and stop lights. Eventually the displaced 1930's man stows on board a flight to Mars.
An inaccurate look at the 80's from 1930 with some terrible dialogue, dated comedy routines and musical interludes. Notable only for the stylised sets made within the huge budget of $250 thousand.



The Missing Link

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Classic Horror Movies A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

(1919) see The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

KARAMANEH (1924) see The Further Mysteries of Dr. Fu Manchu

THE KEY OF LIFE (1910/Edison) 2 reels. BW. Silent. US.
A Hindu's spell reincarnates a kitten as a cat woman.

THE KIDNAPPED STOCKBROKER (1915/Vitagraph) 2 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: William Humphrey.
Features a haunted house.

Credits: Dir: Max Nosseck. From James Creelman's short story.
Cast: George Coulouris.
A remake of The Most Dangerous Game.

Credits: Dir: David Selman.
Cast: Lon Chaney Jnr., Mary Brian, Russell Hardie, Thurston Hall, Betty Compson, Henry Brandon.
A mystery play featuring waxworks, a cemetery and a creepy atmosphere.
A typical 30's melodrama made as a vehicle for Lon Chaney Jnr.

KILLER BATS (1941) see The Devil Bat

KING KLUNK (1933/Universal) 1 reel. Animated. US.
Credits: Dir. & Animation: Walter Lantz & William Nolan.



The giant ape attacks a native village, fights with a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and topples from the Empire State Building.
A Pooch the Pup adventure starring King Klunk, the 6th.Wonder of the World.
This cartoon followed closely the sequences of King Kong (1933), so closely in fact, that it is surprising that RKO never objected to this blatant violation of their copyrighted story.

KING KONG "The Eighth Wonder of the World" (1933/RKO.) 100mins. BW. US.
Originally titled: THE BEAST, KING APE, and KONG.
Credits: Dir: Merian C. Cooper; Co-Dir: Ernest B. Schoedsack; Ex.Prod: David O'Selznick; Prod: Merian C. Cooper & Ernest B. Schoedsack; Sc: James Creelman & Ruth Rose; Ph: Edward Linden, Vernon L. Walker & J.O. Taylor; Ed: Ted Cheeseman; Animation: Willis O'Brien; Art: Van Nest Polglase, Mario Carrinaga & Byron L. Crabbe ; Sets: Carroll Clark & Al Herman; Technicians: Willis O'Brien, Marcel Delgado, E."Buzz" Gibson, Fred Reefe, Orville Goldner & Carroll Shepphird; Mu: Mel Burns; Mus: Max Steiner. From a story by Edgar Wallace.
Cast: Robert Armstrong, Fay Wray, Bruce Cabot , Frank Reicher, Sam Hardy, Noble Johnson, Steve Clemente, James Flavin, Victor Wong, Paul Porasi, Russ Powell, Sandra Shaaw, Carmen Nigro, Ethan Laidlaw, Blackie Whiteford, Charlie Sullivan, Harry Tenbrook, Gil Perkins, Vera Lewis, Leroy Mason, Dick Curtis, Lynton Brent, Frank Mills, Jim Thorpe, George MacQuarrie, Madame Sul-te-wan, Etta MacDaniel, Ray Turner, Dorothy Gulliver, Carlotta Monti, Barney Capehart, Bob Galloway, Eric Wood, Dusty Mitchell, Russ Rogers, Reginald Barlow, Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack.

Top "And the prophet said: And lo the beast looked upon the face of beauty and it stayed it's hand from killing. And from that day, it was as one dead" - An old Arabian Proverb.
"It wasn't the airplanes. It was beauty killed the beast." - Denham (Armtrong).
"Out-leaping the maddest imaginings! Out-thrilling the wildest thrills!"
Inspired by an old map that charts a strange island enveloped in mist, Carl Denham, (Armstrong), and his film crew emba rk on a secretive trip to make a film abount a giant mythical ape named Kong. On Skull Island they discover a tribe who worship and perform strange rituals to the giant gorilla that dwells beyond a huge wall built to keep him out. Denham's leading lady, Anne Darrow, (Wray), is abducted by the tribe and forced to be a sacrifice to their god, however, Kong falls in love with the girl and kills other creatures and the crew who try to rescue her, to keep her safe. Eventually Anne is rescued by first mate John Driscoll, (Cabot), and Kong is captured by Denham to be shipped back to New York. At the grand exhibtion, Kong manages to escape to terrorise New York city and re-capture Anne, whom he takes with him to the top of the Empire State building. Under attack from airplanes, Kong falls to his death.
The fairy tale, "Beauty and the Beast" is re-worked to become a classic monster movie. Despite certain technical flaws this remains as exciting today as it did when it was first released at Radio City Music Hall in New York. The success of the f ilm lies solely in its representation of non-conformity battling against social convention, a rebellion born out of the Great Depression, but ultimately, and tragically, even Kong fails and is subjugated by conformity.
Made over three year s at a cost of $420,000, most of which was used to build a 50 foot high model of Kong. The face of their ape star measured 7 feet from hairline to chin, while actor Carmen Nigro, dressed in a monkey suit, was used for t he long shots.
Willis O' Brien's animation was performed with 18" high models constructed by the Delgado brothers.























The idea for the film was inspired by Schoedsack & Cooper's expeditions in the jungles, where they made GRASS (1925), CHANG (1927) and RANGO (1931), as well as stop-motion animator Willis O'Brien's The Ghost of Slumber Mountain (1919), The Lost World (1925), and the shelved project Creation (1930). [see also The Dinosaur and the Missing Link (1915)]
Cooper had originally put forward the title "Kong", but it was initially rejected as it sounded too much like the titles of his previous films CHANG and RANGO. The film was originally publicised as THE BEAST until Edgar Wallace, suggested "King Ape". In January, 1931 the film was advertised as KONG, but when Wallace died in 1932, after writing the beginning of the script, Schoedsack's wife, Ruth Rose wrote the final version of the film that went into production as "The Eighth Wonder Of The World". In February of 1933 it was finally hailed as KING KONG. Schoedsack and Cooper appear in the film as the Flight Commander and Chief Observer in the aircraft that shoots Kong down, and the large gates used on Kong's island were left over from the set for THE KING OF KINGS. The same gates appeared again in the film GONE WITH THE WIND, where they were burnt along with other old sets in the "burning of Atlanta" scene.
Sequel: Son of Kong (1933).

KING OF THE JUNGLELAND (1936) see In Darkest Africa

KING OF THE KONGO (1929/Mascot Pictures) BW. Serial. 10 Episodes. US.
Credits: Dir: Richard Thorpe; Prod: Nat Levine; Mus: Lee Zahler.
Cast: Jacqueline Logan, Walter Miller, Richard Tucker, Boris Karloff, Larry Steers, Harry Todd, Richard Neill, Lafe McKee, J.P. Leckray, William Burt, J. Gordon Russell, Robert Frazer, Ruth Davis, Joe Bonomo.
Secret Service agent, Larry Trent, (Miller), embarks on a journey to the Congo to investigate the disappearence of his brother and enquire after a gang of ivory thieves. Guarding an ancient jungle temple and its treasures, is a huge gorilla, (Bonomo).
Released simultaneously in both silent and sound versions, KING OF THE KONGO was a big success for the small Mascot Pictures Corporation.
Still a character actor, Boris Karloff portrayed Scarface Macklin, the villainous "red-herring" of the story.

KING OF THE ROCKET MEN (1949/Republic) BW. Serial. 12 episodes. US.
Credits: Dir: Fred C.Bannon; A.Prod: Franklin Adreon; Sc: Royal Cole, William Lively & Sol Shor; Ph: Ellis W. Carter; Ed: Cliff Bell & Sam Starr; Art: Fred Ritter; Sets: John McCarthy Jr. & James Redd; Sfx: Howard & Theodore Lydecker; Mu: Bob Mark; Mus: Stanley Wilson.
Cast: Tristram Coffin, Mae Clarke, Don Haggerty, House Peters Jr., I. Stanford Jolley, Dale Van Sickle, Tom Steele, Buddy Roosevelt, James Craven, Douglas Evans, Ted Adams, Stanley Price, David Sharpe, Eddie Parker, Michael Ferro, Frank O'Connor.
"Top Secret! The brains and brawn of America combine to hold off the madmen who would rock the world in disaster!"
The diabolical Dr. Vulcan threa tens to destroy parts of New York City after obtaining stolen information from a desert research centre. Jeff King, alias The Rocketman, (Coffin), equipped with a special rocket pack that enables him to fly, attempts to stop Vulcan's evil designs.
A popular serial actioner later edited down to feature length and released in 1951 as LOST PLANET AIRMEN.
This serial spawned several sequels including Radar Men From the Moon (1952), in which the Rocket Man is now known as Commando Cody; Zombies of the Stratosphere (1952), for which the hero is named Larry Martin from Inter-Planetary Patrol; and the 1953 television series COMMANDO CODY, SKY MARSHALL OF THE UNIVERSE.
The scenes of the destruction of New York were borrowed from Deluge (1933).

KING OF THE WILD (1931/Mascot Pictures) BW. Serial. 12 Epiodes. US.
Credits: Dir: Richard Thorpe; Prod: Nat Levine; Sc: Wyndham Gittens & Ford Beebe; Ph: Benjamin Kline & Edward J.Kull; Mus: Lee Zahler.
Walter Miller, Nora Lane, Tom Santschi, Dorothy Christie, Boris Karloff, Arthur MacLagen, Carroll Nye,Victor Potel, Martha Lalande, Mischa Auer, Lafe McKee, Otto Hoffm an, Fletcher Norton, Albert De Warton, Merrill McCormick, Earle Douglas, Larry Steers, Eileen Schofield, Walter Ferdna, Norman Feusier, Dick La Reno, Floyd Shackelford.
Robert Grant, (Miller), attempts to clear his name of the murder of an Indian Rajah, while the true culprit, Dakka, (Auer), is allied with an African Sheik, named Mustapha, (Karloff), and an unscrupulous animal trader named Harris, (Santschi), who has an ape-like manservant named, Bimi, (MacLagen). The Shiek possesses an incriminating letter written in invisible ink that reveals the truth of the murder. Harris is eager to obtain the letter and discover the secret location of an African diamond mine.
An exciting but complex cliffhanger, featuring Karloff in a supporting role, who was to find stardom only a few months later in Frankenstein (1931).


(1941/Monogram) 67mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Jean Yarborough; Prod: Lindsley Parsons; Sc: Edmund Kelso; Ph: Mack Stengler. Ed: Richard Currier; Art: Charles Clague; Sets: Dave Milton; Mus: Edward Kay.
Cast: Henry Victor, Guy Usher, Mantan Moreland, Dick Purcell, Joan Woodbury, John Archer, Marguerite Whitten, Leigh Whipper, Madam Sul-te-wan, Lawrence Criner, Jimmy Davis.
Poverty row zombie romp saved by Mantan Moreland's enjoyable performance.

KITTY IN DREAMLAND (1911/Urban Trading Co.) 570 feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: Walter R. Booth.
A girl dreams of witches, fairies and an ogre.

A KNIGHT ERRANT (1907/Robert W. Paul) 480 feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: J.H. Martin; Sc: Langford Reed.
Cast: Langford Reed.
A fairy helps a knight, (Reed), to save a princess from an ogre, a witch and a dwarf.

THE KNIGHT OF THE SNOWS (1912/Pathe) 2 reels. BW. Silent.
A Baron sells his soul to the Devil in order to prevent a wedding.

THE KNOCKING ON THE DOOR (1923) see The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu




KORKARLEN (1920/Svensk Film Industri) 90mins. BW. Silent. Sweden.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Victor Sjostrom; Prod: Charles Magnusson; Ph: Julius Jaenzon; Art: Alexander Bakc. From the novel by Selmer Lagerlof.
Cast: Victor Sjostrom, Hilda Borgstrom, Tore Svennberg, Astrid Holm, Concordia Selander, Lisa Lundholm, Tore Weijden, Einar Axelsson, Olof As, Nils Arehn, Simon Linstrand, Nils Elffors, Algot Gunnartsson, Hildur Lithman, John Ekman.
On New Years Eve, David Holm (Sjostrom), a drunken degenerate, is lying in an unconcious stupor in a cemetery when he experiences a vision of a phantom carriage which, according to legend, is driven by the last man to die on New Year's Eve, who then has to collect the souls of those who die during the following year. With the driver, David Holm retraces the steps of his misspent life, and is made to realise the depth of suffering he has caused to those who cared for him. A celebration of visual style over narrative. The story is told mostly in flashbacks within flashbacks, but images of the ghostly carriage remain memorable after the drama is forgotten.
The film was edited for American release, when it was thought that the audience would not understand the complex narrative structure.
One of Victor Sjostrom's last films in his homeland before his emigration to Hollywood.



(1924) see Niebelungen

KRIEMHELD'S REVENGE (1924) see Niebelungen

KYOREN NO ONNA SHISHO (1926/Nikkatsu Shingekibu) 85mins. BW. Silent. Japan.
Credits: Dir: Kenji Mizoguchi; Sc: Kawaguchi Matsutaro; Ph: Tatsuyuki Yokota.
Cast: Yoneko Sakai, Eiji Nakano, Yoshiko Okada.
A samisen player's daughter, (Sakai), loves a blind masseur, but her lover, (Nakano), prefers one of her students, (Okada). She commits suicide, but returns to vengefully haunt the young couple to their deaths.
Mizoguchi made an incredible 30 features by 1926, but few of the films are still in existence.



The Missing Link

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