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Other Sites of Interest

Official Bela Lugosi websiteOfficial Boris Karloff Website
Visit the official Boris Karloff or Bela Lugosi websites
Also visit our review of their careers in Dear Old Pals

Classic Movies.Org
Find a wealth of information and links with ClassicMovies.Org

Bite Me Magazine
Magazine for all vampire fans

Vist the BFI websiteVisit and support The British Film Institute
Also visit our introductory guide Start Living in the Reel World

Classic Horror
An e-zine devoted to classic horror movies of all eras

The Conrad Veidt Society
Also visit our biography of Paul Leni and
a review of Shirley Conway's Conrad Veidt Retrospective
Detailed and busy website offering thousands of
reviews of Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies.

Dermatology in the Cinema
Yes, you read it right!
A comprehensive search engine devoted exclusively to Horror.

The monthly webzine for horror and monster fans.
An enjoyable site dedicated to all of your monster movie favourites every month!

Support The Landmark Loew's Jersey Theatre

The Lon Chaney Home Page
The best Chaney resource on the net.

Magicimage Filmbooks
Prestige books that reconstruct early genre films with pristine stills and an in depth analysis into
the events and careers behind the selected releases.
See also our Book Review

McFarland & Co.
McFarland & Co. are renowned publishers of film books

Monogram Pictures Company
Official Monogram Pictures website with links to PRC and AIP.
Latest news on releases plus a fascinating history section.

The Monster Club.Com
Old Time Radio...Classic Radio Horror Productions for download.

Monstrous Movie Music
Those classic monster movie themes available on CD
A detailed info site about all those movie mags we poured over as kids.

Classic monster movie action figures and much more...

Silent Movie Monsters
A well produced site with specific information on the silent monster movies
Silent provides a wealth of information on the silent screen stars

The Z Review
An excellent movie site keeping Hollywood on its toes!

Yahoo! UK & Ireland


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