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Guide to Horror

by Cheryl Duran. JoNa Books. Softcover. 95 pages. $12.95.

The Guide to HorrorAlthough at first glance this seems to be a thin tome for the subject in question, but it is only after delving into the Guide to horror that you realise that there is a wealth of information on every page. Concisely written and to the point, Cheryl has managed in her first publication to cover even monster toys and collectibles within the pages.
What soon becomes apparant is that this is a personal guide by Cheryl into what she feels is an important platform from which to dip your toe into the dark, dank sea of other horror references.

So this is exactly what it sets out to be, a pocketsized ready reference guide to the many facets of the horror movie written in a way to encourage further investigation on your own terms.
The sections lead the reader from the "Forward", written by none other than Ben Chapman who portrayed the Gillman in Universal's Creature From the Black Lagoon, right through the interesting "Golden Age of Horror Radio" to Cheryl's synopsis and credits of "100 Favourite Horror Films". Included are web links to sites with further information and plenty of references to Cheryl's own which in itself is a superb site for horror movie information and links.

Cheryl's own credentials are impressive; apart from and her involvement as co-executive producer of the Los Angeles cable television programme Nightmarez Café, Cheryl is also co-executive producer of the horror/comedy film Stop It, You're Killing Me starring James Black jnr. and Jamie Donahue.

All in all the book is slight, lacks any pictures or movie stills, but it is the content that shines with a slew of facts necessary for any budding horror movie fan.
I would encourage Cheryl to continue with future editions of the Guide if only because of her wealth of knowledge on the subject, I believe that the Guide to Horror will continue to grow and become a staple of horror movie fandom.

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