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(1920/Albertini Film) BW. Silent. Italy.
Credits: Dir: Eugenio Testa; Prod: Luciano Albertini; Sc: Giovanni Drivetti.
Cast: Luciano Albertini, Umberto Guarracino.
Baron Frankenstein, (Albertini), confronts his creation, (Guarracino), in a dark cave.
An early adaptation of Mary Shelley's novel of which only a few stills remain in existence. Notable for being the last Italian horror film until I VAMPIRI in 1956 due mostly to the strict censorship that removed "sensational" scenes from fantasy films.
The athletic Albertini was the main rival of Bartolomeo Pagano the popular actor who portrayed Maciste in the Italian fantasy films.

MOTHER GOOSE (1909/Edison) 5mins. BW. Silent. US.
Based on the nursery rhyme.
A giant spider frightens Miss Muffet and abducts a young boy.

THE ? MOTORIST (1906/Robert W. Paul) 190 feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: Walter R. Booth.
People in an open top automobile drive into space, around the rings of Saturn, the sun and then safely back to Earth.

DER MUDE TOD (1921/Decla-Bioscop/UFA.) 84mins. 2306 metres. BW. Silent. Germany.
Credits: Dir: Fritz Lang; Prod: Fritz Lang & Erich Pommer; Sc: Fritz Lang & Thea Von Harbou; Ph: Fritz Arno Wagner, Erich Nitzschmann & Hermann Saalfrank; Sfx: Fritz Arno Wagner; Art: Robert Herlth, Walter Rohrig & Hermann Warm; Lighting: Robert Hegerwald.
Cast: Lil Dagover, Walter Janssen, Bernhardt Goetzke, Rudolph Klein-Rogge, Georg John, Eduard Von Winterstein, Max Adalbert, Paul Biensfeldt, Karl Huszar, Hermann Vallentin, Erika Unruh, Wilhelm Diegelmann, Lothar Muthel, Hermann Picha, Hans Sternberg, Karl Platen.
"Here is the film for those who crave the unusual. She made a strange pact with death!"
In the nineteenth century at a small village inn a young couple, (Dagover & Janssen), stop to rest. A few tables away a stranger, (Goetzke), sits who has purchased land by a cemetery and built a huge wall without doors or windows around it. The stranger abducts the bridegroom and the woman searches for a way throught the wall. In a dream she sees a gothic archway revealed in the wall. The stranger, who is Death personified, gives the woman three chances to rescue her dead lover. The first is set in the era of the Arabian Nights, the second in 15th. century Venice and the third in the palace of a Chinese Emporer who desires a magician's daughter. Failing during each attempt, Death offers to take someone else as a replacement for her beloved, but she cannot convince those that are world weary to comply. The only option left to her is to commit suicide.


An atmospheric and haunting film with some monumental sets whose style was later copied for Die Nibelungen and Metropolis. The first vignette was inspired by the Italian film CABIRIA (1913).
Although the story is overly sentimental, Lang's visuals, especially in the framing narrative are superbly gothic.
The sequence set in the Chinese palace in turn inspired the flying carpet scene in Fairbanks' The Theif of Bagdad (1924) and later Murnau's Faust (1926).

DIE MUMIE MA (1918) see Die Augen der Mumie Ma

THE MUMMY (1911/Pathe) 1 reel. BW. Silent. France.
A professor's assistant pretends to be a reincarnated mummy as part of a plan to marry the professor's daughter.

THE MUMMY (1911/Urban) 2 reels. BW. Silent. US.
A professor dreams that an ancient mummy comes to life.

THE MUMMY (1911/Thanhauser) 2 reels. BW. Silent. US.
A girl is mummified by electricity.

THE MUMMY (1912/Britannia Films) 528feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: A.E. Coleby.
A man poses as a revived mummy to fool his sweetheart's father.






































































(1932/Universal) 72mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Karl Freund; Prod: Carl Laemmle Jnr.; A.Prod: Stanley Bergerman; Sc: John L. Balderston; Ph: Charles Stumar; Ed: Milton Carruth; Art: Willy Pogany; Sfx: John P. Fulton; Mu: Jack P. Pierce; Mus: James Dietrich & Tchaikovsky. From a story by Nina Wilcox Putnam & Richard Schrayer.
Cast: Karloff the Uncanny (Boris Karloff), Zita Johann, David Manners, Arthur Byron, Edward Van Sloan, Bramwell Fletcher, Noble Johnson, Kathryn Byron, Leonard Mudie, James Crane, Henry Victor, Eddie Kane, Arnold Grey, Tony Marlow, Pat Somerset, C. Montague Shaw, Leland Hodgson, Gordon Elliott.
"A love story that lived for three thousand years!"
"This is the scroll of Thoth. Herein are set down the words of which Isis raised Orsis from the dead. Oh! Amon-Ra. Oh! God of Gods. Death is but a doorway to new life...We live today...We shall live again...In many Forms shall return, Oh Mighty One!"
During 1921, in an Egyptian valley north of the Valley of the Kings, a British archaeological team discover the 3,700 year old tomb of Imhotep, high priest of the Temple of the Sun at Karnak. Young assistant Ralph Norton, (Fletcher), reads the sacred Scroll of Thoth and the Mummy comes to life driving him insane. When his colleagues return the mummy ha s disappeared. Eleven years later a mysterious Egyptian named Ardath Bey, (Karloff), leads another expedition to the burial place of Princess Anck-es-en-Amon, (Johann), one-time ruler of all Egypt, but Ardath Bey is really the missing mummy, Imhotep, who was buried alive for stealing the magic Scroll of Thoth to try and bring his lady love, Anck-es-en-Amon, back to life. However, her spirit has been reincarnated into the body of, Helen Grosvenor, (Johann), daughter of the Egyptian Governor. Under Bey's influence Helen finds herself torn between two lives, her blossoming love for Frank Whemple, (Manners), and her ancient love for Ardath Bey. After the ancient Egyptian kidnaps Helen the authorities arrive to arrest him, but Im-Ho-Tep is in the process of killing the girl to free her soul. Helen calls upon the goddess Isis for help causing Imhotep to be reduced to a heap of three thousand year old bones.
Despite some trite dialogue and some dull scenes, this is considered one of Universal's most potent horror films of the 1930's, splendidly evoking an aura of wonder, romance and mystery which began life at Universal as a nine-page story entitled CAGLIOSTRO. As John L. Balderston adapted the story for the screen the title was changed to THE KING OF THE DEAD, IM-HO-TEP and finally THE MUMMY.
Jack P. Pierce's make up used 150 yards of guaze to transform Karloff into the mummy who made the most of the part by giving one of his most effective performances.
The dreamlike eeriness is heightened by the expert lighting and editing.
Originally the film contained several sequences of Helen Grosvenor's previous lives in Ardeth Bey's pool in which she appears as an 18th. century French noblewoman, a 13th. century English princess with a knight played by Arnold Grey, a Saxon princess with a dying warrior played by Henry Victor and as a Christian martyr in Rome, however, the scenes were cut from the final print.

THE MUMMY OF THE KING OF RAMSEES (1909) see La Momie du Roi

MUMMY'S BOYS (1936/Lee Marcus/RKO.) 68mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Fred Guiol; Prod: Lee Marcus; Sc: Jack Townley, Philip G. Epstein & Charles Roberts; Ph: Jack McKenzie; Mus: Roy Webb.
Cast: Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey, Barbara Pepper, Frank M. Thomas, Willie Best, Moroni Olsen.
Two ditchdiggers, (Wheeler & Woolsey), in Egypt encounter an insane archaeologist and a rampaging mummy.
A dated, unfunny comedy vehicle for successful American vaudeville duo, Wheeler and Woolsey, who were transferred to the big screen with less than favourable results.

THE MUMMY'S CURSE (1944/Universal) 62mins. BW. US. Released: Oct. 7th.'46.
Sequel to The Mummy's Ghost.
Credits: Dir: Leslie Goodwins; Ex.Prod: Ben Pivar; A.Prod: Oliver Drake; Sc: Bernard L. Schubert; Ph: Virgil Miller; Ed: Fred R. Feitshans; Art: John B. Goodman & Martin Obzina; Sets: Russell A. Gausman & Victor A. Gangelin; Sfx: John P. Fulton; Mu: Jack P. Pierce; Tech: Robert Pritchard; Mus: Paul Sawtell. From a story by Bernard L. Schubert, Leon Abrams, Dwight V. Babcock, & T.H. Richmond.
Cast: Lon Chaney Jnr., Peter Coe, William Farnum, Napoleon Simpson, Virginia Christine, Addison Richards, Holmes Herbert, Charles Stevens, Kay Harding, Martin Kosleck, Kurt Katch, Dennis Moore, Eddie Parker, Ann Codee, Herbert Heywood, Nina Bara, Eddie Abdo, Tony San toro, Heenan Elliott, Al Ferguson, Budd Buster.
"Egypt's ancient loves live again in evil!"
Work in the Louisiana swamp to drain the marshes unearths the mummies of Princess Ananka, (Christine), and Kharis, (Chaney), who are taken by Ilzor Zandoab, (Coe), the high priest of Arkhan, to an abandoned monastery where he is restored to life with tana leaves. Princess Anaka has also been returned to life and her former beauty, but when she sees the shambling Kharis she is horrified and flees to the workman's camp. Kharis kidnaps her, and takes her to the monastery where Zandoab's assistant, Ragheb, (Kosleck), has also taken Betty, (Harding), a girl from the workman's camp with whom he has fallen in love. Zandoab is outraged at the presence of an infidel, so Ragheb stabs him, causing Kharis to become angry who brings down the crumbling monastery killing them both. Betty escapes with her boyfriend Halsey, (Moore).
A repeat of the weak plotlines that have graced the other Universal sequels and also features footage from The Mummy (1932).
The film was already planned before the completion of the previous entry under the title THE MUMMY'S RETURN.
This was Chaney's last outing as the bandage wrapped beastie, although Eddie Parker performed most of the mummy's stunts.
Although this is the last of Universal's Kharis films, the mummy made an appearance in the same studio's awful comedy, Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy, Chaney then appeared as the mummy in La Casa del Terror (1959) and in an episode of television's "Route 66" titled "Lizard's Leg and Owlet's Wing" (1963).

MUMMY'S DUMMIES (1948/Columbia) 20mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Jules White.
The Three Stooges.
The Three Stooges aid King Rootintootin by pulling his bad tooth and discover a plot by the tax collector to steal Rootintootin's tax money.
One of many successful two reel comedies featuring the Stooges this time set in ancient Egypt amid their usual zany antics.

THE MUMMY'S GHOST (1943/Universal) 61mins. BW. US.
Sequel to The Mummy's Tomb.
Credits: Dir: Reginald Le Borg; Ex.Prod: Joseph Gershenson; A.Prod: Ben Pivar; Sc: Griffin Jay, Henry Sucher & Brenda Weis berg; Ph: William Sickner; Ed: Saul A. Goodkind; Art: John B. Goodman & Abraham Grossman; Sets: Russell A. Gausman & L.R. Smith; Mu: Jack P. Pierce; Tech: Jess Moulin; Mus: Hans J. Salter. From a story by Griffin Jay & Henry Sucher.
Cast: Lon Chaney Jnr ., George Zucco, John Carradine, Oscar O'Shea, Robert Lowery, Eddie Parker, Frank Reicher, Claire Whitney, Harry Shannon, Barton MacLane, Ramsay Ames, Emmett Vogan, Lester Sharpe, Jack C. Smith, Jack Rockwell, Carl Vernell, Stephen Barclay, Dorothy Vaughn , Mira McKinny, Bess Flowers, Caroline Cooke, Eddie Waller, Martha McVicar, Fay Holderness, Ivan Triesault, Anthony Warde, Peter Sosso. David Bruce (voice only).
"Nameless! Fleshless! Deathless!"
In Egypt, Yousef Bey, (Carradine), a religious fanatic hears the High Priest at the Temple of Arkam, (Zucco), relate the tale of Kharis, the living mummy, (Chaney). Many miles away in Mapleton, Massachusetts, Professor Norman, (Reicher), a noted Egyptologist is brewing tana leaves in a ceremonial lamp drawing Kharis to his house, but the shambling monster strangles him and drinks the sacred potion. Yousef Bey arrives in Mapleton, in an attempt to reunite Kharis with the spirit of his love in ancient Egypt, princess Ananka, from Bey's hideout at a disused mining shack. However, Ananka's spirit has been reincarnated in the body of pretty student Amini Mansouri, (Ames). Yousef decides to keep the girl for himself, but Kharis kills him and drags Amina to the swamp where they sink into the mire, Amina, reverting to her former identity, ages 3000 years.
The third installment of the Kharis saga, and arguably the best of the three sequels to The Mummy's Hand (1940).
Unfortunately, any story continuation was lost as the series progressed, the studio believing that the careless plot machinations would be overlooked.
Sequel: The Mummy's Curse.

THE MUMMY'S HAND (1940/Universal) 67mins. BW. US.
Sequel to The Mummy (1932).
Credits: Dir: Christy Cabanne; Prod: Ben Pivar; Sc: Griffin Jay & Maxwell Shane; Ph: Elwood Bredell; Ed: Philip Cahn;Art: Jack Otterson & Ralph M. DeLacey; Mu: Jack P. Pierce; Sets: Russell A. Gausman; Tech: Charles Carroll; Mus: Hans J. Salter & Frank Skinner. From a story by Griffin Jay.
Cast: Dick Foran, Peggy Moran, Wallace Ford, Leon Be lasco, Cecil Kellaway, Charles Trowbridge, Eduardo Ciannelli, Seigfried Arno, George Zucco, Tom Tyler, Eddie Foster, Harry Stubbs, Michael Mark, Mara Tartar, Frank Lackteen, Murdock MacQuarrie, Jerry Frank, Kenneth Terrell.
"Tomb of a thousand terrors!"
Kharis was so in love with Princess Ananka that he attempted to steal the sacred Tana leaves to try and raise her from the dead. As punishment Kharis was buried alive with his tounge cut out, so that "the ears of the gods would not be assailed by his unholy curses". However, the mummy's successive guardians, members of the sacred temple of Karnak on the Hill of the Seven Jackals, have kept Kharis alive by regular doses of tana leaf juice. Andohep, (Zucco), the latest guardian of Kharis, (Tyler), and noted Egyptologist is forced to administer a large dose of leaf juice which animates Kharis to avenge the desecration of princess Ananka's tomb by an expedition. After killing several of the archaeologists, Steve Banning, (Foran), and Babe Hanson, (Ford), enter the tomb, shoot Andohep and upset a brazier of flaming tana juice that consumes Kharis in a pyre of fire.
A fair sequel budgeted at $80,000, has little to do with the original, but stands as a good film in its own right despite the inclusion of almost ten minutes of footage from The Mummy (1932) depicting Kharis' sacrilege. The climatic ending is particularly memorable.
Although rugged B-movie western star Tom Tyler was actually suffering from severe arthritis, the effect this had on his walk was perfect for the part.
The sets were borrowed from James Whale's film GREEN HELL and the music score was taken from The Son of Frankenstein.
As a young man, Zucco lost two of his fingers and concealed the disfigurement in his films with a glove.
Sequel: The Mummy's Tomb.

THE MUMMY'S TOMB (1942/Universal) 61mins. BW. US.
Sequel to The Mummy's Hand.
Credits: Dir: Harold Young; Prod: Ben Pivar; Sc: Griffin Jay & Henry Sucher; Ph: George Robinson; Ed: Milton Carruth; Art: Jack Otterson & Ralph M. DeLacy ; Sets: Russell A. Gausman & Andrew J. Gilmore; Mu: Jack P. Pierce; Tech: William Schwartz; Mus: Hans J. Salter. From a story by Neil P. Varnick.
Cast: Lon Chaney Jnr., Wallace Ford, George Zucco, Cliff Clark, Dick Foran, Elyse Knox, Turhan Bey, John Hubbard, Edwin Parker, Mary Gordon, Virginia Brissac, Paul E. Burns, Frank Reicher, Eddy C. Waller, Frank Darien, Harry Cording, Myra MacKinney, John Rogers, Otto Hoffman, Emmett Vogan, Fern Emmett, Janet Shaw, Dick Hogan, Bill Ruhl, Glenn Strange, Rex Lease, Walter Byron, Lew Kelly, Guy Usher, Pat McVey, Jack Arnold, Grace Cunard, Charles Marsh.
Andohep, (Zucco), the high priest of Karnak, passes the mantle of responsibility for Kharis' mummy, (Chaney), to Mehemet, (Bey), who brings the ancient Egyptian to Mapleton, Massachusetts, doses Kharis with tana leaf juice to avenge the desecration of his tomb and to retrieve the mummy of Princess Ananka taken by American archaeologists Steve Banning, (Foran), and Babe Hanson, (Ford). The marauding mummy despatches some of the archaeologists, but when he encounters Isobel, (Knox), he realises she is the reincarnation of his long lost love Ananka. A sheriff and Banning's son John, (Hubbard), rescue Isobel from the clutches of the mummy who is burnt to death by a torch bearing mob.
The weakest entry to the Universal Mummy cycle, in which the theme has lost its way and the result is tiresome. Suprisingly the film broke box office records for the year.
This is Chaney's first appearance as Kharis and Universal dropped the "Jnr." from his name in this and future productions.
Peggy Moran and Charles Trowbridge appear in scenes that were spliced in from The Mummy's Hand and the torch bearing mob was taken from Frankenstein (1931).
Originally double billed with Night Monster (1942).
Sequel: The Mummy's Ghost.

MUNCHAUSEN (1943) see Baron Munchausen

MURDER AT DAWN (1932/Big 4 Prod.) 61mins. BW. US. Aka: DEATH RAY.
Credits: Dir: Richard Thorpe; Prod: John R. Freuler; Ex Prod: Burton King; Sc: Barry Barringer; Ph: Edward S. Kull; Ed: Fred Bain; Electrical Fx: Kenneth Strickfaden. From a story by Barry Barringer.
Cast: Jack Mulhall, Josephine Dunn, Marjorie Beebe, Eddie Boland, Mischa Auer, Martha Mattox, J. Crauford Kent, Phillips Smalley, Al Cross, Frank Ball.
At his mountain hideaway Professor Farrington, (Ball), has perfected a device that harnesses solar power that he calls the "DXL Accumulator", but someone will stop at nothing to steal the device from him. Those gathered at the gloomy house are Judge Foulger, (Smalley), investigating his invention, Danny, (Mulhall), Farrington's daughter Doris, (Dunn), Freddie and Gertrude, (Boland & Beebe), the housekeeper, (Mattox), and her demented son Henry (Auer), all of whom are suspects.
A cheap pot-boiler that reveals the culprit too soon to maintain any suspense.
Martha Mattox and Mischa Auer virtually repeat their performances from The Monster Walks (1932).
Primarily a company to produce low budget westerns for small town theatres, MURDER AT DAWN was Big 4 Productions first and last mystery thriller before the company disbanded in 1933.




(1941/Monogram) BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Phil Rosen.
Cast: Wallace Ford, Minerva Urecal, Marian Marsh, Sarah Padden, Dave O'Brien.
Heirs gathered at a sinister house are slain one by one by an escaped murderer who stalks his prey from the numerous secret passages.
A cheap "Old Dark House" thriller with nothing new to add to an already well worn genre.

MURDER BY TELEVISION (1935/Imperial-Cameo) 70mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Clifford Sanforth; Prod: William M. Pizor & Edward M. Spitz; Sc: Joseph O'Donnell; Ph: James Brown &Arthur Reed; Ed: Lester Wilder; Art: Louis Racmil; Television Tech: Milton M. Stern; Tech: Henry Spitz; Mus: Oliver Wallace.
From a story by Joseph O'Donnell, Clarence Hennecke & Carl Coolidge.

Cast: Bela Lugosi, Charles Hill Mailes, June Collyer, Claire McDowell, Huntley Gordon, Hattie McDaniel,George Meeker, Henry Mowbray, Charles K. French, Larry Francis, Henry Hall, Allan Jung, William Sullivan, William Tooker.
Professor Houghland, the inventor of a special television process is murdered in front of viewers during a demonstration, but when Police Chief Nelson, (Mowbray) , arrives at the scene, no traces of the killer can be found. Investigations into the crime discover that the inventor's colleague, Arthur Perry, (Lugosi), has an evil twin brother who is impersonating Arthur to avoid suspicion.
A slow murder myster y that reads like a radio show with dated science fiction elements and a lack of suspense. Lugosi's dual role makes this a minor curiosty for Lugosi fans.
Accompanied by little publicity, the film was released briefly in October 1935, removed from circulation and then released again two years later with little success.


MURDER IN THE BLUE ROOM (1944/Gross/Universal) 61mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Leslie Goodwins; Prod: Frank Gross; Sc: I.A.L. Diamond & Stanley Davis; Ph: George Robinson; Ed: Charles Maynard; Art: John B. Goodman & Harold H. MacArthur; Sfx: John P. Fulton; Sets: Russell A. Gausman & Edward R. Robinson; Mus: Sam Freed Jnr.
From the story "Secret of the Blue Room" by Erich Philippi.
Cast: Anne Gwynne, John Litel, Donald Cook, Grace MacDonald, Betty Kean, June Preisser, Regis Toomey, Nella Walker, Andrew Tombes, Ian Wolfe, Emmett Vogan, Bill MacWilliams, Frank Marlowe, Grace Hayle, Alice Draper, Milton Parsons, Jack Gardner, Victoria Horne, Robert Cherry.
An old country house is rumoured to be haunted since the death of it's owner Sam Kirkland in the mysterious Blue Room. Twenty years later, Kirkland's widow, Linda, (Walker), and her new husband Frank Baldridge, (Litel), hire an orchestra and hold a house warming party. Once again, those who intend to spend the night in the Blue Room mysteriously disappear.
A musical comedy remake of The Secret of the Blue Room (1933) with brassy songs incongruously set against secret passages, sliding doors, ghostly shapes and murder.
The Missing Guest (1938) is an earlier treatment of the same story.
Originally written as a vehicle for The Ritz Brothers, but they had already left the studio in 1943, never to make another film.

THE MURDER IN THE RED BARN (1935) see Maria Marten


MURDER MANSION (1946) see House of Horrors

THE MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE (1914/Rosenberg) BW. Silent.
Credits: Prod. & Sc: Sol A. Rosenberg. From the story by Edgar Allan Poe.
Dr. Mirakle experiments with evolution by cross breeding apes with humans. The result is a trained ape that is also a savage killer.













(1932/Universal) 75mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Robert Florey; Prod: Carl Laemmle Jnr.; A.Prod: E.M. Asher; Sc: Tom Reed & Dale Van Every; Add.Dial: John Huston; Adapted: Robert Florey; Ph: Karl Freund; Ed: Milton Carruth, Maurice Pivar & Richard Schayer; Art: Charles D. Hall; Sfx: John P. Fulton & Frank Williams; Sets: Herman Rosse; Tech: Howard Salemson; Mu: Jack P. Pierce; Mus: Heinz Roemheld. From the story by Edgar Allan Poe.
Cast: Bela Lugosi, Sidney Fox, Bert Roach, Leon Waycoff (later Leon Ames ), Brandon Hurst, Noble Johnson, D'Arcy Corrigan, Betsy Ross Clarke, Arlene Francis, Herman Bing, Edna Marion, Charlotte Henry, Polly Ann Young, Agostino Borgato, Harry Holman, Torben Meyer, John T. Murray, Christian Frank, D. Vernon, Michael Visaroff, Ted Billings, Charles T. Millfield, Monty Montague, Hamilton Green, Tempe Pigott, Charles Gemora and Joe Bonomo as the ape.
"The blood will run cold in your veins!"
During 1845, Dr. Mirakle, (Lugosi), and his trained ape, Erik, appear as a sideshow attraction at carnivals to expound his theories of evolution, but the sinister doctor actually uses his ape to capture girls that he believes have a certain blood type which will allow him to continue his experiments to cross breed apes with humans. The unwilling victims are tied to a cross and injected with the simian blood by Mirakle's servant Janos, (Johnson), and then disposed of when the experiment fails and the blood doesn't mix. After Erik is ordered to kidnap Camille, (Fox), the girlfriend of a young medical student named Paul Dupin, (Waycoff), the ape falls in love with her and turns against Mirakle, while Dupin tries to rescue Camille.
The wonderful expressionist atmosphere and the inclusion of a sideshow as an introductory setting are directly inspired by The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1919), and utilised superbly by cinematographer Freund who was given more freedom here than on Universal's Dracula.
The plot's strong sexual and sadistic elements, and Lugosi's fine performance, balanced only by some occasional comic relief, shocked the audiences of the day.
Origianally George Melford was to direct the film, but Universal replaced him with Robert Florey as compensation for missing out on the director's chair of Frankenstein (1931).

MURDERS IN THE ZOO (1933/Paramount) 64mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: A. Edward Sutherland; Sc: Philip Wylie & Seton I. Miller; Ph: Ernest Haller; Art: Hans Dreier; Mus: Nat W. Finston.
Cast: Charles Ruggles, Lionel Atwill, John Lodge, Edward McWade, Randolph Scott, Gail Patrick, Kathleen Burke, Harry Beresford, Walter Walker, Edwin Stanley, Syd Saylor, Lee Phelps, Stanley Blystone, Sydney D'Albrook, Eddie Boland, Ethan Laidlaw, Duke Green, John Rogers, Jane Darwell, Samuel S. Hinds, Cyril Ring.
"Terror-swept epic of a monster more savage than the beasts he caged!"
Returning to America after compiling a collection of exotic animals for the Municipal Zoo from the Indian and Asian jungles, zoologist Eric Gorman, (Atwill), becomes insanely jealous of his wife's, (Burke), affairs and feeds her to the crocodiles, then kills her lover with an artificial snakes head equipped with poisonous fangs. The notoriety of the mysterious deaths causes a scandal and the withdrawal of public support for the zoo, while Dr. Woodford, (Scott), and the zoo owner's daughter, Jerry Evans, (Patrick), investigate.
The atmosphere is far surpassed by Atwill's sinister performance and the strong scenes that earned the film a reputation of extreme bad taste during its initial release. The shocking opening scene that shows Atwill sewing together the lips of one of his wife's lovers is particularly memorable. When Burke asks if the man said anything before leaving, Atwill sardonically replies 'He didn't say anything'.
Well written and acted with a brooding sadism that even Ruggles' comic relief fails to dissipate.
Unsuccessful upon release due mainly to the competition from the same studio's Island of Lost Souls, therefore scenes were cut to shorten the running time and the film was released as a B picture.

Figures step out of a painting and dance around a sleeping man in an art gallery.

MY FRIEND THE DEVIL (1922/Fox) 100mins. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Harry Millarde; Sc: Paul H. Sloane; Ph: Joseph Ruttenberg. From the novel "Dr. Rameau" by Georges Ohnet.
Cast: Charles Richman, Ben Grauer, Alice May, Robert Frazer, William Tooker.
A boy prays for the death of his step-father, but a lightning bolt strikes his mother instead.

THE MYSTERIES OF MYRA (1916/Pathe/International Film Service) BW. Silent. Serial. 15 episodes. US.
Credits: Dir: Theodore & Leo Wharton; Sc: Hereward Carrington.
Cast: Jean Sothern, Howard Eastbrook, Allen Murname, M.W. Rale, Bessie Wharton.
"Fifteen chapters of science versus the supernatural!"
Myra, (Sothern), is threatened by The Thought Monster, a huge powerful creature created by the sinister Grand Master of the Black Order, sent to kill her. When the creature closes in on Myra, it is distracted by its reflection in a mirror and forgets to destroy her.
Publicity for the film describes the monster as "a sort of psychic Frankenstein, but his disposition is like a child, in that he is easily distracted from his purpose."
The screenwriter was actually a noted psychic investigator of the time.

THE MYSTERIOUS BOX (1903) see La Boitte a Malice

(1943/First National/Warner) 57mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Ben Stoloff; Prod: William Jacobs; Sc: Richard Weil; Ph: Henry Sharp; Ed: Clarence Kolster; Art: Charles Novi Sets: Casey Roberts Mu: Perc Westmore.
Cast: John Loder, Eleanor Parker, Bruce Lester, Lester Matthews, Forrester Harvey, Matt Willis, Creighton Hale.
Dr. Frederick Holmes, (Matthews), visits Morgan's Head, Cornwall for a holiday and stays at the Running Horse Inn where he hears of the headless ghost who haunts the moors near the Wickombe tin mine. When Holmes investigates the mine and disappears, the local half-wit Bart Redmond, (Willis), is blamed, but the real culprit is a Nazi doctor disguised as the ghost to prevent the workers from returning to the mine and continue production.
An atmospheric and entertaining horror thriller made as a morale-booster during the Second World War.
The sensitive censor awarded this an H certificate for Horrific, although there is very little in it that can be construed as horrifying despite the eerie moor locations and good portrayals.




Sequel: The Return of Doctor Fu Manchu (1930) followed by Daughter of the Dragon (1931).

MYSTERIOUS DOCTOR R (1941) see Man Made Monster

THE MYSTERIOUS DOCTOR SATAN (1940/Republic) BW. Serial. 15 Chapters. US.
Credits: Dir: William Whitney & John English; A.Prod: Hiram S. Brown Jnr.; Sc: Franklyn Adreon, Ronald Davidson, Norman S. Hall, Joseph Poland & Sol Shor; Electrical Fx: Kenneth Strickfaden.
Cast: Eduardo Ciannelli, William Newell, C. Montague Shaw, Robert Wilcox, Ella Neal, Eddie Parker.
The fiendish criminal mastermind Dr. Satan, (Ciannelli), has created a robot army to enable him to conquer the world, but the mysteriously masked "Copperhead", (Wilcox), is prepared to save the planet.
A rousing serial containing all the cliffhanging moments expected of it, but unfortunately only one robot.
Later released as an edited 100 minute feature film in 1966 titled DOCTOR SATAN'S ROBOT. The robot also appeared in the serial Undersea Kingdom (1936) and later in Zombies of the Stratosphere (1952).

THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND (1905) see Ulysse et le Geant Polpheme

















THE MYSTERIOUS MISTER WONG (1935/Monogram) 68mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: William Nigh; Prod: George Yohalem; Ex.Prod: Trem Carr; Sc: Nina Howatt, Lew Levensen & James Harbuveaux; Ph: Harry Neumann; Ed: Jack Ogilvie; Sets: E.R. Hickson; Mus: Abe Meyer. From "The Twelve Coins Of Confucius" by Harry Stephen Keeler.
Cast: Bela Lugosi, Wallace Ford, Luke Chan, Arline Judge, Robert Emmet O'Connor, Fred Warren, Lotus Long,Edward Peil, Lee Shumway, Etta Lee, Ernest F. Young, E. Allyn Warren, Theodor Lorch, James B. Leong, Chester Gan.
"Dead men tell no tales! Out of the night creeps a shadow striking terror into the heart of Chinatown!"
A ruthless Mandarin named Wong, (Lugosi), in San Francisco's Chinatown will stop at nothing to possess the twelve coins of Confucius that are said to endow their owner with immense power and make him the ruler of the province of Keelat, but Jason Barton, (Ford), a reporter for The Globe newspaper investigates the story and informs the police of the Mandarin's intentions.
Lugosi fails to hide his thick Hungarian accent in this enjoyable "yellow peril" mystery thriller featuring the usual secret passageways, torture and murder.
Monogram merged with another studio soon after this film's release to form Republic studios. Director William Nigh, who always seemed to be assigned to Oriental pictures after directing the extremely successful MR. WU (1927) with Lon Chaney at MGM, unfortunately remained at the "poverty row" B-picture studios directing six of the MR. WONG detective films for Monogram, five of which featured Boris Karloff in the title role.

THE MYSTERIOUS MRS. M (1916/Bluebird) 55mins. BW. Silent. US.
Cast: Harrison Ford, Mary McLaren, Willie Marks.
A fortune-teller predicts that both she and a man are soon to die, but he doesn't believe the prophesy until he learns that the fortune-teller has died.

see L'Alchimiste Parafaragamus ou la Cornue Infernale

THE MYSTERIOUS STRANGER (1911/Eclipse) 1 reel. BW. Silent. France.
A girl struck by lightening is revived.

THE MYSTERIOUS STRANGER (1913/Essanay) 2 reels. BW. Silent. US.
A man is haunted by hypnotic vision.

THE MYSTERY LINER (1934/Monogram) 62mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: William Nigh; Prod: Paul Malvern; Ex.Prod: Trem Carr; Sc: Wellyn Totman; Ph: Archie J. Stout; Sets: E.R. Hickson; Mus: Abe Meyer. From "The Ghost of John Holling" by Edgar Wallace.





















Cast: Noah Beery, Astrid Allyn, Cornelius Keefe, Gustav von Seyffertitz, Edwin Maxwell, Ralph Lewis, Boothe Howard, John Maurice Sullivan, Gordon DeMain, Zeffie Tilbury, Howard Hickman, Jerry Stewart, George Hayes , George Cleveland, Olaf Hytten, Ray Brown, George Nash.
"Baffling crimes in a sea of mystery! The ghost of a former captain...A maniac at large on shipboard!...Murder after murder!...A masterless ship plowing the fog-enshrouded seas!"
The possible warfare potential of the new S-505 tube, that can control ocean liners is realised during a secret test on the vessel "Guthrie" when the device's inventor, Grimson, (Lewis), is found strangled. Cliff, (Keefe), investigates the murder and discovers foreign agents trying to scupper the invention.
A formula Monogram mystery drawing on the prolific writings of Edgar Wallace.

THE MYSTERY MIND (1920/Pioneer) BW. Silent. Serial. 15 Episodes. US.
Credits: Dir: William Davis & Fred Sittenham.
Cast: J. Robert Pauline, Peggy Shanor, Paul Panzer, Ed Rogers.
A cliffhanging serial that features an ape-man, hypnotism and the occult.

THE MYSTERY OF DR. FU MANCHU (1923/Stoll) BW. Silent. Series. UK.
Reissued 1926.
Credits: Dir: A.E. Coleby; Prod: Oswald Stoll; Sc: A.E. Coleby & Frank Wilson; Ph: D.P. Cooper & Phil Ross; Art: Walter W. Murton. From the stories by Sax Rohmer.
Cast: Harry Agar Lyons (as Fu Manchu), Fred Paul (as Nayland Smith), Joan Clarkson, H. Humberston Wright, Frank Wilson.
The Scented Envelopes (2400feet) with Robert English, Booth Conway, Charles Vane.
The West Case (1800feet) with Wyngold Lawrence.
The Clue of the Pigtail (1700feet) with Ernest Spalding.
The Call of Silva (1700feet).
The Miracle* (1712feet) with Stacey Gaunt, Napier Barry, Austin Leigh.
Nayland Smith solves the case of Lord Southerby's apparent death.
The Fungi Cellars* (1630feet) with Pat Royale.
Dr. Fu Manchu attempts to destroy his enemies by producing a poisonous fungus that emits deadly fumes from it's enlarged spores.
The Knocking on the Door (2228feet) with W.G. Saunders.
The Cry of the Nighthawk* (1773feet) with H. Cundell.
A series of murders are investigated by Nayland Smith who narrowly escapes a trap prepared for him by the insidious Dr. Fu Manchu.
Aaron's Rod (1862feet) with Percy Darrell Standing, Bob Vallis.
The Fiery Hand* (2174feet) with Pat Royale.
Nayland Smith and Dr. Petrie investigate a "haunted house" and fall into the clutches of Dr. Fu Manchu. Smith narrowly escapes being tortured to death, and Fu Manchu is shot.
The Man with the Limp (2000feet) with Julie Suedo, Roy Raymond.
The Queen of Hearts* (1750feet) with Fred Raynham, Julie Suedo & D. Bland.
An eminent British surgeon is kidnapped, and together with Dr. Petrie, is forced to perform a secret operation on Fu Manchu.
The Silver Buddha* (1570feet) with E. Lewis Waller.
Dr. Petrie is captured by Fu Manchu while investigating an antique shop he suspected of being the archcriminal's hide-out.
The Sacred Order* (1700feet) with Percy Clarbour, Laurie Leslie, H. Manning.
Fu Manchu uses the Sacred Order of the White Peacock to lure Nayland Smith into a trap.
The Shrine of the Seven Lamps* (1500feet).
Nayland Smith captures the Si-Fang gang, shoots their leader and rescues a beautiful slave named Karamaneh, who becomes Dr. Petrie's wife.
Fifteen tales following the adventures of Sax Rohmer's insidious Oriental, Fu Manchu.
A further eight episodes released under the title The Further Mysteries of Dr. Fu Manchu followed the next year.
* These episodes are still extant.

THE MYSTERY OF GRAYSON HALL (1914/Eclair) 3 reels.
A detective impersonating a murdered man, "haunts" the man's killer.

THE MYSTERY OF LIFE (1931/Classic/Universal) BW. US.
Credits: Dir: George Cochrane.
Narrated: Clarence Darrow.
A documentary styled recreation of the history of man narrated by Darrow, an evolutionary lawyer.
Dinosaur footage from Willis O'Brien's The Ghost of Slumber Mountain (1919), and footage from Germany's WUNDER DER SCHOPFUNG (1925) are used to illustrate the story.

THE MYSTERY OF MARIE ROGET (1942/Universal) 60mins. BW. US.
Aka: PHANTOM OF PARIS (Realart re-release).
Credits: Dir: Phil Rosen; Prod: Paul Malvern; Sc: Michael Jacoby; Ph: Elwood Bredell; Ed: Milton Carruth; Art: Jack Otterson & Richard H. Riedel; Sets: Russell A. Gausman; Tech: Robert Pritchard; Mus: Hans J. Salter. From the story by Edgar Allan Poe.
Cast: Patric Knowles, Lloyd Corrigan, Charles Middleton, Maria Montez, Maria Ouspenskaya, John Litel, Edward Norris, Nell O'Day; Frank Reicher, Clyde Fillmore, Paul E. Burns, Norma Drury, Bill Ruhl, John Maxwell, Paul Bryar, Reed Hadley, Paul Dubov, Caroline Cooke, Alphonse Martell, Frank O'Connor, Joe Bernard, Ray Bailey, Charles Wagenheim, Lester Dorr, Francis Sayles, Jimmie Lucas, Beatrice Roberts.
"Who is the phantom mangler of Paris?"
During 1889, a woman's body is found floating in the Seine with her face torn apart. The corpse is believed to have been Marie Roget, (Montez), a musical actress at the Comedie Francaise, but when the Prefect of Police, (Corrigan), and a close family friend, Henri Beauvais, (Litel), arrive at Roget's house they are asked to leave by Madame Cecile Roget, (Ouspenskaya), who has hired Paul Dupin, (Knowles), a scientific detective to investigate her daughter's disappearence and try to discover the identity of the Phantom Mangler of Paris.
An average detective mystery with the benefit of a gothic atmosphere and a plot taken from an actual murder case.
Although Universal publicised the film as a full blooded chiller, there are no actual horrific elements to the story.

THE MYSTERY OF SOULS (1911/Italia) 50mins. BW. Silent. Italy.
A hypnotist forces a girl to assist him in a crime.

THE MYSTERY OF TEMPLE COURT (1910/Vitagraph) 15mins. BW. Silent. US.
The spirit of a murdered woman pointing to a closet in a man's dream, reveals where her body was hidden.

MYSTERY OF THE DEATH HEAD (1914/Monarch) 3 reels. BW. Silent. US.

THE MYSTERY OF THE FATAL PEARL (1914/American Kineto) 5 reels. BW. Silent. US.
A curse placed on a pearl causes the deaths of all who possess it.

THE MYSTERY OF THE GLASS COFFIN (1912/Eclair/Tyler) 50mins. BW. Silent.
A Count unearths the preserved body of an Indian princess in a coffin.

THE MYSTERY OF THE HIDDEN HOUSE (1914/Vitagraph) 2 reels. BW. Silent. US.
A girl with a dual personality is possessed by two lost souls.

THE MYSTERY OF THE LAMA CONVENT (1909/Great Northern) BW. Silent. Denmark.
Monks restore life to the dead.

THE MYSTERY OF THE MAD GHOUL (1943) see The Mad Ghoul

(1935/Hammer) 80mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: Denison Clift; Prod: H. Fraser Passmore; Sc: Charles Larworthy & Denison Clift; Ph: Geoffrey Faithfull & Eric Cross; Art: J. Elder Wills; Mus: Eric Ansell.
Cast: Bela Lugosi, Shirley Grey, Arthur Margetson, Edmund Willard, George Mozart, Ben Welden, Dennis Hoey, Gibson Gowland, Clifford McLaglen, Terence De Marney, Herbert Cameron, Ben Soutten, James Carew, Gunner Moir, Johnny Schofield, D.J. Williams, Bruce Gordon, Edgar Pierce, J.B. Williams, Charles Mortimer, J. Ed ward Pierce, Wilfred Essex, Monty de Lyle, Alec Fraser, the famous 'Q' ship "Mary B. Mitchell".
In 182-, the Mary Celeste is discovered off the coast of Gibralter with no crew on board, but with every sign that they had only just left, including places already set for the crew's dinner. Investigations reveal that one armed Anton Lorenzen, (Lugosi), diguised under the pseudonym A. Gottlieb, was press ganged into service six years previously, ill treated by the first mate, Toby Bilson, (Willard), causing Anton to go insane and throw the crew, one by one, overboard.
An unconvincing solution to an age old mystery in Hammer studio's second production which later found success by remaking old horror films in glorious gory colour.
All exterior shots were filmed on a real ship.
Lugosi's first British film in which all the British actors portrayed American seamen. Lugosi was offered a further two picture contract in Britain, but when he learned that his beloved dogs would have to be quarantined for six months before they could join him, he rejected the offer and returned to America.
The American version, THE PHANTOM SHIP, omitted the opening and closing sequences set in a maritime courtroom, due to a presumption that an American audience would be less familiar with the story than their British counterparts, and would not necessarily understand what the court proceedings referred to.

THE MYSTERY OF THE SLEEPING DEATH (1914/Kalem) 3 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Cast: Tom Moore.
Features a curse of living death and reincarnation.

Credits: Dir: William Beaudine; Prod: Lindsley Parsons; Sc: Charles Marion & Tim Ryan. From a play by Armitage Trail.
Cast: Helen Parrish, Dick Purcell, Tim Ryan, Frank Faylen.
An estate's young beneficiary at a creepy mansion where relatives have gathered to hear the reading of a will, is menaced by an unseen presence.
A cheap and confusing remake of The Thirteenth Guest (1932).



THE MYSTIC (1925/MGM.) 7 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Tod Browning; Prod: Louis B. Mayer; Sc: Waldemar Young; Ph: Ira H. Morgan; Ed: Frank Sullivan; Art: Cedric Gibbons & Hervey Libbert; Costumes: Romain de Tirtoff; Titles: Joseph W. Farnham. From a story by Tod Browning.
Cast: Aileen Pringle, Conway Tearle, Mitchell Lewis, Robert Ober, David Torrence, Stanton Heck, DeWitt Jennings, Gladys Hulette.
American con-man Michael Nash, (Tearle), brings Zara, (Pringle), to America and introduces her as a mystic to help him swindle an heiress out of her fortune. At a prepared seance, the heiress' dead father instructs her to hand over all the securities and family jewels over to the mystic.
The influence of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, and Browning's earlier success of that year, The Unholy Three are clearly evident.

THE MYSTIC HOUR (1917/Art Drama/Apollo) 55mins. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Richard Ridgeley.
Cast: Charles Hutchinson, Alma Hanlon, John Sainpolis.
A man obsessed with a desire to kill another man, dreams that he murders his friend and awakens to find that the man is actually dead.

THE MYSTIC MIRROR (1928/UFA.) BW. Silent. Germany.
Credits: Dir & Ph: Carl Hoffman.
Cast: Fritz Rasp, Felicitas Malten, Rina de Kigoure.
When the moon rises, a magical mirror in an old castle provides visions of the future.



(1912/Cricks & Martin) 610feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: Dave Aylott.
A tramp falls asleep in a barn and dreams that the Devil gives him a ring which renders him invisible. After several adventures, the tramp finds himself in prison where another prisoner tries on the ring and vanishes. The tramp then wakes to find an angry farmer shaking him.

THE MYSTIC SWING (1900/Edison) 1min. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Edwin S. Porter.
A woman and a skeleton are made to appear and disappear by a magician.

THE MYSTICAL MAID OF JAMASHA PASS (1912/American) 16mins. BW. Silent. US.
Cast: J. Warren Kerrigan.
A ghostly woman walks through rock and lures men to their doom.

THE MYTH OF JAMASHA PASS (1912) see The Mystical Maid of Jamasha Pass



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