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(1915/Mutual) 1 reel. BW. Silent. US.
The helmet belonging to the God Mars helps a timid man to muster up courage.

A PAINLESS EXTRACTION (1907/Hepworth Films) 5mins BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Cecil M. Hepworth.
A dentist causes his patient's head to inflate with gas and float away.

THE PALACE OF MYSTERY (1912/Urban Trading Co.) 590feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: Stuart Kinder.
The Devil's tricks reform an ill-tempered king.

THE PALACE OF THE ARABIAN NIGHTS (1905) see Le Palais des Mille et une Nuits

LE PALAIS DES MILLE ET UNE NUITS (1905/Star Film) 1400feet. BW. Silent. France.
Credits: Georges Méliès.
Features a sorceror, a genie, a dragon, ghosts, stone monsters, an enchanted sword and a battle between living skeletons and swordsmen.

PAN TVARDOVSKI (1916) Russia. BW. Silent. Aka: MR. TVARDOVSKI.
Credits: Dir & Sc: Ladislaw Starewicz. Based on story by I.J. Kraszevski.
Cast: N. Saltikoff, S. Tchapelski.
A man makes a pact with the Devil.

PAN TVARDOVSKI (1937/Ultra Film) 89mins. BW. Poland.
Credits: Dir: Henryk Szaro; Sc: W. Gasiorowski; Ph: S. Steinwurzel.
Cast: Franciszek Brodniewicz, Junosza Stepowski, Maria Bogda.
In the fourteenth century, a man who was marked from birth by Satan, (Stepowski), sells his soul for wealth and the love of a woman with disasterous consequences.

PANDORA AND THE FLYING DUTCHMAN (1950/Dorkay & Romulus) 122mins. UK.
Credits: Dir., & Sc: Albert Lewin; Prod: Albert Lewin & Joseph Kaufman; Ph: Jack Cardiff; Ed: Ralph Kemplen; Art: John Bryan; Mus: Alan Hawthorne.
Cast: James Mason, Ava Gardner, Harold Warrender, Nigel Patrick, J. Shelia Sim, Mario Cabre, John Laurie, Pamela Kellino, Marius Goring, Patricia Raine, Margarita d'Alverez, La Pallina, Abraham Sofaer.
During 1930, the beautiful Pandora Reynolds, (Gardner), unable to return the love lavished on her by any man, is in Spain when she falls in love with a mysterious Dutchman named Hendrick Van Der Zee, (Mason), who is actually the ghost of a Seventeenth century seaman condemned to roam the oceans and only occasionally allowed to take human form until a woman will give her life for him. When the woman dies to be with him the curse is broken and their bodies are found.
A pretentious romantic fantasy that fails to maintain interest despite the superb photography.

PANDORA'S BOX (1929) see Buchse der Pandora

Cast: Andre Deed.
The title of this early science fiction fantasy translates as "The Breakdown of the Aeromobiles".

PAPA GASPARD; OR, THE GHOST OF THE ROCKS (1909/Le Lion/Brockliss) 720 feet. (1 reel). BW. Silent.
A miser masquerades as a ghost in order to safeguard a fortune stashed in a cave.

PAPER COCK-A-DOODLES (1908/Pathe) 377 feet. Hand Coloured. Silent. France.
A fantasy featuring living paper birds, miniature people and various other transformations.

PARACELSUS (1943) 12 reels. BW. Germany.
Credits: Dir: G.W. Pabst; Sc: Kurt Heuser; Ph: Bruno Stephan; Mus: Herbert Windt. Based on the life of the legendary Swiss alchemist Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim.
Cast: Werner Krauss, Fritz Rasp, Mathias Wieman, Harald Kreutzberg, Bernhard Goetzke, Victor Janson.
Death, (Goetzke), views the "Dance of Death" in a doomed city.
Filmed in Czechoslovakia.

PARIS QUI DORT (1923/Films Diamant) 40mins. 3961 feet. BW. Silent. France.
Aka: THE CRAZY RAY; AT 3:25.
Credits: Dir., Sc., & Ed: Rene Clair; Prod: Maurice Diamant-Berger; Ph: Maurice Defassiaux & Paul Guichard; Des: Andre Foy.
Cast: Henri Rollan, Albert Prejean, Madeleine Rodrigue, Marcel Vallee, Charles Martinelli, Pre Fils, Stacquet, Myla Seller.
A nightwatchman descends from the Eifel Tower after his shift early in the morning to discover that Paris has been frozen to immobility by a magic ray created by a mad scientist. Only the nightwatchman and five other Parisians have survived due to the height of the famous tower.
A mild comic fantasy.

PARSIFAL (1904/Edison) 1975 feet. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: William S. Porter. Based on the opera by Richard Wagner.
A wound caused by the spear that pierced the body of Christ can only be cured with the recovery of the Holy Grail by an innocent man.
This also features an evil magician, magical spells and a hag that transforms into a beautiful woman.

PARSIFAL (1912/Ambrosio) 3 reels. BW. Silent. Italy.
From the opera by Richard Wagner.
Magicians attempt to vanquish some knights.
A magic looking-glass and an angel are also featured.

THE PASSING (1911/Thanhouser) BW. Silent. US.
A mother's love for her dead son leads to a reunion in the afterlife.

PASSING CLOUDS (1940) see Spellbound

THE PASSING OF THE THIRD FLOOR BACK (1918/Ideal/First National) 6 reels. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir & Prod: Herbert Brenon. Based on the play and short story by Jerome K. Jerome.
Cast: Johnston Forbes-Robertson, Molly Pearson, Ketty Galanta, Augusta Haviland, Ben Graham, Grace Stephens.
A Christ-like stranger, (Forbes-Robertson), becomes embroiled with the entanglements of people living in a boarding-house.

THE PASSING OF THE THIRD FLOOR BACK (1935/Gaumont British) 87mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: Berthold Viertel; Prod: Ivor Montagu; Sc: Michael Hogan & Alma Reville; Ph: Curt Courant; Ed: D.N. Twist; Art: Oscar Werndorff; Mus: H. Bath. Based on the play and short story by Jerome K. Jerome.
Cast: Conrad Veidt, Ren Ray, Frank Cellier, Anna Lee, John Turnbull, Catherine Nesbitt, Ronald Ward, Beatrix Lehman, Jack Livesey, Sara Allgood, Mary Clare, Barbara Everest, Alexander Sarner.




















At a boarding-house in Bloomsbury, London, a mysterious stranger, (Veidt), arrives to find the residents unhappy, and manages to make the course of their lives on earth happier by showing them the better side of their natures.

PASSION OF A WOMAN TEACHER (1926) see Kyoren no Onna Shisho

THE PASSIONATE WITCH (1942) see I Married a Witch

THE PATCHWORK GIRL OF OZ (1914/Oz Film Manufacturing Co.) 5 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: J. Farrell MacDonald; Prod. & Sc: Frank L. Baum; Ph: James A Crosby; Mus: Louis F. Gottschalk (written for live accompaniment).
From the book by Frank L. Baum.
Cast: Violet MacMillan, The Marvelous Couderc (Pierre Couderc), Frank Moore, Raymond Russell, Leontine Dranet, Bobbie Gould, Marie Wayne, Dick Rosson, Frank Bristol, Ben Deeley, Fred Woodward, Todd Wright, Herbert Glennon, Al Roach, Andy Anderson, Jessie May Walsh, William Cook, Lon Musgrave.
"Special features in Fairy Extravaganzas with Original Music" - Production Co. Letterhead. An array of characters from the famous stories, some brought to life with the Powder of Life. Lanky French acrobat, Couderc appears as the Patchwork Girl.
Several theatre patrons complained about the showing of children's stories and demanded their money back.
The opening trademark of the Oz films was Vivian Reed's smiling face dressed as Ozma of Oz. The next Oz production, THE MAGIC CLOAK OF OZ (1914) had no connection with the Oz books.
In 1919 Lyons Royal Enterprises added scenes with Mildred Harris, Juanita Hansen and Vivian Reed and released the film as THE RAGGED GIRL OF OZ.

THE PATH THAT LEADS TO HEAVEN (1942) see Himlaspelet: the Heavenly Play

PATHE TRICK FILM (1908/Pathe) 932feet. BW. Silent. France.
A magician performs a variety of tricks with objects and people that are made to appear and disappear, and undergo various transformations. A duel between two men ends with them undressing and revealing themselves to be nothing more than skeletons and a flower-girl is transformed into a goblin.

THE PEARL FISHER (1907/Pathe) 1 reel. BW. Silent. France.
A fisherman, lured by a vision of the 'Queen of the Deep', is compelled to swim the depths of the ocean encountering grotesque underwater monsters before emerging in an undersea structure containing various plants and strange animals.

THE PEARL OF DEATH (1944/Universal) 68mins. (6184 feet.) BW. US.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Roy William Neill; Ex.Prod: Howard S. Benedict; Sc: Bertram Millhauser; Ph: Virgil Miller; Ed: Ray Snyder; Art: John B. Goodman & Martin Obzina; Sets: Russell A. Gausman & Edward R. Robinson; Tech: Joe Lapis; Mus: Paul Sawtell.
From the short story "The Adventure of the Six Napoleons" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Cast: Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Dennis Hoey, Ian Wolfe, Miles Mander, Mary Gordon, Rondo Hatton, Evelyn Ankers, Charles Francis, Holmes Herbert, Richard Nugent, J. Welsh Austin, Connie Leon, Charles Knight, Billy Bevan, Lillian Bronson, Leslie Denison, John Merkyl, Harry Cording, Eric Wilton, Harold DeBecker, Wilson Benge, Leland Hodgson, Al Ferguson, Colin Kelly, Audrey Manners, Arthur Mulliner, Arthur Stenning, Diana Beresford.
"The Master Minds tackle the Master Crimes!"
Only days after retrieving the valuable Borgia pearl, Sherlock Holmes, (Rathbone), is responsible for its theft from London's Royal Regent Museum by arch criminal Giles Conover, (Mander). Holmes and Watson, (Bruce), have to find the pearl, but they also encounter the infamous spine-snapping Hoxton Creeper, (Hatton), who is murdering the owners of six Napoleon busts, one of which contains the missing pearl.
As the quality of Universal's horror output was deteriorating, the same studio's B-picture unit was enjoying a run of success with the Sherlock Holmes series.


This is regarded as one of the best Rathbone, Holmes entries which inspired Universal to cast Hatton as The Creeper again in House of Horrors (1946).
In Germany the film was re-edited with SHERLOCK HOLMES FACES DEATH to create one long film and then dubbed into German.

THE PENALTY (1920/Goldwyn)

LA PERICOLOSA PARTITA (1932) see The Most Dangerous Game

PERIL FROM THE PLANET MONGO (1940) see Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe

THE PERILS OF NYOKA (1942/Republic) BW. Serial. 15 episodes. US.
Credits: Dir: William Whitney; A.Prod: W.J. O'Sullivan; Sc: Ronald Davidson, Norman S. Hall, William Lively, Joseph O'Donnell & Joseph Poland; Ph: Reggie Lanning; Ed: Tony Martinelli & Edward Todd; Sfx: Howard Lydecker; Mus: Mort Glickman.
Cast: Kay Aldridge, Charles Middleton, Robert Strange, Clayton Moore, William Benedict, Lorna Gray, Tristram Coffin, Kenneth Duncan, George Lewis, Herbert Rawlinson.
Nyoka, (Aldridge), is considered to be a white goddess by the African natives and helps an expedition find the sacred tablets of Hippocrates that contain the secret of life, but the evil Vultura, (Gray), her Arab followers and Satan, her gorilla, try to stop the expedition from fulfilling their quest. An exciting serial, typical of time from Republic studios.
A 100 minute feature version was released in 1966 as NYOKA AND THE LOST SECRETS OF HIPPOCRATES and reissued as NYOKA AND THE TIGERMEN.

THE PERILS OF PAUL (1920/Keefe/Arrow/Lithograph) 2 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Sc: William Keefe.
Features ouija boards and the spirit world.
































(1914/Electic) 20 Chapters. Serial. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Donald MacKenzie & Louis J. Gasnier; Prod: Leopold & Theodore Wharton; Sc: Charles W. Goddard & George B. Seitz.
Cast: Pearl White, Paul Panzer, Crane Wilbur, Jan Muechener, Donald MacKenzie, Clifford Bruce, Eleanor Woodruff, Francis Carlyle.
Pearl, (White), wishes to be a successful writer and attempts to pursue her dream, refusing to marry Harry Marvin, (Wilbur), until she has achieved her ambition. Pearl shares half of her late foster father's estate with her foster father's secretary, Owen, (Panzer), who wants to obtain the entire inheritance by discrediting Harry and doing away with Pearl.
The best remembered of the silent serials which made actress White the most popular serial queen of the day, appearing in nine more chapter serials before starring in feature films for Fox studios.

THE PERILS OF PAULINE (1934/Universal) BW. Serial. 12 episodes. US.
Credits: Dir: Ray Taylor; Sc: Ella O'Neill, Basil Dickey, George H. Plympton & Jack Foley.
From a story by Charles W. Goddard.
Cast: Evelyn Knapp, Robert Allan, Frank Lackteen, James Durkin, Sonny Ray, John Davidson, Pat O'Malley.
The daughter, (Knapp), of a notable scientist searches Indo-China for a deadly gas formula engraved on an ivory disc which is also being sought after by a villain, (Davidson).
A remake of the famous silent serial with the addition of unfriendly natives, a walking mummy and a henchman named Fang.

THE PERILS OF PORK PIE (1916/Homeland) 3000 feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: W.P. Kellino; Sc: Reuben Gillmer.
Cast: Billy Merson, Charles Cohen.
A man dreams that he buys a museum in which an Egyptian mummy comes to life and crowns him pharoh of Egypt.
A fantasy comedy notable for the dream sequence.

PERSONAL COLUMN (1947) see Lured

DIE PEST IN FLORENZ (1919/Decla Film) 96mins. BW. Silent. Germany.
Credits: Dir: Otto Rippert; Prod: Erich Pommer; Sc: Fritz Lang; Ph: Willy Hameister & Emile Schunemann; Art: Walter Reimann, Walter Rohrig, Hermann Warm & Franz Jaffe. Loosely based on Edgar Alan Poe's "The Masque of the Red Death".
Cast: Otto Mannstedt, Anders Wikman, Theodor Becker, Marga Kierska, Julietta Brandt, Karl Bernhard, Franz Knaak, Erner Huebsch, Hans Walter.
Death appears in a town as a beautiful woman, (Kierska), who uses her wiles to degrade the entire city, transforming even the churches into sites of sexual debauchery. The woman comes to the attention of the city's ruler Cesare, (Mannstedt), and his son, (Wikman), but in a jealous rage Ceasre orders that she be tortured, causing his son to kill his father and take over the city. Eventually Death, (Brandt), appears to stalk the city while everyone succumbs to the horrors of the plague.
Lang again adapts the figure of Death, this time in lavish sets created by architect Franz Jaffe and the team responsible for those in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

THE PET (1921/McCay) 1 reel. BW. Silent. Animation. US. Aka: THE MONSTER DOG.
Credits: Winsor McCay.
A pet dog grows to an immense size and destroys an entire city.
An early cartoon.

PETER MAKAROFF (1913/Apex) 4 reels. BW. Silent.
An alchemist creates gold.

PETER'S EVIL SPIRIT (1914/Urban/Eclipse) 478 feet. (1 reel). BW. Silent. France.
A man is tortured by a demon possessed derelict, magic flames and furniture that comes to life.

Credits: Georges Méliès.


PHAEDRA (1909/Pathe) 718 feet. 15mins. BW. Silent. France.
Features a sea-monster.

THE PHANTOM (1910/Pathe) 1 reel. (720 feet). BW. Silent. France.
After a girl is transformed into an aged witch by the God of Phantoms she invokes a curse on a student.

Credits: Dir: Alvin J. Neitz.

Guinn "Big Boy" Williams, Sheldon Lewis, Wilfred Lucas, William Gould, Bobby Dunn, Violet Knight.
A reporter, (Williams), tries to track a master criminal named The Phantom who has escaped from Death Row and is hiding out in an asylum. Aiding the arch criminal is a grotesque creature named The Thing, (Lewis).
An independent feature utilising all the standard old-dark-house trappings.
Lewis recreates his Mr. Hyde make-up from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920).





(1943/Columbia) BW. Serial. 15 episodes. US.
Credits: Dir: B. Reeves Eason; Prod: Rudolph C. Flothow; Sc: Leslie Swabacker, Morgan Cox, Victor McLeod & Sherman Lowe; Ph: James S. Brown Jnr.; Ed: Dwight Caldwell & J. Henry Adams; Mus: Lee Zahler. Based on the King Features syndicated comic strip "The Ghost Who Walks" written by Lee Falk and originally drawn by Ray Moore.
Cast: Tom Tyler, Kenneth R. MacDonald, Frank Shannon, Jeanne Bates, Guy Kingsford, Joe Devlin, Ernie Adams, John Bagni, Ace the Wonder Dog.
After The Phantom is killed by the evil Dr. Bremmer's, (MacDonald), henchmen, his son, (Tyler), continues the job of protecting the jungles and perpetuating the Phantom myth. Scientists trying to discover the lost city of Zoloz attempt to kill the Phantom and replace him with a duplicate to dupe the natives into slavery. The true Phantom appears causing the natives to rise up and vanquish the jungle interlopers.
An exciting fantasy adventure serial featuring Ace the Wonder Dog and an eerie Skull cave.

THE PHANTOM BARON (1943) see Le Barone Fantome

THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE (1920) see Korkarlen

THE PHANTOM CHARIOT (1920) see Korkarlen

PHANTOM CITY (1928/First National) 6 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Albert S. Rogell; Sc: Adele Buffington; Ph: Harry J. Brown.
Cast: Ken Maynard, James Mason, Eugenia Gilbert, Jackie Coombs, Jack McDonald.
In the wild west, a town is haunted by a black-robed phantom.
An early mix of the Western and horror genres.









(1939/Universal) BW. Serial. 12 episodes. US.
Originally titled: THE SHADOW CREEPS.
Credits: Dir: Ford Beebe & Saul Goodkind; Prod: Henry McRae; Sc: George Plympton, Basil Dickey & Mildred Barish; Ph: Jerry Ash & William Sickner.
From a story by Willis Cooper.
Cast: Bela Lugosi, Robert Kent, Regis Toomey, Dorothy Arnold, Edward Van Sloan, Eddie Acuff, Anthony Averill, Edwin Stanley, Jack C. Smith, Roy Barcroft, Forrest Taylor, Karl Hackett, Robert Blair, Jerry Frank, Dora Clement, Hugh Huntley, Charles King, Bud Wolfe, Lee J. Cobb.
Doctor Alex Zorka, (Lugosi), is so devastated by the death of his wife that he sets out to conquer the world and creates a giant robot, (Wolfe), a mechanical spider, a devisualiser belt that can render the wearer invisible and a substance synthesised from a meteorite that can place entire armies in suspended animation to help him kill those who scoffed at his ideas. Captain Bob West, (Kent), of military intelligence attempts to combat the fiend.
A slow going serial with chapter titles that include "Invisible Terror", "The Iron Monster", "The Menacing Mist" and "Phantom Footprints".
Scenes for the serial were borrowed from The Invisible Man (1933) and The Invisible Ray (1936) in which a helmeted Karloff briefly appears as Lugosi's character climbing into a pit.
A condensed 75 minute feature version was later released.

PHANTOM EMPIRE (1935/Mascot) BW. Serial. 12 episodes. US.
Credits: Dir: B. Reeves Eason & Otto Brower; Prod: Arm and Schaefer; Ex.Prod: Nat Levine; Sc: John Rathmell & Armand Schaefer; Ph: Ernest Miller & William Nobles; Ed: Earl Turner & Walter Thompson; Sets: Mack D'Agostino, Jack Coyle & Ralph M. DeLacy; Sfx: Ellis "Bud" Thackery, Billy Gilbert, Howard & Theodore Lydecker; Electrical Fx: Kenneth Strickfaden; Mus: Arthur Kay. From a story by Wallace MacDonald, Gerald Geraghty & Harry Friedman.
Cast: Gene Autry, Charles K. French, Betsy King Ross, Frankie Darro, Smiley Burnette, Dorothy Christy, Wheeler Oakman, William Moore, Warner Richmond, Frank G lendon, Edward Piel Snr., Frankie Marvin, Jack Carlyle, Wally Wales, Fred Burns, Jay Wilsey, Stanley G. Blystone, Richard Talmadge, Frank Ellis, Henry Hall, Jim Corey.
"12 smashing...spell-binding episodes!...A nation 20,000 feet underground...and 500 years ahead of the times!"
When an inordinate amount of static almost forces Gene Autry to cancel his famed radio programme "Radio Ranch", the singing cowboy assisted by Tom Baxter's young children Frankie and Betsy, (Darro & Ross), known as the Junior Thunder Riders discover the source of the interference is from a radium deposit under the ranch and the lost underground city of Murania ruled by the beautiful Queen Tika, (Christy). Autry and his companions become prisoners of the Muranians, but when a revolt breaks out amongst the inhabitants, they are able to escape and climb the 25,000 feet to the surface in a high speed elevator moments before a deadly death ray destroys the Phantom Empire completely.
An uneasy mixture of the singing cowboy genre and wild fantasy in a plot supposedly created by MacDonald while under anasthetic on a visit to the dentisit.
This serial launched Autry's career even though he possessed very little acting ability.
A feature length version was released simultaneously as RADIO RANCH and re-released in 1940 as a seven reel feature titled MEN WITH STEEL FACES.

THE PHANTOM FIEND (1932) see The Lodger

THE PHANTOM FOE (1920/Pathe) BW. Silent. 15 Chapters. Serial. US.
Credits: Dir: Bertram Millhauser; Prod: George B. Seitz; Sc: Frank Leon Smith.
Cast: Juanita Hansen, William N. Bailey, Joe Cuny, Warner Oland, Wallace McCutcheon, Tom Goodwin, Harry Semels.
This cliffhanger features hypnotism, the occult and a villain disguised in a long overcoat covered in wolf's fur with a high collar and a fur cap.

PHANTOM HONEYMOON (1919/Hallmark) 6 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: J. Searle Dawley.
Cast: Marguerite Marsh, Vernon Steele, Hal Clarendon.
A professor who debunks supersitition is startled by the appearance of three ghosts in a castle.

THE PHANTOM KNIGHT (1911/Cines) 1095 feet. BW. Silent. Italy.
Whenever danger threatens, a knight steps out of a tapestry and seems to appear from nowhere to rescue the heroine.

THE PHANTOM LIGHT (1914/Bison) 2 reels. BW. Silent. US.
An American Indian is persecuted by the spirit of the brother he murdered and is eventually transformed into a rock.





PHANTOM MELODY (1920/Universal) 5 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Douglas Gerrard; Sc: F. McGrew Willis.
Cast: Monroe Salisbury, J. Barney Sherry, Ray Gallagher, Charles West, Jean Calhoun, Joe Ray, Lois Lee.
After he is struck by lightning, a Count regains conciousness in his tomb.

Credits: Dir: J. Walter Ruben; Prod: Merian C. Cooper; Ex.Prod: David O'Selznick; Sc: Bartlett Cormack & J. Walter Ruben; Ph: Henry Gerrard; Ed: Archie F. Marshek; Art: Carroll Clark; Mus: Max Steiner. From a story by Barlett Cormack & J. Walter Ruben.
Cast:Karen Morley, Ricardo Cortez, Anita Louise, H.B. Warner, Pauline Frederick, Mary Duncan, Aileen Pringle, Gavin Gordon, Ivan Simpson, Matty Kemp, Robert McWade, Richard "Skeets" Gallagher, Sam Hardy, George B. Stone, Hilda Vaughn, Tom Douglas.
"You heard it on the see it on the screen!"
A high class mistress and confidence trickster, (Morley), invites all her previous associates to Crestwood manor in order for them to buy her silence regarding their blackmail schemes. The woman is soon found murdered and someone is stalking the guests from secret passageways wearing a glowing deathshead mask and murdering them with gaming darts. A racketeer, (Cortez), tries to discover the identity of the culprit before the police arrive.
A superbly crafted murder mystery with some notable effects and an interesting "flashback" technique.
Considered to have been lost, it is in fact rarely shown due to the abundance of similar mysteries made at this time.
As a publicity gimmick a radio dramatisation of the story was broadcast inviting listeners to telephone in and provide the final denouement to the tale.

Credits: Dir: John S. Robertson; Sc: Bess Meredyth, John Meehan & Edwin Justus Mayer; Ph: Oliver T. Marsh; Ed: Jack Ogilvie. From the novel "Cheri-Bibi" by Gaston Leroux.
Cast: John Gilbert, Lelia Hyams, Lewis Stone, Jean Hersholt, C. Aubrey Smith, Natalie Moorhead, Ian Keith.
An illusionist, (Glbert), is accused of murdering his fiancee's father and embarks on a complicated plan that includes having his face altered to look like the murder victim to prove his innocence before a police detective, (Stone), arrests him.
A dated thriller with the benefit of Gilbert's performance.
MGM. had announced a film version of Gaston Leroux's novel as early as 1927, titled SEVEN SEAS and CHERI-BIBI to star Lon Chaney.

THE PHANTOM OF PARIS (1942) see The Mystery of Marie Roget

THE PHANTOM OF THE MOULIN ROUGE (1925) see Le Fantome du Moulin Rouge














































On DVD in the US

(1925/Jewel/Universal) 94mins. 8464 feet.
BW. (colour sequences) Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Rupert Julian & Edward Sedgwick; Prod: Carl Laemmle; Sc: Raymond Schrock & Elliott J. Clawson; Dialogue: Frank McCormack; Ph: Charles Van Enger; Two colour Ph: Virgil Miller & Milton Briderbecker; Ed: Maurice Pivar & Gilmore Walker; Art: E.E. Sheely, Sidney M. Ullman, Ben Carre & Charles Dan Hall; Titles: Tom Reed. From the novel "Le Fantome de l'Opera" by Gaston Leroux.
Cast: Lon Chaney, Mary Philbin, Arthur Edmund Carewe, Norman Kerry, Gibson Gowland, John Sainpolis, Snitz Edwards, Bernard Seigel, John Miljan, Virginia Pearson, Edith Yorke, Anton Vaverka, Olive Ann Alcorn, Cesare Gravina, George B. Williams, Bruce Covington, Edward Cecil, Alexander Bevani, Grace Marvin, Ward Crane, Syd Crossley, Chester Conklin, William Tryoler, George Davis, Carla Laemmle.
"Feast your eyes, gloat your soul on my accursed ugliness".
A mysterious "Phantom", (Chaney), haunts the Paris opera house and chooses an aspiring young understudy named Christine Daa, (Philbin), as his protogee. Erik the Phantom lives in the maze of catacombs under the opera house, emerging to instruct his protogee from behind the walls of her dressing room and protect her from the jealousies of the prima donna. The prima donna, however, ignores the warnings given to her by the Phantom, and as a result he brings the massive chandelier crashing down on the audience at her performance. In the ensuing panic the Phantom kidnaps the young girl and leads her to his underground dwelling where he plays "Don Juan Triumphant" for her on the organ, but while the Phantom is preoccupied with the music, Christine creeps up and takes off the Phantom's mask to reveal the horrendous scarred face beneath. The Phantom announces his love for her and promises the girl untold success if she does not reveal what she has seen to anyone, but she confides to her fiance Raoul de Chagney, (Kerry), of the secret at a masquerade ball where the Phantom disguised in a deathshead, overhears. Again he kidnaps Christine, but Raoul and Ledoux of the secret police, (Carewe), are on his trail to his underground lair, forcing Erik onto the city streets where he dies at the hands of a mob who throw him into the Seine while the Christine and Raoul are reunited.
A magnificent visual treat filled with memorable images and the crowning of Chaney's illustrious career. The cost of this classic gothic melodrama approached $1 million, $50 thousand of which was spent on retakes.
Much of the original novel was omitted including a Persian prologue that outlines that Erik was deformed at birth.
The film premiered on September 6th. 1925.
Originally this was to run 101 minutes, but through time many scenes became lost. Now the scenes have been restored in a complete print.
The masquerade ball sequence is shot in a rich early colour process and some prints are entirely tinted.
During the course of filming Chaney fell out with the director Julian over the handling of the love interest and additional comic relief that Laemmle felt was needed after listening to the critics. Edward Sedgwick was appointed to direct the final chase scene and comedy footage featuring comic Chester Conklin. After this still failed to help the film's success, Laemmle cut all the additional footage.
In 1929, Ernst Laemmle shot some further scenes with sound, sound effects and two-tone Technicolor using additional dialogue written by Sedgwick and Chaney. Edward Martindel voices the part played by John Sainpolis, while many of the surviving original cast provided their own voices. The result was a 35% talkie running 89 minutes with a fully sychronised music score.

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (1943/Universal) 92mins. Technicolor. US.
Credits: Dir: Arthur Lubin; Prod: Geroge Waggner; Ex.Prod: Jack Gross; Sc: Erich Taylor, & Samuel Hoffenstein; Ph: Hal Mohr & W. Howard Greene; Ed: Russell Schoengarth; Art: John B. Goodman & Alexander Golitzen; Sets: Russell A. Gausman & Ira S. Webb; Adapted: John Jacoby; Tech.Color: Dir: Natalie Kalmus; Mu: Jack P. Pierce; Tech: Joe Lapis; Mus: Edward Ward.
From the novel "Le Fantome de l'Opera" by Gaston Leroux.
Cast: Claude Rains, Nelson Eddy, Susanna Foster, Barbara Everest, Steven Geray, Frank Puglia, Miles Mander, Hans Herbert, Edgar Barrier, Leo Carillo, Jane Farrar, J. Edward Bromberg, Hume Cronyn, Fritz Feld, Fritz Leiber, Nicki Andre, Gladys Blake, Elvira Curci, Kate Lawson, Rosina Galli, Walter Stahl, Paul Marion, Tudor Williams, Tony Marlow, Beatrice Roberts, Marek Windheim, Muni Seroff, Dick Bartell, Belle Mitchell, Ernest Golm, Renee Carson, Lane Chandler, Cyril Delavanti, John Walsh, Hank Mann, Alphonse Martell, Jim Mitchell, Wheaton Chambers, Stan Blystone, Edward Clark, William Desmond.
In Paris, during the 1860's, meek violinist Enrique Claudin, (Rains), composes a music score to try and raise the money needed to send his daughter to a voice coach, but the composition is stolen by the owners of the Paris opera house where he has worked for the last twenty years. Enraged, he storms into the Opera house offices only to have a bath of acid thrown into his face by a frightened secretary. From then on he dwells in the maze of catacombs under the opera house in a mask to hide his ugly features, emerging occasionally to exact his revenge. He also secretly coaches an aspiring young singer named Christine, (Foster), to perform his music, protecting her ambition by murdering anyone who threatens her success.
A colour remake of the 1925 version utilising the same sets with some minor alterations.
This version is technically superior to the original and the numerous clones that followed, however, it lacks the charm of the silent version, focusing mainly on the opera music and the romantic sub-plot, not the horror elements of the tale.
Among the contenders for the lead role were Charles Laughton, Broderick Crawford and also Lon Chaney Jnr. who would have liked to have inherited his father's best known role, but the studio deemed him unsuitable.
Academy Awards were awarded for Photography and Art direction.

THE PHANTOM OF THE VIOLIN (1914) see The Phantom Violin

THE PHANTOM SHIP (1908/Cricks & Martin) 490 feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: J.H. Martin & A.E. Coleby.
Mysterious events take place aboard a phantom vessel.

THE PHANTOM SHIP (1913/Edison) 1000 feet. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Prod: H.W. Shaw; Sc: James Oppenheim.
Cast: Mabel Trunelle, Herbert Prior, Walter Edwin, William Bechtel.
A woman's vision of a ship returning with her husband becomes a reality.

PHANTOM SHIP (1935) see The Mystery of the Mary Celeste

THE PHANTOM SIGNAL (1913/Edison) 2000 feet (2 reels). BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: George Lessey; Sc: H.J. Collins.
Cast: Charles Stanton Ogle, May Abbey, Bessie Learn, Benjamin F. Wilson, Cora Williams, Edna Hamel.
A skeleton's eerie appearance announces oncoming railroad disasters, but the culprit causing the train crashes suffers from dreams in which the victims return from the dead to visit him.

THE PHANTOM SIRENS (1909/Urban/Eclipse/Kleine) BW. Silent.
Fishermen are lured to their doom by sirens.

THE PHANTOM SPEAKS (1945/Republic) 69mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: John English; Prod: Armand Schaefer & Donald H. Brown; Sc: John K. Butler; Ph: William Bradford; Ed: Arthur Roberts; Art: Russell Kimball; Mus: Richard Cherwin.
Cast: Richard Arlen, Lynne Roberts, Stanley Ridges, Tom Powers, Johnathan Hale, Pierre Watkin, Marian Martin, Ralf Harolde.
A psychopathic surgeon, (Ridges), becomes possessed by the vengeful soul of a killer that forces him to commit murder.
Powers as the killer's spirit appears as an unconvincing double exposed image.
Banned in Britain for many years.

THE PHANTOM THIEF (1946) 65mins. US.
Credits: Dir: D. Ross Lederman.
Cast: Chester Morris, Jeff Donnell, Richard Lane, Dusty Anderson, George E. Stone, Frank Sully, Marvin Miller.
When someone is mysteriously murdered during a seance, Boston Blackie, (Morris), is called in to investigate.
A lively entry to the Boston Blackie series with Stone providing the comic relief as Boston Blackie's sidekick.
A series of 14 films were released all starring Morris as the former thief now working on the right side of the law, forever up against a frustrated police detective who is always one step behind and convinced that Blackie is up to no good.

THE PHANTOM VIOLIN (1914/Universal) BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Francis Ford; Sc: Grace Cunard.
Cast: Francis Ford, Grace Cunard, Duke Worne.
Jilted for another man, a woman's husband becomes insane and hides in a crypt with a secret door from which he murders his wife's new lover and finally leaps to his death with his wife in tow.

THE PHANTOM WAGON (1939) see La Charrette Fantome

THE PHANTOM WITNESS (1915/Thanhouser) 45mins. (3 reels) BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Sc: Philip Lonergan.
Cast: Kathryn Adams, Edwin Shirley, William Burt.
A ward's ghost incriminates a murderer's guardian.

PHANTOMS (1913/Selig Polyscope Co.) BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Prod: Colonel William G. Selig; Sc: W.E. Wing.
An actress witnesses the appearance of phantoms.

A PHENOMENAL CONTORTIONIST (1901/Edison) 108 feet. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Edwin S. Porter.
A man appears and disappears.

PHOTOGRAPHING A GHOST (1898/G.A.S. Films) 76 feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Prod: George Albert Smith.
A ghost is released from a box while a photographer attempts to take it's picture, but the phantom refuses to stand still and then promptly vanishes.

THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY (1910/Regla Art Film) BW. Silent. Denmark.
From the novel by Oscar Wilde.
Cast: Valdemar Psilander.
The first known adaptation of Oscar Wilde's famous story of Dorian Gray who remains eternally young while his true age is reflected in a hideous portrait of himself.

THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY (1913/NYMP./Mutual) 2 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Phillips Smalley. From the novel by Oscar Wilde.
Cast: Wallace Reid, Lois Webster, Phillips Smalley.
A man remains eternally young while his true age and sins are reflected in a hideous portrait of himself.

THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY (1915) see Portret Doriana Greja

THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY (1915/Thanhouser) 3 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Eldon K. Everett. From the story by Oscar Wilde.
Cast: Harris Gordon, A. Howard, Helen Fulton.
Dorian Gray remains young while his portrait slowly ages.
The first American adaptation of Wilde's story.

THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY (1916/Barker/Neptune/Browne) 6 reels. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: Fred W. Durrant; Sc: Rowland Talbot. From the novel by Oscar Wilde.
Cast: Henry Victor, Pat O'Malley, Jack Jordon, Sydney Bland, A.B. Imeson, Douglas Cox, Dorothy Fane, Miriam Ferris.
Dorian Gray, (Victor), remains forever young whilst his portrait ages.
A version that incldues an appearance by the Devil, (Imeson).



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