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(1923) see Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu

DIE SAGE VON HUND-DER HUND VON BASKERVILLE IV (1915/Greenbaum Film) 50mins. BW. Silent. Germany.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Richard Oswald; Prod: Josef Greenbaum.
Cast: Alwin Neuss, Friedrich Kuehne, Erwin Fichtner, Andreas Van Horn, Tatjana Irrah, Hilde Borke.
Sir Henry's evil ancestor who killed his wife and their dog, caused the dog to haunt the Baskerville estate.
Originally released as the second part to Das Unheimliche Zimmer (1915).
Greenbaum's "unofficial" Sherlock Holmes installments were banned for the duration of World War One, allowing Vitascope now renamed PAGU under Union's takeover to release their own versions.

SAINT, DEVIL AND WOMAN (1916/Thanhouser) 5 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Frederick Sullivan; Sc: Philip Lonergan.
Cast: Florence LaBadie, Walter Dion, Ethyle Cooke, Wayne Avey.
A Spanish satanist uses the powers of hypnotism to change his personality and to dominate an heiress.

ST. ELMO (1923/R.W. Syndicate) 5840 feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Rex Wilson. From the novel by Augusta J. Evans-Wilson.
Cast: Shayle Gardner, Gabrielle Gilroy, Madge Tree, Harding Thomas.
A widow's son kills a clerical rival in a duel and becomes possessed by the Devil.

ST. GEORGE AND THE DRAGON (1910/Edison) Silent. US.
Based on the legend of Saint George who battles a monsterous dragon.

ST. GEORGE AND THE DRAGON (1912/Milano) 45mins. (3 reels). Colour. Silent. Italy.
Based on the legend of St. George and the Dragon.
Originally hand-coloured.

THE SALOON-KEEPER'S NIGHTMARE (1908/Gaumont) 430 feet (1 reel). Silent. France.
A man is tormented by Satan.

SATAN (1912/Ambrosio) 4 reels. Silent. Italy. Aka: THE DRAMA OF HUMANITY.

SATAN DEFEATED (1911/Pathe) 750 feet (1 reel). Silent. France.
Satan's face changes into a series of grotesque masks.

SATAN FINDS MISCHIEF (1908/Pathe) 263feet. BW. Silent. France.
Suits of armour and women carrying swords amongst others undergo various transformations. Satan finally appears on a shield, smoke issuing from his mouth and nostrils, before everything disappears in a puff of smoke.

SATAN IN SOFIA (1921) BW. Silent. Bulgaria.
Credits: Dir: Vassil Ghendov; Ph: M. Reifler.
Based on the German film KURFURSTENDAM (1919).

SATAN LIKUYUSCHCII (1917/Yermoliev) 12100 feet. BW. Silent. Russia.
Credits: Dir: Yakov Protazanov; Sc: Olga Blazhevich; Ph: Fyodor Burgasov.
Cast: Ivan Mosjoukine, Natalia Lisenko, P. Pavlov, A. Chabrov, Vera Orlova.
A stranger is actually an agent of Satan who tempts a priest to yield to sexual temptation, but the stranger is slain by a bolt of lightning.

SATAN ON A RAMPAGE (1911/Eclipse) 660 feet. BW. Silent. France.
Satan carries away a bride from her wedding and takes her to Hell.


(1918/Gaumont) 2 reels. BW. Silent. France.
Features the Devil.

SATAN ON MISCHIEF BENT (1911/Urban) 665 feet. BW. Silent. US.
The Devil visits Paris.


SATANA (1911/Ambrosio) 6800 feet. BW. Silent. Silent. Italy.
Credits: Dir: Luigi Maggi; Sc: Guido Volante.
Based in part on the epic poems "Paradise Lost" by John Milton and "The Messiah" by Friedrich Klopstock.
Cast: Antonio Grisanti, Mario Bonnard, Rina Albry, Mary Cleo Tarlarina.
The Devil claims a victim. Released in four parts.

SATANAS (1919/Victoria Film Co.) BW. Silent. Germany.
Credits: Dir: F.W. Murnau; Prod: Ernst Hoffmann; Sc & Art: Robert Wiene; Ph: Karl Freund.
Cast: Fritz Kortner, Sadiah Gezza, Ernst Hoffmann, Margit Barnay, Conrad Veidt, Kurst Erhle, Elsa Berna, Ernst Stahl-Nachbauer, Martin Wolfgang, Marija Leiko, Max Kronert, Elsa Wagner.
Three episodes depicting Satan's intervention during different periods of history.
"The Tyrant".
Amenhotep, (Kortner), the Pharoh of Egypt is in love with Nouri, (Gezza), a young slave who plays the harp. The hermit of Elu, (Veidt), attempts to help Nouri by finding the woman who, as a child, Nouri had saved from being unjustl y stoned to death. Finally the hermit transforms into Lucifer, a vast angel of death who goes through the palace crushing beneath his scorn the mediocrity of mortals.
"The Prince".
Based on Victor Hugo's romantic melodrama Lucrece Borgia.
The final episode is set in 1917.
Hans Conrad, (Wolfgang), a young law student in Zurich becomes friendly with some Russian refugees, but when the revolution breaks out, Hans, under orders from Ivan Grodski, (Veidt), becomes obsessed with power. Hans eventually goes insane when Grodski is revealed to be Satan.
Clearly influenced by D.W. Griffith's INTOLERANCE (1916) by following its episodic structure, Murnau's second film is now sadly lost.
This in turn probably inspired Fritz Lang's Der Mude Tod (1921).

SATANIC RHAPSODY (1914) see Rapsodia Satanica

SATAN'S CASTLE (1913/Ambrosio) 2 reels. BW. Silent. Italy.
Satan returns to claim the soul of a man with whom he has made a pact.

SATAN'S RHAPSODY (1914) see Rapsodia Satanica

SATAN'S RIVAL (1911/Pathe) 900 feet. BW. Silent. France.
Satan transforms himself into a Hindu prince to vie for a girl's hand, but a fairy warns a knight to Satan's intentions.

SATAN'S SMITHY (1908/Pathe) 472 feet (1 reel). Silent. France.
Satan lures a blacksmith into Hell, but a fairy drives the Evil One away.
Partly hand-coloured.

SATAN'S TREASURE (1902) see Le Tresors de Satan

SATI SAVITRI (1933/Bharat Movietone) BW. India.
Credits: Dir: H.M. Reddy.
Cast: Kanthamani, V.V. Subbarao, K.L. Kantam, Hem Singh.
Features a scene depicting Hell and human torture.

SATI SAVITRI (1934/East India Film) BW. India.
Features scenes of Hell.

SATI SULOCHANA (1948/M&K Prod.) BW. India.
Credits: Dir: K.J. Parmar; Prod: Minoo Sethna & Keki Damania; Sc: Virendra R. Mehta & Pt. Anuj; Ph: Navnit M. Adhikari; Mus: Santi Kumar Desai. Based on the "Ramayana".
Cast: Ratnmala, Kishore Kumar, Kanta Kumari, S. Chatterjee, Cuckoo, Pt. Ramchandra, Shastri.
The son of a King travels to the bottom of the ocean to the palace of the Serpent King.

SAUL AND DAVID (1909/Vitagraph) 907 feet. BW. Silent. US.
Based on the biblical stories of David from The Old Testament.
David the shepherd boy kills a giant named Goliath with a slingshot.
Also features the Witch of Endor.

THE SAVAGE (1926/First National) 7 reels. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Fred Newmeyer; Sc: Jane Murfin & Charles E. Whittaker; Ph: George Folsey; Ed: Arthur Tavares; Art: Milton Menasco; Titles: Ralph Spence. From the story by Ernest Pascal.
Cast: Ben Lyon, May McAvoy, Tom Maguire, Philo McCullough, Sam Hardy, Charlotte Walker.
A journalist, (Lyon), accompanies a scientific expedition to the remote Mariposa Islands where he discovers a friendly dinosaur that follows him back to New York.
A parody of The Lost World.

SAVAGE GOLD (1933/First Dimension Pictures) BW.
Credits: Prod: Commander George M. Dyott.
Genuine atrocity footage that depicts the shrinking of a human head including the removal of the skull and skin curing.
Another in a series of the Goona Goona styled documentary exploitation features.

THE SAVING OF FAUST (1911/Pathe) 420 feet (1 reel). Silent. France.
From purgatory, Faust is allowed to see modern Babylon.

SAVITRI (1937/Bombay Talkies) 136mins. BW. India.
Credits: Dir: Franz Osten; Prod: Himansu Rai; Sc: Niranjan Pal Dialogue; Lyrics: J.S. Casshyap; Ph: Josef Wirsching & R.D. Pareenja. Based on a story from the "Mahabharata".




Cast: Devika Rani, Ashok Kumar, Kamta Prashad, Chandraprabha, Pithawala, Mumtaz Ali, Sunita Devi.
A woman pleads successfully with the God of Death to restore her dead husband back to life.

SAVITRI SATYAVAN (1933/Madans) BW. India.
Cast: T.P. Rajalaxmi, T.S. Mani.
Features the Kingdom of Death.

THE SCARECROW (1916/Bamforth) 650 feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: Cecil Birch.
A scarecrow comes to life and is mistaken for an eccentric lord.

THE SCARECROW (1921) see L' Pouvantail

SCARED STIFF (1926/Roach/Path\'82) 25mins. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: James W. Horne; Prod: Hal Roach.
Cast: Clyde Cook, Eileen Percy, Stuart Holmes, James Mack, Shirley Palmer.
Features a haunted house, a mad scientist and a gorilla.
A comedy short from the Hal Roach studio.

SCARED STIFF (1945) 65mins. US. Aka: TREASURE OF FEAR. (US. tv.)
Credits: Dir: Frank McDonald.
Cast: Jack Haley, Barton MacLane, Ann Savage, Veda Ann Borg, Arthur Aylesworth, Lucien Littlefield, George E. Stone.
A reporter, (Haley), searching for some valuable jade chess pieces finds himself in a haunted house.
A vehicle for Haley's comic talents.









(1946/Golden Gate/Screen Guild) 65mins. Colour.
Released June '47. US. Aka: AUTOPSY; ACCENT ON HORROR.

Credits: Dir: Christy Cabanne; Prod: William P. David; Sc: W.J. Abbott; Ph: Marcel Le Picard; Ed: George McGuire; Art: Harry Reif; Sets: Frank Dexter; Mu: Roland Ray; Mus: Carl Hoefle. From a story by W.J. Abbott.
Cast: Bela Lugosi, George Zucco, Nat Pendleton, Molly Lamont, Joyce Compton, Gladys Blake, Roland Varno, Douglas Fowley, Stanley Andrews, Angelo Rossitto, Lee Bennett, Stanley Price.
"Filmed in natural color!"
"She was sane-but mad! Mad from the fear of the hands she could not see!"

In a morgue a woman, (Lamont), lies dead without a mark on her. Some strange people in a sanitorium led to the woman's mysterious and untimely death.
An unusual and cheaply made murder mystery told mostly in flashback.
This is Lugosi's only colour film in which he briefly appears as Leonide the magician, the obligatory red-herring.
Lionel Atwill originally played the head of the sanitorium Dr. Van Ee, but he was replaced by Zucco when he contracted an illness that led to his death on April 22nd. 1946.
The film cost $135 thousand, most of which was spent on the inexpensive Cinecolor process that began life in 1940 and appeared mostly in outdoor epics until 1955.

THE SCARLET CLAW (1944/Universal) 74mins. (6657 feet). US.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Roy William Neill; Sc: Edmund L. Hartmann, Roy William Neill & Tom McKnight (uncredited); Ph: George Robinson; Ed: Paul Landres; Art: John B. Goodman & Ralph M. DeLacy; Sets: Russell A. Gausman & Ira S. Webb; Sfx: John P. Fulton; Tech: Robert Pritchard; Mus: Paul Sawtell & Hans Salter. From the story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle adapted by Brenda Weisberg & Paul Ganglen.
Cast: Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Gerald Hamer, Paul Cavanagh, Arthur Hohl, Miles Mander, Kay Harding, David Clyde, Ian Wolfe, Victoria Horne, George Kirby, Harry Allen, Frank O'Connor, Olaf Hytten, Gertrude Astor, To ny Travers, Charles Francis, Norbert Muller, Al Ferguson, Eric Wilton, Peter Sosso, Clyde Fillmore, Charles Knight, William Allen.
Holmes, (Rathbone), and Watson, (Bruce), investigate a series of murders on the fog enshrouded moors of La Morte Rouge, a small hamlet outside Quebec in Canada that are seemingly committed by a "phospherescent ghost" that rips out its victims' throats. The murderer is not surprisingly the most innocent of all the villagers.
Probably the best and the most gruesome of the Rathbone and Bruce series in a moodily photographed variation of Twentieth Century Fox's The Hound of the Baskervilles (1939) with sets reminiscent of The Wolfman (1941).
As with most of the forties Holmes tales this ends with an appropriate amount of wartime patriotism.

THE SCARLET CLUE (1945/Monogram) 65mins. US.
Credits: Dir: Phil Rosen; Prod: James S. Burkett; Sc: George Callahan; Ph: William A. Sickner; Ed: Richard Currier; Art: David Milton; Mus: Edward Kay.
Based on the character Charlie Chan created Earl Derr Biggers.
Cast: Sidney Toler, Mantan Moreland, Ben Carter, Beson Fong, Ian Wolfe, Helen Deveraux, Robert Homans, Virginia Brissac, Jack Norton, Stanford Jolley, Janet Shaw.
After spies steal some radar plans, Oriental sleuth Charlie Chan, (Toler), has to try and solve a series of murders supposedly caused by a bizarre creature that uses poisoned capsules and radio beams to kill.
An unusual and one of the better Monogram Charlie Chan adventures.

THE SCARLET CRYSTAL (1917/Red Feather/Universal) 5 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Prod: Charles Swickard; Sc: J. Grubb Alexander.
Cast: Betty Schade, Herbert Rawlinson, Dorothy Davenport, Raymond Whitaker, Marie Hazelton, Gertrude Astor, Dick Ryan.
A woman sees scenes of horror in a magic crystal including her husband in the arms of a seductress.

THE SCENTED ENVELOPES (1923) see The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu

DER SCHATTEN DES MEERES (1912/Meesters Projektion) 40mins. (4 reels). BW. Silent. Germany. Aka: THE SEA'S SHADOW; IN THE SHADOW OF THE SEA.
Credits: Dir: Curt A. Stark; Prod: Oscar Messter; Ph: Carl Froehlich. From a Swedish legend.
Cast: Henny Porten, Curt A. Stark, Fran Retzlag, Lizzy Krueger.
Death rises from the ocean and persuades a despondant young woman, (Porten), to foresake life and commit suicide by following him back into the sea.
An atmospheric exploration of suicide combined with Scandinavian mysticism allowing Meester to compete with the strength of the Nordic film industry.
At the time Stark was known for a series of uninteresting dramas, suggesting that the romantic poetry of this film could be attributed more to Meester than the director.
Meester's successful Berlin film company was eventually taken over by UFA. in 1917, but was responsible for establishing a star system in Germany.
Henny Porten was Germany's first screen star and was married to Stark at the time. She later formed her own production company with cinematographer Carl Froehlich.




SCHLOSS VOGELOD (1921/Decla-Bioscop) 56mins. 6 reels. Silent. Germany.
Originally titled: THE HAUNTED CASTLE.
Credits: Dir: F.W. Murnau; Prod: Erich Pommer; Sc: Carl Meyer & Berthold Viertel; Ph: Fritz Arno Wagner & Laszlo Schaffer; Art: Graf Montgelas; Sets: Hermann Warm. From a novel by Rudolf Stratz.
Cast: Arnold Korff, Lulu Kyser-Korff, Lothar Mennert, Olga Tschechowa, Paul Hartmann, Paul Bildt, Hermann Vallentin, Julius Falkenstein, Georg Zawatzky, Rudolf Leffler, Walter Kurth Kuhle, Victor Blutner, Loni Nest.
At castle Vogelod, the owner, (Korff), and his wife, (Kyser-Korff), await the arrival of Baroness von Safferstedt, (Tschechowa), and her second husband, (Bildt), her first husband having died three years earlier under mysterious circumstances. The guests at the castle believe it was the Baron's brother, Johann Oetsch, (Mehnert), who shot the Baroness' husband, and the Baroness is horrified when Oetsch arrives at the castle and she confesses to Father Faramund, (Blutner), that her first husband changed for the worse after returning from an undisclosed journey. Later that evening, Father Faramund disappears, and one guest has a nightmare depicting a phantom bird that claws him towards his window. The Baroness is on the brink of hysterics when Father Faramund reappears and removes his disguise to reveal Johann Oetsch, who forces the Baroness' husband to confess that he killed his wife's first husband.
A complicated plot is even more confusing today as the eighty-six title cards are missing from surviving prints.

SCHLOSS VOGELOD (1936/UFA.) 70mins. BW. Germany.
Credits: Dir: Max Obal; Prod: Peter Ostermayer. Based on the novel by Rudolf Stratz.
Cast: Hans Stowe, Carola Hoehn, Walter Steinbeck.






(1920) see Der Januskopf

A SCIENTIFIC MOTHER (1915/Falstaff/Mutual) 1 reel. BW. Silent. US.
A baby grows to become a giant.

THE SCORPION'S STING (1915) see The Devil's Bondman

THE SCOTLAND YARD MYSTERY (1933/British International) 65mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Thomas Bentley; Prod: Walter C. Mycroft; Sc: Frank Miller; Ph: James Wilson; Ed: Walter Stokvis; Art: David Rawnsley. From a play by Wallace Geoffrey.
Cast: Gerald du Maurier, George Curzon, Grete Natzler, Belle Chrystall, Leslie Perrins, Walter Patch, Henry Victor, Herbert Cameron, Frederick Reisley.
"What is science's newest creature to break the barriers between this world and the next?"
An insurance firm becomes concerned when it has to pay out large sums of money on the unexpected deaths of policy holders that Dr. Freeman, (Perrins), has deemed to be fit. A police inspector, (Maurier), investigates and discovers that a Home Office pathologist, (Curzon), is involved in a scheme to defraud the insurance company by injecting their policy holders with a life-suspending serum.
An antiquated, macabre mystery from which scenes later appeared in Dr. Terrors House of Horrors (1943).
The American title is not to be confused with THE LIVING DEAD of 1932, which is an alternate title for Funf Geschichten.

THE SCOUNDREL (1935/Paramount) 74mins. US.
Credits: Dir., Prod & Sc: Ben Hecht & Charles MacArthur; Ph: Lee Garmes; Mus: George Antheil.
Cast: Noel Coward, Alexander Woollcott, Julie Haydon, Stanley Ridges, Eduardo Ciannelli, Helen Hayes, Edna Ferber.
After a famous writer dies, his ghost returns to find the meaning of love.
A good cast make the most of this supernatural melodrama, providing over an hour of enjoyable nonsense.
Hayes and Ferber appear in cameo roles.

SCREAM IN THE NIGHT (1919/Selznick) 6 reels. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Burton King & Leander De Cordova; Prod: David O. Selznick; Sc: Charles A. Logue; Ph: William Reinhart & A.A. Caldwell; Ed: John J. Keeley.
Cast: Ruth Budd, Ralph Kellard, Edna Britton, John Webb Dillon, Ed Roseman.
A mad scientist, (Kellard), creates Darwa, (Budd), a wild jungle girl to prove the theory of evolution.

THE SCREAMING SHADOW (1920/Hallmark Pictures Corp.) BW. Silent. Serial.
14 Chapters. US.
Credits: Dir: Duke Worne; Prod: Ben Wilson; Sc: J. Grubb Alexander & Harvey Gates; Ph: King Gray.
Cast: Ben Wilson, Neva Gerber, Joseph Girard, Harry Archer, Frances Terry, Pansy Porter, Howard Crampton, William Carroll, Fred Gamble, William Dyer.
The "Black Seven" try to obtain the secret of eternal life and plot control of the world by usurping the throne of Prince Rupert of Burgonia.

SCROOGE (1913/Zenith) 2500 feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: Leedham Bantock; Sc: Seymour Hicks.
From the story "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens.
Cast: Seymour Hicks, William Lugg, Leedham Bantock, J.C. Buckstone, Dorothy Buckstone, Leonard Calvert, Osborne Adair, Adela Measor, Elaine Terris.
In 19th century London, miserly Ebeneezer Scrooge, (Hicks), is visited by the ghost of his former business associate Jacob Marley who attempts to show Scrooge the error of his ways and warns him that he will be visited by three spirits who take Scrooge through his past, present and future.










(1922/Master Films) 1280 feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: George Wynn; Prod: H.B. Parkinson; Sc: W.C. Rowden.
From the story "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens.
Cast: H.V. Esmond.
The seventh entry to the "Tense Moments with Great Authors" film series.

SCROOGE (1923/B&C.) 1600 feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: Edwin Greenwood; Prod: Edward Godal; Sc: Eliot Stannard.
From the story "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens.
Cast: Russell Thorndike, Ninna Vanna, Jack Denton, Forbes Dawson.
The fifth entry to the "Gems of Literature" film series.

SCROOGE (1928/British Sound Film Prod.) 1 reel. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: Hugh Croise; Sc: Bransby Williams.
From the story "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens.
Cast: Bransby Williams.
Ebeneezer Scrooge, (Williams), is visited by the ghost of his former business partner, and the ghosts of his past, present and future.
The first sound adaptation of the famous story.

SCROOGE (1935/Twickenham) 78mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: Henry Edwards; Prod: Julius Hagen & Hans Brahm; Sc: Seymour Hicks & H. Fowler Mear; Ph: Sydney Blythe & William Luff; Ed: Hans Brahm.
From the story "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens.
Cast: Seymour Hicks, Donald Calthrop, Robert Cochran, Eve Gray, Mary Glynne, Oscar Asche, Athene Seyler, Barbara Everest, Garry Marsh, C.V. France, Philip Frost, Marie Ney, Maurice Evans, Mary Lawson, Morris Harvey, D.J. Williams, Margaret Yarde, Hugh E. Wright, Charles Carson, Peggy Church, Hubert Harben.
Miserly Victorian businessman Ebeneezer Scrooge, (Hicks), is visited by the ghost of his dead business partner Jacob Marley to persuade Scrooge to change his ways. Scrooge is also visited by the spirits of Chrisatmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Yet-to-Come.
Seymour Hicks' second portrayal of Scrooge and his first sound treatment.
Editor Hans Brahm later became director John Brahm.

SCROOGE; OR, MARLEY'S GHOST (1901/R.W. Paul) 620 feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: Walter R. Booth; Prod: Robert William Paul.
From the story "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens.
The first film adaptation of Charles Dickens' short story.

A SCULPTOR'S WELSH RABBIT DREAM (1908/Edison) 590 feet. BW. Silent. US.
A sculptor dreams that a genie from a lamp brings a statue to life and that some busts mold themselves.

THE SEA BAT (1930/MGM.) 69mins. US.
Credits: Dir: Wesley Ruggles; Sc: Bess Meredyth & John Howard Lawson.
Cast: Charles Bickford, Raquel Torres, Nils Asther, John Miljan, Gibson Gowland, Boris Karloff.
Mexican fishermen compete to try and slay a giant sting-ray.
A ridiculous sea adventure that strangely follows a plotline similar to JAWS (1975).

THE SEALED ROOM (1909/Biograph) 779 feet. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: D.W. Griffith; Ph: William "Billy" Bitzer. Based on the writings by Edgar Allen Poe.
Cast: Henry B. Walthall, Mary Pickford, Marion Leonard, Arthur Johnson, George Siegmann.
A King seals his Queen and her lover alive in a room of the castle tower.

SEANCE DE SPIRITISME (1910/Gaumont) 1 reel. BW. Silent. France.
A man hiding under a table convinces people at a seance that spirits are present.

A hat makes anyone who wears it to become invisible.

THE SEA'S SHADOW (1912) see Der Schatten des Meeres












(1947/Diana Productions/Universal) 98mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Fritz Lang; Ex.Prod: Walter Wanger; Sc: Silvia Richards; Ph: Stanley Cortez; Ed: Arthur Hilton; Des: Max Parker; Mus: Miklos Rozsa.
From the story "Museum Piece No.13" by Rufus King.
Cast: Joan Bennett, Michael Redgrave, Anne Revere, Barbara O'Neil, Natalie Schafer, Paul Cavanagh, Rosa Rey, James Seay, Mark Dennis.
A woman, (Bennett), discovers her husband is gradually going insane and he intends to kill her in one of the many rooms he has furnished to depict scenes of famous murders.

THE SECRET KINGDOM (1925/Stoll) 5930feet. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Sinclair Hill; Sc: Alicia Ramsey; Ph: Percy Strong; Art: Walter W. Murton.
From the novel "Hidden Fires" by Bertram Atkey.
Cast: Matheson Lang, Stella Arbenina, Eric Bransby Williams, Genevieve Townsend, Rudolph de Cordova, Robin Irvine, Lillian Oldland, Frank Goldsmith.
Financier, John Quarrain, (Lang), purchases a mind-reading device, but destroys it upon learning of his wife Mary's, (Arbenina), unfaithfulness.
Reissued as BEYOND THE VEIL in 1929.

THE SECRET OF DEATH VALLEY (1906/Lubin) 600 feet. BW. Silent. US.
Features a dead husband and his friends.

THE SECRET OF THE BLUE ROOM (1933/Universal) 66mins. US.
Credits: Dir: Kurt Neumann; Prod: Carl Laemmle Jnr.; Sc: William Hurlbut; Ph: Charles Stumar; Ed: Philip Cahn; Art: Stanley Fleischer; Mus: Heinz Letton. From a story by Erich Philippi.
Cast: Lionel Atwill, Gloria Stuart, Paul Lukas, Edward Arnold, Onslow Stevens, Robert Barrat, William Janney, Elizabeth Patterson, Muriel Kirkland, Russell Hopton, Anders Van Haden, James Durkin.
Baron Robert von Helldorf, (Atwill), relates to his weekend guests at his isolated castle home the sinister history of the "haunted" blue room where twenty years ago, three inexplicable deaths occurred at exactly one hour after midnight. Ever since that fateful night the room has been locked. Tommy, (Janney), proposes to spend a night in the room to impress Irene von Helldorf, (Stuart), but he mysteriously disappears. Other guests who stay in the room also disappear until Police Commissioner Forster, (Arnold), lays a trap for the assasin and exposes the culprit.
Universal's finest horror murder mystery due mostly to the good cast.
This marked Lionel Atwill's first of twelve appearances for Universal horror films following his starring roles in Doctor X (1932) and Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933).
Made for only $69 thousand and filmed on the sets used for The Old Dark House, this was Universal's cheapest film of the year.
Remade in 1938 as The Missing Guest and in 1944 as Murder in the Blue Room.
SECRET OF THE BLUE ROOM is an Americanised version of a German mystery film reportedly using stock footage from this earlier production.














(1910/Lux) 2 reels. BW. Silent. France.
A sinister Chinese cult amputates a man's hand and sends it to his friends.

SECRET OF THE KING (1916/Nordisk) 2100 feet (4 reels). BW. Silent. Denmark.
A ring brings a curse upon it's owner.


THE SECRET OF THE WHISTLER (1946/Columbia) 62mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: George Sherman; Prod: Rudolph C. Flothow; Sc: Raymond L. Schrock; Ph: Allen G. Siegler; Ed: Dwight Caldwell; Art: Hans Radon; Mus: Mischa Bakaleinikoff.
From a story by Richard H. Landru.
Cast: Richard Dix, Leslie Brooks, Mary Currier, Michael Duane, Mona Barrie, Ray Walker.
An insane artist, (Dix), is suspected by his second wife of killing his first wife leading her to believe that she will be his next victim.
This sixth entry to The Whistler film series is an effective murder mystery with the customary plot twist.

THE SECRET ROOM (1915/Kalem) 2 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Tom Moore.
Cast: Tom Moore, Ethel Clifton, Robert Ellis, Marguerite Courtot, Paton Gibbs, Betty Peterson. An insane doctor attempts to transfer a man's soul into his retarded son's body.

SECRET WITNESS (1931/Famous Attractions Co.) 68mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Thornton Freeland; Prod: J.G. Buchman; Sc: Samuel Spewack; Ph: Robert Planck; Ed: Louis H. Sacklin. From the novel "Murder in the Gilded Cage" by Samuel Spewack.
Cast: Una Merkel, William Collier Jnr., Zasu Pitts, Purnell Pratt, Clyde Cook, Ralf Harolde, June Clyde, Rita La Roy, Hooper Atchley, Paul Hurst, Nat Pendleton, Greta Grandstedt, Clarence Muse.
"Best mystery drama you've ever seen!...kept a preview audience in a turmoil of tense excitement and laughter!"
Bert Folsom, (Atchley), is murdered in his penthouse apartment and is mourned by his pet ape. Lois Martin, (Merkel), who lives in the apartment below, is brought into the case when a young man was seen entering her window carrying a gun on the night that Folsom was killed. The youth proves to be Arthur Jones, (Collier), brother of Tess, (Clyde), who was Folsom's secret paramour until she committed suicide when she learned that Folsom was already married. With Arthur arrested for Folsom's death, Lois, convinced they have the wrong man, sets out to find the real killer.
A successful independent feature that was bought by the larger Columbia studios for release. Originally previewed under the title TERROR BY NIGHT, the film was released in December 1931 as THE SECRET WITNESS.

SECRETS OF A SOUL (1926/UFA./Neumann) 95mins. Silent. Germany.
Credits: Dir: G.W. Pabst; Sc: Colin Ross, Hans Neumann & G.W. Pabst; Ph: Guido Seeber, Curt Oertel & Robert Lach.
Cast: Werner Krauss, Jack Trevor, Ruth Weyher, Pawel Pawlow.
A chemist develops a phobia of knives, suffers from hallucinations and attempts to cut his wife's throat.
A visual montage of impressive psychotic images.

THE SECRETS OF HOUSE NO. 5 (1912/Pathe) BW. Silent. Russia.
A detective drama featuring mysticism and the spirit world.

Credits: Dir: A. Edward Sutherland; Prod: Willis Goldbeck; Ex.Prod: David O'Selznick; Sc: Samuel Ornitz, Robert Tasker, Rufus King, Robert Benchley, Frank Moss, Aubrey Weisberg & A. Edward Sutherland; Ph: Alfred L. Gilks; Ed: Arthur Roberts; Art: Carroll Clark; Sfx: Vernon L. Walker, Linwood Dunn & Donald Jahrous; Sets: Thomas Little & D. Burke; Mu: Sam Kaufman; Tech: L.E. Anselme; Mus: Max Steiner. From the American Weekly series "Secrets of the Suret: the French Police Detectives" by H. Ashton-Wolfe and from the novel "Lost Empress" by Samuel Ornitz.
Cast: Gwili Andre, Gregory Ratoff, Frank Morgan, John Warburton, Murray Kinnell, Lucien Prival, Julia Swayne Gordon, Kendall Lee, Christian Rub, Arnold Korff, Guido Trento, Rochelle Hudson, Evelyn Carter Carrington, Michael Visaroff, Kate Lawson, Dina Smirnova, Reginald Barlow, Harry Cording, Arthur Thalasso, Sam Appel, Malcolm Waite, Gertrude Pilar, Eleanor Vendevier, Cyril Ring, Virginia Thomas, Won g Chung, Ming Woy, Wong Haye, Chester Gan, Capt. Girado Garcia, Al Garcia, Gilbert Sanchez, Octavio Gerard, H. Koontz, Wells Blanton, Mark McFee, Jean Girard, Betty Rome, Eugene Beday, Jimmy Coleman, Ray Cooper, Major Nichols, H.A. Perline, Fay Holderness, Nick Shaid, William Lally, Gino Corrado, Harry Cornbleth.
"The marble image that was once a living form!"
General Han Moloff, (Ratoff), a former member of the Russian White Army, stands to inherit a fortune if he can pass off Eugenie Dorain, (Andre), a flower-seller, as the missing princess Anastasia. He kills his mistress and former collaborator Rona, (Lee), covers her in plaster and disguises her as a statue in his mansion. Leon Renault, a handsome Parisian pickpocket and fiancee of Eugenie, befriends celebrated police detective Bertillion's assistant Francois St. Cyr, (Morgan), and then travels to Moloff's mansion in the mountains to rescue Eugenie. Moloff has the girl under his hypnotic spell, but she is saved by Leon from the embalming room and the General electrocutes himself to evade capture.
A thrilling murder mystery with a superb villainous performance from actor/director Ratoff.
Actress Andre was being groomed by O'Selznick to compete against the likes of Garbo and Dietrich, but the American public didn't share Selznick's enthusiasm.
The castle set was previously used for RKO.'s The Most Dangerous Game.
Director Sutherland later directed Paramount's Murders in the Zoo (1933).

SECRETS OF THE MARIE CELESTE (1935) see The Mystery of the Mary Celeste

Cast: Pina Menichelli.
A short fantasy horror subject.
The title translates as "The Secret of Castle Monroe".

DIE SELTSAME GESCHICHTE DES BRANDNER (1949/Bavaria Film) 104mins. BW. Germany.
Credits: Dir: Josef von Baky; Sc: Erna Fentsch; Mus: Alois Melichar.
From the story "Der Brandner Kaspar Schautins Paradies" by Franz von Kobell.
Cast: Paul Horbiger, Carl Wery, Ursula Lingen, Georg Thomalia, Anna Cardine Muller.
An elderly hunter is visited by the figure of Death and is transported into heaven.

EIN SELTSAMER FALL (1914/Vitascope) 50mins. (5 reels). BW. Silent. Germany.
Credits: Dir: Max Mack; Sc: Richard Oswald.
Cast: Alwin Neuss, Hanni Weisse, Lotte Neumann.
An unofficial adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde".

LES SEPT CHATEAUX DU DIABLE (1901/Zecca) Silent. France.
Credits: Ferdinand Zecca.
A hand-coloured fantasy subject reportedly depicting the Devil.

THE SERPENT MAN (1910/Lux) BW. Silent. France. Aka: THE SNAKE MAN.
A man possesses the ability to transform himself into a snake.

SETTING BACK THE HANDS OF TIME (1910/Pathe) 420 feet. BW. Silent. France.
A magical powder restores youth.

THE 7 CASTLES OF THE DEVIL (1901) see Les Sept Chateaux du Diable


(1929/First National) 70mins. (8 reels). BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Benjamin Christensen; Prod: Wid Gunning; Sc: Richard Bee; Ph: Sol Polito; Ed: Frank Ware; Titles: William Irish (Cornell Woolrich). From a story by Abraham Merritt.
Cast: Thelma Todd, Creighton Hale, William V. Mong, Sheldon Lewis, Sojin Kamiyama, Laska Winters, Ivan Christy, DeWitt Jennings, Nora Cecil, Kalla Pasha, Harry Tenbrooke, Cissy Fitzgerald, Angelo Rossitto, Thelma McNeill, Charles Gemora.
Daredevil Jim Kirkham, (Hale), complains when he feels that his life is too mundane, until he and his sweetheart, (Todd), find themselves prisoners in a haunted castle while searching for a gemstone stolen during a reception at her house. The castle is inhabited entirely by monsters, wild animals and screaming victims, but eventually the horrors are revealed to have been nothing more than an elaborate hoax to show him that mundane reality can be as bizarre as any adventure.
A thrilling parade of monsters in a startling symphony of light and shadow, invested with a darkly mocking wit.
The second of three horror comedies that Christensen made for First National before he became disillusioned with Hollywood and returned to Denmark.
The others in the trio are The Haunted House (1928) and The House of Horror (1929).













Originally SEVEN FOOTPRINTS TO SATAN was released with talking sequences, sound effects and music, and is presently the only one of the three films to have survived intact, a print of which is housed in New York's Museum of Modern Art, but the film's Vitaphone soundtrack discs still remain lost.Christensen also filmed Haxan (1922) and worked briefly on Mysterious Island (1929).

Credits: Dir: Lew Landers.
From the book by Earl Derr Biggers and the stage comedy by George M. Cohan.
Cast: Philip Terry, Jacqueline White, Eduardo Cianelli, Margaret Lindsay, Arthur Shields.
A mystery writer staying at the Baldpate Inn becomes embroiled in a real life mystery.
The fifth version of the famous tale. Remade again in 1983 as HOUSE OF THE LONG SHADOWS.

THE SEVEN SWANS (1917/Famous Players/Paramount) 5 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: J. Searle Dawley, Ph: Lyman Broening.
Based on the fairy tale "The Wild Swans" by Hans Christian Andersen.
Cast: Marguerite Clark, Richard Barthlemess, William Danforth, Augusta Anderson, Daisy Belmore.
Seven brothers are transformed into swans by an evil witch, (Belmore), who appears as a beautiful woman.

THE SEVENTH VICTIM (1943/RKO.) 71mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Mark Robson; Prod: Val Lewton; Sc: Charles O'Neal & De Witt Bodeen; Ph: Nicholas Musuraca; Ed: John Lockert; Art: Albert D'Agostino & Walter E. Keller; Sfx: Linwood Dunn & Harry Underwood; Sets: Darrell Silvera & Harley Miller; Mus: Roy Webb & Constantin Bakaleinikoff.
Cast: Tom Conway, Jean Brooks, Kim Hunter, Isabel Jewell, Evelyn Brent, Erford Gage, Ben Bard, Hugh Beaumont, Chef Milani, Margueri ta Silva, Mary Newton, Wally Brown, Feodor Chaliapin, Eve March, Ottola Nesmith, Edythe Elliott, Milton Kibbee, Marianne Mosner, Elizabeth Russell, Joan Barclay, William Halligan, Lou Lubin, Dewey Robinson, Lloyd Ingraham, Kernan Cripps, Sara Selby, Betty Roadman, Ann Summers, Tiny Jones, Eileen O'Malley, Lorna Dunn, Cyril Ring.
"I run to death, and death meets me as fast, and all my pleasures are like yesterdays."
Devil worshippers and black magic beset Mary Gibson, (Hunter), when she arrives in New York City to find her missing and suicidal sister Jacqueline, (Brooks), and discovers that she was affiliated with a satanic sect where any attempt to escape is punished by death. While hiding from the sect, Jacqueline eventually kills herself.
In his fourth B-movie production for RKO., Lewton makes good use of shadows and gloom, but the film unfolds at a deadening pace.
Censorship demands at the time make the plot and its message even more obscure.
Mark Robson who was previously Lewton's editor makes his directorial debut.
The first scene borrows the staircase used in THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS.
Scriptwriter DeWitt Bodeen was sent to New York to attend a Satanist meeting where he was admitted as a silent observer and recorded that the members were predominantly older men and women who knitted and sipped tea while casting spells against Hitler.


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