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(1909/Urban/Eclipse) 734 feet. BW. Silent. UK.
A girl exchanges her soul with Satan for a magic fiddle made from the bodies of her family.

TALES OF HORROR (1919) see Unheimliche Geschichten

TALES OF THE UNCANNY (1919) see Unheimliche Geschichten

THE TALISMAN (1943/Svensk Filmindustri) 83mins. Sweden.
Credits: Dir: Gustav Molander; Sc: Karl-Ragnar Gierow; Ph: Ake Dahlqvist; Mus: Lars-Eric Larsson.
Cast: Edvin Adolphson, Vanda Rothgardt, Inga Tidblad.
An officer buys a talisman from a rabbi that brings him good luck, but he must sell it for less than he paid.
Eventually a girl buys it because she loves it and it crumbles in her hand.

TALKED TO DEATH (1909/Lubin) 215 feet. BW. Silent. US.
An old maid talks incessantly until her victim falls dead. Finally, two old maids talk each other to death.

THE TARANTULA (1916/Vitagraph) 6 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Prod. & Sc: George D. Baker.
Cast: Edith Storey, Antonio Moreno, Eulalie Jensen, L. Rogers Lytton, Charles Kent, Harry Hollingsworth, Emmanuel A. Turner, Raymond Walburn.
A girl presents a man who wronged her with a jewel case containing a deadly tarantula that frightens him to death.

Credits: Dir: Lee Sholem.
Cast: Lex Barker, Brenda Joyce, Evelyn Ankers, Albert Dekker, Alan Napier, Charles Drake, Henry Brandon.
A female pilot discovers a fountain of youth in a secret valley where no one ages unless they leave.
Barker's first and best Tarzan portrayal with a cameo by Elmo Lincoln, the cinema's first Tarzan.

TCHIN-CHAO, THE CHINESE CONQUEROR (1904) see Thaumaturge Chinois

THE TELL-TALE HEART (1927/Maurice Barber) 1826 feet. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Charles F. Klien; Prod: Maurice Barber; Ph: Leo Shamroy.
From the story by Edgar Allan Poe.
Cast: Otto Matiesen, Hereford de Fuerberg, Darvas.
A madman strangles an old woman and hides her body under the floorboards, but the imaginary beating of the corpses heart forces him to confess when detectives call.
Klien's use of an expressionistic style modelled on the German Cabinet of Dr. Caligari did not work so well with a familiar story for which any audience would have had their own preconceived expectations.

THE TELL-TALE HEART (1934/Clifton-Hurst) 53mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: Brian Desmond Hurst; Prod: Harry Clifton; Sc. & Art: David Plunkett Greene. From a story by Edgar Allan Poe.
Cast: Norman Dryden, John Kelt, Yolande Terrell, Thomas Shenton, James Fleck, Colonel Cameron, H. Vasher.
A madman, (Dryden), recollects the time when he murdered a man and hid the body under the floorboards of his home. To celebrate the "perfect" crime the murderer invites the police chief for tea, but gradually the madman believes he can hear the corpse's heartbeat, that becomes so loud that the killer under great distress confesses his crime to his guest.


Made as a second feature with very little atmosphere and plenty of stilted dialogue.

THE TELL-TALE HEART (1941/MGM.) 2 reels. US.
Credits: Dir: Jules Dassin; Sc: Doane Hoag. From a story by Edgar Allan Poe.
Cast: Joseph Schildkraut, Roman Bohnen.
A murderer believes that the ticking of a clock is the heartbeat of his victim whose corpse he has hidden under the floorboards of his home.

THE TELL-TALE HEART (1947) BW. Poland.
Credits: Dir: Jerzy Zarkycki. From the story by Edgar Allan Poe.

Credits: Dir: S. Veselonsky; Prod: G. Libkin; Sc: B. Marton; Ph: P. Mosyagin.
Cast: S. Gladkov, N. Kitayen, Volzhsky, M. Petini.
The hypnotic abilities and healing powers of the lustful monk Rasputin, (Gladkov), gains him the trust of the Czarina and puts him in a position of authority in the Russian government.

TEMPLE BELLS (1934) see Sulochana

THE TEMPTATION OF BARBIZON (1945) see Tentation de Barbizon

THE TEMPTATIONS OF JOSEPH (1914/Kineto) 1265 feet (2 reels). BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Langford Reed.
A lustful mummy comes to life in an antique shop.

THE TEMPTATIONS OF SATAN (1914/Blache) 75mins. (5 reels). BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Herbert Blache.
Cast: Binnie Burns, Joseph Lovering, James O'Neil.
Satan, (O'Neill), and his minions tempt a woman.

THE TEMPTER (1913/Natural Colour Kinematograph Co.) 2483 feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: F. Martin Thornton & R.H. Callum; Sc: Leedham Bantock & Alfred de Manby.
Cast: Harry Agar Lyons, Alfred de Manby, F. Martin Thornton, Leedham Bantock.
Satan, (de Manby), relates a collection of lurid stories, illustrating the evils of drink, deceit and greed.

THE TEMPTER AND DAN CUPID (1911/Thanhouser) BW. Silent. US.
Satan and Cupid are featured.

TEN LITTLE NIGGERS (1945) see And Then There Were None

THE TENACIOUS CAT (1906/Pathe) 344 feet. BW. Silent. France.
A cat is killed in many ways but keeps returning to life.

THE TENDERFOOT'S GHOST (1913/Frontier) 2 reels. BW. Silent. US.
A ghost defeats a robber.

Credits: Dir: Jean Stelli.
A fantasy comedy depicting an angel and the Devil who visit the inhabitants of Earth.

LES TERREURS DE RIGADIN (1912/Pathe) BW. Silent. France.
Credits: Dir: Georges Monca.
Cast: Charles Prince.
A fantasy horror short.

A TERRIBLE NIGHT (1896) see Nuit Terrible

THE TERRIBLE PEOPLE (1928/Pathe) Serial. 10 Chapters. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Spencer Gordon Bennet.
Cast: Allene Ray, Walter Miller, Wilfred North, Fred Vroom, Tom Holding, Larry Steers, Mary Foy, Allen Craven.
Features a ghost-like villain with monstrous clawed hands.


THE TERRIBLE TWO IN LUCK (1914/Phoenix) 13mins. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: James Read.
Cast: Joe Evans, James Read.
A search for a hidden treasure involves an encounter with ghosts.


(1913) see Strasnaja Mest

TERROR (1928/Film Booking Office) 4884 feet. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Louis King; Sc: Frank Howard Clark; Ph: Nicholas Musuraca; Ed: Della M. King; Titles: Helen Gregg. From a story by Wyndham Gittens.
Cast: Tom Tyler, Frankie Darro, Jane Reid, Al Ferguson, Jules Cowles.
An attempt is made to prove that ghosts are real.

THE TERROR (1928/Warner/Vitaphone) 82mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Roy Del Ruth; Sc: Harvey Gates; Ph: Barney McGill; Ed: Thomas Pratt & Jack Killifer; Sound: Vitaphone; Titles: Joseph Jackson. From the play by Edgar Wallace.
Cast: May McAvoy, Louise Fazenda, Edward Everett Horton, Alec B. Francis, John Miljan, Frank Austin, Matthew Betz, Holmes Herbert, Otto Hoffman, Joseph Girard. Voice of Conrad Nagel.
A hooded killer known simply as The Terror, terrorises the patrons of an old mansion that is now Stormband Tavern with ghostly organ music and his fleeting appearences in a cape and a hangman's hood. During a night when a medium, (Fazenda), holds a seance, the killer stalks a woman, (McAvoy), through the subterranean tunnels and secret passages while searching for a hidden fortune. A bumbling guest, (Horst), is revealed to be a Scotland Yard detective.
Audiences screamed as the clutching hand reached out for its victims during a screening. Warner's second sound film and one of the first "all-talkie" horror films, the first to be released in the UK.
The film received only luke warm reviews as the all the male cast sounded alike and McAvoy had to contend with her lisp. There were no titles as they were all spoken by Conrad Nagel who also informed the audience of the time and the locale of each scene.
The sound effects included howling winds, creaking doors and piercing screams all amid a non-stop orchestral score.
Although stagey in its execution, the film demonstrates the many problems studios were to experience with the new medium of sound. Originally shown in Britain during October, 1928 at The Piccadilly theatre in London following the "part-talkie" THE JAZZ SINGER.
Unfortunately, both the film and the sound discs remain lost.
Follow up: Return of the Terror (1934).




TERROR ABOARD (1933/Paramount) 65mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Paul Sloane; Prod: William LeBaron; Sc: Harvey Thew & Manuel Seff; Ph: Harry Fischbeck; Ed: Eda Warren. From a story by Robert Presnell.
Cast: John Halliday, Neil Hamilton, Charles Ruggles, Shirley Grey, Veree Teasdale, Jack La Rue, Kit Guard, Leila Bennett, Morgan Wallace.
After some grisly murders take place on an ocean liner, the ensuing investigation reveals how and why the victims are murdered.
An early "whodunit" thriller with some visuals that were ahead of their time including one man hung on a meathook in the cold storage locker.

TERROR BY NIGHT (1931) see The Secret Witness








(1942) see The Night Has Eyes

TERRORS (1930/Erle O. Smith) 47mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Erle O. Smith; Sc: Erle O. Smith, Erle Smith Jnr., Ronald Smith & Graham Smith.
Cast: Erle O. Smith, Erle Smith Jnr., Ronald Smith, Graham Smith.
Two Scottish boys tell of how they tunnelled to Australia and frightened prehistoric monsters with bagpipes.

DAS TESTAMENT DES DR. MABUSE (1933/Nero Film/Deutsche Universal) 122mins. BW. Germany.
Sequel to: DR. MABUSE THE GAMBLER (1922).
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Fritz Lang; Sc: Fritz Lang & Thea Von Harbou; Ph: Fritz Arno Wagner & Karl Vash; Art: Karl Vollbrecht & Emil Hasler; Mus: Hans Erdmann. Based on novel by Norbert Jacques.
Cast: Rudolf Klein-Rogge, Otto Wernicke, Gustav Diessl, Oskar Beregi, Theodore Loos, Ka rl Meixner, Klaus Pohl, Wera Liessem, Camilla Spira, Rudolph Schundler, Theo Lingen, Paul Oskar Hocker, Georg John, Paul Henckels, Ludwig Stossel, Hadrian M. Netto, Paul Bernd, Henry Pless, A.E. Licho, Gerhard Bienert, Josef Damen, Karl Platen, Franz Stein, Bruno Zeiner, Heinrich Gotho, Anna Goltz, Paul Rehkopf, Edward Wesener, Michael von Newlinski, Heinrich Gretler.
"More frightening than Frankenstein! Deadlier than Dracula! More hideous than Mr. Hyde! Super-man or Monster? YOU DECIDE!"
Before Doctor Mabuse, (Klein-Rogge), dies in an asylum, he hypnotises the governor to continue his campaign to plunge the world into terror and chaos. The police are baffled by the return of the crimes associated with Mabuse.
A highly stylised, fast paced thriller with some supernatural elements.
As soon as this film was completed, Adolph Hitler and Josef Goebbals offered Lang a post as the head of the Third Reich's film industry. He emigrated from the country that very same night, not to return to his homeland until 1958. The film was then banned by the Nazis because some of the dialogue of the evil Mabuse was claimed to have been taken straight from Nazi doctrines.


A French version was shot simultaneously with the same technical crew.
The scenario was adapted by A. Rene-Sti.

Cast: Rudolph-Klein Rogge, Oskar Beregi, Karl Meixner, Jim Gerald, Thomy Bourdele, Maurice Maillot, Monique Rolland, Rene Ferte, Daniel Mendaille, Raymond Cordy, Lilly Rezillot, Ginette Gaubert, Sylvie de Peorillo, Georges Tourreil, George Paulais, Jacques Ehrem.
When the Nazi's banned the film, unassembled footage of the French version was smuggled out of Germany and edited in France by Lothar Wolff.

LE TESTAMENT DU DR. MABUSE (1933) see Testament des Dr. Mabuse

THE TESTAMENT OF DR. MABUSE (1933) see Testament des Dr. Mabuse

TESTING A SOLDIER'S COURAGE (1910/Gaumont) 1 reel. BW. Silent. France.
A lieutenant shoots at a ghost haunting his room.

DER TEUFEL UND DIE MADONNA (1920/Firmament) BW. Silent. Germany.
Credits: Dir: Carl Boese; Sc: Hans Brennert.
Cast: Gertrud Welcker, Emil Rameau, Magnus Stifter, Ernst Pittaschau.
A fantasy depicting a confrontation between good and evil.

DER TEUFELSSCHLOSSER (1919/Regent Film) BW. Silent. Austria.
Credits: Dir: Franz Ferdinand.
Cast: Franz Ferdinand, Herr Ruibar, Eugen Jensen, Armin Seydelmann.
A group of locksmiths make a pact with the Devil (Jensen).

THARK (1932/British and Dominion) 80mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: Tom Walls; Prod: Herbert Wilcox; Sc: Ben Travers; Ph: F.A. Young. From a play by Ben Travers.
Cast: Ralph Lynn, Tom Walls, Robertson Hare, Mary Brough, Claude Hulbert, Gordon James, Evelyn Bostock, Joan Brierley, Beryl de Querton, Marjorie Corbett.
Mrs. Todd, (Brough), the recent owner of Thark Manor is disturbed by strange noises during the night, so those responsible for selling her the Manor house, (Lynn, Walls & Bostock), agree to spend the night to prove it isn't haunted.
The funniest of the Aldwych gang's output featuring the whole of the original stage cast.

THAT THEY MAY LIVE (1939) see J'Accuse

THAT'S THE SPIRIT (1924/Universal) 1 reel. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: William H. Watson.
Cast: Bert Roach.
A horror comedy short featuring spooks, spirits, skeletons and flying chickens with human skulls.

LE THAUMATURGE CHINOIS (1904/Star Film) 200feet. BW. Silent. France.
Credits: Georges Méliès.

A Chinese magician transforms three lanterns into a dog, and then into a girl. With the help of his assistant, the girl is placed on a table and disappears to reappear on another table opposite. The magician then wraps her up in a sheet, opens it and her dismembered body falls out.

THEIR BIG MOMENT (1934/RKO) 68mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: James Cruze; Ex.Prod: Pandro S. Burman; A.Prod: Cliff Reid; Sc: Arthur Caesar, Marian Dix & Walter Hackett; Ph: Harrold Wenstrom; Ed: Ralph Dietrich & William Hamilton; Mus: Max Steiner.
Cast: Zasu Pitts, Slim Summerville, William Gaxton, Ralph Morgan, Bruce Cabot, Julie Haydon, Kay Johnson, Huntly Gordon.
Fake mind readers solve a murder mystery in a creepy house.
An enjoyable and well structured mystery melodrama.















(1938/Warner Bros./First National British) 84mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: Arthur Woods; Prod: Jerome J. Jackson; Sc: Paul Gangelin, James Curtis & Derek Twist; Ph: Basil Emmott; Mus: Bretton Byrd. From a novel by James Curtis.
Cast: Emlyn Williams, Ernest Thesiger, Allan Jeayes, Anna Konstam, Jennie Hartley, Ronald Shiner, Anthony Holles, Billy Hartnell, Kitty de Liegh, Joe Cunningham, Yolande Terrell, Julie Barrie, George Merritt.
Just released from prison, "Shorty" Matthews, (Williams), goes to see his old girlfriend Alice Carson and finds her alone in her bedroom strangled with a silk stocking. His departure is noticed by the landlady and subsequently Shorty becomes a man on the run. A former girlfriend named Molly, (Konstam), helps Shorty try prove his innocence and discovers that Walter Hoover, (Thesiger), a mild mannered, amateur criminologist is really the insane killer.
A seldom seen mystery thriller with an effectively nasty edge due wholly to Thesiger's performance, his best since The Old Dark House and Bride of Frankenstein.
Arthur Woods' promising career ended tragically with his death during action in the Second World War at the age of 38.

THEY WALK ALONE (1944) see The Soul of a Monster

THE THIEF AND THE PORTER'S HEAD (1912/Milano) 420 feet (1 reel). BW. Silent. Italy.
Using electricity, a doctor restores a man's decapitated head.

THE THIEF IN THE DARK (1928/Fox) 6 reels. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Albert Ray; Prod: Kenneth Hawks; Sc: C. Graham Baker; Ph: Arthur Edeson; Titles: William Kernell. From a story by Andrew Bennison, Albert Ray & Kenneth Hawks.
Cast: George Meeker, Doris Hill, Gwen Lee, Marjorie Beebe, Michael Vavitch, Noah Young.
Features a haunted house with sliding wall panels, secret passageways and some fake spiritualists.
Some scenes were originally colour tinted with one segment tinted lavender.

THE THIEF OF BAGDAD (1924/Fairbanks/UA.) 12 reels. (155mins.) BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Raoul Walsh; Prod: Douglas Fairbanks; Sc: Lotta Woods & Elton Thomas (Douglas Fairbanks); Ph: Arthur Edeson, P.H. Whitman & Kenneth MacLean; Ed: William Nolan; Art: William Cameron Menzies, Anton Grot & Irvin J. Martin; Sfx: Hampton Del Ruth; Costumes: Mitchell Leisen; Mus: Mortimer Wilson. From the story by Achmed Abdullah.
Cast: Douglas Fairbanks, Snitz Edwards, Julanne Johnston, Anna May Wong, Charles Belcher, Sojin Kamiyama, Brandon Hurst, Winter-Blossom, Etta Lee, Tote De Crow, K. Nambu, Sadakichi Hartmann, Noble Johnson, Mathilde Comont, Charles Stevens, Sam Baker, Jess Weldon, Scotty Mattraw, Charles Sylvester.
"Happiness must be earned!"



























Ahmid the thief, (Fairbanks), sneaks into the Caliph's palace via a magic rope and falls in love with the Caliph's daughter, (Johnston), but when the Caliph discovers that Ahmid is not the prince he pretends to be, he is banished from the kingdom. The princess vows to marry the man who returns with the rarest treasure, so Ahmid embarks on a magical journey that earns him True Manhood and Power Over Men. In the meantime an evil Mongol Prince poisons the princess to try and overthrow the Caliph and a Chinese army takes control of the city. Ahmid returns with his new-found powers to rescue the princess and restore the Caliph to power.
An awe inspiring visual treat with immense style adapted from the stories of The Arabian Nights including a magic carpet ride, an underwater spider, a winged horse and a tree-man.
Made for an unprecedented $2 million, this swashbuckling spectacular is highlighted by the monumental sets representing the Valley of Monsters, the Crystal Realm and the Cavern of Fire.
Menzies created the Bagdad set on the six and a half-acre lot at the Pickford-Fairbanks studio.

THE THIEF OF BAGDAD (1934/Paramount) BW. India.
Credits: Dir: D.M. Madhok; Prod. & Sc: K.B. Desai; Ph: V.M. Vyas; Mus: Damodar Sharma. From the story by Achmed Abdullah.
Cast: Moti, Shiraz, Vimal, Ali, Ebrahim, Mansoor.
An Indian interpretation of the Arabian Nights adventures.

THE THIEF OF BAGDAD (1940/Korda Films Inc./London Films) 109mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Michael Powell, Ludwig Berger, Tim Whelan, Geoffrey Boothby & Charles David; Prod: Alexander Korda; A.Prod: Zoltan Korda & William Cameron Menzies (uncredited); Sc: Miles Malleson & Lajos Biro; Ph: Georges Perinal & Osmond Borradaile; Ed: William Hornbeck & Charles Crichton; Des: Vincent Korda; Sets: William Cameron Menzies; Sfx: Lawrence Butler & Percy Day; Costumes: Oliver Messel, John Armstrong & Marcel Vertes; Mus: Milkos Rosza. From the novel by Achmed Abdullah.
Cast: Conrad Veidt, Sabu, June Duprez, John Justin, Rex Ingram, Miles Malleson, Morton Selton, Mary Morris, Bruce Winston, Hay Petrie, Adalaide Hall, Roy Emerton, Allan F. Jeayes, Miki Hood, David Sharpe.
"Three brave hearts...adventuring in a wonder world! Adventure of the masked men! Adventure of the wonderful web! Adventure of the all-seeing eye!"
"This is the land of legend, where everything is possible when seen through the eyes of youth."
Child thief Abu, (Sabu), helps the deposed king Ahmed, (Justin), vanquish the evil Grand Vizier, (Veidt), who has taken over the kingdom, stolen the beautiful princess, (Duprez), and killed her father, the Sultan, (Malleson). With the help of a genie, (Ingram), the king, who has been blinded for a time by the magician, and the young Abu steal a powerful jewel known as "the all-seeing eye" that can show them where the princess is.
A delightful adaptation of The Arabian Nights with an impressive use of early inky Technicolor and featuring a marvellous array of effects that includes a flying horse, a giant spider, a flying carpet and a fifty foot genie, (Ingram).
Production in Britain was halted due to the outbreak of World War Two and relocated to Hollywood for completion.
The large Bagdad and Basra Sea port sets were shot in Britain and old Bagdad was relocated to the Mojave Desert in California.
Other uncredited directors include Zoltan Korda, William Cameron Menzies and Alexander Korda. Academy Awards were received for photography, design, and special effects, while Rosza received an Academy Award Nomination for the music.

THE THIEVING HAND (1908/Vitagraph) 5 mins. (300 feet). BW. Silent. US.
An artificial hand develops a will of its own.

THINGS HAPPEN AT NIGHT (1948/Tudor/Alliance) 79mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: Francis Searle; Prod: A.R. Shipman & James Carter; Sc: John Leigh Clowes; Ph: Leslie Rowson; Art: Harry Moore; Mus: George Melachrino. From the play "The Poltergeist" by Frank Harvey.
Cast: Alfred Drayton, Gordon Harker, Garry Marsh, George Bryden, Gwyneth Vaughn, Michael Callin, Robertson Hare, Olga Lindo, Wylie Watson, Beatrice Campbell, Joan Young, Eric Micklewood, Grace Denbigh-Russell, Marilyn Williams, June Elvin, L. Franks, Judith Warren, Charles Doe, Ernest Borrow, Esme Lewis, Lilian Stanley, Peter Reynolds, Patricia Owens.
An insurance assessor named Joe, (Harker), is asked to rid a house of a poltergeist, but the malevolent spirit who has possessed the owner's daughter Audrey, (Vaughan), decides to possess the hapless Joe instead.
A slow-paced fantasy comedy, reminiscent of the early Aldwych stage farces.

THINGS TO COME (1936/London Film/UA.) 115mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir. & Sets: William Cameron Menzies; Prod: Alexander Korda; Sc: H.G. Wells & Lajos Biro; Ph: George Perinal; Ed: William Hornbeck, Charles Crichton & Frances Lyon; Art: Vincent Korda; Sfx: Ned Mann, Lawrence Butler, Wally Veevers, Ross Jacklin & Harry Zech; Ph.Fx: Edward Cohen; Mus: Arthur Bliss & Muir Mathieson. From "The Shape of Things to Come" by H.G. Wells.
Cast: Raymond Massey, Edward Chapman, Ralph Richardson, Margueretta Scott, Cedric Hardwicke, Maurice Braddell, Sophie Stewart, Derrick de Marney, Ann Todd, Pearl Argyle, Kenneth Villiers, Ivan Brandt, Anne McLaren, Patricia Hilliard, Charles Carson, John Clements, Abraham Sofaer, Patrick Barr, Anthony Holles, Allan Jeayes, Paul O'Brien.
"What will the next hundred years bring to mankind...?!"
"It is this or that - all the universe or nothing. Which shall it be Passworthy? Which shall it be?"
- Oswald (Massey).
In Everytown during 1940 near Christmas, John Cabal, (Massey), tries to come to terms with the current situation, but war breaks out and lasts until 1966 when plague ends the hostilities and society is dominated by a tyrannical warlord, (Richardson). A mysterious helmeted man, (Massey), lands in a strange craft and announces himself as a representative of the scientific society "Wings Over The World" who plan to reconstruct civilisation. The warlord takes Cabal prisoner, but the rest of the flying force rescue him and defeat the tyrant. By the year 2036 Everytown has been rebuilt into a modern metropolis led by Cabal's grandson Oswald, (Massey), but some citizens are unhappy with the rapid progress of science when a rocket stands poised at the edge of town to take colonists to the moon. A band of reactionaries decide to sabotage the moon rocket project.
An extravagant $1.5 million undertaking by the British film industry, but despite being technically brilliant, Wells' anti-war ideas are better presented in the original novel.
The film was a huge success due mainly to the superb music score, stunning photography, Menzies' impressive sets and the release date being only two years before the outbreak of World War Two.

THINNEN STOUT (1916/Beauty/Mutual) BW. Silent. US.
Cast: Orral Humphrey, Lucille Ward, John Gough.
A diet specialist reduces a patient to a skeleton.

Credits: Dir: George Sidney; Sc: Jerry Hoffman; Ed: Philip Anderson; Mu: Jack Kevan.
Cast: Pete Smith, Ed Payson.
A man, (Smith), enters a haunted house and encounters ghosts, a witch, a skeleton, a masked archer and Frankenstein's monster, (Payson).
One of Pete Smith's Metroscopix specials.

THE THIRTEEN CLUB (1905/Biograph) 575 feet. BW. Silent. US.
Members of the "13 Club" mock superstition and die, and their bodies are replaced by skeletons seated at a table.

13 WOMEN (1932/RKO) 75mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: George Archainbaud; Prod: David O. Selznick; Sc: Bartlett Cormack & Samuel Ornitz; Ph: Leo Tovar; Ed: Charles L. Kimball; Mus: Max Steiner. From a novel by Tiffany Thayer.
Cast: Ricardo Cortez, Irene Dunne, Myrna Loy, Jill Esmond, Mary Duncan, Kay Johnson, Florence Eldridge, Julie Haydon, C. Henry Gordon, Edward Pawley.
An East Indian lady and a Swami use astrological readings to bring death and suffering by mental suggestion.

THE THIRTEENTH CHAIR (1919/Acme) 6 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Lonce Perret. From the stage play by Bayard Veiller.
Cast: Yvonne Delva, Creighton Hale, Marie Shotwell, Christine Mayo, Suzanna Colbert, George Deneubourg, Marc MacDermott, Walter Law.
A man sitting in the thirteenth chair at a seance is murdered.
Remade in 1929 and 1937.





















(1929/MGM.) 76mins. BW. Sound and Silent Versions. US.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Tod Browning; Sc: Elliott Clawson; Ph: Merritt B. Gerstad; Ed: Harry Reynolds; Art: Richard Day & Cedric Gibbons; Titles: Joseph W. Farnham. From a play by Bayard Veiller.
Cast: Conrad Nagel, Leila Hyams, Margaret Wycherly, Helene Millard, Holmes Herbert, Mary Forbes, Bela Lugosi, John Davidson, Charles Quartermaine, Moon Carroll, Cyril Chadwick, Bertram Johns, Gretchen Holland, Frank Leigh, Clarence Geldert, Lal Chand Mehra, Henry Daniell.
Psychic medium, Madame Rosalie La Grange, (Wycherly), is asked by Inspector Delzante, (Lugosi), to help trap a murderer among the diplomatic set in Calcutta using spiritualism to unmask the culprit during a seance.
A slow paced and rather static rendition, but not unusual in that most of the early "talkies" were afflicted with the same theatrical approach, which did not necessarily transfer well to the big screen.
This sound adaptation of Veiller's 1916 play stars the playwright's wife Margaret Wycherly, who also portrayed La Grange frequently on the stage, but this would be her only film appearance.
The film marked Bela Lugosi's first collaboration with Tod Browning, and was used almost as a screen test for his future role as Count Dracula in Browning's Dracula (1931).
The story was remade in 1936.

Credits: Dir: George B. Seitz; Prod: J.J. Cohn; Sc: Marion Parsonnet; Ph: Charles Clarke; Ed: W. Donn Hayes; Art: Cedric Gibbons, Eddie Imazu & Edwin B. Willis; Mus: David Snell.
From a play by Bayard Veiller.
Cast: Dame May Whitty, Madge Evans, Lewis Stone, Elissa Landi, Thomas Beck, Henry Danielle, Janet Beecher, Ralph Forbes, Holmes Herbert, Heather Thatcher, Charles Trowbridge, Robert Coote, Elsa Buchanan, Lal Chand Mehra, Neil Fitzgerald, Louis Vincent.
At a seance, spiritualist Madame Rosalie La Grange, (Whitty), forces a confession from a murderer when the corpse of the victim seems to become reanimated and point accusingly at the killer.
A better made, but largely uninteresting scene by scene remake of the 1929 adaptation.
Originally certified in Britain as "H" for Horrific as part of a campaign against the morbidity of Hollywood horror film exports.

THE THIRTEENTH GUEST (1932/Monogram) 70mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Albert Ray; Prod: Max H. Hoffman; Sc: Francis Hyland & Arthur Hoerl; Ph: Harry Neumann & Tom Galligan; Ed: Leete R. Brown; Art: Eugene Hornbostel. From a novel by Armitage Trail.
Cast: Ginger Rogers, Lyle Talbot, J. Farrell McDonald, James C. Eagles, Eddie Phillips, Erville Alderson, Paul Hurst, Frances Rich, Ethel Wales, William B. Davidson, Phillips Smalley, Crauford Kent, Tom London, Al Bridge, Adrienne Dore, Charles Meacham, Isobel LeMall, Robert Klein, Harry Tenbrook, John Ince, Allan Cavan, Henry Hall, Tiny Sandford, Kit Guard, Lynton Brent, Bobby Burns.
Thirteen years ago guests gathered for a dinner party witness the death of their host. Now, the surviving guests are re-assembled at the abandoned house at 122 Old Mill Road to discover the identity of the mysterious thirteenth guest who has inherited the dead host's estate. Meanwhile a black hooded killer lurking in the secret passageways of the house electrocutes the guests one by one with the telephone and other gadgets.
An enjoyable, but complicated "Old Dark House" comedy thriller that was later remade by Monogram Studios as Mystery of the Thirteenth Guest (1943).
Ginger Rogers received star billing, and later found world-wide fame in musical comedy films with Fred Astaire.

THE THIRTEENTH HOUR (1927/MGM.) 6 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Chester Franklin; Sc: Douglas Furber & Chester Franklin; Ph: Maximilliam Fabian; Ed: Dan Sharits; Sets: Eugene Hornbostel; Titles: Wellyn Totman.
Cast: Lionel Barrymore, Jacqueline Gadsdon, Charles Delaney, Fred Kelsey, Polly Moran, Napoleon the dog.
Respected criminologist Professor Leroy, (Barrymore), uses the many sliding panels operated from a switchboard in his house to commit murder, managing to elude capture by using a wig as a disguise. Eventually a detective and his dog track him down.
An average murder mystery.

THOSE WHO DARE (1924/Creative) 7 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: John B. O'Brien; Sc: Frank Beresford; Ph: Devereux Jennings.
From a story by I.W. Irving.
Cast: John Bowers, Marguerite De La Motte, Joseph Dowling, Clare McDowell, Martha Marshall, Edward Burns, Spottiswoode Aitken, Sheldon Lewis.
A man who practises voodoo leads a ship's mutinous crew.

THOU SHALT NOT KILL (1914) see Avenging Conscience

A THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS (1945/Columbia) 93mins. US.
Credits: Dir: Alfred E. Green; Prod: Samuel Bischoff; Sc: Wifred H. Pettitt, Richard English & Jack Henley; Ph: Ray Rennahan; Ed: Gene Havlick; Art: Stephen Goosson & Rudolph Sternad; Sfx: Lawrence W. Butler; Mus: M.W. Stoloff & Marlin Skiles.
Cast: Cornel Wilde, Evelyn Keyes, Phil Silvers, Adele Jurgens, Dusty Anderson, Dennis Hoey, Nestor Paiva, Shelley Winters, Rex Ingram, Philip Van Zandt. Aladdin, (Wilde), seeks the love of Princess Armina, (Jergens), but his romance is interrupted at every possible turn by a genie, (Keyes), who has fallen in love with him.
A colourful and amusing comedy, parodying the Arabian Nights tales.
Art received an Academy Award nomination.



(1921) see Der Mude Tod

THREE MISSING LINKS (1938/Columbia) 2 reels. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Jules White; Sc: Searle Kramer; Ph: Henry Freulich; Ed: Charles Nelson.
Cast: The Three Stooges, Monte Collins, Jane Hamilton, James C. Morton.
The Three Stooges encounter a witch doctor whose elixir is a powerful aphrodisiac.
This Stooges comedy vehicle also features a gorilla.

THREE WAX MEN (1924) see Wachsfigurenkabinett

THE THREE WEIRD SISTERS (1948/British National) 82mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: Dan Birt; Prod: Louis H. Jackson; Sc: Louise Birt & Dylan Thomas; Ph: Ernest Palmer; Ed: Monica Kimick; Mus: Hans May. From the novel by Charlotte Armstrong.
Cast: Nancy Price, Mary Clare, Mary Merrall, Nova Pilbeam, Anthony Hulme, Raymond Lovell, Elwyn Brook-Jones, Edward Rigby, Hugh Griffith, Marie Ault, David Davies, Hugh Pryse, Lloyd Pearson, Bartlett Mullins, Doreen Richards, Frank Crawshaw, Frank Dunlop, Elizabeth Maude, Belinda Marshall, D.J. Tawe-Jones, Wilfred Boyle.



The three Morgan-Vaughan sisters, owners of a manorhouse and a derelict mine in the little Welsh valley of Cwmglas can no longer afford to stay there, but their debts are paid by their prosperous half-brother Owen, (Lovell). However, Owen decides to end the agreement and travels to Cwmglas with his secretary Claire, (Pilbeam), to inform the sisters. Claire feels uncomfortable in the strange household where the sisters, the harsh Isobel, (Merrall), the sly Maud, (Clare), and the blind, but power hungry Gertrude, (Price), an idiot named Thomas, (Brook-Jones), and his tormented mother, (Ault), seem to be conspiring to take Owen's life. No one will believe Claire in the village, as the sisters are highly respected members of the community. Owen shares Claire's suspicions and makes a will leaving all his money to Claire who now becomes the target of the sisters' murderous intentions. Eventually when their third attempt to murder Claire might be successful, the mine collapses and the sisters are killed in the ruins of their house.
A heavy handed melodrama that doesn't quite pull off the air of mystery and terror it aims to achieve.

THE THREE WISHES (1915/Gaumont) 480 feet. BW. Silent. France.
A goblin grants three wishes to an elderly couple.

THROUGH THE CENTURIES (1914/Selig Polyscope Co.) 2 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Prod: Fred W. Huntley; Sc: L.J. Withers.
Cast: Harold Lockwood, Henry W. Otto, Mabel Van Bueren.
Two archaeologists discover an ancient Egyptian princess who has been in suspended animation for 2000 years in a catacomb. The Princess is revived and the archaeologists learn that they are the reincarnations of two men who were rivals for love.

THY SOUL SHALL BEAR WITNESS (1920) see Korkarlen



(1937/George King Prod.) 71mins. BW. UK.
Re-released by Ambassador in 1942.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: George King; A.Prod: E.M. Smedley-Aston; Sc: H.F. Maltby & A.R. Rawlinson; Ph: Hone M. Glendinning; Ed: Robert Walters; Art: Philip Bawcombe & Jack Hallward; Mus: Jack Beaver. From a play by Tom Taylor.
Cast: Tod Slaughter, John Warwick, Marjorie Taylor, Robert Adair, Peter Gawthorne, Frank Cochrane, Jenny Lynn, Arthur Payne, Norman Pierce, Billy Bray.
"You are avenged. And so shall perish all who fall foul of Hawkshaw the detective."
Tiger Dalton, (Slaughter), a notorious underworld thief desires the love of May Edwards, (Taylor), who sings regularly at a tea gardens and frames her fiance Robert Brierly, (Warwick), for a crime he didn't commit. After serving his time, Robert receives his ticket-of-leave and uses a pseudonym to gain employment at a bank. Tiger realises that Robert will be susceptible to blackmail and threatens to reveal his true identity if he does not help him rob the establishment. When May informs the police and the infamous detective Hawkshaw, (Adair), they give chase to Tiger who breaks his neck when he falls into an open grave.
An enjoyable Victorian melodrama adapted from a play of 1863 in which Slaughter's usual delicious performance is almost matched by Adair's as the moustache twirling Hawkshaw the detective.



The Missing Link

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