The Missing Link Reviews

Conrad Veidt Retrospective

by Shirley Conway. Cassell. Paperback. 28 pages.

Conrad Veidt in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1919)There were two books published about Conrad Veidt during 1993, one of which was Jerry C. Allen's revised centenary edition of his earlier biography CONRAD VEIDT FROM CALIGARI TO CASABLANCA. Unfortunately, Allen's edition tended to overshadow Mrs. Conway's tribute making it impossible for her to find a publisher that would release her book. This is indeed a great shame since it is well written, contains certain rare illustrations and should be a treasured possession of anyone with an interest in early cinema.

It is clear that Mrs. Conway is a Veidt devotee and a woman who has taken great pleasure and care in researching her subject. She has even travelled to Germany and experienced first hand the places that Veidt used to call home including the Deutches Theater and the place he was born. Although they never met, Shirley Conway is able to give the impression that they were on first name terms, and all this is without the benefit of interviews with any surviving relatives. The photographs are impeccably reproduced and the cover, a drawing by the talented Albert Leonard, gives compliment to the written contents.

Shirley Conway knows her subject very well indeed and is able to put into words her knowledge in an informative and highly entertaining manner. Proof of her ability can be seen by reading her valuable contributions to various film journals on several different film personalities.

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