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(1924/Neptune Film) 61mins. (7 reels). BW. Silent. Germany.
Credits: Dir: Paul Leni & Leo Birinski (uncredited); Sc: Henrik Galeen; Ph: Helmar Lerski; Art: Paul Leni, Alfred Junge & (uncredited artistic supervisor Robert Wiene); Cost: Ernst Stern; Set Construction: Fritz Maurischat.
Cast: Emil Jannings, Conrad Veidt, Werner Krauss, Wilhelm Dieterle, Olga von Belajeff, John Gottowt, Earnest Legal, Georg John.
An unemployed poet, (Dieterle), is hired by a waxwork museum proprietor, (Gottowt), and his daughter, (Belajeff), to compose verses about several waxwork exhibits. He writes about Haroun-al-Raschid, (Jannings), who in ancient Bagdad lost his arm while making advances to a baker's wife; Ivan The Terrible, (Veidt), who killed his enemies with poison only to succumb to his own potions, and Springheel Jack, (Krauss), told as a dream in which the narrator and his girlfriend are stalked by the killer.
An expressionistic anthology patterned after the successful The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1919) which is also set at a fairground.
The third excerpt concerning Springheel Jack is highly stylised, but remains incomplete while a fourth episode with Dieterle portraying Rinaldo Rindini was later excised from the final print.
Leo Birinski was reportedly the director of the cast although Leni had the final word on the overall production.

WAGES OF SIN (1908/Vitagraph) 960 feet. BW. Silent. Italy.
A cholera victim returns to life inside a tomb.

WAHNSINN (1919/Veidt Film) 7 reels. BW. Silent. Germany. Aka: MADNESS.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Conrad Veidt; Sc: Margarete Lindau-Schultz & Hermann Fellner; Ph: Carl Hoffman. Based on a novella by Kurt Muenzer.
Cast: Conrad Veidt, Reinhold Schunzel, Gussy Hole, Grit Hegesa.
A banker, (Veidt), mentally deteriorates after a sinister gypsy predicts that he will be given a trunk, the possession of which will either bring him happiness or death. The banker becomes locked inside the trunk and suffocates.
Conrad Veidt makes his debut as a director and producer shortly after his famous performance as the somnambulist in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1919).

WAJAN (1934/Mutual Motion Pictures) 70mins. BW. US. Aka: SON OF A WITCH.
Credits: Dir: Walter Spies; Prod: Friedrich Dalsheim & Victor von Plessan; Mus: Wolfgang Zeiler. From a story by Friedrich Dalsheim.
Cast: Nodonk, Wajan, Sari, Lombos, Borang, Rangda.
An ugly witch, who is actually a reincarnation of the Goddess of Death, places a curse on a village. Also featured are the God of Good, (Borang), and the God of Evil, (Rangda).
Filmed entirely in Bali and released in America during 1937.

THE WALKING DEAD (1936/Warner) 66mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Michael Curtiz; Prod: Louis F. Edelman; Sc: Ewart Adamson, Peter Milne, Robert Andrews & Lillie Hayward; Ph: Hal Mohr; Ed: Thomas Pratt; Art: Hugo Reticker & Anton Grot. From a story by Ewart Adamson & Joseph Fields.

Top Cast: Boris Karloff, Ricardo Cortez, Henry O'Neill, Edmund Gwenn, Joseph Sawyer, Marguerite Churchill, Warren Hull, John Ellman, Robert Strange, Joseph King, Bar ton MacLane, Paul Harvey, Eddie Acuff, Addison Richards, Kenneth Harlan, Miki Morita, Ruth Robinson.
John Ellerman, (Karloff), is convicted of a murder he didn't commit and is executed in the electric chair, but returns to life at the hands of scientist Dr. Beaumont, (Gwenn), who implants a mechanical heart in his body. However, Ellerman now has a madman's taste for revenge on those who framed him. Eventually he dies again and takes the secret of death with him.
The effective gothic atmosphere is heightened by Karloff's portrayal invoking the right amount of sympathy.
This is the only horror film Karloff made out of his five-picture contract with Warner Bros.

A WALKING NIGHTMARE (1942) see The Living Ghost

WALPURGIS NIGHT (1932/Kendall De-Vally Operalogue/Educational) BW.
Credits: Dir: Howard Higgin; Arrangement & Supervision: Antoine De Vally.
A fantasy horror film based on the legend of "Faust".

WANTED-A MUMMY (1910/Cricks & Martin) 1 reel. BW. Silent. UK.
A man pretends to be a living mummy.

WANTED FOR MURDER (1946/Excelsior) 103mins. UK.
Credits: Dir: Lawrence Huntington; Prod: Marcel Hellman; Sc: Emeric Pressburger, Rodney Ackland & Maurice Cowan; Ph: Max Greene (Mutz Greenbaum); Mus: Mischa Spoliansky. From a play by Terence de Marney & Percy Robinson.
Cast: Eric Portman, Barbara Everest, Dulcie Grey, Derek Farr, Roland Culver, Stanley Holloway, Bonar Colleano, Jenny Laird, Kathleen Harrison, Viola Lyel, Moira Lister, John Salew, John Ruddock, Beatrice Campbell, George Carney, Bill Shine, Edna Wood, Wilfred Hyde-White, Wally Patch, Mary McKenzie, Gerhardt Kempinski, Caven Watson.
Victor is the psychotic descendant of a Victorian public hangman who lives with his mother, (Everest), and strangles young women, but Victor drowns himself before the police can catch him.
An interesting and tightly directed thriller with good London locations.

WAR EAGLES (1938-39) Abandoned. US.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Merian C. Cooper & Ernest B. Schoedsack; Sc: Cyril Hume; Sfx: Willis O'Brien, Marcel Delgado & George Lofgren; Drawings: Duncan Gleason.
An unrealised dinosaur extravaganza featuring wild riders of the air on giant prehistoric eagles and ending with a spectacular battle in the city of New York.
This was to be filmed by Willis O'Brien in 1937, as a project that Cooper hoped would be more successful than King Kong. Unfortunately the idea was abandoned leaving only an unfilmed script, several sketches by artist Duncan Gleason, animation models and a test reel shot depicting an encounter with an eagle and an allosaurus.

WAR O'DREAMS (1915/Selig Polyscope Co.) 3 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: E.A. Martin; Prod: William G. Selig. From a story by W.E. King.
Cast: Edwin Wallock, Lillian Hayward, Bessie Eyton.
The development of a trixite explosive that can be detonated from a great distance by "ether waves" causes it's inventor to suffer from a dream that demonstrates how much havoc and destruction his invention will cause. Upon awakening, he destroys his notes.

THE WARFARE OF THE FLESH (1917/Edward Warren Prod.) 5 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Edward Warren; Sc: Lawrence Marston; Ph: Henry Cronjager.
Cast: Sheldon Lewis, Walter Hampden, Charlotte Ives, Marie Shotwell, Harry Benham, Theodore Friebus.
A religious fantasy featuring scenes of the Garden of Eden, a snake-man, Adam and Eve, with a scene of Satan, (Friebus), at work in contemporary times.

(1915/Triumph/Equitable) 6 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Edmund Lawrence, Sc: Julius Steger.
Cast: Henry Kolker, Lily Leslie, Frank Longacre, Mayme Kelso, Christine Mayo.
A drunkard dreams of his punishment after death and the suffering of Hell's damned is depicted in allegorical sequences.
Filmed at Kentucky's Mammoth Caves.

WARNING SHADOWS (1922) see Schatten: Eine Nachtliche Halluzination

(1913) see Brute Force

WARWICK CASTLE (1926/Cosmopolitan) 1700 feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: Fred R. Paul.
Another entry in the "Haunted Castles" film series.

THE WATER SPRITE (1908/Vitagraph) 518 feet. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: J. Stuart Blackton.
Queen of the river Rhine water sprites falls in love with a man who agrees to return to her water kingdom for one year of good fortune.

WATERS OF LIFE (1907/Gaumont) BW. Silent. France.
An elderly man is rejuvenated in a magic pool, girls disappear in smoke, and a witch appears with a magic wand to transform the elderly man back to his proper age.

WAVE OF SPOOKS (1909/Pathe) BW. Silent. France.
Features ghosts that transform into skeletons, and visions of Hell.

THE WAX LADY (1913/Thanhouser) BW. Silent. US.
A group of fairies cause wax figures to come to life.

(1924) see Das Wachsfigurenkabinett

THE WAYNE MURDER CASE (1932) see Strange Adventure

WE DO BELIEVE IN GHOSTS (1947/W.W. British Prod.) 36mins. BW. UK.
Credits: Dir: Walter West; Ph: Jack Rose & Bill Williams.
Cast: John Latham, Stephen Philpott, Arthur Dibbs, Valerie Carlish.
A serious attempt to portray the ghosts of Charles I, Fred Archer and Anne Boleyn.

WE WANT OUR MUMMY (1938/Columbia) 18mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Del Lord; A.Prod: Jules White; Sc: Elwood Ullman & Searle Kramer; Ph: Allen G. Siegler; Ed: Charles Nelson.
Cast: Jerry "Curly" Howard, Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Bud Jamison, James C. Morton, Dick Curtis, Robert Williams.
The Three Stooges are terrorised by a phoney mummy.

THE WEARY DEATH (1921) see Der Mude Tod

WEDDED BENEATH THE WAVES (1910/Gaumont) 480 feet. BW. Silent. France.
A giant fish eats a man and a woman.

WEDDING FEAST AND GHOSTS (1908/Cines) 1 reel. BW. Silent. Italy.
Newlyweds are chased by ghostly figures.




























(1915/Victor) 2 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir & Sc: Jacques Jaccard. From a story by G.E. Jenks.
Cast: Hazel Buckham, Alan Forrest, Helen Leslie.
Hypnotism is used to frighten the man who corrupted the heroine's sister.

WEIRD TALES (1919) see Unheimliche Geschichten.

WEIRD WOMAN (1944/Universal) 64mins. BW. US. Aka: CONJURE WIFE.
Credits: Dir: Reginald Le Borg; Prod: Oliver Drake; Ex.Prod: Ben Pivar; Sc: Brenda Weisberg & W. Scott Darling; Ph: Virgil Miller; Ed: Milton Carruth; Art: John B. Goodman & Richard H. Reidel; Sets: Russell A. Gausman & Andrew J. Gilmore; Sfx: John P. Fulton; Tech: William Hedgcock; Mus: Paul Sawtell. From "Conjure Wife" by Fritz Lieber. An "Inner Sanctum Mystery" produced by arrangement with Simon & Schuster, Inc.
Cast: Lon Chaney Jnr., Evelyn Ankers, Elisabeth Risdon, Ralph Morgan, Anne Gwynne, Kay Harding, Lois Collier, Elizabeth Russell, Harry Hayden, Phil Brown, Jackie Lou Harding, Will iam Hudson, Hanna Kaapa, Chuck Hamilton, David Hoffman. Voice of Milburn Stone.
"She strikes with the curse of voodoo!"
When Ilona Carr, (Ankers), is jilted by a college professor Norman Reed, (Chaney), she spreads a rumour that his new wife Paul a Clayton, (Gwynne), is a witch because the professor met her on a tropical island in the South Seas and she was raised by Laraua, (Kaapa), a high priestess who instilled in her a belief in the voodoo gods. When Reed attempts to dispel the rumours by destroying Paula's collection of voodoo paraphernalia, her "circle of immunity" which protected their life from the forces of evil is gone. The couple soon experience a series of tragedies.
A stilted second entry, but possibly the best of Universal's disappointing "Inner Sanctum" series of thrillers.
Remade in 1962 as Night of the Eagle.

A WELSH RABBIT (1903/Biograph) 93 feet. BW. Silent. US.
Cast: Kathryn Osterman.
A meal of welsh rarebit transforms itself into a rabbit.

DIE WELT IST MEIN (1933) see Ein Unsichtbarer Geht Durch die Stadt

THE WEREWOLF (1913/Bison/Universal) 18mins. (2 reels). BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir. & Prod: Henry McRae. From the story "The Werewolves" by Henry Beaugrand.
Cast: Clarence F. Burton, Marie Walcam, Luke Warrenton, Phyllis Gordon, Sherman Bainbridge, William Clifford.
A Navajo Indian girl named Watuma, (Gordon), the daughter of witch Kee-On-Ee, (Walcam & Warrenton), who was wronged by white settlers, possesses the power to transform into a wolf until she encounters a friar and his cross. She returns from death 100 years later to kill the sweetheart of the reincarnation of the man, (Clifford), who shot her lover.
The only film known to examine the American Indian variation of the werewolf myth, but unfortunately all the prints were destroyed by a fire in 1924.
The transformation scenes were achieved by simple camera dissolves.
Marie Walcam and Luke Warrenton each portrayed Kee-On-Ee at varying stages of the film's production.

THE WEREWOLF (1923) see Le Loup Garou

WEREWOLF OF LONDON (1935/Universal) 75mins. BW. US.
Aka: THE UNHOLY HOUR (Canada).
Credits: Dir: Stuart Walker; Ex.Prod: Stanley Bergerman; Prod: Carl Laemmle Jr.; A.Prod: Robert Harris; Sc: John Colton, Harvey Gates & Robert Harris; Ph: Charles Stumar; Ed: Milton Carruth & Russell Schoengarth; Art: Albert D'Agostino; Sfx: John P. Fulton; Mu: Jack P. Pierce; Mus: Karl Hajos. From a story by Robert Harris.
Cast: Henry Hull, Warner Oland, Lester Matthews, Spring Byington, Valerie Hobson, Lawrence Grant, Clark Williams, J.M. Kerrigan, Ethel Griffies, Zeffie Tilbury, Charlotte Granville, Jeanne Bartlett, Harry Stubbs, Louis Vincenot, Reginald Barlow, Eole Galli, Joseph North, Egon Brecher, Boyd Irwin Snr., Helena Grant, Noel Kennedy, William Millman, Tempe Pigott, Maude Leslie, Herbert Evans, David Thursby, Gunnis Davis, George Kirby, Jeffrey Hassel, Amber Norman, James May, Wong Chung, Connie Leon, Vera Buckland, Roseollo Navello, Eddie Parker.
"Beware the wicked hour...and the stalking being!"

"Afraid to go home? On request this guard will escort you after seeing "Werewolf of London". - Part of a publicity campaign in which the posters showed an armed guard.
British botanist Dr. Wilfred Glendon, (Hull), is searching Tibet for the rare plant Mariphasa Lumino Lupino, commonly known as Wolfbane, a strange flower that only blooms under the full moon and is said to cure lycanthropy. When Glendon discovers a specimen he is bitten by a werewolf and back in London with the plant he begins to feel the effects of the full moon transforming him into a wolfman. The mysterious Dr. Yogami, (Oland), who is also searching for the flower, visits Glendon's laboratory and reveals that he is also a werewolf, the same one that bit Glendon in Tibet. Glendon kills Yogami only to be shot by a Scotland Yard detective when he chases his wife Lisa, (Hobson).
The first werewolf tale that created its own myths including the infection of lycanthropy by a werewolf's bite.
THE UNHOLY HOUR was only one of hundreds of submissions for the film's title after Carl Laemmle offered a $50 reward to any studio employee who devised a catchy title for the film.
Jack P. Pierce's make-up for the creature was toned down after Hull protested about the prolonged application sessions.
This effective adaptation predates Universal's monster film craze by five years although Chaney' s The Wolfman (1940) is better remembered while Hull's portrayal is unfairly forgotten.

THE WEST CASE (1923) see The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu

(1928/MGM.) 68mins. (7 reels). BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Tod Browning; Prod: Irving Thalberg (uncredited); Sc: Elliott Clawson & Waldemar Young; Ph: Percy Hilburn; Ed: Harry Reynolds; Sets: Cedric Gibbons & Richard Day; Titles: Joseph W. Farnham. From the stageplay "Kongo" by Chester De Vonde & Kilbourne Gordon.
Cast: Lon Chaney, Lionel Barrymore, Warner Baxter, Mary Nolan, Jane Daly (Jacqueline Gadsden), Roscoe Ward, Kalia Pasha, Curtis Nero, Fred Gambold, Art Winkler, Chaz Chase, Louise Emmons, Emmett King, Richard Cummings, Ida May, June Riley, Noble Johnson, Dick Sutherland.
"Fate had made him a crawling thing...a crippled monster! So he took his revenge on life!" A stage magician named Phroso, (Chaney), is engaged, but his fiancee runs off with an ivory trader named Crane, (Barrymore), who cripples Phroso during a violent confrontation. Phroso, now disguised as "Dead Legs Flint", lives in the jungle where he operates as a trader and dominates the natives with a series of gruesome magic tricks, while yearning for his revenge on Crane for the loss of his limbs. Learning of the death of his former fiancee, Flint lures Crane's daughter, (Nolan), to his jungle lair where he degrades her and turns her into a prostitute. However, Flint eventually discovers that the girl is his own daughter, so he redeems himself by giving up his own life to save the girl and her sweetheart, (Baxter), a reformed alcoholic, from the natives.
Top During this grim melodrama, Lon Chaney was filmed in a duck-suit, but the scene was cut from the final print. Tod Browning later used the same suit for Olga Baclanova's chilling climax in Freaks (1932).
Synchronised sound effects and music were added later to the print.
Remade as Kongo in 1932.

WHAT AN EYE (1924/Universal) 2 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir & Sc: Edward L. Luddy.
Cast: Buddy Messinger.
A neighbourhood is haunted by a creature with a huge eye for a head, but a reporter discovers a scientist in a supposed haunted house who is able to dismantle the eye.

WHAT HAPPENED TO BROWN (1909/R.W. Paul) BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: Jack Smith.
Cast: Johnny Butt.
In a factory, a man is pressed and pulped.

WHAT THE GODS DECREE (1913/Eclair) 8 reels. BW. Silent. France.
Cast: Charles Krauss, Josette Androit.
A statue of the goddess Kali comes to life to reclaim a valuable necklace that was stolen from it.

THE WHEEL OF DEATH (1916/I.B. Davidson) 3000 feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: A.E. Coleby.
Cast: Arthur Rooke, Joan Legge, Frank Robert Cheroka, Charles Vane, Peggy Richards.
A blackmailer kidnaps a clubman's wife and traps a detective in a mad professor's torture chamber.

(1915/Claredon) 3000 feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: Wilfred Noy.
Cast: Dorothy Bellew.
An Indian fakir hypnotises an officer's daughter and explodes gas bulbs from afar with electric rays.

WHEN QUACKEL DID HYDE (1920/Aywon) BW. Silent. US.
From the story "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" by Robert Louis Stevenson.
Cast: Charlie Joy.
A comic adaptation of the famous story which was overshadowed upon release by the more prestigious offering, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920).

(1912/Essanay) 15mins. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: J. Farrell MacDonald.
Cast: Francis X. Bushman, Dolores Cassinelli, Fred Wolf.
The mummy of an Egyptian princess is acquired by her reincarnated lover.

WHEN SPIRITS WALK (1914/Frontier) 2 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Features a haunted house and a somnambulist cook.

WHEN THE DEVIL COMMANDS (1941) see The Devil Commands

WHEN THE DEVIL DRIVES (1907/Urban Trading Co.) 390 feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: Walter R. Booth; Prod: Charles Urban.
The driver of a taxi taking a family to the railway station is replaced by the Devil himself, but upon arriving at the station the driver mysteriously disappears only to reappear as the driver of the train who takes the passengers through the air, along the sea bed, up a cliff and down an abyss. Finally the Devil's laughing face is shown in cl ose-up.
Reissued in 1913.

WHEN THE MAN IN THE MOON SEEKS A WIFE (1908/Claredon) 970 feet. UK.
Credits: Dir: Percy Stow; Sc: Langford Reed.
The Man in the Moon arrives on planet Earth in a gas balloon.

WHEN THE MUMMY CRIED FOR HELP (1915/Nestor/Universal) BW. Silent. US.
Cast: Lee Moran, Eddie Lyons.
A man disguises himself as a mummy.

WHEN THE SPIRITS MOVED (1915/Universal) 1 reel. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir. & Sc: Al Christie.
Cast: Lee Moran, Eddie Lyons, Victoria Forde.
A man is cursed by spirits.

(1929/MGM.) 75mins. (7 reels). BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Tod Browning; Prod: Hunt Stromberg; Sc: Richard Schayer & Waldemar Young; Ph: Henry Sharp; Ed: Harry Reynolds; Art: Cedric Gibbons & James Havens; Titles: Joseph W. Farnham. From a story by Henry Sinclair Drago & Tod Browning.
Cast: Lon Chaney, Lupe Velez, Estelle Taylor, Lloyd Hughes, Louis Stern, Mrs. Wong Wing, Duke Kahanamoku, Willie Fung, Richard R. Neil.
Hideously scarred Tiger Haynes, (Chaney), an animal trapper living in Indo-China has his revenge on his wife Mme. deSylva, (Taylor), when she seduces their daughter Toyo's, (Velez), fiance Bobby Bailey, (Hughes), by setting a wild gorilla on her. When Toyo pleads for her mother's life, Haynes relents, but when he tries to save his wife from the ape, he is mauled instead.
The tenth and final collaboration between Lon Chaney and director Tod Browning is considered to be the poorest film from their association, possibly because most of the other studios had already begun to promote features in sound.

WHERE THE RAINBOW ENDS (1921/British Photoplay Prod.) 5000 feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: H. Lisle Lucoque; Prod: Edward Godal.
Cast: Babs Farren, B. Cave Chinn, Muriel Pointer, Eric Gray, Roger Livesey, Harold Deacon, George Bishop, Vesta Sylva, Ernest A. Trimingham.
Orphans discover a magic carpet and save their shipwrecked parents from a dragon.
Also features a genie, (Trimingham), Will o' the Wisp, (Sylva) and the Dragon King, (Bishop).

WHICH IS WITCH? (1915/Martin) 533 feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir: Edwin J. Collins.
A witch curses a landowner.

WHIFFLES' NIGHTMARE (1912/C.G.P.C.) 1 reel. BW. Silent. France.
A horror comedy featuring a supposed haunted house.

WHILE I LIVE (1947/Dryhurst Prod.) 85mins. BW. UK. Aka: THE DREAM OF OLWEN.
Credits: Dir: John Harlow; Prod: Edward Dryhurst; Sc: John Harlow & Doreen Montgomery; Ph: F.A. Young; Mus: Charles Williams. From "This Game Garden" by Robert Bell.
Cast: Sonia Dresdel, Clifford Evans, Tom Walls, Carol Raye, Patricia Burke, John Warwick, Edward Lexy, Audrey Fildes, Charles Victor, Ernest Butcher, Sally Rogers, Enid Hewit, Johnnie Schofield, John Martyn, Brenda Cameron, Diana Lake, Doreen Fischer.
A young girl suffering from amnesia hums a song that could only have been sung by another girl named Olwen, who died when she fell from a cliff. Olwen's sister Julia, (Dresdel), believes that she has been reincarnated.
A popular melodrama at the time, remembered mostly for the haunting theme tune "The Dream of Olwen" by Charles Williams and not for the poor production values.

(1914/Edison) 1050 feet. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Prod: Charles Brabin; Sc: Bannister Merwin.
Cast: Marc McDermott, Miriam Nesbitt, Charles Ogle, Robert Brower, Richard Ridgley.
A spirit, (Ogle), wanders through regions that are evil, but the supernatural being's repentance leads to his miraculous recovery.

WHILE LONDON SLEEPS (1926/Warner) 5,810feet. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Howard P. Bretherton; Sc: Walter Morosco; Ph: Frank Kesson & Fred West.
Cast: Rin-Tin-Tin, Helene Costello, Walter Merrill, John Patrick, Otto Mathieson, George Kotsonaros, DeWitt Jennings, Carl Stockdale, Les Bates.
A warehouse owner and his daughter combat a master criminal named The Hawk who has captured Rin-Tin-Tin to use as a look out.
The shorter British version running 4,700 feet tells the story of Inspector Burke of Scotland Yard, (Jennings), and his daughter Dale, (Costello), who combat a master criminal named The London Letter, (Mathieson), and his hursuit henchman named The Monk, (Kotsonaros). Rin-Tin-Tin, the wonder dog, rebels against the criminal who captured him and kills the monstrous Monk.
Kotsonaros would again play a similar ape-creature in The Wizard (1927).
















(1920/Paramount/Hodkinson Corp.) 54mins. (6 reels). BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Maurice Tourneur; Prod: W.W. Hodkinson & Maurice Tourneur; Ph: Rene Guissart; Sfx: Floyd Mueller. From "The Glory of Love" by Pan (Leslie Beresford).
Cast: Lon Chaney, Mildred Manning, John Gilbert, J. Farrell MacDonald, Harden Kirkland.
Insane sculptor Henri Santodos, (Chaney), is in love with his model, (Manning), but when she spurns his advances for the love of an American tourist, (Gilbert), Henri decides to eradicate his rival by kidnapping him, taking him to his friend's waxwork museum in a plot to add him to the museum's exhibits.
Paramount deemed the horrific nature of the film too unconventional for general audiences and it wasn't released until 1923 by W.W. Hodkinson, but it was met with little interest and no success.


THE WHIRLING DISK (1915/Gold Seal/Universal) 2 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Prod: Charles Giblyn; Sc: H.G. Stafford.
A personality transformation is achieved with hypnotism.

WHIRLING THE WORLDS (1904) see Voyage a Travers l'Impossible

WHISPERING GHOSTS (1942/20th Century Fox) 75mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Alfred Werker; Prod: Sol M. Wurtzel; Sc: Lou Breslow; Ph: Lucien Ballard; Ed: Alexander Troffey; Art: Lewis Creber & Richard Day; Mus: David Raskin, Emil Newman & Leigh Harline.
From a story by Philip MacDonald.
Cast: Milton Berle, Brenda Joyce, John Shelton, John Carradine, Willie Best, Arthur Hohl, Milton Parsons, Grady Sutton, Abner Biberman, Charles Halton.
The murder of sea captain leads investigators to encounter ghosts, eerie voices and a haunted vessel.

THE WHISPERING SHADOW (1933/Mascot) BW. Serial. 12 Chapters. US.
Credits: Dir: Al Herman & Colbert Clark; Prod: Nat Levine; A.Prod: Victor Zobel; Sc: George Morgan, Colbert Clark, Wyndham Gittens, Howard Blimberg, Barney Sarecky & Norman S. Hall; Ph: Ernest Miller & Edgar Lyons; Ed: Wyndham Gittens, Ray Snyder & Gilmore Walker; Mus: Abe Meyer.
Cast: Bela Lugosi, Jack Perrin, Henry B. Walthall, Karl Dane, Viva Tattersall, Robert Warwick, Malcolm McGregor, Roy D'Arcy, Lloyd Whitlock, Robert Kortman, Lafe McKee, George J. Lewis, Tom London, Ethel Clayton, Max Wagner, Kernan Kripps, Eddie Parker, Gordon DeMain, George Magrill, Lionel Backus, Norman Feusier.
"No man has ever seen the "shadow" in the flesh...his fiendish genius for radio and television enables him to project his voice and shadow where he see through doors and hear through electrocute a squealing henchman by radio death ray!"

























The Whispering Shadow, a mysterious madman who kills with a radio death ray is believed to be Prof. Adam Strang, (Lugosi), a magician and wax sculptor who keeps his wax effigies that can move and speak in his "House of Mystery".
When Bud Foster, a driver for a transport-storage firm is killed, his brother Jack, (McGregor) , tries to discover the Whispering Shadow's real identity and learns that Professor Strang is not the culprit.
Due to the lack of musical accompaniment, Bela Lugosi's first serial becomes fairly tiresome early on, and the guilty party does not make himself known until the final episode.
Filming took place over eighteen days and Lugosi received $10,000 for his services.
Mascot studios later joined with Monogram and others to form Republic.

WHISPERING SHADOWS (1922/Peerless/Peacock-State Rights) 72mins. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Emil Chautard; Sc: Walter Hackett; Ph: Jacques Bizeul; Titles: William B. Loeb & Harry Chandlee.
Cast: Lucy Cotton, Charles A. Stevenson, Robert Barrat, Mrs. Celestine Saunders, Philip Merivale, George Cowl.
At a seance, a girl is warned by an unseen presence that her sweetheart is in danger.

WHISPERING WIRES (1926/Fox) 6 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Credits: Dir: Albert Ray; Sc: L.G. Rigby & Henry Leverage; Ph: George Schneidermann; Titles: William Conselman. Based on the play by Kate L. McLaurin and the novel by Henry Leverage.
Cast: Anita Stewart, Edmund Burns, Charles Clary, Otto Mathieson, Mack Swain, Arthur Houseman, Charles Conklin, Frank Campeau, Scott Welsh, Mayme Kelso, Charles Sellon, Cecile Evans.
A whispering voice on the telephone predicts several murders.
A spooky mystery melodrama.

THE WHISTLER (1944/Columbia) 60mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: William Castle; Prod: Rudolph C. Flothow; Sc: Eric Taylor; Ph: James S. Brown; Ed: Jerome Thomas; Art: George Van Marter; Mus: Wilbur Hatch. From a story by J. Donald Wilson and the CBS radio series "The Whistler".
Cast: Richard Dix, J. Carroll Naish, Gloria Stuart, Alan Dinehart, Don Costello, Joan Woodbury, Cy Kendall, Trevor Bardette, Byron Foulger.
In grief over the death of his wife, a man arranges to have himself killed, but she is alive and is too late to stop the hired killer carrying out his work.
Director William Castle would later come to prominence the following decade with a series of popular gimmicky horror films.

WHISTLING IN DIXIE (1942/MGM.) 73mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: S. Sylvan Simon; Prod: George Haight; Sc: Nat Perrin; Ph: Clyde De Vinna; Ed: Frank Sullivan; Art: Cedric Gibbons & Gabriel Scognamillo; Mus: Lennie Hayton.
Cast: Red Skelton, Ann Rutherford, George Barcroft, Guy Kibbee, Diana Lewis, Peter Whitney, "Rags" Ragland, Lucien Littlefield.
A gloomy Southern mansion contains dungeons, death traps and supposed ghosts.

Credits: Dir: S. Sylvan Simon; Prod: George Haight; Sc: Robert MacGuingle, Harry Clork & Albert Mannheimer; Ph: Sidney Wagner; Ed: Frank E. Hull; Mus: Bronislau Kaper. Based on the play by Laurence Gross & Edward Childs Carpenter.
Cast: Red Skelton, Conrad Veidt, Ann Rutherford, Virginia Grey, "Rags" Ragsland, Henry O'Neill, Eve Arden, Paul Stanton, Don Douglas, Lloyd Corrigan, Will Lee.
A phoney mystic cult of Radiant Light Moon worshippers kidnap a writer to plot the perfect murder.

THE WHITE GHOST (1913) see The Ghost of the White Lady

THE WHITE GORILLA (1947/Special Attractions Film Exchange) 62mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Harry L. Fraser; Prod: Adrian Weiss; Sc: Monro Talbot; Ph: Bob Kline.
Cast: Ray "Crash" Corrigan, Lorraine Miller.
A gorilla is ostracised from his tribe because of his albino colour, and from this time on the animal hates all upright creatures.

THE WHITE HUNTER (1914) see The White Wolf

THE WHITE PEARL (1915/Paramount) BW. Silent. US.
Cast: Marie Doro.
A pearl stolen from an ancient idol is cursed.

WHITE PONGO (1945/Producers Releasing Co.) 74mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Sam Newfield; Prod: Sigmund Neufeld; Sc: Raymond L. Schrock; Ph: Jack Greenhalgh; Ed: Holbrook N. Todd; Art: Edward C. Jewell; Mus: Leo Erdody.
Cast: Maris Wrixon, Robert Fraser, Lionel Royce, Al Eben, Gordon Richards, Egon Brecher.



An albino gorilla discovered by a team of explorers and an undercover police officer, (Fraser), in the jungle is believed to be the fabled Missing Link. The gorilla carries off a female member of the expedition to mate with her while the police officer tries to discover who among them is a killer.
A nonsensical, but interesting low budget adventure made to exploit the popularity of King Kong and other similar ape films.

THE WHITE SPECTRE (1914/General) 4 reels. BW. Silent. US.
Some blackmailers' plans are foiled by a spectre.

THE WHITE WITCH (1913/Herkomer) 1690 feet. BW. Silent. UK.
Credits: Dir., Prod. & Sc: Hubert von Herkomer.
Cast: Hubert von Herkomer.
A 14th century witch, (Herkomer), uses her magic to save a woodsman's daughter from an evil baron.

THE WHITE WOLF (1914/Nestor/Universal) BW. Silent. US. Aka: THE WHITE HUNTER.
A wolf ensnared in a trap is transformed into an Indian medicine man with a desire for a woman betrothed to another.

WHITE WOMAN (1933/Paramount) 8 reels. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Stuart Walker; Prod: E. Loyd Sheldon; Sc: Samuel Hoffenstein & Gladys Lehmann; Ph: Harry Fischbeck; Art: Hans Dreier & Harry Oliver. From a story by Norman Reilly & Frank Butler.
Cast: Charles Laughton, Carole Lombard, Charles Bickford, Kent Taylor, Percy Kilbride, Charles B. Middleton, Noble Johnson.
A cockney overseer deep in a steamy Malaysian jungle takes a cabaret singer as his bride.
A melodrama with gruesome overtones released a year after Laughton's similar performance in The Island of Lost Souls (1932).

WHITE ZOMBIE (1932/Halperin Prod./American Securities Corp./UA.) 74mins. BW. US.
Credits: Dir: Victor Halperin; Prod: Edward Halperin; Sc: Garnett Weston; Ph: Arthur Martinelli; Ed: Howard McLernon, Art: Ralph Berger, Herbert Glazer, Sidney Marcus, Herbert Farjeon, Guy Bevier Williams, Conrad Tritschler & L.E. Clark; Sfx: Howard Anderson; Mu: Jack P. Pierce & Carl Axcelle; Mus: Abe Meyer & Xavier Cugat.
From the story "Magic Island" by William B. Seabrook.
Cast: Bela Lugosi, Madge Bellamy, Joseph Cawthorn, Robert Frazer, John Harron, Brandon Hurst, George Burr MacAnnan, Frederick Peters, Annette Stone, John Printz, Clarence Muse, Dan Crimmins, Claude Morgan, John Fergusson, Velma Gresham.
"She was not dead...Not alive...just a White Zombie!"
"He brought her back to life...and made her his slave! So fierce was his love for this beautiful creature! She was not human...she was not an animal...she was



not a ghost...she was not dead...she was not alive...WHAT WAS SHE?!"
The sets assembled for Beaumont's mansion are from Dracula and Frankenstein.
The Halperin brothers attempted to repeat their success of WHITE ZOMBIE in 1936 with Revolt of the Zombies utilising some footage from the previous film. Unfortunately, the film failed at the box office.


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